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12:08 AM
@Closey starting
@Mogsdad Happy reviewing!
@closey end session
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@Mogsdad Sorry, I don't understand that. Use commands for a list of commands.
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12:14 AM
This question (stackoverflow.com/questions/473839/…) is attracting new answers but is too old to be migrated to SU
what should be done?
This is also attracting new answer and I'm tempted to vtc as POB. Thoughts? stackoverflow.com/q/29363321/2415822
@JAL I thought you were going to sleep :P
@JAL That one is definitely too broad
I'm in NY so it's only 7:17 for me
i was leaving work earlier
@JAL as for the first one, a guy, new here today, with an accepted answer years ago
what is there to do
@JAL That one seems fine
It's a tool commonly used for programming
Which is explicitly on-topic.
i guess. so would something like "how do i change the background color of cmd.exe" be on-topic then?
12:20 AM
@JAL I think so
hmm, ok
unrelated: it's good to see some ios people in the room
glad i'm not the only one
12:33 AM
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12:51 AM
Morning :)
@Closey starting
@KevinGuan Don't get lost in the queue!
hey @KevinGuan
@Drew Hi, reviewing ;)
What about this question? Three upvotes, but three language tags.
@KevinGuan makes sense based on the question
@Drew Okay, done :)
1:03 AM
@Closey Starting
@Undo May the Vote be with you!
@Closey next 3 tags
Refreshing the tag listing. Please wait...
@Undo The next 3 tags are: 163, 131, 115
passed java audit
@Closey next 15 tags
1:09 AM
@KevinGuan Sorry, that's too many tags for me. Please choose a number between 1 and 15
@KevinGuan The next 15 tags are: 163, 131, 115, 112, 94, 84, 54, 52, 45, 38, 32, 27, 26, 25, 25
Where's the code for Closey?
I... that's... weird
@Closey next 15 tags
@Undo The next 15 tags are: 163, 131, 115, 112, 94, 84, 54, 52, 45, 38, 32, 27, 26, 25, 25
I don't know why there is no , when I'm reviewing I seen lots of question.
1:11 AM
Oh, I hadn't seen that you'd edited your message
@Undo Yeah :P
Thank you for reviewing 40 close votes today; come back in 22 hours to continue reviewing.
@KevinGuan Thanks for reviewing! To see more information use the command last session stats.
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@Closey start event
1:17 AM
8,550 need review
148 reviews today
2,916,820 reviews all-time
The tags to work on are: , , .
Good, I'll go to eat breakfast :P
passed javascript audit
> There are no items for you to review, matching the filter "[css3]"
I skipped a bunch, though
> Thank you for reviewing 40 close votes today; come back in 22 hours to continue reviewing.
@Undo Thanks for reviewing! To see more information use the command last session stats.
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1:49 AM
thank you
@Closey starting
@Mogsdad Good luck!
2:04 AM
What about close this question again? stackoverflow.com/questions/33684775/…
So that is: OP asked a question 8 days ago, and it be closed very quick. But OP asked the same question again, and linked that closed question...
@KevinGuan if its the same, you can close it as a dupe
@cimmanon Ah, good idea :P
Yep, that ^^
passed debugging audit
Then went and edited the question because the audit was wrong.
@Undo Or recommend or find a book, tool, software library, tutorial or other off-site ?
2:09 AM
Perhaps, yeah
Also for that dupe question, I think we need add a comment that tells OP don't ask this question again.
I did @KevinGuan
@Drew See that, thanks :)
why isn't this code working?
2:21 AM
dang that could qualify for 99% :)
they provide code that reproduces the problem, say what the problem is, and what they expect
but it's still way too localized
Thank you for reviewing 40 close votes today; come back in 21 hours to continue reviewing.
@Mogsdad Thanks for reviewing! To see more information use the command last session stats.
@Closey last session stats
@Mogsdad Your last completed review session ended 17 seconds ago and lasted 33 minutes and 20 seconds. You reviewed 40 items, averaging a review every 50 seconds.
2:24 AM
@SotiriosDelimanolis I'd say it's an okay question
At least not something we should hammer
Not steller, definitely. But we got rid of 'too localized' a long time ago, for good reason
no one will ever look for Java GPA issue
@SotiriosDelimanolis Hope the OP figures it out on their own with your hint, then encourage them to post it as an answer. Then let some evil people close it as "typo".
@SotiriosDelimanolis The might look for java average calculate incorrect
Unlikely they'll have the same issue...I hate all of these. :(
I'm not a fan of them either, to be honest.
Nope - way too many. (Just review mysql close votes!)
