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12:00 AM
Yeah, I guess that's the reasoning. I wonder which one is correct.
Have you tried f<int, _>() next?
@LucDanton Yeah, that works.
My familiarity with the standardese for this is close to none.
I guess I'll post a question.
@RMartinhoFernandes > a list of integers (we really need only two, but I’m being sloppy… I mean general)
12:18 AM
Q: Is substitution performed on a variadic parameter pack type if the pack is empty?

R. Martinho FernandesConsider the following program: #include <type_traits> enum class dummy {}; template <typename T> using EnableIf = typename std::enable_if<T::value, dummy>::type; template <typename T> using DisableIf = typename std::enable_if<!T::value, dummy>::type; template <...

12:45 AM
I am code blocked
Watch some porn?
tried that
Yay, I believe I have found a small test case for whatever bug is preventing GCC from compiling my code.
you know, if I ever get around to finishing Wide, at least if I get a compiler error I can blame myself :P
Well, I can fix this bug if I want. But that implies wading through GCC's source.
12:54 AM
So in the end it's all theoretical.
int main() {
    invoke(f, 10);
    invoke(&foo::bar, foo { 17 }, 17);
} // no compily
int main() {
    invoke(f, 10);
} // all dandy
int main() {
    invoke(&foo::bar, foo { 17 }, 17);
} // all dandy
They've got to be kidding me.
evidently not
compilers, man, fiddly things
@RMartinhoFernandes I get this all the time. Work in a header, then suddenly a TU that is not the unit test for that header but depends on the header breaks. But the unit test is fine.
Assuming this is one of those 'blablabla tree_vec' or 'internal reporting routines re-entered' crashes.
Ok, narrowed it down to 40 lines of code.
For some reason it picks the overload for ptmfs when I pass a free function.
That's... interesting.
1:04 AM
I suspect it's related to having more than one pack.
@LucDanton Then it obviously complains that void(&)(int) can't be used as a member function of int.
@LucDanton Are you running the release build, or a 4.8 build?
Wanna try a little program for me?
Go ahead.
> main.cpp:22:6: error: 'std::declval<bool (&)(int)>()' cannot be used as a member pointer, since it is of type 'bool(int)'
1:10 AM
It makes no sense to, unless it behaved like clang does in the question I posted earlier.
But get this, clang compiles it.
If I change the Args packs into non-packs it compiles.
Found a workaround.
No, not really.
1:39 AM
2:31 AM
Ah, clang bug already exists: llvm.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=11723.
@ScottW My code doesn't compile.
@ScottW Too many people are awake at this time.
I'm awake because I'm waiting for something to happen; but I'm not wholly sure what that is or why I have to stay up for it
I like to look in the fridge for inspiration when that happens to me
@Nagisa That just makes me sick these days.
This is annoying. Both clang and GCC seem to have crappy implementations of alias templates. Fuck.
You try to go out of the box a tiny little bit and BAM, it fails.
give me a hand with Wide and you won't have to put up with it :P
2:39 AM
I'm actually tempted to peek into clang sources.
If it's as good as people put it, I might try to fix this.
it never is
Better than just whining about it.
@DeadMG how's wide coming
very true
fuck it
I require sleep
woah, I disappear for a few days and...
2:44 AM
... and?
@RMartinhoFernandes that's the point
If you are new here, please read the newbie hints and keep the acronym list under your pillow. Thank you.
@RMartinhoFernandes I know.
... nothing happened
@StackedCrooked Know what?
2:47 AM
It's been said before.
But I don't really keep the acronym list under my pillow. It's more useful to have it printed out near my computer.
I keep in my head!
I keep on Internet.
I keep in.
@ScottW I hope this chat doesn't ever go down because I frequently look stuff up in the transcript.
Ok, now where's the save archive button?
So the first message was "anyone dere..?"
Probably needed help for his homework.
Actually... more like I disappear for 3 days to the Anime convention, I come back and find a ton of unexpected upvotes on an answer from a couple weeks ago.
2:57 AM
@Mysticial you and your unexpected upvotes
@Mysticial Did you buy lot's of stuff?
@SethCarnegie Not really, it's only the second time where I've gotten a flood of upvotes on something that's more than a week old.
anyone know anything about subset problems
@StackedCrooked Wanted to. I bought 11 wall scrolls... was also looking for figures but didn't find any that I wanted.
2:59 AM
@Mysticial So he was right, it was unexpected.
@ScottW The first time was when the denormal question hit ycombinator a month after it was asked.
This second time.
I think I just found out why...
@ScottW +INF
Look's like I've been caught in Jeremy Bank's "Publicist" badge-whoring spree.
I want one of those.
