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1:43 AM
Interesting. I suspect it would solve the prescription drug problem in the USA
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6:02 AM
posted on May 29, 2017 by @gchiu

@gchiu wrote: C:\Users\Graham\rebol3>r3 red-change-log.reb Startup encountered an error! ** Error found in user.reb script !! use --verbose for more detail Now, this is a bit odd since if I start up in --verbose mode I see nothing wrong. I wonder if it's because I have do <send> () in my user.reb and if there's an internet issue, it flags i

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7:30 AM
>> to string! read forum.rebol.info
~r3> to string! read forum.rebol.info
>> print read forum.rebol.info
~r3> print read forum.rebol.info
@HostileFork @ShixinZeng are you able to test read https://forum.rebol.info .. I'm getting a protocol error. this report says the server does support TLS 1.0 - 1.3 so it shouldn't be a TLS 1.2 error?
@GrahamChiu I don't know exactly how it all works, but it mentions SHA256, and that's not currently supported...though I imagine we could add it
7:39 AM
@HostileFork I should have kept it non-secure :(
@GrahamChiu Well, we need to get support for this stuff one way or another
@HostileFork yeah, but that was going to be a big project to get openssl in
@GrahamChiu Doesn't really make much of a difference so long as the TLS code is in Rebol.
If you have a SHA256 function--which we do--then perhaps that's a minor modification
I hope so
8:08 AM
@GrahamChiu this table lists the potential permutations, but the protocol is erroring before the point where I can print out the number of which one it is
@HostileFork this is using a ren-c client??
Yes, I get a protocol error before the point where it picks the cipher suite based on the hex value
TLS Awake-event: lookup
TLS Awake-event: connect
0 0 WRITE --> client-hello
-> client-hello true
new-state: client-hello
writing bytes: 66
TLS Awake-event: wrote
TLS Awake-event: read
Read 7 bytes proto-state: client-hello
tls-read-data: 7 bytes
reading bytes: 7
received bytes: 7
parsing response...
0 1 READ <-- alert
client-hello -> alert false
** Error: invalid protocol state
Interestingly R2 has an issue too
Type desktop to start the Viewtop.
>> read forum.rebol.info
connecting to: forum.rebol.info
** Command Error: SSL Error:  error:14077410:SSL routines:SSL23_GET_SERVER_HELLO:sslv
3 alert handshake failure
** Where: build-port
** Near: system/words/set-modes port/sub-port [secure: true]
@HostileFork is yours the r3 trace?
8:17 AM
@GrahamChiu Yes, that's if you change debug in prot-tls to not be a no-op
@HostileFork I see. There's also a tracing feature isn't there?
I think the debug lines are pretty much it
Anyway, it is failing in the first 7 bytes, so maybe not too hard to pin down
Can probably just look at the RFC and print out those bytes to see what's going wrong
I guess the code needs to be updated as well .. use fail instead of make error
@GrahamChiu I want fail to be able to tag errors easily with IDs, don't know quite how yet. My concept was like fail [#invalid-foo "You passed in a foo of" foo: something "and expected it to be" expected-value: n], which would give back an error object with those fields and that ID, as well as template the message.
But as we know, dialect design is hard. Lots of questions.
Are we going to move all the funcs? to funcs-of when they're asking for values and not booleans?
8:32 AM
@GrahamChiu We'll move them to something appropriate, -OF isn't always a fit.
It often works. sign? => sign-of
I guess Carl wanted it to look like language
We can review the decisions, if people have had time to think about how they feel.
The danger, as Andreas put it, is that having ? mean "the function returns a value" is fairly meaningless.
it's hard to remember which ones are ? and which ones are now -of
You wind up with some fairly unpalatable things, TYPE? and DATATYPE? for instance
But the -OFs are admittedly not all that nice to look at. It's a tough call.
so length? went to length and length-of
8:41 AM
That's been the experiment. It's one of those things that's not too terribly hard to change if we feel like it.
Just need a decision, a rationale, guidance to give people so the whole thing doesn't seem like being random for random's sake.
9:00 AM
We just have this tough situation where things like HEAD are distinguished from HEAD?, and it looks quite sloppy to just be throwing ? on things because you're trying to do a lexical dodge to avoid taking the base word from the user for variables.
there's never going to be a 1:1 correspondence
fragment: => #{15030100020228}
Now interestingly https://meta.discourse.org and https://letsencrypt.org can be read by ren-c
so I wonder it's a configuration in the TLS used somewhere?
9:16 AM
@GrahamChiu Is that supposed to be a server hello? If it is, it should start with #{02}
the fragment above is from https://forum.rebol.info whereas the other two are from sites that ren-c can read
it's the fragment that tls starts to parse
15 and 16 being perhaps certificate-verify, client-key-exchange? github.com/metaeducation/ren-c/blob/…
If so, it does not look like certificate-verify is implemented
It may be optional to process it...some additional info the server is giving you, that you can care about or not. I dunno.
You could try just skipping it
Initiate a Client Hello message & generate a token.
 95 bytes of handshake data sent
16 03 01 00 5A 01 00 00 56 03 01 4F 37 25 E8 08 5C 9C 75 5E 7B CA 44 27 43 70 B3 6C 1A CA 8A D7 0A 55 4B 6A 6D 26 47 4C AE 6A 32 00 00 18 00 2F 00 35 00 05 00 0A C0 13 C0 14 C0 09 C0 0A 00 32 00 38 00 13 00 04 01 00 00 15 FF 01 00 01 00 00 0A 00 06 00 04 00 17 00 18 00 0B 00 02 01 00
9:38 AM
Wireshark says it's a handshake failure in TLS 1.0 Then the server switches to TLS 1.2 but then gives up
so this translates to bad handshake #{15030100020228}
@GrahamChiu Perhaps if you can get in touch with Cyphre you can ask him what he thinks.
@HostileFork not likely. He's not been on Altme either :(
since at least one other discourse sites using letsencrypt works, I'm thinking its a problem of our config?
@GrahamChiu Do you see any obvious difference in the report from that analysis site?
Could also ask the Interweb. stackoverflow.com/questions/tagged/ssl
It's grinding away
10:06 AM
forum.rebol.info gives
Handshake Simulation
Android 2.3.7 No SNI 2 Server sent fatal alert: handshake_failure
but that is not present in the other sites. Not sure of the significance
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12:19 PM
posted on May 29, 2017 by Bjorn

