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2:00 PM
we from former communist countries sometimes miss that @markustharkun
would be nice if it worked
@webarto that works. but 'course it doesn't ping everyone.
@webarto I think it's rathe connected with language group than historic background but yes ;)
since almost all former communist countries have a slavic language, the correlation is high
@NikiC There's one coming, but it's not the one I promised :-P
reminds me of net send *, that was a fun thing to do in internet cafe :)... @ome
back in the day you could write in the /dev/tty as well. without the root permissions. it was fun with multiuser systems.
2:05 PM
The connection has timed out
The server at is taking too long to respond.
wild timeout appears... can't fix :(
@rlemon no memes please. but welcome. haha
in JavaScript, yesterday, by Zirak
Imagine that setX is a 4 year old girl which shouts "YOU GOTTA FUCKIN DO THIS" after set delay. The difference is, that setTimeout murders the girl after the first time. In your implementation, the girl manifests another version of herself like an incredibly annoying Hydra.
memes are all the rage
The blog post goes live in 25 minutes
@MikeB i agree totally, but again.. "its by design"
son of a b*** i lost my usb thumb drive that had my ubuntu vm on it
@Mike I'll just be reviewing all your chat messages :)
2:08 PM
hey @ircmaxell you still hangin' in AZ?
I'll change my username @MikeB since you're more OG than i am.
stackoverflow.com/questions/11492235/… .. i just love when OP changes the accepted answer based on vote count
@Mike so who gets pinged ?
Mike and I
myself, and @MikeB.
@ircmaxell i thought you said you were in AZ the other day
2:10 PM
Q: Chat gives me notifications intended for other user

Mike BWhenever someone puts @Mike in chat it triggers a notification for me (@MikeB). Any message including @Mike seems to notify him (correct) and me as well (incorrect). From reading this answer wouldn't 'Mike' be considered a perfect match and NOT notify me? The only time "@marc" will genera...

all better
@Mike no...
@ircmaxell oh
how do i change my name for chat?
you ask nicely
pretty please with sugar on top, can i have my username changed
like that? I changed it on SO, just waiting for it to propagate i suppose.
2:15 PM
usernames are site wide
afaik you cannot change it for the chat alone
obvious troll is a obvious.
@Mike It took an hour or so for SO changes to get noticed on chat
okay @MikeB i changed my name.. so you'll have to put up with my notifications for another hour =P
ehh .. whatever .. i need to finish watching Andromeda
2:23 PM
so, who saw breaking bad.
(4:21:33 PM) Anil Kumar Panigrahi: Hello
(4:22:06 PM) dejan.marjanovic@gmail.com/5422191C: Hello
(4:22:37 PM) Anil Kumar Panigrahi: Did you work twitter bootstrap ?
(4:22:45 PM) Anil Kumar Panigrahi: I have small issue in it.
(4:22:59 PM) Anil Kumar Panigrahi: can you give me any solution please
dafuq I answer
dafuq is twitter bootstrap
a new fandangled "framework/boilerstrapplate"
(4:26:22 PM) dejan.marjanovic@gmail.com/5422191C: sorry, I don't have any experience with that software :)
(4:27:14 PM) Anil Kumar Panigrahi: Ok No problem. twitter bootstrap is not  a software , it is an opensource for designing.
ok, my bad, sorry for contacting me.
@Mike thanks ;) (both of you :P)
"it is an opensource for designing" i love that.
boss just dropped in my office and asked if my passport is upto date... looks like i'm going to Chicago for a week or two
@rlemon lucky you
nice @rlemon, ever been?
@Mike technically speaking i'd call it a "CSS UI toolkit with corresponding jQuery plugins"
@Mike not to chicago
@rlemon awesome place, my brother lives there.
I'm canadian... I'm in perpetual fear of being robbed or shot whenever I travel too far into the states.
2:34 PM
looks like i comply to 9/10, OWASP i missed one. @ircmaxell
@ircmaxell I will understand the OWASP Top 10 vulnerabilities, and will always protect my applications from them. .... shouldn't it be AGAINST them?
against == from in this context
@rlemon don't travel at night, don't look at people in the eyes, and if/when confronted.. piss yourself and whimper.
@ircmaxell lol
2:37 PM
I was going to take the opposite approach. Whenever travelling, try too look as bat crap crazy as possible and foam from the mouth. Yell obscenities and soil myself in the streets. If people approach me bark at them and rant about the oppression from the government and my previous abductions and probing. This is the only way to 1) ensure I am left alone. and 2) fit in in Chicago :P
its really not that bad, my gf was scared of NYC. After a few days in NYC she settled down.. As long as you mind your business and know of the real shit holes, nobody will bother you.
@rlemon All you have to do is make the other guy think you're crazier than he is
@MikeB shouldn't be a problem :)
i have to get out of this state, its going to be the death of me.
A/C went out at home, woke up and it was 93 degrees in my house . Server room, 2 of 3 of the servers shutdown from overheat alarms.
posted on July 16, 2012 by Anthony Ferrara

