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12:54 AM
@excaza But he read it five times!
5 hours later…
5:40 AM
@Amro Classic paper. Thanks for sharing!
5 hours later…
10:58 AM
Wow deep sciencey talk in the chat
thats good
2 hours later…
12:32 PM
@excaza Look, you can't convince me to believe that help solved my issue when it in fact did not. Yes, I could very well be suffering from PEBKAC or ID10T errors, but that doesn't mean that such issues aren't real issues. The examples and error message obviously weren't clear enough for me and at least one other person, who posted the other question. Furthermore, there are countless questions about programmatically creating filenames. That itself shows that the issue of save is there and obviously isn't as clearly explained as it should have been in documentation. — AndrejaKo 7 hours ago
hahah do resist
I'm all for calling out unclear documentation and error messages
but this is a stretch :p
It definetly is
Yes, of course, it couldn't possibly be your fault. mri_realign seems like a string so it should just work! — excaza 12 mins ago
You're toeing a line, sir.
I'm not saying you're wrong nor unjustified. But I certainly wouldn't be so brazen.
12:48 PM
yeah I know, my conscience will probably get the better of me in about 10 minutes
noooo don't do that:P
let the flow through you
well the best s are also constructive
I'm on the fence about posting something like "just because you're not the only idiot around, doesn't mean that this is a real issue"
screw constructivity
OP is stupid
well, that's not even the problem
they won't accept that their question is stupid
@AndrasDeak I showed my fellow PhD student the derivation of the TV-norm you did for me. She got scared, with reason :P
nah, if I wanted to just be an asshole I could go back to answering MATLAB questions on reddit
12:51 PM
Do people ask MAtlab questions on Reddit? why? how?
it's mostly homework help
and by homework help I mean "please do my homework"
so not really unlike SO :p
though the formatting drove me absolutely insane
I think if I did a comment cloud for my /r/matlab posts it would be "put four spaces before each line of code" in giant letters
yeah, its a place where crap questions get accepted and not deleted
I have no idea why would anyone want to use that (as a problem solver)
it makes sense if you use reddit a lot, I thought about it before I knew what SO was
@AnderBiguri is it that bad?:D
Haha nah its good, its just complicated :P
12:54 PM
ah OK;)
This guy is my spirit animal though
I met recently a big guy in X-ray tomography, running a big lab with sevearl researchers/ students
he mentioned the paper that has the TV-norm gradient as "The paper I did understood nothing from"
So glad you helped me :P
hahaha I was just about to link that
@AnderBiguri I'm glad I could:D
12:56 PM
@AndrasDeak lol
I think /r/matlab still makes up the majority of my reddit posts
The commenter on this post has no idea why the OP is using besselzero, and it angers me.
Yeah, I don't think I want to go down that reddit rabbit hole
@AndrasDeak smart pun
12:58 PM
every once and a while I get the urge to go back and answer some questions and then I look and just nope
"do my homework" aside it's just not a format that lends itself well to coding help
1:11 PM
mornin guys
How was all of your weekends
Wow, lucky you
it's UK weather in toronto right now
You can has it back
1:16 PM
grey skies in boston as well, thanks UK
nah, no returns policy, sorry
hey @Dev-iL, just found in the transcripts that you had a question about LED physics 3 days ago
if it's still up, shoot
@AnderBiguri I'm still laughing at this
the spelling mistake "festical" makes it an extra bit funny
hahahaha yeah, it does xD
as a good co-woker, I bought penis shaped sweets for my labmates
1:31 PM
We sometimes have huge flaming red sugar dildos at town fairs...
as in spicy
or as in on fire
"flaming red", I dunno, it sounded like a thing in my head
probably a Hungarian thing
Incidentally, some of these town-fair-grade sweets are shaped like cocks (as in rooster)
alas, the hilarity is lost on my kin
1:33 PM
and no I don't mean kin as my relatives, but rather my countrymen
or something
I got it
I don't feel like properly Englishing today
Yeah I feel you man
I'm so fuckin' tired today
gloomy day.. bleh
British weather, eh?
we just had that yesterday
Yeah, I wouldn't survive more than half a year in London I've realized
my mood is directly proportional to the weather
