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5:01 AM
@Xeo Quite amazing, really -- how did that escape being deleted?
@JerryCoffin Check the history. It didn't. But Jeff saved it.
I did mystical.
Oh shit, I did not see your comment.
You can also edit it to blanks before the 5 min. grace period is over - with no trace
@Mysticial What?
Nevermind, it's too late now.
Edits within the first 5 min. don't get recorded.
5:05 AM
Didn't know that. What could I have edited to?
or whatever?
When someone posts a stupid or embarrassing answer, they often blank out the answer after deleting it so others can't see what they wrote.
ahh chilling in the lounge, playing internet checkers, and watching doctor who while not looking foward to working over the weekend. seems legit.
@Mysticial Why in the world was that worth undeleting? I have a couple of "great answers" deleted (along with the posts they answered) that were much more worth saving than that! (e.g.: stackoverflow.com/questions/3505685/…) At least that one was fun! :-)
@JerryCoffin I remember shog saying (in this lounge) that the email question is very problematic (even now). And it would've been nuked if it didn't get that answer.
@JerryCoffin I misread that as worth deleting. So I undeleted it. And reread. And redeleted.
5:10 AM
@Mysticial Stupid, IMO -- neither answer (that hasn't been deleted) even mentions actual programming, so even if the post wasn't "not constructive", the answers aren't topical anyway.
Then again, I guess somebody here (oh wait, that was me) was just talking about Jeff doing things nobody else can or should. I supposed I should know better than to try to reason about it...
Eric Lippert's book in a hotel room answer was also very controversial. The question was one of the most commonly asked dupes. It was closed and probably at risk of deletion until Joel did a "backward" merge and locked the question.
@Mysticial I think I only saw that a while after the fact -- once or twice I've taken "vacations" from SO for a while.
Oh lovely.
I got a choice in this Visual Novel, 5 choices to be exact...
Is it that difficult to type properly? Does it take that much longer to type algorithm? Really? — Drise 1 min ago
@Xeo That's what you get for wasting your time on such stuff... (I know, I'm showing my age...)
5:16 AM
"Anyway, make something up!"
"I've gotta make something up!!"
"Make something up even if it kills me!!!"
"Just make up some kind of excuse already!!!!"
"Anyway, I've gotta make up some kind of excuse even if it kills me!!!!!"
I like how they even increased the exclamation marks
@Xeo Consecutive exclamations in English should be grounds for execution.
Q: Algo to compute all shortest paths

user1525099is there an optimal algorithm to compute all shortest paths between a source and all other points in a graph?If so what is the time complexity of such an algorithm?

It was originally Japanese!
This question makes me angry.
@JerryCoffin Hey! My second best answer has !!! in it!!!
5:20 AM
@JerryCoffin "Make me a sandwich!!"?
@Managu It was nice knowing you! :-)
You're not going to execute my statement, then?
@Mysticial No words, as such no language, as such not English, as such not relevant :)
Maybe more exclaimations?
5:21 AM
@Managu Nice comeback. :)
Then again, I once figured we should each have a keyboard on the dash of the car to enter the license plate number of anybody being a jerk. If enough people enter the same number in a short enough time, the Star Wars satellites come on line and vaporize the culprit.
@JerryCoffin Sounds like delete votes to me.
@Mysticial Similar idea, but with rather more permanent results.
You can't soft-delete a person?
Premature burial comes to mind
5:25 AM
@Mysticial Would you want to? Think of how much better the world would be after the population of New York City had been reduced to, say, 100.
How the fuck did this get an upvote?
A: Algo to compute all shortest paths

edymerchkThe Dijkstra's algorithm http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dijkstra's_algorithm

It is complete garbage.
@Drise Photographers used to have a saying: "F/8 and be there." On SO, it's reduced to just "Be there."
@JerryCoffin The first and last time I posted an RTFM, they practically burned me at the stake. And it even wasn't already mentioned!
A: What is the difference between static and dynamic binding?

ARYAN KUMAR* Execution time:-* bindings of variables to its values,as well as the binding of variable to particular storage location at the time of execution is called execution time binding. IT MAY BE OF TWO TYPES 1. on entry to a subprogram. 2. At arbitrary points during execution time. COMPILE TIME BIN...

