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12:00 AM
12:39 AM
This is just a thank-you post, right?
Heh.. are you thanking me for handing you a free flag? :)
First of the day ... always nice!
It seems.. that some users get confused about my comments. Just because I post a comment, doesn't mean I flagged a post.
That's misdirection.
12:45 AM
@AdrianMole Why? They may self-delete. No reason to flag it if they do that :)
Also.. I think I'm at a Stack crisis point. I'm not in a flaggable mood.
Others may see your comment and, knowing what a highly accurate flagger you are, just blindly cast their own flag. And then they'll revenge upvote you when their flag is declined.
LOL! Thanks™. That make me laugh :)
I gather that Jeanne's "revenge upvotes" were allowed to stand - though the flag was marked helpful.
12:49 AM
That's hard to tell. If someone flagged it, the flag would be marked helpful even if there's nothing to them or if the matter is escalated. The flagger will not be told about the outcome.
@Scratte I'm also several thousand flags away from the green medal.. taking a flagging break is probably a good idea.
@Scratte what's the "green medal" ?
Is this title a useful signpost?
@Vickel Have you heard about Samuel's flagger statistics user script?
@Scratte yes, and I know you are gold medalist, but what's green medal?
@cigien It seems so. Is it about windows.h and min?
@Vickel Accuracy of strictly more than 99.9% or 99.8% if one has more than 10,000 post flags.
12:55 AM
@Scratte I'm not sure what you mean. I'm asking if "windows.h and int min don't like each other" is useful when the target says "Why is std::min failing when windows.h is included?", or can it be deleted?
99.5 for 10,000+, IIRC.
@Scratte once you have one declined flag, you can never ever reach the 100% again
@AdrianMole No.. it's if((fPerc < 0.2 && fTotal >= 10000) || (fPerc < 0.1 && fTotal >= 5000))
@Vickel I can.. with almost 100,000 post flags, since the percentage is rounded to two decimals :)
I'm happy with my ~99%
@Scratte I be sat correctable.
12:57 AM
@Scratte that's approximately 100%
Scratte's into Java, I think. So 100 == 99.999 is true but 100 === 99.999 is not.
@Scratte depending on your philosophy
@AdrianMole isn't some programing language also some kind of philosophy?
@AdrianMole Since it's a user script it's JavaScript ;) And 0,00499 is rounded to 0,00 :)
philosophy.js - has that been released yet?
... Nietzsche.js doesn't look likely.
I write programs, so I exist?
1:03 AM
I did have partial goals. Making every 0,01% uptick a new goal, but obviously the amount of flags needed for this increases. Not sure what other users do.. probably just flag and forget :D
1:56 AM
@Vickel that's RenéDescartes.js
Is this spam - even though poster discloses that it's their own blog?
Just NAA, then.
@AdrianMole Did you not to to the site? And try out the guide?
I did visit the site - and it smelled a lot like canned pigs.
... but it was vaguely relevant, so I just gave it NAA. The Intergalactic Moderator seemed to agree.
2:13 AM
Why this is closed as needs debugging details? shouldn't it closed as typo? stackoverflow.com/questions/64966188/…
@AdrianMole Basically, yes, it's spam, even with disclosure of affiliation. The blog post was created today. The primary purpose of that post was to get people to go to the blog. That's spam. While I'm willing to normal-delete it and give the user the benefit of doubt, I would have marked any spam flags on it as helpful, and wouldn't have had a problem with it being deleted as spam.
Cool - thanks.
2:37 AM
Is it reasonable to post a comment:"Welcome to Stack Overflow..." to a member that's been on the site for 6 years and posted 8 times? Or should I just comment:"Lacks focus" right before voting to close?
@bad_coder I find the "Welcome to Stack Overflow" generally silly, to be honest. There's no reason to use it. Using it and then closing a post also seems to be ironic.
@Scratte you're right better not risk seeming like ironic. But I like saying welcome, someone should, and I'd appreciate it.
Should I costum-flag a post where the source code includes some nasty words?