2:31 AM
mysql, my fav tag. Feed cv-pls, glad to oblige
OK, this edit has popped up in review. Technically, it's minor, and I'd tend to reject it. The reason behind it though is accessibility. So, if I reject it, am I evil for not accommodating a handicap? If I approve it, will we get flooded with similar edits? And the answer - well, it's link-only, so what SHOULD be happening is flagging it. But it's old, so the flag might get declined. AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!
@Mogsdad I approved it, then flagged the answer as VLQ
It's a valid edit, to an invalid post.
Anyone know how to get rid of owls?
If it gets deleted, they lose the rep anyway.
If it says around, I'd rather have it in the edited form
@Mogsdad Are firearms out of the question?
owls are cool, no ?
2:34 AM
@Drew They can get irritating very quickly
@Undo Yes, inside city limits. We like that we have owls in the hollow tree in our back yard. Rarely see them, but when we do - wow. Unfortunately, my dog has just come in with her THIRD regurgitated owl pellet in a week.
@Mogsdad In the US?
@Undo Canada.
Ah, might be easier there
In the US owls are protected, so you can't even glare at them without getting arrested.
Experts say: Get rid of perches & dead trees within 100 metres of your home. Um. I have a protected forest reserve starting 10 metres from my house. So I guess I'll just have to watch that the pup doesn't eat what she finds.
2:37 AM
Good evening!
@Mogsdad Er...wanna hear a joke?
@SirCumference-Pies Hey :)
What's that joke?
2:45 AM
Why did the fish fall off the bike?
@SirCumference-Pies fish fall off the bike? Why?
Because it's a fish. Are you stupid?
@SirCumference-Pies Ah...So funny :P
@SirCumference-Pies boo!
Fine, I got one.
What has nine legs, four feet, and is orange?
2:49 AM
@SirCumference-Pies Nine legs but four feet? Are you kidding me?
Ya stuck?
Tell me if you give up
@SirCumference-Pies Okay what's the answer?
It's simple: nothing.
@SirCumference-Pies Oh come on :D
Fine, here's one.
What did the homeless man get for Christmas?
2:52 AM
@SirCumference-Pies Tell me the answer, I don't want be stupid again.
@SirCumference-Pies Ah, fine. Do you have another one?
What did the big chimney say to the little chimney?
You're too little to smoke?
Nothing. Chimeys don't talk.
2:55 AM
How do you keep a programmer in suspense?
The same way you keep anyone else in suspense?
@Mogsdad Just edited a question, what's the answer?
@SirCumference-Pies Did you find it?
Wait, I thought that was the answer...
3:00 AM
@SirCumference-Pies You got it!
It's mean, I know.
@Mogsdad What? The answer is Oh. OH. HA! ?
3:53 AM
Maybe too broad?
Q: How do I generate random orders in python and then the quantity of orders?

MatthewI have a MySQL database with tables that have SKU numbers (id numbers for the items that will be ordered) I also have a table that has the ID number with the exact part. I need help with the python code to generate 500 orders with a quantity of 1-5. Please help! Write a Python script to generate...

It's definitely homework, and probably too broad
@Undo Okay, voted.
4:05 AM
based on his 4 question history, I doubt those are homework questions. He could learn how to vote something as an Answer
@SmokeDetector Deleted
@SmokeDetector Deleted
@Drew Well, I'm back. Does he post some code that he has tried now?
@KevinGuan poor guy is lost since oct21 with random nums and his server
so he needs to connect, cant connect
4:24 AM
@Drew Well, seems like he removed his question.
5:01 AM
I reviewed the last one as close/no code given
@Drew I think so, voted. What about the first one?
I would agree with its current state of affairs [on hold], but I know nothing about python @KevinGuan
@Drew Oops, not that one, that's unclear. I mean the second one.
@KevinGuan I think the " Center html both ... " is unsalvagable. What is one to work with upon hitting Edit ?
5:19 AM
@Drew Don't know, I think that What's the best way to center any content in the center of a web browser? is POB.
what is POB again new to that. Got the MCVE one down, ditto'd that close @KevinGuan
primarily opinion based got it
I was giving you feedback on the POB one in the context of your url in a review queue. I will DV it for POB
@Drew Yes, Primarily Opinion-Based :)
rather I CV 'd it for POB
@Drew Me too.
What does this guy doing? Kidding or OP's boss? :P
A: Drawing N-pointed Star in OpenGl using C++

Jemealright... come to my office on Sunday.

5:35 AM
full moon
how do you get a duplicate redirected? stackoverflow.com/questions/29744748 was recently closed as dupe but there's a better dupe in the comments. I don't seem to have the privilege to redirect the dupe -- should I involve a moderator?
@KevinGuan "I will show you the stars"
@tripleee It's not a dupe question right? wrong link?