I only have the silver one.
> Shared a link to a question that was visited by 1000 unique IP addresses.
What does that mean, sharing a link?
3:03 AM
anyone familiar with finding subsets that sum to k
It's hard to get it from a personal blog FB/tweet if you're not someone well-known.
But, if it makes the front page of proggit or ycombinator...
@StackedCrooked Posting it somewhere.
Recently one of you answers was posted on proggit.
@RMartinhoFernandes I see.
Yeah, that's been giving me an upvote every half hour or so.
So this would be the second time where one of my posts have been reddited (by someone other than myself). I consider myself pretty damn lucky...
Anyone here use visual studio?
3:07 AM
@jameszhao00 yes
@Mystical Do you happen to know of a task list-ish plugin that lets me associate a bunch of file/line numbers with a task?
right now i'm using a notepad ...
@jameszhao00 No. I've been using Visual Studio as-is. No extensions whatsoever.
Ah. :(
really looking for some sort of plugin... similar to the mylen thing in eclipse
@jameszhao00 a notepad? You mean pen and paper notepad?
notepad++ :D
3:10 AM
Ah, I see.
gonna go ask on SO i guess then...
I've used notepad++ when writing Clojure code. It has nice paren highlighting.
3:22 AM
OMG clang sources are pretty.
Who flagged @Moshe's stuff?
@Mysticial +1 :)
I don't know how you learn all that junk
@SethCarnegie Oh cool. thx!
@Mysticial also what anime is your avatar from
@SethCarnegie Bokurano episode 23.
3:27 AM
Ah, I was considering reading that the other day
The manga and the anime are very different.
different plots. different endings
Which is better?
I haven't read the manga. But judging from reviews, the Anime is probably better.
Either way the show is pretty dark and disturbing for some people. :P
Synopsis is already scary.
Is it weirder than Mirai Nikki
3:32 AM
It's a different type of weirdness/disturbingness.
I don't find Mirai Nikki disturbing.
but bokurano - yes, lol
but that's just me
The synopsis doesn't look that bad
The art looks nice which is why I asked
Yeah, get about 3 episodes in, and you'll see. :)
By the end of 2, you'll know something's going on.
By 3, it's kinda like - eehh....
what does Bokurano mean
"ours", which doesn't say anything
so "ra" makes something plural, like "tachi"?
I've seen karera too
3:41 AM
eh... doesn't look like that reddit link is getting enough love to push my answer to 100... we'll see by tomorrow when Europe wakes up.
either way I feel somewhat guilty that only one of my 100+ got there "naturally".
anyways... yeah. Disturbing as it is - I still found Bokurano as an enjoyable show.
It's not the best show to watch in the middle of the night - like what I did. lol
Yeah apparently you liked it enough to make it your avatar
More like, I liked that one character.
3:52 AM
I've been searching around for a new avatar - been using the same one for some 3+ years. Haven't found another good one yet... :(
So you didn't like it that much?
It's getting old.
Can't really tell if avatar is male or female.
female obviously
3:53 AM
Lol, I thought male.
Looks a little like Robin from One Piece when she was child.
I don't want to read too much lol
@StackedCrooked yeah it does
Oda screwed up most of the characters when he made them old :(
Don't know. The child version of Robin appeared later.
@SethCarnegie You mean all the female characters got huge tits now?
4:02 AM
They just look ugly with their non-cute faces
It does mainly affect robin and nami though
and franky looks monstrously horrible
Luffy, Zoro and Sanji all look much more badass now, though.
Cool, I'm not the only one watching One Piece :D
Yeah, I'm at chapter 665.
how long is that show? freaking like 600+ episodes?
is it longer than naruto?
545 ep
4:07 AM
@Mysticial Second longest manga/anime, after DB/DBZ/DBGT, I think.
This is a list of anime series by episode count. Minimum count for each section is listed above each table. Television This is a list of television anime series by episode count for series with a minimum of 150 episodes. Note that anime franchises with multiple television series (e.g. Sailor Moon) will not be listed on this page. {| class="wikitable sortable" style="text-align: center; width: 98%;" ! No ! # Episodes ! Episode length (approx.)(in minutes) ! Series title ! In Currentproduction? |- | 1 | 6429+ | 6 | | |- | 2 | 1787 | 6–25 | Doraemon (1979 anime) | |- | 3 | 1483 | | | ...
@EtiennedeMartel Oh geez... I remember watching some of the dubs when I was a kid.
Well, I'm surprised.
6000 episodes?!?!? wtf?
4:09 AM
@Mysticial 6 minutes per episode.
that doesn't count...
Detective Conan is above One Piece.
