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4:00 PM
Or gel.
or some obscure PL. you never know
lol it sounds kind of... ominous
@Morwenn I don't know what he wants us to help him please
4:12 PM
@sehe ???
Not Wipf. The shark that will join you
@slaphappy we used qibuild, which has a notion of toolchains
@sehe Oh, I see. Where do you know him from?
@sehe except error messages
And what is shark about him?
4:13 PM
He was my coworker, remember :) Until january
@rightfold His avatar.
Oh it's him?
What was his IRC name again?
4:14 PM
@slaphappy i do most often know :p
A mutual friend :/
I talk almost daily to the lobster.
@rightfold I'll discord you that. No clue about his privacy preferences
Ah, oke.
@Borgleader The OP has the, "Informed" badge. So he/she read the entire tour page. Yeah, he "read" the entire tour page.
4:16 PM
@sehe found it :)
Good. I lost my discord login. I think. Maybe at home
Interesting network.
Actually I have a clue about his privacy preferences
It's a bit double though so I'm not sure
I haven't seen him because his interview was on a not-Tuesday.
@rightfold I loved DKC 1&2 to death!
4:21 PM
Me too. :3
It was the first video game I played.
Haven't played 3 too much, not even sure if I still own it or not.
The first video game I played was probably Pacman on MS DOS or something.
@rightfold My other coworker calls him "Hippy Jesus". Just so you'll recognize him.
He's a great guy
Saw on LinkedIn.
@fredoverflow what's considered best practice in Kotlin when I want to basically have a String type... but it's not just any old string, it's like a "colour"... I would use enum, but I don't want to hard code these values, I want to pull them in from a config file... so I'm using a set
I think I want a type alias... ala 1.1
4:43 PM
@thecoshman Good question, don't know the answer, never had that requirement.
5:02 PM
Well, like when you have a Rectangle(Pair<Int, Int> size, Pair<Int, Int> position) but you rather just call the types by what they mean Rectangle(Size size, Position position)
as it would be in C++ at least
@thecoshman Seems to me you're trying to put Kotlin to a use for which it apparently wasn't intended (that being: writing actual code). :-)
> If you are slow but the product you put out is top-shelf, a lot of people actually value that a hell of a lot more than that littly frickin' Roadrunner that puts out a lot of Spaghetti code.
What a cool guy. I wonder why he (apparently) stopped YouTube.
@Mysticial IIRC that only required scrolling to the bottom
if they actually wanted people to learn they would have done a quiz
@JerryCoffin ha ha ha ¬_¬
@thecoshman swift has this concept, you can make things that act like enums but are extensible
5:18 PM
Well... what I want is nothing like an enum really...
well it is
but it's just only has values at runtime
ie, a set
I'd just rather not have things like "race" as type String, I want a "Race" type
@fredoverflow check his profile plenty of recent videos
@thecoshman wat
What values can they have?
Do you know at compile time?
@thecoshman so what swift does is it uses a strongly typed value for "enum" that you can then extend as you need to
@Ell at deployment time, I'd like to be able to configure what the options are
5:52 PM
@thecoshman so I guess you want something holding a string
that on construction checks that it's one of the values from the config?
6:27 PM
@Borgleader Any bets on this guy's Hacker Rank?
Q: when i compile this code the value double wont change

harmonic spiceint i = 4; double d = 4.0; char s[] = "HackerRank "; int number; double bowler; char tree; int sum1; double sum2; printf("type number\n"); scanf("%d",&number); printf("type double\n"); scanf("%f",&bowler); sum1=i+number; sum2=d+bowler; printf("%d\n",sum1); printf("%d \n",sum2);

6:39 PM
Oh and:
What version of cat are you using? I can't seem to replicate. — Carrie Kendall 1 hour ago
Anybody can help me giving some pointers to understand the objdump output here (that is probably ELF format):

Especially the "second" column, shown in gray color!
What does the sequence arbitrary hex numbers mean?
@Mysticial Hahahaha oh god, I'd say proportional to how well OP can format questions?
6:56 PM
@Nawaz the machine code
It's what the processor decodes.
So the instruction push rbp is encoded as 0x55.
You can lookup the exact encoding in the Intel manual.
And see that it corresponds to the objdump output.
@rightfold: I guessed so. Still unable to make complete sense of them.
Looks like I need to struggle a bit more.
Thanks for the pointers btw. :D
7:02 PM
@Nawaz No-one sane is able to read machine code, don't worry about that. :D
(...said the person with an answer about decoding the machine code encoding that gave him 80 rep on snackoverflow.)
@Nawaz Don't try to read machine code. Not even I do that.
And in the rare cases that I do, it's mostly to look at the length of the instruction.
Soooooooooooooooooooooo... https://t.co/WIQ3nxDyvO
So the job application, then have sent me a test on this site: codility.com
I have never heard of this site before.
7:17 PM
/cc @JerryCoffin
    vector<shared_ptr<list<pair<int,shared_ptr<Node>>>>> tree;
7:32 PM
@Griwes More nests than a mountain of birds!
Might as well just rename it to NestFactory.
@wilx Kind of a crappy site, IMO. They seem to specialize in problems that initially seem to be NP-complete, but (thanks to some detail, such as limited range of values allowed for some particular part) can be solved more reasonably with something like dynamic programming. Of the reasonably popular sites I've seen it places the strongest emphasis on finding one specific trick to solve each problem (but usually one that has little general applicability).
Here's a typical example:
Q: Minimum set difference

yahhi came across this question on this website called codility, but i cant really figure out how to solve it, would appreciate the help Given an array A of n integers, and the sequence S of n elements 1 or -1 we define the value: Assume the sum of zero elements is equal zero. Write a function i...