@Drise Yeah -- it used to be much more accepted, but being polite has progressed to something a lot closer to political correctness. The last time I posted a "LMGTFY" link, I was scolded too. Being how I am, however, I had to reply with another link:
5:34 AM
That's a lot of shitty answers...
Protected it so the shit doesn't build up.
@Mysticial Thanks
@Mysticial Good call.
Questions/answers that all run eveything together without using any sort of caps at all and dont think to use punc either really dirve me crazy!!!!
@Drise Bye. It was nice knowing you too, Mr. "punc"! :-)
@JerryCoffin :D You forgot multiple !
5:42 AM
@Drise If I ever do that, you'll know the real me was kidnapped by aliens, or something on that order.
@JerryCoffin Noted. I'll call Nasa or something if I notice.
Morning, people!
@JerryCoffin: You need a GIF of the anime version of this scene
I'll never understand people's passion for anime/manga/oriental cartoon stuff.
Q: Algorithm to find ALL shortest paths (not just one) between a source and the remaining nodes

user1525121Is there an algorithm to find ALL shortest paths (instead of one) between a source and the remaining nodes in an undirected unweighted graph, in the same time complexity as BFS/Dijkstra?

5:46 AM
basically, he draws a cross and says "Judgement: Death Penalty" in a cool way :D
This kid just doesn't give up.
Speaking, of which, I have a lot of ep1's to catch up on... New season... lots of new stuff.
Summer programming courses!
@Mysticial I don't know what to watch, but I know for one thing that the Joshiraku ED is damn catchy
Too bad it got taken down on yt, else I would've linked it
@Xeo My appearing to post much related to anime would support the same conclusion.
5:48 AM
I've got 10 ep1's DLed. I've watched about 7 of them so far.
I didn't watch a single one
And then I have 3 more continuing from last season.
Still don't know what to watch this season
'cept the last three episodes of the Saki spinoff, whenever they come
"How can I say thankyou to this site"? For starters, you could fix your zero accept rate :):):) — dasblinkenlight 14 mins ago
Zero accept rates are awesome. Cheap bastards.
5:51 AM
@DomagojPandža They usually don't know or don't care.
What do you do if a user said they found an answer (like I accidently diasbled something, I'm so dumb)
Mostly it is the latter, if they're clever enough to register on SO, they must've heard about it somewhere and how it works. Also, they're alleged programmers, which adds more to the case they're just lazy, taking cunts. :Đ
I admit that new users and zero-accept rate users do turn me off. As much as I try to fight this tendency... I can't win against myself.
But I will answer a (very) good question regardless of the OP's status.
Most of them just scrap the account, that's why I don't like
new users
But what am I saying, I gave up answering questions a month ago.
@Drise Close as too localized.
5:53 AM
@Mysticial I guess I'm almost as oblivious as my wife claims -- I never notice such things unless somebody comments on it.
@Mysticial Thanks
Also, the Kyrostat prototype is moving nicely. MG and the squad will get a kick out of it, perhaps get them off their lazy asses.
Q: C liner search error

L.D.ReganI will find 11, but the code had not found, i don't know where error. please help me. thanks why not me fount 11 ? see the code: #include <stdio.h> #include <string.h> #define PF printf int main() { int intcmp(void *ip1, void * ip2); void * lsearch(void *key, void *base, in...

