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5:00 PM
Although I only have 45 questions tagged with it...
And a few of them are actually pretty good answers if I don't say so myself
@ircmaxell only +4 now, if someone is generous enough now
You write books for everything
Yeah, I do...
I wish I worked more with php to get answers like that
5:03 PM
Thanks I guess...
And thanks for the nice answer badge... (Makes me a nice round 50 bronze badges)
ircmaxell, New Jersey, USA
21.8k 2 15 50
You didn't have nice answer already?
You get it each time an answer passes 10 upvotes...
That means I don't have one :(
Ahh oh i thought you only get badges the once
@Shikiryu: then get answering!
5:10 PM
closing in on strunk and white
@ircmaxell I just keep answering but, I don't get upvote, only tick (that's why I only got 1 gold badge, the lamest)
@MylesGray Some you can get multiple times. For example, I have 18 Nice Answer badges, 4 Enlightened badges, 2 each of Nice Question and Popular Question
@Shikiryu: are there any answers you feel jipped on? (that you deserved more upvotes, answers you were particularly proud of)?
You have to be lucky to get englightened, usually if the question is in Objective-C and ranks on Google
But I just learned a new word : jipped
5:11 PM
Pretty easy if you answer as much as I do (I have 825 answers)
Ahh no I have the wrong badge in mind
whats the 50+ one?
Epic? Hit rep-cap on 50+ days?
publicist! thats the one
woot got strunk and white :D
is working on a few right now, Altruist, Convention, Copy Editor, Electorate, Epic and Generalist... Hopefully will get Guru and Notable Question before too long as well
Hi there, anyone from JavaScript Garden in here?
5:22 PM
@alcuadrado ping @IvoWetzel
@alcuadrado Yes, I'm here
@IvoWetzel: I was thinking about writting a charapter for JavascripGarden about parseInt automatic base problems later today or tomorrow
shall I do it and submit a pull request?
would fit nicely in the numbers section i wanted to draft :)
Yeah, just go ahead guys I won't have that much time for the thing in the near future
5:25 PM
well, I you wanna write about that I won't repeat the same :P
@Shaz new google layout?
@MylesGray Yeah, I like it. :P
Yeah it's pretty swish, how did you find it?
@alcuadrado mine should be about NaN and +0 -0
5:28 PM
@MylesGray Which new layout?
I've actually had it for a while on my account, but I was just wondering why and how http:/1208929427 (with another /) goes to google
but go ahead, i won't be able to do this in the next 7 days anyway
@MylesGray I'm there already, but don't see anything different...
At the top the new categories bar?
5:29 PM
Might only be activated for a certain percent of visitors
might create a bot to auto correct spelling based on the API
@MylesGray I've had that at google.com for a while now (prob about a week or so)
Oh I didn't see it before (probably just my shit localization thing)
Well, they do a phased rollout anyway
ok, so I'll try to write sth today or tomorrow =)
5:31 PM
@ircmaxell What's the point of doing so anyway?
In case there's a bug, they don't kill everyone
And in case users complain (like with the background image) they can flip back
And to ease their deployment (they have data centers all over the world)...
With millions of users, I guess that makes sense now. :P
@Shaz No, not millions, billions
@ircmaxell background image?
You don't remember that?
5:36 PM
Are we talking iGoogle?
You can still change the background image
Ah I see
5:38 PM
Reminds me of.... bing shudders
that's why they did it...
does anyone actually use bing besides those that have beef against Google, those that use IE and just gave up on life?
those that don't know any better may
Facebook uses bing
I saw some mad stats recently that Google owns 90-something% of the web-search traffic
5:42 PM
But then again they seem to have major beef with Google.
that beef probably being jealousy over google being the most popular site in the world and facebook a close second
I vote for Google. Even if it sounds like a baby's first word.
@Shaz that is because big Bill and Mark Zucerberg do a LOT of charity work together and they are very chummy, as in, Bill wanna gimmie a few data centres and a shit load of experts? Bill: sure Mark no problem!
Bill: but you have to use OUR products in everything
you don't think it doesn't have anything to do with giving Facebook's biggest competitor more traffic?
Anything exciting?
5:45 PM
That too but I defiantly believe that Mark and Bill's personal connection and work together has a MAJOR impact on it.
Any Google is hardly a competitor to FB...
The fields are entirely different
Google is a direct competitor to FB
@MylesGray What about Buzz?
Ad networks, Social experiments by google, Data gathering, and more
@ircmaxell In what way?
But google don't have the social profiling that FB has, sure they have some form of profiling and networking service but it is hardly comparably
They have far better social profiling than FB
The have far more data then FB does
and they have GMail...
5:49 PM
Google is also more secure, in my eyes. ;)
True they have more data but the FB social graph is the top of the table in its field
In terms of personal privacy
@ircmaxell At 2K do I still need my edits approved?
@MylesGray dont think so
I don't think so
5:52 PM
might be 2.5k, Its not 3k (3k is close/open votes)
2K is edits but I have a feeling they still might need approved
3 hours of editing
synonyms would be cool to have
Hrm, only +2 away in (98 upvotes)
@ircmaxell done
5:59 PM
+1 from rep-cap for today (don't, I'll earn that one)
What's odd is that no accepts today...
Haha, wasn't going to
given you like 6 already :P
I got an accept today from 3 weeks ago
I've wondered if rep given through the chat is revoked
I noticed those upvotes myles gave me about half a week ago are gone
@MattMcDonald really?
could be the chain voting thing
I haven't seen that...
6:01 PM
there is a mechanism to stop that
yeah. Could be flagged as suspicious
Hi again! :)
Q: How to catch a division by zero?

