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3:05 PM
@bitten github.com/rlemon/RoboGist \o/ 🎂
cc @BenFortune ^ works again
@rlemon I don't get what it does :(
@OliverSalzburg hotloads gist content
make a gist with a js file and a css file and feed it to the extension, it will pull those contents and inject them on the page
Okay, then I did get it :P
kinda like Stylish, but with a few lemony twists
So it's like a userscript/userstyle manager based on gist?
3:10 PM
So, how do you actually install/use it?
not on the store yet, so you have to "load unpackaged extension" from chrome://extensions
point it at the repo folder
it's not that intuitive yet, at least I don't think
I wrote it and sometimes am confused 😃
It seems like the instructions are very focused on gist, even though that just seems to be a storage solution which really isn't that important to the core functionality
3:15 PM
well 😛 that was the entire core of it when I started
because chrome storage is uselessly small, I needed somewhere that tracked changes AND allowed storage and an api
Well, yeah, it's a great solution, it just seems like the other aspect of the extension is the main purpose and should be focused on
I'm bad at readme's
@rlemon Solid tip on that mint, cheers.
Cool. Feelin' better today?
Yea, I turned in early last night. Probably just something I ate.
@SterlingArcher @ssube You're gonna be pissed
3:26 PM
is there such a thing as a non-sortable array?
@erotavlas One that uses 100% of available memory
@OliverSalzburg 😛
download more RAM
3:28 PM
Hackerman will download you all the ram.
You could still perform a "lossy sort" on it ;P
Lossy sort removes all elements that are not in order
Sounds useful!
sleepSort it
Mar 28 at 14:58, by rlemon
function sleepSort(stack) {
	return new Promise( (resolve, reject) => {
		let ret = [], len = stack.length;
		const org = item => setTimeout(adder.bind(null, item), item);
		const adder = item => ret.push(item) && ( (--len <= 0) && resolve(ret) );
is there a way to make any array non-sortable by future programmers? like by removing the sort function form the array prototype?
3:30 PM
How to copy the express app objects at a point in execution so if later some exception occurs, so the previos express app object could be used ??
parse error: hwat?
@rlemon nice, you rewrite?
You can't prevent them from sorting the array silently in their mind though
That would require a lot of gamma radiation
3:35 PM
I'm not terribly impressed with the new macbooks. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I suspect the chances of finding a competing laptop than can run linux hassle-free is probably still not likely?
Just got an invitation to interview at Cambridge and a badly worded, but good, offer from King's College London :D
I'd expect high dpi screen, working wireless, bluetooth, multi-touch, etc..
Might have to be windows 10..
Who Won the election?
@Bsienn Welcome to the JavaScript chat! Please review the room rules. Please don't ask if you can ask or if anyone's around; just ask your question, and if anyone's free and interested they'll help.
@Bsienn Putin
3:36 PM
@Bsienn umm. go to any new site.
@Bsienn Canada
Also, what Pootis said.
Little Pooty is in touch with american politics more than most americans
it's the link the webstore dashboard is giving me
is anyone here a chatBot?
3:37 PM
says it is published
@erotavlas I am
@erotavlas I wish. Chat bots get all the chicks
Nerd bots don't
@rlemon It shows for me, just no screenshots.
can you install it?
and I haven't uploaded any screenshots yet
ugh. re-published and it still is 404 for me
o wait! it's there now
I didn't install it yet, no.
Want me to?
3:55 PM
if you want
doesn't do anything on its own you need shit to give it
> no validation is done, don't fuck it up
what is the easiest way to get karma to work with es6 modules?
[type="checkbox"]:checked + label::after {
  position: absolute;
  top: -3px;
  left: -4px;
  content: '✓';
@BenFortune ^ does that show up for you proper?
content: '<unicode_check>'
Try content: '\2713 ';
Above works yeah
4:04 PM
is there anyway to execute a javascript code to hide some field when user wants to print page ?
@jagdish use the print stylesheet
@media print {

or i will have to do css coding?
The above works for me
aight, I'll change it
4:05 PM
@rlemon but in that i will have to write whole stylesheet
@jagdish no, you just want to hide an element
.... all other normal css
@media print {
  .thing { display: none; }
so that element will be hidden on print ?
go read up on media queries and the print keyword
or test it
Guessing you can't override injected stylesheets?