Every day I come across code that is insecure. Sometimes the code is so hilariously insecure that any 10 year old could break it. I've also gotten into discussions with people who should know better about their practices. It's very, how to put this, disheartening. It's sad that the average developer knows (and cares) so little about proper security practices. So, I've put together a simple pled

more good coming from the recent PHP bashing/language war revival: blog.servergrove.com/2012/07/16/…
I might as well suggest this to my drinking hosting team
can someone explain to me why is English/Spanish often combination on websites, because of South America?
Probably because of North America, already now or in quite a short time, spanish will be the most spoken language in the US.
i refuse to learn spanish
2:56 PM
but you will need to. Holla, que tal?
Serious question.. why are a lot of Proper nouns translated? i.e. Why is it France in the English language but the French call it Francais?
@hakre thanks for explanation :) I figured it has nothing to do with Spain (geographically)
nope ill play the role of the illegal immigrant that walks into a repair shop speaking english and they get frustrated at me for not being able to understand me.
@MikeB because they are they are the french
2:58 PM
@gorelative But they live in the country.. and they named it themselves. Why does it need translating into other languages?
I can understand with United States because those are two valid terms in any language.. but with unique, proper nouns...
you know that original song isnt spanish right?
@ircmaxell what was that for?
@hakre The song samples the 1956 song 'Tu vuò fà l'americano' by Renato Carosone, written by Carosone and Nicola Salerno.
featured in the movie The American, while sitting in Cafe Italiano
3:02 PM
no really, what was it for?
@MikeB Ze Germans call themselves "Deutsch", the Japanese call themselves "Nihon"... there's a story behind each individual name and translation...
Hey @Truth
Germans protect their language by ruining (synchronizing) everything on TV.
^ correct
@rlemon lol
@MikeB The Japanese were supposedly "discovered" by the Portuguese (?), which stopped over in China and were told about "those guys over there", which were called something similar to "Japon" in China, which the Portuguese made "Japonese", which became "Japanese". Nihon/Nippon -> Japon -> Japanese, all because of slightly different pronunciations. Or so the story goes IIRC.
@deceze What's the story behind why English-speakers call "Duetsch" Germany? Does it come down to some sort of racial slur?
@deceze Russians are referring to Japan as Nippon, right?
Just seems like things would be a lot easier for everyone if we called each other what we call ourselves :p
3:12 PM

$wishList = '10,11,12,50';
$statement = $pdo->prepare("SELECT * FROM `sandsdb`.`stock` WHERE `InternalID` IN(:wishList)");

echo $statement->rowCount();

returns 1 instead of 4, why is that?
@MikeB The Germans (die Germanen) were a group of barbarians coming from the north. There were many different groups, all called something else all around Europe. The French called them Allemagne (spelling?) and still do so today.
Probably didn't have enough of their own identity yet to offer an "official" name from the beginning.
@webarto Dunno
^ correct
@ircmaxell: I think point 10 of your pledge is something that often goes wrong
i am trying to delete all files from root except the directories and its inside files
but i am not PHP expert but i try this to remove all files from so what do you suggest below code is work

