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3:04 PM
@bwoebi Then you can't apply those optimizations to if you code to the interface.
@kelunik correct.
@Trowski I'd call it BaseDriver instead of DriverFoundation if you want to split them.
How about Driver?
To me, anything with Base is the same as Interface - poor naming
@kelunik After chatting with @bwoebi we came to the conclusion that there's not a lot of point. He pointed out that Driver can be extended without having to call the parent methods to create a completely different implementation.
@Jimbo :)
> Users register events in a YAML mapping file
3:13 PM
that's where I stopped reading too
@Jimbo Driver exists as an abstract class, I was looking at splitting it into an interface and a "base" class.
@PeeHaa Implementation detail ;)
@Trowski May be a silly question but, why not just an abstract class? That can be your interface with abstract methods?
Or do I need to scroll up?
@Jimbo That's what we have now here, but it's fairly opinionated. Scroll up for discussion.
@Trowski So revert?
3:23 PM
@kelunik It was in a different branch.
is it normal that /usr/lib is owned by root? I am trying to globally install ionic from the user and am denied permission to access the global node_modules.
@FélixGagnon-Grenier yes
kthanks. so I will actually install the binaries as root, but they will be marked as x for others, which is ok. rite?
@FélixGagnon-Grenier Do you want to install it just for 1 user?
@PeeHaa hmmm, technically no, but practically we only log in with the centos user
3:28 PM
Imo directory stricture for nix is a clusterfuck in general
Does centos do man hier?
As in I have no idea where to put binaries whenever I have to do it
heh. I try to never actually choose where they go and leave software manage it
Yeah agree
@PeeHaa Make sense? User creates a single class, registers it as available to respond to a WS event, if it's a queued one then mapping between event class and tube name to put payload into and they make a worker class on remote or whatever. If it's a process / blocking then mapping between event name and event class. That's literally it
I think I might write some code tonight
3:59 PM
both safe for work
evenin room
4:17 PM
Is there something like Extending and Embeddinh PHP from Sara Golemon updated for PHP 7?
@brzuchal no, but I use that book to learn about the ZendAPI and put examples into a repo github.com/ThomasWeinert/php-extension-sample/branches/all
@brzuchal Hopefully, when that lazy old lady gets off her butt
@Sara :-)
@Sara sorry but I don't get it
4:20 PM
@FélixGagnon-Grenier if you are installing the npm packages for a user, you can configure it to use a different directory for storing them
@brzuchal the author of "Extending and Embedding PHP" is telling you she wants to update it for PHP 7 at some point.
Ohhh. Now I get it. I didn't got that irony ;)
I was googlin something updated but $40 on amazon for book which is so old is little too much for me. On a previews it looks great and with understandable lang for me.
So @Sara I cant wait for an update of your book and wish you luck with it.
phpinternalsbook.com @brzuchal there is also this
Can't blame ya
@crypticツ \o
4:27 PM
@Wes I dont know why but I like book form. But I'll check that one too
i like books too. i can't read for long on computer screens (no matter the brightness)
but you can print it
@Sara actually working on a new version of your book? will buy it for sure :D
@Wes i think books are supposed to be just as bad for your eyesight, though that may be bs
@ThW thanks for the link
4:41 PM
@Wes I keep trying, but.... ugh.... whine....
@JayIsTooCommon i don't know. i only know that i easily get tired reading on screen. could be that books are better formatted than text on screen. for instance serif fonts (often found on books) are more readable than sans serif ones, on screen you rarely get to see serif used... because not cool, they say
syslog.ident setting ignored when logging errors (error_log=syslog) – #74469
@Sara good luck with that :B you can do it! but tell me, do you think it will be useful for an internals newbie reading today your old book?
@Jimbo yeah totally write some code
Also what is a tube? :P
@Wes IMHO for internals (not extensions) you'll find a lot of useful stuff in niki's blog. Namely, and probably by this order: nikic.github.io/2012/07/27/… nikic.github.io/2015/05/05/… nikic.github.io/2017/04/14/PHP-7-Virtual-machine.html
The first one may be a bit outdated but the main concepts are still up to date
4:55 PM
@Wes Somewhat, as a lot of the core concepts haven't changed THAT much. Just ignore anything to do with fetching from arrays, or complex refcounting stuff.
