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1:48 AM
Whats the etiquette when an answer has a number of useful comments and one wants to delete the answer? Example stackoverflow.com/questions/12079478/…
I think your note in the most recent answer is good. why not just leave em both?
2:09 AM
@Justin thanks for the reply I shall leave it.
3 hours later…
5:23 AM
Python coders, what code style guide do you use?
2 hours later…
6:57 AM
python.org/dev/peps/pep-0008 is supposed to be the benchmark...
<hat tip>
The benevolent dictator for life speaks
7:31 AM
Adrian Baddeley of package:spatstat knew GvR when they were both at the same Uni, but Adrian refused to tell me any stories...
7:47 AM
We should force some juicy stories out of him...
8:01 AM
Good morning
@Spacedman, is it just my feeling that the traffic on R-sig-geo is getting lower
I think you're seeing that because of the summer vacations.
ggplot2 is practically dead compared to the winter/spring load.
After joining SO, I almost totally quit looking at R-help and R-sig-geo
@PaulHiemstra Me too. I unsubscribed from both R-help and the ggplot2 mailing list.
I might not subscribe again after finishing this postdoc
8:14 AM
The distinction between answers and comments is brilliant.
and the much nicer layout, and ability to edit stufff
makes a post much easier to read
syntax highlighting
9:09 AM
Interesting. I've posted a much simplified answer to a question, and another answerer is now picking non-existing holes. I'm tempted to just delete the answer.
A: R: putting a function and for loop together to create a function

AndrieYou don't need a loop at all, and you can simplify the multiple if statements by using switch. Here is a rewritten form in three lines of code: revdigits <- function(n) { n <- strsplit(sapply(n, as.character),"") sw <- function(x)switch(x, "6" = "9", "9" = "6", x) sapply(n, funct...

9:55 AM
A: How to convert number into binary vector?

woodchipsThe fastest method over a small set is a lookup table. Period.

Period. :)
I think we should undelete his post and then really punish with downvotes. As you can tell, I'm in evil mood.
10:12 AM
wow, he deleted
he's a matlab geezer
I just strayed on to a stackexchange site of religious discussion
and i'm not talking about emacsVvi.stackexchange.com
10:28 AM
Record morning -- three new Rcpp-using CRAN packages admitted.
At least coding mistakes can be easily undone, as opposed to bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-19349921
10:58 AM
@Andrie ouch! That is a shocker.
@Andrie seen this response? newsthump.com/2012/08/23/…
They have a point!
@seancarmody Welcome in chat. I don' t think I've seen you here much.
11:20 AM
@DirkEddelbuettel and you don't get a job offer from RStudio?
@Andrie first time in the chat room. Joined SO quite a while ago, but only started answering frequently in the last few weeks.
I'm struggling to get a handle on what this person is trying to do:
Q: How to do to do an step by step analysis of samples by extracting the segments

SanshineThe problem i'm experiencing is that i have about 60 samples and i want to get all the segmented data in 1 big matrix or csv. The function i`m using is: data1=as.matrix(getSegments(object,sample,DI)) The Sample part has to be filled in with 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 and so on. Anyone any idea how t...