1. One Piece 38M 2. Naruto 7M 3. Ao no Exorcist 5M.
4:14 AM
That's nuts.
Ao no Exorcist is #3... reminds me that I should probably watch that show after dling it a while ago...
It's not bad but it gets silly at the end.
Next series I'll watch will probably be Neon Genesis Evangelion
That's one of the first I saw.
That and Ah, my Goddess!
I think my first one was Bleach.
4:16 AM
My very first was Princess Mononoke though.
That film was insane.
Spirited Away was great as well.
My favorites are probably Kiki's delivery service and Porco Rosso.
Miyazaki is a genius.
Spirited Away is the Japanese Alice in Wonderland
loved that movie
4:19 AM
fan service ftw :)
(hated Alice in Wonderland)
@Mysticial Not much fan service in Kiki :)
@StackedCrooked what is that one about
Toki o Kakeru Shoujo was good too
@StackedCrooked wasn't talking about that show. I just blurted that out of nowhere.
@SethCarnegie About a young witch who is looking for a city to settle. When she finds one she decides to make some money by starting a delivery service. Since she can fly on a broomstick she's quite good at it.
4:22 AM
@SethCarnegie I've been trying to find the Cantonese dub for that - failed... multiple time. :(
You might like Isekai no Seikishi Monogatari if you're into fan service. :)
do the new animes have chinese dubs?
Most of the other recent movies I DL come with dubs for Mandarin, Cantonese, and Korean.
*the ones that are sub only in english
@StackedCrooked Well, considering that half of all the recent shows are full of fan-service... It's actually not to hard to find them...
4:25 AM
Like Fairy Tail. It's constantly distracting me from the main story.
Though a fan-service comedy is a great way to end a long day.
Or something slow like Aria.
@StackedCrooked oh god... I got like 4 episodes into that... and couldn't take it anymore...
@Mysticial Yeah. I only watch it on occasion. It took me about a year to watch the first season.
It's great to watch when you're sick.
@SethCarnegie Great college experience :)
5:12 AM
It was.
6:27 AM
Isn't this a duplicate of a million things? But there's no entry in
Q: Wrong Inputs will cause the program to exit

StrangerLook at this code: #include <iostream> using namespace std; int main() { string s; int n; float x; again: cout << "Please Type this: ABC456 7.8 9 XYZ\n"; cin >> s >> n >> x >> s; cout << "\nDo you want to try Again(y/n)? "; ch...

Not easy to find a single dup, either, since the question is asked and answered sloppily every time.
ooh... I see a sexy goto in that code. :p
LOL, well maybe this guy is beyond help… but it still belongs in the FAQ
@ScottW Or you could just keep on writin' code
6:50 AM
are there any dupes to close it as?
@Mysticial I didn't find anything, but I really need to be doing my own work now
I remember answering this same question several times, since it confuses many people.
I didn't read it all. Just got back from the anime convention a few hours ago - way too tired.
And need to catch up on work before my prof yells at me. :)
The problem is that the answer is always surprising, so it doesn't match the title of the question.
now that I actually read it. lol, yeah...
Come to think of it, most of the performance traps that people fall into also have titles that don't match the answer...
and ok... maybe I might actually be getting 100 for that GCC optimziation question. * crosses fingers *
7:26 AM
morning all
Hello there!
What are common build systems portable across various *NIX platforms?
latest initiative from work, cram a set of draws under ever ones desk ¬_¬
It seems that I can only find Autotools and CMake.
Are there any other build systems in wide use?
AFAIK make is the de-facto build system, all the others are either wrappers of derivatives of it. And IIRC, make is itself derived from something else...
the secret world of arrietty is good too.
I saw Appleseed, which is not bad.,
The girl who time travels is awesome, : Toki o Kakeru Shōjo
oh and those who have seen the Totoro movie should read this.
7:44 AM
@thecoshman: Right. What I am asking about is build systems with automatic tracking of dependencies.
make does that
well, you have to tell it that x depends on y. But there are some clever short cuts you can use, such as foo.o will depends on foo.h and foo.cpp, so if either of those file exist and have a new time stamp then foo.o (or foo.o does not exist) do the following actions
personally, I would get some sort of IDE and make a project that can handle it for you
@Reno oooh, tingley
oh man, gvim is pretty neat
@thecoshman: The problem is writing the dependencies.
@wilx are you starting a new project, or using an existing one?
with make, a common solution is to have a rule which invokes gcc with some flag I can't remember, which makes it spit out a list of included headers. Those are effectively the dependencies for that translation unit.
can be fully automated, but I can't remember exactly how it's usually set up :)
8:00 AM
personally, I would just use an IDE, let it manage all the pijazzle for you
This needs to be portable to AIX, Solaris and Linux at least.
