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4:00 AM
I've only seen it once
It was exciting. Though I was watching a movie on my comp and noticed this flash of light behind it, wondering what the heck it was then noticed it came from my window. Looked outside and the sky was flashing. :o
I want to see that :)
had thundersnow just a few weeks ago
> Snow and then 'thundersnow' hits Philly and region January 27, 2011 articles.philly.com/2011-01-27/news/…
> "Obviously, we're going to go back and look to see what happened," said Gary Szatkowski, the meteorologist in charge of the National Weather Service office in Mount Holly, which had called for light accumulation during the day.
@DanGrossman Did you happen to go outside during the storm?
Yeah, why?
4:12 AM
Was it raining ice pellets?
Not that I recall, just snowing hard
Either way, exciting stuff. Not what it causes, but just the event itself. :P
3 hours later…
7:32 AM
@Box9 Don't flag as offensive/spam, flag using the menu on the left for mod attention. And room owners can't remove posts, we can only migrate
8:02 AM
hello i want to know if it is possible to get the video screenshot with html5 canvas and javascript
Q: HTML5 video screenshot

tbleckertHey! I'm trying to take a screenshot of video with predefined time in the movie. So I tried it with the canvas element. The thing is that the video must be playing when you draw the image of the video, but I need the image to still be paused. So I tried this: video.play(); context.drawImage(vid...

want to know how they did it?
9:02 AM
hi.. can anybody help me with adding placemarks in maps using jsp
@nehasoni Java != JavaScript
sorry for the inconvinience..
9:47 AM
'allo all
1 hour later…
10:57 AM
Quick question: What tool do you use to minimize your JS?
Is it a website?
Hi! :)
11:20 AM
2K :D
@YiJiang Using comments is a way, but still, not really nicely to maintain
Myles Gray, Belfast, Northern Ireland
2k 1 15
hi evry one.. i want to ask a general question... I m nt able to ask any que over stackflow.. Can you plz let me kno the reason??
@nehasoni what do you see?
PASS postMessage API
PASS httpOnly cookie API
PASS X-Frame-Options
PASS X-Content-Type-Options
PASS Block reflected XSS
PASS Block location spoofing
PASS Block JSON hijacking
PASS Sandbox attribute
PASS Origin header
PASS Strict Transport Security
PASS Block cross-origin CSS attacks
FAIL Content Security Policy
PASS Cross Origin Resource Sharing
PASS Block visited link sniffing
11:24 AM
@Nyuszika7H it displays "Oops! Your question couldn't be submitted because:

* Sorry, we are no longer accepting questions from this account."
@nehasoni it seems you're banned from asking questions, ask a moderator if you see one in the chat. do you have 20 rep on MSO?
no i dnt hav dat.. What else can i do???
@nehasoni if you see a moderator on chat (diamond after name and/or blue colored name), ask it about why were you silenced. or ask a question about this on MSO.
okey.. thanks..
@Nyuszika7H Chrome 11.0.672
11:40 AM
@Nyuszika7H Because he's questions were frequently voted down; it's an automatic bad question filter
A: javascript: how can I increment a date string (YYYY-MM-DD) by 1 day

Nyuszika7Hfunction incrementDate(date_str) { var date = new Date(date_str), year = date.getFullYear(), month = date.getMonth() + 1, day = date.getDate(); // add leading zeros if (month.length == 1) { month = '0' + month; } if (day.le...

@YiJiang he's? you meant his, right? :)
this works!
12:12 PM
A: javascript: how can I increment a date string (YYYY-MM-DD) by 1 day

Nyuszika7Hfunction incrementDate(date_str) { var date = new Date(date_str).replace(/-/g, '/'), year = date.getFullYear(), month = date.getMonth() + 1, day = date.getDate(); // add leading zeros if (month.length == 1) { month = '0' + month; }...