"Welcome to Stack Overflow. You're doing it all wrong, so I'm closing your post.. btw: read all the pages in the help center and these 150 meta posts, so you know how the site works. Then you can become a much better contributor. Good luck :)"
@bad_coder Depends. There are sometimes good reasons for having them in code.
@Scratte yes, that is ironic. Things change when you review CV's.
Is this spam? stackoverflow.com/q/64979519/522444 -- they are trying to recruit others to help with project
2:49 AM
@Scratte I hesitate to write this, but the stated aim of the site really is nasty. I'll risk raising the mod flag.
@bad_coder Just explain it well, so you don't end up in the "hmm tier" of the flagger statistics script :)
There are relatively many relative in that one.
@Scratte I wonder if Adrian Mole is still awake, @AdrianMole the smartest thing to come out of Scotland in recent times is (drum roll) - The Critical Drinker
3:14 AM
@HovercraftFullOfEels I didn't flag it myself, but apparently yes. 1, 2
3:24 AM
@bad_coder Don't know about Adrian, but I'm asleep..
4:09 AM
@cigien If you can edit it into shape, then, no, you shouldn't close it. You should just edit it. But if you can't or won't edit it into shape, then the post needs to be closed.
There is a very practical reason: suppose that part of editing the post into shape is removing and/or rephrasing some of it. Further suppose that, while the post remained open but not edited, someone (or multiple someones) posted answers speaking to the parts of the question that needed to be edited out. Then what?
@Scratte even when you are asleep you chat on SOCVR :D
Removing those answers is a lot more work than simply editing the question, and if they give interesting insights, then it becomes even more difficult, because then moderators and other users are reluctant to destroy value.
So, no, definitely if you are not immediately editing a question into shape, then it needs to be closed. Doing any less is subverting the entire point of closure, which is to prevent a question from accumulating low-quality or soon-to-be-invalidated answers.
Yeah, I agree completely. I was referring to posts that I think are reasonably likely to be edited into shape by the OP themselves. I tend to be more hesitant about closing immediately in those cases, even though I'm supposed to.
@bad_coder It's amazing. When I wake up I read the transcript just to find out what silly things I said :)
@cigien Same problem.
What about if the OP changes the thrust of the question as part of the edit (as they almost certainly must do)?
I guess if you somehow knew that the OP was currently working on the edit, you could maybe hold off on a close vote, because it's unlikely that the question would be closed by a consensus before the OP finished the edit. But, uh.... unless I can borrow that crystal ball some time...
4:18 AM
@Scratte :) it's late go back to bed and good night :D
@CodyGray I do that. If it's just something that's easy to understand, but pedantic people would close it, than I don't flag it. I just ask them to edit it.
@CodyGray I'm not disagreeing. I know I shouldn't let my optimism get in the way of closing, I'm working on it.
You can be optimistic and still vote to close.
In fact, voting to close is itself optimistic behavior!
If you didn't believe that the question could be fixed by editing, you'd just delete it, not vote to close it.
(Note: I know that regular users can't directly vote to delete. Not really the point. There are ways to request deletion other than closure. For example, VLQ flags, custom mod flags, etc.)
The point is that closure is inherently optimistic. If you thought it was utterly unsalvageable, you shouldn't be closing; you should just be removing it. The site in many ways forces this optimism on you, but don't for a moment forget that it is optimistic.
What's the odds that a post gets deleted from a custom flag, if it can be closed by regular users and Roomba? :D
Depends on the mod who handles it, honestly.
4:21 AM
I do not like those odds.. And putting "Please don't let Cody handle my flag about deleting this awful post. Just delete it. It's bad.. it can't be saved. No one can save this."
And how optimistic they are :-)
@CodyGray That's an excellent point. Which brings me to something that Dharman said today, namely that posts should start closed, and require "reopen" votes to be answerable. (it's starred in chat). Adrian mentioned that there are some meta posts suggesting similar things, but I couldn't find anything. Do you know of any?
Dharman didn't invent that idea... It's something we've been discussing for years, long before Dharman.
@cigien I'm not sure Dharman means reopen votes as such. Just a vetting by reviewers.
There definitely exist such Meta posts. To find them, I would use the magic of search, because I do not have a photographic memory.
