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5:02 PM
lol -- "every time I try out Linux" i.imgur.com/rQIb4Vw.gifv
@MarcusS That feels very accurate though.
TIL health insurance will pay for personal training sessions at the gym
@poke Haha, yep
5:15 PM
enervated cbg
cbg! I'm using mysql with python for the first time. I'm on Mac, using Python 3.5 (Anaconda). MySQLdb did not work as shown on TutorialsPoint, Mysql-Connector did not work as shown in Mysql Documentation. I tried various method to install mysql connector, and when I finally did, I keep getting this error: "AttributeError: module '_version' has no attribute 'version'"
It shows this: " File "//anaconda/lib/python3.5/site-packages/mysql/connector/__init__.py", line 35, in <module>
__version__ = _version.version"
Is that your full error trace?
No, here it is: pastebin.com/r6Zm4mtc
how did u install it?
hey guys any tensor flow genius here
5:24 PM
pip install mysql-connector-repackaged
@FaizRasool im currently trying to build my own cnn for ocr, wish i'd used Tensor :(
After installing it, I was still getting similar error I guess, So I found a .dmg plugin from Oracle and installed it
@dipper yeah - well i'm stuck in the problem that i'm trying to resolve
have you tried pip install mysql-connector-python
No, let me try
5:26 PM
Try delete your current version first
start fresh
@FaizRasool what problem
@dipper i just started fresh by the way
i have 3 layers
and all layers are giving me
New error: "Collecting mysql-connector-python
Could not find a version that satisfies the requirement mysql-connector-python (from versions: )
No matching distribution found for mysql-connector-python"
Oh, how do I delete it?
can you unpack a tuple in-line with an f string? I can't figure it out from the docs
@dipper tensor("relu: 0", shape: (3,3), dtype: float32)
@FaizRasool what are you showing me?
it is output from each layer
in the inference
A = ('a', 'b')
print(f"Supported: {A}")
So it returns Supported: 'a', 'b' and not Supported: ('a', 'b')
@dipper using virtual machine does not allowing to copy the output but let me see if i can take screenshot
5:33 PM
Worked like a charm, thanks!
@dipper please check
@Grimlock all sorted?
@dipper output
@FaizRasool you're going to need to work out how to copy text, this isn't an appropriate way to get help.
5:38 PM
@davidism i enabled bi directional clipboard but it is not working....
oh you mean that you want the other
@FaizRasool darn, but that doesn't change my statement.
yeah, I don't want the parentheses
sorry, misread your question
hence, unpack :p
I completely missed unpack in your first message :|
I finished the major parts of my code and now I'm spending all my time figuring out minor things
like how to remove parentheses :|
>>> print(f"Supported: {', '.join(A)}")
Supported: a, b
@FaizRasool look like your weights are uninitialised
5:41 PM
you need to tell python exactly what to do, I think this is too ambiguous otherwise
I didn't know you could do that
uninitialised is a hard word to spell
@dipper yes i believe so - also i found i was not running tf.global.variable.initializer() in the session run
@FaizRasool I'm not really sure how TensorFlow works... but i'm guessing there should be pre-trained weights/biases for you to use
so double check them
5:45 PM
@dipper appreciate your help but this is something to do with the initialiser
TensorFlow any good?
5:58 PM
@dipper Yes all sorted, thanks again and sorry for late response!
Deleting the top half of the traceback that shows the exact error you're having is not "ok". — davidism 11 secs ago
If you can't see it, it doesn't exist.
stick it to the man, remove the traceback
(still needs cv-pls)
lol, they removed those 2 lines again
I can't even
I like their def form(...): form=... structure though
I don't think rolling back a third time is helpful though
I'd say flag it instead, but then now there has to be an auto-flag raised
Wow, this user is really clueless, but that's my last rollback.
6:08 PM
They genuinely seem to think that the problem is that they posted the problem in the traceback. Wow.
Need one more CV then I don't care anymore.
Those comments xD
A preemptive question, haven't used Jmeter ever, I am supposed to perform benchmarking tests using Jmeter. Is it possible to do with Python, or Java is mandatory?
Guess it's time to stop answering questions.
More on that "your code is not secure" comment:
My concern was not about malicious calling code, but malicious requests to a web server. As you mentioned, the private data could be exposed in a response, or it could be used to manipulate code flow. Thank you for updating your answer. It would be even better if the main code example was secure though. — Jared Deckard 3 hours ago
6:22 PM
Wow...Django is not easy to troubleshoot
this is some convoluted stuff. Extra difficulty level because this is a project someone else wrote who no longer exists here
Django isn't fun. I fully agree with you Joe.... That's why I enjoy working with Flask, easier. But I wonder what the different limitation to them both are...
