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12:47 AM
@TimCastelijns You know this will ping us both, right?
it was an "Accident"
definitely "not" meant to annoy you
1:14 AM
@ColdFire !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2:06 AM
@MehdiB. ^
2 hours later…
4:18 AM
Cold you awake whole night
is it just me or does the slice for "other scammers" seem awfully small
4:43 AM
All the mlm folks probably fall under family
mlm? what's that?
multilevel marketing?
Yup, the type of stuff your sketchy cousins get into
Surprisingly not that common in India
I don't get any of those calls...took a minute to make the connection since it's not listed in the xkcd graphic either.
I just don't pick up unknown numbers
Not that known numbers call me either
I've started to recently just to waste their time
I'll say hello once and if there's not an immediate response just keep them on the line until they hang up.
I'm not witty enough to be James Veitch...but I do my part
4:50 AM
Eh, I got better things to do
I just keep going about whatever I'm doing anyway.
anyway...it's past my bedtime...
Sleep is for the weak
5:22 AM
Good Morning
GooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooD morningGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG
@Ashvinsolanki Ahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
@RaghavSood cool
I reject your classification of that action
5:55 AM
> These IDs are shorts, so they will eventually be repeated. You should store them in a circular buffer, so that they are repeated as infrequently as possible.
What does he mean by circular buffer?
Like LinkedLists?
6:10 AM
A linked list where last links to first
So if you iterate it loop
6:31 AM
Gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood Morning Everyone!!!!! :D
morning, nerds
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6:47 AM
How's work & uni going @RaghavSood
Not terrible
Less workload this semester somehow, so more time for side projects
Soon, I shall be less stoppable
I have acquired cheesecake
My use of drones is limited, this is fine
If the police do decide to come after me:
7:03 AM
I just knew it would be a PHP developer.. — Martin James 2 hours ago
lol instant up vote
Yeah eat shit you PHP developer
7:18 AM
Na that's harsh, sorry. You already have to deal with PHP, that's bad enough...
> The profile photo has disappointingly low resolution. Other than that, there is no problem with it.
(͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
I hate those discussions
Yeah, if I went around posting stuff like that I'd have to fire myself for not spending my time on better things
same with kindergarden where all kids bring their food. The kindergarden now restricted the parents to "not bring pork" because kids share and there are kids that are not allowed to eat pork etc... so now everyone has to obey that rule
7:29 AM
L M A O are you fucking kidding
no... because teaching kids to not share would be too hard
so if one kid cannot eat gluten, all kids must bring gluten free food?
that is the idea
and don't forget nut allergies...
or lactose intolerance
Fuck that
I'm allergic to a hundred different things
If someone starts forcing other people to change their diet just because of my presence, that's not gonna fly
When I was a kid I'd just take my own lunch to birthday parties and stuff, because most of the time food === pizza and I was allergic to cheese back then too
but you have to be tolerant!
7:32 AM
Yes, I am tolerant
Of other people's freedom to eat stuff that I can't
you are rare...
@WarrenFaith how are people from Koln usually?
Tbh this kind of thinking is pretty rare in India
@RaghavSood cheesecake is great
I approve
I've mostly seen it in the western countries
I mean, I get banning peanuts and stuff for those very rare allergies that can be triggered just by presence in the same room
But those are rare
Hell, if I sit next to fresh omelletes too long I start having a mild reaction because I'm super allergic to eggs, even now
Doesn't mean I stop other people from eating it
We spent like 1/3rd of our nights in waffles house back in UNC
@CptEric gay (in a positive way?) - They are considered the craziest and most open city
@MarkO'Sullivan I try to have one every couple of weeks, making up for all the years i couldn't
aaaaaaaand he accepted the answer with zero votes
7:41 AM
@WarrenFaith awesome
yesterday had a date with a girl from there, seemed friendly, pretty open and non-german.
except for her accent
that was quite german :D
I recognize that scene
7:59 AM
@MarkO'Sullivan flags
@WarrenFaith lmao PC world
CF bro
put a picture with yourself
and the palace
is there a way to dry run proguard? Like see if a class is kept or not
@MuratKaragöz bro? He's Sir CF or Lord CF to you, filthy peasant
hii all
8:08 AM
tim not that i know of
@MuratKaragöz why what happened?
@TimCastelijns do not throw water at it while running will dry it a bit as per CPU heat
I am using fcm push notification in android but i want to start my application automatically when i receive the notification
I want to rule the world
We don't always get what we want
PHP > Java
@Nazimch when an app receives a message it is already running
8:12 AM
@TimCastelijns but need to start an activity in my application
what's stopping you
@Jordy why
if app is in background is not loading
@Jordy flags
Because Jordy feels like his life in unfulfilling unless he is making pointless statements
8:13 AM
not loading? what does that mean
You can start an activity from the background, plenty of SO questions telling you how if you are so inclined to look
@TimCastelijns He actually accepted my answer now. Did you threat him, Timmothy?
if app is in background i need to start the main activity on notification receive
You can do that by registering a Broadcastreceiver
8:15 AM
@RaghavSood The irony, atleast I don't copy pasta code in my books
I don't think users will like that
it is an enterprise app
I would immediately uninstall any app that does that
@Jordy What's so ironic here?
I would resign
8:16 AM
If you read back a little, you'll see the irony.
I feel like you're missing the point of what irony actually is
I feel like you've missed Mark's comment for example
Which one? None in the immediate transcript make any sense here
In that case you should buy new glasses
@MuratKaragöz i have already a Broadcastreceiver in the app for location enable or disable by user
8:18 AM
Just start a new activity in whatever code handles your incoming push notification, I don't see the issue here
Q: Open app on firebase notification received (FCM)

