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2:00 PM
@Box9 Do you need them yet? If you do, then sure, but if not, stick with the lowest possible header level
I'll just do a first pass to see what you think
@MylesGray Ask him to restate that then
@YiJiang take a look now, it may seem like the ECMAScript section is a lot shorter, but most of the info is still there
(and not interweaved with other info)
@Box9 Looks good, approved.
Enjoy your two free reps :P
When I do this:
alert( $('#albumNum1').text() + " AND " + $('#albumTotal').text());

I get "1 AND 2"

How can i pass this if statement then:
if( $('#albumNum1').text() != 1 && $('#albumTotal').text() != 1 ) {
2:05 PM
do ya get that from tag wiki edits now too?
@Karem Uh, coerce them into Number s by adding a + in front of the strings? Also, please use code formatting
@yijiang i dont understand?
oh is it because $('#albumNum1').text() is a string so im originally checking "1" == 1
@Karem That should work. Hang on, there's a logic error in there too
@YiJiang Fix it
Bug in the user style
2:11 PM
unless it is fixed and I just don't have the latest version
@IvoWetzel Uh, yeah, I just noticed that and edited it
Didn't push to userstyle.org yet
@Karem It's returning false for $('#albumNum1').text() != 1, since (1 != 1) === false, so the entire thing fails
@Yijiang its supposed to. If #albumNum1 is 1 and #albumTotal is 1 it should fail, otherwise it should alert pass. Now I have #albumNum1 that is 1 and #albumTotal that is 2, it still fails?
if( $('#albumNum1').text() != 1 && $('#albumTotal').text() != 1 ) {
>>> ('1' != 1 && '2' != 1)
Oh, if that's what you want, it should probably be !(a == 1 && b == 1)
>>> !('1' == 1 && '1' == 1)
>>> !('2' == 1 && '1' == 1)
>>> !('2' == 1 && '2' == 1)
The jQuery tag wiki is much nicer than the JS one: stackoverflow.com/tags/jquery/info
@Box9 That's because I'm also the main contributor there :|
2:22 PM
@Yijiang thanks
@YiJiang Good work :)
Luckily, nobody edited the Node.js one so far :D
left the #php room. They were annoying me in there
JS room is the only true room :P
adding features makes cod bigger ._. Bigger code no good ._.
2:27 PM
@IvoWetzel Indeed, my codpiece is really big... eh, hang on, that's not what you meant, right?
Bigger code is harder.... to maintain
@IvoWetzel :O
leaves this room too. wow...
I made him go ._.
2:29 PM
:O he really left.
@IvoWetzel Like format('Hello, {0} {1}!', ['Sir', 'Lancelot']);?
@Nyuszika7H No, I've added support for array like thingies
@Shikiryu He pulled a reverse-Pekka
{0: 'Sir', 1: 'Lancelot', length: 2}
2:30 PM
@IvoWetzel Is length required?
(for the record, I'm not that easily offended... I was just playing around)
uh, well yes, that's what makes it array "like"
play... never mind
New SandyBridge based MacBook Pro anyone? 9computerstore.com/2011/02/25/…
            arrayLike = is(first, 'A') || object // An Array or Arguments?

                        // Does it look like an "array thingy"?
                        && {}.hasOwnProperty.call(first, 'length')
                        && is(first.length, 'N'); // is that property a Number?
@ircmaxell We should all do Pekka's on some of the less frequented chatrooms, just to confuse their inhabitants :P
2:32 PM
fool proof, I suppose
@IvoWetzel What would is(first, 'A') do?
@YiJiang I don't understand (know?)... What's wrong with Pekka and chat?
@YiJiang I'll create a pekka bot for that!
@YiJiang A type [[Class]] check thingy
@Shikiryu, that deserves a star
2:33 PM
    function is(obj, type) {
        return obj != null && {}.toString.call(obj).slice(8, 9) === type;
@Shikiryu On MSO chat, he would suddenly fly in, then fly out with no apparent time spent in the room
Ohh, fly in, say a jibberish word like fizzlefazzle, then fly out...