for every job I see that uses Flask, here at my city, there's like 5 Django openings...
@ZeroPiraeus of course the object_hook need to be restricted!
Go on ...
if this was used in django, everyone could use something like "__enum__": "settings.SECRET_KEY"*anywhere*.
Ok, so the caller now has access to settings.SECRET_KEY, which they already had.
6:36 PM
for example: send a response {"username": {"__enum__": "settings.SECRET_KEY"}}
what caller, people will not read that in the context of any question
I as a black hat will send a response to update my last name into database using {"last_name": {"__enum__": "settings.SECRET_KEY"}}
then the next request I can read the last_name from my user object and it handily contains the security token with which I can break anyone's anything on that site... including all HMACs
woosh. I think my Sierra upgrade did the needful destruction
things are wack
Exception: you need a C compiler to build uWSGI hehe
@AnttiHaapala Hmm. Ok, I think you got me. Dammit.
And... take into account how knowledgeable an average Django user is of the snippets they copy-paste around and... :D
I'm dealing with cleaning that up right now
it's a nightmare
@JaredDeckard my apologies, you were right, and I was wrong. I've updated the answer accordingly. Thanks for your input! This has been educational (and chastening). — Zero Piraeus 27 secs ago
6:50 PM
Thanks :-) Glad I brought it up now ...
@ZeroPiraeus the problem with object_hook is that it is not specific, it can be used everywhere :( I really do miss some of the intelligent JSON deserializers in Java.
Oh for FFS!!!!! Yammin' XCode license agreement was breaking everything
table flip
@idjaw XCode <3
it is apple's master plan to make everyone hate programming
I'm drawing a blank why I need xcode for my Py development
what does it use from the xcode environment that is a requirement
7:03 PM
so it looks like there's a package in python that's literally called 0-._.-._.-._.-._.-._.-._.-0
in the pypi repositories, I mean.
Anyone use display coverage results in the pycharm side gutters ?
you know what, let's not freeze everyone's browser
that freezes your browser??
Firefox doesn't have tab threads yet.
7:11 PM
oh. lame.
Also, it's just a massive page no matter what.
it unfroze after half a minute for me
I'm finding pycharm's coverage runner extremely slow to use. I was wondering if anyone was able to get it to consume the .coverage file
Yeah, I've noticed that their coverage is sort of slow. Haven't really played with it much though.
same...never bothered
Wow, it is surprising how much faster Chrome is at rendering that.
That can't be all down to tab processes.
chrome is great, I don't know why people still bother with firefox
I like the illusion of google not being actively aware of everything I do online
in particular the web inspector on chrome is far superior to firebug or whatever they're calling their thing these days
I'd have to take some time to quantify it, but Firefox just "feels" better to use (except for that page's performance).
:D at least you found your answer ;D
I want a world without xcode dependencies
> I really wish XCode would update without removing the command line tools every time without notice.
yeah, wtf with that??
7:17 PM
Also, Chrome still doesn't have an equivalent of Toggle Animated Gifs.
Other than that, plugin support is basically equal for what I use.
maybe I should install that too
you're telling me there's no animated gif jammer on the chrome web store?
would find that surprising
I think the main thing keeping me on Firefox these days is how ugly Chrome's tabs are. Most of the other visual abominations (custom window borders etc) are gone by default or configurable away now.
Hi guys, sorry to interrupt. What is the protocol for someone trashing their own question (already badly reviewed) with Lorem Ipsum? It has an answer and several comments of pointers. stackoverflow.com/questions/42654968/…
Hmm I guess that's personal preference. I find fx ugly and chrome looks sleek/minimalist
@roganjosh just roll it back
7:23 PM
@roganjosh downvote, close vote, move on
It's already been rolled back a number of times, so don't do that.
I have downvoted and I can roll back (already did earlier for a legit reason), but I cannot close.
Move on, making a mental note not to answer questions from users with 1 rep anymore
if it seems like half of an edit war, flag for moderator attention
Closed and flagged.
7:26 PM
@davidism Give me 86 rep first ;-)
@ZeroPiraeus you need 86 rep to use ?
does mock still have a place in a modern pytest suite ?
Gosh, that was quick :) I just wasn't sure of the best route on that one, thanks
lol undeleted!
stackoverflow.com/q/42655688 too broad, bad answers
7:28 PM
@roganjosh brad larson is messing with it
I can't find an equivalent thing that provides the "assert called with args" sort of thing
guys is it OK to have variables or methods only for unit testing purposes ?
@wim why wouldn't it have
> Trusted users are allowed to perform trusted actions, including:

Voting to delete answers with score of -1 or lower
Voting to undelete answers except those deleted by a moderator
Voting to delete questions with a score of -3 or lower immediately after they are closed
I thought they might have their own version of something that does the same job
since you can use the monkeypatch fixture intsead of mock.patch
7:29 PM
@ZeroPiraeus to use [tag:delv-pls] in chat
now if everyone presently active in the room upvoted Zero once, he would be a trusted user in no time!
When a guy asks to be upvoted, my instinct is to downvote them
I couldn't possibly condone that kind of behaviour [wink]
Zero is walking a fine line
I am not upvoting the guy :D just fine answers
Making progress - the GUI for the name lookup project is in place. But right now you can only look up wim and nobody else.
7:33 PM
Ok, whoever that was, thanks, but I really wasn't fishing (except ironically).
@Kevin have you thought that actually you're part of the problem. Had everyone just had unique usernames...
Not all of us can be as unique as you ;-) Paradoxically, if we were, we wouldn't be unique any more. So the problem would persist.
me unique?!
I'm unique. And I'm special.
No one else is like me.
7:38 PM
I've never met an Antti or an idjaw before you guys
I'm reliably informed that I'm a unique special snowflake.
there has been at least 5 other Antti Haapala's that have annoyed me by stealing my domain names, facebook names, had me confused with them and so on...
I've met an Anti, I was wondering if it was the same Antii, was not... xD
I've never met a DSM before though ....
I thought Data Science Men were rather common
First one for me :)
7:39 PM
Still waiting for that sweet Soros money though :-/
there is no uniqueness constraint on Kevins
at least there's an existence criterion
Uniqueness of Kevin is a composite PK between avatar and name
@AndrasDeak Are you trying to make an ontological argument for the perfectness of Kevins?
> The kevin is a unit of measure for temperature based upon an absoute scae.
7:47 PM
All right, username_lookup.user.js v1.0 is ready.
Paging @davidism and @idjaw, who expressed an interest previously
Absolute 0 Kevins is impossible
@Kevin oh. Thank you sir
@Kevin you don't show up when searching for "kevin"
Hmm, that's a problem innit
I missed this lookup thing
7:50 PM
I'm clearly getting out of touch. @tomskeet18 has installed VS2017 before I have. <sigh>
Possibly I do show up but my avatar is rendering as one of those gray anonymous blobs. I will investigate.
@idjaw is that Little Skeet Jr?
I would assume so
oooooh neat!
(I figured out where to use the userscript, I'm such a wizard)
Hmm, looks like the API refuses to return more than a hundred Kevins at once.
7:54 PM
wat doesn't work for me at all :d
exact search mod whitespace
ah wokrs :D
I thought you make it show in the dropdown
I decided not to because that would be annoying to implement and I'm already at 95% irritation just working with js
@Kevin Kevin Overflow, huh?
@Kevin if could have rep there too
one thing more: if you could have another form for the search box, now when I type in anything then hit enter, it goes to the other form :d
7:56 PM
AFAIK http://chat.stackoverflow.com/users/search only returns id and avatar and display name, so anything else would require additional queries and therefore didn't make the cut in this minimum viable product
@AnttiHaapala please open an issue on github
@AndrasDeak for a gist?
*checks link* ... yes
@AnttiHaapala Ok, I'll put that on the list for v1.1
fork it and open an issue and point Kevin to it
8:01 PM
This 50 result search limitation is a problem since searching for my own name was my #1 use case -_-
Doesn't affect most users I guess, if their use case is searching for their own names, and not my name.
Time to add two zero-width spaces inside your name. Oh, except that gets stripped when searching:/
We all have a little Kevin in us.
so @Kevin why don't you search among your own messages to begin with?
through your profile I mean
Because I keep forgetting that's a thing I can do
good reason
8:05 PM
If zwsp is stripped, maybe change your name to Keⅵn ...
Maybe I'll try reverse-engineering chat.stackoverflow.com/user, which is happy to return 81 pages of results
tag:delv-pls brad larson removed delvs :D but as if it were any good anyway
@Kevin ahha ... one more idea:
@Kevin get the list of current room members too.
Yep it would be quite nice to put regulars and people currently in the room at the top of the list
And/or have a list of just those people, no typing names required
especially current people: I mostly search chat when I suspect that a non-regular is a repeat ignoramus
ahha noo :D
even better
8:16 PM
Well in a pinch you can always go to that user's profile and use the search bar there
too many clicks:P
you started down this road, no turning back
yeah... but the user script could add the search into the uesr's box
that would be supacool and easy
user profile
user profile on stack overflow
search the messages of this user
[                              ]
multiline fail
@Kevin and I need to retype the room afterwards :P
🐍 Python string oddity 👇 >>> "⅐ↁⅣⅧↂⅪ".isnumeric() True >>> "ⅬⅭⅮ⅟Ⅿ³₉ↀ".isnumeric() True >>> "-3".isnumeric() False #pythonoddity #python
[x for x in range(10) if x > 1 if x < 6]
indeed who fscked up the use of if-else there :d
Interesting, I didn't know comprehensions could have more than one if clause.
8:30 PM
What's even weirder is that "BOOBIES"[::-1].isnumeric() is False.
> The comprehension consists of a single expression followed by at least one for clause and zero or more for or if clauses.
Yep, it's all here.
@ZeroPiraeus I get that joke.
8008135 ?
I'm not sure I get it
>>> for i in range(10):
...     if i in range(5) if True else []:
...         print(i)
that's not really an oddity, a string is considered numeric if it has only numeric characters
8:33 PM
Ah, see, it's because [::-1] reverses it, but doesn't turn it upside-down.
>>> [i for i in range(10) if i in range(5) if True else []]
  File "<stdin>", line 1
    [i for i in range(10) if i in range(5) if True else []]
SyntaxError: invalid syntax
Oh, well, I did get it. I just hoped it was better.
5 in range(10) == True
>>> [x for x in range(10) if x > 0 if x < 9]
[1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8]
this is the best python koan :D
I still didn't get why it does what it does
8:39 PM
@wim If you're expecting depth and subtlety from a joke involving the word BOOBIES, you may want to adjust your expectations ;-)
Isn't that parsed as (5 in range(10)) and (range(10) == True) ?
@wim yes, that is it.
Lovely bird, the norwegian blue footed boobie, beautiful plumage...
>>> class Foo():
...     def __eq__(self, other):
...         print(other)
...         return True
>>> 5 in range(10) == Foo()
range(0, 10)
8:41 PM
I made a bug about that thing bugs.python.org/issue28617
it is really easy to misuse that...
The docs are plainly wrong, but nobody merged it yet
I use webkit and gtk in python to create a window browser, so I have

