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12:02 AM
Today's pan-stackExchange least descriptive title (post edit) award goes to... Trying to find an answer to my question
Is there a prize involved?
It's a piece of coal
@SotiriosDelimanolis Tht was my 20th triage review yesterday and my last flag of the day
thanks for moderating!
@MikelF ^ That
12:05 AM
It's neat to see the posts I review show up in here...
@MikelF Are you likely to concentrate at tagged posts here?
@πάνταῥεῖ Most of my flags are from triage, but I also flag things I see in C++
C++ is in my wheelhouse experience-wise, so that is where I go to answer things
@MikelF I'm just lurking at new questions coming in at the c++ tag (stackoverflow.com/questions/tagged/c%2B%2B). I don't work on the common queues.
Looks like the OP is down for Christmas. Let's move on... :)Praveen Kumar 14 secs ago
@πάνταῥεῖ If I stuck with the tag alone, I'd have little to do... I still see many of them in triage
12:11 AM
And I'm answering rarely. Most of that crap is off-topic.
@πάνταῥεῖ Ha ha...
@PraveenKumar Not?
@πάνταῥεῖ Yes!
I do absolutely love when my flags are disputed on homework questions
@MikelF LooL
What flag?
12:13 AM
can't remember which flavor
and it was outside of triage, so I can't see how the votes went
@MikelF There's only small space for disputation about such. Flagging as too broad or unclear should work for the "Gimme teh codez plz" stuff should work out well.
@Tunaki @HovercraftFullOfEels Also this :). It was reopened by someone else, but OP acknowledged that duplicate answered their question. See comments (if it's still there).
@MikelF Silly repetition, but you grab what I mean hopefully.
@πάνταῥεῖ Yes, I do... Most of the time, I've been able to shrug off the disputed flags... it's easier after I figured out it wasn't necessarily because I was wrong... but there have been a couple that stick in my craw...
12:25 AM
I would have fixed 'colum' also :)
@MikelF Sure but a colum doesn't count as a cunt (pun intended)
<insert bored cymbal monkey here>
@4castle brews coffee for @4castle
@4castle You're aware of the bad side effects of coffee, are you?
12:31 AM
like diuretic properties?
@πάνταῥεῖ I drink it recreationally, not actually a huge fan of it
he needs some coffee
@4castle Well, I'm smoking grass recreationally, you should just know what drug to use when (check my avatar)
@MikelF Or better stuff, or nothing.
@πάνταῥεῖ xD well I'll put it this way, I drink it when other people offer to go get coffee. Like today a friend got me a peppermint mocha
@4castle Peppermint sounds nice. Did you ever try oriental peppermint tea?
12:39 AM
@πάνταῥεῖ I haven't. Tea sounds good about now too though
@4castle Yes it does.
@πάνταῥεῖ shouldn't it show in the edit history if it's been reopened?
@codeMagic No, it doesn't appear in the edit history
huh, ok. I thought it did when it was closed and reopened
Though, in the Android tag, not many are reopened that I see
12:49 AM
it does appear in the edit history: stackoverflow.com/posts/41371598/revisions
just that the link to revisions is not shown
@πάνταῥεῖ yeah, someone un-duped it single-handedly
ah, ok
@approxiblue Must have been an idiot swinging a mjölnir!
I'm assuming "POM" means opinion based? Just saw it for the first time above :)
@codeMagic "primarily"
12:58 AM
Right. I left that part out. I was just making sure that's what it stood for :P
I, as usual, was being lazy and typing just enough to get my question across
@codeMagic 20k+
Edited, sorry. Isn't that obvious?
what is the significance of "20k+"?
wait, isn't it 10?
It notes who can cast delete votes on the question in question
@codeMagic Nope, closed too recently
1:07 AM
Oh yes, sorry and thanks
Forgot about the time period thing
Just a suggestion, could we use a on for del-pls requests? It'd be nice if the userscript could do it automatically too
1:20 AM
@codeMagic I think you might have erred on that last edit review
Let me look again...