A reverse Pekka would be of course to fly out, then fly back in again in rapid succession
not waiting for a reply
@Box9 I don't see why @_@
2:34 PM
@Shikiryu Why not? We need to keep the star economy going here :P
@YiJiang No! I don't want anymore stars! Got too much already!
Or then, I want to be a Robin Hood and give to the low starred persons !
yatta \o/ is about to drop off
@Shikiryu Rubbish, young man! You can never get enough stars!
The fact that we've never used up the 30/day here is enough proof of that
@Box9 Yep, go and star 2 other messages please.
Quick, pin it before it's gone!
2:37 PM
you're famous for a while, enjoy it
WTF is yatta :P
awww come on
ok there, I deleted my first message, now that I know about the 2 minute rule
in PHP, Oct 15 '10 at 12:57, by Chouchenos
I hate PHP haters :p
I like this one better... 43 stars!
2:40 PM
@ircmaxell Have you heard of thunderbolt?
It's 2Gb/s faster than fibre channel
an interconnect? Better than USB3?
Yes, much better
it's Light Peak
why do they rename things
All the new macs are getting it - 10Gb/s transfer rate, dual channel up and down stream and supports Display port/daisy chaining and peripherals at the SAME time
throughput of 800mb/s
2:41 PM
@MylesGray I'm quite sceptical about practical uses for it when they mentioned real-time video editing as one of the application
@YiJiang Daisy-chaining
Gonna buy a 13 inch next month or so
Then dual boot Ubuntu MacOSX on that thing :)
Imagine having 3/4 External HDDs or RAID arrays and daisy chaining them into one port
@IvoWetzel It's a nice piece of kit, Sandybridge cpu so you get that insane new logic they are touting
I don't think it will replace USB... Fibre is just too fragile to take the abuses of common people
and they've moved from NVidia to AMD for GPU's now for some reason
@ircmaxell The cables will be damn expensive
2:43 PM
Eh, common people can have the slow speeds then
Don't care, anything is way better than this 5 year old vaio
fibre is what £20/m?
No, not that expensive
Its the finishings on them that are the expensive part
$1 to $2 per meter
2:44 PM
That low?
I have speaker cable that costs more than that :P
@MylesGray Because you're a fool that buys into the marketing
sorry, $5 per meter: newegg.com/Product/…
nice thing, Apple store is just 500 meters from the office :D
10 meter (approx) for $43: newegg.com/Product/…
@IvoWetzel Heh, you haz office now?
@YiJiang Me just has to sayz "yeszes" to da recruiterz
And if everything works out.. I can easily afford both a MacBook and a brandnew phone with my first salary :>
2:47 PM
@IvoWetzel they should give you a macbook to that dev on
@Box9 I'll have one at work
@ircmaxell quality not marketing ;)
With a big ass monitor
THat's alright then ;)
@MylesGray Nah. Once you get past a certain point, it's diminishing gains...
2:48 PM
@IvoWetzel With a big ass-monitor. (xkcd FTW!)
@ircmaxell that's true but I was only talking like £4/m
Still... I can get 100% oxygen free copper cable for like $0.25 / m (granted this was a few years ago, so prices may have gone up)
Oh I'm not talking copper, They are silver based and very well sheilded
bit of an audiophile :P
@IvoWetzel Updated the userscript on userscript.org, should be fine now
Let's see if we can put some more of chat's functions to use
We can schedule events. In this case it's probably not needed, so maybe we can instead schedule events to coincide with real-world events
make one for the end of the world
2:54 PM
Like say, jQuery release dates, or some important conference, whatever. Suggestions please
@IvoWetzel The Bridge has one for that
@YiJiang schedule a global reverse pekka
@IvoWetzel Nice tutorial on installing and hello-world with node: net.tutsplus.com/tutorials/javascript-ajax/…
@IvoWetzel How do I (as a room owner) move a message? I can't figure it out?
