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12:02 AM
I've heard they have plenty of time for these things
List of things ain't nobody got time for:
1. That
@CodyGray =D
Should I vote to close this question, edit or do nothing? stackoverflow.com/q/60103807/1839439
Closing it as "too broad" would be defensible. I don't see that the question needs to be edited.
I am going to wait to see if OP is responsive.
12:14 AM
I don't know how "coupled" those questions are, though. It can be OK to ask multiple questions in a single question if they actually are tightly coupled.
I don't have enough subject-matter expertise to tell if these 3 questions actually make this Q&A too broad.
I've fixed the answers, though.
This isn't an answer right? stackoverflow.com/a/59934229/1839439
How did you delete it before I posted it here?
cody skills
I didn't delete it before you posted it. I deleted it seconds after you posted it.
It's not an answer, according to the "apples" guidance.
You can't give an answer which says that you should log a ticket with the company, right?
In this case, that sign should probably be an apple with a worm in it.
12:18 AM
@Dharman that's a comment
You maybe could, in the context of an answer saying "This is a bug in product X."
But then the answer would be "no" and/or "this is a bug".
The answer would be "it's fixed now, upgrade to version x.y.z"
Ok, because I just skipped a similar answer, which was "me too, so I logged a ticket"
@AndrasDeak That would imply you cannot answer the question until the bug is fixed. That isn't true.
Either "it's a bug in version x" or "it's fixed in version y" are answers.
I guess. I prefer to leave these unanswered. Like stackoverflow.com/questions/57615235/…
12:22 AM
I found it again: stackoverflow.com/questions/59689990/… This is an answer, right?
I'd say so, yes.
Schrödinger's answer. Cody is the vial of poison, asking here is opening the box...
People sometimes have problems with answers saying, "This is not possible" or "Yup, it's b0rken". But these are valid answers. If they have a link to a bug report or other confirmation, that's even better.
You might not like what the answer is saying, but that doesn't mean it lacks value. And it certainly doesn't mean it fails to answer the question.
12:34 AM
You know what, the colors on the votes are back to normal from that annoying bright color.
Ohh yeah. I wonder if they are going to fix the notification bar colors too.
@Cody You forgot to delete that first one (if you were going to--you did it with all the others)
@S.S.Anne Why shouid it be deleted? It has only been here for 30 mins
@S.S.Anne I left it because the title was in English and it was only asked a short time ago, so I thought maybe the asker would edit...
Oh. All the others were asked yesterday.
12:42 AM
Well, also, they contained no English, so there's no reason to believe the asker even speaks English.
@Cody The title is in English because it's an error message. All the others actually have slightly descriptive titles.
Error messages can be localized into non-English languages now. We live in crazy times!
You mean to say I don't need to learn Hebrew to understand PHP error messages?
@Dharman Worse: you have to learn PHP!
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5:00 AM
Can we ping a question closer (a mod, for the case)?
@Vega Typically, the ROs prefer that we not ping moderators in this room (unless they're already involved in a conversation about the topic you want to ask them about)
@EJoshuaS-ReinstateMonica I was asking to ping on the question post itself, not here. I am aware of the room rules :)
Sorry for being unclear
What did you need?
Don't take my word for it, but I always thought the "don't ping a mod" rule was to avoid pinging mods about diamond issues. I'd imagine pinging a mod here for closing a question wouldn't be an issue, if they're already in the room
I interpret the rule mostly as "don't be annoying".
5:14 AM
@CodyGray I was going to explain myself on my NAA flagging race and also ask if the question would be eligible to be locked
I read a case study about COMPSTAT in the New York Police Department awhile back. In one of the predecessor models (community policing), in an effort to empower police officers, they were encouraged to study problems in their precinct and work to solve them. One police officer noticed a spike in crime in this particular area in his precinct; upon investigation, he found that the streetlight was out in that area....
... the highway department fixed it and it helped with the crime problem. The book rather cynically pointed out that, if one police officer called the Highway Department, you had a victory for Community Policing; if 30,000 police officers did it, you'd have a Highway Department that would no longer answer their phones.
See where I'm going with this? :)
Did the police officer make a correlation with the spike and fall/winter months?
Sure: we need to replace all the street lamps with LEDs.
That was in the late '80s or early '90s IIRC.