CristianI have a large mathematical expression that has to be created dinamically. So, for example, once I have parsed "something" the result will be a string like: "$foo+$bar/$baz";. So, for calculating the result of that expression I'm using the eval function... something like this: eval("\$result = ...

jQuery Pro Tip: always return this; at the end if you add a new function to jQuery's prototype, to preserve chainability.
Question needs one answer... Chuck Norris
6:05 PM
@Nyuszika7H General Pro Tip: Don't use chaining to begin with since it hampers readability and debugging...
@ircmaxell LOL
it's not a joke...
@ircmaxell why are you against chaining?
Did you read what I wrote?
no it's readable if I add some line breaks
6:07 PM
No it isn't
what object is baz operating on at a glance
but if you did:
    .mouseup(function() {
    .keyup(function() {
var obj = $('.foo');
var other = obj.getSomething();
it's immediately and unquestionably clear what every step is acting on
@Nyuszika7H Unless I'm mistaken, won't js convert that to $('.obj'); since you're not escaping a new line and not in a block structure (or parenthesis)?
Is this an acceptable Edit Summary: Continuing my war on "dinamically"?
6:12 PM
@ircmaxell no, but it may happen, so put mouseup on the first line and it's fine:
@MylesGray lol... I'd approve it
goooood :D
almost 300pts from the word dinamically today ;)
$('.obj').mouseup(function() {
}).keyup(function() {
Again, I don't consider that the least bit readable. It requires brainpower and knowledge to figure out what's being acted on where and when...
6:15 PM
@ircmaxell My goodness, who uses brainpower these days?
@MylesGray Still 286 left
@ircmaxell.. I'll get through the rest of this batch I have tabulated
@ircmaxell Yeah, I'm not a fan of anonymous event handlers.
then Ill try make a bot to do it
@Shaz That's why you write readable code, so you can use your brainpower to understand what it does and not fuss around with the how...
@MattMcDonald I have no issue with anonymous functions. I use them quite often. My issue is with chaining. In rare circumstances it can make the code cleaner. But those are few and far between in my experiences...
6:20 PM
Quite enjoying edit summaries now:
Killing pleasantries, sentimental values and more mutilation of the word "dynamic"
@ircmaxell can you see my edit-power?
@MylesGray Still at 286...
No there is a thing that shows something to do with your how far up the list your edits go?
I read it on meta recently
there is a parameter that shows up in your user profile if you are out of the "average" band
aparrently mods can see it all the time
something to do with how valued your edits are
Hrm, I just noticed something on my profile... flag weight
And I'm not a mod
6:30 PM
flag weight!
thats the one
And I didn't mean mod i meant 10K+
A: What is flag weight?

