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Good Morning All
4:18 AM
morning all
Q: Android How to get and show Picasa images in my android application?

NagarjunaReddyI would like to show Picasa images in my Android app. how to get picasa Album images and show my application i'am not geting any example.Picasa images show in listView. Has anyone found some good library/example?

4:46 AM
good morning
Good morning
5:08 AM
@all hi gud morning
5:28 AM
Good Morning All
6:00 AM
Q: Starting a service from application class

Eldhose M BabuCan we start a service from the application class? I want to start a service when my application starts. So instead of starting the service from the starting activity, can I use my application class for this? Thanks.

Can is it as simple as in the picture ?
Note: This is the spinner.
Here is a simple spinner and when you click on spinner it will open the dialog in which I have to display this options.
@Dharmendra use QuickActions, then its easy
very easy rather
6:15 AM
@hotveryspicy How anyone can add a quickaction in spinner dialog.
as the dialog of the spinner is the builtin and also will dismiss when you select the item from it.
I don't want to dismiss dialog rather I want to show the options like select, edit and delete.
Now getting me?
@Dharmendra :5323478 do you have any idea how to make a collection of apps into a single app?
dnt take spinner, use button and open QuickActions onClick() like in ComboBox in Web
@CapDroid: can you help me???
@MoJo i ll try
6:23 AM
@CapDroid Same question o asked others, do you have any idea how to make a collection of apps into a single app?
@MoJo @CapDroid @hotveryspicy hi
@MoJo u mean u hv to list down all app ??
@sanjay hey
A: Starting a service from application class

LuciferYes, You can use Intent to start your service, Intent serviceIntent = new Intent(); serviceIntent.setAction("packagename.serviceName"); context.startService(serviceIntent);

@CapDroid I have a listview from web service with name & date as list item per line.i need to sort this listview according to date.Is it possible in android?if so how could i do?
try to search in google
6:33 AM
i couldnt find good solution..
thats y i asked
did u do tht before?
@hotveryspicy vote to close :P
@RobinHood I flagged his answer as he isnt knowing Android and still answering with confidence
@sanjay just compare date
ok lemme try @CapDroid
6:41 AM
@sanjay try Collections.sort method
@CapDroid no have to install two or more apps programmatically from an internal folder
@AdilSoomro .
@MoJo dont knw abt that
@hotveryspicy I am very close to my solution. :P
6:43 AM
I am creating one class which extends the button and then from the button I am opening the custom dialog which will contains my custom listview.
@CapDroid :(
@Dharmendra using QuickActions it will work, if you are through then :)
@hotveryspicy I will do that later first lemme complete with this.
A: How can i create multitasking between activities?

LuciferIn android you can not display more than a single Activity at a time. So creating Multitasking between Activities is not possible.

hi al
can anyone help me to solve this out stackoverflow.com/questions/12381393/…
6:54 AM
@MoJo :(
@hotveryspicy Hello color
now a days , twitter api not working on my app.
pls give any suggestion
all other sharing option are working except twitter.
@AdilSoomro i have one doubt in android...may i ask you?
@CapDroid not get succeed
7:07 AM
@Ganesh What error you are getting?
see my code.u can understand my prob stackoverflow.com/questions/12382444/…
ru there?
@MiteshAgrawal unble to open twitter page.
@Ganesh I am also trying to integrate, but getting 401 error
@Dharmendra @MKJParekh @CapDroid Help us
i have one doubt in android...can any one help me?
@MiteshAgrawal i'l search on web, any new sample source, if u find, letme know.
7:12 AM
@Ganesh I am using source from git hub and replaced consumer key and secret, but not working
@Abhi can you help??
@MiteshAgrawal s. but now a days not working.
@AdilSoomro can you help??
@Manick sure! if I could!
in Casual chat, yesterday, by MKJParekh
In there check 2 things,

