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@Braiam Hmm, I did not try every program. Just how the common behaviour is. And for executables, the name is definitively irrelevant, as there is the x permission.
@Olaf Was my earlier statement accurate? "It (*nix) assumes that files are either executables or data"
Other things on top of the OS, like a desktop environment or programs, might do otherwise, but the OS itself only has those two distinctions
@QPaysTaxes Not exactly. Executables does not only mean "binary" like on Windows, but also shell code, Python programs and many others. Whether an interpreter/runtime executable is called or the binary is executed directly depends on the contents (i.e. data). For data files, see your GUI; afaik at least KDE and Gnome handle this similar (they even use the same configurations files).
@Olaf I didn't say "binary code". I said "executable". I was thinking specifically of stuff like shebangs when I made that word choice.
That's as deep as I can go without a major refresh of my Linux knowledge. It was a long time agao when I actually cared about such details :-)
@Olaf Isn't that more of how the given shell interprets the file, as opposed to *nix (*nix being the kernel)?
12:11 AM
(I mostly interact with Unix systems through the command line, since most of the ones I regularly use are remotely accessed through SSH and not configured to support remote GUIs)
@QPaysTaxes Right, but the difference is still there: from the system's view, those interpreted "executables" are data, too in the first place.
@TinyGiant ...I thought *nix was the OS. BRB, Googling
I know that Linux refers to the kernel
@Olaf Sorry, I should have clarified -- files that are just data, versus files that are data which can be executed
@TinyGiant Yep, but I need to relearn the distinction
@TinyGiant I'm actually not exactly sure how this is handled, but there are kernel modules for multiple executables. But as I wrote: this is knowledge from long time ago and might things might have changed since then.
@QPaysTaxes Yes, that's what the eXecutable permission tells. But I think it is too much simplified to just see it like this. That's why I tried to clarify. If you are really interested, I'd recommend to keep what I said in mind, and search for how the mechanisms exactly work now. You definitively have to differentiate between shell and GUI environments, I suppose. And I'm not exactly sure if the shell leaves all to the OS or includes the "magic" itself.
12:22 AM
Fair enough
I wouldn't know where to look
I'm fairly certain that the only thing that indicates an executable file is the permissions. You can have a shell file that does not have the correct permissions and as such is not executable.
You can also have a text file that has the executable permissions.
But even if you set +x on, say, a JPEG, it (probably?) won't actually do anything when executed
Almost definitely not pop up an image viewer
I've never tried to execute a JPEG that I can recall
12:24 AM
Although now I want to try
$ chmod +x ./Flower.jpg ; ./Flower.jpg
bash: ./Flower.jpg: cannot execute binary file: Exec format error
@QPaysTaxes no, *nices use file permissions to distinguish executables
I wonder if you can have a valid executable that's also a valid .jpg file
@Braiam ...I'm not sure how that's relevant to the comment you're replying to
a binary file without the executable bit, will not be interpreted as executable
I was stating that I chose "executable" over "binary file" because things like, say, files with shebang lines can be executable, but are not typically thought of as "binary" files
@QPaysTaxes shebangs are a different beast unix.stackexchange.com/a/87600/41104
12:32 AM
...I give up
You're either agreeing with me or saying irrelevant things, but phrasing it like you're disagreeing
I'm correcting wrongs
But what I said wasn't incorrect
Linux uses the executable bit to decide whenever or not to use exec(), the exec call looks for the magic number (shebang) to determine whenever it will run the executable as is or it should pass it to an interpreter
What I said was that I chose to use "executable" over "binary" because you wouldn't generally think of this as a "binary":
echo hi
@QPaysTaxes that's not binary
12:35 AM
> you wouldn't generally think of this as a "binary":
@QPaysTaxes because it isn't
that is exactly my point
I used a general term over a more specific one
And the first thing that came to mind as an example of an executable that isn't a binary is the class of files that use shebangs to specify interpreters
In other words, I chose "executable" over "binary" because of things like shebangs
> It (*nix) assumes that files are either executables or data
^ this is wrong. Unix assumes everything as file.
the executable bit decides whenever or not use exec() on it
...That's not the comment you replied to, though
If you want to correct something in a message, reply to that message, not another one
@Olaf AFAIK, the shell is the one that decides (after looking at the executable bit) whenever or not call exec() on it
@QPaysTaxes it was the entire thing that I wanted to correct
if I just correct one thing, you will be still wrong!
12:40 AM
So ping me, instead of replying to the messages
Or create a conversation out of the messages you wanted to reply to
^ NAA or spam?