@IvoWetzel lololololololol :P
Maybe if you ask him politely he'll give up the name to you?
I could also send a request to Twitter
Haha, why John Stephens garden
@Box9 Hes surrounded by trees... good enough reason.. maybe he's an Ent though?
@IvoWetzel What do you use to compile the Garden? I have been trawling your code and I've seen lots of .md files which seem to be markdown and some references to NodeMD?
there is also a .jade file?
current version uses python, the one on next used a jade template and some Node.js modules / magic
12:32 PM
oh okay, so the py compiles the md into html?
but it's horrible, the new solution (jade one) is way better
oh okay cool, just found jade thing, it looks amazing
@IvoWetzel Is SS JavaScript stable?
I find the jade syntax so hard to get used to
@Box9 You've looked at haml first?
It's similar isn't it?
oh it looks more jQuery like
12:37 PM
@Box9 Based on that, if I remember @IvoWetzel correctly
@MylesGray Well depends on what you call "stable". Running and Scaling, guess so. Big company for support behind it, nope
@YiJiang I asked @ support on twitter how I can get the JSGarden account
@IvoWetzel So It's more that stable enough for small dev's like me?
@MylesGray Guess so, of course don't install bleeding edge unless you know what you're doing :P
> can-has @JSGarden
Haha obviously, I just hear all this stuff about node.js and I got curious
@MylesGray node.js is fun
12:43 PM
It looks really really cool, you could build a WebOS with that :D
Ahh its not thread based allowing better a-synchronous transfers?
There are abstracted threads in the background hidden behind the magic async curtain
well more of them, because threads have quite a bit of overhead
Well threads block more asynchronous transfers on that connection
but the event based system allows for the requester to take data and allow other connections to make requests while they are working on them?
So node.js replaces apache? It is a new web-server architecture?
umm not quite
node.js itself just provides a bunch of low-level access to I/O
12:53 PM
not just http, but also filesystem, tcp, and so on
haha good work @IvoWetzel
@IvoWetzel Ahh okay thanks
Why would the web dev curriculum be outdated? Also why replace jslint with hint?
@Box9 So it is acting as more of a EFI interface between OS and Hardware
@YiJiang I'd say re-edit the thing
hint is crap atm
no idea who approved that edit
12:57 PM
@IvoWetzel It's not very usable either without a simple web interface like lint
there is one actually
but still, it's useless atm
@IvoWetzel Oh? Where?
@MylesGray EFI?
Not between OS and hardware, no
Between JavaScript and OS
@IvoWetzel You want to do the honour?
1:00 PM
@Box9 Right understood so you can control OS based operations such as port manipulation etc through JS with node
sure, after my noodles are done and eaten
@MylesGray yeah exactly
Meh, I'll do it then :P
now about Apache...
there's frameworks built for node that are designed for http servers
@MylesGray @Box9 more node.js
1:01 PM
That sounds pretty damn cool, So for HTTP Apache is still usable with node but if you want to use other protocols then there are extensions?
node doesn't need apache
if you're using one of the http frameworks
node can use express.js
it will do most of the things apache does
node is both apache & php rolled into one
except it's far less mature obviously
1:02 PM
Except its very low level
Okay so node acts as the hardcore I/O controller and you build frameworks to serve files etc on top of node
yeah, use express.js
And very abstract
and socketio.js
1:03 PM
@MylesGray you got it
wasn't that just socketio?
Okay that sounds really really cool, much cooler than client side JS :D
@IvoWetzel ?
oh, wrong phrasing there
Might buy me a book on that, had a power blackout the other day so read the first 1/4 of Crockford book, Finish that then buy a Node book
1:04 PM
I meant that the thing had no .js attached the last time I checked
Oh right
yea, it's just socket.io
@MylesGray Watch the vids. There aren't any really good books on node yet
@MylesGray, not sure if you'll find any node books...
and most important: build something
@Box9 saw an O'Reilly book on Node?
1:06 PM
Oh ok, didn't know that
chances are very high that the book is extremely out to date
@IvoWetzel Will do, I need to think of something to build though :P
do some little multiplayer game thingy
@MylesGray I think socket.io is the most fun to play with at the moment
1:09 PM
A: javascript: how can I increment a date string (YYYY-MM-DD) by 1 day

Nyuszika7H$('#date').change(function() { this.value = incrementDate(this.value); }); function incrementDate(date_str) { var date = new Date(date_str.replace(/-/g, '/')) year = date.getFullYear().toString(), month = (date.getMonth() + 1).toString(), day = (date.getDate() + 1...

