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12:18 AM
@sehe lol
Reminder that C++ still can't parse_bool("true")
std::istringstream("true") >> std::boolalpha >> jesus_fucking_christ_I_just_want_to_parse_a_goddamn_bool
12:47 AM
you probably left the locale set to Turkish
1:06 AM
@sehe I excluded this page from my noscript blacklist. All of a sudden I have four browser tabs worth of crap.
@AndreasPapadopoulos Why not?
I mean, I know C++ and C are ridiculously picky sometimes, but I would think that would work. If it doesn't, you could also just write another function to "brute force" it or something. like if(s == "true") return true; if(s == "True") return true...etc
@AndreasPapadopoulos Seems clean enough to me ;)
1:27 AM
@AndreasPapadopoulos yo I got something for you
so you can follow the human female meta developments
I found her in Divinity’s Reach, of course
1:42 AM
This aliasing
yeah sorry
I actually cranked up the settings for the sake of the screenshot but I kinda ruined by trying to find an angle that showcased the sword and gloves nicely
also I must have plum forgotten to switch AA on lol
That 3x+1 problem seems interesting.
BTW I checked your gitbucket and I am horrified. I suddenly wonder if I've ever written C++.
@AndreasPapadopoulos keep in mind some things are deliberately outrageous/experimental, I wouldn’t recommend most of it
> outrageous/experimental
tell meh where it at :>
1:48 AM
there are nice bits I genuinely think showcase 'pitfall of success'-stories though
@Darkrifts there you go, only the annex-* things are up-to-date the rest is old stuff I keep for the sake of maintaining URLs (or is otherwise unrelated)
Is "making other loungers feel like utter incompetents" such a pit
I'm curious to see if it summons ctulhu on a template error, let's see
only whichever GCC revision was last used on my computer to successfully compile the source is supported
this will be your only warning
1:55 AM
The only proper library I've created has only one function
> If two objects are pointer-interconvertible, then they have the same address, and it is possible to obtain a pointer to one from a pointer to the other via a reinterpret_cast
oh good r1 re-adds an exception for what I was doing cc @sehe @R.MartinhoFernandes
well, not entirely, but more on that later
• A $150 surcharge applies where over max passenger weight of 95kg
for helicopter flying lesson ...
okay so after a first reading of P0137R1 and R0 I have to say that I’m impressed. my casual understanding is that from C++1z on the object model will have notions of storage (as before) & addresses (now clarified), and objects (as before) & pointers-to-objects (now clarified). to keep it short you go from storage to objects in the usual manner (regular placement new) and from addresses to pointers-to-objects with std::launder.
> [std::launder] maps from a pointer to some (potentially) out-of-lifetime object at a given address to a pointer to a currently-live object at that address.
I dunno if that means that operator*() { return *std::launder(address_to_storage); } is pessimistic for e.g. an optional implementation
@AndreasPapadopoulos wat happened did u died
2:52 AM
is combining bash shell scripting to C++ project will be fast? Example grep from linux pseudo file system, then pipe output to some awk and sed blackmagic?
or just replace awk and grep work with c++ stream?
1 hour later…
3:55 AM
whoops looks like I made the compiler loop
4:26 AM
> struct{}_[[maybe_unused]]= search_from_backwards {};
compile time printf-debugging ._.
4:44 AM
// descending [ N - 1, ..., 0, -1 )
using search_from_backwards = to_indices_t<meta::map_t<subtract_from<N - 1>::template apply, typename match_indices<indices_to_t<N>>::to_list_t>>;
all that noise for map (n-1-) [0..n-1] :/ not even including the trivial definition for subtract_from
5:02 AM
dang looks like Python’s x[a::-1] is not equivalent to x[slice(a, -1, -1)]
> There actually aren't any defaults; omitted values are treated specially.
my implementation isn’t handling that very well :/
Ah, so then it's just a bit more typing then: x[a:-1:-1]
slice(a, -1, -1) means something else than slice(a, None, -1), is the point
I fill in that None with -1 but then I end up dividing by zero
...how? It doesn't seem that would be possible unless your data is 0, in which case you need to be validating it (or at least that's my first impression)
guess I’ll be tracing that just in case :/
Yeah, that seems like a strange error to be getting...