@Braiam I'm not sure, I primarily use Linux, but don't write code which executes other programs. As I wrote there seem to be (resp. have been) kernel moduls for different binaries. But not sure how they are used.
...I'm just gonna go back to writing my own personal task manager
Not in the Windows sense of a program which manages other programs, but in the literal sense of an object which manages tasks
1:03 AM
@QPaysTaxes Like a to-do list?
@TinyGiant Yep!
But I call it a "task manager" because it sounds fancier
1:22 AM
@QPaysTaxes Here's one for you It can even handle multiple lists.
It'd be hilarious if I set it up to use localStorage to store the list, then started using that post to keep track of my to-do lists.
@TinyGiant The one I'm writing lets me access and edit my tasks on multiple platforms
@QPaysTaxes This one also lets you access and edit your tasks on multiple platforms
@TinyGiant Really? Looks to me like I'd have to be using the same browser.
...I just ran the snippet
You're a dick
How so?
1:28 AM
Oh, wait, there is a way to change the lists
It just doesn't show up in my browser
There should, AFAICT, be small plus signs next to the TODO list names, which allow you to add a task when clicked
They aren't rendering for me
What browser are you using?
Chrome 55.0.2883.87
@QPaysTaxes I have the same exact version and it works for me.
1:32 AM
Huh. It should as it is just fontawesome
Hm, might be a plugin
It should also show all three lists on the same line
That might just be my screen width
Hm, nope
It shouldn't as SO is fixed width. Are you zoomed in?
1:35 AM
Huh, I just tested it with the same version of chrome as a fresh install and it worked as expected.
It's not working with Edge on my machine either
I haven't tested it in edge. Is it possible that your network is interfering?
Firefox works fine
Everything works as expected in edge for me...
What the heck
1:39 AM
Hooray, I wrote more trial and error JS and it seems to work! \o/
Oh, I know what it is
Change the one instance of http:// to https://
I have unsecured requests on sites served over HTTPS blocked
Lemme test it tho
Yep, now it works fine
So your implementation is borked
It's your code that mixes HTTP and HTTPS
Nope, Stack Overflow is HTTP.
1:43 AM
You must be using HTTPS everywhere
^ That bit me too.
But, again, your code mixes HTTP and HTTPS
Look at the HTML. The very first bit.
(also, it was blocked even with HTTPS Everywhere off, so... I dunno, man)
meta.stackoverflow.com/q/341987/3933332 That is a looooong question :O
@QPaysTaxes Yes in the very first bit it uses HTTP, as does the stack snippet
1:58 AM
Is it sad that the comments there are only from regulars of this room so far? Do we really have nothing better to do?
@TinyGiant sigh My point is that you have one HTTPS link and one HTTP link
If you change both to HTTPS, you lose literally nothing
Except a few odd edge-case bugs
Hey look at that, I'm not paying attention
2:22 AM
@Makyen now that is a productive use of a request reason.
@TinyGiant Thanks. That's the kind of thing I was intending: make it easier for others to evaluate the question. Precluding additional constructive information potentially costs people time. Everyone should still do due diligence to evaluate the question, but sometimes a bit of additional information helps.
3:13 AM
I love waiting for zip files to uncompress, then being told that the path names are too long
Does ZIP really store relative paths in such a way that they can't be read in advance to determine if they'll cause issues before I spend half an hour waiting?
@QPaysTaxes That's M$ WindowZ for ya!
@QPaysTaxes Actually, no. The ZIP file is pretty primitive. Each file is a completely separate block, so redundancy cross files cannot be compressed.
@AlexanderO'Mara ...huh. The more you know.
3:30 AM
Thats why you should use tarballs.
What a great idea. I'll just download a tarball that isn't available for download.
Oh, wait, you can't do that. It's almost like, sometimes, you don't have a choice as to what format you're using.
Write a nasty email complaining about it.
But being passive-aggressive here is so much more fun
Off to bed.
Cya! o/
Cya2 \o
3:56 AM
Don't you love when the only tool that does what you want also fills up your error list with random, irrelevant stuff that you can't disable or ignore?
That's why I write my own tools
I keep misreading that as "blab"
4:18 AM
@QPaysTaxes lol
4:39 AM
Ugh, someone has taken Docs and made the worst topic ever. I love how the examples describe what should go there. Epic fail
4:51 AM
@Machavity That topic makes me feel physically ill
Does reading input outside loop and checking inside of it count as a typo?
If not, someone please find a dupe for this thing: stackoverflow.com/questions/41775779/…
@JanDvorak Looks like the OP deleted it
Should any 20k+ people want to, this question from Shog's cleanup list could use deletion of the junk answers so only the good one remains
5:07 AM
@Machavity I'm thinking there will need to be a stage two for the cleanup list. There are tons of link-only answers that need to be deleted, which some moderators may be able to knock out all at once.