4:23 AM
I didn't say Dharman invented it. Just that they said it :p
Sure, just thought you'd find some and share them anyway as I've seen you do ;) I did do a search for "probation", and "start closed", and similar stuff, but couldn't find anything. Thanks for confirming it exists, I'll keep looking.
One of my favorite proposals was by Shog9 on MSE.
It's difficult to find, since he talked even more than I do. :-)
Oh, I haven't done any searches on MSE at all. That was silly, this would be a network wide thing after all.
Oh, since you're new... fun and important fact: MSE used to not exist. It used to be that MSO was both the Stack Overflow-specific Meta and also the network-wide, general purpose Meta. Circa 2014, an event which I like to call The Great Meta Schism occurred, where MSO was split up into separate MSO and MSE sites, as you see them today. So, much of the old content that is on MSE today was actually originally posted on MSO.
I'm not sure that actually applies here, as I think the proposal by Shog9 about posts starting out deleted was more recent than 2014 and posted directly on MSE. But just some bit of folklore that might come in handy sometime.
Oh, fascinating. I had no idea, thanks.
It's going to make it more difficult to create my deleted posts site.. or maybe easier :)
4:30 AM
Even if the post was made before the split, I would still need to search on MSE, right? Or does searching on MSO find those posts as well?
@cigien You would need to search on MSE.
But probably also on MSO, because some (although not all) of the SO-specific Q&A were migrated from MSE to MSO after the split. :-)
You wanted it to be easy? Nah.
The thought never crossed my mind ;)
Unfortunately I'll need more reputation to get all those deleted posts.
You need more reputation on both SO and MSE!
I imagine the big SO dumps do not include delete posts at all. I don't imagine they even have revision history
I don't care about MSE to be honest. I don't even have a profile there. It seems to just be more like meta.so, and I don't post there anyway.
4:36 AM
@Scratte It's a lot like MSO, except without Cody.
"Place questions with X net downvotes on hold automatically", so we can find it again.
Aren't you more likely to remember the phrase "sorta-kinda-almost-but-not-really"?
Maybe now.. but sorta-kinda-no..
I am not able to find the Shog9 answer I was thinking of.
Maybe it's deleted. That drives me nuts when I know there was a meta post, and it's just gone..
4:39 AM
On MSO, there are very few Q&A that you might ever want to see that get deleted.
Granted, the situation is a bit different on MSE...
Because see above for the key difference between MSE and MSO :-p
@CodyGray And yet.. if they get closed, someone will cast their delete votes on it.
@Scratte That mostly only happens (in my experience) on rants.
Which I will sometimes undelete, just to make sure that everyone that might want to read it has a chance to, well, read it.
But I do eventually let them be deleted because they don't really offer lasting value to anyone.
I clearly missed this back in 2012, because it doesn't have my upvote on it, even though the question does.
Exhibit A, B, C.. the thing about deleting such, even if they are rants, is that I remember them, and then I spend a really long time trying to find them.
Why would you be searching for exhibit B or C? There's nothing there to see.
Absolutely, I'd search for them :) Especially when someone else posts a similar one.
4:50 AM
I don't get it. They're not useful as dupe targets. They don't say anything.
I wouldn't flag them as targets.. sometimes I also just remember something said in a comment, but I can't site a source unless I find the post.
@CodyGray Yes, that's similar in spirit, though it still requires some user intervention to close the post. I notice that 2 answers point out that this is a SO problem, and doesn't really apply network wide. I think I agree with that. If one were to make a post, to discuss this, would MSO be appropriate?
Yeah. Go with MSO for this type of stuff now, for sure. First, because the general rule is that it's always OK to post network-wide stuff on site-specific Metas. Second, because most of these "big city" issues, and their solutions, are going to be SO-specific.
Ok, sounds good.
4:55 AM
I still cannot find the one I'm thinking of, which is frustrating.
No worries. If you do find/remember it, drop me a link, this idea is very appealing.
Heh.. those moderator buttons are very handy :D
This is NAA, right? It has a very odd edit on it.
