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5:10 PM
Is this a bug or something? Not recognizing default value
what's the error?
Required: String found: String?
Even though the default value is being provided
yeah so you're passing in a value that can be null
is LAYOUT_PREF_KEY nullable?
No, it is a top level const string
I supposed that it would use the default value when null
can getString return null?
maybe it's your return type that's wrong
5:17 PM
Apparently, that is what it's saying that it can be null. If I put an elvis operator, it get's fixed or if I make the return type String?, it gets fixed
I thought it was supposed to return the default value which is LINEAR when there's no value
o/ all
o/ dave
sup davey
5:26 PM
hey Dave
the room was scary empty yesterday, glad to see it full again
yeah I was pretty busy
Greetings, people-who-aren't-having-strawberries-for-breakfast
strangely hostile towards strawberry eaters
There can be only one
No one else may dip into my supply
5:42 PM
Even if they're half-world away?
damn now I've got a craving for strawberry shortcake
@CarlAnderson oh cool we need a virtual starbucks party now
hmm..google comes up with something different than I remember though when I search strawberry shortcake
@ColdFire why?
@TaseerAhmad its saying prefFile can be null which it can be
carl i think i read that wrong
@DaveS people finally got tired of your shit? :p
5:50 PM
you know I don't work for Starbucks anymore, right @ColdFire?
yes i mean still you can give a starbuck party :D
i mean now you work for big fish game iirc
Sounds fishy
Imagine hiring Carl and suddenly having your revenue go up
5:54 PM
well they got carl year's of experience now
carl's first programming job:
The sun is coming up
Fortunately, today is going to be cloudy
vampire should hide
6:13 PM
@ColdFire could be
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ERROR: We've reached an unreachable state. Anything is possible. The limits were in our heads all along. Follow your dreams.
7:58 PM
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