Close votes - very low quality
@JerryCoffin Come to think of it. After I quit my repwhoring days, the only question that I've answered from a completely new user... is the denormal float question.
@Drise That would probably fit under "too localized". But I usually let them live to give other users the chance to repwhore.
why not me fount 11 ? Because your parents gave you a better name than "Fount 11". Sorry, couldn't resist. — Domagoj Pandža 8 secs ago
I'm such a cunt sometimes. :Đ
5:57 AM
@Mysticial I can't even understand the question.
@Drise: "My linear search isn't working." It should find "11", but it's not. Why?
@Managu Probably also would help if it wasn't C. I would actually give more fucks probably.
Hello. C write I. Me no know English but good programmer very.
@DomagojPandža I'm almost half tempted to comment with that
@Drise Perhaps. It looks tagged properly, though =p
6:00 AM
Just noticed this:
#define PF printf
@DomagojPandža That made my soul bleed.
Not knowing English is excusable. #define PF printf is a whole different story. Until I saw that, I was almost tempted to reply. I still am, but in a rather different way (that would quite rightly get flagged to hell and back in no time, even at this time of night).
Drise, Huntsville, AL
894 4 18
See my bio thingy
@JerryCoffin Somewhat true, but how does one learn to code if he doesn't understand English? (Honest question, not an argument against)
@JerryCoffin No C-encoded Algol for you? Oddly, everytime I sit down with, say, the boost preprocessor library, I'm forced to wonder if I'm dealing with the devil for the same reason.
6:03 AM
@DomagojPandža You inevitably have to learn it, I think. No way around it if you don't want to be stuck with "Hello, World!" exercises from a textbook.
@JerryCoffin It's 8 AM here, not night! :P
@Xeo No you're wrong. It's night. Majority rules.
Just you wait
@Mysticial +1 (but not really worth a star =p)
We'll have the majority soon enough.
Precisely, usually documentation of everything related to technology is quite exquisite in terms of writing beautiful, complex and well structured English sentences.
6:05 AM
Oh wait, it's Saturday... dang.
Might not be as easy, then
You don't just learn English, you master it to depths even students of the very language envy.
And as a programmer, languages run in your blood. You get irritated by false uses of conditionals, temporal displacement and mixing of times.
This sounds like a virus:
Q: Send e-mail programmatically on android

sskHow to send e-mail programmatically in the background without any user intervention. I don't want to hardcode the username and password for connecting to the smtp server. Also, I would like to add attachments to e-mail.

@DomagojPandža Books on programming have been translated into other languages. There's also a big difference between being able to understand (at least some words in) a language, and being able to form a coherent sentence in it. I've ordered food off menus in French, German, Spanish and Dutch, but can't form a coherent sentence in any of them.
I dunno.
@Managu Algol didn't use "PF" either (in fact, it's rather famous for failing to standardize any I/O capabilities).
6:08 AM
@Drise I find plenty of hackery on SO. I had some fun with this one just recently, though it screams CSRF to me.
Q: Using Javascript in CSS

HelpMeIs it possible to use Javascript inside CSS? If it is, can you give a simple example?

@JerryCoffin Oh, I don't actually know anything 'bout Algol. I was just referring to the myth that the original Bourne shell was written in C but with such a pile of macros that it (supposedly) read like it was written in Algol.
@Managu There was one guy who was asking how to turn on javascript if it was turned off using javascript Like 2 days ago.
@Drise ROFL
I know we're not all 10k. Want a screenie?
FU 10K. I'm good, I saw it already, but it was balls funny.
@Managu Do the general styling in a proper CSS file and everything dynamic should be overriden inline.
6:11 AM
@Managu Hmm...I'll take your word for that. I have seen actual code (for a linker) with #defines to make it look like Pascal. By line 10 I decided it was easier to write one from scratch than try to read that.
@DomagojPandža: My objective was to get some javascript on a page (TracWiki) specifically coded to disallow javascript. Apparently that TracWiki didn't sanitize style attributes well enough, 'cause it turned out to be entirely possible.
user image
epic shit
So. Much. Win.
Oh my god.
@Mysticial I need to scroll to have that view :(
SO is much worse than I originally found it to be. It probably didn't help that I had most annoying tags like *facebook* and *ios* ignored.
6:13 AM
@Xeo My 4th monitor is on top. So I can just drag it through two monitors vertically.
It entertains me how a 2k rep guy actually gives the guy a "proper answer".
@Drise It helps to only look at C++ questions :D
@Mysticial Ha, multi-monitors win! Fell in love with them last year, never going back. :D
@Xeo Yea. But this was for the front page.
6:15 AM
I hate the iOS tag, it is exactly the image of the AppStore, a bunch of idiots trying to make an easy buck with no idea of what they're doing.
@DomagojPandža I went through that cycle 3 times. 1 -> 2 -> 3 -> 4
And now I find myself running out of space even on 4 monitors... fuck myself...
@Xeo I still get my assed kicked by people like yourself, or Duck or robot, etc
@Mysticial Hahah, it's a disease. I feel claustrophobic on just one display.
@Mysticial I seriously wonder how you manage to do that
2 I'd probably find the most comfortable, maybe 3
It's like your whole world shrinks when you're at someone else's computer.
6:16 AM
code, anime, chat stuff like IRC / SO
@Xeo Two on the desk, two on the wall
Though I'm currently trying to get by with a single one that's 1366x768
You feel like an operator @NASA Mission Control
I swear I'm gonna have 360 peripheral vision in another two years when I have enough monitors to wrap around me top and bottom.
because it was the only cheap one
6:18 AM
I got all my monitors for about $150 USD each.
@Xeo Lol, the author removed the post
The 1080p's are usually $200+, but I camped the sales and snatched them when there were cheap.
I had 150€ for a graphics card, a monitor and a hdmi cable
Currently running three 24" LED displays @1920x1080 at my workstation and two of the same at my pleasurestation, planning to upgrade to some IPS 27" 2560x1440 beauties soon.
I don't know how I manage it, but I always cramp the screen with crap.
Never enough real estate to play around.
And my ability to fill up TBs of storage in a matter of months amazes me.
@Xeo Let all those with lesser monitors weep:
6:24 AM
@JerryCoffin Rotates? Dell? :D
@DomagojPandža You can almost identify the brand
@Xeo, if you're wondering what shit I have:

