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2:22 AM
@DaveS Dave can you DM me your address? Unrelated question to this picture I promise.
3:08 AM
Still confused when Android system will forcing to releasing applications memory? Is it before onLowMemory()?
When system is releasing the apps memory such as static fields, stored Intent content. It is fine. But Activity backstack is not reset.
When Activity that depend on some stored Intent or static field, it will crash with NPE.
3:55 AM
hello nyc
@nyconing are you having crashes after closing and reopening the app?
4:27 AM
No I have crash when open back the app after system clean up my app when low memory.
4:43 AM
Was the exception: java.lang.IllegalStateException: Activity has been destroyed?
4:57 AM
No, its NPE because my static field and intent data has reset but back-stack still staying in inner-Activity
Fragmented - Android Developer Podcast: 130: Sunsetting ReactNative at AirBnb with Gabriel Peal - Part 2
posted on July 04, 2018 by shows

In this episode, we resume our conversation with Airbnb's Gabriel Peal. If you haven't listened to part 1, you really really should go back and do that. In that episode, we kicked it off by first trying to understand the goals and the story behind why React Native was chosen as the code sharing technology/tool. In this episode, Gabriel tells us why after two years, 220 screens, and 120,000 lin

5:20 AM
Happy innepennennce day :P
5:52 AM
@nyconing in OnSaveInstanceState(Bundle outState) try adding this code below:
try {
catch (Java.Lang.IllegalStateException ignored) {

@Feeds why this post is not linked?
6:04 AM
6:27 AM
Gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo‌​ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood Morning Everyone!!!!!!!! :D
6:38 AM
how to handle images and videos on android? Do I need to download them and show? Or do I need to upload it somewhere in cloud and generate a link to show. Condition is those images and video will be shown based on user by geography or by any user preferences. What will be best or better solution?
You need to upload before you download, or use images from internet.
If this is first time you're showing images, use HttpUrlConnection to download it and then show bitmap on ImageView.
we will use glide or picasso or fesco to handle that kind of complexity.
yeah that's fine
for videos it's trickier tho
there is a VideoView but it isn't pretty
there are libs that handle that
great so I don't need to handle image download and then view and when the image is no longer in use then i should delete. so if i refer a url in those libs those will auto handle it for me.
am i right?
6:56 AM
Good morning @W0MP3R :)
Quick question: May I ask gradle stuff here eventhough it is for a Java project and not an android app?
the most expert on gradle stuff i know is warren probably
followed by raghav if it's automation of things
Sweet! Based on this answer I wrote a task that should (in theory) allow me to define a few variables in Java through my build. However the build fails in a way that makes no sense to me: paste.ofcode.org/fYA5j8w7EDuejJfqDsFEX9
The given position of the error (line 54, colum 23) does not even match with the marker below the line
Try removing quotes from in_dev and use_local_database
Try changing the first semicolon to a comma
And removing the second semicolon
7:05 AM
I can literally see raghav's compiler going trough the code
Hiya Bluetoothfx, Rupin, Geisterfurz, Tim, Raghav!!!!!! :D
like a sorting algo
Oof! After writing JS Objects for a while that should be one mistake I shouldn't make anymore. Thanks!
@W0MP3R Hiya back!! :D
7:06 AM
^raghav brain
@geisterfurz007 The markers are probably off because iirc, gradle files are not treated as regular code, so the source->code maps are only updated upon a gradle sync or something like that. Before that, it may be pointing to where that code used to be a while back
I changed the build a few times and the markers where set the same characters away that I removed/changed. I also run the gradle build from the commandline (because IntelliJ+Gradle+Toolbox still don't seem to like each other)
7:29 AM
@TimCastelijns did you manage to do the "Card with gradient background" thing?
7:40 AM
@AdamMc331 lol
morning all
gradient yes, rounded no
currently it is squared and the rounded corner is todo
Hiya Ronak, Netpork, CF!!!!!! :D
might have to do it one of these days
sup womp how is the weather?
