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10:16 AM
you may want to listen "The red jumpsuit apparatus"
now that's a name I haven't heard in a long time
My vscode has suddenly started opening every file in a new instance
what fucking gives
@GNi33 they're awesome
I recently discovered that one, so long lol
I knew "Face Down" by them, but not much more
yeah that's a good one
10:23 AM
I'm just hyped for the new Pennywise album
oh that's a good one
listened some of them... pretty decent
I used to pretty much exclusively listen to punkrock / skatepunk at some point
the new stuff sounds really good again
when all I can think of is skateboarding when listening to a song, it's a good song
my application suddenly doesn't launch anymore, upon calling node app.js (the normal entry point) I get the follow error:
Encountered an error when attempting to require('sails'):
SyntaxError: Unexpected token } in JSON at position 49
    at JSON.parse (<anonymous>)
    at exports.parse (/home/paul/WebstormProjects/bink-portal/bink-backend/node_modules/rc/lib/utils.js:15:17)
    at addConfigFile (/home/paul/WebstormProjects/bink-portal/bink-backend/node_modules/rc/index.js:31:20)
    at module.exports (/home/paul/WebstormProjects/bink-portal/bink-backend/node_modules/rc/index.js:45:3)
That makes no sense at all
10:49 AM
@paul23 you updated sails?
rm -rf ./node_modules/ && npm install
(or yarn)
nope :( - well fixed it after verifying everything against external repository, turned out I had a redundant comma inside the .sailsrc file
Mumbai Indian Rocks
@Varun Welcome to the JavaScript chat! Please review the room rules. Please don't ask if you can ask or if anyone's around; just ask your question, and if anyone's free and interested they'll help.
Why do people use POST for login requests? It seems to me logical to use GET html verb there (you are requesting the server to verify the login data you send, you don't expect the server to change internal state if you log in).
@paul23 For both partical and semantic reasons
Changing the session is sorta changing server state
But more importantly, using GET would enable shoulder surfing.
10:57 AM
@MadaraUchiha I guess (but then requesting a random number could also be considered a post request); but can't you send form information with a get request?
Lastly, GET is expected to be idempotent, you make the same GET twice you get the same (roughly) response twice
Even if your call is to /random and you get a random number, the resource you're getting, a random number, is the same resource.
see random number generator ;P
Whereas with authentication the response for the first request would be "OK" and for the second it would be "You're already logged in"
well the resource you get from a login is "a session", one would/shouldn't care about that the session is the same/different if you log in multipletimes.
oh, that's what people expect? I sure always expect myself to relog when I log in again while already logged in.
I would expect a simple redirect to the homepage
But the result is still different (I would be logged in with the first request, but not any further requests)
The strongest argument is shoulder surfing though
11:00 AM
"clear session data" is actually what I would expect.
@paul23 Nah, I'd expect that on logout.
Hmm I guess I'm just weird, as I kind of expect it to be logout-login cycle (though most websites don't enable it anyways).
I wouldn't use a get for a login because it'd put the password in the url bar vOv
@Cereal Use form data with the get request?
@paul23 Browsers don't support this.
IIRC, per whatwg standard.
Even though the HTTP standard does support it
11:02 AM
oh... nvm then, than "shoulder surfing" makes sense.
@Cereal That's my argument about shoulder surfing
Silly browsers being silly
I still think POST makes more sense
regardless of shoulder surfing
you're setting / changing parameters for your session on the server.
@GNi33 What if you don't ie you log in only to retrieve data once? thus not using sessions at all? (Right now that happens in my case)