@Scratte It would probably require a custom flag, pointing to the answer that it copied the code from. Otherwise, out of context, it might look to a moderator like an attempt to answer.
I've deleted it now, after rejecting that useless edit.
(Which was itself useless, because deleting the answer would have implicitly deleted the pending suggested edit, but meh.)
I was about to comment to the editor that most others edit "Try this" out.. not in :D
Well, editing in "try this" wasn't really the problem so much as (A) failing to format the code, and (B) failing to remove the inappropriate blockquote formatting at the end.
I suspect that editing in "try this" was an attempt to make it look more like an answer, which is reasonable, even if not exactly how I'd have made the edit.
5:10 AM
I think it was done during a review.. But I'll not post it in Samuel's room, since I can't even get to it now :) I'm not sure, but that's what my hunch tells me.
What do you mean you can't get to it now?
Yes, the edit was part of a review. I intentionally chose not to suspend from review for that, since they did actually try. Hopefully the rejected edit will be enough to help them learn.
@CodyGray I can't get the history of the post, since it's deleted. I find reviews from the history only. I don't post reviews in Samuel's room anymore anyway. Or rather.. very very rarely.
Oh, I see.
I'm afraid to ask why.
My fear comes from the fact that you have a reason, which I will think is ridiculous and counter-productive.
No one is going to force you to ask :)
Weird. They didn't even get the title of the movie correct.
@Scratte All of your problems seem to occur in the short gaps where I am not monitoring Meta
5:21 AM
@CodyGray Or chat :)
Right, well, I never monitor chat with any dedication.
But most of the time, I am reading literally everything that gets posted on Meta.
More specifically this room.. :)
That... should not have been closed. Much less deleted.
@CodyGray No, it should not. And no one should have been review suspended for that review.
No, they should not have; agreed.
I can't fix it now.
Too late.
5:23 AM
But "Needs more focus" is still being used for "lacks effort" and not in any small scale.
You've missed quite a few posts on meta.. I'll drop a new one every day ;)
I have.
@Scratte Are you claiming this is by a specific moderator, or are you saying it's a more widespread problem?
@CodyGray I feel that I'm going to get into trouble, if I speak my opinion on this.
The last part is true. It is a widespread problem. You can even see it in the room.
Yeah, I do see a bit of a problem. Not entirely sure how widespread it is, but, yes, I do see it, and I complained about it just very recently.
I don't, however, know how to fix it.
I'll find some links for you. Both to my own opinion and to a few posts. But I think I'll need a few hours of sleep as it's 6:30 in the morning for me now.
How are the links going to help?
5:32 AM
@CodyGray Context :)
Oh boy. Complaints that require context.
I think I'm the one that may require sleep.
You don't have to read them. But I'd like them to be in one place.
@CodyGray Makes 2 of us, I've seen a string of "lacks focus" that seemed like a "blanket reason" for: simple beginner debug/how-to getting closed just because. But I don't have the slightest idea what to think about it, yet. (In any case, I'm off to bed, no need for you to answer, I just wanted to put it out there.)
"I don't need to hear your opinion; I just wanted to share mine." :-p
@CodyGray I do want to hear an opinion, just not when I' about to go to bed :)
5:37 AM
Yes, true. I'll read all your opinions when I wake up :)
I feel like each of you already know my opinions on this. Shouldn't you be asking about something more interesting?
@Yatin That word "happy"... I think you're using it wrong. :-)
A rare and perfect use for "protecting" a question, by the way. And it happens automatically, just as it should, when you nuke a couple of answers.
6:21 AM
@yivi Why is that opinion based?
I took a stab at editing it to remove the trigger keyword "best practice(s)". I also tried to edit the title, but... since I don't know anything about the subject, I may have butchered it.
It's still opinion based, @Cody. How you architecture your application is not something we can objectively answer. What pattern to use, if using a repository inside the controller, an horizontal service that can be injected, an event listener, etc, etc, cannot be answered to "the better option".
That objection could be raised to any programming question.
I don't agree. They already have a solution that works. It's not an adequately scoped "how to" question.
Well, Cody's here. No sense in me sticking around as he'll just snipe all the close requests before I can get to them :D
The question seems to say that they don't know how to proceed from what they already have.