if __name__ == "__main__":
	webbrowser = WebBrowser()
	subprocess.call(['python', 'run.py'])

Problem is when window is open, script is stuck to ->gtk.main() and not run subprocess
someone must have written something like
>>> include == 42 in range(100)
@IsabelCariod If gtk is anything like tkinter, main() will run indefinitely until you close the window. If you want call to run before the window closes, put it above gtk.main().
8:44 PM
and it is just another stupidity that in even has the same precedence
not just precedence, but even chaining, right?
Incidentally it's a red flag that you're using call to execute another Python script. The vast majority of the time, you should just use import.
but if I put before gtk the subprocess, will stay stuck in subprocess.call and will not appear window
If you want two things to execute simultaneously (or near enough as makes no difference), consider threading.
8:47 PM
@AndrasDeak I said "even precedence" meaning that they shouldn't have the same priority; with different priority they'd naturally not be chainable.
Ah, I see how you meant it. Yes. :D
8:59 PM
It's always been a little odd to me that in supports operator chaining, but I guess it's easier to keep it consistent with every other binary operator that returns a boolean, than to exclude it.
another thing that I do not get is why these are still implemented in the same bytecode opcode
welcome back Joe,
cbg Wayne how was the flight ?
9:17 PM
@MooingRawr the Joe thing is kinda weird, can we not do that anymore?
I've managed to hold off checking Amazon all day, but I just thought about it so time to see if Nier's delivered yet.
It is. Good job, now I have to sit here for another hour.
@davidism Sure.
and he left before saying anything. Guess he was too busy :\ Oh well...
Have to ignore YouTube for now because everything is spoilers for Nier and Zelda.
still not the 17th :( Sad life but then I know what I'm doing next weekend.
Oh you picked up the switch? is it worth it ? let me know if it's worth it when you play with it
@davidism I'm in the same position with Zelda, except I'm not getting it for a while.
I got it on the WiiU.
9:22 PM
@MooingRawr Forecast: ":|"
It's still amazing, 720 (vs 900 on Switch) resolution looks fine on 4k. The only issue is some slowdown when moving the camera very fast in large towns.
that's a lot of interpolation
I feel like I haven't really enjoyed a Zelda game since OoT/MM, unsure why
I'm waiting for Monster Hunter, Pokemon, Smash to come out for the Switch.
The whole "dead pixels are expected" topic regarding the Switch has definitely made me delay my purchase.
9:24 PM
@AndrasDeak I honestly can't tell unless I'm right up against the screen.
that sounds really cool, not that I have any personal experience in the subject
so it's not that hard to impress me:D
9:37 PM
9:54 PM
10:07 PM
rbrb _/ go leafs ;D
10:45 PM
instead of post a question on stackoverflow, can i ask a quick question here instead ?
need a little help while I am learning unit testing.
Don't ask to ask a question, just ask :P
so i have created a class that i want to test.
class MyQueue:
__q = None
__size = 0
def __init__(self,list=None):
if list != None:
self.__q = list
self.__size = len(list)
self.__q = []
self.__size = 0

