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2:04 PM
@JAamish compile flags need to be set before compiler is invoked, during rinit is okay
you no longer get those^ compile time optimizations ... I can't tell what sort of impact that will have, it depends on the code being executed ...
in case anyone was wondering, I got a really big cake, and a tray of cup cakes ... the internet points go to my wife ...
Cast in function – #75507
Seriously.. is this a new trend to paste code as an image? stackoverflow.com/questions/47203821/…
@JoeWatkins it is behaving differently. When I set it inside, the strlen function is being called, but the mapped cufa is not called. When I set it in rinit, then everything is working fine. It would be good if PHP can support disabling compiler only for certain functions and leave the rest out as it is.
you're requesting the impossible ...
think about it ...
@JoeWatkins :D I agree. I was just thinking out loud
In uopz I see the it has to be loaded before opcache. I see that opcache is within the php.ini. How to determine the order of loading
How to make sure uopz is loaded before opcache
2:12 PM
TIL: I am brilliant
amazing samayo. You are brilliant! — Tim Liberty 6 mins ago
@AlmaDo imo - they should be closed as if there is no code in their question. Any blind person using a screenreader will agree
$carts = var_dump($_POST['data'][0]); am i calling my multidimensional array wrong
it says Undefined offset: 3
you mean undefined offset 0?
2:26 PM
If it's 3, that's not the code that is triggering the notice.
@Sjon it's hard to believe for me that posters of such things don't understand how much does it decrease their chances to get even some answers
@AlmaDo too bad they are actually getting answers - maybe if images never rendered in-line it would be done less
In a PHP extension, when a function is executing, how to get the current PHP file name that called this function
the world is far from being ideal..
2:32 PM
Yeh sorry undefined offset 0
I've got the power of god And anime on my side
(you got flags for it even Oo...)
@SaitamaSama wtf...
@SaitamaSama some stuff are sort of "tabu" even in joking context
ugh, I had to urban that
I'm glad I didn't know what loli was before now
2:34 PM
rlemon you here
but thanks for ruining my innocence
thought you were javascript master race
@Tomm look at the list of rooms I'm in
I don't leave them
I've been in PHP room for years.
like a bad smell..
2:34 PM
Free snacks
@rlemon suuuure
@SaitamaSama you do realise they're not joking?
While holding a sandwich and coffee from Tim Hortons
2:36 PM
I didn't think chat would reach this low
pack of timbits in the back
Apologising profusely.
Something something milk bags
@Fabor .. and that's how php was made?
2:37 PM
dude, milk bags are superior in almost every way
Your President is near me currently @rlemon.
@AlmaDo heh
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@rlemon Double entendre tho
> JayIsTooCommon has invited you to join Trash. See your invitations.
Jay has invited me to join the trash :D
> If I was the Prime Minister of Vietnam, I’d feel like the prettiest girl at the ball.
That word created a bigger discussion as indians comming to free codes
sorry, @JayIsTooCommon - I respect your privacy in that room so I probably won't join for now (:
2:38 PM
no offense to indian people
just the ammount of indian people on so asking for codes is redicilous
I feel worse for genuinely skilled Indian IT people.
OMG... I've never seen Justin getting down
@Fabor thanks for linking that thread