Hi guys ! Please tell me is there a way to give a loading effect on exporting pdf in datatable? I tried but the loading is coming once the export is completed. I want loading to show as soon as pdf export button is clicked. Thanks in advance
11:20 AM
@paul23 you're still using a session, aren't you?
Nope, why would I, it's only an additional layer of indirection that isn't needed for the current list of requirements.
why are you logging in then?
well, even if it's just an authentication, you're still setting this state on the server
To disable data from being visible? To request data a person "has to supply login credentials each time the data is requested". explicit requirement.
that's still a state in my opinion
Here's a fun one
True or false: All objects in JavaScript are truthy
11:31 AM
I mean, booleans are technically objects
and they can clearly be falsey
@towc booleans are not even technically objects
@towc also technically not
Isn't null an object? (unlike undefined)
I'd have to google that
@paul23 null in JavaScript is of type null
I think it's not clear to me what an object actually is
11:32 AM
Which is a type with only one value, null.
Type in javascript = object right?
@towc You'd like ruby. Everything is an object
Funny enough, even though the one object I'm thinking about is an object, its typeof is not "object"
I found that out rather recently
I thought that if something had a property, it was an object
@MadaraUchiha string?
11:34 AM
@MadaraUchiha NaN?
@KendallFrey strings are not objects
@towc NaN is a number (funny enough)
Can you define object?
!!> !!new String('')
the metatype (result of typeof x) at least in python that's an object.
@MadaraUchiha true
11:35 AM
which isn't inherited from object but from type
@MadaraUchiha then it must be either a symbol or a function
@towc Basically, anything that's not of type number, string, boolean, and is not the literal values null or undefined
huh, typeof Symbol === 'function'
hmm exceptions are also truthy, can't think of more edge cases
oh you can use symbols as functions?
I mean, I guess it makes sense
11:40 AM
Symbol is a special thing in javascript
The fuck is a symbol
the Symbol function object
@towc no, silly
!!> typeof Object
@KendallFrey "function"
that's the constructor
of course it's a function
11:42 AM
!!> Symbol(123)
@towc "ReferenceError: Symbol is not defined"
@Cereal welcome to JS
also, new Symbol throws
@Cereal ES2015 if I'm not mistaken
IE doesn't support it, so it doesn't count anyways
@KendallFrey it's not a constructor
it's a function
I mean
you know what I mean
it's not a "class"
11:45 AM
Symbol is a function object. Which has a constructor ...
it's not
I mean
it explicitly disallows being called with new
implementation details within JS aside
it literally says it when you try
!!> new Symbol()
@Mosho "ReferenceError: Symbol is not defined"
well, in chrome it says
VM223:1 Uncaught TypeError: Symbol is not a constructor
@BadgerCat fyi we're sponsoring pycon so you'll probably see some of my colleagues
I mean, there are many pycons
there was a pycon in slovakia back in march
11:52 AM
I do not attend js confs
reason: too much weebos
you might accidentally improve your english
idk how you call those "fluent people that thinks that each new things in web development is awesome" coming with a garbage usage of eg Proxy
sly dig
I even prefer to check Zirak's quirks
@KarelG something something blockchain
11:54 AM
@BenFortune *needs more
I'm still waiting for your vue blockchain dating app
a what?
just for me
if you want to find dates, you only have to check the calendar ...
there are no other options for you
11:57 AM
I got another girl's email yesterday
@towc function findMatches () { return 0; }
@towc I see you got the Facebook data leak
@BenFortune I made it
what the fuck my skype just committed suicide
Did it leave a note?
@KendallFrey Did it become smarter before it saw your face?
12:05 PM
@BadgerCat python para modelos eh :D
Hi is there anybody that can help me with this question
Q: componentWillReceiveProps method doesn't run anymore when using redux to call api

