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4:03 PM
I wonder if you net'd out the negative scored deleted ones if that impacts it
dunno, that's why I'm asking O<O
I guess you are the only one to have the kosher liberty to look at your deleted ones (versus someone else leveraging some glitch and seeing yours)
they disappear after a while
so I can't see them all
well maybe a mod can tell you the qId's in a private chat room
4:07 PM
she won't be able to see them anyway
well there is always that maybe. But even her own?
Checking link
disgusting don't bother
4:09 PM
brb washing eyes with acid
@kyll lol. Google translate is your friend.
Everyone hails our resurrected theB!
Smokey automatically removes deletions now? nice. Man, disappear for a couple months and y'all get all fancy
@theB Yeah, and Tunaki is RO now. Talk about entropy.
Marching onwards towards the heat death of the universe.
4:11 PM
Wait, I am?
@Yvette You have 64 questions in total: 11 are deleted questions, of which 8 are negatively scored and 1 is closed... so (64 - 19 - (insert sum of undeleted negatively scored questions)) / 64 .... and see what that equals...
theB! :D
@Sam Don't fake it, you already did that in the Ministry
@JonClements hm should I undelete some of them
4:13 PM
@Kyll They don't know that though. :p
@Yvette Dunno - didn't actually look at them :)
@JonClements I undeleted the only one I can see, it actually has +ve votes
@theB Oooh, and check out metasmoke.erwaysoftware.com
@JonClements where have you been?
@kyll Fancy stuff. Stats for how well it works?
4:16 PM
@gunr2171 hey
@theB Yeah, and how well we respond to it
Plop gunr and Nisse
night dear o/
4:24 PM
@Yvette Been around - just not as much as normal - llfe's very busy (mostly in a good way) at the moment :)
sleep well
what is this life you talk about?
4:33 PM
We've noticed some moderation activity of other chat rooms here in SOCVR. Just as a reminder that we focus on the main site, not other chat rooms. We updated the FAQ to help reinforce that.
@Tunaki might be worth clarifying your first bullet point - otherwise using !!/allspam is dangerously close to moderating users
4:48 PM
Sooo... fair mob downvoting can go, right? If they had it coming...
@ArtOfCode I wouldn't say so. !!/allspam is still focusing on the answers themselves. You do need to go through the user answers to see that but you do that on your own. However, posting links to user profiles is not fine. There was a pinned message for that before chat.stackoverflow.com/transcript/message/30224208#30224208 (and that chat.stackoverflow.com/transcript/message/30224372#30224372)
@Tunaki fair enough
except for that guy
Bye all, Time to leave
5:17 PM
Hi ev1
Hey o/
Shiny Oracle certified professional, nice :D
Héhé @Tunaki got to brag a little about it now lol
How are you?
I'm alright, you?
I'm alright too
How is it going around here, I'm a little off for the moment
5:23 PM
yesterday, by Tunaki
@AshishAhujaツ rene uses IE 6 with lots of search bars and ads everywhere.
5:40 PM
What's a diplomatic way to say "SO isn't a code writing service."? Does anyone have a stock comment?
Thanks tuna
Using Stack Exchange API, is there a way to find out if a user closevoted given question?
Not unless the question is closed.
I mean a user who gave write_access to my app. @Tunaki Are you sure?
5:47 PM
if it is not closed, then talk to corporate
@Gothdo Pretty sure yes.
Basically I want to determine whether a question can't be closevoted because the user already closevoted it, or because it's locked or something.
there is one glitch in the system that could expose it but best to bury the knowledge of it
why not just ask the user
@Gothdo Yes, I don't think this is possible using the API alone... You need to scrape.
IIRC who voted what is in the page
the api can return the close voters. Once it is closed
5:53 PM
6:10 PM
^ Please can someone close this? :P
What a question title... And he's complaining about minuses.
Hey... Anyone there?
No one's speaking after I came online. :O
Lurking... And out of close votes.
@theB just lurking or lurking with intent? :p
@PraveenKumar We are silently watching.
I won't speak I won't speak I won't speak -- ops I just did
@Gothdo Grrrbrrr... :P
6:23 PM
@Jon Lurking with intent sounds like something a spider could do, but that a ninja puppy would probably be better at.