5:13 AM
looks like I don’t handle the size 0 case, I’m not sure why
(there’s a mod(blah, Size) somewhere along the line)
    // descending [ Prev, Prev - 1, ..., 0, -1 )
    using search_from_backwards = typename slices::stride<-1>::template indices<Prev+1>;
anyhoo I forgot I had that, is that better or what?
5:35 AM
> if you want to know more about computer programing and coding I would suggest looking up C++ as its the most widely used and as far as I remember most versatile programing language in existence right now also its one of the easiest to learn
@AndreasPapadopoulos I expect time to be differentiated in the unit.
1 hour later…
6:45 AM
I want to unit test a pimpl class, how do I write a friend class to achieve this?
@ChemiCalChems Widely used is pretty much the only thing correct about that sentence. But C++ is a great place to learn the masochism all programmers need to survive
@Aaron3468 i agree
6:56 AM
user image
Sooo @WIRED I disabled my ad blocker for you and you still serve me page-blocking popup ads on scroll? #keepitclassy https://t.co/UjQJGoxZCm
Pretty sure this used to work
7:20 AM
What do you all think about stackoverflow.com/questions/461449/… and stackoverflow.com/questions/3463551/… ? I'm inclined to merge the C only one into the one that discussed both C and C++ but wanted a second opinion
@Flexo the c and c++ question appears to answer the question for both languages, not only for c++, so i would merge, yes
anxious as fuck
@ChemiCalChems I'll do that tonight unless someone else objects then
i should be getting my new computer in less than 4 hours
@Flexo nice
@Flexo The only thing that bugs be about merging is that the C-only answers are still C-only. So they might need to be edited to clarify that they only answer the C part once they are merged into the one that covers both.
7:36 AM
it bugs me how our brain is at mapping triggers to actions
you learn in a matter of minutes what to do in case something happens
if i listen this, i open up whatsapp and check who talked to me, or i check stackoverflow to see who mentioned me
it's insane
I think the root cause is putting 2 languages into 1 question, making the answers dual answers
a real solution would be to forbid having both and in the same question
and then separating the dual answers into single answers
@nwp the problem with that is that c++ is based in c, and some questions tagged c++ are really just c
so one would be inclined to tag them both languages since it can solve the problem in either of them
@ChemiCalChems maybe, but people asking/tagging don't know that, and they keep getting it wrong like in this case
@nwp yeah, i get you
but it would be as right to tag them c, as to tag them c++, is what i mean
@Flexo so I would just merge, because the reader is expected to separate the answers manually anyways
7:40 AM
so it would technically be double right to tag it both
the only proper reason to tag both is when the code is to be expected to run under both when asking about extern "C", otherwise just ask about the language you are using
@nwp that way we would have double the questions for the same problems
@ChemiCalChems yes, with different answers
@nwp in some cases, no
"How do I do X" is repeated in every language over and over, nothing you can do about it
7:45 AM
@nwp granted
Q: "creat" System Call in Unix

mrgI am using creat system call to creat a file. The following is the program to creat a file #include<stdio.h> #include<fcntl.h> void main() { int fd=creat("a.txt",S_IRWXU|S_IWUSR|S_IRGRP|S_IROTH); printf("fd = %d\n",fd); } So, At first time, the program creates a file named a.txt with ...

at first i thought there were way too many typos
then i discovered i was wrong
8:11 AM
> CERN Makes 300 TBs of Supercollider Data Free Online
@rightfold link pls
hi ritefauld
this is beautiful
@nwp hence learnxinyminutes :)
8:19 AM
So I get to write a wrapper for these because apparently TPE2 et al only works for MP3 files and mutagen didn't choose to abstract tags further than retrieving them from the file. So, many of my MP4 and AAC files were not dumped onto my phone. Thankfully the mp3 files are enough to make my commute nice :)
8:30 AM
@nwp actually I changed my mind. extern "C" is a pure C++ feature that C doesn't understand, so it should not be tagged C
9:15 AM
Q: What's this mean? $ ./your_program <dino>wilma

文海梅I don't know what this"$ ./your_program wilma"in learning perl mean, and I don't how to run this language in PUTTY.