@4castle yeah, we are at the... triage stage
5:42 AM
Loaded the queue with 50 more Qs. Started from oldest this time, so a lot of them are both Too Broad and also POB and sorta "resource request"
@Machavity ugh, why does that have reopen votes
@TylerH Well, right now people are trying to split up questions between deletion and reopen. That question is a dupe target for 6 questions, so it presumably didn't belong in the delete list.
Both its original revision and current ones are off topic, for different reasons
should be closed since it's not a good example of an on-topic Q
anyway, I said as much as a comment under Shog's post.
nn o/
6:01 AM
...I just realized something kinda incredible
This todo list thing has been a pet project of mine for a while
It's all but done now
The only thing left to do is, maybe, make it possible for other people to make accounts and use it too
@cricket_007 duplicate
6:21 AM
@cricket_007 do note that your comment-answer to the rec-tool might encourage others to post their own suggestions, in the answer area.
@JanDvorak Not my problem :)
I thought you were trying to prevent new answers?
@cricket_007 If you want to answer the question, do it in an answer. If you want to CV the question, CV it. Don't put an answer in a comment after CVing.
I'm closing because it is off-topic. I am not morally obligated to when/if I give a full answer
The point of closing questions is to prevent answers
6:36 AM
...Pop quiz: Why are off-topic questions discouraged?
Alright, if you think the comment is flaggable, flag it. Otherwise move on.
^ - That :P
Right, because a comment getting deleted with no notification to the original poster explains why it wasn't a good thing in the first place.
What flag reason?
And that, in turn, entirely solves the problem.
6:38 AM
bypasses, not solves
Comment is constructive. It provides anyone who stumbles upon said post something to lookup. Anything else in an answer is essentially link-only.
When someone answers a question of yours, are you discouraged from asking them more questions?
^ The text of this one scarred me for life and I have seen some awful s**t
No? I don't understand your point
@QPaysTaxes @JanDvorak you have iterated your points. Please move on.
@cricket_007 When you answer someone's off-topic -- and therefore discourage -- question in the comments, are you actually discouraging them from coming back and asking more of the same?
@TinyGiant Now I've made my point
6:41 AM
Have I repeated myself?
Now I understand, though voting/flagging the question + downvote is the discouragement.
@JanDvorak No, but I have, and I don't appreciate that.
8:26 AM
Nope, it's not
3 people seems to think it is :/
So which flag category is appropriate?
Or custom reason: we're not godaddy customer support?
ok thanks
1 hour later…
9:58 AM
Ploppity Plop everyone!
can someone have a word with this user about editing spam
@Idos do not edit spam! Allow the spam flags to delete the post. — Yvette Colomb 1 min ago
@Kyll blob
@YvetteColomb You already did it seems
10:09 AM
@Kyll I automatically assume that people will not listen to me.
That's a weird thing to assume. Also, if you can take matters in your own hands the way you did, no need for the room to act =)
hey @YvetteColomb o/
@Idos We saw your last edit on that spam post. There is merit in your view but in our experience and by how the SE spam detection / protection (called Spam Ram) work it is preferred to leave spam posts in their original state and only flag them. So please don't edit spam.
For a second I thought you had super pings powers.
10:13 AM
@rene that is a very very late reply
@rene thank you :)
@Kyll same here lol, I was like wthey?
Plop Steve
\o @kyll
o/ steve
Jan 16 at 17:21, by NathanOliver
10:17 AM
\o everyone Hey what is the difference between \o and o/ (be patient with me please)
@Steve One is looking at you, the other is looking into the screen. Which is which is still unknown.
@Steve not yet documented!
Did rene just one-box a caps-locked bold message by another RO? I want a meeting to discuss this!
@Kyll you can have it ....
@Steve We're patient with everyone. Except spammers. And Plop-haters.
10:19 AM
@Kyll wait isnt rene a plop hater too?
@ColdFire yes, but I haven't told him yet ...
Still so newbie here. I just sit and look around adding my CV where I feel it right
@rene You'll come around to Plopping too =D
@Steve A good rule of thumb for cv-pls requests is that if an off-topic question needs to be closed quickly to avoid bad answers being posted, it's a good thing to cv-pls it
@Steve sure, we I will yell at you when you do it wrong ;)
10:23 AM
@ColdFire yes I can do that I have two monitors :-)
@Steve sorry, for what message did you reply that?
