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Why do people put non-markup code in snippets?
@Scratte I'm not sure what you mean by non-markup code. Do you mean, "why do they put code that isn't JavaScript, HTML, or CSS in snippets?"
@Makyen Yes :) That's what I mean. It makes me want to edit it out and put it in a normal code-block.
@Scratte Many people do edit it out. I'd assume that people put such code in snippets because it's the code editor which SE provides. I'd assume most don't know any better. There is one legit reason I'm aware of to do so: if you want the code to be normally hidden (i.e. you set the snippet to require the viewer to click in order to display the code).
Can it be hidden?
2:25 AM
@Makyen Ok. I see. But that's not what most people do. I see Java code in visible snippets.
@Scratte Unfortunately, I'm not surprised. It happens for all languages at various frequencies. :-(
@Makyen So editing it to a normal code block is encouraged?
@Scratte I didn't say that. I said that many people do edit it out. I generally prefer not to have such in snippets, but I probably wouldn't edit a post just to make that change, unless I happened to find it particularly annoying.
@Makyen I know, that's why I asked. Ok. I'd edit the whole post. Not just that.
@AndrasDeak @TylerH my userscript PostTimelineFilters rewrites the sidebar timeline links to display the full timeline (show all) so no redirection is required, and additionally has filters for specific events
3 hours later…
5:34 AM
hmm before today I never realized there was a daily limit on the number of comment upvotes I can give. Today is the first time I ever reached it…
I now wonder if that limit also affects the number of comment flags I can give… From reading some SE posts, it seems like it probably does, so I wouldn’t be able to flag any more comments today
@CodyGray you may interested :-)
@sideshowbarker The number of comment flags you can raise is the same as the number of post flags you can raise. The maximum number is 100 of each of those per UTC day.
You can upvote a maximum of 30 comments per site per UTC day.
@Makyen OK — thanks. I don’t think I’ve ever reached that 100 limit
@Makyen ah yeah OK then that 30-upvotes limit is what I reached
@Makyen Why was my message about a feature change unpinned?
@sideshowbarker It's something you have to work at. :-) I don't frequent SOBotics that much, but I understand that the bots in there supply a large enough quantity of flaggable comments to easily consume 100 flags/day.
5:48 AM
@gparyani Did you not see @rene's reply to your message?
@gparyani It was decided that enough people had seen it.
@CodyGray That was to a different message, and I assumed it was related to the specific change linked, not to that general type of message.
@Makyen Okay, thanks; good to know.
I just wanted to know why it was pinned originally if that general type of message wasn't on-topic.
I see. In general, I think it makes more sense to announce new site features on Meta.
@Makyen I am in SOBotics and I do actually flag a number of comments each day that I get alerted to there by Heat Detector. But even then I’m pretty sure I’ve never come close to flagging a 100 in a day…
@sideshowbarker Using up all of your flags is a lot of flags, particularly if we're talking all 100 post flags and all 100 comment flags. I haven't used that many in one day. There have been a couple of occasions where I could have at least used that many post flags in a day, actually in about an hour, on a couple other sites, if I had that many flags available on those sites, but those were during large waves of spam.
That hasn't been the case for the waves of spam we've had on SO, because there were lots more users and moderators responding and flagging.
5:59 AM
@Makyen Yeah on SO I see genuine spam so infrequently that when I do come across it, I kind of feel lucky :p
hah now I see at the same instant I was typing that, SD posted an alert about something that’s genuine spam :)
@sideshowbarker Yeah, spam usually gets handled quickly on SO. You can see a significant quantity if you hang out in Charcoal HQ, as things that are less likely to be spam are reported into that room. However, that room does have a much higher percentage of things reported which are not spam (i.e. FP, from SmokeDetector's point of view).
I see
@Das_Geek Coincidentally, I was actually going to file a request to change it to that form (a proper notice, while the previous form was simple quote markup), but clearly they read my mind.
