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12:05 AM
@NobodyNada are you ok with it, that's all that matters
@Braiam I wasn't upset by it; it just felt...unnecessary.
@QPaysTaxes you know, they're only "fun animals" because we don't have them over here :)
Man, Trump will be the go to for all our analogies?
@QPaysTaxes Rhesus Macaque aren't fun animals...
12:20 AM
@QPaysTaxes venomous?
I guess the male platypus is venomous, but I can't think of any others
@QPaysTaxes Yeah, and there are some here too
also, ALL the fun animals? What do you have against Undo, Compass, Tiny, Andrew, Cerbrus, and I?
And gators, and kangaroo, and snakes, and planes
and Samuel Jackson
btw, I want that "bad mufker" wallet :(
@QPaysTaxes :(
Well, what about bluefeet?
a bluefeet?
Tuna? Adriaan?
see you later! have fun!
3 hours later…
3:16 AM
@4castle brews a cup of green tea for @4castle
@4castle I've noticed you've started reviewing! I'll update your session record.
@πάνταῥεῖ brews coffee for @πάνταῥεῖ
4castle passed a audit!
3:20 AM
@SmokeDetector @panta rolls himself a spliff and takes a nip of whiskeba
@πάνταῥεῖ clink
@4castle Green tea is bitter stuff :P
Yeah, I like it sweet, usually with peach or something
@4castle Jasmine is great sweet stuff
TylerH has started reviewing!
TylerH passed a audit!
4castle passed a audit!
3:37 AM
@Closey current tag
Refreshing the tag listing. Please wait...
@4castle The current tag is with 1337 known review items.
@Closey next 2 tags
@4castle The next 2 tags are: 1337, 49
3:53 AM
4castle passed a audit!
4castle passed a audit!
Gah, I keep running out of stuff to review. A good problem I suppose
@Closey next 3 tags
@4castle The next 3 tags are: 1337, 49, 46
That's what I get for working for free for this community. I coulnd't care less, ban me for approving that tag, whatever you need to do. — Ivan Castellanos 4 hours ago
If every time we did that when we were taken to meta, this room would be slim
I'm too exhausted to reply to him, if anyone feels up to helping out with that, I'd be grateful
4:03 AM
@YvetteColomb I'll do it :)
@4castle thanks so much! I have exams in a couple of days, then I won't be so pressured after that
4:25 AM
@4castle You've reviewed 40 posts today (of which 5 were audits), thanks! The time between your first and last review today was 1 hour, 9 minutes, and 16 seconds, averaging to a review every 1 minute and 43 seconds.
4:51 AM
anyone know anything about this it's a wiki edit
5:09 AM
rude and abusive of sites ToS please flag — Yvette Colomb 1 min ago
@Yvette Why are you repeating it?
5:20 AM
Do we need a tag?
5:31 AM
@NobodyNada I think we don't, because of questions like that ^. It's off-topic by itself.
@NobodyNada ikr no
Now just to brainstorm a punny meta title ;)
My cat curled up in my lap and fell asleep and now I can't move :/ help
5:47 AM
^ it does fix some very minor typos, but it doesn't make the post at all easier to read.
I'm going to bed now; goodnight!
6:16 AM
@YvetteColomb @NobodyNada I posted a burnination request for
@4castle thanks
Q: It's not you, we just have bad [chemistry]

4castleAs-is, the chemistry tag is off-topic for Stack Overflow. There are 117 questions tagged and 250 followers. (Of which the followers should probably be on Chemistry SE instead). Many of the questions relate to solving problems in chemistry using computers, but the motivation for the question is i...

6:59 AM
@4castle :'(
@M.A.R. You probably know better than me. Would this question be on-topic at Chemistry.SE? It's asking for a website
@4castle Resource recommendations are welcome on Chem if they're written well. This isn't written well :\
@Feeds Ugh, I hate the new pun
@4castle Your previous pun was much better and smarter
@M.A.R. Feel free to edit the pun xD
I can't.
Users without the full-edit privilege can't edit on meta.
Oh whoops, I'll rollback then for you :)
7:07 AM
Hmm, we have had some questions about software on Chem.SE.
So at first thought, I thought to myself that SO's [chem] questions would be on-topic on Chem.
But this, for instance, is not.
If it appears in Chem, we would just migrate it to SO.