9:49 AM
apparently TDD does have its downsides
I have code with a million tests which is good
but the code doesn't actually do anything, which is not so good
and it is designed to be easy to test, not to actually work
if the code doesn't do anything, why is that code there?
because ... it is well tested? I don't really know.
that doesn't make a lot of sense
TDD by itself doesn't prevent you from writing code that does something
it is not that the code doesn't do anything, it does stuff, but the stuff doesn't help solving the problem it is supposed to solve
then why did you write that code?
9:53 AM
I didn't
okay so you have some code someone else wrote using TDD
and this code is tested but does not fulfill the requirements?
IME writing tests first helps fixing the requirements and establishing the goals. Not sure what went wrong in your case
Hmm, @R.MartinhoFernandes, is the Culture civilization limited to Milky Way or are they spread over more galaxies?
@AndyProwl I think the problem is that implementation details are tested, such as if the stringly typed data has the right values, making the whole project very unflexible.
I can understand that part. However, TDD by itself doesn't force you to test implementation details
I'd say one needs to think of what the classes need to do, write an interface for that, then test if using the interface exhibits the correct behavior, but that probably goes against TDD because you write code that you don't have tests for.
also doesn't help having a C programmer write C++
10:10 AM
you can write tests before even if you're using interfaces
@LucDanton I decided to check up on Sphinx's C++ domain. Good to see Jakob Andersen still hard carrying that C++ declarator parsing all by himself. It seems he's added concept support and shit too.
Oh hey you have a commit there too.
1 hour later…
11:51 AM
I love Taylor Swift. Especially her "Friday" song.
You mean this one?
@rightfold :D
@Ven damn
12:08 PM
this is an amazingly good explanation
@nwp so beautiful
12:41 PM
@LucDanton I'm working on my autodoc thing again and I find myself not wanting to support cases for e.g. .. autoclass:: ns::foo since this is kind-of-complicated and would rather just support the .. autofile:: "file.hpp" approach. Not sure if that's a massive hindrance though.
1:36 PM
> We will accept original documents or certified copies*, but we recommend
you send certified copies because original documents lost in the postal
system may be difficult to replace. Certified copies may also speed up the
assessment process.

*A certified copy is a photocopy of an original document. The photocopy
must be stamped and signed as being a true copy of the original by an
official: a minister of religion, doctor, lawyer, civil servant,
teacher/lecturer, police officer. The official person certifying the copy
Original it is
1:52 PM
Electric car doesn't have to be $100k+, like Tesla
Look at this babe:
So on a scale of tortoise to unicorn, how cheapskate are you?
@Telkitty does it go 150km/h or 80mph?
I think I read an article about how those cars can go up to 100km an hour when they should be going at around 40
it's a glorified scooter
Elderly Chinese have been causing alarm on the country's roads by flouting traffic laws in souped-up mobility scooters which are based on the designs of BMWs and Jaguars and can reach speeds of up to 100km/h.
1 hour later…
3:07 PM
Yo babes
@Shoe Hello.
jerry the babe :p
@Telkitty A babe in the woods, as they used to say.
I call this doubleplusgood! Freedom is slavery! https://twitter.com/CatrinNye/status/772781508562153472
Well done
@AndyProwl +1 hi btw
@nwp it's Feynmanesque
3:54 PM
@sehe I'm not sure whether to be more worried that this might not work, or that it probably will. Fact is, military organizations have been using basic training/boot camp to tear people down and rebuild them into what they want for many years, and they've become quite effective at it. Could also depend on how people end up there. If it's a choice between prison and boot camp, the choice seems obvious. If it's "you seem depressed; we think you might be vulnerable..." that's quite different.
French people are too stupid to do this sort of stuff
@JerryCoffin It will work. That's the part that contradicts freedom
@sehe As I said, depends on how people end up there. If people who go there have already committed crimes, so the alternative would be years in prison (i.e., they've already forfeit their freedom) it's quite different from making a largely arbitrary decision to send somebody to boot camp solely because somebody's decided they might be vulnerable.
4:37 PM
What do you think? Too harsh?