Rlemon is it safe to click that link on work
2:40 PM
I just cringed a little
As far as presidential dance videos go, that one is okay.
Bush got killed by a pretzel
I think we're well aware of what a pretzel is
no i am serious
i dont understand this look
!!urban bush
2:43 PM
[ bush ] The only presendent of the United States of America to be all most assassinated by a pretzil.
It's a joke because he choked on one when he was on Air Force One.
I guess im to young to get that
Damn, that was years ago now.
nice year.. I entered my uni back then..
i was 2
2:49 PM
I wasn't 18 :p
He went to Uni early
I originally got the "18+" thingy
but when @Sean realized that I wasn't 18.. he removed the joke :p
Nah, it was because I thought community chat was 18+
For some weird reason.
it is not.. and that's not bad
2:55 PM
The past hour of conversation says different.
Do not take this out on my pretzel
@JayIsTooCommon I'm sorry.
2:56 PM
@JayIsTooCommon I eliminated that by using the tiny avatars thingy
the Kaori aka SaitamaSama isn't annoying either.. so I find having pre-18 users here as a not bad thing
3:21 PM
@SaitamaSama did you change names again?
@Naruto Umm.. if I had to remember, @Saitama => @Okabe => @Saitama => @Kaori => @SheiKYerBouti => @Saitama => @ToukaXKaneki => @SaitamaSama
@SaitamaSama you're hopeless
I plan to stay @SaitamaSama now
3:25 PM
that's what you say every time...
no, no. I shall, this time :V
besides, he's arrogant #thatHonorifics..
btw I don't recognize any of the anime/manga characters from your names :\
ah wait, no
I know Okabe!
that's a damn classic
Steins;Gate was so good
btw, Kaori is from Shigatsu wa Kimi No Uso
and it's a great anime as well :B
3:34 PM
@Fabor omg LOL
Justin <3
@SaitamaSama it took some time for me to restore "Your April Lie" from that
I had to google "Uso" :(
:P gj anyways
I could google the translit anyways
that's how it is
(again, I wrote it in hiragana and kanji was replaced for me :o )
@AlmaDo :O
I'm too newbie for kanji yet
3:39 PM
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atleast you know something 'Japanese' right? I don't know anything
I'm just familiar with some terms, which appear frequently in animes :P
this is what I've written: しがつはきみのうそ
this is the same in hiragana
actually, kanji for "4" exists too: 四
so in proper kanji it should be 四月は君の嘘
one day I will know it... the only question is what comes earlier - that day or the second date in my lifespan :p
anyways, gtg o/
you shouldv'e been saying "いってきます"
Itte kimasu o/
3:46 PM
(ok, we should probably stop with this not to annoy others :p )
UTF-8 failure mockery: it's not just for PHP anymore
3:59 PM
@JAamish loaded in configured order
evening room
4:18 PM
Is master broken right now? I get an error that zend_ast_var is undeclared and I can't find its definition on lxr.
Doh, my error. Seems I lower-cased it with a vim shortcut.
krakjoe@fiji:/usr/src/php-src$ git log | head -n 1
commit 2205631209843dcb7020d62bfd69c733c5ac46d2
krakjoe@fiji:/usr/src/php-src$ sapi/cli/php -v
PHP 7.3.0-dev (cli) (built: Nov  9 2017 16:22:21) ( ZTS DEBUG )
Copyright (c) 1997-2017 The PHP Group
Zend Engine v3.3.0-dev, Copyright (c) 1998-2017 Zend Technologies
Punisher comes to Netflix next week. :D
good evening, room
Seriously though, what happened to Daniel?
any hint how I xan access lxr, lxr.php.net gives me a 502
4:30 PM
@Fabor Life?
!!lxr magic
[ /ext/fileinfo/fileinfo.c#45 ] struct magic_set *magic;
@SaitamaSama Development was a lot of his life.
@Fabor thx
Hi there
4:38 PM
Q: php segfault on changing array after array_unshift