Left monitor: itunes + FF (email + FB + MAL + tosho + nipponsei + reddit + pokemon stuff + yahoo) + anime + task manager + hamachi + mathematica
Center monitor: latex + visual studio + netbeans + a shit ton of windows
Right monitor: Remote desktop into another machine with: lots of console windows running code
Top monitor: two FF windows with about 8 tabs on SO.
@Mysticial Hm, remote is another good usage
@DomagojPandža Yes to rotates. No, not a Dell -- not now and not...hmm...hell hasn't frozen over recently has it?
Playing like a baws.
And yes, I use Apple hardware as an energy drink dispenser.
6:29 AM
@DomagojPandža Nice to know it's good for something.
They should really revise their marketing scheme with the mini, really, holding drinks is about the only thing it's good for.
@DomagojPandža You're forgetting: Apple doesn't actually sell products. They sell faux coolness.
Processors and such are just excuses for shiny cases.
True, but I can't say anything bad about their marketing prowess, they sell shit. And I've managed to cash in on it on a few occasions. Everyone needs something done for their precious "hope-to-be-big-time" apps and I'm always willing to crap out a framework or two for their problems.
Poor fools don't understand how clogged up the AppStore is, running in blind.
Sometimes I feel bad because I don't tell them to move along. Bah, they'd just take it as a point of "professional jealousy on their multimillion idea", so I just take their money and move on. :D
@DomagojPandža Well, I guess everybody needs to pay bills somehow. Other than being way too old, fat and ugly, I'd probably resort to prostitution before that though...
Well, I probably need to go get some rest. Have to get up early to take kids to compete in the US Open Hanmadang in the morning. G'night all.
Night Jerry!
Look at all this shit, hahah. I can't believe that Apple doesn't prune any of this crap. No standards of quality or professional decency.
6:51 AM
Q: Convert a queue to the stack?

user1274649I have a queue with n elements in it and the front is at 0. I need to create a stack of these numbers with 0 at the top. It can only be done with EnQueue, DeQueue, Push, and Pop, and constant storage. I dont need an answer so much as an idea of how I could approach this problem. Please don't answ...

I'm starting to think.. is my answer completely far off? 3 vs 0 votes, there must be some brainfart I'm there - I'm guessing.
@refp It is solid, there is no magical way to reverse it without it taking additional storage. +1
Q: How to decide if a template class has a certain member function?

petersohnI need a way to decide if a template class has some member function, so that I can call different specializations for a functions. For example, I have the following classes: class A1 { void a() const { cout << "a1" << endl; } }; class A2 { void a() const { cout << "a2"...