Application Type --->> Read,Write and Execute
Callback url --->> h t t p : / / w w w . g o o g le.com
In you twitter application page settings,
all info are given
7:17 AM
@Ganesh @AdilSoomro yeah...thanks for your concern..Actually i am unable to call the function,stackoverflow.com/questions/12382075/… please visit the above link,this is the exact problem which i am having now
@AdilSoomro yeah...thanks for your concern..Actually i am unable to call the function,stackoverflow.com/questions/… please visit the above link,this is the exact problem which i am having now
@Ganesh @MKJParekh hi
@MKJParekh It worked for me.Thanks
@Ganesh It worked
@AdilSoomro yeah...thanks for your concern..Actually i am unable to call the function,stackoverflow.com/questions/12382075/… please visit the above link,this is the exact problem which i am having now
@Manick why you passing null ? getTMSChart(null, null);
7:31 AM
@MKJParekh Suppose if i remove the nulls,the whole line ie getTMSChart is showing error
@Manick what is the error you getting?
@Manick btw, you are missing the clossing } for the new View.OnClickListener(){ it is started but not closed after onClick()
@Manick it looks like you placed that method inside View.OnClickListener(). take it out from it and place it inside Activity class.
hi all ..pls help me with this question stackoverflow.com/questions/12382756/…
some one can help me to play this link in webview stg.insideup.com/mobile/… i want to play it in android webview please help me
Q: Can I start a service without activity or receiver?

SeanI want to start a service in an APK. I tried to use as following: <application android:icon="@drawable/icon" android:label="@string/app_name"> <service android:name =".TestServcie"> <intent-filter> <action android:name="android.intent.actio...

7:36 AM
i am getting problem to play
@AdilSoomro okay...but i need to show the answer after clicking the button
Q: Can I startService from Application#onCreate()?

ABitNoMy question is very simple, I want to start a service when my Application is initialized from whatever component. public class MyApplication extends Application { @Override public void onCreate() { super.onCreate(); startService(new Intent(getApplicationContext(), MyServi...

@AdilSoomro so that i placed those codes on the view.onclicklistener()
@AdilSoomro @Dharmendra why controversy?
@RobinHood naah! how can you say?
@Manick take it out from there and put it inside Activity. simple
7:40 AM
@AdilSoomro adil have seen my question please help if nay
@RobinHood please see my quetion above and provide me answer if possible
@JitendraPatidar I've never worked with Video or WebView. sorry
@AdilSoomro thanks
8:07 AM
can anyone help me on this:
Please its urgent!!!
8:18 AM
hello all!!
Q: How to display animation on splash screen with different images in android

TrishaI have several image of a logo,I want to display it on my splash screen a make a full logo as like puzzle.How can I do this. I am using it first time.Can anyone help me. Please Thankyou

I got the solution but not getting how to call next activity after completion the animation..
I want to go next activity after it
can anyone help me for the same
@juli Have a look at this post
@Trisha see my answer
8:43 AM
@Manick Why not you are passing the dates string values..!!
@MKJParekh to make them null :p
@AdilSoomro are yo sure? :D
@RobinHood about what?
For the Same @AdilSoomro
@LalitPoptani: hello, how are you, dude?
8:48 AM
fine always, how about you?
just came after having lunch ;)
I'm cool too dude.
@Mitesh..Thanks a Lot!!! I am implementing same in my code ,let you know once done
@AdilSoomro ahaa cool as SRK in KKHH ;)
Buffalo Library coming soon, will do all the stuff magically. share data on fb, twitter and other social sites, no need to add support library into projects. Fragments will be made easy. Cross-Platforms do all things in every platform. even you can download milk on desktop PC by adding this to your C# projects.
who will be the creator of it? guess @LalitPoptani.
@MKJParekh ^
@RobinHood thorri tawajja..
Dharmendra(guess one)
8:54 AM
BB(minus one)
@Mitesh Images are not coming..only background screen coming for 1 sec then it will switch on next activity..animation is not working
please tell me the solution...
@Trisha show your code using pastebin.org
@hotveryspicy please don't troll the room :p
@RobinHood ??
8:58 AM
@AdilSoomro one and only one, (Dharmendra) :P
@Dharmendra Koi saadi v sun lo maharaj!
@AdilSoomro Hamara apna Dhama
jai ho :D
@Dharmendra it solved
I've heard rumors that a project space for this library has been created on GitHub. soon it will be update.
please have a look
@RobinHood @MKJParekh non-serious behaviour will not be tolerated.
do you think..
I'm a jockingggg..
@AdilSoomro why?, you asked some question na
@Trisha you have 9 images and have set only 8 seconds
9:05 AM
NO I have 90 images>
I have only post 9
@AdilSoomro I guess you were, jokeying.. :D :P
@Mitesh But if i will set the time 90 sec so animation will be too long
@Trisha in code you have 9 images and set 9 seconds. Whats the issue then??
@Trisha Reduce Interval time
how Much i have to reduce means what can i do??
@Trisha see i have edited my answer
9:08 AM
How do i close the cursor for avoid the cursor not closed exception?
close the cursor as soon as you are don't with it fetching/inserting data.
Q: How do i close the Cursor and Database safely?