1:36 PM
maybe...it's the other way around?!
I hope not
I think they should take the yellow light out of traffic lights
just have green and red
...for my amusement
ever been a pedestrian in the UK?
when your soft-and-vulnerable-pedestrian light starts to blink, the cars already see green
strongly hostile environment
I confirm.
Wait, this answer got 9 upvotes? It was that useful to people? Really?
bike shedding?
everybody is happy that they vaguely remember something from linear algebra 101
or "fancy words, and 120k rep user"
probably both
1:45 PM
I guess. I was thinking of dropping a minor typographical error close vote on it. But I thought it would be too much of a stretch.
120k rep user more I think
i'm sure anything jon skeet put up gets serial upvotes
And by "bike shedding" do you mean Law of triviality? I've never heard of this.
@TroyHaskin yeah, that's the one
I picked it up on meta a few months ago myself
And 5K finally. :D
time to...do absolutely nothing new
(OK, tag wiki reviews, probably)
1:49 PM
eh, but with 5k
5k should have something like "create new tags"
it would stop 5k being so pointless, and it would throttle all those necessary burninations
we'd only have to put up with 5k+ idiots instead of 250+ or something idiots
@AndrasDeak Photodiode, yes...
operating in a photoconductive regime
1:52 PM
So I have an array of pixels, each is a photodiode, and then I change the "integration time"
now there is a bias voltage that is applied to this element
which is somehow related to the integration time
and it manipulates the size of the depletion region
and the size of the depletion region determines the responsivity of the diode (quantum efficiency)
OK (I can see that I probably won't be able to help you, but go on:D)
1st question: back voltage <-> size of depletion region <-> quantum efficiency .... what's the relation there...?
^ This is something I think I understand fairly well, which leads to q2
q2) why do I need to change the voltage when I change the integration time..? I think it has something to do with avoiding saturation but this effect is not very clear to me
so what is the integration time exactly?
@AndrasDeak yikes lol
@Dev-iL back voltage is with a polarity that closes up the diode, and conduction is only due to incoming photons, right?
2:04 PM
I..... guess...?
integration time is the temporal exposure duration of the diode to radiation
possibly before readout of the charges happens
OK, I think I get that then
so increasing back voltage increases the size of the depletion region
@Amro almost done... I've bsxfunned the hell out of the batch updating.
and I would naively assume that with a larger depletion region, coupled with a larger bias voltage, you'll get higher quantum efficiency (but I'm not entirely clear about the latter quantity)
@AnderBiguri sunny in the UK? Did los dios return? lol
2:20 PM
so @Dev-iL if I had to guess, it's like this: you tune the size of the depletion region with the back voltage. The larger the voltage, the wider the area from which charge carriers are expelled. If photons come in, they generate carriers in the depletion region. If you let them generate for a longer time, more and more charge will accumulate in the region
so yeah, I would think it has to do with saturation
I'm not too familiar with the subject, but I'd assume that the less relative charge you have (compared to the total number of missing charge carriers, i.e. the distance from saturation), the higher efficiency you'll get
@rayryeng los dios?
@AnderBiguri I'm not sure if you're Christian or Pagan or whatever so I just said Dios to be sure lol
more than one.
Los Dioses or El Dios would be
bu tyeah
2:23 PM
lol Pagan
yes that's it.
who is pagan these days?
made me chuckle too:D
@AnderBiguri how was your trip to Nihongo?
Ander dancing in the moonlight, naked
2:23 PM
@AndrasDeak don't forget the sacrificing of the lamb.
Trying to summon the god of rain
@rayryeng Absolutely fantastic in so amny levels
the lambs are silent, those are good for dancing naked
2:24 PM
@AnderBiguri :D which cities did you visit?
@AndrasDeak wait, I dont need to believe in anything to do that, do I?
I do it already
it's fine either way;)
@rayryeng Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, Hiroshima, Nara, Himeji and a small town called Kamakura
@AndrasDeak I'm puzzled about the back voltage is dependent on the integration time
you set both manually, right?
2:25 PM
Q: Regular expression for KL/123/1991 HTML JAVASCRIPT

