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2:57 AM
@samayo Nope, doesn't seem to work. The problem is it's not even taking my custom directory into consideration.
Okay my bad, I had messed up the directory referencing.
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8:00 AM
circumscribe to constrict the range or activity of definitely and clearly
8:16 AM
@YoKoGFX Do $prevEvent = $event at the end of the loop body and use that?
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10:51 AM
11:02 AM
@Tiffany, lol
11:22 AM
@cmb is there something on my face?
Segmentation fault on Symfony cache:clear – #78926
11:40 AM
great movie tho
@Wes I won't watch anything with Tom Cruise. Because Scientology
eh, that's bad because tom cruise usually makes decent movies :B
He's a decent actor, but fuck Scientology. It's not just him though, if I find out an actor is a Scientologist, I stop watching their stuff too. It sucks when I'm in the middle of a TV series.
12:06 PM
12:19 PM
posted on December 06, 2019

Apologies for the late comic. I had some trouble being funny. I know that’s never stopped me before, but I was shaken by this week’s events, some of which were traumatic. Seriously, I am warning you that this is not my typical news, and it is not really my story to tell. If you’re troubled by real-life violence, or if you’re looking for humor, maybe skip this one. For everyone else, he

12:44 PM
@Tiffany, I was referring to the ppentestlabs thread you've linked.
@cmb ooooh
Yeah, a business trying to sell people security best practices, when they themselves aren't following security best practices ... it is discouraging
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1:48 PM
@Tiffany at least they don't let you enter your own password and then store that in plain text, its not all bad :p
@beberlei yeah, and the worst that could happen if their database is leaked is acquiring someone's email, if they're using their real email. But still, it's how they try to reason their method that bothers me
Just because the potential damage is less severe, doesn't make it right
Crash in pcre2_code_free_8, zend_hash_destroy – #78927
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3:33 PM
do you guys know of any oss code that uses a lot of method delegation?
wrappers, adapters etc
@Wes Any decently sized Java project
maybe @ThW's dom library does delegate a lot to plain dom?
It extends more
3:52 PM
1 hour later…
5:17 PM
I hate that on phpstorm 2019.3 when I right click to create a new directory, the name input doesn't get focused any longer :( need to go all the way to the middle screen, click it to name the new dir
@Ekin right click? you mean context menu new -> directory?
I don't see that behavior here
are you on a mac? it's been bothering me on linux
no, on windows
but don't have it on the mac either
5:20 PM
:( it might be just a nix thing then
I keep typing the name into the currently open file because of this :-P
@Ekin I have that particular annoyance as well, but with other things
especially with phpstorm being slow and switching focus only after having loaded something or such
I've been only suffering from this input focus issue and the default IDE font size being utterly small
@Ekin uhm, I have the opposite issue, the defaults being too large for me :-D
I tried to do the 'use custom font' setting but whatever font I select, all the text gets effed up :-P
reduced font size to 9, then it was fine on Linux
5:32 PM
really? lol :-D
not kidding
I'm annoyed when I have less than 60 lines of code on a screen
how are you even supposed to read an a bit bigger function with a loop if you can't see the whole loop?
superuser.com/questions/1507306 prepare yourself for some major annoyance @bwoebi
GD Installation documentation wrong since pkg-config – #78928
i need to update soon to 1909 and hope they fixed it
man i am super crippled
i.sstatic.net/pAL8b.png look at the diff in font size between two windows
especially the favorites, structures etc bit
it's all text for ants :-P
5:45 PM
i don't get it @Ekin
you can customize that
i think, but the tabs always have been smaller i think
but i am probably not understanding
yeah the problem is when I tried to do so by selecting the same font, bigger font size, all the text gets effed up
actually wait, if I select Noto Sans, which is the default selected for me when using Darcula theme, all is fine
any other font and I have borked texts
borked how? make a screenshot :B
it's basically not clear, kind of fuzzy
5:53 PM
@bwoebi I have really bad eyesight. :S
I typically have to make font size bigger in IDEs and text editors. Or I zoom in.
6:10 PM
@Ekin is it fuzzy in that png?
looks like bad cleartype setting in windows :B
no that one is Noto Sans, font size 12 which is default. fuzzy thing happens when I select eg. Ubuntu or something else
it's like it kills all the anti-aliasing :-P
6:27 PM
PDO Sqlite not close connection after destruction (windows only) – #78930
Cookie value parsing. Valid character changed into invalid. RFC6265 RFC2616 – #78929
6:50 PM
Was adding caching_sha2_password to mysqli done, or is this just a fluke?
Q: Does mysqli have support for caching_sha2_password in PHP 7.4?

