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1:28 AM
@Braiam i always find it shocking when i need to enable cookies just to look at a webpage
1:46 AM
@cimmanon HA
I don't care so much, since I normally enable reader mode ASAP
3 hours later…
4:20 AM
Yvette has started reviewing!
1 hour later…
5:46 AM
@SmokeDetector that spam was live for 30 mins, reviewers
2 hours later…
Didn't get my coffee yet
@PraveenKumar brews coffee for @PraveenKumar
8:00 AM
@Kyll brews coffee for you...
Mrgnf ty
@Mogsdad I am coming in as well. Have been a kitten and a cat for the past 24 years...
8:13 AM
My... my rep. It's perfect.
@JanDvorak No. Could need a few edits to have the data in, though
What do we learn about the answer when we remove the links, except for where to look for the answer?
Oh. The first paragraph is kinda useful - but it should still show the config key
Could use some edits, but decent answer nonetheless
Also... what's the unit? 65kB doesn't seem too big.
65MB / 65MiB would be nicer
8:27 AM
@Tunaki No more ! Come on come on come on =D
8:39 AM
Anyone here heard of the term "jagged arrays" before?
8:53 AM
@Rizier123 Yeah
9:05 AM
9:35 AM
shouldn't this be on Super User?
@cybermonkey I don't think so
9:53 AM
Q: Burninate the following tags

SuklI think that the tags [bitwise-or],[bitwise-and],[bitwise-xor],[bitwise-shift],[bitwise],[bitwise],and [bitwise-operations] should all be burninated. They all fall under the category of [bitwise-operators],so why fill the site with unnecessary tags?

@Floern did you hit an audit on that post? :3
@JanDvorak no, but I assume some others did during the last 5 years
oh, it just got jon'd
10:10 AM
Where is the Tuna when you need him? NATO seems to need attention
@Kyll Use Blaze from the Charcoal HQ, it looks like the NATO. Its really usefull in getting those naa flags
so shiny
@Floern If you want to go save go for NAA :P
10:25 AM
@Rizier123 took the risk and went for spam ;)
@SmokeDetector It looks like an answer
Definitely poor but maybe not spam either
@Praveen ^?
Self promotion.
10:38 AM
but the question talks about a regex (.+?) and it seems to answer that. Maybe the link could just be removed as fluff?
It doesn't answer the question directly, it only states what certain regex characters do
okay but does that make it spam?
now that's spam :D
what does mean top 43% of year ?
on SO progile?
Hello @Phoenix!
hi tubaki
10:45 AM
There are leaderboards for the week / month / year (and more) with the reputation you've earned. This shows you what is your top-percent.
So based on the reputation you've earned this year, you are in the top 43% of users.
Please check on my profile and please tellme what i have done 43% ?
understand ty sir
I don't remember seeing you around. Do you know what this chat room is about?
HMm not exectly
We have a Teams page that recap stackoverflow.com/teams/11/socvr. Also, look at the top right :)
@kyll and others: is that new burninate request indeed a duplicate? If so I'll hammer it ...
10:52 AM
Not sure @rene
this one is about burninating
the linked one is about synonymizing
I left a comment
Posted a competing answer to not burninate
@SmokeDetector copypasted the question and put a link at the end...
11:00 AM
@Tunaki ?
@Floern oo yes
@rene ignore me, it's a french idiom...
That was the user of the previous post, I marked the post k in the charcoal before we talked here, its seems like the new post is defenitly spam to me
@Tunaki ... eager to learn ...
okay that's definitely spam
Stackoverflow down for me?
11:04 AM
again copypasted
@rene funny, the dictionary translates as "bah" :D wordreference.com/enfr/bah
@Tunaki yes, that's what I read in it as well
> An exclamation to fill space, often used as an intensifier; well, err, um.
Anyone else having 522 errors with stackoverflow?
11:23 AM
11:35 AM
@Ferrybig yes, I had awhile ago. I guess AMS-IX is down
11:46 AM
@rene I guess it depends. If your answer is accepted by the community, then yes..?
@BhargavRao hiya
Most of the people viewing this question now are probably at work and "unwinding/on break" — David Grinberg 2 days ago
plop or cbg or something :)
11:58 AM
something o/
[Spearrel idiom] o/
tours and travels too. They don't have sense where to spam.
If for example: http://stackoverflow.com/a/80649/3933332 you have the tables in that answer inside an html table. And you hover over a value in that table (Not on the (side) header), just a normal value from the table. Would you be able to highlight the corresponding column and row in which that value is just with CSS?