Hi! :)
And read the official docs, and in case these don't help, read the source. And in case that doesn't help either, file a bug. And if it takes to long to get the bug resolved, fork and fix it yourself and if you're still not happy... roll your own project.
@Box9 @IvoWetzel @Raynos Here is a preview of the upcoming book: ydn.zenfs.com/blogs/1/up-and-running-with-node-preview.pdf
yay first line of code is missing a var statement
@IvoWetzel @MylesGray been trying to write a "little multiplayer game thing" for 4 months now
@Raynos I was thinking that whyn @IvoWetzel suggested it... writing a game server cant be easy :P
@YiJiang Features shouldn't have a capital F
@YiJiang Approved
Still can't click the reject button though
@IvoWetzel Odd, I thought it takes 2 to do that
@MylesGray Uh, I wrote the first working version of my Asteroid Multiplayer thing in < 12 hours
without socketio..
@IvoWetzel but you are like JS god... :P
1:17 PM
@IvoWetzel @MylesGray I was joking. I'm a horrible developer when it comes to doing projects
Hashing up a prototype in 12 hours is easy. Playing with design concepts for a generic library takes me 3 months
All you need is the flow
If anybody has anything to add to the tag wiki, stackoverflow.com/tags/javascript/info, please do.
@YiJiang an explanation of what the prototype is would be great
opera to the browser list? Poor opera :(
Just link the garden :P
@IvoWetzel All you need is VIM :P
1:19 PM
@MylesGray VIM + the flow = Awesome
@IvoWetzel Latest concept is a completely reactive event based engine. No loop, no tick
@IvoWetzel where can I get "the flow" Gandalf?
@Raynos Depending on the type of game this could scale extremely well
something like an epic intergalactic fleet sending thingy
all transitional state is interpolated based on X values
1:21 PM
Does that help?
@IvoWetzel there's no interpolation of transitional state.
wrong wording then, sorry
@YiJiang Yes thanks :)
What I mean is, ships where sent at time X and arrive at time Y all you have is the pending arrival event and with those two times, when displayed you interpolate between X and Y based on the current time
a bit like Orbit does it
event based networking is awesome
@IvoWetzel Just to satisfy my curiosity, did you submit your game to Mozilla's HTML5 game competition?
1:24 PM
Good morning again
Yeah, I did submit NodeGame: Shooter right at the start
never heard anything from them though...
@ircmaxell Good afternoon
How's it going?
pretty well I suppose
1:28 PM
that's good
just waiting for the call this evening, some chatter with the recruiter, final salary etc.
var parser = new DOMParser();
very nice
I already know a preliminary salary number
@YiJiang I could make you regret asking that... :-D
1:30 PM
@IvoWetzel how do you send state to the client? Do you send every change or buffer them?
@Raynos The events get send when they occur, in case a new client connects there is one initial push of all the current states
@ircmaxell Nothing would please me more than approving or rejecting your edit :P
4 players ~250 ships results in < 800 bytes(!) per second of network traffic
@Raynos how do you deal with lag from players?
@YiJiang My edits don't need approval. You could roll it back, but I can edit directly
1:32 PM
Hmm, what does parser.parseFromString do?
@ircmaxell Ah, 20k already eh? :P
@IvoWetzel but isn't many very small state changes being send to the client a bad thing?
@Raynos No, not really, besides that now that you say, there is a buffering of X ticks
the server also only runs at half the framerate then the clients do
and due to the event / interpolated based nature of the thing, you can easily have a 15 fps server and a 60 fps game
@IvoWetzel Sure, otherwise latency would absolutely kill you (for 60fps, you'd need network latencies below 160 ms just for the network transfer, excluding any server processing)
1:35 PM
well it's a slow paced rts
@IvoWetzel thats what i was asking :). I mean if you have 500 users and they all make a small change then you could get a lot out. Thought you didn't buffer the data to send ;) "User 1 / 10000 turned 5 degrees" ;)
@Raynos Also, of course, all events of a server tick get send in one big blob
so I'm not sending each little ships event in an extra packet
It's time to laugh, it's time to cry, it's time to be what you need to be. It won't be long till they are gone and we can be what we want to be...
@IvoWetzel do you even need ticks?
1:38 PM
@Raynos I've implemented it this way, as I needed some timescale for the interpolation
@YiJiang I think there's too much about ECMAScript in the tag wiki
The majority of people don't care, it just makes the whole thing read as being way too technical
@Box9 The problem is that ECMAScript is synonym'd to JavaScript
@Raynos Also, tick offsets can come in handy if you want to reduce lag
explosions can be easily synced with a PRNG that's fed the tick count
@YiJiang, I thought the little blurb box is perfect: "JavaScript is a dialect of the standardized ECMAScript programming language. Use this tag for questions regarding ECMAScript and its dialects/implementations: JavaScript, JScript, etc., excluding ActionScript."
Should be enough?
@Box9 No, because there is no tag wiki, so essentially the information for ECMAScript will actually need to go here
1:40 PM
I'd like to see more explanations/links to basic concepts like inheritance, closures (which we have, but in "wisdom from the stack"), or just JSGarden :P
@Box9 Please, add them yourself if you want to. I would disagree with removing the ECMAScript content though
I'm personally very against the synonym, but it has been discussed on Meta already and the mods are tired of repeatedly destroying this synonym, so they just let it stand
ah, interesting
let me see if I can improve it...
wonder if fomatto should support arraylikes
function readOnly($const) {
I guess it's a new ES5 function, right?
1:48 PM
yes, it is
Now an Object.unfreeze would be nice… or not – that way, we could override window.
guess what, there is one
which renders both useless
Try Object.freeze(window), it prevents declaring/changing/deleting any variables! Though you can still extend prototypes and change other objects' properties.
A .lock would have been better
something that returns a UID after locking
then you can keep that UID inside a closure
so only your code can use unlock
but no... we don't think before we draft
@IvoWetzel Yeah.
1:52 PM
So now we have more stuff on Object which doesn't help anyone but the paranoid ex Java developers who think they got to use freeze() on everything
Can't wait for ES5 to become mainstream :P
@IvoWetzel agreed :P
Hmm, is it broken?
> var obj = {'foo': 'bar', 'baz': 'quux'}
> Object.freeze(obj)
> delete obj
> obj
(x) ReferenceError: obj is not defined
uh, it only freezes properties on the object
it does not protect the object itself
can you unfreeze an object?
1:56 PM
@IvoWetzel oh
@YiJiang, do you know what the standard is for heading size in tag wikis?
Oh, apparently I was wrong, you can't unfreeze / seal, I stand corrected
@Box9 Not really, but anything other than h3 is annoying for me
Really? But there's no h4, so you can't really have subheadings
A: subdomain redirection using htaccess

Myles GrayPut the following into your .htaccess file Redirect 301 http://testing.domain.com/ http://testing.domain.com/admin/index.php

Does anyone know what the last comment on that means?

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