And one of those three already got removed. Oh CRAN ...
11:41 AM
@DirkEddelbuettel Why was that?
I wondered how much RStudio offered hadley, and then I remembered he's coming from academia...
we're cheap
12:00 PM
@Spacedman CRAN never says, generally speaking. CRANberries just 'counts' and reports...
@seancarmody He's maybe collecting downvotes?
@JorisMeys certainly a good way to get started!
Just to make an observation: the Hadley jokes on the chat forum reached a frequency I didn't notice before. Did I miss something somewhere?
@JorisMeys Probably a response to the news that Hadley is joining RStudio.
12:15 PM
I missed that :-)
I was reading already :-) Sounds promising though
can't blame Hadley for grabbing his chances. You ain't getting rich from the academic work...
Can't wait for pink and turquoise and violet to permeate the new RStudio design
What I haven't figured out is the placement of the underscore: R_studio ? Rstud_io? Rstudio_ ?
You missed the 2 at the end
What's wrong with pink? It's the new black!
2 hours later…
2:40 PM
any thoughts on the error message im getting here: stackoverflow.com/questions/12021493/optimisation-issue-in-r
your question isn't very clear.
I think you need to read help(optim) and pass X and T in the ... arguments
so Data1 = function(xy,X,T){.... etc ...}, then optim(start,Data1,X=whatever, T=Whatever)
however, log(0) = -Inf is probably a good place to start. with a limit of 0 for mean1 and alpha if either of those goes its limit your second term goes to -Inf which optim can't deal with.
2:55 PM
@Justin are you saying to set the lower limits to -Inf and should i bother with upper limits?
I'm saying that your limits create a possibility of optim reaching -Inf when it tries to take the log(var1) in your second argument. Which might explain your error. Even after all your questions on optim I still don't understand exactly what you're trying to do...
@YesSure: I had a quick crack at your question, but I also am having trouble understanding what you're trying to do. I modified the objective function (Data1) a bit to insert a print statement: I assigned the computed value to a variable r, added a cat(xy,r,"\n") statement, then added a final line to the function to return r. That helps trouble-shoot where you're actually getting in trouble.
well i suppose the brief synopsis is that im trying to establish values for 5 unknown parameters through using the optim method when i have 2 sets of known values.
@BenBolker Thanks for having a run at it, if you still have what you did, can you fire it up on the answer page. cheers
3:10 PM
@YesSure putting in a printlike @BenBolker said, your third term log(exp(...) + exp(...)) goes to -Inf very quickly since alpha, mean1 and mean2 are unbounded. exp(-large number * large number) ~ 0. Upper bounds might make sense, or potentially your function just doesn't have a well defined minimum...
im fairly confident of the minimum values
@Justin, beat me to it. I am working on an answer now ...
@BenBolker all yours!
@JorisMeys: I'm not quite sure how Hadley's going to get rich from RStudio. At the moment it's completely open source, I don't know what their business plan is/when/whether/how they plan to try to "monetize" ... Maybe through offering courses/support (which I think Hadley has already done some of)
@BenBolker I agree with @BenBolker, and yes the Rstudio team plans "to sell services (support, training, consulting, hosting) related to the open-source software we distribute." As they say in their second entry in their blog.
3:28 PM
Add-on services, customized versions, etc pp. Industry needs eg RStudio integration with their LDAP/AD systems and all that.
@BenBolker OTOH JJ has already created two software companies which he sold for bundles to (IIRC) Macromedia/Adobe and Microsoft, respectively.
He doesn't have to be that successful with this ... but I wonder how Hadley / Garrett / Winston feel about this. None of my concerns though, and I wish them well.
@DirkEddelbuettel Who's JJ
Mr R Studio, I guess
3:45 PM
@BenBolker Good comment on the first row issue regarding T. I have just finished a second function now for the second row so i will stick that up now as an edit so its clearer what i mean
Writing R Extensions says "Note: R CMD check and R CMD build run R with --vanilla". However, that is not the case for me (at least on mac and linux). Instead, I have to use R --vanilla CMD INSTALL . to avoid running my .Rprofile. I don' t have the latest version of R-devel installed on an easily accessible box. Could someone that does see if this is still an issue?
Sorry, that link above should have been: cran.r-project.org/doc/manuals/…
hmm. that didn't work either
Well, take my word for it -- that's what it says.
@GSee Can you not alter ~/.Rprofile to be better behaved? I have an test if (interactive()) { ... in mine.
@DirkEddelbuettel. The problem is that I have package A and package B. Package B depends on package A. I need to load package B in .Rprofile because I use it every day. I cannot check/build/install package A because it cannot be detached because package B depends on it.