SpKI've fetched the records from Database using Cursor. It's work perfect. But, i've some errors in Logcat while i'm using this code public Cursor fetchAll() { SQLiteDatabase db = this.getReadableDatabase(); Cursor cursor = db.query(t1, new String[] {"_id",name, date, prior, time, dateform...

you already got answers.
No one working..
9:14 AM
@SpK this one is promising.
@SpK ellaborate, I am sure you are not closing cursor when done.
you mean i've to use startManagingCursor
@Mitesh not working!!
Animation is not working
I'm getting cursor values through this - pastie.org/4706675 with use of this sometime my log cat says cursor that has not been deactivated.
9:17 AM
Good Afternoon Colors....
@Trisha set Animation on Image view inside your function
Yes, startManagingCursor() is depreceated. So, i should avoid that.
@SpK: hi
@Praveena_Pinki Hai
9:20 AM
@SpK: i need one evnet before wifi is going down and befoer phone shut down
do u have any idea on this
Cursor cursor = dbhelper.fetchAll();
// fetch values
So, no need to close the cursor in DBHelper.java inside of fetchAll method
@SpK yes. because you need to use it in your Activity. and you were closing it before you have used.
@Mitesh How??
U have seen My animation Code...
@AdilSoomro Will try that one.
9:23 AM
@SpK no need to take a new cursor just return it, like this
@Mitesh Please help..I am really in stuck..
If You Are Here To Help Other, Then What Others Are For?
@Trisha show me your animation code
@MKJParekh to get help - simple hy
@LalitPoptani Nice try. Will do that
9:26 AM
@SpK lolz its not a try, rather thats what I use always.
Please have a look this is my previous code and I have changed my code according to you also..But still not getting any solution
@LalitPoptani Okay...
@Trisha What's the exact problem facing??
@Trisha have you asked your question on StackOverflow?
9:32 AM
see if I am calling the next activity after animation in my code..so animation will not work I will directly go to next activity
@RobinHood What is solved ?
and if I am not calling anything then my animation is working fine
@AdilSoomro Boliye sarakar.
issue is I want animation..and after completion on all images I want to go on next screen
@AdilSoomro did you get my question which I asked previously?
9:34 AM
@Lalit..I have already asked my question..I have given link above chat
@Trisha need to ref your animation xml in your function
@ Mitesh ...means Not getiing
@Mitesh..u thr?? could you please specify what I have to do exactly
9:53 AM
@Trisha can you post the link again?
Q: How to display animation on splash screen with different images in android

TrishaI have several image of a logo,I want to display it on my splash screen a make a full logo as like puzzle.How can I do this. I am using it first time.Can anyone help me. Please Thankyou

