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4:00 PM
Hamza Moukaliif requested access. Rep: 21 - Questions: 4 - Answers: 0 (ratio 4:0)
@OakDev no, it's already trashed.
>>Car mechanics, Timmy, car mechanics.
@HamzaMoukaliif you currently do not meet the requirements to chat here. You can find our requirements in the rules.
4:01 PM
@HamzaMoukaliif please refrain from requesting access until you meet the criterions of the rules :)

I learned a word today.
more commonly it's singular criterion or criteria
plural criterion is just criterion
although criterions is still valid, it's only half-valid
I learned a conjugation today.
As in, only half of the regulatory bodies (oxford, etc) recognize it as valid
How and why do you know that
4:05 PM
well it looked wrong to me so I looked up why
I was going for criterias but the syntax validator highlighted it to me, so i went with the other :D
The only things I really nerd out on is language and music
@MehdiB. anytime baby
@CarlAnderson lol'd a bit.
4:15 PM
Looks like I missed all the excitement while at lunch
Also, if you're thinking about getting the S'mores shake at Arby's, don't. It's trash
I'm used to being called Carl, but I'm ok with "the excitement" too.
I don't think I've remotely considered going to Arby's ever
That's a weird thing to say
(to both)
you took 15 seconds to respond and that's all you could come up with?
Also, if you're thinking about getting the S'mores shake at Arby's, dont. It's trash
I thought that was like a common thing, that people hated Arby's
4:17 PM
Carl, yes
BB, no not at all
huh, weird. Don't think I've ever met a person who liked it
codeMagic lives in this place called "Indiana"
it's sort of like the Tatooine of the US
4:19 PM
we don't have much as far as fast food. Besides the normal archers, burger king, taco bell, arbys, and wendys
no dominos?
Do you guys have South St. burger down in the US?
not in Seattle
It's New York Fries' pivot
Oh, turns out new york fries is Canadian
@ColdFire yes but that' not considered quick serve (fast food)
it's just pizza. and barely even that
4:22 PM
But pizza is considered fast food
So I'm confused
not around here it's not
but it's fast
or is Indiana slow
There's no drive-thru, bro
4:23 PM
That's not the definition of fast food though
How do you know, you're canadian
@codeMagic why tho?
i agree with crabs
I don't know why they don't have one. Do I look like an effing franchise owner
CF, that's fine. You both have the right to be wrong
It's because pizza places don't need one because they're already faster than other fast food
become one
4:25 PM
if anything pizza is the fastest food
travelling at the speed of cheese
You can't get a pizza faster than most quick serve burgers or whatever. I don't know what world you people live in
@codeMagic what about mcdonalds?
You can certainly get a slice faster
Do you have Little Caesars down there?
@codeMagic you've never had S'Barro?
You can get whole pizzas within 30 seconds
It's okay to be wrong magicman
4:27 PM
Not that S'Barro is good but then most fast food isn't
agreed with crabs
CF, yes that's the "arches"
Carl, no idea what that is
Do you have a mall food court in Elkhardt?
Yes, we have places you can walk in and grab a slice of pizza. But it's not considered fast food around here at least
Come on, Carl, don't pretend you don't know
I'm not even certain Elkhardt has a traffic light, so I'm not making assumptions :D
4:34 PM
That's Wakarusa. But even they have one stop light
that's it though
Carl, think back to being a boy, you didn't call pizza places fast food around here, right?
Or are you too metropolized to remember
I think most pizza places aren't fast food
Dominos, Pizza Hut, etc
But if you're in a food court, every restaurant is fast food,
and S'Barro is one of those
They make pizzas in advance and put them under heat lamps and you buy slices
Yeah, chain pizza places do that around here (and some not chain) but it's still not considered quick serve (what we call fast food)
4:50 PM
I prefer small artisanal pizzerias, they always taste better and the prices are usually similar to the chains
Agreed, Mehdi
I rarely get pizza from chain restaurants
@RaghavSood, @Tom, @TimCastelijns, @DaveS, @ColdFire new free games on Epic Games!!!!
did I miss anyone??
did you miss me?
we missed you
I missed you too :3
5:08 PM
@codeMagic well Indiananians are dumb then
or are they just called Indians
5:24 PM
@codeMagic Mcdonalds are called arches?