7:45 AM
lol melting
its quite good weather here owing to rains :)
Mumbai got rekd yesterday coz of rains :(
trains bus bridges you name it disaster was there :(
also the plane crash in ghatkopar
7:48 AM
overbridge collapse in railway station.. 3 (I think) fires... road caved
plane crash wasnt yesterday
yes i know few days back i mean
Its like end of days here
well atleast no one was killed
@CptEric I don't understand why this clipping stuff is so hard on android
tim because its android
8:00 AM
Hiya Suraj, Warren!!!! :D
8:20 AM
o/ warren
sup both
retrospective day - a lot of meetings
good luck
8:43 AM
9:02 AM
@WarrenFaith Thought you guys found someone
Hiya Mark!!!! :D
9:19 AM
Hiya w0mp!!!
9:38 AM
i prefer not to work with banks that write in caps.
sends to spam folder
If you just delete the line it is impossible that the error is still there that's why i am taking to u for paste my removable line code @TimCastelijns — Mohammad Ali 4 mins ago
the numbers words mason, what do they mean?
9:46 AM
Hiya dina, Mehdi!!!!! :D
Hello Womper! :D
I don't know what you mean by that, but paste it if you like — Tim Castelijns 11 mins ago
that one depleted my patience pool
some guy posts answer that OP "already tried" and lo and behold it works. Fuck you
but now, on the chat, he asks "Can you mention the specific steps you are performing so that we can identify why it is working for me and why it is not working for you?"
looks like he didn't know his answer fixed it :D
9:57 AM
@mark what is the weather like in in scotland in september?
Not too cold and not too warm I think
I only been here two years for September though
You going to Scotland?
depends on the weather
You scared of the cold? :D
Though tbf Scotland is really nice if you have good weather
I am tasked with picking a holiday destination for september ish, the sole requirement is that the weather must be nice
10:07 AM
I'm also supposed to be going away in September
Think it's the only time it'll suit, I know my gf has one repeat in August but we don't know what date yet which is frustrating
I'm thinking Malta this year
malta is warm right
let's meet up there
@TimCastelijns spain?
Malta should be warm!
St Julian's seems nice and my uncle knows people over there which would be handy
we only have like 3 days, long weekend. Probably can't go far
If you're heading to Edinburgh book it when I'm gonna be there :(
10:10 AM
scotland is like 1h, malta is too far I guess
barna is 1h from netherlands
barna -> barcelona
by supersonic jet or?
no, by plane
brussels is 1h 30min away
ireland is unexplicably 3h 40min away
if brussels is 1,5h then amsterdam is probably 2,5h
must be a big turn or something
10:13 AM
poor presenter
@CptEric wat
that's so long
yeah, super weirdo
you sure that's right?
could be time zone difference
i think it's because to enter belfast airport you must face iceland or london
so the plane has to get to UK airspace then turn left
then slowly go down over the sea
BCN-Dublin is way way shorter
10:16 AM
Yeah, ireland counts as uk domestic airspace for a lot of flights
No idea why
> 5+ flights per day, 2h 45m duration
Barcelona, Spain (BCN) to Dublin, Ireland (DUB)
barcelona is 2h20m from schiphol btw
@RaghavSood slightly shorter then?
if you visit catalonia, eric makes you paella if you visit Lleida.
or womp's parents. they're used to cook for foreign pale blondes from northern latitudes.
laughs in student exchange programme
it wasn't an exchange
they just came to visit
10:20 AM
how to implement cocci? any idea?
