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3:35 AM
morning people
i love nostalgia of being member of this really awesome room :(
can someone suggest solution for website problem?
3:53 AM
yupp dont make website :D
site working
NullPoiиteя can you look?
sure, i can have a look
ishenim.kg/ru/Services/ShowService/115 - problem is when you scroll down the page it starts twitching
i tested in chrome, with 100% zoom (my screen resolution 1920 1080 )
@user3373603 also if you felt offended for my last comment, i apologize for that,
i am using chrome 57 and it seems fine to me
@crypticツ hello, long time
hey, how have you been?
4:01 AM
i am doing good, how are you?
doing good too, just wondering what I'm doing with my life =oD
same here LOL, i am not even in web/software development any more :D
and we both are lying aren't we? :D (doing good too)
yeah, I'm dead inside, lol
I am eating that ^
4:06 AM
@LearnHowToBeTransparent great, welcome to world of obesity :D
@NullPoiиteя What website are you making?
i am not making website anymore
i always wonder, how other developers keep talking about same development things always
@BoltClock hiya
5:02 AM
posted on April 21, 2017

New Cyanide and Happiness Comic

5:54 AM
Hi all good morning
@NullPoiиteя i need to make my list font style to "nyla font " how do i do that?
12:38 PM
@NullPoiиteя what do you mean?
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12:52 PM
did i done something wrong?
What's the point in posting a link to a pastebin like that?
i just don't want to post long paragraphs here.
why? forcing people to open a link makes even less people give it any attention
it'd be better to make your question more concise
ok sorry for that
1:21 PM
I'm struggling with trying to make my divisions all have the same height (equal to the height of the largest division as I change the window size and text wraps). I tried using stackoverflow.com/questions/2313140/… but I can't seem to get it to work. This is the page that I am building enviroptics.com/temperaturesensorstest.html - And I am trying to get the red, green and blue boxes to be the same height.
For reference, in the page source code (at least in chrome, idk if it changes by browser) the script is lines 783 to 788, and the HTML is 671 to 695. If anyone could point me in the right direction I'd appreciate it =/
@MatthewSirkin Please follow our room rules and post a minimal example in something like a jsfiddle!
@ZachSaucier ah, sorry about that. Okay I made a fiddle - jsfiddle.net/6wo0d1ya
My goal is to resize that window and have the size of my blocks adjust so that the height of each item is equal to the height of the largest item
If you're comfortable using JS (something like this can be done CSS, it's just kind of a pain) then you need to include jQuery (using your current approach anyway - it's 100% possible without jQuery, just would have to change the code), give vertical-align: top; to each of them, then make sure you change the height on page resize as well as on page load
for future reference, demos can be even more minimal than that by removing all of the fluff that's not related to the issue
1:39 PM
Ive actually never really used JS, but just knowing what I'm supposed to research would help. I gave the class verical-align: top; So just to clarify I should be looking into how to make the javascript run when I resize the page and also when I load the page?
Also, sure sorry about that, next time i'll cut out the excess stuff
In jQuery you can fire a function on resize by doing $(window).on('resize', function() { ... }); (or putting a function name there instead of making a new one)
So I can replace the elipsis with my function, and everytime the window is resized it will run it? jsfiddle.net/6wo0d1ya/1
Sorry, Im sure this is very basic for everyone in here =(
What browser are you using?
Netscape Navigator :-D
@TylerH hush, you :P
1:50 PM
You can right click the page and click "Inspect". That will open up the developer tools. Then you can go to the tab named "Console" and it will show you errors that your script has
On your demo that says, "Uncaught ReferenceError: $ is not defined", which means that jQuery has not been imported in this case
Ah, thats useful
So you can click the "Javascript (cog icon)" in the Javascript pane in JSFiddle and select a jQuery version from the "libraries" dropdown
probably want whatever version you have on your site or one close to it
After you do that, rerun it, and resize the page, your function works
Okay, I think my site can only handle up to 1.9 ish - Its telling me that its trying to load https error
Don't worry about that. JSFiddle has some irrelevant errors every time you refresh the page
in order to get it to work when the page is first ran, I'd likely put the code you want to run inside of a named function (so like function sizeContainers() { ... } ) and then call that inside of the resize event handler and also call it when you declare the event handler
