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12:00 AM
@Loktar black pla is so much more satisfying to print.
so nice and dark and crisp and shiny
nvm found it
12:15 AM
@KendallFrey science question..
If we lose net neutrality, will the net become acidic or basic?
but.. then it would be neutral.
you're bad at science.
do we live in an amphoteric internet?
!!sleep or play or run
@towc play
12:33 AM
!!run or sleep
@towc run
!!band or no band
@towc band
12:52 AM
Uncaught CantKeepGoingError: Unexpected #2 impulse run:1/4
!!welcome oboecat
@oboecat Welcome to the JavaScript chat! Please review the room rules. Please don't ask if you can ask or if anyone's around; just ask your question, and if anyone's free and interested they'll help.
anyone know javascript around here?
@oboecat I've learnt 2 of them
1:01 AM
does splice take negative numbers?
too bad there's no way to find out
ex: splice at index 5, and -3 objects back
instead of 3 objects forward
!!> [1,2,3,4,5].splice(2, -3);
@ShrekOverflow []
1:04 AM
nah, [5,6]
1:19 AM
!!> "3" - "1"
@ShrekOverflow 2
1:48 AM
Map.get is 10x as fast as object[], wow
Let me explain net neutrality in the most horrific way: if FCC dismantles it, and you get internet from Verizon, they may force you to use YAHOO as your search engine (because they own it), but PAY to use GOOGLE. Would you like that? If not, you SUPPORT #NetNeutrality.
2:03 AM
how do i splice objects the opposite way?
 var wasTotal = [];
                    wasTotal.push([["CANCER"], [50]]);
                    wasTotal.push([["WGU"], [50]]);
                    wasTotal.push([["WGU2"], [50]]);
                    wasTotal.splice(1, -2);
i want 'wgu' and 'cancer' removed
not 'wgu' and 'wgu2' where splice(1, 2)
seriously? not even google knows what im talking about
just splice the opposite direction
no, the opposite direction
wtf there is no opposite direction
i want 'cancer' and 'wgu' removed, not 'wgu' and 'wgu2'
just adjust the values
2:06 AM
okay.. how do i specify 'remove index of 'string' and all previous index objets'
use slice?
fkn js, another reason why i hate this language
@david 1 sec
this is not the language's fault
just use .splice(0,indexof the thing you want to keep)
seriously, splice(0, 2) does what you want. it gets rid of wgu and cancer
2:27 AM
@david thx, fixed
I think I've been pooping raw apples
that's nice to hear
2:45 AM
You're lucky, my poop is pretty shitty
3:08 AM
3:54 AM
da fuq does this mean? 'variable exVar is used outside of block which it is declared
I got a question for you
What's hevia ...A kelogramm f stee or kelogramm of fedas
Watch this video to find out
4:10 AM
I'll pass, thanks
@monners but why. It's sad and funny at the same time. Watch it please
4:39 AM
can anybody give me an honest opinion of justice league?
it recently came out and i need to know if i should go watch it
im not googling reviews because i want the review of a JS programmer
5:16 AM
@Endel o/ hey man
5:33 AM
Hello. How can I remove the mouse's rotation effect from the child div? I am trying to make a projectile but the projectile is affected by the mouse during its animation.
5:54 AM
!>> 1+2
@CapricaSix help?
@Abhi That didn't make much sense. Use the !!/help command to learn more.
@Abhi 3
@deostroll ..
1 hour later…
7:07 AM
Amazon allows you to create two accounts with the same email and different passwords. what tyhe fuck
has anyone used babylon.js
@littlepootis no it does not lol
It does
either you typed it wrong, or it's a different amazon
Or maybe it did, before. I was surprised to find I had 2 different accounts with the same email, different passwords.
@Mosho No, no.
7:11 AM
it could even be a bug, though that sounds highly unlikely
but "amazon allows you to create two accounts with the same email" evaluates to false
can anyone help me on ymy question
Q: unable to draw multiple datatables on single page with custom inputs, How to make it work ?