That seems like a practical programming problem.
6:34 AM
No, it's not practical. It's an architecture problem, that can't really be answered by anyone but the architect of that application.
I don't know if there's something special about this technology that would make this question primarily opinion-based, but asking how to architect an application is something that is on-topic for Stack Overflow, as long as it's reasonably constrained. This seems to be, given that it's asking "should I do x or y?"
Again, I don't agree. I do know something about this particular stack, and I don't find it practically answerable.
I literally cannot understand.
You can't tell them which of the two options is preferable?
No, it's not asking should I do "x or y", because neither "x or y" are correctly scoped or defined. Neither mean anything on itself
Those don't mean anything to you?
6:39 AM
"Should I ask the repository" (meaning their persistence layer directly), or "should I have "a service" between the repository and my controller"?
not much
the only thing they mean too me is that they are trying to decide on an application pattern
patterns that are not objective nor even stack dependant
The problem I'm having is that you seem to be arguing against allowing all questions about design patterns because they're "not objective". I think that's ridiculous.
I don't think I'm am making that argument.
I am arguing specifically about this question, which cannot be answered by experts in this stack objectively. It's not even about the technology.
If the question was "Should I use repository pattern, or command pattern?", would you consider it fine?
Honestly, I don't know what either of those patterns are.
But if you present source code, describe what you're trying to do, and ask which design pattern is the most appropriate... yeah, I think that's a reasonable question.
Well, let's agree to disagree. I still consider the question off-topic, I understand your point of view, but I believe it's objectively wrong in this case.
Yeah, I don't think I know enough about this particular case to understand what your objections are.
7:07 AM
@Cody I tried to explain my objections in a couple of comments to the OP. Not sure they will do much to bridge the gap of understandings here, but hopefully they'll at least help the OP.
@JeanneDark Wow, what am I missing? Why are there so many upvotes to those answers? Is this a common mistake that people are making?
@CodyGray You are asking me why people upvote? ;)
@JeanneDark I'm curious as to why you don't? (sorry if you've already answered that a miliion times)
@JeanneDark I'd definitely call that spam. It only exists to get people to click the link. Check out their profile too...
@Nick I just search for and look at bad posts
@JeanneDark I see enough without deliberately searching for them! :)
@Nick There are also already enough people upvoting stuff
7:51 AM
1 hour later…
9:38 AM
@Adriaan I wonder the same, I have never encountered a way to build something interactive with LaTeX. Anyway, it probably belongs to TeX.SE
But - Is it good enough to migrate?
@janw Apparently the beamer package, to make slide-show presentations, has an option to include videos à la PPT.
@janw mhm, I'd rather leave a comment and have them migrate it themselves.
Interesting. I edited it into shape
@janw they seem to be asking pure LaTeX, which I'd indeed move over to TeX.se However, questions about incorporating LaTeX in other languages (e.g. plot titles in Python) are OK here. I think I'll just go on and ignore it
@Adriaan It also lacks a bit information (what do they mean by "interactive"), so I will leave a comment.
10:31 AM
@AlonEitan is that duplicate from the comments correct? I'm not an SME here but it looks right from a glance
@RyanM Looks like it (I didn't see that comment)
11:19 AM
> I want someone to add the required code in my code
12:12 PM
12:57 PM
Is this deleted question on-topic? It looks sufficiently scoped, and has a non-obvious answer. Also, I can't find an exact dupe target.
It was removed by its author
True, but that's not entirely up to them. Especially since it already got an answer.
@cigien I agree it's on topic but since the OP deleted, and it's going to be downvoted to oblivion, lets leave it deleted.
That's all I know about it though ;)
1:01 PM
@NathanOliver That's a shame. The down-votes and comments telling the OP to go read a book prompted them to delete it I guess. I was going to write a nice answer to that.
@cigien The system lets them do it. Forcing it to be un-deleted isn't a good option at all. You'll basically ensure they're never post anything ever again.