$output = shell_exec('rm /root/*');
echo "<pre>$output</pre>";

@MikeB You probably couldn't pronounce many names properly anyway, so you'd always get a somewhat different name whatever you do.
3:14 PM
@DanishIqbal This isn't a PHP question, this is a shell question.
You don't need a PHP expert, you need a shell expert.
@deceze actually, they were not even 'barbarians' in the negative sense that was coined by the romans (tacitus), they were a large group of different tribes inhabiting an area more or less overlapping with today's germany and they were more advanced than the romans in many things
as were many of the celtic tribes
@markustharkun Sure, depending on what time you're talking about and who you listen to. I didn't mean "barbarians" negatively either.
it's a good example of how the victor writes the history
@Truth from linux forum some one suggest me "rm /root/*"
@Leigh in what sense?
3:16 PM
@DanishIqbal I'm pretty sure that'll kill directories too
@ircmaxell idiots spreading idiocy
Though I'm not a linux expert.
@markustharkun Simply in the sense of "not having an established culture with written history".
@Ron You can't prepare a list of arguments like that.
3:17 PM
@ircmaxell You get it all the time on SO, people think they're being helpful, answering a question, and they're suggesting solutions that leave peoples sites wide open to all manner of vulnerabilities.
Q: MySQL Prepared statements with a variable size variable list

smarthallHow would you write a prepared MySQL statement in PHP that takes a differing number of arguments each time. An example such query is: SELECT age, name FROM people WHERE id IN (12, 45, 65, 33) The IN CLAUSE will have a different number of id's each time it is run. I have two possible solutions ...

@deceze yeah... I think the written part is more important because from recent archeological findings it becomes increasingly evident that they in fact had an established culture and as I said in many ways vastly superior to the romans
fair enough
@Truth rm -rf /dir/* (recursive force) will (recursively)
@DanishIqbal rm /var/www/*.txt
you were given that answer already, few times
@markus-tharkun Right, what have the Romans ever done for us?
Except for bringing us peace.
3:24 PM
Q: Conforming Randomness To An Alphabet

ircmaxellImagine that we're trying to create a function to generate a random string conforming to a user-supplied alphabet. That way, users can generate random strings with given characters. Something like: string random_string(int length, string alphabet) Now, the alphabet could be any combination of ...

And sanitation...
@webarto I prefer dd if=/dev/urandom of=/dev/sda1 bs=512k
The aqueduct...
And the roads...
most of these things they stole from someone they brought 'peace' to :)
Public baths.
And it's safe to walk in the streets at night now.
3:26 PM
@deceze wine is a good example, that was a dacian invention
@markus-tharkun All right... all right... but apart from better sanitation and medicine and education and irrigation and public health and roads and a freshwater system and baths and public order... what have the Romans done for us?
Hey, just quotin' here... :D
the quote is based on outdated history, is the problem
@ircmaxell he wanted to delete 100k txt files, am I wrong somewhere? :)
@markus-tharkun No, it's based on Monty Python.
No, I'm just trolling
`dd if=/dev/urandom of=/dev/sda bs=512k` is so much more fun than `rm -Rf /*`...
3:29 PM
@webarto thank you so much
you are right but in past i didnt known how to use this
thanks again for your kind favor

use this ?
(i want to delete all files in root except folder and its inside files)

$output = shell_exec('rm /var/www/*.*');
echo "<pre>$output</pre>";

