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7:00 PM
after 5 years i give up too
TIL Drew likes the acronym BS.
Sorry, I misunderstood
@πάνταῥεῖ I think I needed to rephrase it better.. I see my mistake now
meta vocal few = burnout. What we were.
us = new breed. btw we burnout soon
disagree, where is rob, cimm, yv, etc
@Drew I never burned out in Chem.
7:02 PM
But the punishment I had in mind were people reacting negatively to any comments trying to explain the downvotes (mine or not)
Sure, I stopped answering or asking, but I'm still reviewing, closing, editing etc.
we burn out in mod. Like the demagogues in meta
@JanDvorak I see you downvoted me. I need to find a way to threaten your grandchildren.
Or come up with a bad-ass self-righteous comment. Yah, that'd work.
Who told you I had any grandchildren?
7:04 PM
Nice cancelled their ban or burkini, BTW
do what you can do in main or meta. Just don't be a total asshat to people that did what you did prior in moderation
@Drew no swearing please
@Drew Let me strike you with my awesomeness
rene kicked me before. do the same
7:07 PM
Strikes Drew with his awesomeness
<insert WAT jesus onebox here>
@JanDvorak I'm pushing it but it doesn't fit there
The space should resize automatically
@rene I've noticed you've started reviewing! I'll update your session record.
people gave up and checked out in moderation after a few years. Then they changed their tune and pummeled people as wisenheimers like Tushar
because they cared enough to care about their tag
7:10 PM
Let's stop naming people, shall we?
why, he is us
@Drew I understand your frustration, and I feel even more of it, but I wish you didn't name.
The feeling dies when you don't pay attention to it.
When it dies you're DEAD
Touche, Rene
ah what, Tushar is in our room. We defended him or at least I did
7:13 PM
Too bad I can't show you the picture I Drew
I managed to not write accents in two consecutive words.
Accents are cliché
Clichés are clichéd.
anyone here willing to help me with an insanity-based question?
(coding insanity)
7:16 PM
I've never heard of that esolang
what kind of help?
@Compass This sounds interesting.
I'm typoing a lot today. Must be because of too much exposure to JanD.
Based on the name I'd put it somewhere between brainf<overt and useless self-censorship here>k and malebolge
nvm someone found it
7:17 PM
@Compass Did you just meet The Joker?
@Drew We don't defend people just because they frequent this room. We defend people because we agree with them. I personally don't agree with a lot of Tushar's cv-pls requests and have been vocal about that multiple times in the past. I don't agree with a lot of opinions expressed in here. I am not going to defend an opinion or action that I don't agree with just because the user hangs out here.
someone with an old mac made some files
and git hates them, and thinks the entire file is a single line
We are all our own people, we come here for company, not for group-think hive-mind mentality.
broken line breaks?
7:19 PM
@FrankerZ I've noticed you've started reviewing! I'll update your session record.
@TinyGiant I happened to spend a decent of time on that last nite and I defend him
@TinyGiant I am the last of group think
That's fine, but you said your reasoning was because "Tushar is in our room. We defended him", which isn't a good reason in and of itself
@TinyGiant are we in court?
I defend all that he did
Yes, the court of public opinion
7:21 PM
and I am with him
and you are not
Our transcript is being scrutinized like never before
Am I to blame.
I propose that the default and only permissible way to unonebox a message would be with the "💮 White Flower" emoji.
So while you may mean that you defend him because you agree with his actions, you said that you are defending him because he is a member of this room.
closed as POB please visit the help center for help
7:22 PM
I spent time on Tushar last nite, like 1 hour. I am not group think. I find Tushar's actions fine
@JanDvorak [status-not-enough-white]
If you think it sucked that is fine. Why, cuz we are not a room of group think
It doesn't resemble master Rene yet.
I don;t want you to agree with me
That's fine, but that's not what you said. I don't have an issue with you agreeing with him, that is up to you. I have a problem with you saying things that make us look like we're being a hive mind
7:23 PM
@DEAD depends on your OS
rene passed a audit!
@JanDvorak Gill Bates doesn't want it to resemble Rene, then.
@TinyGiant don't confuse the issue
It's white enough in Win10 emojipedia.org/white-flower
7:24 PM
How you say things, and what you say, are very important in the court of public opinion, and the court of public opinion is what will determine the future of this room.
@TinyGiant give it up. You are not Perry Mason
@JanDvorak Gill Bates didn't want it to resemble Rene, then.
@Drew I'm not confusing the issue, I'm pointing out that while your reasoning may be sound, what you said makes it look bad, for everyone.
ok lawyer
7:25 PM
@JanDvorak You call that resembling?