santoshI have 3 or more DataTables in my single page link below. i am using custom filter input for all DataTables. Click Here for page or copy this url - http://image.webspapa.in/test.php This is working fine for 2nd and 3rd table but whenever i filter first table , all the three got filtered. ...

sure, it's still false though
Trying to incorporate babylon.js heightmap to a three.js scene
7:13 AM
you can't, right now, create two accounts with the same email
> Or maybe it did, before
original statement still false
although even having had the option before is weird
though who knows
I wasn't even born in 2008
maybe it made sense back then
7:25 AM
10 mins ago, by Mosho
I wasn't even born in 2008
Hey guys. Erm. I'd like to develop Javascript, but am finding most resources to be rather poor. I know a few programming languages already (C#, Java, etc.). Do any of you know a pragmatic here-you-go javascript guide that skips the hand holding and flowery descriptions?
@person27 Welcome to the JavaScript chat! Please review the room rules. Please don't ask if you can ask or if anyone's around; just ask your question, and if anyone's free and interested they'll help.
Haha! But I have. In order to see if I could ask about resources lol. (Take that, Cap)
@person27 she's a bot
Yea. I'm just being (what would you call that? tongue-in-cheek?)
7:32 AM
@person27 resources on javascript are far from poor
I know, but the good guides are buried under a mess of not-good guides. I found decent guides too, but they are flowery. I guess I'm just asking to see if anybody knows a site or tutorial that reads like dense notes. Like a cheat sheet, but with more context.
though that's just about the language it self, a really small subset of what you have to learn to do most things
same as any other language, really
some good sources in the bottom there too
I'll go read that now, thanks.
though looking at it, it hasn't been updated in a while
all of it is good to know though
7:37 AM
yeah, right, that's a good one
Hello hello
Hi guys

I want to ask why this question about javascript native code is down voted : https://stackoverflow.com/questions/47442507/how-to-get-javascript-functions-native-code