Oh, and objects.
Ignore both chapters on objects (especially the one on PHP4 objects)
And although it's still current, ignore the one about resources 'cause nobody should be using resources in 2017
@PeeHaa See "Tube management" on this pageon this page, although adding to a tube is vendor specific so need to come up with a decent interface for interacting with queues
@Jimbo Can you explain what a tube represents?
> A single beanstalkd server can provide many different queues, called “tubes” in beanstalkd.
yeah don't call it tube
I won't haha
but most queueing systems can have sub queues I guess
5:00 PM
Yes, but don't coupling the naming to a specific thing
Especially when the name sucks
@Sara php internals confuse me a lot. consider that i'm generally bad at reading any code that isn't code that i've written myself... and that is not older than 5 minutes :B
specifically with php i keep getting lost in macroceptions and i fail to understand what acronyms mean (basically every function or macro in php has one...)
And VERY little of php internals is commented
c++ has the ugliest final
So every macro that you'll actually care about is covered in EEPHP 1
5:07 PM
@Sara So basically, ignore everything? ^^
And they haven't actually changed semantic meaning, even if they've likely changed implementation.
@NikiC Only the practical bits. :D
@NikiC Casual, non-binding question: How do you feel about co-authoring EEPHP 2?
Or hell, taking it on. I'd buy the shit out of any such book you wrote.
@NikiC do it!
@Sara Unlikely, at least in the nearer future
Can't blame you, it's a helluva workout
@NikiC "symbol_table is a typically unused symbol table used in case some crazy person actually uses variable variables or similar features." lel
5:13 PM
@NikiC how much uni left?
Also not trying to be a pedant but I assume "vars in array of names for CVs" should read "vars is an array of names for CVs" or similar.
@Wes theoretically one semester, practically probably two
just one year wait @Sara :D
@Dereleased ya
@NikiC Really appreciating this article. At the part where you're discussing unfortunate naming in SEND opcodes. I think my favorite unfortunate naming/confusing name pair in PHP is still ZSTR_VAL and Z_STRVAL
5:26 PM
ah, the underscore dance :D
@Dereleased Imho the winner is smart_str vs smart_string
You have to compare with the PHP 5 naming to really appreciate the beauty there...
What's the difference between the two?
5:57 PM
Hello people
i having difficult
to put both arrays
in the same format
can someone check the paste bin
one is array another is array with two subarrays inside
i try with array_splice
but is removing the first subarray
what i want is remove the first position of both subarray
Without looking imma go with no
@PeeHaa Is that for me?
If you are free could you check it out quickly? would be helpful.
6:07 PM
I don't have to
I am sure it sucks
How can you be so sure?
Call it spidey sense
If it would have been good it wouldn't talk about mvc, but rather separation of concerns or a topic like that
Maybe for basic ideas?
It just helps build an app with Ms, Vs and Cs after routing and bootstrapping them.
Still it's probably not very good
Let me skip to the end
yeah that is going to be not very good
Alrighty! xD
6:11 PM
If it ends with eloqunt it's not good
So is the idea of having an index() function for all controllers a common thing?
Normally you won't see that
The above code is impossible to test properly
And will become a pain to maintain
And are controllers executed with functions from fetching get parameters from urls?
like mydomain.com/home/somefunction executes a $home->somefunction()?
That feels insecure.
Some people do that, but I strongly disagree.
Not only does it prevent internationalization, but it also makes it all way too rigid
Every tutorial I have looked at seems to have different ideas. I am not sure which one to follow now.
6:17 PM
Yeah the state of tutorials in general kinda suck
What in specific are you looking for?
Basics of MVC or maybe separation of concerns, with some nice examples. I go look into one and when I look into another, that's totally different and not even sure which one to follow. So I am kinda stuck with the basics.
I know what Models, Views and Controllers do and are, just can't find a nice implementation example.
