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8:00 PM
the page hangs
And it is done...
Unofficial results: Winners are josilber, Ed Cottrell, and Madara Uchiha.
8:00 PM
Counting ballots...
OpenSTV version 1.7 (OpenSTV.org)

Suggested donation for using OpenSTV for an election is $50.  Please go to
OpenSTV.org/donate to donate via PayPal, Google Checkout, or
Amazon Payments.

Certified election reports are also available.  Please go to
openstv.org/certified-reports for more information.

Loading ballots from file votes.blt.
Ballot file contains 10 candidates and 27320 ballots.
No candidates have withdrawn.
Ballot file contains 27320 non-empty ballots.
> Winners are josilber, Ed Cottrell, and Madara Uchiha.
Annnddd it's over
Winners are josilber, Ed Cottrell, and Madara Uchiha.
8:00 PM
<opens cockpit door> Good luck, we're all counting on you. </door>
Congrats @MadaraUchiha
Congrats @EdCottrell @MadaraUchiha and @josilber
Tough luck @Undo
Seriously... congrats to the new mods!
8:01 PM
Congratulations guys!
Congrats @EdCottrell @MadaraUchiha and @josilber
@Undo :(
Congrats, people!
@rekire :/
Congo @MadaraUchiha @EdCottrell @josilber
8:01 PM
what what @undo is not in?
Thanks, everyone!
Hoping you’re called up shortly, Undo!
@Undo the good news is the rate of elections is increasing.
Sorry, @Undo - was pulling for you!
I wonder how close it was. I thought Undo was a shoe-in.
8:01 PM
@Undo Run again in 5 months at the next election :)
Congrats @MadaraUchiha @josilber @EdCottrell
Congrats @EdCottrell @MadaraUchiha and @josilber from me too :)
@minitech definitely this. @Undo
@rekire Thanks
Congrats, from a non voter. It's like in real life, not eligible... :D
8:02 PM
@Seth Vinod's next in line. Then me.
@Undo now you have to catch up.
last time they gave swag to people who did 10 or more messages in this room, right?
8:03 PM
@AwalGarg no.
@AwalGarg I… don’t think so.
At least, I never got any.
@Undo I'm starting to think being 3rd in primaries is cursed... same happened to me last time - so who knows - history could repeat again!?
Aah just slipped out of my meeting but need to run back. Will catch up on all this in 20-30 minutes.
@JonClements Hope so ;)
8:04 PM
@AwalGarg They did offer swag to all candidates or something like that
@josilber: The tl;dr: congratulations :)
Hmm, even less than 10% voted this time :\
Congrats @MadaraUchiha, @EdCottrell, @josilber. Looking forward to seeing you in action. :D
316,201 voters were eligible, 27,321 voted
@EdCottrell: Congrats to you; looking forward to see you operate :)
8:05 PM
The results of the election: josilber, Ed Cotrell and Madara Uchiha
Thank you, everyone, and congratulations to @josilber and @MadaraUchiha. I know you will be awesome.
@JeremyBanks is stepping down?
@Mixcels Yup
@EdCottrell Errr where's your Blue?
Looks like it
8:07 PM
Hmm, yeah I was just wondering the same @Mixcels
That's quick.
@Oldskool Got the diamond on main, probably takes a while to propagate
@Oldskool Sure it is.
@BhargavRao Not sure how long it takes to hit chat, but I already got the diamond on main and meta.
@MadaraUchiha Any idea why? And why so soon?
@EdCottrell Time to change your black and white photo to blue and white. :D
8:08 PM
@Mixcels You'd have to ask him
(Because I don't know :D)
@BhargavRao :)
@JeremyBanks If I may I ask, why are you stepping down?
@Mixcels In the end, I wasn't able to commit the time necessary to do the job properly.
I'm seeing diamons for @EdCottrell, @josilber and @MadaraUchiha !
@Oldskool :)
8:10 PM
@Oldskool me too
@Oldskool no color change in chat :/
@JeremyBanks Sorry to hear it, but honorable that you can admit to that.
Wow, josilber hasn't even been around for 2 years and is already mod, is that a record?
@SantaClaus He has a super solid track record
Time will tell if he can maintain that level of engagement; I know I couldn't :p
@meagar Yeah I know -- thats why I'm sortof amazed by how quickly he accomplished that
8:12 PM
Summary with graphs and stuff: opavote.com/results/6186395068530688/0