Votes please
I'm so tired.
And still, contemplating playing some SW:ToR
7:15 AM
There are currently 4 android rooms on the first page.
I'm currently annoyed with stupid answers getting more up-votes than answers which I have put effort into writing..
@refp Happens way too often. Solutions: Don't answer questions. Work on something worthwhile. :D
@DomagojPandža I don't have anything worthwhile atm, waiting for a few emails to drop in.. then I'm going to pretty much clear my apartment and get new furniture
this vs that, to me it's quite clear.. obviously not to the slacking SO user.. I haven't even started an debate under my answer, why doesn't anybody love me?
@refp: first mover advantage?
@Managu probably, which fucking suxz
7:19 AM
@refp: I'm contemplating to roll back the edit to the function detection question, since it's clearly not only about member functions (see my answer)
There should be no such concept. If an answer is valid and well-formed - show some damned love.
Not justfying, just speculating.
@refp: Is rolling back OK with you or did you have a strong enough reason to change it?
@Xeo the original question is about member-functions though, maybe there is a better wording besides "member-function" but just function seems a bit.. not fitting (at least to me)
@Xeo let me think about it for a few minutes
A function can be a member function and a free function, so I don't see anything wrong
7:22 AM
@refp If my answer truly was stupid, you might consider downvoting it.
@Managu it's not truly stupid, it's just that (according to me) it's not the best of answers - but it doesn't deserve a down-vote because of that fact.
@Xeo but maybe you are right, I see no better term to use now that I think about it and know that it isn't just about member-functions
Origin really wants me to change my mind
"Add to cart"
Rolling activity thingy
"Your cart is empty"
I ask EA to take my money and they can't even do that right.
@refp You doing the rollback or should I?
I can do it..
"Your cart is Empty"
Now the login server is down.
7:36 AM
Wtf, TPB down?
@Xeo seems like it
8:04 AM
Question: "I don't know any programming. What courses can I take on software testing"
"Some saying software testing is very easy compare to other language." O_O
Q: What would be good course on software testing?

Prithwiraj ChakrabortyWill someone tell me about software Testing as i don't have any knowledge in any programming language.Some saying software testing is very easy compare to other language.So i have an idea of joining s\w testing course.What is the future scope of s/w testing n do we required any software knowledge...