I don't find any problem with it
Happy thanksgiving!!! @ssube @SterlingArcher @Vap0r @Loktar @Trasiva @Jhoverit @HatterisMad @phenomnomnominal @everybody else from us!
My ultimate goal is to read stuff like window.datalayer = window.datalayer || []; and actually understand what it's doing. Currently looks like the array is itself or an empty array. I'm guessing if window.datalayer is null, it counts as false and becomes an empty array or something.
I want to shake my fist to those people that answers on the question
7:45 AM
man answering on SO is hard, it turns out you can't just make up stuff
Does anybody here use net10? I have a useless plan b/c I had a smartphone that stopped reading sim cards and made the mistake of buying a plan before using the phone.
@KamilSolecki The trick is to answer with a correct and concise answer first, then using the grace period to edit it more details
do you know the grace period time ?
(Looking at answer below) so where did Perl get it from?
They got it from Perl, iirc
7:58 AM
@GNi33 they had 100+ rep anyway
hmm, how can I see my browsing history from other devices on my phone
it only shows my history on the phone, though on my pc I can choose specific devices to see history from
don't see that on android
I was about to say its inbuilt in Safari
@Mosho probably try searching ?
nope :\
it depends of the browser
eg at chrome, you have to sign in to get the browsing history across devices
I'm signed in
8:11 AM
check the sync settings
I do see my phone history on pc
chrome sync is on
hmm, last sync 2 days ago
ah there is the problem
nah, don't see it even after sync
that happens if you get distracted and wants to keep it simple as possible
chrome says I'm not logged in to my chrome account
even though the entire phone is synced with my google account
but when I try to log in, it says the account already exists on the device :|
Do you guys use web push ? What are you thoughts about it ?
@DenysSéguret Like it
but only used it for test projects
Can you effectively dispatch for free cross browser notifications ? What were you using ?
^ They are free. 100% Free
8:21 AM
uninstalling and reinstalling chrome works
@ShrekOverflow Thanks
@DenysSéguret is this for miaou?
@ShrekOverflow Not just Miaou but Miaou would be where I'd first try it
OneSignal's APIs are very sweet abstraction
I have the need at work too, but I like to experiment first in my own quiet place..
8:23 AM
@DenysSéguret that sounds cute.
(and I have many Miaou users regularly pinging me to ask for instant android notifications...)
(which reminds me I must buy a new smartphone right now... and I don't know which one isn't incredibly expensive or just shit)
I guess I know where I'll be in 12 years
1 hour ago, by Mosho
I wasn't even born in 2008
makes sense
I wonder what new kinds of annoying bullshit we'll have in 2030
just the regular ones. Did you have seen a bull not dropping any shit? Right?
8:52 AM
@Mosho Aging ? Spouses?
death is the opposite of annoying
and we already have aging
maybe something like having AI customer service for everything
creating a positive feedback loop of frustration
@Mosho No AI can beat outsourced customer service
in generating frustration?
but at least some of it is not outsourced yet
8:57 AM
I mean try calling my ISP :P
its not outsourced
and they make me want to pull my horns out
yeah ISP's are pretty much all bad
but I've had only positive experience with my banks and credit cards companies' customer service
I'd take Google with documentation over any Customer Service
especially in canada
Canada is heaven :P
I had to talk to them on 9 calls over 3 months just for them to tell me that they issued my refund already.
I think more annoying will be more twitterbot presidents
what's that
9:05 AM
@Mosho I fear Trump is just the beginning
ah that
I think trump is pretty unique
he exposed his unfiltered thoughts on twitter long before he became president
yes, but he became the president
s/the president/a meme/
well meme presidents then :P
there were lots of presidents with meme potential before
but there weren't meme platforms like we have now
9:08 AM
I hope that it only show that the citizens of USA should know that elections is a serious thing and not a show or something else
you think all presidents were all really noble and wise?
obama was not much more than a great orator
bush was a joke
clinton was scandalous
nixon was crazy (and the only president to have resigned)
@Mosho no
no, but those that you have named did at least a decent job. Nobody is perfect. But Trump is ... Trump
bush did a decent job?
nixon did a decent job?
you may be focusing on the mistakes/failures/scandals
look at the whole potus period
9:20 AM
nixon was vietnam, one of the worst things in US history
and watergate...
I don't think even trump can top that
!!chill and sleep or make a drone or work on vpn or finish building the desk?
@ShrekOverflow work on vpn
well, I guess he didn't start the vietnam war
but he did some fucky things
true, but he also has reformed many things
except he sucks at economics IIRC
same for reagan
same can be said about trump, you are focusing on what is shown in the media
and the fact that he says dumb things
and possibly does some dumb things
you don't actually know what he's doing all day
not saying he's good or bad
as a president
9:28 AM
^ That I agree
9:48 AM
@Abhi That didn't make much sense. Maybe you meant: foo, bot
@Abhi Input not matching /bar/. Help: User-taught command: baz //learn
@Abhi Information on interacting with me can be found at this page
9:50 AM
@Mosho so far he does not have realized something useful IMO. When he got elected, I always have said that I may have laughs with him, but that I also want to "look for the cat in the tree"
He still have 3 years to realize something
then I may say that he did it either good or bad
did Zirak make Caprica
@KarelG you mean 7
most likely
anone using f.lux?
trying to customize it
!!give me a lick
@Abhi Mmmm! you taste just like raisin
10:09 AM
@CapricaSix Development time well spent
!!define doge
!!tell Abhi sandbox
@Abhi Please go and play in the Sandbox
@Mosho it was a very close win. It all depends what he accomplishes the coming 3 years
hey Ben. It is been a while.
How are you?
@Mosho I am, but I'm using stock settings IIRC
10:19 AM
class Animal{
  name: string;
  move(distanceInMeters: number = 0){
    console.log(`${this.name} moved ${distanceInMeters}m.`);