Damn police officers need to learn to change their own lightbulbs
Reminds me of the joke: How many software engineers does it take to change a lightbulb?
None: that's a hardware problem.
That's one of my favorites. I tried it for so long, and then eventually I had to give in and just learn the hardware, too.
Yeah, hardware's actually pretty interesting. I took a year of digital logic design in college; it actually wasn't all that dissimilar to my software classes.
The challenge is having to figure it out for yourself. I'd be down to have someone teach it to me.
I've been wanting to learn Verilog and FPGA programming for a while, actually.
@Vega It still isn't clear to me what exactly you were wanting help with. I'm happy to help, but I need more information.
@CodyGray Thank you very much. I will try to explain myself
@Vega You can ping a close voter in a comment on the question if they are the only person to have voted to close (i.e. a gold badge holder or moderator who single-handedly closed the question).
5:28 AM
You can ping 'em even if they're not the only ones to have participated in the closing.
@Makyen Thank you. I was the first closer and then the mod
Talkin bout me, eh?
Apparently you can summon BR without even saying his name... the mere thought is enough
@BhargavRao Yes, sorry for making such a "big deal"
This is well-known
5:32 AM
@CodyGray That's not what's in the Meta FAQ: How do comment @replies work?
Oh, huh.
I didn't realize that's how the standoff was resolved.
@BhargavRao The edit was in attempt to make the question on-topic but it invalided all (except one maybe) answers. It close voted again but seeing the history of the closure/reopen and Kos of views, thought it will not we followed by other closures. Then I decided to NAA flag answers to make the attempt to be valid with the question.
I first started deleting the answers without seeing the revisions. I then realized mid-way that the question was edited which invalidated the answers, so I undeleted them, closed the post and soft-declined your flags.
What is a "soft-decline"?
I'm also not so sure as to what'd be a good idea there. We can delete the answers, the answerers wouldn't even lose rep, but it doesn't feel right, as the question was a clear tool request.
5:37 AM
Does that mean just clicking the "decline" link, rather than reaching out and slapping the flagger?
Or we can just leave the answers and keep the post closed.
@CodyGray marking as helpful with a decline message. I do that in rare circumstances.
@CodyGray Marked helpful but saying '...nah'
If the post wasn't edited, those would have been declines for sure.
Heh. I guess that mean I sometimes do "hard-helpfuls". :-)
Decline the flag, but delete the post anyway.
@BhargavRao Can this kind of questions that are off-site resource requests and we don't delete because of the number of views (I guess) be "locked" to prevent future reopenings? I have seen that before
@CodyGray I had that before :)
5:42 AM
I was about to toss a coin, but you brought in another possible-result here ...
Done :)
Albeit, not for the one I was advocating
Atleast one other person is with me, so I'm happy.
(I didn't vote, wanna be neutral observer)
Seems clear, will go for the majority
@BhargavRao I didn't see the option "De-mod Monica Cellio".
Only one user would lose rep stackoverflow.com/a/3656791/4099593
That'll be on the next poll ;)
Thank you very much :)
5:51 AM
I shall wait for that one.
Glad to be of help, thanks for pulling me in. :)
@CodyGray I lost my helpful flags?
Don't blame me, I didn't decline your flags.
Not this time, at least.
Friday afternoons are so damn boring.
Anyway, will head for an early lunch \o
@CodyGray :D
5:57 AM
Oh and happy Valentine's day, folks. Stay safe \o
@Vega What do you mean?
@Rob I was joking that I should've be happy as the deleting answers might made my "soft-declined" flags "declined"
I know I am bad at jokes :(
Ah, gotcha
I thought for a moment that it was possible to dispute flags other than spam/abusive
Ah, I didn't know that
It's not, but I doubted myself for a moment
6:05 AM
I meant that I learnt that only red flags can be reversed to "disputed". Is it?
That's correct. Moderators cannot dispute any other types of flags. However, they can be marked disputed if they go through the review queues and your non-moderator peers disagree with you.