1:56 PM
ah kk, well it worked in that the windows are the same size, although it is cutting the text off for me
@TylerH I say what I like and like what I say
@ZachSaucier that's fine and irrelevant
@MatthewSirkin that's a logic error in your function then :P
it's because your function assumes that the height is being set by the content, which is only true for the first run
So i'd then be using $(window).on('resize', function() {sizeContainers});
1:59 PM
@MatthewSirkin probably just $(window).on('resize', sizeContainers);
if you did it in that format, you have to do $(window).on('resize', function() {sizeContainers();});
() calls a function, the name only passes a reference to it
ah kk that worked, that makes sense
You should practice some JS via CodeAcademy or something
but as i resize the window I just assumed that since the content gets squished it would get longer, is that no the case
@MatthewSirkin the content does, but the container's height is already set (because you set it previously). So it doesn't respond to the content height any longer
okay, is that free?
2:01 PM
oh, once its set it just ignores the contents?
Altogether it should look something like this jsfiddle.net/6wo0d1ya/2
@MatthewSirkin yep
ah, i can see what you mean, if i run it while the content is squished and i resize the windows, all the containers are large, and if I rerun it when the content is stretched out they stay small when i resize the window
it's setting elem.style.height = "npx"; under the hood, where n is the max height of a container
hopefully you understand why I added the JS I did, but if you don't then let me know
So setting the height to auto looks at the content, and then it takes the maxHeight based off that?
2:06 PM
and setting the maxheight to 0 at the start resets it
It's not the most performance friendly approach, but it's not horrid especially if this is all you're doing. It just wouldn't scale well
A CSS approach would be more favorable, it's just more of a pain
Ah kk, I was trying to do it with CSS originally
I had trying putting the info in containers that I made to be the same size, but it didn't look pretty
actually with flexbox it's not so hard in CSS anymore
:O Zach doesn't use semicolon delimiters
@Alesana lies
How do you sleep at night?
Oh wait no there are semicolons
I just glanced at it at first lol
I need my coffee o.o
2:16 PM
oh man, theres so many things to read about flexbox lol
So much stuff i dont know...
Thanks for all your help Zach, I really appreciate it. Gonna go do some reading lol and ill look into codeacademy too
2:31 PM
@MatthewSirkin skip flexbox and go to grid :-)
Are we expecting better support for grid?
In the coming time?
well, I will answer your question by saying it's already supported in Firefox and Chrome and Edge now
without prefixes
Obviously it will never be supported in IE because that's a dead browser
Hmm I didn't realize that
I am dreaming of a world where computers force you to have the most current browser of your choice.
I don't want that world to ever be a reality
But why not?
2:42 PM
I'm okay with automatic updates just so long as we can turn them off, or get an old one-off browser
Well because the world does not develop software in concert
Hmm that's a good point
It would not work for the exact reason that many web devs still have to deal with IE support
Most businesses have not moved to Windows 10 yet, so they are blocked from using Edge
Some industries rely on software that relies on specific browsers
and so they can't update to the latest versions until the software they run is updated to use the new versions
The Enterprise world moves at a turtle pace because it needs accountability and control over changes to the environment
this is especially important in finance and healthcare sectors
Yeah that makes a lot of sense, I just feel like there is something wrong with letting the unknowledgeable still use ie6
I agree, at some points you have to draw a line
but apathy also plays a role
and OS lockouts
Apathy always plays a role
2:46 PM
If you're running XP then you're just not gonna be able to get IE11
(or 10 or 9)
but IE6 is pretty much dead now, thankfully. It's basically only used by botnets and negligibles
IE6 is dead long live IE
And since Vista is also dead now as well, that means everyone on Windows that is still in long term support is on Windows 7 at least
which means IE9 or IE11, since IE10 was evergreen from the start
I would preferably still have Windows XP if it were an option
I just wouldn't use IE
Well, I don't anyways
3:34 PM
Does clicking the Maximize button on a window not count as resizing?
(In reference to my discussion above with Zach)
it should on a regular webpage
When I drag the window it works fine, but when i click restore down, and then maximize it doesnt trigger the function
I found this on a stack post... seems like a questionably 'hacky' fix