stevyhackerI want to open application automatically when notification is received, is this possible with Firebase and new FCM notifications? I know I can set click_action but that's only for customizing which activity will start on notification click, I need something that will start automatically when not...

today begins my new life as housemate and landlord.
for boring talks and a lot of coffee spending
You got a housemate?
he is the housemate
mother of god
it works
the google is strong today
@MarkO'Sullivan yeah! a PHD in technofood stuff
8:30 AM
he moves in today
had to confirm this morning ^^
Dam. After adding stable ids the profile icons get messed up when scrolling
It takes a few seconds to actually show the correct icon.
In the mean time the icons shown are jumbled. Shows someone's profile icon. This is a new issue.
Looks really bad. Tim do you see this happening at your end. Note I just added sethasstableids and override getitemid
@raghu is this not likely to be a problem with the adapter code?
like incorrect usage of viewholder etc
I do thank you for your consideration, Timothy
Then it should be happening to all using the app. Have you noticed?
just put me on the list of people who get to survive the uprising
I have not noticed, but also I have not tried
@raghu I'm going to do some MVP. I saw your comment suggesting to MVVM, but I have no experience with MVVM and databinding and stuff, but this login activity is a mess and I just want to clean it up, we can probably fairly easily refactor it to another pattern in the future
in the future might be tomorrow :P but for now separating the concerns is a prio for me
the pattern we use to do that is of less importance
8:53 AM
How can a simple Login Activity be a mess
tristan wrote it
@CptEric congrats
@TimCastelijns dave already shared that
@TimCastelijns @MuratKaragöz sad its not working,working if app is in foreground only
9:09 AM
run a foreground service
9:19 AM
@MuratKaragöz its a mess
timmy link it
Say an app contains data about storages in a warehouse
Each created storage has its own shelfs
Each shelf has it's own components
Then working with Fragments is adviced, right?
what will the fragment be used for
9:21 AM
That is a nonsensical question
Your data and UI are separate
@TimCastelijns why eye protection? LGTM
@RaghavSood The ViewModels belonging to the activities/fragments certainly are not
@TimCastelijns Fragment for a list of shelfs, fragments for a list containing components
viewmodel and data structure are not related
I need to pass data between the viewmodels
What does your data structure has to do with fragments?
yes you can use fragments for this. It mostly depends on how you want to display each screen
@DimaRostopira copy pasted from docs
@TimCastelijns Thanks
@TimCastelijns worst excuse ever
9:25 AM
tim yeah lets continue with MVP. we can refactor later to MVVM by adding a viewmodel class
@DimaRostopira less complaints, more PRs
i am looking into the glide issue for now. looks horrible
ok. Can you put a note on the PR that it is in progress still
I don't have time for contributions
9:28 AM
I see, that you used doAsync from anko lib and inside lambda used runOnUiThread
anko uses doAsync { uiThread {} }
I have removed anko in favor of coroutines
in my head
yeah, that's even better
I have to do it still xD
it makes no sense to use a lib for something that the stdlib can do
9:30 AM
@Raghunandan i am working on it already :/
no need for rework
That just means it'll need even more rework
glide issue is messed up
it needs a whole rewrite lets see i can patch it for the time being
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9:31 AM