@BhargavRao Bon appetit o/
@CodyGray Thank you for the clarification :)
@Rob Thank you :)
3 hours later…
9:37 AM
@CodyGray bah, I had no idea about that.
hammerers should always be pingable
^ Agree with that. Unless it was the 5th vote, a hammer should be able to be pinged
3rd :)
Well, half of me thinks a hammerer should be pingable in any case, since they're an 'expert' for questioning the closure.... but the other half worries it might be inbox hell
I think "hammer pingable even when they could've closed it without the hammer" is a very small price to pay (if this were too complicated to implement for <3 people who code)
Maybe... but it might cause hammerers not not use it because of the amount of backlash
It does get pretty tiring to have every decision questioned, even if you're in the right
9:42 AM
perhaps it's different in huge tags like C/C++/javascript, but I don't remember seeing any false positives in python (and very very few true positives)
at least with 3 votes needed for reopening it's not too difficult to make that happen if OP leaves an informative comment why their unclear question isn't a dupe
1 hour later…
10:56 AM
Hello :) I have a question about flagging spam vs. flagging in need of moderator attention (Looks like self-promotion) on stackoverflow.com/questions/39403282/python-3-5-install-error - last answer by "Test Print". Not sure which to pick.
although it does mention "we provide"
I knew that...
@Scratte pro-tip: if you're asking about an answer, link the answer
it's the second spam from the same people on the question you linked stackoverflow.com/posts/60069488/revisions
@Scratte I've raised a custom mod flag on that answer due to the recurring nature
@AndrasDeak There's no need for custom mod flag. It is a clear spam. This user has no other content other than this link and other users have also spammed that website.
your feedback has been noted
gotta give Cody some work
Cody is rarely seen in mod queues anyway. He is more likely to handle it from this chat room
@AndrasDeak if you'd like to be able to !!/report here, please ask the room owners; I certainly have no objections and will be happy to give you privileges in Charcoal if you'd like that
11:04 AM
nah, it's fine, thanks
If it's spam then waiting for mod-flag makes no sense. 6 of us will make the post go away in minutes.
I have to use it once every year, which is rare enough that I wouldn't be comfortable with syntax and feedback
I'm also not reliably here usually
Is it fair to call it a spam seed when it was asked in 2016 with no intention of seeding spam?
@AndrasDeak It is for me. 2 spam deleted answers and the third which looks like it almost deserves spam deletion too.
the remaining answer is NAA
11:20 AM
@Dharman I assume you meant !!/report, given that !!/ by itself isn't a command. At this point, the answer has been deleted, so it's no longer reportable.
@Makyen Yeah, as you see I failed twice an gave up. :D
@Dharman np. Such things happen from time to time. :-; MS did get a record of it, so it's all good.
2 hours later…
1:13 PM
1:32 PM
@RobertColumbia No, it's not a false positive. The link is spam; that's why the website is blacklisted. The rest of the answer is just copied from the other answers.
@S.S.Anne I'm not seeing any evidence that it is spam.
@S.S.Anne No it's not blacklisted, it's getting caught by another site that is blacklisted, it's not the same site
@S.S.Anne That website isn't actually blacklisted. That blacklist entry is for cheezburger\.com, but the domain in that post is icanhazcheezburger\.com. The website blacklist doesn't automatically screen out domains which have a blacklist entry which is just a part of the name. Unfortunately, it's difficult to do so, because some of the entries were constructed with the intent of finding things within domain names, as opposed to the complete name.
Thus, in order to have all the entries screen out such things, we need to go through the entire list and A) determine which are intended to mach only a portion of a domain name and reformulate those so they match the entire domain name, or move the entry somewhere else. That work hasn't ben done.
ninja'd :-)
They're still copied from Debian's .bashrc.
1:40 PM
The whole question needs to go
let's wait 2 days
@Makyen But wait -- the link redirects to icanhas.cheezburger.com
@S.S.Anne meh it's not really spam
@S.S.Anne Interesting. Good find. I hadn't taken a look at the actual domain contents.
@Dharman Yeah, I've scheduled a revisit in 2 days.
1:57 PM
@Makyen You can delete all these messages; I've starred it and set a reminder to come back to delete it in two days.
2:34 PM
@S.S.Anne I haven't visited that site in years
man, nostalgia
2:50 PM
3:03 PM
It's the original silly cat pictures site
essentially the earliest memes
Back when they were called "image macros" and "lolcats". Which are much more fitting than "memes". Very few "memes" are actually memes.
