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That's why external links aren't a good idea
5:57 AM
@TinyGiant I couldn't find a license in your Userscript repo. I wanted to use one of your script modifying it a little to make my own script. Is it okay if I do that? Any could you also add a license to the repo?
Yeah, I'll add a license at some point. I'm fine with the modification, but would appreciate attribution.
Sure I'll add a link to the original script. Thanks!
No problem, would love to see it when you're done :)
it won't be of any use to you till FireAlarm comes to SOCVR. But you sure can surely use it in the dev room
I'll ping you when I finish
6:04 AM
@TinyGiant I was planning to modify this script which I currently have installed. Right now the link comes to a 404. Did you move it somewhere?
Oh, I discontinued that script because tunaki has been maintaining it.
ah.. do you have a link to it?
6:05 AM
alright.. so tunaki also does not have a license. Lemme ask him..
@Tunaki I wanted to modify this script of yours. I couldn't find a license. Do you mind if I modify it to make my own script?
@AshishAhujaツ I was looking at your FireAlarm script. I would like to use it, but I couldn't fine a license for fair use.
@Drew I don't currently have it on GH
6:30 AM
> window.TheThingThatGetsDataFromTheServer
Now that... that is a function name
7:29 AM
@AshishAhujaツ I've noticed you've started reviewing! I'll update your session record.
3 hours later…
10:11 AM
[?] to escape a special character in regex, really?
morning all
@JanDvorak I leave that to the experts
@ColdFire ola
morning rene and tiny
Plop everyone
@TinyGiant Shouldn't you be sleeping?
10:14 AM
hiya everyone
Blob @Kyll
@Kyll It's only 3:14 in the morning
3:14 holy crap
@TinyGiant Pie time?
that is way past bed time
10:14 AM
@Kyll ?
@TinyGiant dude, 3:14
@Kyll Pie?
> John 3:14
> We know that we have passed from death to life, because we love each other. Anyone who does not love remains in death.
That's all I'm getting on google...
10:16 AM
I must be too tired to get the reference
@TinyGiant Math.PI
You may need to go to sleep
@Kyll pie value is not 3.14 :/
@ColdFire Heh, close enuff.
10:20 AM
@AshishAhujaツ assume Apache 2.0 and use all thy codez
@ColdFire I wouldn't want to assume a license for some code. Anyways, I'm not in a hurry to create the US
@AshishAhujaツ you didnt got the humour :/
@ColdFire should have been 3.2
@πάνταῥεῖ hahaha; from your profile "primary missing abilities distinguishing greek letters from hindi, thai, chinese, etc." … Now I get the context of tonights discussion :-P
@rene haha oki
10:38 AM
@JanDvorak that's one way to do it
the other way is a backslash escape
11:30 AM
Q: Burninate [balance]?

Łukasz RogalskiQuestions tagged with it: 91 questions 3 tag watchers no usage guadiance 1. Does it describe the contents of the questions to which it is applied? and is it unambiguous? No. There are questions related to accounting, although exact context of operation varies significantly: Account balanc...

@Feeds that one might work
Hey guys!!!! :)
How are you all!!! :D
After a long time I am active in Stack Overflow again..
@Sam!!!! :D
11:47 AM
Didn't mean to be the train wrecker... :P
@rene Hey! :)
@PraveenKumar Welcome back :D
:D :D :D
11:53 AM
Hey! :)
not using jio?
Mate, I am in the UK now... :) @ColdFire
@PraveenKumar ohh i see :(
12:20 PM
I'm 5k \o/
you are 5K what?
Spearrel!!! :D
Plop Praveen =D
man how you get 500 rep so soon?
throws @Kyll on @ColdFire and runs away!
12:43 PM
@Kyll Done... Check mine
@Kyll closed :)
throws Waffles here for someone special!
@Tuna! :P
@AshishAhujaツ For 30 waffles, it's all yours :p. It's the Do What The Heck You Want With It license.
Hey @Praveen
@Tunaki How's you mate? :)
12:47 PM
@PraveenKumar brews coffee for @PraveenKumar
:D :D :D
@ColdFire brews coffee for @ColdFire
@PraveenKumar It's Jan Dvorak's fault.