@W0MP3R thanks will check out
@ballBreaker hoosiers
@ColdFire golden arches
'cause the logo
the big M
5:46 PM
I can confirm, McD = "the golden arches"
more drama anyone?
@W0MP3R nice anything good?
tim read it
people here just call it McDicks
@codeMagic interesting... you're just a few steps away from being a hoser
Which lines up with you being from Indiana ;)
(I don't know anything about Indiana, just running with carl on this one)
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5:53 PM
lol, thanks but I'm too thick skinned for that. You're still a good sole for doing so
he's an old sole
worn down from many years of travel
@codeMagic I know that, and you know that, but meta doesn't know that.
meta.stackoverflow.com ?
Why would that ever make it to meta
5:58 PM
I got my own drama bomb on meta once
ahhh I see
yes he did
Q: Being judged and blocked on chat before having right to speak a single word

BasjEDIT : Lots of people have mentioned that the personal situation part of the question is not necessary. Thus, on request, I have removed it. Question : As a general principle (not only here on SO), is it fair to be publicly mentioned on chat by a moderator (example : @User : You are denied ac...

5:59 PM
hahahahahaha I had a feeling it was that post
and yes, "soul" above not "sole"
bahaha I'm used to being ignored, but thanks I actually appreciate that
@TimCastelijns I didn't know any of the games of this week xD
@codeMagic soul* you english nerd
time to go
Cya tomorrow people!!!!! :D
6:01 PM
see ya, womp!
@ColdFire you can't correct me after correcting myself after it was pointed out by someone else
I can
@W0MP3R Thanks! I've got exams now tho :(
No more games for me for a while
well i was typing my comment when i saw yours
cya wompy
cya Womper!
I think the question would be better quality if it was an actual question instead of an attempt to gain sympathy by airing your butt hurt in public. — Dave S Dec 16 '14 at 21:13
lmao @DaveS
6:09 PM
hahahahah that is classic
"airing your butt hurt" lmao
yeah i am still laughing
robert harvey too with the butthurt
Wear your flame-proof underwear when you go into that room. — Robert Harvey Oct 28 '13 at 21:52
has anybody watched the google whatever event is going on?
they have a session on kotlin there, anybody watched?
going down the meta rabbit hole all the way back to 2013 eh lol
found that in related
meta is fun
Who wants to discuss why my Java program can't find my mysql driver?
Tell your Java program to ask it's mother, she will find it at first glance
@ballBreaker xD ROFL
@codeMagic It wants you to use postgres
6:32 PM
not an option but I appreciate the well thought out input
anyone watching dev summit?
Wonder why they stopped oneboxing tweets
interesting lol
Because Twitter requires login now
6:47 PM
ohhhhhhhh 0_0
Hmm. I'm not logged in, works fine for me
Not sure if anyone saw this or not on Reddit, but apparently Bethesda is releasing a premium subscription membership to Fallout 76 called Fallout First, and someone bought the domain to fallout first and roasts them
Oh, if swearing is not safe for work, it's littered with that
Everyone has their own subscription program now
7:02 PM
for just $30/mo you can pay me to leave you alone in r15
and one tenth of every dollar you spend goes towards helping the ROs eat
Aug 13 at 15:10, by Tim Castelijns
selling contents of deleted messages, $1 each
Since there is no competition now, it's gonna be 2$ for me
well since they are no buyers , it should be 0.000$
demand supply
Yeah, Mehdi, you gotta offer the right services
I will ban anyone in the room for the low, low fee of $50
For $250, you can be RO too
I hope no one in here wins the lottery anytime soon
7:08 PM
Bb to keep your status of tolerated annoyance, it's gonna be 48$ / month
I'll tolerate you for $47.99/yr
And CF it's gonna be 5.345.6838$ for you
But remember, you gotta pay off each RO individually
How about people pay me to leave them alone and I give you a cut, seems more profitable
Depends, how big is your pool?
