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dis'z nu 4 me
@Telkitty what browser?
HarD Gamer strikes back on std-proposals /cc @Morwenn
who'd be crazy enough to accept a std proposal
@Griwes Oh wow that's pretty bad
I like how the column is titled "fixed bytes" instead of bits, making a long occupy a whole cacheline
1:29 PM
@AndreasPapadopoulos Link?
Q: Why did my avatar change?

barronMy network-wide gravatar identicon used to be a pleasant blue, now it's bright green. I didn't change my email. Did Stack Exchange change its email hashing algorithm or something?

@AndreasPapadopoulos Can-cer-man!
1:32 PM
@AndreasPapadopoulos This made me more retarded than living in US ever would
(lead paint)
@Puppy let's call it a documentation transformer then vOv
Nobody means a telepathic device when they say "documentation generator"
@Ell transpilation is compilation
therefore it's a generator
@Ell Seems to me that many people pretty much do mean that.
they "generate documentation" e.g. with doxygen and then assume their documentation job is done.
@EtiennedeMartel do you have carsharing where you live? Our capital is apparently thinking about introducing those
if you call it a documentation transformer it is a lot more clear that the onus remains on you to actually produce something to be transformed in the first place.
1:34 PM
@BartekBanachewicz What do you mean by "car sharing"?
@EtiennedeMartel apparently they understand is as short-term loaners
@Puppy documentation compiler would be more accurate...
Right, right.
@ratchetfreak compiler = transpiler = compiler = generator
1:36 PM
In Montreal there's two companies doing it, I think: Communauto and Car2Go. Seems to work pretty well, even though their market is people who can live without a car but sometimes need one.
I think they charge for the kilometers you use, so it's mostly good if you're doing short distance trips.
like weekly grocery shopping
i guess if you need to visit the outskirts with poorer communication or sthg
@ratchetfreak or that, yeah
i wanna be good at something people appreciate
not coding
I always forget about that seemingly obvious thing that cars provide storage
1:41 PM
when you are coding people laugh at you and call you hacker as a joke
then you hack them and go to jail
neither is true imho
@Griwes Quality proposal :D
only geeks appreciate coding
demostrably false
every other people seems to think that programs just work and that's it
maybe not where you live
1:43 PM
besides, "geek" is an umbrella term
but i got spit once at school and the fucking guy told me to code a game
if you make programs "just work" you will be appreciated
FWIW >90% of people I care about interacting with are "geeks"
@BartekBanachewicz oh, absolutely
@nwp i mean just work without nobody going crazy in the background to make them work
@BartekBanachewicz I started reading that and got confused. "Bartek cares about people? Oh, only about interacting, okay"
1:44 PM
@nwp int main() { return 0; } now appreciate me
@AndreasPapadopoulos if you leave out the return 0; I might
no appreciation then
@ChemiCalChems what? I don't think it is common to micro-manage programmers. Companies that do that are all bankrupt.
@AndreasPapadopoulos So?
1:46 PM
@Morwenn so no appreciation apparently
@nwp clears throat
when you see an awesome skateboarder, everyone says damn
when you see a awesome speed runner, everybody says damn
when you see an awesome coder, almost no one understands what the fuck he is doing
so people just laugh because it's the default behavior when they have to cover their ignorance, and everyone doing it means you get bullied
because they are all ignorant pieces of shit
1:47 PM
@Ven lol
@ChemiCalChems you seem to care about opinions of ignorant pieces of shit quite a lot
my compiler also does not understand what I'm doing
1>  (compiler file 'msc1.cpp', line 1393)
1>   To work around this problem, try simplifying or changing the program near the locations listed above.