SandroI'm going to call api using redux: I used axios,history,react-redux,react-router-native,react-router,,redux-promise-middleware,redux-thunk component to make api call using redux: I made Reducers folder and put all my reducer file there in their own file and combine them in a main file like this ...

it's about reactjs or react native
i did it on react native
in fact the problem is that i can not call multiple api in one component for example i have two button in one component that one of them is called insert api and another one will call delete api.
12:28 PM
hello everybody, I am playing with aframe ( codepen.io/bgonz/pen/obZvQz ), which is basically a 'paint' on canvas. I want to achieve accelerated panning like we have on Google Street View. How can I achieve this?
I hate touchpads. I always accidentally increase / decrease my font sizes
I have a special love for macbook touchpads
I only need to come close to it and all windows get pushed to the side or get minimized
@ssube What's the easiest way to reset a cluster to default?
12:43 PM
it's true. I tried to play with a concussion once
> I'm not hurt!
what's your name
> that's not important!
I got a brain concussion from playing (not ice) hockey before
I felt nothing but the day after I could not resist anything, even the light coming from the lamps
I just ended up with a nasty headache and couldn't remember right for a day
maybe two. hard to remember :P
@rlemon btw, check this video first then his reaction here
that was a quite drama in our national soccer league. Most analists had a good laugh with that
@BenFortune depends, how default? You can delete everything from kubectl and it will be empty, or you can respin the cluster.
12:59 PM
Ended up doing the latter
I royally fucked up the storage and couldn't be arsed debugging
It's like we're besties
after your experience with it, and knowing how some other folks do or are interested in similar, I'm tempted to suggest we do a hangout about containers and clusters
@ssube That'd be awesome if you have some free time someday
I'm still using this terraform script but I'd love to know the ins and outs
terraform has more ins and outs than an orgy in cali :(
but yeah, and you've already played with a few tools I haven't
1:06 PM
you've probably used scaleway, rook, and auto devops more than me
Oh right
I've done a 180 on auto devops
heh, not a fan now?
It assumes too much
Can I ask question related to Angular js
yeah, that was my experience with it
1:07 PM
it's not bad, it's just too opinionated to be of much use to me
Like, every deploy it assumed I wanted a pg database to be spun up
And if I didn't want that, I'd need to use their massive gitlab-ci.yml
which is substantially larger than it needs to be and not terribly maintainable
although with 10.6, the feature to include yamls came to CE
There were a few secrets you could pass as env variables, but not nearly as much as I need to get my bespoke sites working
@KendallFrey football :D
1:09 PM
Quick question about how you would expect a site to behave
@Cereal well
@Cereal like, in the best possible way
I mean not being down is a massive plus
@BenFortune so, managing secrets is still an open question for most people (AWS released a service literally this week, but I'm a fan of github.com/StackExchange/blackbox
not using jQuery is a tremendous plus
1:10 PM
You create a new user using a form. You send the data to the server. The server returns the saved model.

My first thought was just - fill in the newly created ID, show a notification that it was saved. Now editing this would edit the existing user
However the url would still say /user/new
In angular js how can I get checked with a check box in accordance with tha value populated from database
> the server returns the saved model
how's that
in json
all the user's data?
1:11 PM
No, just what's in the form
Because that's how I wrote it
I'd use the history api to update the url
wouldn't be better to just AJAX the server?
If you use the history api to update the url, you'd navigate to the new page
which would obliterate my notification :(
1:12 PM
you're so mean
@Neoares I do
omg lol
when using the CSS content in :before or :after, then that content is not a part of the DOM, which means I cannot change it with javascript?
or is there a way?
@Cereal then why do you return the same thing the user has just wrote in the form
1:13 PM
I think the problem is I'm using the same component for the new and edit pages
I see only jQuery answers >.>
just to double check?
@KarelG It's called pseudo for a reason
@Neoares It now contains the new id
@KendallFrey jesus christ
1:13 PM
gotcha make myself easier by toggling class names
@KarelG you can change it with js. you just have to parse the css sheet and alter the value there :D
btw, what do you wanna change?
you have done that before
what do you wanna change?
div::after {
	content: attr(data-text)'!';

