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rene has made a change to the feeds posted into this room
Q: Have there ever been silent behavior changes in C++ with new standard versions?

einpoklum(I'm looking for an example or two to prove the point, not a list.) Has it ever been the case that a change in the C++ standard (e.g. from 98 to 11, 11 to 14 etc.) changed the behavior of existing, well-formed, defined-behavior user code - silently? i.e. with no warning or errors when compiling w...

Q: Why is this regular expression so slow in Java?

AntonPiatekI recently had a SonarQube rule (https://rules.sonarsource.com/java/RSPEC-4784) bring to my attention some performance issues which could be used as a denial of service against a Java regular expression implementation. Indeed, the following Java test shows how slow the wrong regular expression ca...

Q: Counterexamples against all odds

Jon BannonWhat are some examples of conjectures proved to be true generically (i.e. there is a dense $G_{\delta}$ of objects that affirm the conjecture) but are nevertheless false? Also, it would be cool to see examples where the conjecture was proved true with probability 1, but was nevertheless false. Of...

Q: Good reference for topological Hochschild homology

SunnyI want to start reading topological Hochschild homology(THH) as well as topological cyclic homology (TC). I have read the Hochschild homology and cyclic homology from the book Cyclic homology by J. Loday. This is very fantastic written book. Can someone suggest me some good reference like this fo...

Q: Recent uses of applied mathematics in pure mathematics

Andrei SmolenskyIn this answer Yves de Cornulier mentioned a talk about the possible uses of persistent homology in geometric topology and group theory. Persistent homology is a tool from the area of topological data analysis, specifically designed to extract information from empirical data and used for various ...

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Q: Descending dungeons of positional systems

AndrewThe sequence discussed in this challenge is a variant of the Descending Dungeons sequence family. Specifically, the sequence generation rules: (A_b = A's base 10 representation read as a base b number, A = A_10) A(0) = 10 A(n) = 10_(11_(12_(...(n+9)_(n+10)))) Your goal is to make a program which...

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Q: "Universal" triangulated category

curious math guyLet $\mathcal{C}$ be some category. One way to map this category into a triangulated category is to take the category of simplicial objects $s\mathcal{C}$ (which is an $\infty$-category), take its stabilization $\text{Stab}(s\mathcal{C})$ and take the homotopy category $\text{Ho}(s\mathcal{C})$ o...

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Q: A sequence of primes?

DattierDoes there exist a prime integer $q$ and $P$ a polynomial, such that the sequence $x_{n + 1} = P (x_n)$ and $x_0 = q$ that is to say a sequence of distincts primes integers?

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Q: Interesting behavior of the ternary operator in a return statement

Marius TI was playing with the Compiler Explorer and I stumbled upon an interesting behavior with the ternary operator when using something like this: std::string get_string(bool b) { return b ? "Hello" : "Stack-overflow"; } The compiler generated code for this (clang trunk, with -O3) is this: get_s...


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