3:15 PM
@S.S.Anne Feast your eyes on this google.com/…
(circa 2008)
@Mithical Maybe not appropriate for this chat room, but is there a place where I can keep up-to-date on any possible review/flag strike action? (I'm not saying - yet - whether or not I'll participate, but it would be nice to know if/when such action were called.)
Where does something like this fit into the Spam/NAA/OK league table? Affiliation is clear, but is it "Nothing but a link?"
3:31 PM
@AdrianMole If something is agreed upon we'll most likely pin an announcement here, since the room voted to participate.
@TylerH OK - I generally check this room out at least every other day...
@AdrianMole Yep, link only. It's the official product documentation site/page, so not really spam.
@TylerH It just saw - it was an audit!!
... need coffee ( or more more beer?)
I'm not sure if commenting would pass or fail the audit, but flagging should pass
So, here's a new suggestion to avoid failing RQ audits: Post a link here in SOCVR and take the answer herefrom!
3:35 PM
@TylerH So if this is flagged as Spam, one fails the audit?
there was a complaint a while back where something like a comment led to a failed audit
@Scratte I dunno about spam, but flagging as NAA passes the audit
@Scratte - Any 'negative' response would pass the audit - even leaving a comment.
But it's not spam, so a mod ought to step in if someone flags it as spam from the queue and suspend your reviewing privileges for a bit
3:36 PM
... but mods are slackers and/or numpties?
... just kidding, BTW.
@AdrianMole This is NAA. You can't just post a link to a doc and tell people to go RTM. It is definitely not spam, because linking to official docs is fine
@TylerH Ok. It's a case of a blurry line between disclosed promotion and spam in my eyes, because of this "and this is available to all freemium customers."
Although for some reason this one was deleted as spam. I believe I flagged it as NAA and it went into the queue, but a mod flagged it as spam
@Dharman I agree! Under reasonable advisement, I gave it the NAA flag and, thus, passed the audit. I was curious about the "spam" issue because, although it's actually quite obvious from the username that there's affiliation, this wasn't explicitly mentioned in the post (ans usernames can be changed, of course).
@Scratte This is just how they describe all people who use their product in the trial period.
They are not trying to sell a product. The question was asking how to do something using HERE api and the answer was RTM by their official support team.
3:41 PM
@Dharman When the trial period is up, the link doesn't work anymore :) They you have to pay to use it, no?
@Dharman Good point. Those are already customers.
@AdrianMole Yeah. I figured leaving a comment on a good post is not the way to pass an audit :)
Actually now that I think about it, it looks like one of the users mistakenly flagged it as spam and when mod deleted as NAA the flag was marked as helpful.
@Scratte For "good posts" in audits (most queues, anyway) the only acceptable actions are "Looks OK" (or the equivalent) and offering an up-vote. For "bad posts," just take the XOR of those options.
5:15 PM
6:09 PM
@M-- I don't see anything off-topic. It is just badly asked question. That's it.
6:35 PM
This answer has been deleted by a moderator, for me the answer is valid. What do you think? As the answer is short and some may not have the reputation necessary to visualize it, I will show it here: It turns out that the project's path included some accents (ó). I tried to create another venv on another path with accents and the activation worked correctly. This is the question: stackoverflow.com/questions/60195882
@eyllanesc I don't see any value in that answer. Maybe they should not have deleted it, but I can't even understand what the problem was. This looks to me like no repro and the question should be removed.
Another thing is the question that can be closed as not repro.
If anything it should be an edit to the question, which is what I think was the reason for deletion.
@Dharman Exactly, the question must be closed as no repro, but not the answer, that is my point
To me the answer reads more like a comment or update to the question. It fails to answer what the question asked.
@Dharman As you can see, it is disputed since some indicate that it is correct and others that it must be closed
@Dharman I spend most of my time moderating Meta, actually...
@eyllanesc mod should have closed the question in the same round
6:54 PM
@eyllanesc I agree that shouldn't have been deleted. It was an answer. I undeleted it. If nothing else, it explains why the question was closed as a typo. I've also gone ahead and deleted the question; since the author has resolved their own problem, they don't need it anymore.
@CodyGray I love happy endings
Huh, they redesigned the review pages somewhat. The progress bars are smaller
@Machavity I don't see what changed. I am bad at noticing changes unless there is something to complain about.