So I'm not so sure anymore the burnination is such a good idea @4castle
Software questions on chem were questions that were more chemistry than software.
@M.A.R. The burnination request is asking for the tag to be removed from current Stack Overflow questions, it's not about migrating questions to Chem SE
Like SU-ish questions, but chemistry software
@4castle I know, but will you still allow such questions on SO?
@M.A.R. Yes, so long as they are about programming
7:13 AM
Oh, then BURN it with full force
Nice, my chem rep is 5454
@4castle done it
@Drew another one for you ^^
7:46 AM
@approxiblue your edit and retagging here is questioned on meta, it is resolved now by a mod (see their answer). Please check if you want or need to weigh in on that.
@YvetteColomb barely but yes, it is an answer. question is just a typo based on the answer of the OP.
@rene yep I saw that.
already voted to close it
hm looks like we're having homework questions posted stackoverflow.com/review/first-posts/15100531 stackoverflow.com/questions/42036533/… @BhargavRao.
Just a sec, Turned on the comp just now. Have a small amount of work before I can start :)
8:49 AM
Are we asked to ping a mod when we see homework questions?
the answer is no
@AdrianHHH I've noticed you've started reviewing! I'll update your session record.
@rene No we are not. Do I have to justify something I post in here or on the site every day? It gets really tiring
@AdrianHHH I've noticed you've started reviewing! I'll update your session record.
Plop everyone
8:55 AM
@YvetteColomb waffles.
@TinyGiant huh?
@AdrianHHH I've noticed you've started reviewing! I'll update your session record.
@Closey Dang, what's up with Adrian for you to be wanting to stalk him that much?
@YvetteColomb when you post here, I ask everyone to follow our rules. Not pinging a mod is part of that. I asked in case there was a common agreement to handle such questions differently. That doesn't seem to be the case. You don't have justify why you post something. I only ask you to live a bit with our rules. If they need to be adapted feel free to bring it up for our next room meeting.
Being stalked by a computer program, oh dear. Reminds me of the holo-deck epispdes of Star Trek TNG.
9:05 AM
@YvetteColomb yes, a bad case there, Flag it.
we don't need that on the starboard
@BhargavRao I'm assuming there was some kind of previous discussion about you receiving pings for egregious homework questions somewhere.
@TinyGiant damn, I've got poor memory. Can you remind me where I was pinged? Thanks.
@rene hey of you're telling me off, guaranteed it will be starred. I asked @BhargavRao as he's always been a friend and he just popped into the room. so it seems now once people gain titles I cannot ping them
If there was then it becomes a bit hard to moderate and mistakes are easy made then. Sorry @YvetteColomb
9:15 AM
It seems to be a big fuss. For a long time I was on BhargavRao's profile. Remember that @BhargavRao? :D I cannot ping you anymore, you have moved to a new office ;)
Goodbye friend, parting is such sweet sorrow.. booooooooo hoooooooooooo lol
le siggghhh
The username/accountname of that user is totally bad.
@Enzokie A spammer?
9:21 AM
@Enzokie yes totally @Kyll a troll
(getting my "don't atrget user" spider sense tickled)
@Kyll A f***er
@πάνταῥεῖ Languaaage
@Kyll not at all, the username was "f@#ker" so a reasonable statement
@Kyll Yeah, I well know. Hence the asterisks.
9:22 AM
actually @πάνταῥεῖ got it right!
Yeah haha
as if @Kyll has spider sense, more like rodent sense ;) :p :)
@Kyll you need to learn how to spell. Mind you, you are very clever for a small furry mammal ;)
French speaking mammal at that
@YvetteColomb Spiders, rodents hmm. These all live in those dark clammy corners of that maze ...
9:30 AM
@YvetteColomb Oh, I see. Missed the joke then. Dangit =p
@Kyll oh the top comment was not a joke, the bottom 3... confused now
@YvetteColomb Hey, nothin like that. The reason why I insist you flag instead of pinging me is because, you get 22 eyes on the post instead of only one.