That's because there really aren't any
Is there something you'd recommend to follow?
I'd at least need some starting ground. In fact, people here seem to disagree with each other a lot around this topic.
True, what most in here do agree on however is that MVC is not possible in PHP and whatever people try to sell as MVC ends up as a pretty poor architecture
I would rather focus on specific things instead
Is there a nice architecture close enough you'd recommend? Maybe a book on it?
6:25 PM
Like e.g. how to structure your project, how to do routing, how to handle requests etc
I'm having a hard time calling a non-static function from another class. It seems that $this is using $this from the class that I call it from not the class that the function exists in, and I can't find anywhere online how I can fix this
@CoderDudeTwodee Not sure about any non waaay too technical / theoretical books on the topic
@PeeHaa Okay thanks anyway!
Not a direct answer to your question, but have you checked out phptherightway.com?
Imo once you grasp some of the fundamentals it's much easier to come up with a decent design and/or find problems of tutorials
Also make sure to read PHP the good parts.
6:29 PM
:P Helpful as always
Stupid mods
@PeeHaa Doesn't come up on google. Underrated tutorials.
morning Levi
In my personal experience coming up with a decent or good design even starts with understanding the problem and being able to write a project in a way that solves the problem
And not the other way around
My €0.02
hey @LeviMorrison
6:31 PM
@NikiC :'(
@PeeHaa Howdy.
You can always tell how cool or important something is by how many underscores precede the first non-underscore character in its name
I.e. if you start with: "I am going to implement pattern / buzzword X" instead of saying I am going to solve problem Y and the best way for that is using Z you end up with something less than optimal
But after all of the above @CoderDudeTwodee, for me the best way to learn is just trying random stuff and writing actual code and look at it again after a week / month and think "that sucks"
@LeviMorrison hmmmmm donots....
6:34 PM
@PeeHaa My code sucks every week. I used to hate that feeling, but now I know I am learning.
And get used to it
Your code will keep sucking
As do mine
"No perfect code"
PHP the right way seems to be nice.
Also checking out PHP the good parts.
So maybe the best advice I can give right now is write something you find interesting, put it on github and keep improving it
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
@CoderDudeTwodee Don't listen to that comic dude. He's a known useless troll
6:37 PM
Also he does both JS as well as Java
> Your code will keep sucking
No matter how good your code is, no matter how perfect and elegant it seems, (a) nobody's ever going to frame it and put it on the wall and (b) you will hate it within a year. If you ever stop hating your code, it's probably a sign you stopped improving.
nuff said
Sure, as long as you keep using PHP :P
6:37 PM
Hmm... I need a code style fixer (aka code formatter) for PHP that is not opinionated so I can make my own opinionated style that has tabs, open curlies always at the end of same line, etc. Anyone know of any?
@shog9 Could you handle that mod abuse please ^^
@LeviMorrison PHPBeautifier?
The php-cs-fixer that does PSR stuff doesn't look like it's flexible enough but maybe I just didn't look deep enough.
@LeviMorrison You can set up your own rules
@Dereleased This?
6:39 PM
It's on pear so it must be good
Wow that's old. Withdrawn.
I've been toying with writing my own for a while. In truth, I kinda have, but not to the end you're looking for, and definitely not anything resembling "not closed source" or "available for public release"
but it was rather fast to do. I recommend it
I just need to build a concrete syntax tree and apply transformations to it. I mean how hard can it be, right? :D
Is it a good idea to use eloquent for complex SQL queries?
if you're willing to put in the time, it's not hard to do based on output from token_get_all
!!docs token_get_all
[ token_get_all() ] Split given source into PHP tokens
6:42 PM
@Dereleased Assuming your tool runs with same version of PHP, anyway ^_^
that's better than basing it on php-ast since it doesn't lose comments and if for some reason you have any T_INLINE_HTML stuff it won't get converted to echos
Sadly I really need a parse tree that isn't abstract (abstract loses too much info)
@LeviMorrison 7.1 but yeh
@CoderDudeTwodee did you have a github account?