1>  Please choose the Technical Support command on the Visual C++
1>   Help menu, or open the Technical Support help file for more information
@BartekBanachewicz i don't really, it's just sad i find
wow you seem to have a lot of bitterness
i'm cool with coding, it's nice
it's fucking insane at times, but that's fun about it
1:48 PM
@Ven don't be jealous
if your goal is to be admired programming is not the way to go
that he's been bullied?
try skydiving or something
that was sarcastic
1:48 PM
I mean it's like, "being a programmer 101": hate your life.
i don't want to be admired generally
i wanna feel good with myself
you just want not to be bullied by gerard
fuck gerard, he always bullies nerds
what about robert
@ChemiCalChems apply hand to benis
@ChemiCalChems there is a way to achieve that, not sure why you didn't figure it out yet...
1:50 PM
donovan is the real bully
@nwp i feel good with myself when i get shit done
oh no those people I despise don't appreciate my fine art
but days like these when i don't feel like coding at all... fucking hell
i don't know what to do
write a std proposal
yesterday i was going to play some guitar and my strings were rusty
commit sudoku
do not rollback
this is not a drill
1:51 PM
then i say man i could learn how to skateboard (idk why)
it seems nice
but i have no money to buy even a cheap ass board
why? because you think it's gonna be less painful than a car crash
but you still want to crash with your skateboard.
i don't want to crash, i wanna do some cool tricks and stuff
or parkour
probably because you blame your father for all the wheels developers reinvented. so you're looking for some wheelless
that must be awesome
i just feel like my life is worthless
why even reinvent the wheel, just re-use some old cars :p
1:53 PM
not most of the time
@BartekBanachewicz that one made me think of you
would it make a difference to the world if you disappeared yes/no?
if yes then you're pretty worthless
@Ven well, right now, no
@Morwenn Seen Ville's reply? :D
1:54 PM
on the contrary, if Batek disappeared, people would be safer on the roads, so his life isn't worthless.
except for a couple of people who think they care about me and a couple of people who really do, not much would happen
so pretty worthless
outside of your local social area
@Ven local social area = 1 person
which i can't even see because my parents are half insane
that's not even local, that's a register.
1:56 PM
you can still do some cool stuff even if no-one cares about you (yet)
i remember when i was younger people in my class said they'd celebrate if i died
PSA: Plonk @ChemiCalCunt to make your day better
although by then you self-doubt will have evolved into "do they care about me or just the stuff I make?"
@ChemiCalChems nice
i'm sure they had other occasions to celebrate
i guess that means i'm not worthless
1:57 PM
for all the wrong reasons
why wrong
you're weak mentally
not quite, i just feel sad sometimes
that's all
I'd have thought all those years on the internet would give thick skin to pretty much anyone
i'm growing big in the subtle art of not giving a fuck
1:58 PM
@Ven Yup, thick internet skin.
never grow big
When talking with people you don't know.
@ChemiCalChems too close to giving up
@Morwenn tu vas te prendre des chtites étoiles
@Ven Pas pour ça quand même :o
1:58 PM
@nwp not at all, not giving a fuck is about the best thing you can do
@Ven I drive super safe tho
@Morwenn heh
@BartekBanachewicz Right, you drive safely at 220mph
it's not ignoring problems, it's overcoming them like they weren't there
@BartekBanachewicz never faster than c
Do You C Me Now? 2: Return of the Segfault.
1:59 PM
@Ven iirc my bike does about 110mpg
but I'm p sure you meant mph
Miles per gallon?
meters per gram
SI se~nor
2:00 PM
it does about 28 sheds in 1/300th of a full moon
amin yasheds
frankly though my rides are too slow to drive them really fast
@ChemiCalChems I cannot accept that. There must be ways to do better.
like I'm around or slightly below average around here WHEN IT COMES TO DRIVING SPEEDS YOU FUCKING PERVERT
@набиячлэвэли no, miles per godzina :D
2:02 PM
@BartekBanachewicz I lol'd
just wait 2m before starring
nah, it's funny enough :D
@Ven lmao that’s even badder than usual
also going for first lecture for the driver's licence today
2:03 PM
@LucDanton j'ai des moyens réduits
(genre mon cerveau)
I was supposed to go on friday but well
@BartekBanachewicz how did your C++ teaching thing go?