@ColdFire The \o/. Having two monitors allow this little guy to both wave at you and into the monitor
we need reject votes on the suggested edit for that post above
@Kyll oh lol
@Steve If you're unsure about anything, do feel free to ask questions. We're more than happy to help understand the way SO moderation or this room works =D
10:28 AM
@Kyll sure I will do thanks
that was good, I made a comment to the posted of the bad edit and answer and s/he deleted the answer.
hi @EdCottrell what brings you here?
Anyone with any kind of experience with OpenGL VBOs by the way?
Ed just ignores me :/
@YvetteColomb Come on, you know mods are busy
@Enzokie There wasn't a single close-vote before I cast mine. Go get some rep! =p
hey small mammal. I'm sensitive tonight. I'll go offline. Always the best things to do when too sensitive.
10:34 AM
@Kyll :D , btw PLOP....
@YvetteColomb Sure, horse person. Better to cool down then. Take care, feel free to pop into the Ministry or wherever if you feel like chatting =D
@Kyll we had slack remember ;)
Also yes
I cant see how many close votes yet :(
@Enzokie go get rep. Just answer one question and then come back. Trust me the last two people I did this with got the rep in no time and can vote now.
10:38 AM
one-day-somehow :)
11:26 AM
Morning! o/
12:10 PM
> You haven't voted on questions in a while, questions need votes too!
Well that's new
Sure is. 0.o
Why do they feel the need to tell that to an established user?
Wait what
> bumped to the homepage by Community♦ 2 mins ago
> This question has answers that may be good or bad; the system has marked it active so that they can be reviewed.
wat iz going on
That one's not new I believe.
Do the answers have votes? If not, meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/285978/…
12:28 PM
@YvetteColomb Apparently, a computer with a mind of its own in the middle of the night. :)
1:24 PM
\o Tunaki
o/ Fish
1:40 PM
Plop Tuna
2:13 PM
2:31 PM
\o good morning America, afternoon here....
@EdCottrell oh O.O
Still kind of morning here in Europe by my sleeping schedule.
Hi @Nathan o/
agreed ^ :D
@BaummitAugen Sleep in till noon?
2:42 PM
@NathanOliver Noon is standard/early, slept 7am-2pm on Thursday for example. XD
Oh wow. Do you work a night shift?
Nope, university student that is done with everything but his thesis. No one cares when I do that, so my schedule tends to shift around. =D
lol. Okay.
Man I really hate waiting for a DB to backup. Running a full ERP software update right now and that includes updating the DB.
No fullback from last night and just keep the transaction logs from last night till now so you can redo those after the restore?
I've never done that with an oracle DB. The DB and the ERP software come bundled together so I don't actually have a full DB console. Technically were are not supposed to to and write operations to the DB that do not come from the software. I do but it kinda violates our license.
3:02 PM
@NathanOliver OK, better not fiddle with it then and call support when you screw up ;)
Backing up your data violates your license? I wish to know who are these guys.
@Steve Backing up doesn't but to do a backup we run it through part of the erp software. The only type of backup to do with it is a full backup. I can't do an incremental through the software. I might be able to do it through the command line though. The backup takes about 30 minutes so it's not too bad.
@rene Well that is why they say we should do a full backup. If i screw up running the update scripts they will help fix it at no cost as long as there is a full backup to go to.
expects the Disney character, now disappointed
Q: What is the difference between Goofy and Pluto?

Jack B NimbleGoofy is a dog who wears clothes, drives a car, and talks. Pluto is a dog that basically acts like a dog. Why the difference?

3:16 PM
although on-topic, please keep the one-boxes to near - zero @Steve
Why the big box? It was just a link. And how to fix?
Pluto is more intelligent?
@Steve edit and add some text
too late
@Steve Place any symbol, e.g. a dot before the link
ok good for the next now. Too late
3:17 PM
yeah :)
@Steve I would have loved the answer if it read for Pluto: Pluto is a planet
@rene Not anymore it isn't.
yeah, that debate .. ;(
yes, better don't go there. A lot of controversial opinions.
3:32 PM
Now that is productive use of edit and reopen reviewers' time. :|
Well the edit went through before it was closed so it should not be in the queue.
Hey o/
3:35 PM
Oh ok.
3:59 PM
I hope Martijn is still in a good mood. Not sure how much he likes voting on meta ...
It's Saturday evening, So not sure about the mood. :p
I assume he just finished High-Tea
Oh and What's with the old comment cleanup these days?
Any meta post on that?
@BhargavRao No. Just me keeping myself occupied?
oh no, BR has stumbled upon the master plan. Quick hide everythnig
4:04 PM
Good job though, Easy for me
Looks like Nathan forgot that I was involved in the master plan before him.