A coccus (plural cocci) is any bacterium or archaeon that has a spherical, ovoid, or generally round shape. It is one of the three distinct bacterial shapes, the other two being bacillus (rod-shaped) and spiral-shaped cells. Cocci is an English loanword of a modern or neo-Latin noun, which in turn stems from the Greek masculine noun kokkos (κόκκος) meaning "berry". == Arrangements == Cocci may occur as single cells or remain attached following cell division. Those that remain attached can be classified based on cellular arrangement: Diplococci are pairs of cocci (e.g. Streptococcus pneumoniae and...
usually by being cough or sneezed.
thanks guys
any way my colleague make fun of me
lol I was asking seriously if this was what you were referring to
10:26 AM
it was a workplace joke?
send him a glitter bomb.
i'll replace your code and error was gone HOW? — Mohammad Ali 48 mins ago
I already like that guy
10:27 AM
what stair of the legends ladder he's at?
There is no ladder for him, straight to the top
10:49 AM
Since Mark is putting the freshest avatars out, I have to compete now @MarkO'Sullivan
11:01 AM
nice pic murat
oh wait you're human
i thought you were a hand drawn letter set.
thx bro, not as sharp as mark but getting there
my pic was updated by our new designer and i haven't changed since then
well i now i have longer mutton chops but they're still very lightweight
We don't have someone drawing us :/
laughs in vector
happy July 4th from Useit software
reused from St. John's celebration but still works :D
11:13 AM
So you guys hired a guy basically drawing stuff for you?
no she's also the app and website designer
but we looked for a digital artist and not just a typical web designer so our webs and apps looked better than out competition
and because not a single fucking client ever has their logo vectorized so we needed someone that knew to do it, and do it right.
I see, we hire on demand for stuff like that
we used to, but it tends to suck
having someone 24/7 doing it is way better in the long term
she also makes promo stuff and style guides
11:56 AM
@MuratK. where is the suit? :D
bro that's only for the gym
understandable in this case
man the JS and Python guys are so fast in answering, 1min after OP asks
same goes for typescript
I saw the guy with 10k reps
now hes at 33k
12:09 PM
I gave up on that tag, no chance vs him
lol people with 30k+ rep are such nerds
@MuratK. love it! Looking fresh bro
much love xoxo
sometimes I think, nah this doesn't deserve an answer just a comment, 1min later an answer gets posted and gets accepted :D
don't get tempted by rep whorism
12:13 PM
Don't listen to Tim, he wants your reps
12:25 PM
@TimCastelijns soon you are joining that club
that will take a long ass time
you've been slacking CF, you got your 10k way before Murat and he surpassed you
it is my fault
I showered him with rep
are my reps a lie
CF I mean
not sure about you
12:30 PM
I got one bounty from you
for some reason people still upvoting that answer
were drinking on weekends, still feeling dead
answer on Android, murat?
pfft amateur
Feels strange tbh, the answers where I put a lot of efforts get like 3 upvotes max
research answer gets a lot more
@MehdiB. i just wanted 10k i have that i am not going to the dump shit android questions and answering them
maybe if a good question comes then yes
12:32 PM
you could go into the Java tag, or Kotlin Tag or...
@TimCastelijns we got the answer above, he only wanted 10k :D
@MuratK. I actually noticed that, I think it's because these answers that require a lot of efforts are kind of answering niche questions
also wtf murat is ahead of me
I sacrificed 500 of my rep to stop him from answering, you're all welcome
I stopped answering for months, now it's time to tackle it again
lol tim
Tim, so that's why I've been finding useful answers lately...
@MuratK. i stopped it way back almost more than a year now
Time to start again
> Um what were you doing on the road when i was driving. You shouldn't have been in my way
The whole sub is such a gold mine :D
But I actually just checking trending repos list, because this "awesome" lists sucks
@Mauker wassup?
1:04 PM
Back~~~ :D
@DimaRostopira Not much, what about you?
brothers help me
I set a theme to my fragment. Doing this results in a white text+box checkbox. I checked the theme hierarchy and nothing sets anything to white, bruh
@Mauker doing nothing
@TimCastelijns are you using AppCompatCheckbox?
@MuratK. not sure what you are referring to
1:12 PM
no I use the normal checkbox
Try AppCompat
If that doesn't help - use inverted parent theme
fucking drag&drop image uploading here
Also I had ugly hack for changing checkbox color somewhere
Your announcement of the open position
ah well we were looking for a freelancer and we found one
but now we are looking for a real coworker
1:14 PM
Hire that freelancer, why not?