7:10 PM
The message is that no one likes you, bb
I'm taking this to meta
You should pay off some ROs to reply to your meta posts with positive things about you
That'll be $350/comment, since we're charging lawyer rates now
crabby feeling unwelcome
@RaghavSood Do you accept DOGE?
7:16 PM
I wanna ban @DaveS
Kotlin Everywhere
Gotta pay up first, Mauker
You never gave the wallet address
7:16 PM
We can work out the invoicing in a non-public channel, they watch the public ones
How about I stay in here for free
Log.v: DaveS is being removed from this group.
and u shut ur dirty little mouth
7:17 PM
dirty little mouth :<
Dev summit is awsome
Question Answer session
How long has the mod been lurking in here for?
How much can I pay him to ban Raghav from SO
@AaronHall what are your going rates?
I have .. empties pockets four schmeckles
You gotta pay to even get mods to negotiate with you, you can leave your deposit with the ROs and we will let you know when an appointment is available (never)
Okay, well two schmeckles now, and 2 on delivery
7:22 PM
@ballBreaker The person you can ban with that amount is you
Might have to if my r15 addiction gets too bad
@TimCastelijns how are you, friend?
Since you stepped down I barely see you anymore
he left, take the hint
16 mins ago, by Raghav Sood
The message is that no one likes you, bb
@ballBreaker what's the conversion rate of schmeckles to Hall bucks?
It's basically the same exchange from rupees to USD
@MehdiB. if you don't like me then stop calling me baby!!
All these mixed signals from all you, hot and cold, hot and cold
We hate you, baby
Playing mind games with me
NixOS is nice
Would recommend
Probably gonna switch to it as my main daily driver once I have some time
7:31 PM
Yeah, I wanna do that too... but I've been on Ubuntu more than a decade, hard to teach an old dog new tricks... Nix.
I'm running Ubuntu now as well, just switched some of the new servers to NixOS, don't find a huge learning curve
how did you do the switch?
@ballBreaker reverse psychology as taught by Julian :D
@AaronHall Well, these are new machines, so we just installed Nix from the start :P
7:32 PM
Normally, we'd put Ubuntu on them and then run a bunch of ansible playbooks to set up the services
But I figured it is worth the time to redo in a nicer system
levels up at blowing raspberries - so you used the nix language instead of ansible playbooks?
Pretty much - We installed the base system, then moved the config into a git repo, which has nixpkg definitions for the things we need to run
So now if we need to set up other machines which use some/all of the same pkgs, we just need a new hardware-configuration.nix for it, and can import all the existing definitions
The advantage over ansible being that it is a lot faster to iterate, and a lot less boilerplate
And you don't need to do state checks etc. explicitly
I have a linode - I think I'll try doing nixos on it...
Yeah, installation on cloud providers that don't explicitly supported is a bit convoluted
7:36 PM
then if I'm brave enough I can switch my laptop to it...
Took me like 12 hours of typing over the world's worst KVM to get it working on Hetzner
Although Linode appears to support it in some capacity: linode.com/docs/tools-reference/custom-kernels-distros/…
yeah, was about to ask you what you thought of that page...
Seems reasonable - I did most of the same things, my main issues were with getting ZFS encryption to work - I couldn't get dropbear to boot with hetzner's UEFI, so I just skipped that for now
But the normal install process worked fairly well
We installed as specified in that guide, then move the /etc/nixos/* to a git repo and symlinked them back in so we can version control the config/add custom modules from our private repos and still use nixos-rebuild normally
what did bb do for a mod to show up?
violate new coc
7:44 PM
I called Tim a "she"
or was it "it"
or "they"
who knows
would robots prefer it?