Only room owners can do that
@ircmaxell room -> message admin
Maybe just have a tech rant room :P
3:25 PM

Tech Rant

Discussion on hardware and overclocking
Ah hah :)
can you addz me as owner?
@MylesGray a moment
thank you sire
@Nyuszika7H thank you :)
1 message moved from Tech rant
3:29 PM
@Raynos can you move @ircmaxell and I's discussion to the Tech Rant room please?
72 messages moved to Tech rant
@IvoWetzel thanks :)
that was a lot of clicking
@Nyuszika7H why was it moved to sandbox
3:31 PM
@MylesGray too many spam one time :P
Not spam, good reading material :P
oh hey the topic changed
can you move it back?
@MylesGray no :(
plz <3
3:32 PM
@MylesGray I'd do it if I could…
Anyone owner of Sandbox? :P
later guys, off home :)
@Nyuszika7H try get that sorted :)
@MylesGray ?
the messages... moved back from sandbox if you can :)
@MylesGray Sadly, I'm not an owner of Sandbox, so I can't move its messages. :(
3:41 PM
@IvoWetzel for some reason the links to the user profiles on the Dropbox version of the garden is swapped, does not appear so in the current live version
should be fixed now
@IvoWetzel Well, I fixed it ;)
Anyway, I've got an idea for mobile nav - instead of a traditional menu, we could simplify it down to a set of two buttons for moving to the next and prev section
sounds good
or use crazy css transforms to make it look like a book!
Then for the smartphone version we could have a searchable menu instead of one where you need to scroll through everything
3:48 PM
How can I (as a room owner) add twitter feeds to a room?
in the feeds section
@IvoWetzel Eh, maybe, I'm not sure how to, frankly speaking
@ircmaxell I know… but do I simply add twitter.com/#!/username?
@Nyuszika7H There's a RSS feed for every Twitter user
@YiJiang where?
3:51 PM
But Chrome has appallingly bad RSS support
@YiJiang = none at all
There's a link to it on the sidebar, at the bottom under the list of followers
You need an rss feed
not just a twitter page
@Nyuszika7H Yeah, I'm subscribed to the bug for RSS support, progress is currently nil
@YiJiang it's missing on New Twitter, I had to switch to Old Twitter
3:57 PM
@Nyuszika7H Ah yes, should've specified that. I've never seen the new Twitter interface though, very odd because I thought they had already rolled it out worldwide
Here's something odd, a search for JavaScript Garden on Twitter's search turns up a large number of Korean results. Google Translate isn't doing such a good job
in Feed test on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, 4 mins ago, by Nyuszika7H
@YiJiang Do you see the feeds? (refresh, you're a room owner now)
hm, the auto expand solution feels not so good
@IvoWetzel I'll have a look
4:07 PM
too random
or my implementation just plain sucks
Well, it doesn't appear to work at all
only implemented the intiial folding so far
I have to rewrite all the other stuff too
Hi guys
anybody there ?
4:10 PM
@Extelliqent definitely not, we're all bots
i mean im new on these websites
You ain't no seeing anybody talking here
and usually even if i see
some ppl there
they dont even talk
4:10 PM
** Usage: !js javascript-code
@YiJiang: function() { this(); }();
@ircmaxell this is a function?
@ircmaxell Does nothing.
what should it do?
no stack overflow?
execute? fails, missing evaluation
4:12 PM
@Shaz Self executing function
call itself?
fails, context is window
(function(){})() would execute
you want (function f () { f() })() i guess
@YiJiang Well yes but I didn't know you could do this();
4:14 PM
> (function f() {this();}).call(function(){console.log(this)});
still no use...
oh and {} is the global object
>> vs >>>!
not the function that logs :P
@Raynos <<!<<!!
> 1 << 2 << 3
@raynos << ! ? wow. THat's a big number...