12:48 PM
Ha ha ha...
@PraveenKumar Pretty good, making some waffles :)
@Tunaki Awesome... :D
I am back to UK and back in form... Ha ha...
Should I react to this now edited question? Or just leave it as is?
@Kyll I left a comment, I guess that will be enough
@Kyll I'd leave it as is
12:59 PM
@tripleee Meh. I asked if I should, not for piling on. Next time please make sure to at least warn if you're going to leave a comment, doing it on your own can lead to intense situations. Thanks though =)
@Kyll sry, left the comment before I saw your question here
@tripleee Ah, okay ^^
@ThomasWeller Same as above, please avoid piling on.
Otherwise people go Meta and we look like mean people
As Tuna said: Leave it as is.
@ThomasWeller Keep in mind rule 9 of the FAQ: A post is to be actively handled by only one member of the room. We don’t need 4 members all leaving witty statements in the comments or in chat.
Arguably, they're not witty comments, but the rule is the same.
This is not going to end well.
disengaging; didn't realize Thomas was here, too
1:05 PM
Wait, who? Where?
@JanDvorak there were some comments on the Yam link above, but they are gone already
@Madara Thanks!
Note: Should it go Meta, I'll write an answer as the first close-voter and cv-pls caster
To everyone: We have a rule about not piling-on, so please, just don't or you will be kicked. Side-note: I can see 2 more comments were added after everyone dropped it; I hope it wasn't from someone here.
1:14 PM
Q: Why is a question about future web-censorhip closed as opinion-based?

Lajos ArpadI have asked a question about coming censorhip. I, as a web-developer intend to be prepared to that, so I was asking whether it is true, if so, whether there will be a source of information besides reading laws and whether there is a technical way to prevent abuses the said censorship intends to ...

@MadaraUchiha Thanks, on it.
@Gothdo See above, please =p
ohh meta afterall
We leave that question now at meta, it is not discussed here anymore
1:46 PM
@Kyll See what?
@Gothdo You weren't there but a couple regulars involuntarily piled on the question
@Kyll What do you mean by "piled on the question"?
@Gothdo Commented
Then Madara passed by and swooshed the comments
I just wanted to avoid any feeling of targeting / isolation for OP
In any case, it is over now. We can move on.
@Gothdo If someone already commented
Don't add your own comment on top
Otherwise we could have 5 people descending from the heavens with flaming keyboards unleashing imaginary wrath upon OP's head.
1:57 PM
What if the comment is constructive and the other person wouldn't have said it?
@JanDvorak Talk to them here and have them add it.
What if the conversation is happening here?
@JanDvorak We're talking about rule #9
55 mins ago, by Tunaki
@ThomasWeller Keep in mind rule 9 of the FAQ: A post is to be actively handled by only one member of the room. We don’t need 4 members all leaving witty statements in the comments or in chat.
"or in chat"
@JanDvorak that addition is for when the OP is invited in this room and actually shows up.
2:01 PM
Right. What then?
Then only one person is talking to the OP.
It is to prevent the case where the OP says you are all incompetent close voters and then 50 users respond with a train: we are not
@rene Good days, heh?
Yeah, das war einmal
@rene schon wieder Deutsch … Sind hier alle Deutschsprachige oder wie? :-D
2:04 PM
Nah, I'm only pretending
That rule is a bit too restrictive. There should be an very narrow exception. If a member of the room has left a super generic comment about reading the help but another member actually knows about the technology involved and can provide more precise guidance the 2nd member should not be prevented from commenting. Sometimes OPs just don't know what they should include. (Happens very often in and .)
So, we're not a hive mind, but we have a hive mouth?
@Louis I have a better idea: let's ignore the letter of the law and follow its spirit instead.
The idea is "don't pile on"
If you actually have something of value to add, instead of another "your question is unclear" comment, do.
Use your better judgement.
@MadaraUchiha I can go with that but everything I heard earlier was extremely based on the letter of the rule.