4:07 PM
dunno why
like, I can't think of a good reason to restrict that
ohh you want to override it that way
html:not(blah) .mention is way more specific than yours
Great work
html div.mention should work @BenFortune
@SterlingArcher LMAO dude this video, vevo.com/watch/…
Bring me the Horizon video
@rlemon Nope :(
4:13 PM
app.use('/admin', subApp);
Is there any way to overwrite this mount point with another subapp in a way that the current subapp never existed( no side effect)
Express js
@BenFortune hrm, it is specificity that is doing it
Oh, got it
html .content > span.mention
Cheers love
Is it bad that I didn't know what specificity was :|
if JS returns a number in exponentiation format, how do I get all of the digits? (say 2.3611832414348226e+21)
.toString still gives an exponential notation
Or not was but, didn't know about it in CSS
@towc not possible
4:16 PM
@ankit31894 because you know everything
thanks for your advice
I'll keep it to heart, and value it dearly
use some big integer library instead
surely there must be a way to display it without having to resort to that
like a method combined with a quirk..
@towc all u can do is add leading zeroes in output
because primitive datatype in JS have a size
@BenFortune Guess who I pulled with my stones?
you sir, are wrong :)
4:20 PM
@towc there are libs for it
nothing out of the box tmk
@towc please tell me then
!!> var a = Math.pow(2,71)-1, str = ''; for( var i = 0; i < Math.log(a); ++i ){str += a % Math.pow(10,i)}; str
@towc "084884868486848606848260684822606848822606848482260684834822606848434822606848‌​143482260684841434822606848241434822606848324143482260684883241434822606850183241‌​4348226068501183241434822606800611832414348226100003611832414348226000002.3611832‌​414348226e+212.3611832414348226e+212.3611832414348226e+212.3611832414348226e+212.‌​3611832414348226e+212.3611832414348226e+212.3611832414348226e+212.361183241434 (snip)
oh hum wait
either way, the point is that you can still do this apparently:
!!> var a = Math.pow(2, 71); [ a, a.toString(), a % 10 ]
@towc [2.3611832414348226e+21,"2.3611832414348226e+21",8]
4:23 PM
!!> var a = Math.pow( 2, 71 ); [ a % 10, a % 100 - a % 10, a % 1000 - a % 100 ].reverse()
.toFixed is your best bet but jumps to scientific notation past 1e21
@towc [800,40,8]
otherwise you need to roll your own
@Trasiva Go on :P
so I know that the last digits are 848
I'll come up with a full thing, really shouldn't be hard
4:23 PM
@BenFortune Verde 😃 AND he's almost awakened, just need some magics for him later.
@towc or you could use a battle tested bigint lib
rolling your own will likely be messy and time consuming
!!> var a = Math.pow( 2, 71 ), i = 1, end = []; while( i < a ){ i *= 10; end.push( a % i - a % i / 10 ); }; end.join('')
@towc "7.243.2763.26163.26163.2546163.22346163.220346163.2740346163.24340346163.23134‌​0346163.2391340346163.21291340346163.237291340346163.2217291340346163.22917291340‌​346163749172913403461601649172913403461801064917291340346100550649172913403500003‌​250649172913403300002.1250649172913404e+21"
you have a console. please use it instead
yeah, sure
4:25 PM
Y'know, I just looked at Trumps 100 day plan. For the most part, it's actually quite reasonable. I know it won't happen, but I'd love to see the congressional limits applied.
was too confident
Some of the stuff is obviously an issue, but there's some decent stuff in there.
@Trasiva Unfortunately, the house has to pass limits on their own terms, and that won't happen
@towc what u r doing is kind of writing a library yourself.
because he likes to make his life harder than it needs to be
4:27 PM
@ndugger Again, I know it won't happen.
ok, this is it
!!> var a = Math.pow( 2, 71 ), i = 1, end = []; while( i < a ){ i *= 10; end.push( ( a % i - a % ( i / 10 ) ) / i * 10 ); }; end.reverse().join('')
@towc "2361183241434822606848"
@ankit31894 I'm known for that
@towc what about negative big numbers
if you want to learn how to do this, at least look at how a big int lib handles it
@rlemon I don't need them for my purposes, but sure, you have a point
4:29 PM
@towc beware any digits beyond the significant digits being absolute garbage, more so than just a lack of precision.