Code edit suggestions are always prone to rejections
Nope. Don't think they should edit the answerers code to change the meaning. Leave a comment if you think it is wrong or if you think they made a mistake
I would reject those all day long
Typo fixes in answers are perfectly fine
I agreed with the edit rejection when I saw it. If they mean to return something, more changes to the code are probably necessary (and those edits should be made by the answer owner)
1:23 AM
a return statement is not a typo. unless I missed something there
I suspect they did not mean to short circuit the loop with an return, but I understand your reasoning
@JanDvorak I don't see a typo fix?
strng instead of string is a typo. return instead of no return is a logic error
@πάνταῥεῖ This wasn't literally a typo for sure, but I was speaking in generic terms, trying to avoid having any firm opinion of my own on the specific case.
@codeMagic Ah sorry, I was at a different track
1:25 AM
I'll admit that I didn't look at the code closely. But that is still something, imo, that the OP should fix themselves hence the suggestion of leaving a comment for clarification instead of an edit
it's an opportunity for me to learn, is all
I can see a rejection being valid here
@MikelF Yeah, yeah padawans are appreciated!
And I wasn't trying to be too abrasive, in case you took it that way
Not at all.
1:27 AM
Awe, I like it when we can all be friends
As I've said before, I am 'calibrating'... eventually, I expect to be making those reviews, and the more I learn now, the fewer mistakes I will make
ha,, I'm still 'calibrating'!
@codeMagic @MikelF Well, swinging a lightsaber needs to take on responsibility. For your self and for others :-)
@codeMagic What can I say... I'm an engineer.
@πάνταῥεῖ Maybe it's the 3 bourbons I've had but I'm not sure how that's relevant. But I still think I agree :D
1:32 AM
@MikelF Good base.
mikel, my point was that I've had review bans since I've been probably 20k+. Some I think were completely wrong and some I understood. It happens
But this is probably a good place to learn some of the rights and wrongs. I haven't been around these parts as much recently as I used to be
My Android friends are mostly MIA tonight
@codeMagic Make some new ones... ;)
@codeMagic R2D2 says: "%%&//(%&%("
nah, they were already getting to be too much. I'm not sure I need more
Another reason I think I like hanging around in here is that it reminds me that people can still get along when they disagree.
1:37 AM
It's called "maturity". Most people haven't heard of it these days
@MikelF You're welcome hanging around here!
I'm still learning about that "maturity" thing
Lol, Jan
But, seriously, this type of room and the reason for it probably is directly related to that
Peter Pan dont like maturity :(
1:40 AM
It takes a certain mentality to hang around in a place like this that has this type of "higher purpose" if you will
@codeMagic you make this sound like a cult
@approxiblue be quiet and drink your kool-aid
@user12312313 I'm well known suffering from the PP syndrome :P
Do I make it sound like a cult? Or Is it like a cult?
Food for thought
@πάνταῥεῖ lol
1:43 AM
@codeMagic Cargo Culture?
@codeMagic can I ask? why your Avatar is triangle?
could be!
@MikelF That's definitely not constructive!
@user12312313 what do you have against triangles? Are you a shapeist?
1:45 AM
nah :)
triangle is so basic :P
It was actually a joke in the Android room. A bunch of them created circle avatars
and I, of course, had to be different so I changed mine from a square to a triangle
I would have done a trapezoid as that is my favorite shape but I'm too lazy for that
^ So far for triangles and such
1:47 AM
Now that you got me on the subject, I once got my girlfriend to have trapezoids painted on her fingernails when she was getting them done. Nothing says love more than that
@codeMagic Tattoos
Ugh, forgot I can only see deleted messages in the Android room
Lol, Mikel, that could be awhile
This room is immune to magic :D
@user12312313 Abaracadabara!
1:49 AM
@πάνταῥεῖ that's a bit crass for SE chats
@approxiblue I'm just thinking to the end!
@πάνταῥεῖ I didn't expect you to say that word
Germans, in my experience, don't have much of a filter :D
It offended someone.
I was surprised but not offended
1:51 AM
@JanDvorak Only the potential girlfriends might be offended.
@codeMagic Some of intended by me!
Sorry, didn't mean to cause a ruckus. Just thought it was a funny, on-topic story. Lol
@πάνταῥεῖ ???
@codeMagic Surprising you with a different (nice) view?
@JanDvorak Off life mimosas may be.
^ Not to say dead bodies :P
@πάνταῥεῖ I can't comment on that without offending someone. Lol
probably isn't the place anyway
scratches head don't we have something to close :D
Oh, 3 offences collected already :-/
If we are talking about cats, I would think there isn't.
1:59 AM
@JanDvorak Sure, what you've been thinking of else?