Answer: "u dont need programming knowledge to test a application or software, u need to under stand how the specific software works (logics)" [sic]
Okay, where are people learning to write English like this?
@Insilico probably in a country where English isn't the native language.. obviously.
not that obvious. i've seen americans that don't write that well.
well amerifags are stupid, so that explains that
8:15 AM
@refp The country of origin isn't relevant. If you're teaching English, you should be teaching English.
I'm sorry if that's such a new concept to everybody.
@Insilico what if no one taught you english, but you learnt it by yourself through watching television/listening to music/similar activities?
@Insilico It's hard to believe when you yourself are proficient in English, but some people have a really hard time learning it.
u dont talk english lik dat
@refp We have people on television that writes "hi everybody how r u doing? i lik dis"?
not everyone can write software, and not everyone find it an easy task to learn a whole new language
8:17 AM
Basically, if you see people using "u" instead of "you", you know they learned most of their written English from sounding everything out.
@Insilico I'm not sure what kinda television you have, but most televisions aren't used to transmitter text
@refp But there's a difference between trying and being a lazy ass.
23 secs ago, by Mysticial
Basically, if you see people using "u" instead of "you", you know they learned most of their written English from sounding everything out.
@refp You don't have closed-captioning?
@Insilico Your English isn't the best either, though. :P
8:18 AM
@Insilico why would that be in english?
@refp Because the closed-captioner was instructed to transcribe it in English?
@refp Let's try to avoid that type of language. I'm abstaining from the flag on this, but in the future, tone it down a bit.
@Mysticial I remembered! (shameful reminder of up-voting that interesting answer/question after rep-cap)
@refp ah
@Mysticial wait, what type of language?
8:20 AM
@Mysticial I have a hard time believeing that. Someone who is learning a language would probably be smart enough to look at some writings in that language as well.
@refp "amerifags", to be specific
Or so I'd guess
@Insilico maybe I got the definition of "closed-captioner" all wrong.. but when watching a "foreign" film on your television the subtitles are sadly not going to be in english in most countries (heck, in many european countries the movie is dubbed into the native tounge)
@refp True, it depends on what the customer wants.
Damn, I'm feeling sick.
@Insilico ... with that said I cannot see why it would be appropriate to be annoyed when someone who isn't a native english speaker uses odd grammar when trying to express themselves. It is indeed annoying, but there isn't much to do 'bout it
8:22 AM
@DomagojPandža Hope you feel better soon
Sleep deprivation mostly, voluntary.
@refp Again, there's a difference between a person who is genuinely trying and a person who puts zero effort into it.
@DomagojPandža lol, sounds like most of us everyday.
get well though :)
So you can get even more sleep deprived. :)
@Insilico and a person who doesn't know the difference.. saying that someone is putting zero effort into something without knowing this for sure is quite offensive
@refp Even so, your employer isn't going to care if you're a native or non-native speaker, they only care that you can write/speak well
8:24 AM
@Insilico are you saying that you are the boss of the Internet, and every user is your employee?
@refp No, I just wish people would hold themselves to a higher standard.
@StackedCrooked I wouldn't put Haskell in the "major programming languages" basket. Still very few people use it, many have even never heard of it.
@DomagojPandža There's such thing as involuntary sleep deprivation? :-P
@Insilico You should password protect your internet and only let people with a good knowledge of the English language play around in it.
@Insilico I suffer from insomnia, so yes - of course.
@refp You seem to miss the point.
8:26 AM
@Insilico Slavery. :D
i wish everyone else would hold them to a higher standard :P
@Insilico nope, I'm just trollin'
@Mysticial thanks for the up-vote btw
@refp For some reason insomnia is distinct from sleep deprivation to me.
@Drise He didn't even bother to spell "linear" correctly in the title :)
8:27 AM
Like insomnia = lack of sleep due to something wrong with the sleep centers of the brain
sleep deprivation = intentionally taking no sleep
@Insilico you sure are sleep deprived..
@refp I'm just being an idiot. :-P
@Insilico please put some effort into it and learn how to use the English language properly, "sleep deprivation" is equivalent to "not getting enough sleep".. I don't like your current way to express yourself.
@refp At least I don't "rite lik dis".
Please don't talk to @Fred, all those messages are highlighted for me as well :(
8:30 AM
@FredOverflow Poor guy, nearly the same as with FredNurk a long time ago, huh?
Though we could identify you with FredO and FredN
@FredOverflow File a bug report with the SO team. :-)
@Insilico your writing isn't that far from it..
@refp The Levenshtein distance between "i rite lik dis" and "I write like this" is quite big, relatively speaking. So I don't see where that claim comes from.
@Insilico the distance between me and your mother is quite small, relatively speaking.
@refp Because non-sequiturs are a valid form of argument, obviously.
8:34 AM
@Insilico because I'm black.
@refp Yesterday, I saw Java code that added two ints, put the resulting int into an object, queried the int back from the object, put that into a long, and then checked whether the long was between Integer.MIN_VALUE and Integer.MAX_VALUE :)
@refp Hey, that's copyright breaching! The "your mother" jokes belong to @DeadMG
@refp No, you're a gradient between black and white as demonstrated by your avatar. :-P
@FredOverflow lolwut?
@Insilico actually that is not far from the truth since I got a white father and a black mother
8:35 AM
@Mysticial I guess they wanted to check for overflow, but had absolutely no clue about how overflow works.
@FredOverflow oh, I remember solutions like that when I taught programming classes in high-school
@refp So you're mixed, not a gradient. :-)
@Insilico please note the previous use of "not far from the truth".
@refp Yes, I have noted.
2 mins ago, by FredOverflow
@Mysticial I guess they wanted to check for overflow, but had absolutely no clue about how overflow works.
8:39 AM
@FredOverflow That's what I get for not paying attention to the chat window. :-/
8:53 AM
Morning gents
9:10 AM
@ManofOneWay g'morning.
9:25 AM
Oh, TPB is back up
9:44 AM
I notices there's a flag on @refp's post about amerifags and how they are unable to spell properly.
THe discussion following is so full of typos/"language mistakes" I stopped reading it.
@rubenvb it's trollin' material all over..
btw, most of y'all assume that everyone can see these chat flags that are frequently brought up to discussion in this room.. this is not the case.