You may be defending Tushar, I'm defending the continued existence of this room
let meta reflect we are not group think
It looks like a Japanese sumo Rene.
so go take a breather
Want a screenshot?
7:26 PM
@TinyGiant Nice, like superRene
@DEAD true
What was the famous quote? "The need worlds you".
Oh, something's wrong with that quote.
@Drew Tiny has a fair point. We do sometimes take a lot of flack because of simple misunderstandings. Tiny is pointing out that one of your comments can be easily misinterpreted. That's all. You guys both agree on the larger issue, which is that we aren't actually a hive mind.
@Drew Lets agree to disagree, but please make an effort to think about how what you say in here is going to be perceived by people not in here.
i agree with @TinyGiant
@ryanyuyu right
7:28 PM
@ryanyuyu I think that summarizes it nicely
@TinyGiant and you the same
See also switch tracking, or when two people think they are having the same conversation, but they really are not.
@TinyGiant ... or by people that are in here
Or that
and I am glad this room has a big disagreement component or else It would be group think
and that hurts the F out of you in META
7:30 PM
@Queen k
Oh, we all love telling people when we think they're wrong.
In a good way, of course.
I like the group think. My singular think says close aggressively.
FrankerZ passed a audit!
@JanDvorak I think that suques because we get attacked
Was that in Catalan? Wiktionary says it was in Catalan.
7:35 PM
This room has a group think problem generally.
So we started other rooms
Don't say "problem". It's an opportunity.
We generally all agree on stuff. But there are major thorns
like burn, and bots, and groups, and reasons
@rene You've reviewed 40 posts today (of which 1 was an audit), thanks! The time between your first and last review today was 27 minutes and 27 seconds, averaging to a review every 41 seconds.
7:36 PM
... oh. Bots we can get rid of...
so we need to have a discourse but that happens once in 3 months and a RO quits
@JanDvorak Get out!
and we are left to fend for ourselves
@DEAD For how long?
Question about reviewing - if an someone posts an answer that links to a product that costs money that may solve one's solution, is that Spam or NAA?
7:38 PM
@JanDvorak 0.000001 some-cool-sounding-unit
so we are just random people trying to do the better good at randomness
@KevinL Depends on the case, it sounds like spam, but if the question is asking for it then you should close the question
stackoverflow.com/a/39279268/3666763 this is the link in question
the question isn't asking for products
found it in the Late answers q
@KevinL might be legit if it's on hwrecs.se
Yep, that smells of spam
@KevinL d'leeted
7:40 PM
... and just got killed.
cool :o
@FirstStep Once upon a time, I used to call it 'dup' too, but it seems 'dupe' is much more common.
@DEAD oh.. Well, you are DEAD so we have newer versions :P
Does anyone remember the .jpg file type?
^ me and actually it is the only extension that worked great in my UDP live video stream app
7:42 PM
@JanDvorak Yes. Glorious. Sheds tears
@FirstStep So you just implied that you're obsolete.
I like how .java used a four-letter extension just to confuse the heck out of DOS
@FirstStep lol
.js went the opposite way
@ColdFire it worked like a charm. True story
super clear and no noise, small size
7:44 PM
aloha petter
@PetterFriberg o/
@FirstStep terrible framerate, though
@JanDvorak I was able to send up to 100 frames per second. Did not need more than 20 though. Did not make a difference
@JanDvorak If I confuse you by going the opposite way of confusing . . .
Does it make me meta Stack Exchange?
7:45 PM
@DEAD no
dammit... I've just realised I'm sober.
@Rizier123 - FYI the account that was incorrectly IP blocked for SPAM (which I undeleted and closed) can post new questions now :)
Always blocking innocent people with the IP bans
Now that's gotta be an interesting story to tell.
Meh. A lot of us thought that it was SPAM. So again, Meh
7:51 PM
Rizier you got away only this time . . .
@TheLostMind lol
@FrankerZ You've reviewed 40 posts today (of which 3 were audits), thanks! The time between your first and last review today was 33 minutes and 33 seconds, averaging to a review every 50 seconds.
Oh, he's only asking us to map out all the mathematical functions the library can perform. =P
@Machavity Off-site resource? Opinion based/too broad probably, but where in that does it ask for an off-site resource?
@Queen k
8:03 PM
@hichris123 I read "So which technique shall I use to implement it ?" as an offsite request. Either way, that's what he got (most of the answers are links)
Why should that be an offsite request[sic]?
@Machavity Yeah, that's not a request for an off-site resource. :P Can't slice it any other way, that would be like saying "How can I do this?" is an off-site resource... like 99% of questions on SO.