@BhargavRao I'm not complaining at you. I'm complaining that they chastise me for pinging you. I cannot ping you anymore now, you are a mod. :/
@Enzokie I don't approve edits to off topic questions like this That's my opinion and I'm sure there will be at least 2 people here who will disagree :D
@YvetteColomb Perhaps we can raise that issue in the next meeting, "make a change to the rule that says don't ping mods to don't ping mods other than Bhargav" :D
9:40 AM
@YvetteColomb ok :'(
@BhargavRao you're such a sweetie. :)
@Enzokie turn that frown upside down! My reasoning is- the question will be deleted, so don't waste time painting a cabin on the titanic :) let me find a meta post
paints cabins while it lasts
@Enzokie here we go
@YvetteColomb Ok I will read it soon, Im using CP lol
9:43 AM
@Enzokie cp???
@Enzokie ah ok
10:15 AM
AdrianHHH passed a audit!
@Closey my stats
@AdrianHHH You've reviewed 12 posts today (of which 1 was an audit). The time between your first and last review today was 1 hour, 29 minutes, and 27 seconds, averaging to a review every 7 minutes and 27 seconds.
10:36 AM
@Tunaki yes
11:22 AM
@Lankymart I've noticed you've started reviewing! I'll update your session record.
11:50 AM
Is that fine if a user said to another user : "Please accept/upvote the answer if it works for you" ?
Meh. Just flag as too chatty.
so I just install a 7z opener. It opens the file, but you need to buy the pro version to get access of the contents. O>o
@YvetteColomb I thought 7z and their implementation was open source and free?
I never heard about 7z pro
@YvetteColomb 7zip is free
11:55 AM
Winrar mybe but 7z is free
We just witnessed how @YvetteColomb installed malware on their PC ...
it was from the windows store. I just want to get some images to finish a java project for uni. why does it have to be so difficult
@rene yep curse windows!
The Windows Store is the most evil invention
7z.. open source and free, well windows does nothing to support that, no surprises there
11:56 AM
@Tunaki precisely
@YvetteColomb Sure, hold on : &^%$#@ Windows!
@YvetteColomb Go there
that ---------------^
@rene lol that was actually funny Mr Flower
11:57 AM
@Sami thank you so kind :)
Welcome :)
you can tell I'm not opening many 7z files hey
Not sure why you'd use 7z to begin with to be honest
A good old zip or tar.gz does the job...
I never use it at all
11:58 AM
Winrar is the best ,for me
@Tunaki it has a better compression ratio?
Yeah, I recalled a post about it for the dump here. It suggests also to move away form 7z. My bad I thought it was the other way around
@Tunaki it was given to us by our lecturer. I have no choice. It's always uni.
I have an exam on Mon, and one on Wed, then half way through my masters. then to start my doctorate when I finish this ;)
12:02 PM
In that case be happy they compressed it. Otherwise you were handed 100 8" floppys
@rene floppys sigh
I have worked out why rene is a: always here and b: crabby.
He has no legs, he only has a stalk and is rooted to the room.
He has no hands, only leaves so cannot scratch.
It would be an irritating way to live. :D
I can make that rhyme ^^
You want to know why rene is in gloom
and why he's always in this room?
A sad tale tells of no legs or hands.
So with stem and roots he's stuck in these lands.
Without a finger to scratch an itch,
he really can be a son of a witch.
I think I just killed all the socvr room members with bad poetry.
12:23 PM
Yes, it did send this room into the Low Quality queue ;) .... let's all vote to keep us open ...
@rene ikr, did you like the poem at all? I thought it ended in a witty ditty
@YvetteColomb If I say yes I run the risk you post moar ... so I rather stay indifferent about it ;) ... I'm not a poetry guy ...
@rene I'm out of inspiration. After spending months in a room with a talking flower, that outburst has spent my creative coffers.
Glad I could be of help with that. SOCVR at your service.
I just close voted creativity. What is next?
12:30 PM
Let's burn those. Sounds fine with me.
@Tunaki I've noticed you've started reviewing! I'll update your session record.
Just one review love " There are no items for you to review, matching the filter "[software-engineering]" "
12:45 PM
btw is the tag kinda helpful as tag?
I guess some algorithm questions can be about that?
It is surely misused.
yeah it seems, most of the question I see is about building voting application/software and not any related to Search rank algorithm etc.
sorry my example is bad
1:46 PM
@SmokeDetector that's a known spammer.