I mentioned the local programming debacles in 'What is the fastest way to connect the same Rebol Application, running on two different computer over Internet ?'. These mainstream efforts were medium to large applications. I have thought that REBOL could be used for large applications. With the advancement in processor speed in the last decade, large REBOL applications would be even more viable

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2:00 PM
@GrahamChiu - I can't get on AltRebol at moment keeps giving me this error....
Sorry, there was an error authorizing your account. Perhaps you did not approve authorization?
Have revoked my Github OAuth but still get same error :(
The option switches only work if it comes before script name.
r3 --verbose red-change-log.reb
2:20 PM
@HostileFork - What's the reason behind this change? github.com/draegtun/ren-c/commit/…
At moment this is stopping the console skin from being updated :(
2:58 PM
No idea what function? was needed for so reverted it - github.com/metaeducation/ren-c/pull/525
3:20 PM
posted on May 29, 2017 by draegtun

system/console would no longer update after a change in commit c712df7 Reverted function? to true? check to make console updates work again.

4:12 PM
@HostileFork - Yes that would be good.
So that was the first one? But I'm happy if we stick with this going forward when committing new features.
Used following to get a complete summary list of commits - git log --pretty=oneline --abbrev-commit > summary-log
its a start but think I'll look at adding date/author & then start separating the wheat from the chaff.
4:29 PM
Here's a handy git-log....
git log --pretty=format:'[commit: {%h} author: {%an} email: %ae date-string: {%ai} change: {%s}]' > log-rebol
so now easier to parse in Rebol...
[commit: {b953008} author: {Barry Walsh} email: draegtun@googlemail.com date-string: {2017-05-29 16:34:12 +0100} change: {Console skin update bug fix (#525)}]
[commit: {959c126} author: {Brian Dickens} email: brian@hostilefork.com date-string: {2017-05-29 05:15:16 -0600} change: {Change VAL_TIME() to VAL_NANO(), add checking for REB_DATE/REB_TIME}]
Aaahhh some funny emails in there! So had to wrap emails in string but I've now LOADed it into Rebol has a block. So this is looking useful where to continue.
5:06 PM
@HostileFork about the timeout on Travis, I spent some time looking into it. It's not the R3_ALWAYS_MALLOC and address sanitizer, it's the compilation optimization. Changing from -O0 to -O1 makes it much faster
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6:08 PM
@draegtun Sorry, I was under the impression REPL was a function, but if the signature is actually the value TRUE then test against = true.
I have a thing about tests which pass too many values, e.g. repl: 35 or repl: <blasdfhjlas>, which would be considered TRUE?
@draegtun should I try reverting the https changes?
It seems to be causing more problems than it's worth at present.
7:00 PM
@draegtun I know but I wanted to just test startup and there was an error just the once so I think it's an internet issue.
I should trap it myself in the user.reb
7:16 PM
  - exec:
       # Generate strong Diffie-Hellman parameters
       - "mkdir -p /shared/ssl/"
  - replace:
     filename: "/etc/nginx/conf.d/discourse.conf"
     from: /server.+{/
     to: |
       server {
         listen 80;
         rewrite ^ https://$$ENV_DISCOURSE_HOSTNAME$request_uri? permanent;
       server {
  - replace:
     hook: ssl
     filename: "/etc/nginx/conf.d/discourse.conf"
     from: /listen 80;\s+gzip on;/m
     to: |
       listen 443 ssl http2;
       ssl_protocols TLSv1 TLSv1.1 TLSv1.2;
- replace:
     filename: "/etc/nginx/conf.d/discourse.conf"
     from: /server.+{/
     to: |
       server {
         listen 80;
         rewrite ^ https://$$ENV_DISCOURSE_HOSTNAME$request_uri? permanent;
       server {
so if I remove the -replace rule, would that stop the redirect to https?
@HostileFork - That's OK, just thought I was missing something big for a second :)
Perhaps a really-is-true? function is required :-P
@GrahamChiu - Is the problem definitely HTTPS? or domain change? or something else??