2:09 PM
I, too, think the letter can't work
@Kyll seems to be a SEO trick, the site he is linking to is in Persian
@MadaraUchiha What's your actual policy on doc review banning people? e.g. stackoverflow.com/documentation/review/changes/93039 has been reviewed by one of them in 6 seconds. I mean, you can't punish speed reading, but 6 seconds is just too few? I got my flag declined with "They only performed 7 reviews, and nothing here stands out as ban-worthy."
As long as everyone is aware of and sensible to the feelings of OP, it's fine. Every comment or message from a different person can further isolate OP and create anxiety. If all opposition come from the same place, we look extremely bad and mean.
@JanDvorak Hard to prove. It will be roomba'ed
2:12 PM
@Kyll Don't we simply because we close their question?
@bwoebi How can you tell it only took 6 seconds?
@MadaraUchiha delta with previous review (there were multiple ones in series)
I see
@JanDvorak Yes, we do. Hence why we need to be extremely careful
@Louis I'm open for better wording as long as the intent isn't lost (/cc @JanDvorak)
2:13 PM
Well, like you said, we can't review ban if they're actually doing a good job, I'm afraid.
But, if you do notice them approve something that shouldn't be, do tell.
@MadaraUchiha How is approving things they didn't review and just happened to be fine actually fine?
I don't need six seconds to detect most of the spam
Hiya BR
@bwoebi maybe they work in batches?
2:15 PM
@JanDvorak for spam, sure not. For textual content and duplicate plagiarism review, no
Duplicate review, are you really supposed to do that? I would bet most people don't.
@JanDvorak unlikely. And still, a mod then should inform them at least, if they can't ban them
@JanDvorak I meant plagiarism, sorry
Inform them of what?
@JanDvorak What exactly is expected of a documentation review
@bwoebi Had they continued, I would have
But it seems to have been a one time thing, and no harm done
2:18 PM
@MadaraUchiha Yeah. I happened to flag them that day … I don't know ahead of time whether it's one time or not
@bwoebi When I have more time, later today, I'll annotate all of their accounts
How the heck was this revision approved?
Absolutely no help. facepalm
@AndrewL. Approved by OP.
Nothing to do there.
@rene How about something like "If you can provide guidance towards improving the question and you are not essentially repeating earlier comments, you can comment, as this is not considered "piling on". "
2:21 PM
@MadaraUchiha Yeah, I've just checked all these with pending flags… they all were one-time reviewers … Except one, but there the reviews seem innocent
How does that work @MadaraUchiha? Is there just a notification saying something like 'here's a dupe, may answer your problem' or 'new edit, do you approve'?
@AndrewL. Yup.
@MadaraUchiha So it's fine [i.e. I shall not retract the flags?]
Makes sense.
@AndrewL. That does improve the readability of the post, I wouldn't call that no help. Although Improve probably would've been better there.
2:24 PM
@hichris123 It may be a bit better but it was a bad edit overall. Missed some other opportunities.
Should I rollback if the OP adds in an answer to the question?
@rene Hmm.... I think I need to think about it some more. It feels awkward to me in its current form.
yeah, I'm also not 100% sure that doesn't prevent mishaps, specially with those language purists here.
@AndrewL. Too minor is no longer a thing. If you'd rather start from the current, edited revision, Improve/Approve.
There is still "not helpful", though
@bwoebi It is
2:28 PM
Right, but that's for superfluous changes or changes that break the formatting/etc of the post.
@rene Oh boy, if we have to please people who desire to engage in sophistry, we're never going to be done.
@Louis that is why I write simple rules, understandable for 14 years old and up, and leave the rest to Your Common Sense....
@rene I'm fine with that. I was not hearing much common sense back when Jan asked this.
2:48 PM
@Louis I understand I need to strike a balance somewhere. When this room started I didn't had rules at all. I add them when I spot something I think is not helping in improving a question so it adds value to the site. It is easier to write down what isn't allowed. But it doesn't mean rules shouldn't be challenged, looked at or scrutinized. If someone knows how to capture some clear guidance in a simple sentence, by all means, let's hear it.