That's why I am asking about better solution than just hand made Makefiles.
I am trying to fix some of our project files, maybe.
Which means no GCC-only solution.
This needs to be portable to AIX, Solaris and Linux at least.
@jalf It's -MM I think.
ah, can't really hep much with AIX or Solaris specific things. Though, perhaps something like ANT, it's a Java+xml solution
you might need to first make a 'target' that generates valid build targets though
being xml it is rather verbose of course :D
@wilx you can get gcc on those too, can't you? And afaik their native compilers have similar flags
at my old job they used gcc on aix, at least
oh man... licensing ¬_¬ sucks ass
what do you guys make off the Apache License... seems quite good to me
8:16 AM
er, depends on what you want the license to do
well, I want to let people do what ever they want, including use the code in a project that is closed source. and perhaps, some sort "you can't just claim my code as your own" clause. I'd also like to take on a "credit would be nice, but not mandatory" with out messing up the licence. And of course, the classic, "if using this fucks you over, it's not my fault"
I'd go with the boost license then
just because it does pretty much that, and I'm more familiar with it than apache :)
oooh, that's the one I see all over the shop :P
if you didn't need the "credit would be nice" part, you could go for WTFPL too :)
never knew it was the boost licence. Yeah, I like that one
I like the boost one because it short enough that it can actually be read
huh... perhaps I'm just being a bit simple, I don't see where the boost licence says "you can use this 'open source' code in a 'close source' product"
8:23 AM
@jalf: This is huge corporation. Requiring GCC is not an option.
"use, reproduce, display, distribute,
execute, and transmit the Software, and to prepare derivative works of the
Software". It says you can use it, and it does not explicitly say "only in open source"
in other words, you can just use it
I always use only 2-clause BSD if I can.
note that this part even implicitly indicates that close-source usage is ok: "unless such copies or derivative works are solely in the form of machine-executable object code generated by a source language processor" - in other words, your work may be available "solely in the form of machine-executable object code"
8:27 AM
well that's all good then :D
time to slap some licencing into HaM
8:47 AM
huh... do you think 'H&M' could get angry with 'HaM'?
1 hour later…
9:57 AM
Is there a way to set the shared library search path similar to setting $PATH, but not using LD_LIBRARY_PATH which seems to be deprecated?
I can’t use -R or LD_RUN_PATH
@wilx Because the GCC build process doesn’t like it
Explain :)
Why do you even need it?
@wilx GCC needs it
Compiling GCC needs three libraries (GMP, MPFR and MPC) which I’ve installed in non-standard paths
Ok, and you do not want to use LD_LIBRARY_PATH why?
10:10 AM
The GCC build process is unable to find them for some components even with correctly set --with-xyz-lib= options
@wilx Because it’s deprecated according to what I’ve read
Also, I believe you can give the configure script the LDFLAGS="-L/foo/bar/lib" switch that should do it.
Also, deprecated or not, it works.
That doesn’t work :(
I’m assuming that the GCC makefile is simply overriding the LDFLAGS completely
Combination of LDFLAGS like above + ldconfig?
woah, AOP is a mind fuck right now, AspectJ... I thought Java was bad enough already
If I do -march=core2 will the binary run on an AMD Phenom? The thing that's missing is SSSE3...
10:12 AM
hmm, I’ve no idea how ldconfig works … this might be worth a try
nope, it requires su rights, doesn’t it? I don’t have them
@rubenvb: It might now. Maybe add -mno-ssse3 or equivalent flag to your command line?
@wilx would -march=nocona -mtune=core2 work? nocona leaves out the SSSE3 stuff?
@KonradRudolph: Ignore the "deprecated" word and just use LD_RUN_PATH or LD_LIBRARY_PATH.
@rubenvb: I think so.
@KonradRudolph if you're building GCC, build GMP/MPFR/MPC(/PPL/CLooG) statically
@wilx OK. Thanks
@rubenvb Building them statically isn’t the problem. But how do I tell the GCC build script to link them statically?
10:17 AM
@KonradRudolph if they're built with --disable-shared, there's be no choice.
I do so all the time.
just build and install the libs to some temp directory, and configure gcc with --with-gmp=/somedir --with-mpc=/somedir --with-mpfr=/somedir
I will try that
@KonradRudolph May I ask why you're building GCC?
@rubenvb Because I need it, the installation on the cluster is outdated and going through the official process to get a new version installed by admins takes too long and I’ve been told that it would be better to do it myself
(btw, this is a continuation from Friday, where I wasted most of my afternoon trying to get this to work …)
10:20 AM
ah ok.

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