MindingWhen I tried upgrading from PHP 7.3 to PHP 7.4, I received this error: Unexpected server response while doing caching_sha2 auth 109 As I see it, this indicates that PHP 7.4 MySQLi is trying to use the caching_sha2_password plugin. This article points out that PHP MySQLi does not support the...

Weird that it's not part of the release note then. That would be noteworthy
What book should I read next?
@Machavity Guess so
7:17 PM
> Liskok substitution principle
7:32 PM
@PeeHaa I think I see why. It was discussed on GitHub, but apparently only considered a MySQLND improvement
yo good ol php mantra
It doesn't work that well so just not document it
But enough about UTF-8
7:57 PM
NTS and TS version of PHP produces different output – #78931
8:51 PM
the documentation for phpdbg is at book.phpdbg nowadays, is that right? /cc @Joe
asking because, this link seems to be dead
9:32 PM
mysqli_prepare oddity – #78932
What's the best way to create an uint8_t* buffer from a PHP string using FFI? Currently I have the following and then a cast:
    private static function createBufferFromString(string $value)
        $buffer = \FFI::new(\FFI::arrayType(\FFI::type('char'), [\strlen($value) + 1]));
        foreach ($buffer as $buf => $_) {
            $buffer[$buf] = $value[$buf] ?? "\0";

        return $buffer;
It works, but there must be a better way than assigning each char separately...
Functions directly taking char* can just accept a PHP string.
9:52 PM
@Ekin, yes, phpdbg documentation has been moved to PHP manual, but certainly needs improvement.
@kelunik, can't you use FFI::memcpy()?
@cmb Shouldn't we just remove the entire readme from there? cc @Ekin
fix it fix it fix it @Ekin
ack, README should better be removed
@Ekin @Ekin @Ekin @Ekin @Ekin @Ekin
@cmb Yup, just realized this after reading the RFC another time. It's slightly faster now, but I expected the difference to be greater. ^^
9:56 PM
Isn't there explicit mention that FFI is only slightly faster than native PHP?
I think it's point is more linking C libs without the need to code an extension
Depends on what you're doing.
Also am I the only one who thinks the SPL internal code is horrifying?
@Girgias If the c part does a lot of work itshould be faster
@Girgias Anything spl is terrible
@PeeHaa that does make sense
Presence of a destructor affects garbage collection – #78933
9:57 PM
As with anything starting with s
@PeeHaa trying to make it a bit less horrible by converting warnings to Errors :p
s stands for stupid
str_* :D
I think there are also a lot of internal InvalidArguments exceptions thrown in SPL which should just be converted to ZPP so that it throws TypeErrors ....
10:02 PM
Don't forget to list snmp! Does anybody use that?
Last time I used it I was working for a hoster :-)
But yes :D
@kelunik, the perf diff might be minor, because PHP can actually be quite fast.
Also, consider reading the docs (https://www.php.net/manual/en/book.ffi.php) instead of the RFC.
Honourable mention to: shmop, sysvem, sysvsh, and sysvmsg
Oh ffs George
I've been working on master and not a feature branch
Well time for my usual git magic to unfuck my stupid mistakes sight
@cmb I've already cut the execution time by half now, will need to have a look at the memory usage.
@kelunik Is that amp related?
10:07 PM
@PeeHaa Yup, hpack using nghttp2 instead of our own lib.
also sqlite3 – API is borked
@kelunik oooh that sounds like it might actually be pretty useful \o/
@PeeHaa The most annoying thing about our implementation is that it takes about 33 MB of RAM for the lookup table. ^^
@cmb you know there is one thing I'm scared of, is looking at DB driver code to see if I can promote some warnings to Errors :|
But a lot of other extensions to fit that bill to actually
Just download more ram
10:10 PM
@Girgias, DB in general, or PDO or even DBA?
DB in general
I haven't looked at the code yet
But my only experience is looking a bit at DBA when I was doing my docref2 conversion thing
10:23 PM
Maybe hardest thing with touching DB code is that you hardly can test sufficient combinations of DB versions. DBA is a particular disaster, and MySQL might even be worse nowadays (mysql, mariadb, percona with different versions, and libmysqlclient vs. mysqlnd; and if you touch mysqlnd, need to check mysqli and pdo_mysql). ODBC seems to be a lost case in this regard.
tl;dr we're allfucked
Just drop all the DB extensions /s
DROP FROM php-src WHERE 1=1;-- \o/

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