No complaint, just noting it changed
7:05 PM
@Machavity yes, my remaining reviews userscript is also borked
Hahahaha. I really hope this isn't the big finale of the UX improvements to /review.
I'm sure it isn't, but it amuses me to think about it.
(I can't tell the difference, either. But I don't spend much time looking at the review queues.)
main epic: break /review for rene
Wait, did they lower the reviews doable? I see people at 40 for today, but I got capped at 20
Suggested edits at any rate
@Machavity and it now has curved ends
used to be rectangular IIRC
I think I used to see a weird vertical line along the progress bar...or was that in other queues where I have fewer reviews?
7:09 PM
@rene Maybe it's just an opportunity to make lots of people happy.
The top one here is what they looked like before the update.
Yep, that's it
@AndrasDeak The vertical line is still there. It is your next goal
And this is what they look like now
@Dharman ah, OK
I never liked badges
7:12 PM
@TylerH Woah, that's a huge difference
the first one is not my screenshot, btw, but the second one is
Oh, this is unrelated to review then. It's just part of their ongoing project to change every color green on the site.
hence the big difference in numbers :-)
Also rolling out their new Stacks design framework
what bothers me about the new progress bar is that it is not vertically centered
it appears to be aligned to the top rather than the center
7:13 PM
Thanks, now that can bother everyone.
Or the element is in the same container as the tabs to the right, rather than in the same container as the counter to the left
I haven't checked the markup yet
I bet it's a bunch of ugly <div>s. Ugh.
funnily enough, in the markup, the tabs div comes before the badge progress div
they're both floated right, ew
@TylerH Thanks Mr CSS. Now none of the OCD folks on SO can sleep soundly
@AndrasDeak It is missing for me as well, because of position:relative; on the class .s-progress
but I've already passed that mark on this page... let me check another queue where I've done fewer than 250
nope, it's there on those
so I guess they don't want to show it anymore once you've passed the 250 mark
7:18 PM
Yeah. But then I'm not going mad, thanks.
I think it makes a lot more sense not to show the line
@Machavity You were sleeping soundly before?
I see both sides; it was nice to see the line because having a to-scale line at 250 made it a bit easier to extrapolate where I was at a glance, visually rather than numerically
but it's not that important considering 1) you've already passed the mark when it's hidden, and 2) you have a numerical representation right next to it
Ah, I see. I thought it just stopped at 100% progress.
I see a black window when I hit edit on a post. Have to scroll around so everything shows up. :/ anybody else?
also apparently it isn't updating anymore until you click a new page
I was stuck at 845 even after I hit "thank you for doing 20 reviews", then when I clicked the stats tab it jumped to 863
7:23 PM
@M-- nope
@AndrasDeak Then maybe I AM going mad :D
In the end we are all going
Ah, yes. I have that same problem with blinds and CSS. In both cases, it is easily solved with some aluminum foil or a tarpaulin.
@Machavity The number of reviews that you can do in a particular queue can be either 20 or 40, depending on the current number of tasks in the review queue. Thus, it can be different for people at various times during the day.
7:35 PM
@Makyen Ah, I knew I was missing something. That explains it
I need to wake up.
Try smelling the flowers
While we're on the subject of complaining about CSS changes, I'd like to formally register my complaint about the substantial reduction of border padding in drop-down menus.
@CodyGray smell or sniff?
Those are strange looking flowers...
@CodyGray like which menus?
7:45 PM
Anything that drops down from the top bar: the inbox, achievements, and even the thing that other wrong-headed people have as a sidebar.
All the drop-downs I see in the top bar have gotten flatter, and the border padding has been significantly reduced.
@CodyGray Scroll and progression bars now have rounded edges, something else must give..
Hmm, the Help Center dropdown looks like it's slimmed up a bit but the rest appear the same to me as they have in the past
@Scratte scrollbars are probably SO specific; mine are still blocky on Win10
Is it just me or is this something that belongs on Superuser? stackoverflow.com/questions/60232470/…
They did recently change scrollbars in edit blocks. They made them smaller, but that was rolled back. They are still partially transparent or something though. I don't know why.
@TylerH Just tried it on stackapps.com ..rounded scrollbar
@Scratte which scrollbar, and which OS are you on (and which browser, for completeness...)
7:55 PM
@TylerH well, it is more tech/dev thing then an end-user issue.