8:03 PM
Yeah I don't think robots care about gender neutrality
they are probably gender aggressive if anything
8:20 PM
@RaghavSood why not just use macos like normal people?
I thought the whole point of Hipsters were that they aren't normal
Hipsters still exist?
hippies are like cockroaches
So hipsters are like evolved cockroaches
so... Terra Formars?
Yeah we should ship them to Mars
8:24 PM
I couldn't finish watching it, I hate cockroaches
I actually have never heard of it, had to look it up haha
hahaha, it's very brutal
In a bad way or good way?
Like goblin slayer brutal, or AOT brutal
This way?
> savagely violent.
or this way
> direct and lacking any attempt to disguise unpleasantness.
8:27 PM
goblin slayer brutal, basically evolved humans vs highly intelligent and evolved cockroaches, and cockroaches don't really go half assed against humans
@ballBreaker this
Nice, I might have to check that out then
That sounds cool, I get the feeling if it was humans vs cockroaches, we would lose lol
(in the proposed mars scenario at least)
yup, that's pretty much it :D
Nice heh
I've stopped watching like 8 anime shows since seeing Goblin Slayer :\
I'm finding it increasingly more difficult to stomach the weirdness of anime these days
Overtly sexual, yet all of the characters are whiney and insecure
Overtly emotional
watch no guns life the main char literally has a gun as a head xD
Yet when stuff is going horribly wrong, there is still like happy music and weird pervertedness
or if that's not the case, theyre whining or crying in a super annoying manner
lmfao nice
I'll give it a shot
8:30 PM
@ballBreaker I usually take a break after watching animes like this, and move to more fantasy and predictable ones
(pun intended)
just like you are now? :p
@ColdFire Exactly!
yeah pun shot and hit the target
Terra Formars and No Guns Life
gotta message myself these
8:31 PM
I think there was another one Dave suggested the other day but I forget
ohh assassins pride
and kanato no astra
Is good?
Not super japanesey?
yup the pride one is ok
At least in the bad ways
8:32 PM
nope, it has a pretty developed plot and lots of twists, happens in space
Will give these a shot and report back
I don't want to not like anime anymore, so please
please god
>one punch man
re-lit my flame
for sure
@ballBreaker take a second and read the chat, what a bunch of nerds :D
8:33 PM
yeah OPM is one of the best
@OakDev if you wanna quote something add a space after the ">"
@OakDev you should check goblin slayer out
pyscho pass 3
What's it about (GS)?
8:34 PM
Haven't seen an anime that awesome since some of the classics
A man who kills goblins
I don't really want to spoil anything, the first episode is very intense and will either hook you or scare you off
Is it like Suits, where pilot is epic
for me psycho pass should have finished with the 2nd season
then it just goes downward
mmm the second episode is a lot slower paced, and possibly the third, it goes in waves of intense and amazing, with a bit of story, then back to intense
So not quite like suits in that sense
It's kind of a nice back and forth
8:38 PM
No but I mean
like Suits pilot
is like
I am very smart. I have a flawless photographic memory and a childhood passion for law.
2nd is like
8:40 PM
ohhh ahah
like yeah ok
I remember liking the pilot a lot, and then got sick of the show mid first season
Pilot was pure epic
My buddy said the same about goblin slayer on episode 2 because it was so much less crazy than the first, but he didn't give it til like episode 3 where it gets crazy again
8:40 PM
HBO or wherever it launched musta been like shiiiiieeet
That's kind of why I mentioned that
I might try.
@ballBreaker the first one gave me ptsd
hahaha yeah, I remember you mentioning that
9:00 PM
9:15 PM
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9:39 PM
Guess who's back
Back again
Looks like I haven't missed much over the last couple hours
9:51 PM
> usual garbage
I have achieved declarative compilation of custom packages
Soon, I shall be deploy-as-clone compatible
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