@BhargavRao TLM must have rubbed off on me more than I thought ;)
Hah, He's made you lose your mind also? So yeah, the master plan is working
Good thing Bhargav still doesn't expect us double crossing him Nathan
Well no one expects the Spanish Inquisition.
4:26 PM
Is python like C++ where the main tag is references the latest version?
I hope so.
@NathanOliver ?
@JanDvorak That edit above added to an answer that the answer needs python 3. The question is just tagged with python. So if python means python 3 now then the edit is not needed. If python is instead supposed to be used for python 2 then the edit makes sense.
oh. The "is" is extraneous.
@JanDvorak I'm talking about this edit
it is rejected now so it really doesn't matter now.
4:41 PM
I'm not sure what to do with the OpnGL stuff here. It is link only in my book, but it is valued by the OP. The link doesn't have code but it links to source. The OP self answered, kind of, in their question but I don't see that in the accepted answer. Is the answer NAA? Should the solution of the OP be a new answer? Somehing else?
@rene Cluless about the subject, but the linked page doesn't look too long. Edit it in?
^ that. edit it in. You could also try and take the OP's answer in the question and make it an answer. I know I do not know enough to be able to do that.
me neither :(
@NathanOliver done the editing, left the question as is.
4:57 PM
Anyone here do Winforms?
I'm trying to figure out how to make a FlowLayoutPanel expand vertically if it needs more room, producing a scrollbar in the containing element
@QPaysTaxes grrrmbl yes, I do ...
Never mind, figured it out
OK, great
Turns out a FlowLayoutPanel has the property WrapContents
5:35 PM
I was about to ask an intelligent question about your setup
Turn that to false and you get maaaagic
What was it?
Is your monitor on?
I don't have a monitor
I code in Braille
5:36 PM
How on earth did you notice the scrollbar was missing?
Braille is a really powerful representational language
I code in Magic™
Is Magic what makes you so small?
(Excuse the pronunciation, I never could get the hang of "™")
Yes, otherwise I wouldn't fit in the room
5:43 PM
sssh don't tell the deep secret about the room
I thought the deep secret about this room was a Dream
Nope, it's A Deep Secret™
6:14 PM
^ del-pls on that after. No future use and no roomba
@AndrewLi Can't delete for 48 hours or it hits -3
@NathanOliver I thought 20k could?
@AndrewLi has to be at -3 or lower for 20K's
Oh wow.
6:26 PM
CSS peeps, I closed this post as no MCVE as it was just a dump of code stackoverflow.com/questions/41780856/…, But the last para looks like it is a tool request. Can someone check if it is best to reopen and leave it alone?
@Bhargav the example doesn't include any of the CSS
Then no mcve is correct there.
It isn't a resource request, canvas is an element in HTML5
Is there a way to insert a control into the middle of a FlowLayoutPanel? Like, if I have four elements in it, can I insert a fifth at index 2?
I've been searching the docs for forever but I can't find anything
@Bhargav I'd say that in the end it would be too broad. It isn't really a debugging question so that MCVE reason doesn't fit.
6:42 PM
Thanks, Switched the reason. Do leave a comment to the OP if you feel they can improve the post. :)
@Bhargav commented
6:57 PM
@QPaysTaxes Nope, the ControlCollection doesn't support that. Just Suspendlayout, store the controls in a List<>, remove the controls after position 4, add the new one and then Add(list) and ResumeLayout
7:09 PM
...and two people have approved that? Really robo-reviewers are a problem
@Steve that edit isn't that bad. ES6 is a thing but yeah, the general consensus is: don't edit or add code.
which isn't quite correct
More worried about the [reject-pls] by Floern
@JanDvorak It is not? And if it isn't what exactly is?
Code edits that don't change the meaning (formatting, small typos in answers) are fine to edit.
7:26 PM
7:40 PM
@Steve Those probably aren't robo-reviewers but rather well meaning but unknowing reviewers. Robo-reviewers in the suggested edit queue tend to auto-reject, because there are no known-good suggested-edit review audits.
@JanDvorak that edit follows the same line as this meta post which suggests that such edits should be rejected.
@TinyGiant +10/-6
There are many other meta posts which share the same sentiment.
I'm not sure I agree with the sentiment, but that is the current guidance
I'm going to not call this the official guidance. 30% disagreeing votes and unaddressed comments against is pretty low as far as the ever-torn meta goes.
no oversight from the dev team either
7:51 PM
Do what you like, but I would reject it.
I'd probably do so as well
It doesn't look like we're going to solve that here either ...
At first I thought I'd be okay with just watching the world burn, but then I realized I might get caught in the crossfire.
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