Signed the average low-rep user.
lol. I would have given a link, but you were still here, I assumed you'd remember "amerifags" ;-)
Hello all
9:48 AM
and you're almost at 10k, so just write some stupid answers and crap :)
@rubenvb I'm not a "stupid answer" kinda guy..
@refp OK. Don't get 10k. I don't care :P
How can I ensure a question I put a bounty out on gets a decent answer?
post it here?
9:50 AM
It's Android related. I already posted it here (I think twice).
how to convert int32_t to int ? [ my values are limited in the ints range its just v8 wont give them in int and ffmpeg wont accept int32_t ]
We have a "Code of Conduct" now. Cool.
@rubenvb oh, android questions are doomed by default
@bamboon And this one's so low level no Android developers knows what to do with it.
Here comes...
Q: Replacing the standard Android H264 software encoder with an ffmpeg based one

rubenvbIn Android ICS and later, a new OpenMax IL API version is in use, making old binary blobs useless/unused. This leads to older devices that otherwise run ICS just fine and dandy to have broken video playback (YouTube HQ and IMBD, for example) because Androids fallback software decoder sucks when c...

@rubenvb oh comon , where on earth am i going to find a proper advice then here ?
9:52 AM
@rubenvb that will take hours :/
wanna bet?
Quite frankly I don't understand how programmers on the clock (ie: paid) don't know how to do most of the stuff they ask questions about here and on SO.
@rubenvb in my case thats being a javascripter :P
2 years of javascript then coming back to C++ changes stuff :P
nvm solved it
he he
In C++ I attempt to calculate the nth root of an integer x as a floating point result.

float nthRoot = std::pow(x, 1.0f/(float)n);

With x = 96, n = 2 this gives roughly 9.7 .

I don't understand how this is correct, when pow(2, 7) is 128, which is already larger than 96.
What's "that cartoon question"?
A: Platinum Badges

Shog9Eh... Do we really need to heap more rewards on that cartoon question?

10:06 AM
@JerryCoffin "'And all those exclamation marks, you notice? Five? A sure sign of someone who wears his underpants on his head.' " - Terry Pratchett
Q: What's your favorite "programmer" cartoon?

Dan WilliamsPersonally I like this one: P.S. Do not hotlink the cartoon without the site's permission please.

oh, it's really a cartoon question. I thought it might be a nice answer by means of cartoon.
shit, I must be losing it.. i.stack.imgur.com/fvdkb.png it took me quite some time to realize that it said "touch" on the top button, I read it as "TOLICH" and couldn't wrap my head around what that meant, so I just froze and stared at my screen
i just looked at te question
did i mention that the python community, while including some normal folks, has an unbelievable high percentage of apparently retarded zealots (including leadership)?
with CPython 2.7 they figured that it couldn't conceivably outlast the XKCD comic strip on the web:
> python -c "import antigravity"

> _
^ Fires up your web browser and steers it towards xkcd.com/353
10:39 AM
I hope Adobe will go bankrupt.
@RadekSlupik +1
@RadekSlupik why? cause of flashplayer?
close votes please:
Q: Can Visual studio 2005 be used to compile c++ codes?

Titan ZackI have some source code of program written in c++ language. But i don't have the c++ compiler, can i use microsoft visual studio 2005 to compile them into exe files? And how?

BRILLANT <!--FRIST--> — sehe 13 secs ago
Q: How do I troll this site?

TROLLI've been having a bad day and want to do some trolling here. Any suggestions? I want to avoid being rude, if possible.

@FredOverflow Well, before this avatar I had a picture of a retarded cartoon hamster, so I'm hoping that you see a difference. But it's not that new, about 1-2months.
10:56 AM
@bamboon bedause of their crappy software with horrible UIs.
@sehe upvoted! :D

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