(2 * 2) === (2 << 1) ?
4:16 PM
<< is called left-shift
Really :O
m << n which means move all the bits in the byte m n steps to the left
it's called singed left shift
I mean
4:17 PM
>> is right shift, what's >>>
unsigned right shift
so 00000010 (2) << 1 => 00000100 (4)
@evilpie what's the difference? I mean how do I see the difference in action
4:18 PM
where's kitten to deliver rcherns :(
ah right MyOpenID stuffs >_>
@Raynos: the meaning of the left most bit in the byte sequence
@IvoWetzel Why use the kitteh, when we have the real @RebeccaChernoff right here!
The two's complement of a binary number is defined as the value obtained by subtracting the number from a large power of two (specifically, from 2N for an N-bit two's complement). The two's complement of the number then behaves like the negative of the original number in most arithmetic, and it can coexist with positive numbers in a natural way. A two's-complement system or two's-complement arithmetic is a system in which negative numbers are represented by the two's complement of the absolute value; this system is the most common method of representing signed integers on computers.E.g. "...
5 messages moved to bin
4:21 PM
Hmm, I just tested alert(0x111111 << 2 >> 1*this); What exactly is "this" referring to? The result of "0x111111 << 2 >> 1" ?
-4 >> 1 vs -4 >>> 1
@Shaz Depending on where you call it, this could be referring to the global window object
@Nyuszika7H Do you just type of random bits of javascript all day? I don't mind it, but you seem to have a lot. :P
can't they just publish a chat API -.-
4:26 PM
@IvoWetzel Meh, stop hoping, it's going to come in 6 to 8 weeks
4 messages moved to bin
@Nyuszika7H It's spam.
@evilpie thanks
@Raynos Not everything. For example, that userscript was actually useful…
I actually like the random bits of code, they come in handy sometimes. :P
There off topic and just spam. No reference, No relevance to the current conversation. No attempt to talk about them
Off topic, no. Spam, perhaps!
4:30 PM
The thing that makes them spam is that it's just a snippet of code, there's no conversation around it.
what does the tilde (~) operator do?
bin could have a better name… it's The Relaxation Vault or something like that on SE.
@CodingKitten Where have you been?!
@IvoWetzel I assumed it
:kitten quote javascript
4:33 PM
> "Java is to JavaScript as car is to carpet." - Chris Heilmann
:kitten rchern
copy pasting some obscure cookie values did the job
!kitten wob
It's Jeff Atwoods fault!
Jeff Atwood ♦, El Cerrito, CA
15.2k 20 64 79
4:34 PM
@CodingKitten LOL
@Nyuszika7H What, you only realized that the guy I'm not hired yet
!kitten info ircmaxell
@CodingKitten What about your new shiny badgy?
Hold on a second, googling that for you... "info ircmaxell did you mean horrible typo?" There you go!
@IvoWetzel well it's nice, but of course it depends on button:disabled in a cross-browser compliant manner. IE ignores it, firefox applies it.
4:34 PM
!kitten help
Just because I have mercy with you:
 help   |  200                   # Shows the help for 2 minutes.
 ?      |  200  [thing]          # Ask me about my opinion on something.
 rchern |  200                   # I tell you one of the infamous rchernisms.
 wisdom |  250  [username|id]    # I'll show you some wise words but only for 1 minute.
 wob    |  500                   # I'll spin the wheel of blame for you.
 say    |  500  [text]           # Let me say something for you, it will instantly
                                   sound a trillion times smarter.
!kitten wisdom ircmaxell
A: "if" versus "switch"

ircmaxellPersonally, I find the switch a lot more readable. Here's the reason: if ($foo == 'bar') { } elseif ($foo == 'baz') { } elseif ($foo == 'buz') { } elseif ($fou == 'haz') { } Condensed like that, you can easily see the trip up (be it a typo, or a honest difference). But with a switch, you kno...