@LeviMorrison I'm having trouble thinking what else you lose than comments and ?>foo => echo "foo";
(i.e. please englighten)
6:44 PM
Comments are a pretty big loss :D
oh for def
but categorically I'm saying you only lose 2 things. I want to know more =D
Depends if you are writing a formatter or a sniffer.
@PeeHaa I do have one. I keep my other project files in BitBucket.
Can't make a sniffer to detect whether the default visibility modifier was used or not if you use the ast.
sniffer I'd go ast 100%, but formatting it makes more sense to me to use the tokenizer. The big downside is of course that you have to re-implement a parser. I wonder if you could adapt nikic/PHP-Parser to that... ?
6:45 PM
@Dereleased Ha! Exactly backwards.
@LeviMorrison ah, ok
I don't care about default visibility modifier, but my day job only very, very rarely actually involves writing PHP
But if you are formatting it how it should be written it doesn't matter as much what the original had since you are writing new output.
that's why I think the formatter should be based on token_get_all()
I wouldn't want a formatter that stripped comments...
@CoderDudeTwodee Make something, ask for review / suggestions / improvements here, improve, rinse and repeat
6:47 PM
@DaveRandom Yeah, losing comments sucks. Hence a not-abstract syntax tree or something.
@DaveRandom as you shouldn't. I never suggested you should =)
@PeeHaa Thanks, I will!
And I am now mobile so I could leave the room when QA and one of the devs started a shouting match
Is using laravel eloquent for complex queries a good idea or is it better to use pure PDO?
@LeviMorrison PHP-Parser distinguishes those ;)
6:50 PM
Heyo meyo.
@NikiC Nice.
I seek assistance. XD
Now if you could just preserve all comments in the correct location and also not duplicate them that would be great. @NikiC
@LeviMorrison I can, but only if I keep the formatting
nite all
6:51 PM
    'a', // a
@Linus o/
^ How does the comment attach to the tree?
part of 'b'?
What I meant is, PHP-Parser (at least on master) has a full-fidelity printer
but if your actual goal is to reformat, that's probably not what you're looking for
I think for formatting you need the token stream and a formatting tree of some sort.
I am trying to make a pagination, I have made one before . . . but I forgot how I did it. It's been like a year since I made a pagination. I have this query . . . but it's being stupid and I don't know how.

`SELECT * FROM users LIMIT 0, 1`

That query displays only 1 record.

`SELECT * FROM users LIMIT 1, 2`

That displays 2 records. I have no clue what I am doing wrong . . . .
6:53 PM
I found some papers on it but unfortunately they were all for lisp-like languages which don't have certain features that we do.
Such as heredocs.
Can't remember the other problematic ones.
So two things. One, I think we should just write one so I can have an excuse to contribute to an open source project, and two, we should write a code sniffer that detects inconsistent indentation and brace styles and accuses you of not caring
I think a token list that is connected to a parse tree may be able to do everything necessary.
@Terminal-JS this isn't the mysql room, but you're likely misunderstanding the parameters to LIMIT; If only one number, that's the number of rows to get. If two numbers, the first is the OFFSET (how many rows that would have matched to skip before returning) and the second number is the NUMBER of rows to return. I.e., LIMIT 5, 10 will get rows 6-15 (10 rows 5 from the start). You can also use the alternative syntax LIMIT 10 OFFSET 5 to make your intention less confusing.
I just assumed you're using mysql, I guess that might not be true, but you asked in the PHP room, so the penalties offset, I believe
@Dereleased s/alternative/correct/
7:09 PM
@LeviMorrison I'm repeating myself, but php-parser totally has that :P
It's just not well-integrated
@NikiC when I see you've written giant switch/case statements, do you generate those or painstakingly type each one out?
@Dereleased That depends on which giant switch statement we're talking about
7:11 PM
say things related to e.g. flags in php-ast
@NikiC Yeah I will definitely look at it. In my head I logically want a "token tree". Basically the tokens arranged into a tree with semantic meaning.
