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4:17 AM
Good Morning Android People
Good Morning @ALL
4:48 AM
Good Morning........
Good Morning @Abhi
@Venky Very Good morning..., How are you?
yeah great , how are you dear?
Good Morning
@Venky...Have you tried that sample
Good Morning da @SenthilMg
Dai dai still same issue , library not found
4:57 AM
@Venky Hmm i am good
good morning all
Morning @Pallavi
@Venky hello
How are you?
5:04 AM
Good Morning All
Morning buddy
5:16 AM
not able to found as written at developer.android.com/guide/google/gcm/gs.html#libs Install the Helper Libraries
5:31 AM
any one have used GCM service means C2DM
AFAIK its closed
@RobinHood but it is now GCM service right chat.stackoverflow.com/transcript/message/4508859#4508859 but not able to find in sdk manager in extras folder
5:44 AM
FYI all, C2DM was the beta version and deprecated now
its re-branded as GCM
29 mins ago, by Khan
not able to found as written at http://developer.android.com/guide/google/gcm/gs.html#libs Install the Helper Libraries
@PareshMayani yes u are right see my query not getting
For that you have to install "Google clouding message for Android library" from extras in SDK-manager
yes i know that but not showing me that it shows as below figure
hello everyone..
5:49 AM
@Khan Update SDK tools
Have you updated Android SDK tools to Rev. 20 ?
Is it possible to create an android application to execute an query (e.g. exec some store procedure)?
@PareshMayani Yes :P
wright i have updated sdk tools see this image
5:51 AM
basic idea is in my android application there is a textbox to write the query and when I press the button it run the query on database..is it possible?
Q: How Google Cloud Messaging Service in Android Works?

BhaveshI want to use GCM Service in my application. I have referred to the following link (Android Developer: Google GCM) but was not able to install the GCM Library in my eclipse. From the SDK manager I am not getting GCM Library in the Extras Folder. Can anyone please help me?

Hi..anyone clear me about Licensed api with GNU LESSER GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE version 3
@blankon91 Yes you can do
I use SQL Server, so far I can get some data from my WCF Service with JSON that connect to my SQL Server, but but now I want to run some query that I write from android application and run it to my database.
8 mins ago, by Abhi
@blankon91 Yes you can do
6:23 AM
6:34 AM
7:16 AM
7:46 AM
@Abhi @Venky
@Ghost Hello
how are u guys?
Hello dear how are you?
i'm fine da.. thanks.. how abt u?
yeah great thanks..
8:10 AM
Hi all
anybody worked with Emotions in textview ?
@Ghost @Venky Hello friends
@Bella hi.. long time.. how are u?
@Ghost i'm fine yeah exams ,,finally graduated!!
what about u ?
awesome.. congrats..
i'm good
BTW, lunch time.. see u back in sometime,..
Thanks :))@Ghost
okay see u
After a long time @Bella
Graduated Girl @Bella Congrats
8:19 AM
@Venky Thanks buddy :))
How r u ?
Yeah great , you mate?
Where is party?
I'm good too
In egypt :P
Going for Lunch , catch you later!!!
Yeah i will come in Next flight :P
8:21 AM
lol okay waiting for u :D
how to design like rounded corenr with custom listfield like this
I think u should apply this to your list Row
<shape xmlns:android="http://schemas.android.com/apk/res/android" >

<corners android:radius="13dp" />

8:39 AM
hiii to all
Q: how to create circular viewpager?

venkatI have three fragment classes in my code. public class ViewPagerFragmentActivity extends FragmentActivity { private PagerAdapter mPagerAdapter; @Override protected void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) { requestWindowFeature(Window.FEATURE_NO_TITLE); super.onCreate(savedInstanceState...