@tripleee :D
it's a dupe alright but as mklement0 comments, a different question is a much better dupe target
the selected dupe is a very specific related case which is unlikely to help future visitors
unless they have that very specific problem
which also the OP here didn't have
@tripleee Where? there is only an OP's comment.
mklement0's answer is actually a pretty good candidate for a canonical answer
5:38 AM
meaning it wasnt closed as a duplicate
as it is still open
ouch, copy/paste error, sorry!!! -- I'm talking about this one: stackoverflow.com/questions/33685239/…
@tripleee Okay, let me check. Maybe need a mod flag.
@tripleee I think a flag is useless here because mklement0 has @ Jonathan Leffler, who has the gold badge and closed that question as dupe, if he see that @ then he can reopen that question, and close it as dupe but another link again...maybe, I don't know if user with gold tag badge can re-close a question. You have gold badge, did you try that?
I looked for something useful, I suppose I could reopen and then immediately hammer it but ...
what if I can't? /-:
@tripleee For example, if we retrack a close vote then we'll be not able to vote to close it again.
@tripleee So I'm not sure if you reopen it then you can reclose it or not.
5:52 AM
well if you guys feel strong about it, we can start the re-open without him
@Drew Well, @tripleee has gold badge, he can reopen it immediately. But as I said...
that's my question really
let me see if I can dig up some documentation
@tripleee Maybe there is a meta post talk about it, let me search...
I mean this. We open it without @tripleee, or start to at least. Then he closes with better dupe. All while dissing a gold that did the close
the long and tedious reopen process just in order to get the question closed as a different duplicate sounds counter to all sanity and intuition. Let's not go there
5:56 AM
I'm with that thought. Next
let's not bother if it's too hard, the comments are probably enough to direct future visitors to the right place. I was hoping there was a simple and intuitive way to fix this but apparently not.
@SmokeDetector Deleted
@tripleee I'm back. @Drew I don't think that's a good idea, maybe a mod flag is the best choice?
6:38 AM
@SmokeDetector Deleted
7:03 AM
What do you think about this person's suggest edits? He always just add a tag, some of his suggest be rejected, but some of them be approved.
@SmokeDetector Too broad
7:20 AM
@KevinGuan last two tags inheritance and member. Awesome upgrade
yeah. when they get to 2000 they prob wont care anymore
the prob with MCVE is that a bot could auto close upon submit for the mass majority
@Drew Well, right :)
8:18 AM
@KevinGuan Thanks, raised a moderator flag (already before taking kids to school)
Also, morning o/
@tripleee Okay :)
@Thaillie Morning :P
@SmokeDetector Deleted
8:48 AM
@SmokeDetector Deleted
9:01 AM
@Thaillie Leave it as is I suppose
Hi @Tim :)
9:25 AM
@Closey panic!!! the main site is down!
@Tunaki Sorry, I don't understand that. Use commands for a list of commands.
yes I know but still, it is down
If it was, it's back up
hmm still not working for me
9:40 AM
@SmokeDetector deleted
Morning all
Was unable to reply just now, had to reload room
Your reply was too slow, outside the 30 second window so it doesn't count.
So that's how it is
@DavidG Morning :)
10:04 AM
2 more hours of intense pain and my 30 day ban will be lifted..
Then 4 minutes of reviewing and another ban? :P
Possibly, but not likely :)
@SmokeDetector deleted
"Peer pressure" stackoverflow.com/a/33673163/4174897 (check the revisions =p)
Hey @Kyll :)
10:11 AM
Plop @KevinG!
Love to see a +1 on my screen when an answer is removed that I downvoted 18 months ago!
Downvoting crappy answers is like banking rep
It's not the rep that makes me happy, it's the fact that the answer is no longer there.
10:27 AM
@Kyll I expected a deleted answer 3 upvotes :( so disappointed
@TimCastelijns Well, about 2 weeks ago I seen some one deleted his answer with 3 or 4 upvotes and no downvotes, because OP doesn't want that.
Then the question is probably unclear, if 3/4 other people found the answer useful and OP didn't
@KevinGuan I'm not sure the spam bots get any feedback on their posts ^^
@SmokeDetector deleted
@Kyll Yeah I know, just little boring so I wrote a auto-comment(so cool script) ;)
10:32 AM
Problem is that if the question doesn't get deleted, you're giving Google more content to search on. Best option there is to flag and move on.
Moving on is always the hard part
@TimCastelijns Yeah that's a very good answer, actually I upvoted. But as you said, that question really is unclear.
@KevinGuan I once deleted an answer with maybe 3 upvotes, and replaced it with a new answer with a different explanation. I didn't want to cash in on votes cast on an incorrect answer.
Actually I was looking for some awesome scripts on StackApps. After find-install-remove...I found some interesting script.
@NisseEngström Well, did you get more upvotes on your new answer?