The internet in a nutshell. via @YiannisBab https://t.co/T3hsmtRmiK
@nwp actually I got an email today that they cancelled it :/
was supposed to happen next month
all the students commited sudoku yet again
2:04 PM
@EtiennedeMartel lol
omg @cat was just wondering why you have disappeared entirely, then my thoughts brought you here
ain't i a psychic
Cat still wonders why he decided to have kitty.
cat's never afraid of competition
also what-if isn't updated
don't worry, there's no competition.
2:06 PM
@ChemiCalChems So would we, mate.
So would we.
@набиячлэвэли always nice m8, always nice to know
nice flag
@Cerbrus hi and welcome to the lounge
The flag's gone already :D
Oh, and a new one
i mean, it's nice to have a laugh at people's problems
but it's not nice to wish them to die, imo
@ChemiCalChems I'm not having a laugh
@Ven not saying you were, just saying it's alright
Aww he's already suspended
2:10 PM
@SterlingArcher Who?
The dude who rung up 8 flags in like 17 seconds :P
I hoped it'd be @ChemiCalCunt
@набиячлэвэли i don't give a fuck really, call me whatever you want, i'm not the one being alone in my room saying shit on the internet because i don't have a life
i'm just alone in my room and that's it
anyone who uses the term "fags" to refer to other people should be immediately suspended
the only sad thing in this case is that he didn't get suspended for long enough
@Puppy who?
2:13 PM
@Puppy oh
It was so fast I haven't even noticed ven it happened
one hour suspension
c’est pas de Ven #overused #disgusted
2:36 PM
so yeah
hi @Puppy
I see you're having fun as a room owner :P
I used no room owner powers
just flagged his ass
hardcore puppy
didn't think you actually cared
about what?
2:57 PM
about someone using the word "fag" to refer to someone
Q: Windows C++ get motherboard serial number without using wmi

LiadI am looking for a equivalent c++ winapi to the wmi command "wmic csproduct get UUID" Any Idea how to do it without using wmi?

^^ I like how anything with "motherboard serial number" always automatically gets downvoted. lol
omfg, just got mail from SO
hi guys
@nwp what does it say
this is ridiculously awesome /cc @JNat
Glad to hear that! Enjoy it! :)
3:59 PM
GCC 6.2, with c++14 by default, concepts and transactional memory.
> You know the times have changed when Portugal leaves Brazil without taking any Gold.
> l'équipe du brésil de saut en syncro c'est dissoute parce qu'une des 2 nana à foutu l'autre à la porte de l'hotel la veille de la final pour faire un marathon sexuel avec un joeur de ping pong
idée intéressante.
jveux dire il est probablement doué du poignet
meh frogspeak again
ptet qu'il en a une plate comme un castor. (de raquette)
4:07 PM
oh hey GCC 6.2
the minor updates are almost always just a big list of PRs being closed, most of them being regressions. supposed to be those
awesome, g++-mingw-w64 is 6.1.1 now
So many ICE in the PR list, I seem to be melting.
this'll make @Griwes moist for sure.
lol x64. CMPXCHG16B. nice name.
I don’t know if 6.2 has the big concepts overhaul, although it looks like it has a lot of fixes
4:13 PM
ad-hominem much?
don't pay too much attention to 12y.o. in need for said attention.
> Thanks, pushed to trunk and 6.2.
oh great
@sehe You have my contributions on Twitter, though! :)
Good afternoon.
@Borgleader facepalm
so the only group of people who can talk about race are them? that's pretty racist
i say them because i'm white, just saying
Meh. This is about as stupid as:
- I know you're the murderer!
- I'm innocent!
- Yeah, that's what a murderer would say!
4:31 PM
@ChemiCalChems check your privilege, asap
@ChemiCalChems No, but the most incompetent people to talk about an embuggerance are those not affected by it. Now, if those always deny that there even is an embuggerence, then those affected will, at one point, stop listening to them. Seems reasonable enough to me.
@Abyx oh shit, oh shit
@sbi fair enough, but she doesn't have to compare that to being a brain surgeon, you are born white or black, but you can learn to be a brain surgeon
and being white doesn't make you stupid
Mhmm. The C++ question room is rather unhelpful. What do you folks say about this piece of code?