@SantaClaus Technically, all the moderators who were elected or appointed before the site was 2 years old would have that beat.
took me a minute to get that; OpaVote changed their UI. Much nicer now though, kudos to Jeff O'Neill for the work they've done there.
It looked like a close finish for the third place!
That fight between Vinod and Madara for the 3rd position
@BradLarson True, not sure if they'd have as much rep, however.
8:15 PM
@BhargavRao: I know, right? I was just looking at that.
@Shog9 No worries, good job either way! Nice post.
Especially in Round 8 and Round 9
@BhargavRao I know
Congrats @MadaraUchiha @EdCottrell @josilber :)
If you ever need a few more hands... I'm always ready to step up ;)
great room
8:19 PM
^ the "real" reason undo lost.
@Undo I'm sure you'll get that chance soon enough! :)
@EdCottrell Hope so :)
Yeah, sorry to see you didn't make it @Undo. You had my vote, but you're a good (second) runner up, so you might still be called up soon.
That's my hope. Or I can just wait until the next election.
The meta block on the right side of the main site looks empty after the elections :(
8:21 PM
Yes, it took @MadaraUchiha two runs as well.
@Oldskool 4*
Oh wow. I thought 2... :)
This was my fourth run, yeah :)
Well, good to see you still stepped up and are finally rewarded then @MadaraUchiha!
I'm sure you'll do a good job.
Thank you :)
8:22 PM
yeah @MadaraUchiha wasn't initially running this time :P so glad he ran
Woo, two out of three
I voted for @Undo instead of @josilber
Thanks :)
I forgot who else I voted for. I guess @undo and no third one.
Plot twist: voting for Undo actually just retracts one of your other votes
8:26 PM
Heh ;)
LOL @Shog9
aha, the diamonds propagated to chat as well!
madara is blue now
ah, not yet for me
Maybe they have to rejoin .. or it just needs some more time :)
@Oldskool just reload?
I'm just recognizing that I only voted for persons who didn't get in. what does this tell about me?^^
8:29 PM
@AwalGarg Ah, yeah that's it :)
@Oldskool Actually, it has to do with who is the parent user for the chat user. For me, it was ebooks. Madara was probably set to use his site on which he's a mod. Have to switch them to SO to go blue in SO chats.
@EdCottrell Chat.SO profiles are always set to SO as their parent site
Ah wow, getting out of my meeting to some good news! Thanks so much everybody and congrats @EdCottrell and @MadaraUchiha!
Congrats @josilber :)
@josilber Hey.. ya... congrats man.
8:31 PM
Congratulations @josilber
@Undo Hmm. Well, I had changed mine to ebooks. When I changed it to SO, I went blue everywhere. Bug? Or by-design? Who knows?
@EdCottrell This is on chat.SO or chat.SE?
@Undo Hey you had my vote -- I really hope we see you next time!
@josilber You've always been the voice of reason in SOCVR... you're a great choice for mod.
@LynnCrumbling Thanks :)
8:31 PM
@Undo SO
@Oldskool Thanks!
@EdCottrell Weird.
Did not know that @Shog9 could edit others' chat messages ... But yeah he is Shog9 :D
@BhargavRao Yeah, all your chats are belong to @Shog9 ;-)
@BhargavRao Actually all mods can... One of the fun things. :)
8:33 PM
@EdCottrell Mod test -- Edit this MWHAHAHAHAHA!
Done. >)
Time to run for a mod ... Writes a note in diary
@EdCottrell Uh oh, I think you just failed the mod test .. what if it was a test of responsibility? ;-)
Good lord there's a diamond after my name when I post on SO!
@Oldskool :)
@josilber Scary, right?
8:35 PM
That will take some getting used to...
Scary stuff ;)
@josilber That's odd, you can always file a bug report on Meta ;-)
@josilber Now being a R fella .. You need to get us some cool statistics and graphs on the results. ;)
Nah, J/K. You deserve it :)
@Oldskool :)
@BhargavRao Working on it :)
9:08 PM
Congrats @josilber, @EdCottrell, and @MadaraUchiha. But especially @MadaraUchiha -- you won! If you hadn't nominated yourself... :)
@hichris123 Thanks!
It's always fun to have fresh meat... I mean, new moderators!
@hichris123 Thank you.
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