Tim StoneWhat is flag weight? As explained in this answer, flag weight is a measure of how reliably you flag content. When your flags are positively reviewed (generally resulting in some sort of action), your flag weight increases by 10 points for flags on posts, and 5 points for flags on comments. Like...

grats @MylesGray on your silver medal
your really close to 2k now too.
@Loktar all from editing
All I've done today :)
people really can't spell dynamics
lol nice
@ircmaxell no more of my edits are being approved ;(
Wait I hit the rep-cap through edits!
6:34 PM
Sorry to hear that...
You get rep for edits?
like 2 i think
What's that now? I don't...?
lol nice image @Nathan
6:34 PM
@ircmaxell +2 for edits if you are under 2K
just for @Greg and @MylesGray
@Nathan I am going to put that on all of those div vs tables q's from now on
Wait, you hit rep-cap from edits?!?!?! Good god man!
I hear @MylesGray loves tables!
6:35 PM
how many edits is it you max out at in terms of rep gain again?
I thought it was something like 200
+200 rep in one day
@Loktar I will remove a body part of yours with a spoon if you utter such a violation against humanity again
not including Excluding bounties, -1 downvotes and accepted answers/questions bonuses
6:36 PM
@MylesGray: this is a family room. PG13 please...
@ircmaxell fixed :D
:D nice edit
okay either I hit the rep cap at 200 from only edits
or my edits are going straight to the bin
Click the envelope icon next to your name
6:38 PM
Bit coincidental though...
I have done, last approved was 20mins ago
Then hit "today" and the "reputation tab"
you'll see all the missed rep from cap
Hmm... no new approved edits... weird
@ircmaxell can you check to see if i have any pending?
I don't see any pending (in general, I dunno about for you)
RT @brianleroux: New Android 3.0 browser supports SVG, Media Capture, Orientation, 3d CSS Transforms. Huzzah!
@MylesGray: the last edit you did that went through is: stackoverflow.com/questions/2258884/xml-in-classic-asp-vbscript
6:47 PM
@ircmaxell Thank, that's right I guess then, I'm off for a while ill clean up a few more when im back
sigh so annoying working with people who decide they should setup a personal raffle and use office resources while setting it up...
i get an email at 10:30 with the nice fliers and raffle details from the dev working next to me.. so apparently he hasnt been working lol
RT @paul_irish: New in the WebKit inspector/Chrome DevTools: Save out your CSS changes to a file, value auto-completion, more! http://go ...
6:50 PM
Oh my, I was just called upon to review a flagged chat message.
I didn't realize I could do such a thing.
@DanGrossman: I think it's a 10k privilege...
@Yi Jiang the hyperlink in that last tweet from @Feeds is borken ?
@DanGrossman Ask not what your chatroom can do for you, ask what you can do for your chatroom.
@Nathan "Oops! Google Chrome could not find go" URL = webkit.org/blog/1463/web-inspector-styles-enhanced
11 hours ago, by Feeds
RT @johnallsopp: "Michael Mahemoff, Chrome developer advocate, speaks on emerging web technologies" - Interview: Google on... http://tum ...
6:53 PM
9 hours ago, by Yi Jiang
@Feeds Tum? Uh...
"Michael Mahemoff, Chrome developer advocate, speaks on emerging web technologies" - Interview: Google on... http://tumblr.com/xvh1lj75cb
ahah, I see it's a know issue; thanks @Nyuszika7H
Hi everyone ! is it okay to put a link to SO question here and ask to look into the matter ?
We have no authority over you
You may tell us if it's okay
I asked because I didn't want to get response like.. "go away n00b, people will answer it when they will see it. Do not nag us."
6:58 PM
no, go for it :)
anyway.. if anyone has some time, please look into stackoverflow.com/questions/5108923/…
I'm guessing something is wrong if I see a UserAgent being displayed as
`2rand[0,1,1] 2rand[0,1,1].2rand[0,1,1].2rand[0,1,1]`
@Shaz That means a calculator is trying to access your website.
@sdleihssirhc A calculator?
It was just a silly joke.
7:02 PM
A: jQuery test for whether an object has a method?

Nyuszika7HFor a specific object: if ($('selector').method) { // method exists } else { // method doesn't exist } For all jQuery objects: if ($.fn.method) { // method exists } else { // method doesn't exist }