10:11 AM
@Lalit have u seen
above one?
that is answered, checked. So, people/users won't have a look at it for answering.
hey, do any of you guys know if google has anymore tutorials out like the notepad one? where they build an app from scratch and go through the steps? the notepad one isn't even directly linked so i was wondering if there were any other hidden gems.
@mango depends on what kind of tutorial/demo you are looking for.
Q: error in implementing horizontal swiping tab bar button in android application

Cool JattI am making an android application in which i have to implement swiping tab bar I tried the sample code also This is my mail xml file http://pastebin.com/Z3fPnzv1 and this is my footer_tabs.xml file Now issue is that tabs are not swiping in this case Thanks Cool jatt

10:20 AM
@LalitPoptani well i guess a video one would be super helpful. i've already gone through books and tuts and what not. i'd say i'm passed the beginner stuff like alert dialogs, on click listeners, i'd what some more intermediate things to cement my foundation and make me feel more independent.
plz check this
@LalitPoptani I've just found this notepad one, so i'm eager to dive in and see that i can learn.
@mango Here is one
@Lalit yes I do agree..but after that I am getting an issue
that I am unable to open next screen after animation.so Could you please get me the solution for that
after implement this code How to open next Activity
@LalitPoptani HI
10:32 AM
hello guys , i want help from you guys
@Trisha you are asking to everyone since long time, if you would have googled/tried instead of asking to others I bet you would have solved your issue.
@Abhi Hello
i have edittext field as password
my edittext field not support special character ( @#$ etc)
@LalitPoptani it has been many days since we had a talk.., didnt you miss me? :)
@Abhi i have edittext field as password
my edittext field not support special character ( @#$ etc)
@Lalit Thanks for Good suggestion..But I have already tried it..and did googling also But didn't get the solution thats why I came here..
10:39 AM
@Abhi yup, I missed --> Good Morning Bhai
@Trisha better would be post another question clearly explaning your problem and then post a link here so that other users can also give you a quick reply.
@LalitPoptani :)
hello @Abhi @LalitPoptani
@ManojPal Special character?? no idea mate
@LalitPoptani You know how to filter the listview contents which is coming from cursoradapter
@LalitPoptani I've already done when i'm using customadapter extends CursorAdapter But, now i'm extending CursorAdapter
10:54 AM
@SpK google it there are couple of ways, didn't remember.
A: Android: How to text filter a listview based on a simplecursoradapter?

radhooFor a SimpleCursorAdapter cursor, you only need to use the setFilterQueryProvider, to run another query for your cursor, based on the constraint: m_Adapter.setFilterQueryProvider(new FilterQueryProvider() { public Cursor runQuery(CharSequence constraint) { Log.d(LOG_TAG, "runQuery constra...