$(window).resize(function() {
setTimeout(function() {
}, 150);
3:53 PM
@MatthewSirkin ya, don't do that.
Ultimately it doesn't matter
@Alesana I would much rather have Windows 7 than XP. In fact I'd much rather have Windows 10 than 7 if it weren't for the lack of control over the OS in Windows 10
4:11 PM
:| I hate Windows as a whole. My windows 10 is very buggy
quick question.. do you know when is bootstrap-4 gonna be released?
why would we know that
just wondering if someone might know.. it has been on alpha version for a while.. and i'm thinking of using it unless someone has a different recommendation
AFAIK no one in here contributes to bootstrap, keeps up with it, or even uses it regularly
so what's the recommendation starting with a CSS projects?
4:20 PM
Depends on the project
But if it's something where you want to use Bootstrap I would say use Bootstrap 3 or whatever the latest public release is
mark my words, if ad-blockers aren't made illegal there will some day be a netflix type model of browsing the net. Websites will opt-in to the model and no one can browse their site unless they are a paying customer.
paywall internet
some sites already do that
there are a lot of articles on the subject
any good tool for creating style guide?
@clickhere it may sound crazy but paid content was how things were before the internet
only makes sense to return to that
@JoeSaad stylifyme.com is one tool
4:26 PM
@ZachSaucier thanks
@TylerH for some stuff
the majority will stay open without it IMO
find other ways to earn revenue
lol, I love SO. My coworker like 6 feet away asked me how to do something in CSS because he couldn't find the answer on Google and I just linked him to one of my answers
@TylerH :P
@ZachSaucier what if i want to create a styleguide from scratch?
he was like "damn I swear I googled"
4:27 PM
then do it... :P
@TylerH didn't look at the name I suppose
well the problem is he was using code he found from google
and it had an issue where the hover and focus styles were combined into one selector
did he at least give you an upvote?
nah he's not very familiar with Stack Overflow (etiquette) , not sure if he even has an account
should teach him
luckily I had just answered this Q like a week ago stackoverflow.com/questions/43453412/…
@ZachSaucier I've showed him a little bit about how to use it but he's not super interested in 'contributing', or he doesn't have time
I forget what he said exactly
4:29 PM
he doesn't need time to upvote
yeah but it takes time for some people to understand the value of upvoting and its worth to the people who write the answers
for me it's obvious and instant because I enjoy these kinds of net communities
but for some people they're like "whatever, I'll copy the code" and forget to upvote
just say "it's useful to people looking" and that should be enough
Got to love people down voting my question as lacking specificity even though I've provided the answer with an example. stackoverflow.com/questions/43547430/…
Questions with an instant answer (or where author answered the question) should get some special flag.
@Gajus that question is horrid
How is that question horrid? It provides all details.
4:35 PM
no, it provides no details. No code or anything
It could be solved in a several different ways
... @ZachSaucier really, please tell me couple of ways to solve the issue, given that the question is tagged as #css.
You have almost 20k rep and over 400 questions. You should be familiar with what a good question includes
@ZachSaucier I am. It includes all the details required to describe the issue.
It includes absolutely 0 code
Whats the need for a code?
It describes a clear problem.
4:38 PM
to reproduce the issue in question
To reproduce a fixed size div? :-)
> Questions seeking debugging help ("why isn't this code working?") must include the desired behavior, a specific problem or error and the shortest code necessary to reproduce it in the question itself. Questions without a clear problem statement are not useful to other readers. See: How to create a Minimal, Complete, and Verifiable example.
I didn't ask a question asking for help debugging an issue.
Asking, "how can this be done" is the same thing as "how do I fix this" IMO
Mate, you are welcome to contribute a code example. It is an open platform.
4:39 PM
Indeed I am
I am also welcome to cast a CV, which I did
Good luck in your ventures.
someone flagged that...
pretty sure I know who.
4:56 PM
almost 20k rep and no code in the question...
wow mod abuse
@Loktar Sorry, I was hoping it is going to allow me to provide additional information when flagging (first time flagging someone in chat). @ZachSaucier is clearly in the wrong here, and campaigning other people to based on personal stink is not acceptable behaviour.
@Gajus I agree
@Gajus cv-pls is simply a request for others to look at the question and decide for themself if it should be closed
it's perfectly accepted
there's even a room just for it
the majority of some people's participation is closing questions in a similar way
A much more productive contribution to the community is suggesting an edit than flagging a valuable contribution to the community.
I flagged nothing
@TylerH agreed
you going to post on meta?
@Ryan How are the elements positioned? Are they siblings to each other? Are they even DOM elements? Should the "hidden" elements be hidden from the DOM or just visually hidden? These are some of the many aspects that are lacking in the question — Zach Saucier 3 mins ago
5:26 PM
When does a function normally get executed? If there's a way to call it onload, then it must not normally get called when the page loads, right? So when does sizeContainers(); this function execute if I just put it in a script tag?
@MatthewSirkin depends on where you put your script
my html file is of the format
[definition of function sizeContainers();]
Q: Should this question about hiding elements stay closed in its current form?