Still Too Broad. But will keep that in mind
@hichris123 It would be nice to finally have a legitimate reason to close those s...ers
@JanDvorak Eh, it comes back to the As for Effort problem. Which... effort is good, but some of the best answers come from questions with no effort.
8:08 PM
The idea is that some of the sand will get turned into pearls. But professional farms work by feeding select few grains of sand to the best oysters. We don't need more sand, we need more oysters.
@Queen k
8:26 PM
@Tunaki I've noticed you've started reviewing! I'll update your session record.
8:47 PM
@Clo next 5 tags
@Tunaki Sorry, I don't understand that. Did you mean current tag?
Refreshing the tag listing. Please wait...
@DEAD Got away with what?
@Tunaki The next 5 tags are: 45, 39, 37, 37, 36
Tunaki passed a audit!
8:52 PM
@Tunaki Hey congrat's. Are you exploring new fields?
Working on my C++ hammer....
@Tunaki You've reviewed 40 posts today (of which 2 were audits), thanks! The time between your first and last review today was 33 minutes and 38 seconds, averaging to a review every 50 seconds.
@Queen k
@Queen Sweetie you are
Thanks honey
9:03 PM
@Tunaki How did I missed that? :P
Hi all
@Rizier123 fun! the fun of course! you ignore it!
@Tunaki Sorry, I ignore you.
9:04 PM
oh, maybe not after all
it means I'm fun
🐟🐟🐟 Just a tuna'ki swimming in the room 🐟🐟🐟
@Tunaki And we hate fun on SO.
@AndrewL. Aloha
@Drew Can we still talk at all?
@πάνταῥεῖ course
@Drew The room?
9:11 PM
@Drew Also fine. You got mine
Google Hangouts?
Cell phone?
@JanDvorak Meh
Face time?
9:12 PM
aol chat rooms
If so, it should be in Czechia
@πάνταῥεῖ We like you. We are into team building, non-anarchy, and money making.
And having fun and not feeling guilty about it
and plucking fl... or not.
ah out of votes
You need to have the confidence to build a team of three below you
And manage them
This is about business, not about SO moderation
and @πάνταῥεῖ if you have the confidence to do that, you will do fine
9:23 PM
@Drew I'm confident about myself of course. I'm missing projects that need our help.
We have those projects just not the team to do it
@Drew Okey, I'll try to find the appropriate team members first (would be hard to convince them without having anything poured in concrete somehow)
@Tunaki then remember it : ), if not @SotiriosDelimanolis pass by...
What's that
not this
9:28 PM
Nor this
@πάνταῥεῖ send a 1 paragraph resume it is fine
dont sell me
what is your passion
what makes you wake up in the morning? Where do you want to go?
@Drew I'll send you a mail ...
you have to relax about it. There is not rush for you.
@Drew Sure I don't see reasons to rush about that either :)
9:38 PM
you wanna know about emergency for someone, ask me or @TinyGiant
@Drew I'm not really an emergency case right now ;)
and right now I make 500k a year so me neither
and 2 years ago I was broke
so keep it in perspective and we crawl out of crap
and what I would like to do is give Kyll or Magisch some money
You guys speak in a mystery :P
or other poor sobbs that have given to this room for a long time
Q: Burn [kali-linux]

jpmc26The kali-linux appears to be useless. There's no indication that there are programming problems that apply specifically to this distribution. Its description even contains a warning that most questions related to it are not programming questions. A skim through the questions suggests that most ...

9:50 PM
@Rizier123 I have money for Kyll he deserves it
Are we talking real money? (confused face here)
what other money is there
We have projects that pay for quotes
Imagine that
@Drew Gonna stuff it in his little dress?
@Machavity if he needs it to get by sure
10:01 PM
@Drew What about what now?
@TinyGiant only we know about the need for now
as opposed to oh we are so afraid about now @TinyGiant
I see
10:12 PM
i lived under a bridge
I make a M a year. I have been homeless twice. Like I cant hear their struggle
@drew Sent
@πάνταῥεῖ Günther you're in don't worry thx
@Tunaki where is mogzy?
10:29 PM
caught up at work I think
@Tunaki dont insult us
Are there multiple Drews to insult?
No just one to insult their intel
This room wanted some leadership, not more abandonment
And we got it from Tuna, and more abandonment from Mongsie from whateverness
When was the last msg from Mogzie in this room?
@rene and why was that?
@Drew Democracy in practice needs convincing speakers (let's fall back to the agora culture)
I'm stopping, see you guys later!
10:37 PM
and why was that a failed election?