Well, too late explaining that to the 10k team, I guess
3 offences collected?
@MikelF There are 5 now.
@πάνταῥεῖ I am not certain what they are, how they are collected, or how one can tell how many are collected
2:03 AM
It's off-screen now for me, so tracking the score became slightly harder for me
@MikelF Well, the message isn't kicked yet :)
@πάνταῥεῖ You can see the counter for your own posts?
What are the criteria? +/- 6 difference between agree/disagree auto-acts?
@AlexanderO'Mara Yup! And I deny to kick it.
@MikelF You can view the flag counter by hovering over the message
2:05 AM
You can't counterflag your own messages, though
@JanDvorak Sure!
hmmm.. not working for me...
@MikelF I think its a 10k rep power
I am having doubts about the wisdom of my answer to this: stackoverflow.com/questions/41371714/…
That's bad. I'm almost 1/3 the way through with flags, and I haven't even woken up yet today.
2:09 AM
Well, demanding the nails done like that should at least giving the same level of offence (if there's any at all).
Is there a better synonym for the body part you meant?
@JanDvorak Muschi?
2:13 AM
@4castle this doesn't work for me either and I'm 35k+. Unless I'm doing it wrong
Also, I think it's hilarious that this is still being discussed
Streisand effect
@πάνταῥεῖ i didn't demand. Just suggested and she did it :P
@codeMagic You started that Dude!
@πάνταῥεῖ I thought I just shared a cute story! Lol!
@codeMagic Yes, that's how we like them to behave :)
2:15 AM
Lol! That's probably going to be another flag!
I still find it a bit odd that you have a favorite shape.
Probably not.
or maybe I'm odd because I don't
@codeMagic Ask @Yvette
@MikelF Little Boxes again!
My fav is naked!
@πάνταῥεῖ I don't know who that is
2:16 AM
Let's drop the subject before more flags come (and not from me)
@MikelF it probably is odd! But it's been my favorite shape since I was a teenager
Little Boxes?
@JanDvorak I think you've given all of yours.
I could only give one
@JanDvorak Sure, I know ;-)
2:19 AM
anyone knows if Microsoft update server uses SSH?
Oh, hello, welcome distraction :-)
@AsafFisher That's off topic here. Ask about pussy hairdos to receive some serious attention.
... I think I'll just head off to bed
Stack overflow chat is honestly crap....
@AsafFisher No, you've just entered the wrong words
2:22 AM
@dorukayhan let me know when this now needs a :)
I think most of the people here are Linux users
I'm not
@AsafFisher Not always and not everywhere
@codeMagic mostly ;)
2:22 AM
Well, except for my Android phone
I'm a Mac person, actually... at least at home.
@AsafFisher In room-15 we actually actively keep it from being crap
@user12312313 I have to deal all OS (including that FreeRTOS crap)
lol im also linux but the farm is amazingly not :'(
@MikelF Big Mac or Mac Rib?
2:23 AM
and installing windows updates without proxy server is bad.
@AsafFisher ooh, and you do Android. You should stop by some time and request access
@codeMagic Android is a hobby lol
Let's try to kick this one:
@AsafFisher That's fine. Mostly professional devs but a lot of hobbyists and students.
sure ill give it a try
2:27 AM
Well, if you want to it's there
If not, that's fine too
Got one more question if u might be able to help
If you're interested, request now and I'll let you in
Otherwise, just whenever. Just depends when a RO is around
Do you know about CONNECT request?
ill request now...
@AsafFisher The SOCVR Sanitarium might be at your service.
@AsafFisher You would have to be more specific
Not sure what that means
2:29 AM
Sure one sec
Can I haz a hat for that amazing story?
Ok so I have the Client-Proxy bridge ready and im trying to respond to the client with a diffrent page then it asked in the connect request...
Im trying to send for example a custom error html page
The problem is that it's not a get req so i cant simply send the header
Any Idea?
Not off-hand but you'd be better off asking in that room because there are a lot of questions to be asked to better understand (at least for me)
Though tonight has been pretty slow in there
@codeMagic *goes to make account to post spam to delete* :p
Also a rant at the end needs to be removed. I tried to edit it, but don't yet have the rep.
2:37 AM
Yep, noticed the proposal
someone approved my edit. Thanks.
@codeMagic In android room?