Chris Kruiningokay, given this snippet of code private function select(string $key, string ...$keys): Model { \array_unshift($keys, $key); foreach($keys as &$key) { $key = \preg_replace_callback('/([a-zA-Z]+)\((.*)\)/', function($match){ return \sprintf('%s(%s)', $match[1], $this->...

!!lxr array_shift
[ /ext/standard/array.c#3264 ] PHP_FUNCTION(array_shift)
@Fabor Times change. Hopefully he's less stressed now ^_^
hmm, cannot repro 3v4l.org/gpIV9
4:59 PM
Anything in the PHP error log? — Jesse Schokker 3 mins ago
@Gordon something somewhere will be stomping on memory....

$result = { 'foo': 'bar' };

var_export($result); echo PHP_EOL;
array (
  'foo' => 'bar',
^ Have the grammar wired up; just need to change it to make an object instead of an array.
So... can we start playing Christmas songs yet?
@Fabor NO.
5:07 PM
@Fabor Of course! Just not publicly.
♫ Last Christmas I gave you my heart ♫
You all love it, there's no denying it. Humming away. It's in your head now!
@LeviMorrison are you friends with Stuart Herbert blog.stuartherbert.com/php/2016/07/09/json-notation-for-php-7-0 ?
@LeviMorrison Since when can you do $result = { 'foo': 'bar' };?
@Allenph You can't. I'm developing it right now while I wait for some code to compile for my actual job.
@LeviMorrison Rofl.
5:11 PM
@Danack Not that I'm aware of.
As he says his patch is naive. I did it the proper way (although it possibly can be cleaned up a bit).
@LeviMorrison We should get a MeetUp going. Adobe will let us use their building. The one by the Cabela's in Alpine.
@Allenph For PHP Internals development or..?
@LeviMorrison For PHP whatever. I went to an Angular MeetUp there that was a super good format. They'd have a beginner, intermediate, and sometimes an expert talk every week.
I've attended this one before: meetup.com/Utah-PHP-User-Group
Or I guess I could go to that one. That sounds like much less work.
5:16 PM
Night, all o/
6:17 PM
@NikiC on a scale of -1 to 10 how bad is this one externals.io/message/101113#101114 ?
I got my purple pillow today, it is pretty comfy
It's really squishy
real test will be tonight
6:34 PM
Is it just memory foam? :p
ah fak, I tired
I think he forgot something PHP Awesome Blogger /r/php
@Allenph it isn't, actually, it feels kind of like jelly, like those jelly shoes nevermind, I remember what jelly shoes feel like, not like them
but doesn't smell like them
6:46 PM
@PeeHaa meh, can't view private bug reports ...
niki can right?
Oh wait. Maybe that ape too @Leigh
@PeeHaa don't know. Need to look at permissions repo
found it
6:48 PM
found it on github
Kids and their weird web interfaces
ugh I am done with crazy all urgent work stuff
Please gods let me just dick around in code for fun tomorrow
is there a way to force programmatically the destruction of an object?
i mean, in order to continue what you are doing, you need to unset() this object
You mean a way besides killing all references to it?
Should I even ask what you are doing? :)
it's something you've encountered too
Can you ELI2 for me? I am super tired and don't get it :)
you need exclusive access to an object
function __construct(){ $this->foo = new Foo(); }
but you want to do dependency injection:
function __construct(Foo $foo){ $this->foo = $foo; }
that means, don't touch $foo from the outside
there should be a way to deny this by design in the language
6:56 PM
I just use auryn and not share the instance :P
java etc all use what's known as "mod count" and it's a shitty solution. for example if i remember correctly
Map map1 = new HashMap(...)
Map map2 = ___.synchronizedMap(map);
if you do this it errors,,, "concurrent modification error" or something like that
basically map2 counts how many times map1 was changed
and if it notices that it was changed more than expected, it throws that error
it's a super crap solution but i don't see alternatives
tl;dr oop sucks
not that other paradigms are better :B
composition is nice in theory, but you can't really do it because of problems like this
Not that a big a problem though
In 99.999% of the cases just say: don't change it
Hey ronni
7:06 PM
Hey Pieter and WesOne
@PeeHaa I'd place it at about 0
It's a DOS requiring specific code
k tnx
Aka it's either something you don't need to be concerned about, or you already know about it
Yeah my spidey sense guessed as much
Thanks for confirming
8:00 PM
What is $query?
@PeeHaa Thanks for asking ok solved :D, have a nice day :D
And guys keep tweeting about php!
8:19 PM
hello ladies and gents, my quest today is to find a ton of images from the internet by search
and I thought google would be good, but it just isn't that great
only returns 20 images, and I need 1000s
@Danack sir
God damn cat had knocked her ear medicine off my desk and batted it under the drawer. She hates that medicine! She knows what she did!
Cats are assholes
Get a dog already
just have kids, they live longer, poop more, and can hold a conversation
and not to mention defend your house when they get older
Dogs do all those things too
8:31 PM
hold conversation?
Well you can talk to a dog
there is that one thing where the dog is talking, all dogs go to heaven
8:50 PM
So question. If I have a User entity, and the user has an address. How do you link those two so when I retrieve the user it comes with the address too?
When you say entity you mean doctrine entity?

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