def enqueue(self,e):
self.__size = self.__size + 1

def dequeue(self):
e = self.__q[0]
self.__q = self.__q[1:]
self.__size = self.__size - 1
return e

def peek(self):
e = self.__q[0]
return e

def size(self):
return self.__size
this is saved in a file MyQueue.py
I have the test file: test_Queue.py
`from MyQueue import MyQueue
import unittest

class TestProblemsOnQueues(unittest.TestCase):
def setup():
q1 = Queue()
q2 = Queue([1,2,3])

def test_queue_init(self):
self.assertIsNone(q1.peek(),"q1's head of queue is None")
self.assertIsNotNone(q2.peek(),"q2's head of queue is not None")
self.assertEqual(q2.peek(),1,"q2.peek() == 1")

def test_queue_enqueue(self):
I think you should read the chat rules...
ok ...
so i have the MyQueue.py file -- > dpaste.de/ATKt
and i have written testcases to test the methods in the MyQueue class in test_MyQueue.py file --> dpaste.de/2dUR
the 2 files in the same directory so import works
but when i run testcases python says that Ran 0 tests
11:02 PM
You indentation on test_MyQueue.py for if __name__ .. is wrong
Did you use this example?
Then yes, your indentation is wrong
i also realized that the scoping is wrong for my objects in setup(). i changed it to dpaste.de/yiuY
trying to mimic the example where setup() is performed
but i get Errors for my testcases
AttributeError: 'test_MyQueue' object has no attribute 'q1'
do i need to declare them as global ?
what am i doing wrong with in setup() which is causing the objects to be out of scope
i updated the file to dpaste.de/f7bQ
but still same problem
11:20 PM
Stop pasting blocks of your code, you were doing fine with the dpaste
Can't watch Narcos while scrolling up and down trying to read it xD
which is also written in the rules which you have already been pointed to
i thought my code blocks are not long :P
you were clearly long
They're long enough to require the "see full text"
11:26 PM
ok got it
your messages don't fit on my screen, and my laptop is full HD with teeny-tiny letters
Also, dpaste makes it look pretty cool. Without it i wouldn't of been able to spot the indentation
Sounds like someone is trying to show off their HD laptop
it's more than 3 years old, so no:P
I wonder what writing with a 3d screen is like
11:34 PM
The errors will pop right out at you
sounds very distracting
11:59 PM
knives out
@anu Don't paste long blocks of code please. Use pastebin, or similar.
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