Wanna see spam? You can subscribe to our newsletter! -Charcoal
6:25 AM
@CodyGray haha :)
7:21 AM
@PeterHaddad you should not ask for own stuff, let the community handle it..
7:42 AM
@PeterHaddad we have a rule about posts where you are involved: socvr.org/faq#GEfM-no-requests-youre-involved the gist of all that text is that requesting a cv-pls on those is disallowed.
2 hours later…
9:17 AM
^but definitely close
oh the report left!
9:45 AM
@PeterHaddad huh? Is that question bugged?
close everything xd
I think we should prefer one question per cv-request, otherwise things can get confusing when referencing and replying, and cleaning up chat messages.
And we would also like to see why do you think it is off-topic. Give some reason for your requests
@PeterHaddad better not stack multiple questions in one message. Our move script probably chokes on it or moves it prematurely.
9:52 AM
10:36 AM
@PraveenKumarPurushothaman It only corrected a typo and it doesn't invalidate the answers. Is there something I am missing?
@Dharman Maybe I didn't check it carefully. Let me check once again.
But it's already updated / rejected.
2 hours later…
12:07 PM
This is weird, I closed this as a duplicate of stackoverflow.com/questions/13800225/… but the duplicate notice is not visible. — tripleee 13 secs ago
^ is it just me?
@tripleee I had a similar issue 1 hour ago
I guess something broke
@tripleee If you would like to report it, you can go ahead. I am busy at work. It happens with any closure notice if the post being closed has a suggested edit. The closure notice will appear only after the edit is reviewed.
@tripleee nope, not just you
the title has [duplicate], but it doesn't show the notice
thanks for confirming
I see "reopen" and not "close" in the links, do you see that too?
12:13 PM
yep, and I also there is not an answer box
The post is closed, but the notice banner is not displayed as long as there is a suggested edit pending. — Dharman 51 secs ago
Dharman got it :)
It's back now
great, thanks, that was a quick resolution
@Vega Because the edit got reviewed by Rene, double-beep and triplee
12:15 PM
is this a known behavior, should I delete the question?
@tripleee no, it's a bug
@Dharman maybe you want to post an answer so I can upvote?
@tripleee As requested. This is not a solution, just an observation. I do not work for SE.
@tripleee please hamer both dupes ;-)
12:41 PM
I found a otherwise good question that asks: Why has Oracle Java made this decision? I can't possibly answer that. Should I mention it in a comment?
@kvantour sure, thanks (-:
@Scratte these tend to get "needs focus" and/or "primarily opinion-based" which of course isn't strictly the problem, but a good approximation
@tripleee I'm about to edit the question to remove it. I imagine that could salvage it.
@tripleee one of the answers is NAA, and the newest is spam
1:14 PM
@Dharman Thanks :) It may just be a rant in disguise. My answer is the best I could think of (with the side-effect that the temper is cooled). I've seen a lot of ranting over ThreadLocals all over the internet.
@Scratte All my answers are just rants, but no threats yet...
@Dharman While all your question are calm?.. I meant that OP's Question was a rant :D
1:43 PM
Q: Delete [sprint-boot]

chriswillowI accidentally created this tag. Can someone please delete it?

2:13 PM
@Machavity Why does it need focus? If anything it should be closed as typo, but that is debatable
@Dharman Either way, it needs closing. We can't help with server security
@Machavity The way I read it they just made a typo in the domain name. It has nothing to do with security
@Dharman The answer suggests a typo, yes. It's not clear that's the OP's problem
@Machavity Oh, come on. Why else would your own application make GET requests to wevdev.com?
So close it as a typo :P
2:24 PM
@Machavity I did not vote, because it my opinion it is an on-topic question and valuable. I edited it to make it look better.
@Dharman The site isn't available publicly (if it ever was), and we have no source, for all we know OP was making the request without realising /shrug
They also mention it happens on production server without much more details^
It is closed now. I am not going to vote to reopen either, but I just wanted to voice my concerns. This kind of weird issues do happen when you develop applications and you might not realize immediately from the symptoms that it was a typo.