No, we don't have to do that. You have to do your homework If you try, and encounter problems, we may be able to help you, assuming you post a reasonable question (which would not, regardless of how it's phrased, include "Can you do my homework for me?") — Jerry Coffin 21 secs ago
@JerryCoffin Yes. You forgot a dot after homework and now the poor soul will be stumbling over words forever, never regaining composure.
@nwp So I did. Oh well, such is life sometimes.
@JerryCoffin True.
4:55 PM
@JerryCoffin What if "crime" is defined as "wore a burqa" or somesuch nonsense?
@caps Nonsense, of course--but probably at least largely irrelevant. Wearing a burqa is mostly a female thing, whereas these sound (at least to me) as if they're probably aimed exclusively at males (though "wearing a turban" would equally ridiculous).
5:30 PM
@Ven old
damn I just read the most depressing shit ever
It might be time to leave work...
7:30 huh
a woman tried to kill herself by overdosing on sleeping pills, and her dog tried to rouse her, and decided to resort to gnawing her face off to try to achieve this
so she survived and is disfigured lol :D
5:31 PM
@Ven how about add a type checker first
I don't know why, but stories about dog suffering always hits me harder than human suffering
but the dog didn't suffer, lol
he got to eat some nice meat
Suffering is fun
Stop flagging stupid shit omg
This is the lounge, if you're gonna get flagged at least post something flag worthy gawd
5:46 PM
@Rapptz I hope you’re at least semi-semi-impressed
@Rapptz I really consider the ability to re-organise things around a killer feature of Sphinx :/
but yeah obviously that’s a high bar to set
Hi, what is the boost analog of std::not_fn?
looks like the GCC folks are in the process of ripping out Java support but I don’t know where they discussed that decision (starting here)
(there is no fun in boost)
6:16 PM
Today in FB ad placement fails: French classes at McGill's language school.
I mean, what.
6:33 PM
@EtiennedeMartel Your lack of condescension toward English and English-speakers indicates that your French-ness has dropped to an unacceptably low level.
1 hour later…
8:02 PM
new pc bois
8:14 PM
Since both children were boys I believe there were born in June. Nice logic. — Slava 2 mins ago
8:32 PM
good evening
in modern c++, is it idiomatic to use multi-dimensional arrays?
e.g. three-dimensional
or is it more idiomatic to use a one-dim array and provide a function to access the data in the order you need?
@iksemyonov I would say the latter (though if you really insist on the same notation as a multi-dimensional array, it takes a few functions and poxy objects. As a general rule it's better to use operator() so indexing into your 3D array looks like array(x, y, z).
@JerryCoffin well, i don't really intend on providing a whole class to wrap this data, though i might in a future iteration
@JerryCoffin )
what's the reason for this being more desirable than multi-dim arrays?
A: Why does GPS depend on relativity?

497362GPS satellite navigation system doesn't use, doesn't need and doesn't prove Einstein's General Relativity. The GPS satellites use classical (Newtonian) relativistic principles to work. These are the same relativistic principles that make sense in the everyday world, that most people equate with ...

8:38 PM
C++ arrays in general are not very good, because they are from C.
@iksemyonov Most of the same reasons that a vector is better than a 1D array.
And std::array is not very good for multidimensional, because the extends are backwards.
oh, so they're reasons like the added safety right?
There's a proposal with a placeholder name of array_ref, and I'm pretty sure there's an implementation on Github.
8:39 PM
@iksemyonov If you stop thinking thinking about dimensions, and start thinking a 3-tuple of a dimensions as a thing you could pass
@iksemyonov Even the complex version that supports array[x][y][z] notation isn't terribly complex. stackoverflow.com/a/2216055/179910
You might want to take a look.
(It's going through the standardization process right now.)
operator[](std::tuple<std::size_t, std::size_t, std::size_t> indices)
@Griwes isnt' std::array fixed lenght, while i was referring to data that has its length defined at run-time
8:40 PM
@iksemyonov Yes; but raw arrays are also statically sized.
didn't think about it that way, actually, now i see both are compile-time-defined
@iksemyonov Pretty sure array_ref has dynamic extend support.