@Ganesh yes see bella message
k. i'm trying friend,
hav u already work like this.
@Abhi hiii
@Bella hii
@Ghost hi buddy
8:51 AM
@Goofy hello
@Ghost whats up?
nothing much.. u say..
@Ghost yenu illa same old company... want to change asap
hmm.. u'll get ur chance.. u just have to wait. .
@Ghost willl that come or not i dont know
8:56 AM
nobody knows anything for sure..
just wait and see..
@Abhi @AdilSoomro @Ghost @mark @PareshMayani @Pallavi @RobinHood @furqi WHO DEVELOPED ANDROID???
not me? :P
@Ghost hope it comes early
Android is a Linux-based operating system for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet computers. It is developed by the Open Handset Alliance, led by Google. Google purchased the initial developer of the software, Android Inc., in 2005. The unveiling of the Android distribution in 2007 was announced with the founding of the Open Handset Alliance, a consortium of 86 hardware, software, and telecommunication companies devoted to advancing open standards for mobile devices. Google releases the Android code as open-source, under the Apache License. The Android Open Source Project (AOSP...
@Goofy yes
@RobinHood :P
8:57 AM
Android Inc
@Ghost how u buddy?
@furqi good yaar.. how abt u?
@AdilSoomro yes ur correct but who are those people ...
Andy Rubin
@Goofy see the foundation section.
8:59 AM
The idiot :P
@AdilSoomro ok thanks
@RobinHood thanks
@Ghost m fine kahan ghayab ho aj kal?
@furqi joined a new company one month ago.. not working on android anymore..
@AdilSoomro what is getAccuracy();, I read but....:D
@RobinHood in which context?
9:04 AM
@AdilSoomro Map
Can you explain me in complex simple language?
@AdilSoomro hi
@Ghost phr kis py ho?
Q: How is location accuracy measured in Android?

John PalmerDoes anyone know the proper interpretation of the accuracy measurements returned by getAccuracy()? For instance, are they calculated as: Circular Error Probability (meaning, if i understand correctly, radius of a 50% confidence circle)? Radius of 95% confidence circle? something else? In addi...

@harish hello :)
adil i need to add an alert dialog only for third time when the app launches
@AdilSoomro I said in your language.
9:15 AM
@RobinHood what?
@furqi networking..
@harish OMG, the same thing I implemented today but in iPhone :P
@AdilSoomro I already seen that link
I dill maage more :P
@RobinHood that means how accurate your location is.
@RobinHood if it is 0.0 then it is most realistic location.
@RobinHood and if it is 50, then it may be 50 meter + - in your exact location/ real location
@RobinHood 0.0 drains more battery :)
9:19 AM
What is 50 Meter?
@RobinHood the difference b/w your actual/real/correct location and the location reported in device
means it will depend on current location?
2 mins ago, by Adil Soomro
@RobinHood 0.0 drains more battery :)
@RobinHood yes. and your provider.
@RobinHood it need to get the actual location, so it will process a lot, for retrieving location
reported location means?
its static one?
@RobinHood which is reported to you in device using Location Manager
9:29 AM
@AdilSoomro How are you ? I'm facing a problem in Emotions in textview , I have Emotions adialog which when i click on any emotion image on it , this image display on edittext ,but when i click send this image appear as special char on textView
I am back :P
@LalitPoptani see my comment again :)
No now I won't see.
@AdilSoomro is it?
9:37 AM
@Bella I'm good, how are you adding emoticons in EditText?
Via ImageGetter @AdilSoomro
@RobinHood yes..
@Bella can you share code?
@AdilSoomro Emotions :D
sure @AdilSoomro
@LalitPoptani Emoticons
9:41 AM
Emotions are the various bodily feelings associated with mood, temperament, personality, disposition, and motivation and also with hormones such as dopamine, noradrenaline, and serotonin. Emotion is often the driving force behind motivation, positive or negative. In 1992, Carlson and Hatfield defined emotions, as feeling states with physiological, cognitive, and behavioral components. The power of emotion is closely linked to arousal of the nervous system with various states and strengths of arousal relating, apparently, to particular emotions. Although the word emotion might seem t...
@LalitPoptani context matters :p
@Bella pastie.org :) please
okay here's pastie.org/4248893 @AdilSoomro
@Bella and how are you setting text to Textview?
@Bella and read this and linked question in answer thoroughly, specially by commonsware.
Don't ping everytime :P
9:50 AM
Firstly i'm saving messages to sqlite db and displaying from it @AdilSoomro
I tried this answer but not working for me :((
@Bella how are you saving ?
can you show the final String which you are saving ?
@LalitPoptani Jee, ghalti huwy gi.. manne maafi kri do..
@AdilSoomro this part of Inserting and displaying data from db pastie.org/4248935
9:54 AM
A: display smiley in textview and edittext in android