Vishnu S BabuCAN ANYBODY GIVE ME A REGULAR EXPRESSION FOR KL/123/1991 WHERE 1. 'KL' ANY 2 CHARACTERS, 2.'/' IS MUST, 3. '123' ANY 3 DIGIT NUMBER, 4.'/' IS MUST, 5. '1991' ANY 4 DIGIT YEAR BETWEEN 1950-2016 eg : KL/123/1991

You just mean that you need a larger back voltage for larger integration time. Is that right, @Dev-iL?
@excaza forgot the sql tag
@AndrasDeak No idea... I'm trying to figure out how the camera I have is working
TYLERh AM A BEGINER — Vishnu S Babu 32 secs ago
oop 2 delete votes
I'm going to cast the final one so it can go to SO hell
@Dev-iL OK...I would guess that you need larger back voltage for larger integration time:)
2:33 PM
@AndrasDeak Perhaps... I guess I'll just have to talk to the company that makes these detectors
@Dev-iL why is the back voltage relevant for you?
nvm i just seen it
@AnderBiguri (because it's the main parameter that affects the responsivity, which is important for me to characterize)
@Dev-iL possible:)
but anyway, sure, with twice the integration time you'll get twice the charge accumulated
which can lead to saturation
I'm not sure about where you're unsure
@AndrasDeak That's actually incorrect (or at least inaccurate)
@rayryeng lmao
2:36 PM
There's some slight nonlinearity there
@rayryeng I've never felt this way before
@Dev-iL you definetly get more charge, isnt it?
as I said, I'm quite in the dark about this subject
and I'm trying to figure this out
2:37 PM
@AnderBiguri yes, but not exactly double
but I don't have anything to start from
well, nearing saturation I'd expect the efficiency to drop
@Dev-iL isnt the back voltage there so for big crages you dont break the diode "barrier" ? have no idea how to call that
so you only reach maximum charge in an asymptotic way
@AnderBiguri Could be - I don't understand it enough to tell you
but at some charge, the diode doesnt work as a diode anymore, because it can not hold the charge it has, rigth?
si, the diode will not conduct electricity in a direction up tp a charge, where it will "break" and coduct current
My photodiode knoledge comes rom very ffar away in time
Meaning I remeber little
2:39 PM
and I only have non-specific semiconductor physics knowledge
"In photoconductive mode, an external reverse bias is applied. Applying a reverse bias increases the width of the depletion junction producing an increased responsivity with a decrease in junction capacitance and produces a very linear response. Operating under these conditions does tend to produce a larger dark current, but this can be limited based upon the photodiode material."
ohhh, thats for response time then?
how fast can you go from a state to another?
What is the implication of a "decrease in junction capacitance"?
@AnderBiguri Woot? I don't know how exactly IT is included in that
that's part of the problem
nah nevermind, I might be mistaken
I should not give my advice on this, because I know close to nothing
3:15 PM
@rayryeng aw, now I can't see how funny I am
@excaza for posterity
Documented doesn't imply they read it ;)
I did say.. "most" people
I think making markdown tables is my favorite thing
@rayryeng :)
For sure :) I use them all the time
Too bad SO doesn't support it.
3:20 PM
@Dev-iL I'm not sure how capacitance comes into play
I mean, I'd assume charge to be the primary quantity, not voltage
but I still don't get why "more time to gather charge --> more charge" is wrong/insufficient in your opinion
3:36 PM
@AndrasDeak I did all QM homework myself! Are you proud of me now?
@Adriaan I guess?:P
Although you're supposed to do that
@AndrasDeak jaaay :D
so, mission accomplished?:P
@AndrasDeak absolutely. All that's left is trump the thing in the PC
trump... *shivers*
3:37 PM
they make verbs out of everything nowadays?
@excaza This statement makes no sense lmao
Also take look on ones, nan, cell and deal functions... — Crowley 35 mins ago
(in bridge, whist, and similar card games) a playing card of the suit chosen to rank above the others, which can win a trick where a card of a different suit has been led.
"declarer ruffs the opening lead and plays a trump"
(in bridge, whist, and similar card games) play a trump on (a card of another suit).
"why on earth did you trump my ace?"
It's almost as bad as his botched Q & A.
@rayryeng i'm completely lost on that one
3:39 PM
I can see the vector being made with ones and perhaps nan, but not cell and deal.
I should submit a new answer: A = ones(1, N); A(2:end-1) = 0;
@excaza go for it lol
put OP in a cell until you can deal with that shit
I just noticed that I have a variable in my code called fup ... completely unintentional, at least consciously as far as I know.
@TroyHaskin do you have another variable... perhaps called f_edup?
3:40 PM
@rayryeng shouldn't you do x(n)=1;x(1)=1; for that? i.e. last entry first
@TroyHaskin it means fundamental unitary particle, doesn't it
@Adriaan Yes that is the current answer.
You can do either or.
It will work.
@rayryeng No. But I do have an fdown and an fmom.
fmom joke too?
@TroyHaskin eeeewww
3:40 PM
If you did x(1) = 1; x(6) = 1;, x will automatically expand and zero-fill the other entries.
@beaker Nah. They are upwind and downwind momentum fluxes.
@TroyHaskin that is funny.
@rayryeng nay, his is to initialise, then set first index, then the last. I mean that if you don't initialise, you should do the last index first right?
@TroyHaskin LOL... so fluxed up again
n = 10;