(...that's why the paper for a sane interface needs a core language change...)
though there is the stack-allocated variable size array
not in C++, no
oh, ok
8:42 PM
@iksemyonov In C. That's not C++ (thank God).
well, let's make sure it's same thing we;re tlaking about
not variable-length, rather having its length defined by a variable not a constant
is this C-only?
Either way; check out array_ref and see if it suits you. Knowing one of the authors, I am convinced that it's of higher quality than most libraries... :P
@iksemyonov yes. VLAs were voted out of C++ (for good reasons)
@iksemyonov That's what that means, and that's not C++.
@sehe great, ty
but, when was that voted out? i'm pretty sure i used it a few times in the labs. or was that a GCC ext?
8:43 PM
About 5 years back
@iksemyonov Yes
It's a particularly evil GCC extension.
I think GCC had it before C11 had it
a friend sent me some code where it was used, and it was bulding fine for them on fedora 23, so i guess it's still valid for some setups
now when i was building it here with tightened flags, it errored out
@iksemyonov It's never really be valid C++ (but gcc allows it anyway).
@sehe am i reading right, a newer standard for plain C?
@JerryCoffin great, noted, ty
8:45 PM
2011 is in the past
still sounds surprising a bit
yeah I can’t believe it either
but then just wait to hear about 2012
@iksemyonov There have been a couple of major updates to the C standard (C99 and C11) as well as a number of minor ones (which almost nobody noticed).
:) nah, that C keeps getting updated
probably we didn't use C at school or n personal work so i missed that one
@JerryCoffin may i ask what that insect is on your user pic? looks like a wasp or a bee or sorts
@iksemyonov thank you for treating "code" as a proper mass noun. It's an anointment to my ears.
Jan 7 at 2:37, by Jerry Coffin
@Morwenn I were a wasp once, but now I Bee one.
8:52 PM
@iksemyonov I believe it's a wasp. It was just something that showed up on my back deck years ago. I think it had just hatched, and wasn't able to fly yet.
@iksemyonov I'd so no. At least not "C-style"
@sehe despite having English as my semi-native language, would you mind commenting if that was actually appraisal? :)
re code
It was. Too many people have completely given to the fad to call things "a code" / "the codes"
It's sad.
well, not everyone starts learning English at 3
i speak funny English too when in a game e.g. and need to talk to foreigners / point out a threat real fast
@iksemyonov Quite true. My sons spoke English quite well by the time they were three.
8:56 PM
uhm, i guess they're natively English?
@iksemyonov Nope. Never even visited England. :-) But yes, they speak English natively.
but, well, living in an English-speaking country, i guess? :)
@iksemyonov Yes (predominantly English-speaking, anyway).
makes sense than, to speak English being 3 years old. because you see i'm Russian :)
@iksemyonov Fair enough. There was a while that it looked like my children would be half Russian, but that didn't work out.
9:00 PM
God gives and takes, hope you've found your true way regardless :)
@iksemyonov True way? Who knows. I just bumble along and hope for the best.
@JerryCoffin lol.
i didn't speak English until about 13 years old, after having met an American teacher who actually taught me to speak, not just read
@iksemyonov A teacher who actually taught? Now that is a rarity (unfortunately, I'm only half joking).
omg flexo
9:05 PM
@JerryCoffin yeah ik what you mean
hey, I asked a sensible question in here earlier today :)
he's a very well educated guy from Seattle, with a solid background
(at least I hope it was sensible)
If they did meta.stackoverflow.com/q/317891/168175 I'd remember to at least idle in here more often
9:30 PM
woah. that's pretty damning. Or refreshing. After all it's the facts. There's little reason to believe it has ever been dramatically better [popsci.com/science/article/2013-05/science-arousal-during-rape, trigger warning?]
9:41 PM
Parenthesis: Why is the word survivor used? US texts often uses this word for quite unlethal afflictions.
rape and murder is far from unheard of
frankly I'm glad that there are more rape survivors than smokers - I doubt the proportion of rape survivors has gone up, so it is probably that smoking is finally dying out
@Puppy Phillip Morris is still thriving.