Lalit PoptaniYes there is another way for showing smiley within the TextView or EditText. Build a Spannable text using ImageSpanand then setText the Spannable to TextView or EditText. Here is an post for the same.

hi all. I want to ask :D. Is there any URI to query Contact's NAME+ PHOTO_ID+ one custom mimetype from Data URI. Currently i must seperate contact's name+ photo_id with my custome mimetype
@LalitPoptani I gave you +1 for this great answer but problem when i already display some smily on edittext
@Bella ???
i can get contact's name+ photo by query Contacts.CONTENT_URI. I had another custom mimetype which can query Data.CONTENT_URI. Now i want to both three in one URI
@Bella can you show the sample string which you are storing?
9:59 AM
@LalitPoptani yeah
@AdilSoomro I can't get you what u mean by sample string ?
I can't exactly get your problem, can you ellaborate a bit?
You is me or Bella @LalitPoptani :D
@Bella when you press send, you get the String form EditText and then save it to the DB, I'm asking you to print that String in log, and copy that and paste here..
Sure @LalitPoptani now i used ImageGetter to display in editText now when i click send this image appear on chat list TextView as special char or some strange char
@AdilSoomro okay
@AdilSoomro right now I am getting 985? what does it mean?
10:04 AM
@RobinHood that the reported location may be different from your Actual location by 985 meters :)
that much different?
@AdilSoomro can you look at my issue :)
@RobinHood may be different, not the exact difference
@Yul no idea buddy :)
@Bella using xmpp wooow.
I used that already :D
@LalitPoptani :D
10:09 AM
@Bella so you are inserting the EditText value into DB and then fetching and showing in TextView, right?
Yeah @LalitPoptani
great!!! :P
Thanks :))
I will try and let you know currently, my sdk is updating O_o.
@LalitPoptani: do you have any idea with my problem?
10:14 AM
Q: How to Count Total Distance & Total Time While Travelling From One Location To Another

AamirPathanVery much new to this issue,need to fine total travelling distance while going from one location to another and also need to count total time spent to that travel.finding distance using latitude and longitude of two location don't give correct result i think,because lat and lang distance gives u...

any one familiar with this issue?
i add custom mimetype for contact following this stackoverflow.com/a/3010260/1050058
now i want to get that data along with contact's name,photo id
hi @all
hello friends i am using SVG images in android SVGparser returns drawable now i want to use this drawable as a bitmap how can i do this.. please help me
@varun : have you googled about it?
@Yu i had tried but nothing found
@AdilSoomro now its giving 75, but when I open default map its gives 30.
10:22 AM
@Bella try this answer, this should work.
@LalitPoptani okay thnx but i tried to use it before and failed specially i'm saving data to sqlie and after that displaying in textview
Q: SVG to Bitmap at runtime Conversion in Android

Hikmat KhanHow Can I Convert SVG (Scaleable Vector Graphics) to Bitmap at runtime in android. Kindly if Possible provide me Exact chunk of code or Exact Links.I am Quite new to android application development. Thanks in Advance.

See this
@Bella what you can do is store the id of image and text seperate in database and map it while fetching.
for eg:- your text is as " :) " and you have a simley image in drawable with resource id - 1111223213
something like that.
then you need to map these in database.
okay so i should save images and their ids on sqlite also and when fetching i should use Spannable to display on Textview ?@LalitPoptani
10:32 AM
here's string i got " Testing  "
@LalitPoptani @AdilSoomro
@LalitPoptani so how textview will recognize it ?
@yu thanks for quick reply but this also not help me
@Bella ok do one thing store all the smiley text with mapping resource id's in sharedpreferences.
A: displaying emoticons in android

A-IVI thing more usefull is to build Spannable. private static final HashMap<String, Integer> emoticons = new HashMap(); static { emoticons.put(":)", R.drawable.emo_im_happy); emoticons.put(":-(", R.drawable.emo_im_sad); ... } public static Spannable getSmiledText(Context context, Stri...