@Omie Is that your question? By which I mean, if I had some questions about that question, could I ask you, or should I leave comments instead?
@sdleihssirhc well, that question is asked by my friend but he doesn't have enough reputation to talk in this chat room yet. So I'm asking on his behalf :)
@Nyuszika7H That's wrong. It only tells you if the variable is defined, not if it's a function/method
7:13 PM
@ircmaxell updated
@ircmaxell How can I make a simple selector engine? Returning document.querySelectorAll(selector) or something like that doesn't work.
function $(selector) {
    return document.querySelectorAll.apply(document, arguments);
is document.querySelectorAll an actual function?
7:19 PM
@ircmaxell yeah, though IE doesn't support it.
@ircmaxell Yes, but I don't think its standard
$.fn = $.prototype = {
    setStyle: function(styleObj) {
        for (var i in styleObj) {
            if (styleObj.hasOwnProperty(i)) {
                this.style[i] = styleObj[i];
doesn't now...
> $('body').setStyle({ color: 'red' });
(x) TypeError: Object #<HTMLBodyElement> has no method 'setStyle'
@Nyuszika7H Shouldn't that return a jQuery object, not just the element it self?
7:21 PM
alias can-has='sudo apt-get install': usage: can-has php5
@Shaz jQuery object? :P
@ircmaxell LOLCODE ported to bash?
ubuntu@ubuntu:~$ can-has php5
7:23 PM
     O NOES
@Nyuszika7H $('body') would return a jQuery object (jQuerys methods) I believe, but your error seems to specifically target the element itself
@Shaz It's not jQuery, I want to make a selector engineā€¦
@Nyuszika7H Ahh my bad. :)
@ircmaxell that could also make a good js lib or jQuery plugin approach. HAI({ CAN-HAS("#cheezburger").animate() })
@Nyuszika7H @Nyuszika7H you are referencing the wrong prototype
oops sorry for the double @
7:24 PM
@apose ?
yes $ is a function that returns the element
@Nathan Dare you to implement it...
@Nyuszika7H so the setStyle must be applied to the element
@apose hmm?
7:27 PM
I'd do something like this in your case (in order no to mess with the prototypes and augment only when necessary):

function $(selector) {
    var e =  document.querySelectorAll.apply(document, arguments);
    e.setStyle = function(styleObj) {
        for (var i in styleObj) {
            if (styleObj.hasOwnProperty(i)) {
                this.style[i] = styleObj[i];
    return e;
@apose CTRL+K to format code blocks. Post it in a separate message.
@ircmaxell a little bit of HAI=jQuery; and CAN-HAS = HAI would get you a long way.
    canHas: function(what) {
        return (what.length) ? 'yes' : 'no';
@apose I'd personally make that fetch from a set of stored "prototypes" (this.methods or something like that) so that it's extendable...
:384376 Yes, I think that it can be done in that way too (but some binding must be done to prevent this binding to methods)
7:34 PM
function (selector, context, rootjQuery) {
    var match, elem, ret, doc;

    // Handle $(""), $(null), or $(undefined)
    if (!selector) {
        return this;

    // Handle $(DOMElement)
    if (selector.nodeType) {
        this.context = this[0] = selector;
        this.length = 1;
        return this;

    // The body element only exists once, optimize finding it
    if (selector === "body" && !context && document.body) {
        this.context = document;
        this[0] = document.body;
Answering questions on Stack Overflow would be so much easier if I wasn't completely brain dead.
while($array != array_values($array)) shuffle($array);
nope... won't work...
if ( !jQuery.makesSense(thing) ) {
    try {
    } catch(e) {
        jQuery.notifyUser('This doesn\'t make sense.');
7:39 PM
That makes no sense.
while ($array != array_values($array)) uksort($array, function(){return rand(-1,1);});
loves the bogosort
Same :P
    help: function(method) {
        return window.open('http://api.jquery.com/' + method);
    source: function(method, version) {
        version = version || jQuery.fn.jquery;
        return window.open('http://james.padolsey.com/jquery/' + version + '/' + method);
7:43 PM
while (war in Iraq) {
    if(!osamabinladen) {
    } else {
Could we get something like this in Harmony?
@( cheese, alert('No cheese for you!') );
equalivent of:
try { cheese; } catch(e) { alert('No cheese for you!'); }
Wouldn't @ effect on compile, or am I thinking of as3
7:49 PM
Override Object and you can get fancy errors!
> Object = {};
> window
"[ Exception: TypeError: Object #<Object> has no method 'getOwnPropertyNames' ]"
@ircmaxell unsigh.call(ircmaxell);
@Nyuszika7H Lol
[ Exception: TypeError: Object #<@ircmaxell> has no method 'unsigh' ]
7:55 PM
Object.prototype.call = function(number) {
for(var p = 0; person in world; p++) {
    if(person[p]["netIncome"] >= 1000000) {
        person[p]["title"] = "rich";
this is just getting silly
@Shaz you forgot p++
you started it :P
7:59 PM
@Nyuszika7H Fixed. xD
found a bug in the rep-calculator on so

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