@sehe The 1 in 5 statistics is IIRC bogus.
mostly by suing small countries when they pass healthcare legislation
@wilx well. how will we know. I'mma just continue reading this - not minding the stats too much
@CaptainGiraffe Yeah. I find this strange too
9:45 PM
@sehe We know because it comes from a retarded study. IIRC.
@CaptainGiraffe Ugh. Tell that to the small town they fired ~2 years ago in the Netherlands. That's quite insensitive to them :)
@wilx You're just saying that. And you know that would not satisfy me because I explicitly prompted you with a critical-minded question.
@sehe Well, search for "1 in 5 debunked" or something.
I might. But I already told you what I'm doing short term
@sehe The first underlined claim about rape and smokers: If you click it, you will find out that they have shifted from sexual assault in the linked page to rape in your article. Not all sexual assault is rape.
@wilx Here, this is the linked page
9:52 PM
@sehe yeah. had that discussion at the bar last friday with a friend.
I need to stop watching Dead Space play through.
For any who care, some actual statistics: bjs.gov/content/pub/pdf/cv13.pdf
Dead Space Play Dough
@JerryCoffin Bookmarked
"the world's going worse and worse, govs. are getting handle on people like never before" dude, when it was the church, it was way worse than whatever you're "suffering" right now
@sehe Read the text.
9:53 PM
@Ven I think so too. In fact, I've partly witnessed things myself
@sehe Probably a better one to bookmark: bjs.gov/index.cfm?ty=pbse&sid=6
@wilx I screenshotted that. It's not a jump the authors made while misquoting the article. It's the title. I don't care whether the title is a miss-caption for now, just your claim that "our" authors made the jump (from assault to rape) doesn't fly
@sehe Are your authors retards that they read only clickabity headlines? :)
@JerryCoffin That prominent graph on page one seems quite promising.
@wilx Probably. Are you a retard that doesn't even acknowledge them? ;)
9:56 PM
I can't even multiply. Yes. I am a retard. :-(
@sehe Even if we assume the numbers are right, the headline is extremely misleading--close to "liar, liar, pants on fire" territory. Given that "Rape survivor" includes anybody who's ever been raped at all, the comparison shouldn't be to "number of active smokers", but to "anybody who's ever had even a single puff from a cigarette (or cigar, pipe, etc.)". The ~20% smokers are people who currently smoke on a regular and ongoing basis, where the average is probably around 20 times a day.
@sehe you know, you've taught me a new word in English tonight , "anointment", happens too rarely now, need to read more quality material. must be of French origin by the looks of it
There may be a few women forced into prostitution who actually are raped that often, but I think it's fairly safe to guess that it's incredibly rare.
As such, the claim that "rape is more common than smoking" is pretty clearly false, even if we accept the claim that the percentage of people who've been raped is larger than the number of people who (currently, actively) smoke.
10:23 PM
Looks like SO is currently in R/O mode, and doesn't recognize registered users....
same here, greyed out login and sign up
10:38 PM
@JerryCoffin read the triple [] matrix code, gotta say that's really smart
why don't you return references though, but plain proxy objects?
@LucDanton Yeah. I like Sphinx for that too. The problem is how amazingly difficult it is to make that work properly. Especially with the namespace directives. e.g. .. namespace:: foo and then .. autoclass:: bar should look up foo::bar but the problem becomes that I have no way to get the "current scope" (see the relevant issue).
@JerryCoffin erm. what are you doing. The stats are invalid because rape occurs less frequently than lighting a cigarette? IMHO there's little wrong with playing on people's intuitions (showing how they fool us). I think there's no room for misunderstanding if you say "in a random group of people, statistically the number of people that have experienced rape is comparable to the number of them that are active smokers"
@JerryCoffin Granted. "rape is more common" is outrageous, in that respect the article I linked quoted it /more sensibly/ already ("rape survivors are now more common than smokers")
I'm not sure how I'd do it.
@Rapptz well, it works for references doesn’t it
10:50 PM
Usually for Python docs people have a single page with the API reference dump and then actual documentation pages.
I meant the lookup with respect to resolving e.g. :cpp:any:`bar`
@rightfold you got me again ;_;
@jaggedSpire hello~
@Borgleader yo!
10:55 PM
struggles to resist urge to call Rapptz Alex
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