@Glorfindel weird, that user has had an account for 6 months
@Adriaan o/ nice to see you ^_^
Weird, but not something we can't solve :)
You better raise mod flag on that... otherwise they you risk that they decline
@Sami hejhej
1:51 PM
hej = Swedish for hi
Oh :) nice
@PetterFriberg thanks, but 1) it's already been marked helpful 2) I'll just complain on Meta.
yeah it got deleted... ok meta is fun : )
it's a fairly useless way to spam since SO has no-follow...
To the moment I don't know what meta for
1:54 PM
The other answer even if we can't flag it as spam is actually more intelligent... pay me and I will tell you how..
@PetterFriberg how's it senseless in that case to spam? They still get more hits innit?
Yeah, technically it's spam, but we might turn that guy into a benevolent user.
I mean, the Indian programming courses spam just wants to sell courses. Does it really matter in that case whether they can see the customer came in through SO or through a simple web search?
@Adriaan I think the post is to improve rating in google, hence more links pointing... not really that they like to attract visitors, but yeah maybe
@PetterFriberg ah, I didn't know about the Google rating thing. That makes more sense
2:36 PM
Thought of the day: the acronym for possible loss of precision is PLOP.
3:10 PM
@Machavity this time I paid attention to the php tag ^^
@rene and @Tunaki preparing a rant on meta, is there already a duplicate for this rant? github.com/SOBotics/SOCVFinder/blob/master/SOCVDBService/dev/…, feel free to edit.
no use of that @petter. Put it on a gist, leave it there. The system won't change :(
@BhargavRao meeh last resort for me.. then yeah time to maybe give up, atleast we can acknowledge that it's broke..
meta is not the proper last resort :|
need to run and buy some electrical stuff, ping me if you like to give feedback
3:19 PM
Another reason why I liked events. We used to review in the same tag.
Cya, Don't buy fake ones. :p
3:52 PM
@rene supposedly, we are moving to xz
4:06 PM
@Tunaki lzma compression is better than bzip and zip formats on plain text AFAIK (not sure if this benchmark is still valid tukaani.org/lzma/benchmarks.html)
Seems awfully specific, and having tags for every single function in an API simply won't scale in my opinion
@JanDvorak what expert would answer that tag?
SQL experts? :-)
seems like they have a tag for themselves, do they need another?
4:15 PM
Is this code sample reasonably minimal? stackoverflow.com/questions/42042520/…
title doesn't seems to reflect the problem
4:49 PM
@rene thanks
5:07 PM
@Closey help
This is a chat bot for the SO Close Vote Reviewers chat room, developed by the SOCVR developers. For more information see the github page. Reply with commands to see a list of commands.
@Closey commands
@approxiblue Here is a list of commands you have permission to run:
add [user id] to [group name] - Manually adds a user to the given permission group.
alive - A simple ping command to test if the bot is running.
approve request [#] - Approves a pending permission request.
commands - Shows this list.
help - Prints info about this software.
membership - Shows a list of all permission groups, and the members in those permission groups.
my membership - Shows the permission groups you are a part of.
reject request [#] - Rejects a pending permission request.
remove [user id] from [group name] - Manually removes a user from the given permission group.
@Closey status
SOCVR Chatbot, running at Sam's Backup Server, version 8b76ffa4 on master, running for 3 days, 18 hours, 19 minutes, and 34 seconds.
5:13 PM
nice, this is Closey v2 which auto-tracks your review activity right?
so, we got a new mod-only tag...
When a user edit his post to be the same post of yours what you should do with that kind of users?
Still your work
and edit his answer
@Sami whatever you want
I personally don't care if they make my post better
ie. Cody edited my answer here meta.stackoverflow.com/posts/342004/revisions
He edit his post not mine
And the problem is?
5:22 PM
The problem is "That's my work"
He copy/paste my code
It's not his work?
that's called plagiarism
punishable by ping-death
Yeah , now you understand me
@Sami mod flag the posts, detailing why you think it's plagiarism and link to the original
Ok , that's the answer I expect to my Q , thank you @Adriaan :)
Sometimes I have to wonder "where are all the faq post about those issues?"
5:47 PM
@FOX9000 Sounds like an attempt to reply?
@FOX9000 it actually made the code more compact (it solved the divitis)
6:37 PM
7:05 PM
@NobodyNada: hello
7:15 PM
last active 10 months ago, no answers or comments ^
7:53 PM
@rene Is eligible for the burnination process, where I should flag it for moderator attention? or is it too small? Here's the request.
meeh link is broken to not flagging that.