I know you can do a simple `:hover` on the value itself and change the color, but not sure if you can change the color of the corresponding column and row just with CSS or if JS is needed.
12:13 PM
@Tushar Should have asked them to spam on travel.SE
@Tushar I've noticed you've started reviewing! I'll update your session record.
@PraveenKumar Kitten and cat? But, your avatar looks like an angel in the clouds... I see no feline!
@Mogsdad That's a cat in disguise.
12:30 PM
Close that question?
Let me rephrase - yes, spammy answer. No, don't close the question.
> My question is, does apple allow songs to be manipulated the same way as images in ALAssetLibrary are allowed to be manipulated. If so how would this be done
I'm not proficient in that tech, it sounds too broad. Anyone here familiar with that?
12:31 PM
The question lacks code, but is asking about programmatic manipulation of media.
Yeah, question is broad but not "Too broad", looks legit.
JAL, I believe, would be able to answer.
What's with so many "First Post"s?
Another experiment?
It's probably a "yes, here's how" or "no" answer. The guess answer there is downvotable.
Ah. The Q has been Jon'd.
12:33 PM
So yep, it was too broad ^^
@Jon - We've been discussing that question you just deleted, can you share your thoughts?
(spam seed?)
I know - I've been lurking. It's a year old with 53 views - it's off topic in more than one way and attracting spam... no need for it to stay.
(new topic) How about this for an auto-comment? stackoverflow.com/questions/36809258/…
@JonClements 54*
12:48 PM
Tushar passed a audit!
All right, just made a PR fixing a Maven bug. Back to NATO.
@Closey An easy audit, already seen and commented.
if you are a maven expert you need to come from ant : )
Unfortunately, yeah. (Ant is... :( ) looking at it
1:11 PM
@Petter do you have a way to test an Ant script?
sure I can run in eclipse
I use it sometimes with jaxb
I'll see if I can install the jasper reports plugin on my Eclipse. Could you test this?
I'm on it give me some time to setup : )
@Tuna why 2 dest dir in target jrc
erf copy-pasta, should be tempdir :)
Tushar passed a audit!
1:30 PM
> this is my first time, can anyone give me a demo like this one?
@Tushar You've reviewed 40 posts today (of which 2 were audits), thanks! The time between your first and last review today was 1 hour, 14 minutes, and 14 seconds, averaging to a review every 1 minute and 51 seconds.
Bye all, Going out for a film
1:48 PM
@Tuna ok ant up and running (have test complied some of mine), with your script what folder structure are you expecting?
@PetterFriberg I can't run the jrc task myself =/ Where is the JAR that defines it in Eclipse? With the script, it'll create a folder reports and build/reports where the jrxml file is located
yeah but Eclipse doesn't recognize that class
nevermind, found it
I don't really understand the structure : ), and have error on <foreach target="jrc" param="jrxml.file">, The name is undefined.
what the heck is param?, it passes the absolute file path?
2:01 PM
hmm then I don't understand the error
ant-contrib isn't installed on your Ant
but I'm getting there on my end also
Hey... Where's the autocomments userscript...
2:04 PM
No the one we wrote.
How do you use StackApps?
Got it. :D
: )
damn, lost
sd delete - edited
Also ninja'ed @PraveenKumar in comments
Kyll's on point today
2:08 PM
And destroyed the comment with a rude flag
Plop gunr
PAX East is tomorrow. The hype train has started.
@Tunaki I'm on hold, tell me if you need something, you can use the jrxml from this answer if you need something to compile stackoverflow.com/questions/36795835/…
"IT WASN'T EVEN ME" yeah, right
LOL that picture
2:10 PM
copy and past save it in a file with extension .jrxml
How dare you use the image of our lord and master?!
@Tunaki Getting bored on answering need to have some fun...
Okay but it doesn't compile anything
what is srcdir? what should it contain?
its the folder of the jrxml files
it should compile to .jasper
LoL... Seriously?
2:12 PM
@PraveenKumar Yeah, but who's I?
May be... He's talking to himself?
Raising a mod flag
@Kyll I don't think it's needed
I mean, what is a mod going to do?
A cooldown period? That user just tried to deface someone else's post
2:14 PM
that's typical on the same thread
@Mogsdad There's no word for us! :(
Come on over, I made lots!
@gunr2171 Yet unacceptable and worthy of mod attention
2:16 PM
meh. I rest my case. Go and flag if you think it's needed.
Yus, done
@Reimeus Please use [tag:cv-pls]
All right @Petter I answered, it works on my machineā„¢
Great! I will check it out, then I will see how to install ant-contrb.... can always be useful : )
@Reimeus hum. Just for sake of argument, is "give me an algorithm" really a close reason?