@rene always the pragmatist hey? :p
@Tunaki I guess that user is sane
2:53 PM
@Queen k
tuna lol
yeah, you all applaud the fish
@rene sane?! they need to be kicked out then, only the insane are admitted into this medical facility room.
@rene fish can be cooked and eaten, flowers can't be
3:03 PM
looks nice but not in india :(
Bah, It's 100 rupees here. :D
I've bought it
WIKIPEDIA said mexico so i thought we can't find that in india
Each time I hear rupees, I'm thinking of this.
Rupees is india currency FYI
Naaah. It's Hyrule's currency :)
3:07 PM
@Tunaki: they are red, not green
@ThomasWeller can you un-onebox that?
@rene This is how I'd put rule 9: Don't "pile on" in comments or in chat. If you want to comment on a post but you would be essentially repeating an earlier comment, please refrain from commenting. Same with chat messages responding to users asking for explanations.
The "witty statement" wording in the current rule is really neither here nor there. We don't need people commenting "post a mcve" multiple times, even if it is not "witty".
And it does not matter whether the earlier comments are from room members or not. If some random user has already commented that a question needs a mcve, room members don't need to repeat it.
"don't repeat something that someone else has already said"? I like that.
No need for an exception: if you're adding something new, then go for it.
What if you want to add something that the other person would have said anyways?
3:13 PM
@JanDvorak I'm not seeing what it is you mean.
Mh, everyone always has something they consider new to add to the table. Very soon you have 4 or 5 comments by different people against someone asking their question. One comment should be enough to convey the reason of the closure of the question. After that, if more explanation are needed for the OP, it should be on Meta.
We can't take everything to meta
@Tunaki The only rule that will satisfy the sophist who is going to try to argue in every situation that something new is being added by their repetitive comments is a bright line rule that prohibits all future comments by room member, no matter how useful they are.
Do you want to kick-mute all dissenters?
Like Rene said, rules were made to be challenged :-D
Let's for a moment assume you're the OP. What would you rather have: one person that works with you to help getting your question into shape, or multiple users that all bring in different perspectives of things that also need to be solved.
3:22 PM
You can't create a rule that covers every single case that could occur. Perhaps the wording should be slightly improved, but there some point at which common sense has to kick in because there's no way to spell that out for everyone.
I mean you could still give guidance to the first commenter here in chat.
As a first commenter, I wish I would see more support from my fellows.
On the question or here?
I mean, in chat discussions
Yeah, but you do realize you often take positions that I really can't support, right?
3:25 PM
@rene Not practical. Again, I'm thinking about questions where I'm an expert and the person who happened to provide some generic guidance is not. I'm not going to communicate with the questions's OP through an intermediary. No way. Put obstacles like that in my way, and the only result you'll get is me being less involved.
Plus, it would look like we're incongruous.
@JanDvorak Do you mean you asked for guidance in this room and you didn't get feedback?
@Louis Ok, maybe we need to agree that we can switch? So agree here that another one takes over?
Or maybe have a process commentor and a SME commentor, I could live with that
I mean situations where there's a 1-on-1 discussions - I don't know if I'm the only one holding my position.
@rene Be careful to not introduce too much overhead
@JanDvorak sure
3:29 PM
PR department for a 30-man heap of people?
@rene In a way, that would be the best thing, but I'm afraid of us getting bogged down in procedure. So someone here left a comment on a question that provided very generic guidance. I'm about to give more precise guidance but the original commenter is off to bed. So.... I have to wait for a formal handover before commenting?
@Louis Again, there's some point at which you just have to obey the spirit of the rule and not necessarily the exact wording of the rule.
Wait, do you guys actually sleep? Am I the only one to do a 24/7 shift?
@Enzokie we already did
Humans sleep. Flowers don't
3:31 PM
@rene wait, do you really call this "work"?
@hichris123 I agree, but we don't seem to agree with where that point is.
Flowers, too, sleep
@Enzokie Hmm, are you clicking something twice?
Im not sure whats going to my client
@Louis I think we have pretty much the same idea where the spirit is
3:32 PM
@Tunaki I just send it once. :(
maybe the spirit is don't be an arse hat
@Enzokie that happened twice
I love that spirit
@Enzokie How are you sending the cv-pls? The checkbox or the button below the question?