It's no problem unless I want to try to use the build features in the new RStudio (because it doesn't allow command line args to R)
Easy peasy: if (interactive()) require(package(B))
Now your R CMD check no longer loads it. I think ..
Beautiful. Thanks @DirkEddelbuettel. It works!
3:58 PM
Pleasure. Bill is in the mail.
Were's the 'happening' place to read up on discussions/opinions on stuff found in the RJournal?
According to @GavinSimpson all the paleolimnologists are on a distilliery tour, which means my tweetstream is slowly getting back to more normal levels.
@Andrie Gavin is currently banished to my "refollow later" twitter list...
Same here
4:16 PM
re: mention of recent RStudio talent acquisitions and future plans ::
- It's great to see some more people involved, hopefully one of them writes more 'developer' level documentation. :P
- The only thing to really fear with JJ possibly building up then selling is that the base gets to slow to a crawl while Big Evil Company focuses primarily on services income... that'd be a bummer.
@DirkEddelbuettel, @JoshuaUlrich, you're authors of a new CRAN package: cran.r-project.org/web/packages/FinancialInstrument/index.html
@GSee What did I ever do to you to deserve that kind of punishment?!?!?
Hehe, that sounded a bit judgmental, didn't it? :)
@JoshuaUlrich Well, you asked for a package that depends on it to be submitted to CRAN. But, as for why you're listed as an author, it must have been something you did to Brian or Peter
What package did I ask to be submitted to CRAN?
4:19 PM
no way
and, it's not there yet
When did I ask that? I seriously don't remember...
I'm looking. It's in a comment to an SO answer I gave
Will qmao ever find itself on CRAN, or is it eternally banished to R-Forge? — Joshua Ulrich Jun 25 at 0:07
Hmmmm, sounds more like a snark than a request... but I'll give it to you.
4:29 PM
I hear what I want
@Andrie We've one more day of tweeting (presentations) then normal service. That said the more slides I see that either don't have any stats or abuse the hell out of them the more inclined I am to tweet but the more trouble I'll get in with my colleagues so I've been a tad quieter today
@GSee Neat :)
I was trying to figure out what "QMAO" stood for ... "Q???? my ass off" ??? -- then I realized it was a package name and not internet slang
@BenBolker. I chuckle to myself about that every time I load the package.
and it's quant my ass off
I like ITF. Leaves people guessing, but I mean "In The Face" (as opposed to "In Your Face") when I use it.
4:46 PM
Is that Cheney reference?
4:56 PM
No, it's a Short Circuit reference.
Is that a show or book I am blissfully unaware of?
The answer is only a Google search away...
Short Circuit is a 1986 comedy science fiction film starring Ally Sheedy and Steve Guttenberg and directed by John Badham. Fisher Stevens, Austin Pendleton, and G. W. Bailey co-star, with Tim Blaney providing the voice of robot "Number 5." The story revolves around a sentient robot labeled "SAINT Number 5." The acronym SAINT stands for "Strategic Artificially Intelligent Nuclear Transport." The robot later takes the name "Johnny 5". A sequel, Short Circuit 2, was released in 1988. Plot Number 5 (voiced by Tim Blaney) is one of five anthropomorphic prototype robots proposed for Cold W...
At least I thought it was a quote from that movie... maybe I was wrong.
4 hours later…
9:13 PM
Apparently XLConnect really doesn't like the .xlsx extension anymore. Java heap errors left and right...
@joran Really? I'm surprised. I used XLConnect earlier this week and everything was fine.
I've never had problems with xlsx package.
I hate xlsx - poorly designed.
But preferences aside, xlsx and XLConnect uses the same Java libraries.
I think it's platform dependent (OS X).
xlsx has been giving me issues too. Probably has something to do with the Java VM in OS X.
I had good interactions with Adrian over xlsx, he helped me with a few Qs, and I found a bug or two. Most quirks seem due to ... Excel though.
9:28 PM
All I know is that currently with either, if I try to write a data frame to a .xlsx that's more than a few hundred rows I get java heap errors.
But xls seems to work just fine (and is waaaaay faster)
10:05 PM
your mother was a snow blower
Gosh what an awful non-question:
Q: R: proper way of debugging installation -errors/warnings such as `argument 'lib' is missing` in R?

hhhThis email thread suggests some problem between different versions, here. However, I mock solved this problem using sudo for the installation. Then some problems are due to dependencies and versions. In summary, I think classic installation problems in R adhere to permissions, dependencies and v...

10:20 PM
@mdsumner +1 for randomness! Or was that just a clever joke that I'm not understanding...
10:43 PM
@Justin I believe that was a Short Circuit reference
10:54 PM
ah ha! good call

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