A = cell(1, n);
[A{:}] = deal(1);
[A{2:end-1}] = deal(0);
A = cell2mat(A);
3:41 PM
@Adriaan Last then first is faster. First than last is also acceptable but it will be slower as x will have to expand to be accommodated.
@rayryeng aight
n = 10;

A = cell(1, n);
[A{:}] = deal(1);
A = cell2mat(A);
A(2:end-1) = zeros(1, n-2);
I like that one better
>> clear x;
>> x(1) = 1

x =


>> x(6) = 1

x =

     1     0     0     0     0     1
@excaza lmao.
3:43 PM
@beaker I flux whichever way the wind is blowing ... if you know what I mean. ;)
@excaza to have wider picture? — Crowley 4 mins ago
crop it down to 16:9 then
@excaza I had to spell it out to make sure Crowley understood lol
oh, I forgot nan
3:48 PM
@excaza That's some of the most obfuscated code I've ever seen lol
It's like the Rude Goldberg machine for initializing a zeros vector.
I have a better one
in a sec
@rayryeng A = cell(ones(1), n); [A{2:n-1}] = deal(NaN); A = [ones(1) cell2mat(A) ones(1)]; A(isnan(A)) = zeros(1);
@excaza FFS lol
too bad I'm not this talented at code golf
this is like the opposite
3:54 PM
This would be deemed a popularity contest.
That's the other extreme of the PPCG website. There are challenges where you win by having the most votes.
Have I ever shown you this post on PPCG?
@rayryeng suck it, fart man. I vote @Excaza!
Q: Make it look like I'm working

SomeKittensOften, I find myself running a script or query that will take a significant amount of time to run. I can leave that script open and enjoy some guilt-free procrastination. Now, what if I could write a script that seems to be one of the above scripts to any onlookers, but in looks only? I could ...

This challenge was to make a program that made the OP look like he was working... but it really did nothing
One of my favourite posts on that website.
these are amazing
For sure
you see the highest rated answer?
:D lol
I'm going to put that up on my other monitor
3:58 PM
Way more effort than my NapTime.m I made ages ago.
@TroyHaskin That's a cute program!
I kinda don't want to change this compatibility table
Is it supported? No.
4:25 PM
posted on April 25, 2016 by Steve Eddins

In response to "MATLAB image display - autoscaling values with imshow," MATLAB Answerer Extraordinaire ImageAnalyst posted this comment:... read more >>