@Tunaki You just did.. Ha ha.
@JonClements Hey o/
@theB Spidey!!!
@JonClements There's our spammer here... :D Let's get the user account disabled.
Someone's trying to spam that stupid path tool again.
Could someone with 15k+ or a diamond protect this question? It's attracting more "Me Too" answers
@theB Yes, lots of "Me too" there... I protected it
@Tunaki Thanks.
nope @Yam both of them
6:48 PM
@PraveenKumar It needs an MCVE.
@NisseEngström Okay close it.. :)
@Bhargav Heads-up! meta.stackoverflow.com/q/325520/4174897 Someone went Meta about a closed question on which you cast a cv
@Kyll Thanks
7:08 PM
@JonClements From where I registered the app: This is not considered a secret, and may be safely embed in client side code or distributed binaries. You're probably confusing it with the Client Secret, which shouldn't be shared publicly.
@rene Fair enough - just pointed it out just in case :)
@JonClements Thanks, I sometimes do a [bring your own key] but here I went meh
Requests are tracked on a key+ IP basis, iirc
Bye all
7:56 PM
@PraveenKumar FYI, metasmoke is automatically ignoring your feedback now (you passed the 4%+4 threshold). It won't automatically go away, but you can see your invalid percentage here - you're completely welcome to ping Art or I if you can get your invalid % down significantly.
I'd be happy to see it hit 3% or lower.
also, please don't try to 'game' it - piling feedback on will help the number, and in some cases is valid, but try to make it count ;)
Oh, I was not the only one noticing the piling on...
Hey, yea, this guy is a spammer.
The .com guy.
Should we spam flag this?
that is spam for me
oh, he has an answer from before
yeah, dat's not gonna fly
8:05 PM
@Undo How did it got deleted by Community? Wasn't it deleted by you?
I just saw it.
special kind of magic
mod magic
Magic? Seriously? Cats don't understand magic. You are a fish!
@PraveenKumar I deleted it, then saw that it was actually spam so I undeleted it and spam flagged it
@Undo Wow... Super.
Why my answers in downvoted questions are more often downvoted than my answers in upvoted questions?
8:10 PM
@hubot Probably because a lot of times, the question is junk and shouldn't be answered.
@hubot because some users down vote all answers on bad / off-topic / duplicate questions
@hubot it is where hard to get upvotes on bad questions, there is even a badge for it. Be sure you have really good answer before answering a bad question.
Great, now we can't even delete this: meta.stackoverflow.com/q/325525/3933332
@hubot Pierwszy raz widzę Polaka w SOCVR.
@Gothdo Can you speak polish?
8:14 PM
@hubot Apparently.
@Gothdo Rozumiesz co mówię po polsku?
I've done 40,000 close vote reviews ...
Not sure if I'm happy or sad
@hubot Mhm, ale pisanie tutaj w innych językach niż angielski nie jest raczej mile widziane.
@hubot I do to, since google translate, but please stop (as Gothdo said ; )
@rene You can split it and be happy for the first 20k and sad for the other 20k :P
8:16 PM
I have to go!
@Rizier123 I probably could
The real question now is, how many reviews did you made while awake?
@rene Depends on whether you are thinking of how many just aged away or not.
@rene happy, but very very sad
this all really helps. When will I get my swag?
8:22 PM
after the next 40.000
le sigh
@rene Hey... winners don't quit and quitters don't win and all that :p
@theB I am perfectly fine with SO being a code writing service. For me it is for questions that are interesting and others might find too difficult. Certainly not the answers to lack of research easy ones
@Drew - I won't link the specific question, but it was of the form: "I want to make something that does X. I need it yesterday. Plz gimmie teh codez." I'll gladly write examples out for people who show any effort at all.
huh I'm late
8:41 PM
9:16 PM
@HovercraftFullOfEels can you edit with [tag:cv-pls]?
@Tuna that OP is rebelling...
@Undo If we VTC a question, there's an option for us to retract the CV. What about Del-Vs? Is there a possibility to retract that? And also ReOpen Votes?
@PraveenKumar Please don't ping moderators when they're not here.