@JerryCoffin "Does anyone else"
7:45 PM
@GManNickG Oh, probably--I'm sure on Project Euler (for example) there must be at least one or two that relate to knapsack, subset sum, partitioning, etc. But probably only a few (but most I've seen on Codility seem to be variations of them).
@Griwes lol
@Moron: Because at the time I wrote my reply, there were a bunch of people commenting on it and none had identified it as such - see 2 responses to this answer alone that were thinking knapsack. It was also unclear that an algorithm had to find S as well as the resulting val(A,S) i.e. that S is not given. If I had this as an interview question, I would respond with "are all your requirements this bad?" but that's just my opinion of course. — phkahler Apr 19 '11 at 18:49
Heh heh
I realize the user probably had a username starting with moron at the time and has since changed it but still
@JerryCoffin Yeah. I agree.
@Borgleader, @Mysticial: Your daily dose of "Please do my homework":
Q: Observing the OS through the /proc file system

devilShadowCan anybody provide me the code for this problem in c or c++: The /proc virtual file system: Linux uses the /proc file system to collect information from kernel data structures. The /proc implementation provided with Linux can read many different kernel data structures. If you cd to /proc on a L...

I guess technically, it's not a "please do my homework" question.
> Can anybody provide me the code for this problem in c or c++
The answer is either yes or no.
8:01 PM
@Mysticial True--he didn't say "please". :-)
Actually, it's not necessarily "yes", or "no". It could also be, "maybe", "probably", or "".
Dammit, need to remind myself in 6 hours.
Can't exactly watch Anime videos at work.
@JerryCoffin Wow. I can't finish that in 1.5 hours. :(
@JerryCoffin holy hell
Wall of text hits! Wall of text crits for 999 damage!
Innocent bystander has died!
Innocent bystander has dropped downvote, close vote, snarky comment (2)!
8:43 PM
One of POTUS's 1st acts was eliminating a reduction to help poor homeowners cope w/ rising interest rates. Those pp… https://twitter.com/i/web/status/822512085032521728
Welcome in the "free" world, dear American friends.
@Griwes On surface, that looks bad. But why should state meddle in that?
are you saying the state shouldn't be helping the poor
@Griwes Only to a degree.
That doesn't mean anything.
9:05 PM
@JerryCoffin I like that he left the list as a solid block of text, no formatting effort whatsoever.
It truly contributes to the overall tone of the piece as a cluttered mess with no regard for anyone reading it.
I just found my morning mug of chai in the microwave, untouched.
well it's an afternoon mug of chai now
9:33 PM
I have a large text file, anywhere from 5 to 20 GB and I need to remove duplicate lines from it. What's the best approach to this that'll execute as quickly as possible?
Using a windows system so I can't use standard unix stuff built in
@Link Install Cygwin, use standard UNIX tools. :)
do you need to retain the original order?
lol this snooker vid was nice
On point
9:55 PM
@jaggedSpire No
Order doesn't matter
then either sort it and remove lines that are exact copies of the previous line, or store a hash of each line and check collisions for equality with all previous lines sharing the hash.
mergesort does well-ish on large data sets and would let you remove duplicates while merging lists, though I'm not sure how much that might improve the speed, since you'd be doing the duplicate-removal step multiple times but on ultimately smaller amounts of data.
probably it would depend on how dense duplicates were
10:12 PM
@wilx no don't suggest cygwin
MSYS2 actually works and is not a PITA
10:29 PM
@JerryCoffin: Well, after looking through the example problems on the Codility site, I think I have a pretty good chance of failing that test. :) Those problems suck.
10:45 PM
@Abyx repost
@sehe is that so?
11:09 PM
I propose a new internet measure - stupidity density in statements
You just broke the scale
@Telkitty If stupidity had density, SO would have turned into a black hole by now.
what would you call it
@JerryCoffin that's why people like us stay here day after day isn't it :p
We're stuck within the stupidity event horizon
11:23 PM
#TooLocalized I have this dude that after every lecture comes up and compliments me. Not on the topic, not on the material. But rather how I presented a particular piece of information.
I'm always happy about compliments, but this one feels ..
'you are so attractive, you are almost like a blackhole' ~_~
@Telkitty That is a completely unrelated problem of mine.
are you saying as attractive as a blackhole is a problem? >_<
11:29 PM
Yes, a black hole is defined by Q, S and M.
Maybe someone told him that it's best to choose a particular point in a presentation to compliment than just the general whole, with the idea that it shows you were really paying attention and aren't just saying things.
And maybe he's just taken it...unfortunately far.
My charge is pitiful, my spin in negligible, my mass is quite personal.
The group is in their early twenties, there is never any suggestion they should compliment.
daily fluff @jaggedSpire
also v. cute.
My thoughts on this topic now concludes it is cute. There is nothing more to assess. Thank you Lounge for your wisdom.
I suppose I could give a cute picture from when I was a kid.
11:38 PM
I especially like the ears and fuzzy tufts on your horns
I long for that fuzz now that I'm older.
The office requires me to shave that hard stubble down. It takes me more than 2 hours to get it to presentable levels. And still after that, all they let me do is to stand in the bushes.
That's terribly unfortunate. I'm sorry.
3 months school holiday isn't enough to grow a bush of your own?
other mammals must think humans are ugly because we are ... bald
11:45 PM
This is apparently a Professional look.
This is not me. I personally think this co-worker of mine is a lazy ass no good mofo.
hm, yeah. He uses too much product, I think.
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