Then you can use this methods and put the smiley by just passing the text.
okay @LalitPoptani that for textview ,right ?
not for edittext ?
then you should paste your code on pastebin website and ask for specific help
in which you have caught
@Bella for both.
10:40 AM
because unless we cant to anything about it
@yu ok
1 hour later…
11:57 AM
@RobinHood r u there?
@Abhi @RobinHood Can u pls help me with stackoverflow.com/questions/11469026/…
@Abhi have u ever worked on google api?
12:01 PM
@Abhi nothing
@furqi Yes.., @Sindu Try to get latitude and longitude in service simply using Location class dont request for location updates
@Abhi Google Cloud Messaging for Android Library install hogya per
extras/google/ ma gcm ka folder nahi ha
@furqi update SDK tools
12:24 PM
@Abhi ok i will try
@Abhi did u mean something like locationManager.requestLocationUpdates(LocationManager.GPS_PROVIDER, 0, 0, ll);
@Abhi i cant get the longitude and latitude that works.The problem is with geocoding finding location Eg: new york from the longitude and latitude
one small help
1:33 PM
@Sindu There? you want fetch address from given lat and long?
@Ganesh what?
@Abhi yes
@RobinHood Sushi is food :)
@Abhi hmm..I try and see
@Sindu okay i gave my code.., Pay $ :P
2:00 PM
@Abhi depends on how much to pay
@Abhi do know why you get the warning "getExtractedText on inactive InputConnection" on log cat when running an app on android phone
hi guys.
@Sindu no idea but check this
@CoolJatt Hi
@Abhi: can you plz tell me how to convert current zone time to GMT - 0500
@Abhi checked that didnt get much of an idea
@Sindu: do you have any idea?
2:11 PM
@CoolJatt in what programming lanuage?
-5 simply :P @CoolJatt
@Abhi Now I dont get the those errors but i get a index out of bound exception can you check my code? pastie.org/4250121
@Abhi something is wrong with the geocoding part
@Sindu code looking good...check where you are getting exception
@RobinHood Major
@Sindu_ java/ android
2:18 PM
@Abhi This place if (addresses.size() > 0) it says invalid index 0 size is 0
@RobinHood :P
@AdilSoomro Robin is no more...., He went to home :P
Will this work for me...
**Calendar cldr = Calendar.getInstance();
SimpleDateFormat sdf = new SimpleDateFormat("yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss");

String date = cldr.format(cta.getTime());**
@Sindu put toast in if condition
@Abhi ohhh ya I didnt notice that
@Abhi Thanks
No thanks only $ :P
2:25 PM
@CoolJatt I am newbie to android but check this, hope it helps coderanch.com/t/416639/java/java/Convert-Local-time-UTC-vice
You again missed i asked in $ :P
1 message moved to DUST
@Abhi Your Indian right?
But i like $ :P.., later i will convert into Rs. :)
@Abhi LOL :P
2:28 PM
Adil i will share dont worry let me fix the money :)
@Sindhu you know Adil? He is my international friend :)
@Abhi Haven't talked to him. Where is he from?
@AdilSoomro Tell about Yourself :D :P
@Abhi :P
@AdilSoomro @Sindu Bye We will meet tomorrow...,
@Abhi I am also going bye tc
2:41 PM
@Sindu_ the code i pasted here worked well. :)
Thanks for your support. :)
@CoolJatt Cool :) i did'nt do anything at all
2:57 PM
2 hours later…
4:32 PM
hi all
Q: android listview add item and item movement animation

jumper0kHow can I catch the event, when listview adds new view or move item from one position to another? I want to do animation effect at this moment, like in app any.do(youtube). I'm using adapter extended from ResourceCursorAdapter. Should I use newView and bindView functions, and how should I use the...

who can help me with it?
5 hours later…
9:27 PM
Q: how to go from intent to another in tab application

AMHI have tab based application in one tab I have listview , I want when click on it be transfered to another tab with keeping the tap bar this code work but hide the tab bar ntent intent = new Intent(getApplicationContext(), SectionContentList.class); // put valu...


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