And no, you can't undo a delete vote
@Tunaki I checked and then only pinged. Sorry, it was a personal message to him. :)
@PraveenKumar searchable on meta; no; no.
Oh.. Okay.. What about Reopen Vote?
9:20 PM
Okie dokie... Searchable on meta? My question. Okay. Thanks.
@PraveenKumar a.k.a. yes
@MadaraUchiha Ha ha... Okay.. How are you? Long time no see again? :P
Eewww.... So many results. Stupid me. :P
9:47 PM
night o/
@Tunaki she has 3 answers and a little link happy. Not awful about it just needs to code for people
10:10 PM
The netty community page netty.io/community.html explicitly says questions should be asked on stack overflow. In addition, I feel that a question on the the documentation of a product is part of the programming. — Robert Ellman 17 mins ago
another one?
we should start writing FAQs along the lines of "In case you have any issues, mail support@netty.io for help"
@RobertEllman SO decides what is on topic not an outside organisation. And this question is off topic. Arguing that is on topic will not make it so. This is for programming questions, how to write code. There is a grey area at the periphery of this, but this is beyond that grey area. — Yvette 14 secs ago
Maybe SO should contact Netty
Poor Tim has busy days ahead:P
I'm posting a question
10:16 PM
@AndrasDeak Maybe we should force them to include a link to the on-topic page when they refer to SO as main support.
Tim who? post?
@Yvette yes
@Rizier123 and yes, good idea:)
I don't see it happening ever, but good idea none the less.
@Yvette maybe just hijack the existing one?
about ticketsomethingsomething?
dam didn't see that question
inb4 rene hammers you to the ground;)
10:26 PM
@AndrasDeak I am asking a different question, although it is about the same topic
yeah, I know:)
although I find it odd that similar questions like this seem to come in batches
yet independently
that dupe is not the same. My int is a 7, that is a 4 :p
I know! I checked for a dupe, but it's not identifiable in the search parameters I used
@Yvette did you see this one as well?
@Drew he's asking if SE will contact them, I'm asking what we should do
10:28 PM
I am just being funny my dear
@AndrasDeak nope
I don't know what I searched on, I found one question
I think I searched on Netty
int is indeed 7:D
runs away
@Drew I think I will use that as auto comment for users who say that their question isn't a dupe :P
10:30 PM
dupe vote now with the latter post (FYI @Yvette)
@Drew ah :)
expect the rene
except the rene's asleep
^ nice accidental anagrams there, if I may say so myself
@theB please don't chatise me like that stackoverflow.com/questions/37637991/…
I didn't say anything wrong and this room has a policy of not piling on, meaning if one person has commented there's no need to come in with a comment, which you did.
@AndrasDeak yes
10:33 PM
^ and I'd note this point in the rules you qute, @theB:
> Make sure their question is on topic and not something we'd prefer folks not ask
that's Yvette's issue
but @Yvette I'd argue that the not-piling-on is with respect to OPs, not commenters
the not-piling-on rule says not to have multiple people say the same thing to OP
@AndrasDeak exactly and the comment goes into more discussion about the on topicness of the question
it's still pile on
theB was commenting you, so I don't think that rule applies, not according to its spirit
I'd have pinged you here instead of a comment there, just wanted to note this:)
actually, @Ferrybig left the first (auto)comment, so you were piling on yourself
@AndrasDeak he addresses the OP also
stop arguing, it's tiring! lol
10:36 PM
Entering the hornet's nest, happy Sunday :D

@Yvette ah, right, I didn't notice that:)
@jdphenix nah it's ok to discuss here, it's annoying to discuss it under the question
@Yvette I can't ping theB unless they've poked the meta question. I'm not adding any more comments
I just felt bad for the guy. He goes for support, and they tell him to come here, and there are a handful of snarky comments.
10:36 PM
when we have here and meta
@jdphenix I'm not referring to you but TheB lol
Oh. Now I feel all kinds of... silly.
@theB it wasn't snarky, it was matter of fact.
It sucks. It really does. SO can't be a support forum though.
Maybe the documentation effort will help that.