Is @πάνταῥεῖ drunk?
@AsafFisher yes
@Machavity more so than me, pretty sure
It wont be offtopic?
2:39 AM
In the Android room?
@Machavity Not really, just funny all along.
@πάνταῥεῖ Popped in to do CV burn and I find 2 flagged
No, nothing is off-topic there as long as it isn't offensive <cough>πάνταῥεῖ </cough> :D
@Machavity Yeah, I left 2 "offensive" posts :)
None of them removed so far BTW.
2:41 AM
so far
@user12312313 I'm going to say unclear actually
In today's dark ages its too scary to post a question in stackoverflow
@user12312313 sorry, mistook you for the earlier one asking what we thought :P
@AsafFisher but if you're just talking about in the chatroom then it's not a big deal
lol :3
2:43 AM
@πάνταῥεῖ Just making sure you didn't go Lounge C++ on us. Although rene might not be too thrilled
Yah thats why im not posting it
@AsafFisher You have to shape it carefully. yes. The rules are very strict. Be sure not to leave the word pussy in it (pun intended)!
@codeMagic now I remember you are the guy who grant me access in Android room :3
+ i got banned because some ppl downvoted my last question haha
PPL, sure...
2:44 AM
@Machavity @Rene will be setup in need to tidy up that mess.
@user12312313 that was really nice of me
But I doubt I did with that name because we require a unique u/n
@πάνταῥεῖ Lol
Let's not be Trump Land here!
@codeMagic I did experiment my name just to test if there will ba a secret hat triggered!
Idk why buy obama move against Israel makes me angry
2:48 AM
@πάνταῥεῖ The only way you can make it worse is to mention Shog9. Which summons him to the channel automagically
So far I failed!
Guys bananas are off topic?
@user12312313 haha!
I cant change my name after 30days :(
lol nice name user12312312312312312312313
2:49 AM
nope, sure can't
@user12312313 Once every 30 days. Or you can mod flag and ask them to set it back
@Machavity its ok :) I know mods are busy
I suppose, after putting so much effort in, it'd be a shame if you didn't get flagged.
@πάνταῥεῖ For a chat room about moderation, I think you're doing a poor job of representing this room at this point.
2:55 AM
@Machavity There you have it. He's awake :-)
OMG olaf!!
@Olaf He's the Candyman (or Candlejack) of SO
Let's see if we can summon some counterpart: Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice!
@Olaf Ive seen a pic of you in redit
Hmm, where is Michael Keaton if you need him ...
@AsafFisher Hardly.
Looks like a squirrel after contact with a car wheel. OMG, Kyll!
And no one-boxers!
Yuck, @Olaf
@AsafFisher Can you add something before it? There's no one-boxing in here
What's happening here?
@Tushar Closing and squirrels and double entendre (oh my)
3:00 AM
no i cant
Bed time for me...
@AsafFisher: Please try in the sandbox before posting here. One-boxers are a good way to get kicked.
How to do itr
@AsafFisher Edit it and add a ! before the URL to prevent the one-box
Place a dot or some other text before the link.
3:02 AM
Ill just deletre it its not funny anyway..
Yes. Jokes you have to explain are not funny at all.
3:14 AM
I don't suppose anyone here happens to know anything about building Firefox from source?
@Undo you are all over this shit right now! haha
3:34 AM
I'm not sure why those edits were being rejected ^^
Really not the greatest use of edits
"However" instead of "otherwise"?
"like this" instead of "like this example"
As a native speaker, both of those sound much clearer to my ears.
"I got an empty string" instead of "I get an empty string"
3:43 AM
Matches with "try" in the previous sentence
But anyway, there's a reason we got rid of the 'too minor' rejection reason.
I'm a native speaker, as well, but most of it is pretty trivial in this situation.
Very true
My point is I can see a point for rejecting it
yeah, you could make an argument. I wouldn't buy it, but you definitely could
I can definitely see improvements made in some places. But I also feel like there are places where unnecessary changes were made and that's my main problem
I'm glad I decided at the last minute not to go into sales
Changing "got" to "get" was an okay change IMO. Using past tense is awkward for others reading at the present
If that was the only edit I would have rejected though
4:29 AM
@Shog9 Thanks for kicking. You well know what I did here I'd suppose ;-)
5:25 AM
@bummi Not sure if you saw this comment: stackoverflow.com/questions/16099884/…
Looks like I missed the fun
6:05 AM
@tripleee Does SmokeDetector actually issue a spam vote when you tell it something is spam, or is it safe to feedback that the above was spam even though it just needed to be edited out?