Fair, I'm not saying the question it could be is necessarily bad, but from the info we have there's nothing we can do
Just wanted to note, there's nothing wrong with disagreeing with a CV. If you see something you think is wrong, please say so
3:14 PM
4:11 PM
And I have a dream
4:31 PM
@CausingUnderflowsEverywhere We do not moderate Meta (or its questions).
However, since you asked the question, you can self-delete it without having people try to close it.
4:57 PM
FYI - the 2020 Developer Survey is live. You should see a banner at the top of any SO webpage to take it. (Won't link it in case URLs are randomized).
I feel like there's going to be a lot of negativity in that survey .. or at least, will open a window to it
5:12 PM
BTW - I find it kinda suspicious that a supposedly anonymized survey redirects to a unique page on Stack Overflow so that anyone with access to database tools can correlate it with your account anyways based on the timing alone.
I'm refraining from filling out the survey this year. Until I'm happy with Management the only free data they are getting from me are my answers.
@JohnDvorak ah, didn't spot that, yelp
Wouldn't you only be able to correlate DB entries with the awarding of the Census badge?
You have the option to not get it
the page view is logged anyways
@JohnDvorak Hasn't it always been the case that SO could correlate survey responses with your account, if they wanted to? My understanding/expectation has always been that they could do so. The only portion which is anonymized is the data they release much later in the year as anonymized data. Even that "anonymized" data has been able to be correlated to some accounts/responses, IIRC.
5:24 PM
@Makyen yes
@JohnDvorak they asked you in the past if you wanted to directly link your SO account to the survey, this isn't much different
This is different because they don't tell you about the link until you submit the survey
I think they could associate it to an account even without that, if they wanted to
I'd expect they could correlate it to your account just on the first link to load the survey page, just like they can correlate almost any activity they want on the site.
If they desired, they could record all of your responses without needing you to hit "submit". However, most ways of doing the this would leave some traces in the browser console, if you went looking for them. I doubt they do the so, but I haven't looked.
None of the above is unusual. It's typical of what's possible when you interact with a website when normally using a browser. It is possible for you to limit their ability to do so, but it takes effort on your part to prevent it.
5:44 PM
Morning all /o
6:05 PM
What is the survey used for?
It seems to be going in every direction
@Scratte It makes Stack overflow money
6:32 PM
@Machavity Ahh.. well. Most personal questions can be answered with "I prefer not to say" or left blank.
When are flags disputed?
I got one disputed yesterday, but it got 3x Looks OK
@Dharman so? That doesn't look ok for your flag then ...
@Dharman looks ok means your flag was "wrong"
@rene no, it's fine, but why was it not declined
it was only disputed, but if no one voted to delete, why was it not outright declined?
AFAIK, only mods decline flags. Reviews just dispute them
6:40 PM
Correct. Handy Meta link
@Das_Geek thanks, that explains a lot
@Dharman No problem. Someone has to wear Cody's glasses when he's not here ^_^
Apparently, there's been question about how exactly it's applied. See this MSO post
Which led to an official answer by a mod here
Is there anywhere in my user activity where they can see their helpful and unhelpful flags (Not counting the summary in the IMPACT box: "18 helpful flags") which seemingly only counts the helpful ones? (Or maybe I just don't have unhelpful ones)
@Scratte Click into your profile -> Activity Tab -> Impact (top right)
Gotta click the Helpful Flags to get to the page
posted on February 05, 2020

On February 12, 2020, we will be ending our support for the legacy 1.0 and 1.1 versions of TLS, which are no longer used except by some very old client software. For more details, see our announcement on Meta.

@Machavity Thank you. I did not in any way expect that to be clickable.
7:20 PM
@Scratte A lot of SE's user interface doesn't give a visible indication that something can be clicked, unless you hover the mouse over the text. You actually need to move the mouse around the page and hover over the various text elements on each page to determine if it's something you can click on. If it is, then the mouse pointer will change. Many are implemented as <a> elements which will either take you to a new page and/or activate some functionality.