@LeviMorrison If you do that, who gets to own the whitespace/comments? Or are there special semi-invisible nodes containing those?
@LeviMorrison isn't that what php parser does?
@Dereleased still note precise enough ^^
@NikiC unless you're doing something I've noticed I also tend to do, which is ask for clarification even when the answer in both/all possibilities is the same just so I know what I am answering, I'm guessing the answer to my original question is "both, depending on the situation". The point of this exercise was to make myself feel better about generating huge swaths of code.
7:16 PM
@Dereleased I thought you might be talking about some particular piece of code
In php-ast the generated code is this: github.com/nikic/php-ast/blob/master/ast_data.c
I definitely did not type out those 700 lines of code ^^
In the last week I've committed about 8500 lines of code, but in reality I wrote 100 lines to generate about 6,000-ish of those. Also LOC is a poor measure here because the project standards include Allman braces, so the line count gets fucking enormous for not-great reasons.
@Wes Not necessarily. That may be what Nikita's parser does but in general an ast is more abstract than the tokens, so you don't have token granularity. Make sense?
I'm not sure, though you can reconstruct the token sequence yourself easily, I think
or the "hierarchy"
it is just slightly more abstracted, with names and objects instead of raw token names
I think you could do it as long as you created a distinct class for every (or nearly every, depending on how much you love inheritance) type of node, so that it could have specific members for each cluster of tokens it might need.
By which I mean you obviously can't just give it a lump of tokens and expect them to be sliced and distributed correctly. It'd have to know where it had tokens to add between and around children.
@Wes Can't reconstruct whitespace or comments ^_^
7:26 PM
it can with the old node thing, right? the one you linked me yesterday @NikiC
@Wes yeah
That's quite a word.
@Danack :P
7:49 PM
@DaveRandom omrlp.com all the way.
8:01 PM
@NikiC What's the main entry point to getting one of these?
@LeviMorrison that's the "not well integrated" part
@LeviMorrison github.com/nikic/PHP-Parser/blob/master/doc/component/… You enable the startTokenPos and endTokenPos attributes here
And for higher accuracy you also enable the useIdentifierNodes parser option
And then you use those attributes on the AST + a custom token stream class to do things ^^
Anyone know why S3 is taking FOREVER to get an image with PHP?
@NikiC What do you mean "custom token stream class"?
@LeviMorrison There is no predefined class that does things like get you the text for a certain token range etc
If you do anything non-trivial on tokens, it makes sense to define something
I will create one when I find some time ... right now a lot of functionality that really belongs into a TokenStream is rolled into the pretty printer
But this isn't something that needs to extend some other thing inside your library?
8:46 PM
@NikiC oh, you mentioned my huffman implementation encoding in your paper :-D … I'm wondering, are there ways, with the given optimizations, which end up in faster code than the actual implementation?
Also, I see you wrote 8% speedup, where exactly does it come from there?
@NikiC I've got a pretty cool one of those for some stuff I did a few years ago. $ts->slice($range_start, $range_end)->assembleSource(); for example. I'd do things differently now, but I also don't have to cause it's done. I'd love to work on a more general version, would it be ok if I detailed (edit: oops, emailed) you with some of the specifics (not asking to be judged by every philistine just yet) and get your opinion?
so... they updated my team's "experts" page, on which I now figure, alongside mostly PhDs in physics and engineering. /me does not feel big in his shoes.
@NikiC Ah, there's a graph on the following page - may you please dump the opcodes of the optimized huffman_decode function then?
9:27 PM
@FélixGagnon-Grenier And now I have your phone number. Dope.
ofc not, it's my work phone number :D
I'll make your desk a living nightmare =P
... which I haven't answered once in a year :)
my phone is literally behind my monitors
@Dereleased oh, also was it the top result when googling my name? it was for me.
9:29 PM
now I know where you live.
under that owl.