@ircmaxell oh I did suggested to him rm -rf ~/* at first, and @tereško called me an ass :)
@deceze ;) even more fitting that there is an informative and funny movie about the romans by Terry Jones youtube.com/watch?v=q_wtS7LnFDA
good evening
where I learned about the recent corrections to roman history
3:33 PM
@webarto sorry i forget to mention my files in root which i want to delete
@DanishIqbal . I don't know if this will match directories containing dot...
foreach(glob('*.*') as $file) unlink($file);
if i use this so this is also risky ?

foreach(glob('*.*') as $file) unlink($file);
Q: HTML Table - 100% width table, combiation of fixed width and UNIFORM fluid colums

DannyI'm trying to build a custom calendar in HTML and Javscript where you can drag and drop tasks from one day to another. I would like to have the first coloum and last two columns as fixed width and have the remaining columns (Monday through to Friday) fluid so that the table always fills up 100% o...

Hmm, tough one
@DanishIqbal even if it matches directory it won't delete it if it has files in it... (directory must be empty to be removed)
3:39 PM
and if directory inside directory is empty ?
unlink deletes files, rmdir is for directories...
i think i have to create upload one empty file in each directory which have . in start

then use this

foreach(glob('*.*') as $file) unlink($file);
@Truth that seems like one of those things that will either be found to be impossible, or have some obscure solution that someone will get by trying random styles
@orourkek Probably
not using tables would probably be the solution, even at the loss in semantics
3:42 PM
define('ABSPATH', dirname(__FILE__)); //Absolute path to index
$config = parse_ini_file(ABSPATH . '/' . 'config.ini'); //config file

#Config is passed as paramether
function getLost($where, $why, $config){
	//do smth using config

#Config is accessed via global
function getLost($where, $why){
	global $config;
	//do smth using config

Now the question: Which is Best Practice?
and start this by cron job so i dont need to leave my page open
i might be on the phone with the world's biggest idiot
heh, why can one give bounties only after two days :/
@CarrieKendall No, no you aren't
top5 atleast, but i am willing to challenge you ;]
You might not think that this is possible, but there is a person that is even more stupid than him ;)
3:46 PM
@Truth thank you. took me a while but I understood it and it works.
@markus-tharkun Cool, thanks. Will watch it one of these days. :)
I'm surprised that Reddit didn't pick up that post... reddit.com/r/PHP/duplicates/wn8av/the_secure_programmers_pledge
@deceze enjoy (he stills says wo-mans)
4:00 PM
Hrm, in the time it took me to go from 650 to 700 twitter followers, I've gone from 700 to over 900...
no wonder, clear correlation with your own level of activity in the community (at least with the visibility you created for yourself)
And that is what I have started doing in my gitHub MVC :-) @ircmaxell would be proud :-) — Neal 33 secs ago
And that is what I have started doing in my gitHub MVC :-) @ircmaxell would be proud :-) — Neal 35 secs ago
Perfect timing is perfect.
I would?
4:07 PM
@Truth :-P
please recommend an online beginners guide to php
@Subhransu naaaah
@Subhransu php.net
@Subhransu Can you recomend a good nose groomer?
@Neal Definitely going for the star on this one.
4:09 PM
a lil help please?
Q: Codeigniter HMVC + ciZacl login module attempt failing

CAMrefs: https://bitbucket.org/wiredesignz/codeigniter-modular-extensions-hmvc/wiki/Home http://applications.schizzoweb.com/cizacl/user_guide/ http://codecanyon.net/item/codeigniter-acl-user-management/407499 My Current Config: codeigniter 2.1.2 clean install removed index.php via .htaccess ...