<div data-text="world">
well, there is a link element with a ▼ arrow right to it. If you click it, it opens a div element below it. The arrow then should become ▲. Clicking on it again = close div and the arrow is then back at ▼
if you just wanna alter text you can easily do that with data attrs
1:18 PM
I thought to add a span element right after that anchor element
then it is a simple textContent with those unicode numbers
but the designer has made that ▼ as a pseudo element
@BenFortune Ah, I didn't know you could pass a state doing this
That makes everything much better
tell the designer that you want it your way
Guys Guys GUys Please look into my problem you are great genious
How not to get an answer 101
1:25 PM
</input> is redundant
no u
a right content: attr
Pretty sure value has to be "on" to check a checkbox
Because that makes a whole lot of sense
values is there dude
but it is going in a loop
so last item only get working
cannot help ya here. sorry
@rlemon thanks for your input. That is really useful.
1:28 PM
you can even format in the content
if you didn't see me trying to showcase that
content: attr(data-key)' :: 'attr(data-value)
for example
would output key :: value
in google chrome, message shows jquery function is not a function but on firefox it is working fine
morning friends
@MadaraUchiha every single version of webpack was prematurely released IMO
1:37 PM
I have to admit that that concatenation ' ' is something new for me.
is there a list of such formats ?
Mdn might have something
Yes, it's called the spec
or you can only use concatenation by ' '
Generally, that
When css is concerned. Brute Force works
1:38 PM
Well, and "
Ah, I do not have time to follow the CSS specs in detail (in contrary to ecma and *sic* jls)
You don't need to follow them at all
I don't follow any spec in detail, you just need to be able to find out where something is specified
That's the point of a spec - it lets you do that
you have to be aware of new things though
@KendallFrey can you convert a mesh into a part?
Enclose feature maybe can
Haven't used it
1:44 PM
nahh, doesn't let me select the mesh.
looks like you're SOL
If im using webpack to bundle my css, do I need to add a link to the bundled sheet? At one point it was just automatically including style tags, but now that im trying to put it in a separate file its not automatically adding the sheet
@BenjaminGruenbaum Yeah, check mine.
1:54 PM
I have been here since mid 2012.
@BenjaminGruenbaum i recall jTypes as a way to have OOP. But creating a class object was kinda cumbersome IIRC
How do I read input from the console in node.js?
@Jhawins yeah, I did, I wasn't disagreeing
1:55 PM
Ah :P
@KarelG we still have like 5-10 classes with lang-ext here shudders
Like, console.log() gives output, how do I read a string in node.js?
@PrittBalagopal You didn't Google it, did you?
Q: Reading value from console, interactively

Risto NovikI thought to make an simple server http server with some console extension. I found the snippet to read from command line data. var i = rl.createInterface(process.stdin, process.stdout, null); i.question('Write your name: ', function(answer) { console.log('Nice to meet you> ' + answer); ...

there are many many results for this if you search it
in C#, 2 mins ago, by MikeTheLiar
Whatever room you're going to, google it first
1:57 PM
I did @MikeTheLiar
@rlemon you're a giffer, right? Do you take requests? I'm lazy and can't be bothered to do it myself.
They say a function called readline()
what you need jellybean?
Such a function didnt exist
@PrittBalagopal you have been warned, next time that's a kick.
1:58 PM
Sorry :(
Don't apologize, make some fucking effort
@PrittBalagopal if you do the minimal amount of research into what readline is in the context of nodejs you'd answer your own question
@rlemon But can he see why kids love Cinnamon Toast Crunch?
@KendallFrey 😬 I think I am SOL in onshape.
@rlemon I want a adaption of the "porque no los dos" ad but instead of hard and soft tacos it's tabs and spaces. When she says "why not both" it cuts to a riot mob or public shaming or some such
1:59 PM
I have a stl to a part and I wanna model a lid for it
@MikeTheLiar Tabs > Spaces. Get outta here.
so i'd like the ability to add constraints based on the dimensions of the 'mesh' I have
Does it let you measure the mesh?
@Trasiva I prefer tabs but to be honest I don't really care one way or the other so long as you pick one and stick to it
1:59 PM
just gives me overall area
that's weird

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