Why do you need the extra digits anyway?
oh yeah lol, using a - 1 still ends up with a least significant of 8
Well yeah, that's to be expected
good call, thought JS was clever enough
But I'm talking worse than that
No, JS has finite precision
4:32 PM
yh yh
@KendallFrey 9007199254740991
yh yh
Answer: No.
oops, I spoiled it.
4:38 PM
That's not actually the question at hand...
4:50 PM
4 messages moved to Sandbox
!!> Number.MAX_SAFE_INTEGER + 1
@Jhawins 9007199254740992
room topic changed to JavaScript: Topic: JavaScript, ECMAScript. Read this: javascriptroom.github.io/rules. Before asking inform yourself on the XY problem goo.gl/taIqf | devdocs.io Documentation™ Helps. Room meta discussions: github.com/JavaScriptRoom/culture [ecmascript] [ecmascript-6] [javascript] [nodejs]
@FilipDupanović Solved the access issue simply using path module of node
thanks for your help mate
4:58 PM
is there anyway to apply my particular css files on wordpress site?
Considering I ported a Node module to NAN from raw v8 just a few months ago, I think I know what I'm talking about. Look at github.com/nodejs/nan/blob/master/doc/…Zan Lynx 8 hours ago
Are we talking about different things? Or am I just an idiot?
@MadaraUchiha libevent/libuv eventually, low enough, make use of other threads and some kernel pseudo-thread nonsense
they couldn't do async I/O without another thread somewhere
^ i think you two are discussing two different things
5:06 PM
@rlemon so an alien ship crashed near my base and I had to fight the robutts what came out of it. That was interesting.
yea, you can just wall them off until you're ready to deal with them tho
poison / alien ships
then I killed and robbed a group of merchants to steal their stuff, which turned out to be 30 iguanas and 30 cassowaries
oh, and a pair of insect hives popped up inside my wall and killed half my colonists
isnt' it a fun game?
oh, so worth buying
5:08 PM
I just wish it was more 3d or had a bigger map
I'm going to slowly port over the scripts I use to work with this
@ssube wait
probably not 3d
but teasers are happening
looks like something big
oh yeah, you posted that before
being able to go explore other bases would be good
@Luggage ^^
"The Caravan"
that is exciting
5:10 PM
I'm on the edge of my no seat here
Can someone help me please ?
guys, why when adding a class to an element via jquery , the intended effect doesn't apply unless i click on the element ? :(
I verified the class is added correctly to the element
@rlemon I know but somehow i can't do the things those guys are doing on that post :(
5:14 PM
i am adding my class like so $("#"+i).addClass("orangeRowClass");
doesn't require a new question
@zouza make a demo
@rlemon But as i said, i did the same thing on everyawnser and i didn't get the same result that's why i did a new question
It's still a dupe.
Not being able to implement a solution doesn't mean ask a new question
@rlemon on it
5:25 PM
Nothing says good morning like a 5 hour meeting at 8am
Nothing Says good morning like folgers in your cup
2 folgers
Nothing says good morning when your dead
Mobile picks what your i use.
5:27 PM
@SterlingArcher I see you've been fixing Vanessa. She worked better this time around.
@Trasiva yup, I'm on the hunt for good violent runes for her and Bella.
atm farming inus, only a few left
@SterlingArcher Psssst, guess what I pulled with summoning stones?
Fire vamp? :O
You're god damn right.
I'm working on the magic mids right now so I can awaken him to speed up farming.
so you got yourself a verde, huh?
5:28 PM
dude congrats he's a freaking speed demon
Yeaaaaaaaaaaa boy
is he the one you can't skill up too far?
You can max him out skill wise.
one of the vamps gets slower if you max them out
It doesn't hurt anything with him, you want him to be fast and crit.