Zach SaucierThe question How to hide the entire element if part of the element overflows vertically? was closed by 5 members of the community. It was then reopened by a moderator. Here is an image of the question as it was closed in and now stands: I believe that this question is too broad and unclear bec...

@TylerH @Loktar ^^
5:51 PM
@Gajus Does the edit reflect your original intention? If so I'll edit the title to match it
sorry, went to lunch
and in a meeting
no prob
the OP still got +25 rep total as of now from that post, lol
6:08 PM
heh just saw this
Welcome back Gajus. Can you please answer my question posted as a comment and above in the chat?
@ZachSaucier Whats your question?
21 mins ago, by Zach Saucier
@Gajus Does the edit reflect your original intention? If so I'll edit the title to match it
What title do you propose?
I think the current title accurately describes the issue.
(Either the original or Ryan's)
For the edited question, I would suggest "Visually hide elements in a vertical flow that overflow"
the original I don't have a suggestion because it's too broad :P
6:14 PM
... Your title suggestion makes no sense.
It's exactly what your answer/the edit covers
The current title is good as it is.
"...that overflows its container's bounds" would probably be more correct
@Gajus it's a bit broad for the actual code in question (provided that's what you're asking about)
You are welcome to suggest edits. However, as it is, the question title accurately describes the issue without implying any unnecessary constraints.
6:35 PM
@Gajus If the constraints are "unnecessary" then why are they necessarily imposed in your answer?
A: Should this question about hiding elements have remained closed?

TylerHThis question belies an existing issue with the Q&A system on Stack Overflow: the self-answer. When this option is checked, you can create a Question and an Answer at the same time, as a way of showcasing the solution to an issue or question you just dealt with, and want to share: Gajus used t...

In any case, my meta Q should be getting upvotes because apparently it's so controversial :P
or downvotes
if people disagree
either way it has received several answers so it's probably going to accrue votes of some kind
I feel like meta Qs that are discussion should be upvoted for people to look at regardless of OP's position
for feature requests and such that is different
but hey, that's just me :P
Usually they are but often a discussion question will posit a stance on the question being asked, and then ask for Meta's opinion
aka "this happened, I did that. Am I right? Or are they right?" And downvotes there mean the Meta asker is wrong
(or that they feel the meta asker is wrong, obviously, since 'what's right' discussion questions are always opinionated)
6:48 PM
I understand that, though I don't really agree
@Gajus FWIW I do sympathize with you as I have dealt with this same problem on a Q&A self-answer of my own years ago. Best bet in the future is to follow meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/314165/…
I've spent enough time on that discussion for today. I'll check back in tomorrow about it
see ya
or do you just mean you are not gonna check the meta thread any more today?
7:29 PM
@TylerH Thanks man. I am fine, though. Got +10 upvotes today on this question alone. @ZachSaucier is just doing PR for me. :-)
Always keep it positive
@Gajus yep. that does go an incredibly long way

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