eih, not my best, but a decent one
!kitten ban Nyuszika7H
@CodingKitten Back?
4:36 PM
@IvoWetzel thats what was good about something
@ircmaxell !!!!
    Cannot read property '492203' of undefined
    TypeError: Cannot read property '492203' of undefined
yep, code that works
!kitten bans
:kitten bans
you broke it
4:38 PM
:kitten bans
!kitten bans
:kitten wisdom Nyuszika7H
Kitten doesn't like yu Nyuszika7H!
!kitten unban Nyuszika7H
4:39 PM
:kitten quote jquery
likes breaking kitten
@CodingKitten foo
ah some changes I made broke the ban functionality
@IvoWetzel no, it broke the unban :/
4:40 PM
both are broken in part, I started to work on cross site compatibility
but the code was only half way done
the kitten is one giant mess
@IvoWetzel yeah that would be nice. only three sites: SO, MSO, SE
@IvoWetzel But it works!
@CodingKitten snuggles
@YiJiang it just gave me teh yahoo URL based on jquery like !ie to only one that's a totally different thingy
30 messages moved to Sandbox
@CodingKitten snuggles some more
@CodingKitten See we can finally clean up after you!
4:48 PM
@YiJiang I take it all worth it is probably the closest you're dealing with 2000+ <tr> nodes.. this evening is / was only to counter all here more than anyone else and column-count
@IvoWetzel what did you mean? I guess I'll write a header resizeable rows, I think the table
Who's been talking table in here, hrmm...?
dunno, it's message log is pretty old
@IvoWetzel Not Myles I'm guessing
needs to catch up on those
1 message moved to bin For maximum irony
4:50 PM
@CodingKitten Want to learn some gardening?
@IvoWetzel I guess I'll write a while to the end of "0x111111 << 2 >> 1" ?
:-D (/me has been playing modified Pekka today)
Okay, that's enough bitwise operators for you kids today :P
@CodingKitten Don't avoid my questions...
4:52 PM
@IvoWetzel but is <img /> ?
@CodingKitten Maybe...
@IvoWetzel yeah i mean without doing view source I just finished importing it - the db >.>
@CodingKitten Would be rather stupid the view the "source" of a db
@IvoWetzel main concern against the use them in that yesterday :P
€²ÒÒÂÜÎ ok
4:53 PM
@CodingKitten Watch out @ircmaxell has some umlauts!
@IvoWetzel Yellow Screen Of the plain Notepad
(in case you're wondering, €²ÒÒÂÜÎ is @YiJiang left-shifted by 1)
@Shaz You might want to look very far back in the transcripts for how kitteh works
@ircmaxell Oooo... cute.
4:55 PM
what would be a nice idea...
@CodingKitten Anyway, you're not as bad as some people make you out to be, eh?
@YiJiang validation god I'm confused give up is just a tool - not a gold standard
make kitten respond to a random word :D
that changes every 10 minutes or so, of course the word needs to have at least 6 characters or so
@CodingKitten What? @YiJiang is a validation god?
@IvoWetzel yeah I just a tool - not a phone interview, can one that's a very specialized table which one?
4:56 PM
!kitten fibblefazzle
@IvoWetzel Then we play charades!
Hold on a second, googling that for you... "fibblefazzle did you mean horrible typo?" There you go!
@CodingKitten fibblefazzle
@ircmaxell You can go and fix it just means that it
hrm, interesting
4:57 PM
@CodingKitten it...?
@IvoWetzel That's one of the reasons I liked XHTML v2 spec
@CodingKitten Not bad, not a copy
@YiJiang I you can't code was just asking is it is good for JSON requests etc
@CodingKitten Reminds me of the usual posts on SO.
@Shaz If it's foul aura summons the demons from the below...
4:58 PM
The fact is that the more intelligent we are, the more intelligent @CodingKitten is, so be more intelligent, everyone, please.
@CodingKitten Woowoooooooooooooo...
@YiJiang room: is actually useful…

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