5:29 PM
because their third starts to crit too often, but not for enough damage to be worth it
His passive amps up the ATB for others by 20%
I think that's the water one.
man, with the event going and the crystal I had before, I'm sitting on almost 20 ms right now
I'm slowly saving up because I have all the fusion mons now.
debating how long I want to hang onto them before I start pulling, cause I have a bunch of doods to build still
what is this game you're always talking about? I never catch the name. For some reason I assume Guild Wars 2
5:30 PM
@rlemon the irony is I've been snowboarding for 15 years now
So I need 500k for the Vero fusion this weekend.
@Loktar Summoner's War
ahhh ok
it's ultra complicated korean pokemon
never heard of it, looks like it's a mobile game?
nice I see you guys talk about it a bit so it must be decent
5:31 PM
but, since it's entirely a math minimax game, I enjoy it
decent or just very addictive, destiny-style
@Loktar Lot of RNG in terms of getting the monsters though.
I've been playing two years, and I'm FINALLY getting some decent pulls.
although if you're farming, they pretty consistently reward you
Q: How to overwrite express js middleware which has subapp

ankit31894I have an app //adminApp and app created here app.use('/admin', adminApp); //some code that attaches some get requests to adminApp which raises an exception //overwrite /admin mount point with new app Is it possible to overwrite the /admin mount point in express with another sub app at a lat...

you'll get a scroll every 5 runs and a decent dood every 20 scrolls
it's definitely meant to make you pay but you can easily not and just play on the bus every day
5:34 PM
nice grabbing it now
I have no games on my new phone
My magic shop is been lucky af today and yesterday. 3 MS, 5 legend peices and 5 light dark peices
Usually I get 1 MS from there every week or so
@SterlingArcher as you get higher level, it does that
you'll also start seeing 6* runes
:O ohhhh
Hey could someone help me pls ?

@Loktar Make sure you let us know what your summoner name is. Then you can start using our reputation monsters once a day.
5:36 PM
@Loktar the real hook is that you get the little doods, who each fit into a family and have 2 family abilities and 1 unique, then you add runes that buff different stats, so everybody has a slightly different twist.
nice, I'll be honest I suck horribly at these types of games
@Pedro you haven't addressed the possible duplicate @rlemon posted for you. Did you read that?
haha but it sounds pretty interesting
@SterlingArcher It is not a duplicate, as i said on the post i already saw a ton of posts of it, i only post on stackoverflow if i really can't get any info :(
> I know there is like 2 or 3 posts of it but i couldn't understand :(
Don't understand what?
You're not being clear on what you don't understand "idk css/js" doesn't help you or us at all
5:39 PM
Like they say to create a css file and edit the tinymce js file I already done that and still didn't work
the font appears but it doesn't change it style
Edit your post to show that you've tried it
As is, nobody knows you've tried it, how you've tried it, and can't help you
"didn't work" doesn't tell me anything. It could be a typo.. wrong file.. etc how can I know?
Be clear in your explanations or you won't get help
Ok i will edit the post and send it back
@Pedro dealing with TinyMCE? Good luck...
@ssube yea man. Did you see my double wall base?
5:43 PM
!!xkcd wysiwyg
@SterlingArcher Something went on fire; status 403
fuck you cap :(
@rlemon I don't think so
I hope that helps.
@SterlingArcher LOL
haven't seen that one
5:44 PM
my fav lol
@rlemon Question for you if you have a moment, here or 15.
I'm on mobile. But I can try
I've been looking through the SO code, have you come across any way to get the users with certain access in a room? Like users with write access, or just all users in a room?
Get the access page and parse it
Aside from that, that was my last resort.
5:46 PM
That's the only way I know how
Q: How to add google fonts to tinymce?

PedroHey how do i add google fonts to my tinymce ? I want to add some google fonts into that dropdown that says "Fonte"(check image) Already tried to do the same of the other question: I added this on my content.min.css (just above the body): @font-face{ font-family:'aka_Dora'; src:url('fon...

I edited it
master.js is the only file right?
It's all the files in one
My middle mouse button is broken :(
5:49 PM
Hm, alright.
@Pedro stackoverflow.com/a/13483152/774078 read this again, because you haven't tried it.
content_css is not in your init
Read up on that
@SterlingArcher that's because im using the css from tinymce i don't need to specify it because it is already using it
@SterlingArcher and i dont have that path he says he has tiny_mce/themes/advanced/skins/default/content.css
just look for the filename
@ssube @SterlingArcher @BenFortune Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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