@Tuna, he he you even answered to me : ), need to test this...
2:22 PM
already gone
@PetterFriberg I added how to add ant-contrib to Eclipse as well. It's always a pain...
@gunr2171 there a number of ways this can be solved. it would be better to see OP at least try one of them...
True, the OP didn't try anything (or at least showed no research effort). But when it comes to string manipulation, realistically how many ways are there to solve the problem?
I think maybe a handful at most
It's not the "too broad" you'd find in "how do I connect my app to a database in the cloud"
@gunr2171 another spoon-fed answer posted - the lack of research should be enough to close the question
but "lack of research" is not a close reason, it's a downvote reason
2:27 PM
@Reimeus Lack of research is not a close reason, it's a downvote one
it's a mess
And for the record, I did downvote the question, and I want to close it. I just need to make a good argument for closing it. Right now too broad and unclear don't sit well with me.
@Kyll To defeat a ninja, shall need to become a ninja
@gunr2171 looks like RTFM, which usually fits either unclear or no MCVE
MCVE would fit if he was trying to solve his code problem but didn't give info. The problem is the question is stated in a general manner. "Given X and Y, how can I make Z?"
2:31 PM
@gunr2171 Too Broad, provided that there's more than one way to do it I'd say in that case
7 mins ago, by gunr2171
True, the OP didn't try anything (or at least showed no research effort). But when it comes to string manipulation, realistically how many ways are there to solve the problem?
@Adriaan Not a valid reason for TB =p
@gunr2171 I know nothing about Java TBH :P
As for unclear, you could make the argument "Yes, I know that you want to make something, but what are you actually asking for? What is the problem you are having?"
@Adriaan same, but I know c#, which is basicly the same thing
I made an edit @Petter that clarifies the output
2:33 PM
@gunr2171 the other option we use in MATLAB quite a bit is to find a duplicate
code got added
closing as MCVE
@gunr2171 there is code, and then you close it as MCVE? Why?
let me get an example
> I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because it is clear, has an MCVE and is not broad
This post is a generic question, "How can I do X?" You don't need any code up front, you just need a method to do it. Same with the OP's original post, "I have a string, and need to get rid of the spaces, how can I do that" ...
Now that code has been added, the OP has shown an attempt, but failed to explain how the attempt was wrong.
errors, didn't run as intended, etc
2:39 PM
@Tunaki Very nice, you still remember the old ant ; )
Is that a good thing? :D
Seems commentary / other question to me
my gut reaction is "it's fine"
@Tunaki Looks like an answer to me
all right, I'll follow gunr guts.
2:47 PM
@Tunaki seems like he's suggesting something indeed
hmm I bet he is missing a "does" -- > "how does it works?"
Possible, but requires quite a bit of code wrt looped plotting with a wait timer and saving gifs
3:07 PM
@Tunaki I've noticed you've started reviewing! I'll update your session record.
@PetterFriberg How it works? I'm adding that to M.E.!
@Mogsdad So he would not be the only one...
@PetterFriberg Not by a long shot! (To be fair, the "exact search" used by elasticsearch is not exact, so there are many false positives in that query.)
3:28 PM
damn, I was tempted to CV just to further the train.
afk, going to buy baguettes :)
@Tunaki :o
3:54 PM
@Tunaki Don't forget to get some for us. :D
Is there a way that the result of a stack snippet is shown in a new page by default? Instead of clicking that "Full page" button?
Not that I know of.
@gunr My custom flag has been marked helpful and the user suspended to cool down for 24 hours
4:02 PM
So. Eating a baguette. With saucisson.
Et du beurre / cornichons?
@Sam Was that a response to my message or someone else?
@Rizier123 Yours
4:05 PM
@Rizier123 Sam speaks to himself. Don't mind him.
I didn't used CSS in such a long time :P I'm just googl'ing the simplest things.
Can I haz some reviews above? There's already two "Recommend deletion" and I think this answer is now very fine. Or is it no longer reviewable because of the edits? If so, my flag shouldn't be pending anymore...
I Looks Ok'd.
Thanks Tuna and Eric. Flag is now disputed! =p
It was indeed a very good edit.
4:12 PM
Surprisingly so
Hence flag as VLQ instead of NAA
Not that debate again xD
Just merge the damn flags
Since the tables in this answer are pretty big: stackoverflow.com/a/80649/3933332 and hard to find something if you look for something I thought to add a hidden stack snippet, something like this: jsfiddle.net/j1at1yyg Now for one I'm not sure if this is a good idea and two the snippet is not done yet :P
@Rizier123 How about just adding a horizontal rule between each row?