5:04 PM
If I say "Cases a and b are fully equivalent and result in the same answer, though care has to be taken which operators are taken into account. Case a will be worked out here, case b is left as an exercise for the reader." would that be demeaning to my teacher if I write this on my mandatory homework?
@Amro preliminary engine is finished... at least the training algorithm
I'm just testing to see if it all makes sense.
5:18 PM
@Adriaan demeaning? no. impertinent? yes. ;)
@beaker So now the question is, do I work out both cases, or do I work out one
posted on April 25, 2016 by Cleve Moler

The equations generating a surf plot of the Moebius strip can be parameterized and the parameters allowed to take on expanded values. The results are a family of surfaces that I have been displaying for as long as I have had computer graphics available.... read more >>

@Adriaan hard to say, but i've given similar answers when two problems were provably identical (once proof has been provided)
@Adriaan solve it in a general case that covers both
since there has to be an underlying connection between the two
then just "substitute a or b for c as needed"
@AndrasDeak I have to calculate the second order energy correction to s system with either a spin up electron, or a spin down electron. Both are equivalent, only the non-zero operator in the Hamiltonian of mixing differs. That'll still reach a number operator which becomes one, together with the inner product, leaving the same pre-factor, regardless of spin
I'm actually thoroughly enjoying myself with this :O
5:30 PM
so why not solve for c1*up+c2*down?
@AndrasDeak I'll send you the thing once I'm done; hopefully that'll make things clear (or actually, more obfuscated, knowing myself)
or c1*up+(1-c1)*down, where c1 is either 0 or 1
@ray this reminds me of you hahahaha
user image
@ballBreaker shit lol
@ballBreaker well no one has accepted any of my ridiculous prices yet
@rayryeng hahahha bookmark the comic just in case then
By the way, you enjoying this lovely weather? D;
@rayryeng lmao
This is jokes
5:47 PM
@AndrasDeak I'm on about this thing, where you can have either g-down or g-up in the first bra:
so you only need to watch that if you pick g-up as ground state you annihilate the down spin from the double-state instead of the up spin. Result will be the same
@Adriaan Ket outta here!
@TroyHaskin No way bra!
@LuisMendo So in thinking more about & what if we made it a "secondary default" value rather than purely "one more than the default". So for v a logical secondary default would be 2$v (similar to h).
6:14 PM
@Suever Hey since you're here...
is there a way to make the markers in gscatter transparent?
I've got a bunch of points in a figure, then I want to use gscatter to overlay points on top of these other points where the points with gscatter have some transparency
@Suever eh never mind. I just fixed it by plotting using different colours all together.
6:29 PM
@Adriaan lacking context, |g up> vs |g updown> sounds like a silly notation
and call it g_\sigma with \sigma=up or down
which will choose the appropriate \sigma-indexed quantities from the scalar product
\bra{g\sigma} \op c^\dagger_{k^\prime,\overline\sigma} ...
where \overline\sigma is the complementary spin channel
@rayryeng Hmm the way that I used to use doesn't seem to work for a gscatter.
no worries at all :)
This has worked for other plot types
That's what I looked at.
I'm going to dump gscatter and just use a normal plot
I'm pretty much right at the end of what I needed to do for Amro... just making a test script to demonstrate its use.
Yea I don't think there are many benefits except that you pay MATLAB extra to use it.
6:36 PM
hahaha for sure
@AndrasDeak Do you want the entire exercise in its full glory to mope some more? ;)
All of them, actually
6:58 PM
@Dev-iL did you have a nice passover this weekend?
@ballBreaker It's a whole week :)
I accidentally stumbled into a very orthodox jew neighbourhood on Saturday, it was interesting
Did you have a nice Palm Sunday..? ;)
Lot's of old-timey clothes and what not
Thought I went back about 80 years
@Suever hey so for line objects (i.e. using plot(...)), there is a Color attribute and I believe you can set the transparency by setting a fourth parameter... but when I tried that, it doesn't seem to work
6:59 PM
@Dev-iL that was quite a while ago actually
@Dev-iL Is that the christian holiday?

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