I don't want to change the theme, I just want this crap to work
First of all, use AppCompatCheckbox
not every freelancer wants to have a permanent position
Hi. Just got a test assignment which apparently has a full spoiler on the Internet, posted a long time ago but a little bit tricky to find (but not really hard either). I already replied to the employer that this challenge was leaked, etc. but it's interesting what would you do in this situation?
1:16 PM
I would change var names in solution and reply as it's done
because who cares, how you solved problem?
if the challenge is spoiled, ask for a new one maybe? I wouldn't want to know how to pass it without my own solution
I'm not code monkey, I'm here to solve problems
Regular Checkbox is full of bugs and were changed almost every android version, what's the point of using it
@SargeBorsch It's no different from work life, we basically copy paste stuff from SO anyways
^ I'm talking about the same
it works fine when there is no style applied to the fragment. This is not a checkbox issue
1:20 PM
interview is always just fucking lie with stupid HR who doesn't give a fuck anyway
@TimCastelijns what the parent of the style?
@MuratK. on SO you at least need to figure out the meaning and pick the important bits from the rest, etc
check the source of this theme, it's probably has white for checkbox
I said that I checked the hierarchy. There is no white anywhere, I also don't override any of the referenced values
1:22 PM
Hiya Jordy!!!!!!! :D
hey guy
@TimCastelijns maybe it's white by default
check on other device, OEMs always changing everyfuckingdefault thing
I am using emulator
@TimCastelijns you cant set theme to a fragment afaik
@ColdFire what? why?
you can
1:26 PM
using setStyle
which one?
you can set style for root element in fragments xml
well that is setting style to a view
and not a fragment
you can either set it as activity level or view level
it's a dialogfragment, they have mTheme
so my gf is completely inccomunicated
there is a 30seconds gap with data connection every day when the car passes trough a valley where a repeater has minimal signal, but there's no way to stop there
so wathever one sends to the other is recieved by the other at ~7:30
i started writing the messages as telegrams.
1:29 PM
ah then yes dialog fragment has theme indeed
please notify how day went. stop.
day went suck
as every day where I am making ui
@TimCastelijns use this Theme.AppCompat.Light.Dialog
I don't want to change the parent theme
1:33 PM
why not?
you are using a dark theme that will make widgets white
so unless you override or use light theme
@CptEric 30 sec isnt that bad or is it?
just change the checkbox style
I override everything I can find but nothing works xD for the CB at least. The text is ok
@ColdFire 30 seconds of data every 24h.
no wifi
no cable
no landlines
#Teruel, the part of spain that is still in the 1930's.
// CompoundButtonCompat.setButtonTintList(checkBox,!ThemeSingleton.get().isDarkThem‌​e()? null:ColorStateList.valueOf(ContextCompat.getColor(checkBox.getContext(), R.color.white)));
@TimCastelijns use goddamn AppCompat, it works
1:36 PM
i use this for changing the checkbox colors
ofcourse this is for appcompat you can switch to native method
nah dima it does not I tried it
looks like CF was right with the light theme
well you doubted it
@CptEric i see
Well, I told about dark theme first =/
I wanted to avoid this because now I have to check other places that use this style
you can use the code i shared above to change it
1:38 PM
well, set dark theme only for CB
yeah you can manage stuff at view level also
altho i am not sure what you are trying to do that you need darktheme and dark widgets
rip my op5 cable
time to buy a new one
dark is our app base theme
well actually light
lol decide one
is there a small and good way to animate view showing and hiding
i tried a bunch results are not really as expected or as smooth as i want
Depends on what kind of animation you want I guess
1:46 PM
Oh that video is gold
people always look weird when I say "yeah I asked my friend from edinburgh this" or "yeah I know some people in catalonia let me ask them" or "yeah my friends in india told me that X and Y" we know people everywhere :D
international support team
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