@bwoebi I think most of what is applicable there is already in opcache
@FélixGagnon-Grenier StackOverflow, then your company, then LinkedIn
Unfortunately opcache doesn't actually dump the specialization :/
ic. that is actually satisfactory
9:31 PM
@NikiC :-(
If you search my username, after you tell google you really meant dereleased not unreleased, you'll eventually see a photo I'm definitely not in, but I took down in India and added to wikipedia: commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/…
I want help with a question, stackoverflow.com/questions/43481514/…
@Dereleased Sending me an email is a great way of never getting a response :P
I am terrible at email
My usual approach is "I'll answer that tomorrow" and then it's one month later and "it's too late now anyway"
@NikiC I am not dissimilar which is why I asked first. My only goal is to communicate without a peanut gallery. Suggestions?
9:38 PM
@Dereleased what is the guy doing?
@FélixGagnon-Grenier That is my friend who was on vacation with me at the time. I do not remember why he was walking over there specifically, but it probably had to do with getting some inane question of mine answered =)
Fun fact, he and I have the same anniversary (but he's been married 9 years longer =)
oh, a beedis factory no less.
@Dereleased I bet he's been married young, then?
9:44 PM
@NikiC Just wondering … what are the elements of the lattice set in the paper? T is the optimistic initialization, what are L and the underlined C?
@StephanieHallberg phew... are these 700k people telepaths? also how in 7 hells were they not able to answer?
@bwoebi underlined C?
@NikiC well, a square without right border and a line below it
They are trolling me.
seems to me you are trolling us...
9:45 PM
No im making a News Website
@bwoebi ahh, I get what you mean. Depending on convention, that's how you write <= in a generic context
and i need help with insert array into data sql
It's just the partial order relation
@FélixGagnon-Grenier Younger than me, sure. I got married at 29
He is also just plain older than me
9:47 PM
@NikiC Oh, I'm used to that looking like ⊆
@FélixGagnon-Grenier : here is the forum thread i was talking about, it wasn't on stackoverflow . gbatemp.net/threads/…
And not ⊑ @NikiC
@StephanieHallberg oh. I thought you meant that the question you are asking had been well received by 700k people. How is that related?
I mean, your lattice is written as (L, ⊑, ⊤) @NikiC
Here what happened, i wrote a question, i asked if I could learn more then just be told to use the insert method.. as this was not an orginal array , but an array created by rss feed. so i guess syntax was different. - So things got alittle out of balance, then Jay came and have been stacking me the wohle day, i gone from 50 rep to 36 just because he was angry
9:50 PM
@bwoebi yeah, I've seen all of ≤, ⊆ and ⊑ used for that
oh, okay
relation as in questions can be written differently . Different ways of writing attracts in different ways.
@StephanieHallberg Indeed, people here on Stack Overflow can get a bit touchy. If they serial downvoted you however, the votes will probably be automatically reversed in a few days.
@StephanieHallberg However you are mistaken. This platform is not looking for help from newcomers as to the format we like.
If you want to use it, follow the standards, or get your posts downvoted and your questions closed.
9:51 PM
@bwoebi What Wikipedia has to say on the topic: "Diese Notation wird hier aufgrund von technischen Einschränkungen nicht verwendet" ^^
i flagged one person
and then hell broke lose :)
Keep the styling for the forums. Stack Overflow is not a forum :)
almost litterely,
9:52 PM
nobody can know when / who / if you flagged someone
flags are anonymous
i told i flagged one person we was talking i nthe comments
then jay showed up
ok pause. yeah.
I was asking here because I wanted to know how to insert an array into sql,
9:53 PM
atm, your question will get closed, because it is too broad, and we have too much code to be able to help you
or rather, more code than most users are willing to read in order to answer a question
I dont get it at all
questions are written by the second, and , well,
many of them are closed by the minute, because they don't follow this site's guidelines
we are collectively trying to build a quality questions and answers repository. as such, we like questions that can help more than just their asker.
So i guess as we are just like 5 people in here and u talking protocal I wont get any help here as of now. OK : i stick aroudn aittlie while and hpefully get in touch with others
we're the nice ones =/
9:56 PM
... anyway. got to go. nice to meet you.
which o/ \o means goodbye?
I guess my questioin was to complex for others to give a direct answer.
any of them ;) o/

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