@TylerH The Answer box vertical scrollbar. Windows 10
@leonheess Well I guess I have to repeat that request as the owner keeps rolling back the edit that made the post somewhat understandable :/
@rene How's it a dev thing?
to know how the process gets executed.
@Scratte Still square for me in Firefox on Win10
7:57 PM
It is relevant if it emulates / hypervisored / vm-ed or as it turns out just do a hand-off
@TylerH Sorry.. I'm incomplete. Opera
@rene Yeah, it's a deeply technical question, but I don't see how that makes it a developer question.
@leonheess Sigh. I don't know what to do there. I don't know if you saw the same user's rant on Meta, where he complained about the same thing and refused my attempts at "softening" the language. I've tried everything I can to reach out and explain.
@Scratte That's a browser thing--Chromium appears to have that style now for the scrollbars
Because Chrome also shows it as rounded in the answer box
and Opera is a Chromium re-skin
Opera is still around?
I think there are more Opera 12 users than Opera-latest
8:00 PM
@CodyGray based on your migration I figured that already ;)
They used to be a great browser, but I thought they closed up shop. I guess they just fell off my radar once they became nothing more than a Chromium repackaging.
@rene I was wondering if you were going to manage to convince me I was wrong :-)
@CodyGray You mean this one? meta.stackoverflow.com/a/393974/1839439
It is Friday, you can have this one ...
@Dharman Sigh
Oyy I was going to edit it
8:02 PM
@Dharman I already tried editing. You have privileges to see deleted posts...
@CodyGray They're still around. They just lost relevance when they announced they'd be moving away from Presto to Blink
which was Opera 12 -> 14 (they skipped 13 for superstitious reasons)
@TylerH I see your point. Edge has wide hard edges on the scrollbars.
7 years later they're still iterating, but the guy behind Opera up til v12 came out with another browser that is in the spirit of Opera 12: Vivaldi. I dunno what its status is these days
I tried Vivaldi at some point after launch, but didn't see the point.
IE, Edge, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari, Vivaldi, Brave... if only there were more options out there
(for Western browsers)
8:04 PM
If Firefox could get its JS engine up to the same performance as the one found in Chromium browsers, we'd have an untouchable champ.
The Firefox UX is superior to all, especially with Chrome being actively user-hostile in many ways nowdays.
But JS just lags in FF by comparison, especially with userscripts.
I find Firefox' JS performance plenty good, but I do wish it had built-in ability to cast to Chromecast (or that they'd release their own, open-sourced 'foxcast' or something to compete)
I'm not especially interested in a device that allows me to funnel even more personal information to Google.
(I run Firefox exclusively except when doing interop/compat work for websites/webapps)
not just Google anymore, either, unfortunately
but to Alphabet and all its subsidiaries
When Google bought Nest it put the kibosh on my desire to get Nest smarthome products
and I was very quickly vindicated
Us cynics usually are.
@CodyGray @leonheess FYI - I moved some messages to /dev/null (by way of the Graveyard due to a misclick...) -- we ask that you avoid discussion of specific users here (especially in negative terms) (see socvr.org/faq#GEfM-dont-moderate-users)
8:46 PM
@TylerH Mmm, alright. Was a poorly phrased, frustration induced attempt on my part to convey a “cease further interactions” message.
@CodyGray It was less your message than the message it was a reply to, but since they were linked I nabbed them both
Hi there
@Basj Hello!
I've found in the past a "canonical" question + answers about passwordless authentifications methods
you know like on Medium: no password, they send an email with login token / link
I can't find it anymore... Would someone remember it?
It provided helpful answers about implementation
I don't want to do a duplicate by repositng it ;)
@Basj No idea, but if you haven’t already, I recommend using Google to do a site search on SO. SO’s built-in search feature is lousy.
8:55 PM
yes i did of couurse, but I can't find it ;)
Add site:stackoverflow.com at the end to limit your search to just SO
@CodyGray In fairness their new question looks much better.
I did find this, which is a canonical, but may not be the right one
Thanks guys, I think it was probably one of these 2 !
probably the security.SE one
I thought there was more implementation details about token generation cookies etc.
but maybe not
I'll try to search if there is one, if not, I'll maybe post a new one if I still don't find details about this!
Thanks for your help!
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