@4castle burn burn burn...
make it your own thing, I bet people are happy to help out if you feed the review queue some
Any here up for TF2, meet us in the ministry!
is this NAA stackoverflow.com/a/42045003/5292302, or the extra information is enough to qualify as new answer?
I'd suggest deletion
8:09 PM
@PetterFriberg Looks like it should be a comment to one of the other answers.
@PetterFriberg calling unutbu as ubuntu is enough for deletion.
ok thanks flagged it...
@PetterFriberg I think I'm going to wait a little bit more before burninating, just to let the community look at it a bit longer, and then I'll be ready.
Need to wait for an hour till I can see those flags :/
8:28 PM
Lol "Google phone" is a bad word apparently
@PetterFriberg lots
@Tunaki ?, to much of a rant?, or do my message come through?
I'd just throw away with closure altogether, and only focus on up/downvotes myself
lots of rant :)
to me it seems so crazy that we keep this crazy non working systems...
@PetterFriberg The CV system is broken, but what is your solution?
8:39 PM
no solution!, the question is about what effects it will have
Other than it scaling with rep and reviews and whatever
@PetterFriberg Well, I think by now all the people that needed to, know that it's broken
first we need to understand if we are really sick... then if needed we can find solution
@M.A.R. ok, but the questions is if this is a problem or not...
and if problem how serious is it... minor, major???...
yeah but then remove it... and modify the roomba rulezz..
@Tunaki ok removed some : )
9:01 PM
@Tyler @Paul Reopen vote here stackoverflow.com/questions/10297869/…. Still think question should be closed.
Hi all! Hey @Tunaki!
Hey o/ I recognize the avatar ;)
@Tunaki Where will you have time to talk?
Anywhere :) but right now is alright
@Tunaki Can we talk now?
9:04 PM
Sure, create a room
I haven't enough points
But you have
Yeah sorry
@Tunaki as a non-20k user, do I need to recognize that as being an answer from the link? (I can still flag it as VLQ but that doesn't solve anything.)
9:15 PM
Ah yeah, that's an answer and it requires 20k
/a/ tells it, but I should have told it also
Yeah, I should probably get some more rep :)
Burnie can crack up a whole list of them
well 5 is enough for us low life... (actually I have 6 and Glorfindel probably 9)
@PetterFriberg IDK, I usually use them only on MSO. But thanks, they're gone now.
9:23 PM
They aren't distinct from MSO and main?
Yes, they're distinct. But I don't do much deletion on the main site.
@QPaysTaxes I like to think of it like being an architect for a skyscraper. You're the guy who designs how everything fits together
You're the guy people are going to blame when things don't fit
And now for something completely different. Why does @bluefeet gets her own line in the present users widget: i.sstatic.net/vDLUP.png
For one thing, the architect is not necessarily a developer
@Glorfindel Hmm, That line is full to me
9:32 PM
Q: A surge to burninate [surge]

The CodeseeI came across the tag [surge] while reviewing triage questions. I came across a question, but not the normal type of questions on here - one to do with lazer eye surgery: There's only 3 questions in the surge tag: one to do with lazer eye surgery and others to do with a program called Surge, w...

@QPaysTaxes lead developers get to choose their own cubicles. Software architects design their own cubicles.
@QPaysTaxes yeah, I was just joking. I like the real-world analogy by 4castle; the software architect is the architect, and the lead developer is a general contractor. Only in software development, both roles are quite often filled in by the same person.
It depends on the project size of course, but for our company it's often the case.
Well, make sure it does not only do what it needs to do, but is fundamentally sound.
So that it can be changed (if necessary) quite easily.
So that it interacts well with other systems.
So that it is secure.
I.e. all things that are usually forgotten during normal development.
Basically, yes.
But, depending on the company/university, YMMV.
Then don't worry too much about such labels really
Well, actually, a software architect might even work on a higher level than that.
But those are not the kind of software architects I like to work with.
9:47 PM
As in, "Here's what I wrote on the back of that napkin, now make it happen"
@QPaysTaxes no, that's called a business analyst.
I have a simple solution for that: I'm both the business analyst and the developer.
If the functional specifications are incomplete, I can only blame myself :)
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