@Truth ^_^
@CAM tl;dr ....
@Truth :)
@Neal huh?
I'm whacking Windows and going 'nix. Debian?
@Neal thanks for nothing.
@CAM You are very welcome :-D
@CAM DB = database.
4:12 PM
@Truth LOL
ahh, @Truth LMFAO
No Ci geniuses up in here?
@CAM Not that I know of. But if it was Cake.....
I dislike cake from when i before i started using terminal, perhaps I shoudl give it a whack?
@CAM What Have You Tried?, besides just trying it as a module
@CAM Or you can try out my MVC. I need testers :-)
4:14 PM
I have it up and running in MVC
but converting it to HMVC is wherein the issue
i want to be able to reuse it
re: tester No time, sorry.
here is something i have come to think: HMVC is not all that usefull
and it should have been named : DMVC
as in Distributed MVC
I like the HMVC for decoupling the components
Also, if you're using CI then you're not coding MVC, you're coding MVA
4:17 PM
@Neal , you have an MVC ? Can I take a look ? I have been trying to get my head around the implementation of Views
oh, that one
There you go. yell away....
I got rid of the static calls
naah .. i'm not in the mood
@orourkek wth is mva?
4:19 PM
btw, @Neal , why do you prefer private over protected ?
@CAM the better question you should ask is "what the hell is MVC?"
@tereško bc There is a difference between the 2
protected allows for my inherited classes to use the functions
private does not
@Neal , extended classes do not have access to private structures
@tereško eh?
@orourkek Oh jeez, here we go. Im just lookin for support here.
4:21 PM
exactly. but they do have access to protected
the structures are still there , just not visible
basically , you cannot extend private methods
@tereško I know that.
that is why i used protected..
@orourkek what is MVA ?
3 mins ago, by tereško
btw, @Neal , why do you prefer private over protected ?
that was first file i opened
@tereško lol oooh i read it the other way. well nothing extends Bootstrap
Sorry for the misunderstanding there. I read it backwards. i am a bit dislexic
@tereško model-view-adapter, but the more I think about it CI is more of a grey area between MVC and MVP
4:24 PM
@orourkek , actually CI implements ORM-Template-Adapter
out of box? didn't think they had ORM support without plugins
@Neal IMHO almost all things will get extended at some point and when it is not possible people will come up with ugly hacks. I may be doing it wrong, but I only set private when I may change the class and break the "API" in the future
@CAM if somebody would know the answer to your problem, they'd tell you... most likely
@PeeHaa Well that is basically the whole Bootstrap class. I dont want people F-ing with it.
how about MySQL class ?
4:28 PM
Im just throwing it out there, promoting it if you will, but they likely would not see it if i did not draw attention to it.
@tereško link to your model layer in mvc post please
A: How should a model be structured in MVC?

tereško Disclaimer: the following is description of how I understand MVC-like patterns in context of PHP based web applications. All the external links, that are used in the content, are there to explain terms and concepts and not to imply my own credibility on subject. Updated version The first th...

this one ?
@tereško What about one?
@CAM you can't find an exact line number in the logs?
@Neal , it too contains private variables , and there are private methods in Template class
Hmm, you know i don't usually have to dive into the logs.
@tereško hmmm so basically make it all protected?
unless you have good reason not to : yes
and good reason is , if you code is closed-source library
and even then , it can be overridden with reflections
Ok No problem. twitter bootstrap is not  a software , it is an opensource for designing.
so private for open source, and protected for closed source.
4:36 PM
hey guys. what's the cleanest way to build an application with client-specific subdomain? should I make a subdomain for each client and a db for each client?
@hanleyhansen If you want full separation and management of user privileges in the database and filesystem, yes, by all means.
@tereško then what is the point of private at all?
@webarto lolwut
@Truth so that means i have to dynamically create the subdomains and db's. any idea on best practices?
@hanleyhansen I don't have much experience with subdomains, so I don't know how to define them server-side
4:39 PM
@Neal , honestly , i am no too sure .. i think it is required by ISO standard implementations of class constructs
@Truth ok thanks.
But with databases, all you need to do is to log in with a sufficient-privileged user, and throw a CREATE DATABASE query.
@tereško hmmm :-\ You think it is a worthy SO question?
add a wildcard subodmain (*), and then...
RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^([^.]+).webarto.com$ [NC]
RewriteCond %1 !^(www|ftp|mail)$ [NC]
RewriteRule %1$ webarto.com [R=301,L]
@hanleyhansen a subdomain requires a folder (folder system) and an vhost (enabled-sites or similar)
4:40 PM
@Neal i think you should be able to fund answer yourself by sending 5 minutes with google , and i think that the answers on SO won't be too high quality
if you have enough privileges, it's a no big deal
@markus-tharkun goo.gl/pIQnH
@Truth yes i got the database part.
1 min ago, by webarto
RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^([^.]+).webarto.com$ [NC]
RewriteCond %1 !^(www|ftp|mail)$ [NC]
RewriteRule %1$ http://webarto.com/ [R=301,L]
FU parser
@tereško Yes, but others could potentially have the same question, and could benefit from a general QA type post.
I think I am going to ask it.
4:42 PM
sure .. go ahead
@Truth interesting. thanks for sharing.
my experience with asking question on SO has been pretty bad
they are just targets for serial down-voting
^ same here
is it appropriate I ask a question on serverfault that might be too localized? (I couldn't find anything on google)
@tereško And sometimes, they might not be :-)
anyway , i am AFK for some moment .. i need bread
4:45 PM
A: nGinx non-www to www redirect