may i use this?
11:20 AM
Doing R&D on Corona. :P
@SpK i have one doubt in android.may i ask you?
Yes please @Manick
@all gud evng guys
any body aware of wowza media server??
@SpK h r u?
@SpK Actually,right now i am consuming a web service by the method soap in android.
11:36 AM
@MKJParekh Is there any way to check whether twitter posted tweet or not??
@SpK Here the problem is i cannot able to call the function which i have created...please visit this link pastie.org/pastes/4707376/text
@asha Yes fine. How about you. Where were you for these days.
@Manick you got any exception?
No...nothing i got,in my code this line is showing error getTMSChart();
@MiteshAgrawal just checking timeline might be the only way...
@Manick Yes, you've to pass two string as parametrs to the method getTMSChar() like getTMSChar("fromdate", "todate");
11:40 AM
Hello to all
@MKJParekh When authenticate is successful it restarts the activity,can we prevent it??
Have a look my question
@SpK when i hover the curzor on that line its showing like this "The method getTMSChart(String, String) in the type Chart is not applicable for the arguments ()"
@Manick Yes, just add two strings as arguments or remove the arguments from your method. You're not using that arguments anywhere in your method...
@spk i doing g8 do u aware of wowza media server?
11:42 AM
@MiteshAgrawal infact, the api returns back you response when you post any tweet dev.twitter.com/docs/api/1/post/statuses/update
I am taking image from camera and setting it to the Linearlayout's background. But I always get image rotated to right side at 90 degree angle. What can be issue?
@asha Nope
@MKJParekh Thanks Alot.. can't we post more than 140 characters????
I think...140 is limit
Please have a look my question
I am new in android, please help me to solve my prob
11:47 AM
where...new means..just started yesterday??
I want to set the custom attrs to Image view from activity and get the value which is associated with it
@all any body aware of wowza media server??
@SpK its k
No idea,
11:51 AM
good, thanks for yesterday
@spk i have passed the parameters like you said,its cleared but after clicking of button its showing nothing
@MKJParekh Hello
@SpK you there?
@LalitPoptani @hotveryspicy @RobinHood @MKJParekh @AdilSoomro @Abhi @Richa @CapDroid @jeet Sorry for disturb you. This was necessary as I am feeling sleepy :P
@Dharmendra Library ban gyi?
12:03 PM
Plugin ?
@Dharmendra what about me???
@Dharmendra Thik he yar...thath he tere to...
1 message moved to DUST
I have completed that Spinner control with CustomButton.
share the code :P
12:06 PM
I will probably put code on the blog or github.
@AdilSoomro General, status?
@RobinHood all clear.
move ahead
@AdilSoomro I am preparing the buffalo LIB. This will take some time.
12:08 PM
O @Dharmendra best of luck
Hmm thanks Major.
I just found very cool library name is "Corona". I am impressed.
Make 1 get 3 apps free
@Dharmendra it is said that angry birds was made in Corona SDK.
but it is paid.
Is angry bird is made in Corona?
Whatever but there is 10K price and it can be acceptable if it is really cool and efficient SDK.
@Manick Yes
@Dharmendra Sleep well :P
12:19 PM
@SpK this is the exact web service(, which i am trying to consume by the method SOAP from android
@Dharmendra language is lua.
@spk here this web service is returning the data in xml format
@Dharmendra Have a look at this post
@Dharmendra I should have said, Lua, not corona.
@SpK the input values for this webservice are fromdate = 01/01/2012 and for todate = 07/07/2012
Actually i am trying to show these xml values just in a textview,
@AdilSoomro Lua is the scripting language which is used for developing Corona app. Corona is not a language it is just a SDK.
12:23 PM
@Dharmendra yes. jee ab anda nhi maaron ga.. :(
@SpK pastie.org/pastes/4707509/text is my source,here the problem is after giving of input values and when i am clicking the invoke button its just showing nothing........infact its not showing anything in the logcat too........can you please make me clear about my issue?
@Dharmendra finally found one
su che bhai @Dharmendra
Donka :P
12:31 PM
@Richa Ji I am feeling sleepy so I just ping you all. :P
etle ame ahi timepass loko chea ?
Evu hotu hase have.
to thik
@RobinHood : taru kaal nu pati gayu ?
Have no work just have R&D so getting bored.
wah mitra
12:37 PM
@Dharmendra is blocking outgoing sms possible?
@LalitPoptani May be not sure. Not tried yet.
@SpK you there?
chalo Go to Ghar
bye guys...
chalo avjo
@Richa Atyar thi ?
12:41 PM
badhu band karta to thaie
15-20 min thai jase
pachi go to ghar ma late na thay
Jalsa se baki tamare to. :)
@Dharmendra apna jevu na hoy
project na hoi to jalsa j hoi
@Richa ghar pan pa6u kam kaj hase nahi??
incr. etle j na aave
jordar baki...@CapDroid
12:43 PM
@Richa Hahaha
@Manick are you using edittext for input the date?
@Richa hmm
@Richa avjo tyare
chalo mitro aavjo
@SpK yes
12:50 PM
Then, use this inside of your onClick's Button edt1.getText().toString() and edt2.getText().toString()
@MiteshAgrawal You too.
@SpK actually i am calling the getTMSChart() function on the onclick's Button , then why i have to use edt1.getText().toString()?
@Dharmendra using BSNL connection?
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