@Enzokie you are having internet issue
3:32 PM
British people and their funny words
@ColdFire that might be the reason
@AndrewL. that's an intentional misspelling
Im experiencing some turtle net today, due to the rain!
I guess haha
@Tunaki the regular <send request> button
3:35 PM
use the checkbox instead
There's a checkbox one?
Ok, I will keep that in mind.
BTW, are we piling on Ehzokie right now? Does he mind?
What do you mean piling
3:37 PM
@AndrewL. read back to just before you came
@Tunaki @Tunaki what does "can you un-onebox that?" mean? I could not find a definition for the term 'onebox' and I'm a non-native speaker.
Its not in the English dictionary either :3
It seems I understood from context when I deleted the link. Great. Sometimes language just works.
Context clues are always our bestfriend. #nonenatives
3:44 PM
Sometimes. Just sometimes
We don't have a lot of native speakers here actually.
Luckily. The non-native speakers often have better English.
yeah non native
@JanDvorak Depends. Better as in "closer to how it's supposed to be" but a native speaker might view that as strange because textbook-perfect English is rare.
3:54 PM
w8, r we sposed 2 talk lke tis?
Well, not that extreme. :) But there are words natives tend to slur together, or other similar things. Like "don't know" usually comes out more similar to "dunno".
I even failed in my own native language so let say..... its kinda.... nevermind
@Kyll I prefer not to waste more clicks than they do ;-)
He he
Hey look it's the spearrel
3:58 PM
I thought it was a sphearel?
@Enzokie and what is that language?
no it is spearrel
@JanDvorak No one knows
@ColdFire my native lang... ;) , its not interesting either.
No, one knows.
4:02 PM
User kyll is #3
i see top 4 results all kyll
Me too
Oh. I had to explicity search for spearrel
'Did you mean spiral'?
Google didn't suggest me to search for spiral
4:04 PM
me too not suggested
kyll is popular i guess
Kyll on SO, Kyll on Health, Kyll on IS, Kyll on SE, Kyll on SR, SOCVR team, SO members... Google is full of you @Kyll
this link is interesting google.co.in/…
the last result of search
ohh lol in images search kyll's image comes first
and if you search for spearrel kyll still comes in 2nd page
Bye all, Time to leave.
4:23 PM
@ThomasWeller thx for close voting :p
4:35 PM
If someone does not know what a variable is, is he asking for a tutorial then? stackoverflow.com/questions/39560049/…
@ThomasWeller too broad
Such has happened before and will again. I think just about any cv reason is up to the voter. Then again we argue about that constantly
Every question is generally asking for a tutorial, it's whether the tutorial is in the form of an answer, and whether or not it is too broad.
6:33 PM
Greetings everyone o/
This is cool maybe we need something similar: i.stack.imgur.com/Br5Od.png
@FirstStep yeah, but then it should say: Is the question crap and all answers with it: down vote!
@FirstStep I think SO also has this. As I recall, it is shown for people who have a reputation that is low enough.
piles on
Reads a bit misleading to me... A good question can have answers you want to downvote :)
@rene or MORE advertisements :P
@Louis do we? I never seen in on SO
6:49 PM
@FirstStep I could be wrong about that. It would not be the first time I'm wrong about something.
@JonClements right.. I missed that lol maybe "Welcome back" (cz I visited earlier - or stayed on the same page for a long time / OS logged off then on) and then "Don't forget to give us your feedback by up-voting / down-voting posts so it helps other users as well" something like that
@Louis oh no offense maybe I missed it because I was new and focusing on other stuff
@FirstStep No offense taken. Just don't tell my wife I said I can be wrong about something.
@Louis llol did she come back btw?
@FirstStep Yes, about 1 hour ago.
@Louis Can we say "She left you but then Came back to you" just to fill your ego and make you feel special?
Got a new interview on the 27th. \o/
6:58 PM
@FirstStep You could say that, but it happens to a lot of people that some significant other left them and then came back so I would not feel special about that.

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