@sbi Incidentally that's why I shared it in the lounge :) Hi
@sbi I'd say that I wouldn't use uint as a name of variable
4:36 PM
@ChemiCalChems Did you just go from "her actions are bullshit and her arguments are flawed" to "the analogy she used to explain is not sufficiently close enough to the real thing"? Shrug.
@sbi For a real quick sanity check for modern compilers, you can just throw it on coliru
@Abyx Neither would I, except in a code snippet.
@sbi looks legit. don't pay for you don't use
@sbi well, her arguments are shit anyway, but i wanted to point out the second fact too
so I'd say that's either a bug in old-GCC or a bug in old-standard that got fixed after your old-GCC version
4:37 PM
@Xeo Ah, but if my reasoning is wrong, then the result is undefined, so unless Huh? is printed, I know nothing (JS).
@ChemiCalChems Her arguments seem reasonable enough for me.
@sbi Hmm, good point
@sbi not to me really
@ChemiCalChems Yeah, and given that you gave such a reasonable account of your logical arguments against hers, you have me all convinced.
@sbi i did, if you want to stop racist, you should listen to the arguments you are given, WHATEVER THE RACE OF THE SPEAKER, not block them when they say they are white and they disagree with you
if not, you are being racist, which is part of what you wish to solve
and if the arguments you are given are bullshit, you can a. debunk them, or b. ignore them
not block someone based on their race and opinions straight away
i'm fine if they don't wish to accept their arguments as valid because of the arguments themselves, but fucking hell, it's clear she blocked her because of her race and opinions, not only the latter
@ChemiCalChems No, that's total bullshit. Of course, you never need to listen to every "argument", especially not on the Internet, where even the greatest nonsensical shit is thrown at you with the frequency of a high-pitched beep sound.
That is the reason whiners are kicked here, after all; a practice with which–I am sure–you wholly agree.
4:45 PM
@sbi yes i do agree, what i wish to convey is that she wasn't only blocked because of her opinions but probably because of her race
i wouldn't say this weren't it for the fact this is only one of the numerous examples of this happening
if you disagree with movements like BLM, being white you are called racist, being black you are called white and "kicked out" of the black community
@ChemiCalChems She wasn't blocked, she was blocking. And she did that because someone non-blind told her, probably for the 1 millionth time, that being blind isn't all that bad.
@sbi wait wait, did the black block the white or the white block the black? (expecting the former)
@ChemiCalChems I suggest you pull up your pants, wipe your now, and try to get the facts right before you start a discussion.
Anyway, I am out of this discussion now. Because, as I said, I do not believe you have the right to demand me listening to your bullshit.
@Xeo Of course, it's a good point. All mine are.
@sbi of course, at least you aren't making the excuse that i'm not a monkey, either directly or indirectly
Apr 18 '11 at 9:43, by sbi
@VJo Monkey?? Be glad I'm not the librarian around here, or I'd unscrew you head and use the remainder as a bowl for my peanut shells.
5:10 PM
It would be monkeyshit crazy.
@ChemiCalChems For what it's worth, I agree with you that immediately disregarding someone's opinion because they are right is racist.
Sure, there might be a certain degree of nuance to considering different points of view with different levels of trust, but immediately blocking someone on the basis of their race is just dumb.
@Lalaland exactly
Hey guys, question.
If I wanted to, like
Empirically evaluate how people liked Sol2
the person may be stupid, or intelligent, apart from white or black, and the second quality doesn't affect the first one, that's all i'm saying
I'd have to do something like a developer survey, right?
5:14 PM
@ThePhD Just look at the number of stars.
developers typically don't do surveys
@Morwenn I unfortunately can't do that.
@nwp Well yeah, that's my problem.
Personally, I would never fill out a survey.
@ThePhD Try a code search on github for references to your namespace.
That could give you a sense of how people use it.
I mean, what I was going to do was just look at presentations, blogposts, and code people have written using sol2
Yeah. You can also look at the code written by people using your competition.
