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11:12 AM
Sorry guys, haven't been that active in the tagging activities as the mod queue was a bit awry
[linear] seems to be going smooth, though
yeah. one might even call it a first degree burn
There's some 200 posts piled up for deletion. ._.
Will check it out after the weekend ... the roomba might have caught some of them
There's under 50 that can be roomba'd
Yeah, true
If only there was a tool to do some mass retags given to mods
11:37 AM
+1, mass-edits without bumping posts, I'm all for it.
A: Let's Plan the Second Iteration of the Stack Exchange Quality Project!

NathanielImplement a tool for editing tags without bumping Mass tag edits are disruptive to both new and established users, especially on small- and medium-size sites. There's no good way to edit all the questions of a nontrivial tag without thoroughly burying new posts on the front page. Tag edits wit...

Who would've thought that was already suggested?
SE would have implemented it by now if it had been suggested
ikr = I kan't read?
I know right
6 hours later…
5:55 PM
Thoughts on syntax-highlighting tag requests? meta.stackexchange.com/questions/285467/… it is about tags but that is the only link I can reasonably make.
Looks like we don't have them in the sheet either
6:07 PM
What does a question about question migration policy have to do with syntax highlighting?
@DanNeely oh ...
Q: The process for assigning default prettifiers to new languages appears to be broken

EngineeroI have personally been trying to get default prettifiers assigned to the tensorflow, keras, tensorboard, and julia tags in Stack Overflow for---in some cases---over two years now, and the discussions in each case have stagnated and gone nowhere. Going to SO and seeing these languages with no high...

@DanNeely sorry, that must have been left on the clipboard and I didn't copy the correct url
thanks for catching that
at least it wasn't something embarrassing or non-public :-/
I have update the tag wiki for syntax highlighting as well meta.stackoverflow.com/tags/syntax-highlighting/info
@DanNeely it is embarrassing enough I made that mistake ;)
it's not in the same category as a link to a Justin Bieber fan page or the like.
What is wrong with Justin Bieber?
6:16 PM
intrinsically nothing, I just picked on him as a musician people love to sneer at; probably because the average fan is a fraction of the age of the average sneerer
also because music taste is a category that can be embarassing unlikely to seriously offend anyone
Okay, let's move on to James Blunt ...
trying to get back on topic, I agree with the sentiment that getting default syntax highlighting shouldn't require heroic efforts; and if meta posts that go nowhere are the sum and total of the current process something should be changed
yeah. I was thinking to write an answer along those lines
For cases where more than one highlight could reasonably apply, a way to set it without having to play games with secondary tags or inserting little known markup would be nice; but that'd require SO dev support and would be far enough down on the priority list it probably won't ever happen
6:32 PM
yeah. I would suggest something like: if there are enough posts that wil benefit from it and there isn't a natural way to have a tag on the question which already carries a syntax highlighter I would simply have a mod add it
it is important to know that the most used tag wins when there are multiple highlighters selected from the tags

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