@cigien FWIW I agree. It would take me all of 30 seconds to look up what that for loop sequence means in order to tell them how to do it in C++. It shows no research effort what so ever and at least on C++, that's a recipe for disaster
And that's what's so 'harsh' about posting a good answer to a poor question: Once your answer gets an upvote, the OP can then not delete their question, even it it gets to 20 downvotes.
@AdrianMole doing that can lock the OP into a Q asking ban since their Q score is soooooo low.
Yes, apparently one can get a Question-ban from only two posts.
1:05 PM
@NathanOliver Ah, the difference being there is an elegant standard solution that's not going to be in any textbook :) And lack of research effort has nothing to do with whether it should be closed/deleted.
A recipe for disaster I agree with, at least for a low rep user. I think I'll post the identical question, and see what happens. I'm certainly happy to take the down-votes :p
@cigien Once an upvoted Answer is in, the post cannot be deleted. If there is no such, the poster is free to delete it. That's their options. The option to self-delete is also posted in comment to uses vandalizing their posts.
@cigien I never said it should, I'm just pointing out the realities. That Q is going to be down voted to oblivion. That will hurt the OP if it stays un-deleted.
Hmm, how would attribution work for that? Do I link to the deleted post?
@cigien Yes :)
What is the close reason on it?
There's none. It was never closed.
1:10 PM
One CV is "Needs focus" and the other is "Seeking recommendations..." The latter seems a bit strange, to me.
Right.. So it was definitely getting closed. Both seems to be surrogates for "lacks effort" The later one is: You can just google it.
Yup. While I still disagree in principle, I'm starting to empathize with your point of view.
@NathanOliver AFAIK, SE made plenty clear that a single question doesn't lead to a question ban
@cigien You could write an answer and then retrofit a question into it.
You don't need to reference the deleted question.
@Braiam I don't have time to find it, but there was a meta post with just two posts resulting in a Question-ban.
@Braiam No, the exact question is what I want to answer.
What I would rather do is undelete that post, and see what happens. Though I suppose that might not be fair to the OP.
1:15 PM
@cigien It's not. They used an option the site gave them to remove a post that everybody hated. They probably got a nice badge for doing it too.
@cigien Don't do that.
Ask a better question instead!
Why would you self-flagellate?
There's no accounting for taste ;) But what do you mean exactly?
@Braiam self-flagellating is when a post doesn't need to show effort because it's a howto, but curators demand it. It seems to be not the case here.
Good answers should be posted on good questions.
Ideally, people should ask a good question from the get go, but we can tweak questions to make them good.
Why on good questions? Because how else would people find them?
@cigien Of course if you do link to it, there is a risk that others will try to un-delete it.. but in theory you can just close it as a duplicate to your if they do, and then Roomba will get to it. However, for a Question-ban that's worse than open, downvoted and deleted. And it'll accumulate more downvotes.
1:19 PM
@Braiam Oh, I just realized. You can't see it. That's my point here, there's nothing to improve, the question is fine as it is.
@Braiam The "good" Questions part seems to have drifted into debugging-type posts.
@cigien Well, the fact that Adrian and you both agree that it would get a flurry of downvotes disagree with that assessment.
I don't think that post displays a lack of quality. A lack of research effort, sure.
@Braiam I'm not sure you are right about that. The fact that it will get a flurry of downvotes may just show a shift of opinion as to what a good post really is.
1:21 PM
@cigien For me quality is king. And lack of quality is a reason for deletion, isn't it?
@cigien That is also correct. But some users conflate the two and downvote whatevery they think is off-topic (even if it's really not). Not what is inherently a bad Question for the site.
@Braiam Oops, I edited the wrong message. That was meant to be a reply :p
@cigien Anyways: research is a indication of quality too.
"What is the difference between git pull and git fetch"
The second has more letters.
1:25 PM
@Braiam I don't follow. If I see a question with quality, do I care if someone put research effort into it, or if a cat got lucky as it walked across the keyboard? I do not.
I'll down-vote it maybe. I'm not a fan of cats ;)
@cigien Quality is subjective. And again, mine is more holistic and takes into account several aspects of the content, up to and including deep research of the topic.