@resource8218 welcome. Please start by reading the rules and confirm you have read them before saying anything else.
I am just reading coroutine docs atm to make sure I get it right. Since recently they reworked it, requiring context dispatchers and shit
1 sec. the flicker and the scrolling issue are the same?
I have read and understood the rules
its all related to glide shit
welcome resource
> Elemental made software for compressing massive video files
pied piper wannabe
china i am not surprised
10:00 AM
@RaghavSood read a really interesting blog post about China in cryptocurrency
hold on. this is very messy. needs more testing before confirming.
Sorta left me thinking that I might have to invest some money in Chinese crypto projects, if China gets active in the market again those projects could potentially boom
"if" "could" "potentially" dangerous words for investors
Not a terrible article
10:15 AM
already replied
let's refactor before introducing new libs
Check MessageAdapter#L189
it's not efficient
that was super fast. no new libs. the only other suggestion was to use glide preloader which could help loading images as you start scrolling.
yes I mean the preloader, it would be a new dependency
I wanted to say that perhaps it is not required anymore after we improve the viewholder binding
my bad. you need a new depencency
dudes i am working on messageadapter
the whole image loading logic needs to be changed
It will still be loading images
10:22 AM
Thus, it's not a complete change
sigh this proof ML hasn't gone far indeed
still too dumb
You are too simple to understand my powers, mortal
@Raghunandan needs more testing
10:30 AM
Man why is there no low level documentation for stuff
It's tiresome to crawl the source code ...
@Raghunandan view.enableButton + view.disableButton, or view.setButtonEnabled(boolean) ?
view.setButtonEnabled(boolean) .
anyone uses spotify premium?
10:39 AM
i used to
for 10 years now Murat, sup
just block Spotify in your host file (== free premium)
wait what
rather not click on that now :D
10:46 AM
I do use premium
just keep it safe somewhere
only thing i miss is the mobile version freedom
I'm not sure if that is allowed on here, considering our livelihood depends on people paying for software..
A: Is it okay that questions mention illegal downloads?

Robert HarveyThe Stack Exchange Terms of Service expressly prohibit Use of the Network or Services to violate the security of any computer network, crack passwords or security encryption codes, transfer or store illegal material including that are deemed threatening or obscene, or engage in any kind...

Cf whats up
Tim how are you??
not the same of course, but I think the idea applies if this practice breaches ToS of spotify, which I imagine it does, but too lazy to check
Sounds like you block domains
10:50 AM
I think it's fine, as long as its not being advocated as the primary option
yup. also, blocking outgoing connections can't break any ToS, that would make them alegal or directly illegal. atleast in civilized regions of europe.
wouldn't be the same if the link provided a crack or stuff like that, that is illegal
Report it to Microsoft's legal team. See what they say about it. But then you might as well report all of China to Microsoft... — Cole Johnson Nov 22 '13 at 20:15
shots fired
@RaghavSood hahahaha
spot on! :D
whispers, Apache Airflow
10:58 AM
woot 5 INR subsidy on petrol finally
looks like government finally gave in under the pressure
@Raghunandan ^
11:23 AM
11:47 AM
CF Congratulations :)
happy bday CF
why do people put companion object at the bottom of kt classes?
considering we put static stuff at the top of java classes

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