5:16 PM
so I have a page where you can enter your username and password and I check against ldap to see if I can authenticate you. It works well but I am worried that it might work too well. Should I have some kind of rate limiting so nobody can just spam some poor soul's username and brute force to learn their password? Is this premature optimization?
sorry, wrong room
But a survey just seems kind of like a waste of time since people don't like to fill them out anyhow.
@kush Rate limiting is hard. There are two primary ways it could fail. First, people will try spamming the same password across multiple accounts rather than the same user across multiple passwords.
Second, people will switch IPs if necessary.
Third, depending on how you implement it, a bad actor could lock someone out of an account by sending in bad passwords if they know the username.
@kush If I was you, I wouldn't worry too much about rate limiting.
> tfw so many people have something called sol that its impossible to find people writing against my stuff
ok thank you
@Lalaland every authentication failure should add a line to the apache log so I won't worry about it unless the log gets too big
However, if this is something where the accounts are actually important (Banking, bitcoin, credit card info ...), then you should worry about it.
And then you should have two factor authentication.
5:31 PM
@kush If this is an authentication to anything relevant, then the answer is yes, yes, and once again yes.
Hmm, given how hard authentication and autorization is, and how commonly it's done, there should exist frameworks for that
openID or whatever the thing is called that SO too uses
Not what I had in mind
But yes, that can work too
Lel, Issue-based survey.
@ThePhD lol fix your links
@набиячлэвэли Ooh, woops. Thanks.
5:53 PM
@ThePhD The "deep error" one should be "fixable"
might be a PITA tho
Pitas are ok.
@Xeo I feel like I'd have to do some heavy static_asserting around stuff.
You should identify the main entry points into your lib from a user-facing side and may be able to improve that with some asserts
Or identify the parts that cause the most obscure errors at the drop of a hat
People aren't reporting the long template errors to me, they usually just give me some code, tell me it doesn't work, and then I fix it. At the moment, I'm feeling like there's not too many huge template errors anymore and it's all runtime garbage these days.
I haven't had a compiler error report in a long while.
That's just for when it should be working but isn't from a library POV
what I meant is when the user does something he isn't supposed to
5:59 PM
I'll look at all the template entry points -- specifically in usertype -- and see if I can't get some good error messages ironed out.
I have an arity error for new_usertype and stuff, and with the new call template things explode into template errors a lot less often since I've got specialiazations for just about every kind of callable / function out there.
I want to static_assert more things in my library too, but then there's so much SFINAE that I can't static_assert most of it :(
welp, pulse audio died
working again
and i discovered my master volume was at 50, which has solved about 2 months of thinking my headphones were dying
which is nice
my computer is over saturating sound on 140% volume :D
like the old times
6:29 PM
Q: Software for find string in php?

Noitc Matteo Della CorteHello i translate panel dj but there are 1000 file php to translate. Is there software for search string in all files php for translate determined string? For example: ''Clear timetable'' search this string on all files php in my folder

/cc @Mysticial
Oh it's tagged .
Yeah, OP wants to search strings in PHP files.
Hey there, as usual, I would like to ask something regarding how SO works. I have a question and I know that there is a way to do it (I might be wrong or it might be insufficient to do it that way). So, I am going to askthe question, but should I provide an anwser myself for my question on what it can be done or not?
@Grey you can check "answer to your own question" below, but i doubt that's what you want
OK thanks! In general, is it ineffective to answer your own question as you might not get another answer?
6:43 PM
@Grey it's designed to make community wikis
Oh I see! thank you. I didnt know what is it used for.
@Grey if it actually answers the question, then sure
6:59 PM
@Ven I'll need to check if they caught the regression I've found and didn't bother reporting. :P
I wonder how many days before they git tag the release.
7:21 PM
@Mysticial At least it's not a complete failure. For a true horror, think of PHP implemented in hardware, so you could never change it or fix anything!
hardware accelerated PHP, what could possibly go wrong?
7:44 PM
I'm so tired for some reason.
side effect of life
Far from being the worst one though.

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