class Snake extends Animal{
  move(distanceInMeters = 5){
    console.log('Slithering ...');
@KarelG Hi! I'm good thanks, you?
TypeScript - Wrt move() method in Snake, Is this overriding of move() method or inheriting move() method?
overwrite ofc?
@BenFortune I'm good too. I'm prepared for any black friday sales on electronics. Maybe I can find stuff for another rpi projects :D
10:25 AM
@KarelG Haha same, it's payday today. Tomorrow is going to be dangerous
@BenFortune Just piss it all away today!
I've been toying with the idea of converting my car's MFD to a pi display
10:27 AM
am i being annoying
Ben has pointed you to the sandbox room where you're free to try out caprica's commands. Please go to that room.
ill stop
10:28 AM
Do you have any specific sites you're going to check tomorrow?
Amazon and gearbest mainly
Hello guys, can someone give me tips how to code BST visualiser in HTML/JS? How should I start, what should I start learning?
@Heheszek Welcome to the JavaScript chat! Please review the room rules. Please don't ask if you can ask or if anyone's around; just ask your question, and if anyone's free and interested they'll help.
first time I have heard of gearbest
10:33 AM
whats hammertime
@KarelG It's pretty good, I get a lot of electronics from there
@Heheszek googling
And my vape stuff
yeah just discovered the catalog
Sorry, I'm rude.
10:38 AM
@littlepootis googling what? I mean I am starting with web visualisation
First result for "BST visualiser in HTML/JS"
Hey any HN people - my friend built the Chrome T-Rex thing in real life - currently at news.ycombinator.com - (Search for T-Rex) - any support/votes appreciated.
direct links get you shadow banned on HN, fyi
Thanks though
really o.O
how do they figure it out if a visitor came to there by a direct link? >.>
http referrer
or referer
10:55 AM
Argh, this message! "MaxListenersExceededWarning: Possible EventEmitter memory leak detected. 11 exit listeners added. Use emitter.setMaxListeners() to increase limit"
How does 11 resources indicate a leak?
So much that everybody needs to be warned about it
@BenFortune NodeJS
I'd really like to know the reasoning behind adding that
Not so much that I would research it though
I don't think it's very accurate, I've only ever seen that message when using it in loops
Try running with --trace-warnings
@BenFortune No. It's accurate
There are more than 11 exit listeners being created in a dependency
So that dependency could maybe be rewritten
Or I can change my runtime defaults to accommodate for it
Both are things I consider idiotic
And I have seen people handle this case with process.on('warning', ...
11:31 AM
Q: Finding a proper implementation of ArrayList in php

Robin BakkerFor my internship i have to work with PHP. as a starter i got a task of making a Zoo. but i can't find the right syntax in php where i do know how to do it in java: public void ovulate() { int maxeggs = this.getGenderowner().getMaxNumberOfEggs(); while (eggs.size() < maxeggs) { ...

Oh boy, AWS SNS supports filtering now
I wonder how that compares to our existing RabbitMQ setup
> The ACM management console can configure the DNS records for you if you manage your DNS records with Amazon Route 53.
What a day!
And Aurora for Postgres is available in our primary region now \o/
Hello all
Time to change everything
11:45 AM
i can't find the right example that explains what i should be doing. i've already read the whole manual — Robin Bakker 4 mins ago
He is just lazy
Yall, I need opinions
@Cerbrus I need some help. On button click, I want to make my browser full screen (F11 functionality). I gone through so many threads here referring the same issue and I found one working solution here jsfiddle.net/a3rwnvca/2 but it's not same as F11. Using that solution, my entire page is in black background
whatcha think?
disregard the text
general impression
Polish looks like someone barfed on the bottom row of a keyboard
@Mr.7 Don't randomly ping people please
11:56 AM
ily2 kendol
@BenFortune ok sorry.
@KamilSolecki I like it. It reminds me of death

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