10:38 PM
I fully understand that we aren't a generic forum site for whatever the product of the week happens to be. But I also have been in the position of asking a vendor for support and being referred into an endless rabbit hole.
you should still look if there's a badger at the end of the hole before you jump
I know. I don't disagree with you that it's a crappy situation to be in. That's why I said what I said about documentation.

I figure popular enough things will have some effort there to expended to improve the state of documentation for it (rather than "shove off to Stack Overflow / twitterverse / etc")
Specifically I refer to
Q: Warlords of Documentation: A Proposed Expansion of Stack Overflow

Kevin MontroseIt’s been 7 years and 10,000,000+ Questions since Stack Overflow was launched. The amount of good that has been done for the field - all the developers helped, all the person-hours saved, all the beginners who grew into professionals - is hard to overstate. I cannot express how proud I am of what...

I'll be back. Need to go get a cake pan..
wow? 2.7k votes on a question which is not even 2 years old :O
why does it have the bar across saying it may already have an answer here with one close vote?
Becuase IIRC you have the option of self-marking as a dupe if you agree
10:43 PM
A year from now there will be 3 things (at least) to ignore before posting a question. (1) Documentation (2) SO Documentation (3) Prior questions asked
@Drew (4) Common sense
(5) Books on shelf
(6) Your cubicle mate
Okay, okay, I'll stop.
@Drew Quite amazing that most people ignore mostly all of those points and can't even read them, but when they get a copy&paste answer to their poor question, then they can read :P
@jdphenix I disagreed and it's still there. Now it just looks like a dupe
10:54 PM
Thing is netty isn't even an organization, and it would be great to get a boat load more techie questions in the tag. A real problem imo would be like some chart widget commercial offering saying "take it to SO"
@Yvette That's that you can close the question yourself.
@Rizier123 yep, but I opted not to close it. It starts off differently, and I had to edit it. Now it's just sitting there. It makes it look like it's off topic right off the bat
@Rizier123 I took out the discussion tag, as I figured I wanted a clear answer on what is the best protocol, but you can put it back in if you think it's better?
@Yvette I know :P But I think that is implemented for the people who ask one of the thousand dupes.
@Rizier123 like me lol
11:02 PM
@Rizier123 yes.
Riz you'll be please to know I'm not programming in php anymore :D
@Yvette admit it, you just want to avoid rene's hammer:P
@AndrasDeak he doesn't have one for that tag.. runs, checks and removes all tags rene has hammers in what would give you that idea? :D
that's the only meta tag he has a gold in
@AndrasDeak $%*#@doink
11:07 PM
bloddy rene
halp halp I'm being oppressed
A gold tag badge on meta is awesome whatever it is though really :p
@AndrasDeak hey are you disrespecting me >:[ that's a severe face
11:09 PM
I've been known to react to authority once or twice @AndrasDeak :D
hi K
@AndrasDeak I asked support!!! not discussion!!! *breathes huge sigh of relief.. @rene you want to answer my question to help you get your gold dupe hammer in discussion
well last time it was discussion:P
@JonClements look at this
11:11 PM
@AndrasDeak true true
@Yvette so negative-score posts don't count, I gather?:P
@Yvette Got the score - just need the quantity then :p
@AndrasDeak well I do a lot better on answers than questions
The Duchess of Downvoted Meta Posts
a.k.a. That Crazy Aussie Again
11:14 PM
I think my answer score is good, it won't be long before I have over 1000 and then it will take me 5 years to answer enough questions to get the gold on a site where the close review queue is so short questions only stay there for 0.005 milliseconds. Worth the trouble I think.
Morning all
just discovered one of our controllers is spelt with one l
"spelt with one l", oh the irony;)
what controlers?
11:27 PM
nooo way
spelled is American
grumble grumble English and their spelling grumble
sorry, @Yvette:)
@AndrasDeak no worries mate :)
@AndrasDeak go read a dictionary, you dummy
11:29 PM
we are more aware of American spelling that vice versa
11:51 PM
What exactly is the purpose of a "first post review"? Does it make sense that this post probably got a green light? It starts with "this isn't an answer but I can't comment yet"
@AndrasDeak Wait, just one user can approve things in that queue?
it would seem so, yes
which makes sense, we don't even want askers to register, so why would we want their posts to be over-reviewed?
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