Some will activate some functionality in the page, but take you to a new page, if opened in a new tab or window.
@Makyen and it's not always consistent within the same context, either.
@Makyen I've been searching for find that for a few hours including posts on meta. I'm not likely to forget moving my mouse in a search-like-grid pattern next time I want to find something :D Is a declined flag unhelpful? Or does it need to be disputed?
For example on the close votes modal window, most links open a new tab/window but there's at least one that redirects the current tab. It's quite annoying when I misclick it
@Scratte correct, declined and disputed flags are not considered for the "helpful" metric
On your flag summary page, any flags marked as 'helpful' will count toward the amount visible in your profile (and toward relevant badges)
@TylerH Ok. Before I found this I was considering calculating my unhelpful ones by counting the helpful and noticing when my remaining flags got increased. Not the most reliable way
7:30 PM
@Scratte You are given more flags based on the number of helpful flags you've submitted, up to a max of 100. See the bottom of this page
@Das_Geek As far as I understand it's 1 flag per 10 helpful flags - unhelpful ones
Assuming your rep doesn't give you any bonus flags
assuming the unhelpful ones only count once :D
Yeah, it'll be easier to track "helpfulness" once you hit for flag max
@AndrasDeak I linked to a screenshot indicating a bunch of flags marked helpful, btw
not the actual page
7:33 PM
@TylerH I know, just wasn't sure that was common knowledge. I only made sure that works last week...
@Das_Geek correct
@Das_Geek I have yet to use 5 on day. I doubt I'll need more. It's more fun to answer Questions :)
@Scratte Fair enough. I regularly use all 100 post flags in a day, and every now and again also use all 100 comment flags. Probably because I'm fairly active in chatrooms that watch out for NAA posts and spam :P
After you get CV privileges your flag rate on posts tends to go way down. But I still regularly use a lot of my comment flags each day I browse the site
CV ?
7:39 PM
Close Vote
at 3k reputation
@TylerH I tend to help the hopeless, so my rep is not going to rocket at any point :)
@TylerH I would say most of my flags are spent on answers. Probably only 20-30% are on questions. Depends on how active I am in which queues
@Scratte - I'd like to agree with that view; but w/o closevotes and the removal of off-topics it is also quite hard to find topics that are fun to answer ... ;)
@Scratte I would caution you about that. Some users downvote answers on poorly-asked questions, as they believe they're helping enforce one of the guidelines on this post. I haven't looked at any of your posts, but do be sure that the questions you're answering deserve to remain on this site
@tink True. I flag those though, so I'm not that helpful to the hopeless.
@Das_Geek: I'm not fuzzed about getting downVotes. I get them sometimes, but then I suppose I get a pitty upVote, so it sort of evens out.
7:48 PM
@Scratte haha fair enough
Strong am I with the Stack, but not that strong
@Scratte - not all rubbish is flaggable, though ... ;(
but that SmokeDetector post is ^
@tink Well. My current project is finding all types of flaggable posts. What rubbish is not flaggable?
@Scratte Stuff that's been upvoted or has lasted longer than a few days
you can't cast VLQ flags on such posts, frustratingly
@TylerH So circumventing the normal procedure is writing a very boring Question? :D
8:00 PM
@Scratte - my latest cv-please, for instance ... it was bad (and got closed), but a mod flag would have been inappropriate as far as I'm concerned ... stackoverflow.com/questions/60081758/…
@tink what do you think is mod-flag-worthy about that question?