Nitin Srivastavado not worry...I could find a solution: if ($host = 'ukrugbyshop.com' ) { rewrite ^/(.*)$ http://www.ukrugbyshop.com permanent; }

@tereško do not worry... we'll be here...
I do not know if it can be worded any better:
Q: The difference between private and protected

NealIn PHP there does not seem to be a big disparity between private and protected methods. I asked why I should use protected on PHP Chatroom and got this answer: unless you have good reason not to : yes and good reason is , if you code is closed-source library and even then , it can be ove...

@hanleyhansen do you know about 'sites-enabled' ?
no what is it @markus-tharkun
@markus-tharkun probably not :)
hey fellas
4:47 PM
@AndyPerlitch Shalom ^_^
@Neal haha
how'd you know i was jewish
@Neal blame it on @tereško :P
@hanleyhansen when working with apache vhosts you don't want to edit any global configuration file everytime you add a subdomain, so you work with a one configuration file per vhost approach
@AndyPerlitch Haha I don't. I just know that I am lol
4:49 PM
anyone have any experience using google translate api v2?
@Neal nice, spreading the chutzpah
@markus-tharkun i can see why that would be a problem. i wonder how 37signals does it? they have a subdomain per user.
@AndyPerlitch ^_^
@hanleyhansen it's no problem, many services do it, the basic approach is to tell apache to include all files of a certain pattern in certain folders
usually for vhosts this folder is called sites-enabled
@markus-tharkun do you have an example of doing that?
for every site you want to add, you just have to add a file into that folder with the vhost configuration for this site
4:51 PM
dynamic subdomains are on basecamp...
and reload the apache config
that's all
google the rest
that may be a start
@markus-tharkun ok thank you very much.
of course you need to know about vhost configuration but the minimal config is easy
yes @markus-tharkun but that would be "real" subdomains, dynamic point to teh same content...
it's also explained on that page
4:54 PM
Hello, evening (UGT)
i get the vhost part. it's the dynamic part that i need to configure. for example, a new user registers and the script adds a new subdomain that the user uses to access the web application.
@hanleyhansen that's exactly what I just explained to you
Why these this lines, $('#insert_button').attr('disabled','disabled'); is breaking my jquery script ? I am using exactly same code from http://jstiles.com/demos/jquery-ajax-demo.php Just entering the above line after line 12
@Davinder wrong room
hello all
4:57 PM
a) handle subdomain with either rewrite or real dns entry
b) have a vhost pointing to proper location of site
@Davinder wrong room sir.
@markus-tharkun so that also means i have to design my application dynamically so that i can present different data to different subdomains right?
anyone is interested to talk about (show) if statement? i'm encountering a strange issue with ie only
@hanleyhansen you may just want to skip all the vhost stuff and only rewrite your urls... but yes, that you'll need to do anyways

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