@GrahamChiu - OK... so there's nothing I need todo on this?
@draegtun well I can login using https
Are you using OAuth?
I'm thinking I should try commenting out github.com/discourse/discourse_docker/blob/master/templates/… to stop the https redirect until I have a more permanent solution
@draegtun @Adrian has set up OAuth for Google and SO I think
I came in on Github OAuth before
I can try Google instead but prefer to use Github for all my opensource dev stuff
7:25 PM
@draegtun Sorry, that's the one I meant. I also came in on Github Oauth
let me try it again
on my phone
can you also try your phone??
Still get error on my desktop with Chrome. Will try phone now
Get same error on phone :(
Let me try a different browser on desktop
Got same error with Safari :(
So not a browser issue. Either Github doesn't like it or AltRebol doesn't like me!
7:31 PM
Once I get back I'm going to try and disable the https redirect
It must be the latter since I use the github oauth
you could look at the oauth settings - it's available to admin
Yes something funny. Don't know if you can see my account still on AltRebol? Perhaps its because I'm admin
Perhaps need dropping my privs? Or even deleting my account on AltRebol??
@draegtun Seen3 days ago
I clicked on force browser refresh .. dunno what that does!
on AltRebol?
@draegtun against your account
OK... still get error :(
hmmm still have some old windows opened.... closing them to see if that makes diff
and on phone!
7:37 PM
do we really need the http -> https redirect?
it's killing rebolbot
and likely my do <changelog> function
darn it... still get error :(
@GrahamChiu - Probably can live without http redirect
but not sure that's the prob.... but never know!
going to rebuild with the redirect disabled now
takes about 7 minutes
actually I wonder if that will completely disable https :(
if it's doing a rewrite
oh dear, looks like the site no longer works on 80. So, I need to re-enable the redirect
but the https still works
spoke too soon, it's still redirecting
gotta go
7:53 PM
PS. I'll do nothing for now but when catch up next and problem still persists then I'll try Google OAuth instead.
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9:45 PM
Q: Change word to path

Geeky IYet another question related to Change path or refinement This time, I want to change the a inside a block to a/b Using change: test: [a] change test 'a/b Splits the values into two: >> test == [a b] Which isn't what I want, but rather, as a single path [a/b]

A: Change word to path

Geeky IThe solution is to use change/only: test: [a] change/only test 'a/b Gives: >> test == [a/b]

10:20 PM
@GeekyI I've been leaning toward saying that BLOCK! is special in Rebol, that we give it a special position...such that append copy [a b c] 'd/e is [a b c d/e] and append copy [a b c] quote (d e) is [a b c (d e)] and it's really only blocks that splice. This is reiterated with the logo being [o], that there's something unique about blocks.
Then make it easy to alias other arrays as blocks, e.g. as block! 'a/b/c/d/e doesn't make a copy of the data, but just let's you see the array image as [a b c d e].
@HostileFork the "take out the garbage only without killing the cat" argument?
@GeekyI Well, taking out the garbage is good, and not killing the cat is good, so if you mean a good argument then yes.
It seems a reasonable tradeoff to me, I do not think most people expect paths to be broken apart in append operations, or change operations like the one you cite.
The only (no pun) reason there are /only refinements is to make the common case convenient right?
That is how I came to think of it, roughly, though I believed that if all the functions that have /only refinements existed in the /only form alone... then the system would be no less expressive
You'd just have to maybe write a loop or somesuch where you didn't have to before
Much progress here past few days(?) Discourse, rebolbot, self updating binaries(not sure this actually works)
10:28 PM
@GeekyI ODBC shortly.
I'm not having a whole lot of fun, so I'm writing it slowly, but, it's coming along.

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