6:17 AM
Considering the past two spam posts were links to the same blacklisted website, I think these questions can be deleted. They don't seem to be real questions.
6:27 AM
I'm not actually sure though. Maybe someone else knows better what should be done.
6:45 AM
@4castle at the mo Smokey is somewhat experimentally flagging as spam based on its own heuristics; our feedback does not immediately affect that functionality, though the heuristics are weighted based on previous feedback
so a heuristic rule with no FPs will add 100 to the weight, wheras one with FPs will receive less weight, to the point where an all-FP rule will have weight 0
maybe ask in Charcoal if you need more details
@4castle in hindsight, I agree, though the Splunk question might still actually be valid after the spam link was edited out
generally, spam should not be edited, and I clearly made a mistake there
@tripleee No worries, so should I roll back the edit I made on this question? stackoverflow.com/q/41361717/5743988
7:05 AM
@4castle my personal take on that would be to leave it, done is done and a rollback which reintroduces a spam link seems unhappy, but I'm not firmly decided
Yeah, I'm gonna stop poking it now. Some research on meta found that rolling back may have been a bad idea
7:21 AM
spam account is being used to post plagiarized content with spam links in Documentation and I can't find any place to flag or report this, can you advice on procedure? stackoverflow.com/users/7260991/…
@bummi brought this up over in Charcoal but this is SO (though docs.SO not SO proper) so I'm hoping to get your advice
Asking me?
anyone really
I wanted to flag the account but because it's only visible in nooks in Documentation where I apparently don't have that kind of privileges, I don't seem to be able to do anything
I think what you're supposed to do is flag any random post with a moderator flag, and then explain what's going on with that user
there is no way to flag these posts in Documentation, at least at my privilege level
Like, any post. It doesn't even have to be by them
7:24 AM
right, I'll do that, thanks
@tripleee Preferably, one of their posts.
7:43 AM
@πάνταῥεῖ What on earth did y'all do that made Shog9 show up? Why can't you behave yourself? Kids these days ...
Well, someone was telling a story about trapezoids... and then it went downhill from there...
@4castle it should never go downhill once y'all notice
I agree, we flagged as offensive, but the messages didn't get deleted for such a long time that it kept getting worse until finally Shog showed up and cleaned the mess. I was shocked myself.
@BhargavRao Hiya, my last disputed spam flag, considering the activities of this user, was it wrong?
7:52 AM
Checking, Just a sec
@MadaraUchiha absolutely, but all of their posts are in areas where I don't have flagging privileges (or flagging functionality is absent, dunno, it's Docs)
@tripleee Come to think of it, you could have used one of their deleted posts to flag stackoverflow.com/q/41373958/5743988 but I forgot about it until just now
@tripleee The user has no posts otherwise?
Does any moderator has time to fill me in on what happened 6 hours ago in our tranascript?
Maybe in private?
@bummi Yep, Mods usually dispute spam flags when there's salvagable content and it's a genuine question attempt. I guess a mod flag would have been better there stating that the user used a spam link which was later edited out.
7:54 AM
@MadaraUchiha not easily discoverable because it was deleted as spam, though @4castle linked to a deleted one just now
@rene Not sure, I was not there as well, maybe @mad can help. :/
@BhargavRao Wasn't here either
@BhargavRao none of the RO's where there as well and I can't really reconstruct from the trasnscript
I wan't to know how I have to update our beef records
7:57 AM
Can mods not see deleted chat messages? I was there, and can help if needed
Yes, they can. Thanks for the help but I rather take it with them, or not at all and record everyone who was present
Bah, You all speak a lot. :D
I'll go through the transcript once I'm done with that damn mod queue and then prepare a report for that @rene :)
@BhargavRao thanks
@rene This comment is all I see that's left of what πάνταῥεῖ said that didn't get deleted chat.stackoverflow.com/transcript/message/34833591#34833591
8:10 AM
@4castle thanks
8:28 AM
@πάνταῥεῖ I'll just let you know that I don't like going over our transcript to reconstruct what you have been up to, specially not before I had my second cup of coffee. For once, behave your self. And that goes for the others that were present at that time as well.
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