@Tunaki My CSS knowledge is so tiny and rusty I just try to get it work. The only things left to do, I think are: 1) make the top and side header different 2) If you click on one element it should stay highlighted (not sure if this works with pure CSS or some JS needed) 3) Maybe add some delimiter between all elements like a line or so 4) Not sure if the colors are good (But what do you think about the general idea? Or is it too much code, just to make some table more readable?)
4:27 PM
That would make the table even bigger.
Yeah but I find it more readable
Well the first question I'm asking myself is, if it is a good idea in general to add some code into an answer to make some plain text more readable or not. And I'm not even sure on that one.
4:51 PM
meta.stackoverflow.com/q/321601/3933332 Really? What a mind reader.
5:02 PM
afk dinnerz
5:16 PM
@Tunaki I won't add the table to the answer. 1) It broke the entire formatting, which I don't want to deal with 2) Since they would have to click on "Run snippet" AND on "Full page" to see it in a more readable form, till then they just clicked on the link and saw it in the manual. (But my final version would have been: jsfiddle.net/j1at1yyg/1 )
@rene you've attracted a NAA :-D stackoverflow.com/a/36813867/2756409
Yeah, I already flagged
That is also on my noob css/js question to experience down votes
Whew. Another VERY long code review answer.
5:32 PM
@Tunaki Code review answers are always long if they are good
That is true indeed.
@PraveenKumar Having a hard time seeing how stackoverflow.com/a/36813814/1849664 is spam
@Undo Isn't it not spam?
Looks so to me.
Oops... :(
Why? Maybe I'm missing something
1. Self Promotion. 2. Not in English.
Did I miss something?
And the content was also irrelevant.
5:42 PM
It's basically disclosed, though
"I post my solution"
also, that code block is real AWS code
Anyway, be a little more frugal with the spam flags.
@Undo Definitely..
@Undo Sorry. :(
5:45 PM
No worries.
The answer is crazy...
unsalvagable, poofed
Oh. There's an undelete vote on the answer. That makes me thinking what would happen if an answer is undeleted when the whole question is deleted.
@Tunaki science time!
well that's weird
Can <10kers tell us what they see?
@Tunaki Wut?!?
5:50 PM
Screenshot? Just shows an answer without the red background for me
Which doesn't seem exceptional
Yeah, you're 10k
Yeah but I wonder what <10kers see.
I seem to recall a Meta post about this.
5:51 PM
Open it in incognito
or I guess I could login to Smokey
Typical 404 page for logged out.
same logged in to Smokey
^ Although that always makes my day
@Undo Smokey's a popular lad around here apparently
@Adriaan brews coffee for @Adriaan
@SmokeDetector thanks
5:58 PM
Now it's 21443...
Btw @Undo, do we want to keep that answer undeleted? It is kinda bizarre :D.
@Tunaki I can't see the question (if it's indeed the thing praveen linked up there)
The questions are: are the upvotes still counted for example? :D
Dam they are!
You could gain reputation with undeleted answers to deleted questions! Not sure how someone would stumble upon it but hey :)
You can also see the answer on their profile.
Still, limited use for abuse :(
'A young non-binary person came out to Barack Obama on live TV'. She is allergic to computers, phones?
6:06 PM
The title looks like a request to burninate the [duplicate] tag now. — Laurel 1 hour ago
^ lol I had the same though :)
Oh that's weird now
The post was undeleted 2 times in a row apparently. And it is in fact deleted now but the revisions doesn't show it! What a mess.
6:27 PM
@WaiHaLee I've noticed you've started reviewing! I'll update your session record.
^ could use a del vote after closed
7:13 PM
@Tunaki Heh, in trying to 'fix' that I made the rev history even weirder: stackoverflow.com/posts/36812952/revisions
Oh good, it was undeleted 3 times in a row now. Once wasn't enough!
Hi again \o
back to do the reviewing :)
Finally! Who authorized you to go to the movies?!
Closey told me
Oh did she? That's quite all right then.
7:25 PM
Phew, Escaped another tuna attack
7:36 PM
@BhargavRao That was close!
@PetterFriberg I've noticed you've started reviewing! I'll update your session record.
Petter Friberg passed a audit!
@Kyll yep :D
7:58 PM
@BhargavRao I've noticed you've started reviewing! I'll update your session record.
@rene I've noticed you've started reviewing! I'll update your session record.
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