@cigien That! The question itself is the important part. Is it answerable in it's current state? Is it not too broad? Does it fit the format? ..and that's basically it.
Going to commute right now, laters.
@cigien It could also be a lizard or a squirrel.. or a parrot. Or someone that dropped a picture of a pipe on a keyboard.
@Vega If one gets magic numbers on one's profile by going after it, is it cheating? :)
1:30 PM
Not at all :)
@Scratte Yes, I think it is. This could be an interesting experiment. While I can improve that question a bit, I'm going to post the exact question and see if it garners a different reaction. Ideally, I wouldn't mention the deleted post, if I were doing a proper experiment, but I don't think I have a choice.
@cigien Perhaps mention that the post will Roomba, so there's no point of un-deleting it.
@cigien You can put the mention of the original in small text at the bottom of your own, using markdown like: <sup>_looks like small text_</sup>. That may take away some of the emphasis.
^ and that :) I believe you can even to a <sup><sup>_looks like small text_</sup></sup>
Can you put that into a table?
1:34 PM
Yeah, that's a good idea. Maybe I can grey it out a bit. Or hide it behind 20 pages of legalese. ;)
@Scratte That I don't want to do. It's too meta for a post on main, I feel.
@AdrianMole | Header | | ------------ | | <sup><sup>_looks like small text_</sup></sup> |
1:57 PM
@Scratte, congratulations on your 2K and editing privilege! :)
I might missed it by few days
@Vega It's been back and forth a few times. Every time I get back to 1999, I get pushed back above 2K. It's a struggle :)
But you can get 6 12 24 soon, right?
@Vega Ahh.. Yes, I could, just one review in Low Quality posts and one in Help& Improvement, but.. I'm not in a reviewing mood :(
30 days is tommorow?
@Vega In my country we always celebrate the day before. It's tradition. Since one has a day off on the actual day and can sleep in. For me it's 30 days today :)
2:08 PM
Ahahaha, then all you have is you can get H&I one ;)
@Vega But.. I don't edit. So that seems kind of impossible :)
Besides 7 13 23 are all prime numbers. Much better.
@Scratte Right, combined with 2027 it would be even better
@Vega That one is out of my control though :) And the 7 has to come from a Steward badge, which is very far away :D
@Scratte You get 1 at year anniversary, in 2 month though
And how did that question get two upvotes?
2:15 PM
@Vega That will spoil it, because I will get a reviewer badge before the steward badge :(
@klutt It was good to some users.
2:56 PM
@klutt It's not a bad question... wouldn't call it good either, but every newbie eventually stumbles upon the multithread problem. It can be answered by "yeah sleep is a bad idea, you should use threads". Or in this case sketchy Windows events could work too.
@Lundin I guess you're right. Was to triggerhappy
There was a half-decent answer too but now the poster deleted it. Oh well.
Hmmm, two commenters also noted that it's not a dup. But it was 2013 :D
3:18 PM
Why wasn't stackoverflow.com/questions/34869392/… roomba'd? Down voted and no accepted answer. Or maybe it was down voted just now?
@klutt Still a duplicate, just of different questions.
See the updated targets
@Lundin Answered dupes don't get roomba'd
Is this a good candidate for a del-pls request?
3:27 PM
@Scratte why do you think it is?
@TylerH It's answering the deleted other Answer. See the comment on the other Answer..
Ah I see now, was sorted by newest so didn't see the deleted answers yet
Yes, I'd say so
Nobody has dared to raise a flag on it :D So it's just been sitting there, headless :D
@Scratte I dared :-)
Oh.. awesome :) But since you asked me why it should be deleted, I expect any moderator handling your flag is going to be equally puzzled.
3:43 PM
I've helped-out @TylerH by casting a delete vote, but I'm not risking an NAA flag, as I don't want to further confuse the moderator who may handle it. One more del-vote will do the trick.
@AdrianMole In such a case a custom flag is more appropriate than NAA
@JeanneDark I think, it it gets to a mod, a comment by Scratte, a flag from TylerH and a delete vote from Adrian Mole will be sufficient for them will be sufficient! :)
@AdrianMole So helpful
@AdrianMole well, the mod won't see that you are the one who cast a delete vote, only that one exists (until it is deleted, ofc)
@AdrianMole The trio? An ever smiling guy, a (naked) mole and a nutty squirrel? :D
@TylerH I think they can see who cast the vote if they want to.