Love the comments on that sudo chmod -R 777 /
I don't ... that's why I said "inapporiate"
Hehe ... indeed @Das_Geek
ah, I read "appropriate" instead for some reason :-)
8:04 PM
Hey, we used to set file permissions to 777 for our phpBB 2.x forum back in the aughts; never had any problems except for the occasional hack once every couple of days
Room Q: an OP asked a question about how to write a specific SQL query, and made no attempt. They got some answers anyway, and then asked what appears to be a duplicate - wanting to do the same thing, but presumably it still needs adjustment. Is one a duplicate of the other? The dup is here: stackoverflow.com/questions/60076543/…
@halfer Yep, looks like a dupe to me
hehe @TylerH
@TylerH Thanks, will raise it here. I think our advice in these cases should be for the OP to add an Update addendum with the non-working attempt (even if it is from an answer and not their own effort) so feedback can be offered.
8:38 PM
Room Q: anyone think this is ready to reopen? I do not, but the OP is appealing to voters in the comments. I have given my view already. stackoverflow.com/questions/60083570/…
Doesn't look reopen worthy to me
9:22 PM
Has maintenance work already begun?
ok looks like a false alarm
I haven't heard rene screaming yet
9:44 PM
Does anyone know how an expired flag counts?
@Scratte It is neutral in terms of counting for you
there is a separate "expired" category in your personal flags page
they're called "aged away"
@Nkosi SQL2019 at your service.
Yeah, an expired flag basically means nothing.
it means mods are slacking
@rene \o/
9:50 PM
@rene good to know they like to test in production. lol
@TylerH Thanks. I guess I'm not old enough yet.
I actually don't remember how long it takes for flags to age away
@AndrasDeak Heh.. :)
@TylerH 6 to 8
10:07 PM
@Ruzihm someone upvoted
@Dharman it can still be delete-voted
@TylerH not when it was at -2
@Dharman Hm, it was at -5/+1 when I looked a few seconds after you mentioned it
I never saw it at -3/+1
apropos of that, it's quite annoying that you can't see time stamps for votes in the timeline page
only date stamps
time stamps would expose too much information
@NathanOliver Eh, not really. You can't see other people's votes even on their profile
10:19 PM
@TylerH You could match comments to votes
@TylerH Can't you see when their rep dropped?
Ah, that looks like a no, except for yourself
@NathanOliver only for yourself
unless you have zero activity on your graph and you downvote a crapton in a single day, then maybe :-)
@Dharman you can do that anyway by looking at your own rep chart on your profile and timestamps of comments
if you're the person who got downvoted
How do you get to the rep calculation page? Does that show when you down vote something?
@NathanOliver what do you mean by the rep calculation page?
of your own reputation?
I recall there is a page where it is all plain text that shows all of your reputation history and show the daily rep change. Can't remember how to get to it though
10:24 PM
@NathanOliver Thanks, agreed
Activity -> Reputation ?
@NathanOliver ahhh yeah one sec
I know what you're talking about
@Scratte Not that. That page is just a single "row" of plain text data
@NathanOliver sitename.com/reputation (while logged in). So stackoverflow.com/reputation for Stack Overflow
Aha. So that is locked to the "you" as well. I guess time stamps wouldn't hurt then. You'd literally have to keep a log of rep changes with second accuracy and you'd run out of API calls quick doing that.
10:31 PM
11:15 PM
@TylerH It depends on the type of flag. Custom moderator flags don't age away. Close-flags age away at the same rate as closevotes, so either 4 or 14 days, depending on if the # views on the question is >= 100 (4 days) or <100 (14 days). Spam, R/A, and "Harassment, bigotry, or abuse" flags age away after 4 days. See: When are moderator flags automatically dismissed as “aged away” by the system?
@Makyen Do you know all those things, or did you check?
That may have come out wrong: Do you just know all that already? As in having a really good memory
11:36 PM
@Scratte Makyen is one of SkyNet's machine overlords; they already knew
11:48 PM
@AdrianMole FYI: I edited your comment to remove a name, instead attempting to genericize it without losing any of its meaning. This is....a bit farther than I’d normally go, but comments that mention names tend to disappear now, so you probably want to avoid doing that. People in positions of power are uncomfortable with that scrutiny and attention that power creates.

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