@πάνταῥεῖ are you sure that is spam?
I hate Donald Trump (I don't like Hillary Clinton either). God bless I'm not an american citizen and have to choose Devil or Belzebub
first record in metasmoke of that url
anyway, need to sleep
cya o/
@Tunaki No, not really. Smells fishy though.
To me it seems very spammy.. member since today
10:40 PM
@Tunaki N8 Tuna
@Drew That's not really fair. People get busy. People have Real Life™ to deal with. Stack Overflow isn't exactly the highest priority when compared to work and people and things that you hold dear to yourself.
@PetterFriberg May be fish can't receive that smell well ;)
@rene you have 4 strong leaders of this room. I suggest you appoint me as a 5th. You are becoming week
@Drew WeAK
10:42 PM
@hichris123 they are already gone
look it up
it is 5 of us
@hichris123 They're nice all the time :P
@hichris123 ?huH
@Drew So? You still have to be nice.
@πάνταῥεῖ And... that's what the site expects. ;)
@hichris123 how am i not being nice
this room has 4 leaders
look it up
10:45 PM
If you think calling someone weak and saying that someone has "abandoned" the room is "being nice"... I'm afraid I can't help you.
sam and gunr are not amongtsttstst them chitlent
Again agora culture!
Peers talking here
@πάνταῥεῖ Almost 1AM in our timezone and we are both still on :P
look grow up they dont do it
TUNA does it
@Rizier123 I'll regret that tomorrw yes
10:47 PM
... and this is where I disengage. But really, do you think that saying for someone to "grow up" is being nice? I would think not.
you elect people that win then say F it
@hichris123 they abandoned
@hichris123 they went away
@hichris123 they became unavailable
Time for me to abandon as well, let's hope my favorite rat don't take SO to serious tonight... Check a nice movie
Cya all, sleep well, pss I caught some c# stuff...
@PetterFriberg It's all fun here Petter
We lose voice as a room when we fracture
10:54 PM
@Drew : ), when you get to bored... so better to switch channel
@PetterFriberg we are trying to find ourselves here
don't take it so seriously
What my self our your comments?, I hope I do not either.. just like to avoid that people burn out
We are all trying to find some common focus and even want to hang here
You know my focus... it has only 3 letters...
10:57 PM
: ) it starts with F but does not have 4 letters and does not end with K
cya Drew, stay # and have Fun
Unfortunately the Intro is missing here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N0Vj-rALbEk
[Cop:] May I see your license and registration?
Ah certainly...
[Cop:] What you're doing?
Chewin' chocolate
[Cop:] Where did ya get it?
Doggy dropped it

[Cop:] ...carry on
@PetterFriberg ^That
sorry was carrying the youngster to her bed... lol, yeah, now really bed time for m2, cya all
@PetterFriberg N8 Petter
@Queen k
11:20 PM
@rene tuna and nathan carry this room. You need more carriers
@AndrewL. of course
I'll just leave this here
Nighty night people. Don't have fun while I'm trying to sleep please!
Bye! N8
11:29 PM
@rene this rooms RO arent historically really good at much. So here is my bizarre critique. . Fox: is he a mute / what, can he ever be asked to vote on shit NO Never ? Sam: love the guy great bot writer RO, can he ever be asked to vote on shit NO?
@rene Mogzie: what? ran run quit> kill him
@rene nathan: good tiny: good tuna: good
I just needed to share this... checkout the views to question upvote ratio, lol. =(

@Sam i am not really happy with you. I think you dont do enough.
Saying that someone should be "killed" is not nice by any standard...
@hichris123 it is a critical review do one yourself sometime
@RobertPenridge Guaranteed the people that saw that aren't primarily programmers
11:35 PM
it takes time
@hichris123 why dont you once take a half an hour and try to improve a place
you think I like writing the bs about peeps I hang around?
@SotiriosDelimanolis True... still. I was curious so I checked on stackexchange data explorer, and the was the poor question that had the most views with 0 upvotes. I'd upvote it but I kinda feel like I'd ruin his number 1 position
Interestingly enough, I'm trying to do that right now. I'm trying to help you see why this isn't the way to go about critiquing things... unfortunately, I'm not doing a great job at that.
@hichris123 so you see it is not fun
Fun? Maybe not. But that's no excuse for being mean towards others.
am I am being mean?
@hichris123 am I am very sensitive to that where
11:39 PM
4 mins ago, by hichris123
Saying that someone should be "killed" is not nice by any standard...
say what did I say?
9 mins ago, by Drew
@rene Mogzie: what? ran run quit> kill him
there what a confusion for language>

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