4:08 PM
@TylerH I'm sure Cody once said (or implied) that the mod flag interface shows other actions taken. Maybe only by the flagger, though? The example given (evilly contrived) was: Flagged as Spam and upvoted by Adrian Mole.
That should have been upvoted by Scratte. Even Cody makes mistakes.
If I remember correctly there was a screen shot, no?
I got this main and it's the first time I see someone trying to use StackOverflow for a scan, most original:

Good day Alon Eitan.
You answered my question with a username Oilmania on stackoverflow, so I checked your profile and got your email contact.
I wasn't clear with asking my question cause it's kinda complicated so I decided to hit you up via your email. I believe you can assist.

I am learning web development, created some sites for practice but I am having a challenge trying to make them responsive.
I vaguely remember a screenshot. But, again, I think it only showed other actions taken by each flagger. So, if I give it the usual triple whammy, (NAA/down/delete) then the handling mod will see that.
@AdrianMole It only shows additional actions for the people who flagged. However, the number of existing delete-votes is shown and who cast them is available one click away in the timeline.
Excellent! Thanks for the confirmation.
@Makyen ah, that's nice to know
@Scratte You upvoted spam?
I had been thinking it took an escalation to see what accounts voted on something while the votes weren't otherwise visible. Thinking about it, though, that wouldn't make sense, since mods can do some checking on their own without escalation (e.g. fraud)
@JeanneDark I don't think so. But if it's good spam.. I can't say I wouldn't :)
@JeanneDark I think Cody was being mischievous. But there have been cases, apparently, where users did upvote and red-flag the same posts.
4:21 PM
@TylerH I think that only applies to upvotes and downvotes, but not delete votes
@Dharman The plot thickens
@Scratte This spam shows research effort. It is useful and clear.
I am also thinking that moderators cannot see who voted on any post. Probably just some with red flags on. But I am not sure about this. However, I have been told that a moderator can see everything on my profile, that I can see. And I can see my votes (on the posts that are not deleted).
@AdrianMole Some people might want to keep spam visible so it gets spam flags more easily (not that I think that's a good thing)
@AdrianMole I hope not. That seems... wrong, at best
4:23 PM
@TylerH The extra actions are only shown for that specific post and only for the users who flagged that post. Individual up-/down-votes are not shown under other circumstances. While it is possible, under some very limited circumstances, to infer what some of the votes were that a user cast, they are not directly shown.
@AdrianMole I have seen some very good spam :) I'll consider upvoting them. However, if I do.. I may become topic in some secret room somewhere as the spam-up-voter or something :D
@TylerH Wrong - what? Upvoting spam or Cody being mischievous?
@Makyen Ahh.. so if I upvote spam, and don't want it known, I just don't also flag it? :)
@AdrianMole the latter will do for now ...
@AdrianMole upvoting spam
4:26 PM
@Scratte We do not have access to your tab=votes page.
@rene Or we could do a combo: Cody upvoting spam?
@Makyen That's what a mischievous mod would say ;-)
@Makyen I did not know that :) Thank you :)
@Scratte Yes.
Makyen could convince me of anything. I have complete trust in everything Makyen says :)
4:28 PM
Muahhhhha :)
I like trust.
Which is also why I didn't properly read this message when I first saw it. It wasn't until someone didn't appreciate it, I noticed :D
@AlonEitan Had never seen a scam like this on SO before...Interesting.
@AlonEitan Couldn't resist a quick check! :-) It seems you have close-voted two of that user's questions, but I can't see that you ever answered one.
@Scratte That message is a perfectly accurate reply. :)
4:34 PM
I know, it's usually about the size of my pen*s so it was an interesting reading. And I do close a lot of questions, and I like it
@Makyen I know. It's brilliant :) I keep a link to it now :)
Thanks. :)
4:54 PM
@AdrianMole There.. I found the example of the moderator console
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