@NisseEngström Don't forget the badge you got for doing that too :)
10:37 AM
@KevinGuan Maybe one.
He means the disciplined badge
@TimCastelijns Hmm...use 20 rep to buy a badge. lol.
I like collecting badges, but I don't know if I have any answers with 3 upvotes that deserve to be deleted
I got that badge recently, can't remember what the answer was but it wasn't great and another user had a much better one.
@TimCastelijns If I deleted my answer with 3 upvotes, then undelete it. Do I still have disciplined badge?
10:42 AM
I got this badge in a somewhat bizarre way. My answer had 4 or 5 upvotes on it, I didn't like it enough so I deleted it, edited it to be better and undeleted it.
@KevinGuan Probably, but it can take a while before you are awarded the badge
@KevinGuan yes
Wow, maybe one day I'd try it.
The best part is that the answer then grew to +209 :D
@KevinGuan you better not get that badge tomorrow ;)
10:43 AM
Editing a post. Does anyone get the second sentence of this quote:
> When creating any project I need to have an admin panel backend and a classic front-end for users. i have backend and just i need to add this backend to project without change any thing.
First sentence I edited
@Tunaki ahh neat! My highest upvoted answer is only like +13
Just got +10 on a two-month old answer in a language I don't know. Interesting... I'll go and do some downvoting.
@TimCastelijns :D
@NisseEngström I know the feeling. I once answered a question about that I have never used and don't know what it can do, but was able to answer it by digging through docs, now 5 upvotes
Today I got a surprise: I answered a simple question and I got 85 rep(7 upvotes, accepted, and no downvotes).
10:51 AM
@KevinGuan So yeah formatting breaks on multiline chat messages =D
How do you handle answers like this one which basically links to 3 other SO answers and adds nothing
`nope won't make code`

> Won't be a quote
I just want to understand that why I always get lots of upvotes on simple questions. Another example is my best answer, 12 upvotes, accepted and only one downvote. But the question has been closed as a problem that can no longer be reproduced since I posted my answer 3 mins after.
@TimCastelijns VLQ I suppose
@Kyll Ah, fixed now :)
10:53 AM
@Kyll but it is accepted, will that be disputed?
@TimCastelijns Well the first sentence does answer the question.
@TimCastelijns I don't think so
@KevinGuan from personal experience I can say that especially for python, simple answers are easy to understand by alot of people which means they know it's the right answers and will upvote faster, and difficult questions attract difficult answers which (can) have the opposite effect
@KevinGuan Also, the answer is excellent. You give lots of links to documentation, give good explanations, give quotes from the doc, give a simple demo
@DavidG I guess that's true, which is why I've left it alone for so long :P
10:55 AM
@TimCastelijns Yeah, he should CV/flag the question as dupe instead of a new answer.
That's pretty much the most one could ask of an answer
Most of the answers I gain upvotes on are like that
Same for me. The answers I put the most effort in get the least votes
@TimCastelijns Well, right. For example, an answer about str.repalce() maybe everyone understand what do I mean. But if it about and ...May I say that I ignored tag?
@TimCastelijns I once found what I thought was an extremely interesting issue arising from one of the core Meteor thingy, and decided to make a full self-answered question about it. Took me a couple hours to write, make the examples, test all the codes. Well, I made 17 rep x)
Questions that require more knowledge to answer usually get answers that require more knowledge to understand
10:59 AM
@Kyll Yeah, I like post answers like that. Then except OP, everybody who see my answer can quick get the info that he wants to know :)
The question is almost making it to Hot Meta Posts too!
@Kyll lies. I see here that you got +27 from it
@TimCastelijns Ah, just upvoted. So good answer.
@Kyll Yeah, you forget that +7 ;)
Rep cartel being formed right here, brb calling police
Says the godfather
11:08 AM
What I've learned: Votes are completely random! I have some answers that I'm quite proud of that have 2 or 3 votes, yet others that I consider average that are flying, including my top voted answer. Moral of the story: Write your answers to help people, not get votes (I think all of us here are already doing that)
@Kyll Actually this one is my longest answer. But I only got 35 rep from it. Why? Because before OP asked my add more details on it, there is only the code and demo. But after I did that, one day past. So except OP added a thanks comment below it, nothing!
brb cat on laptop
@DavidG Also there's some downvotes on good answers.
@KevinGuan Well I usually ignore a single downvote here and there, especially if there's already a few upvotes.
@DavidG Yeah, me too.
11:12 AM
My most upvoted answer I am very proud of, because I was competing with another user on the question... The other user being a huge reference on SO, as he is one of the two only goldies in and has hundreds of extremely good answers. I outranked him on one \o/
Another question: Do you always upvote good answers if you have another answer on that question already?
@KevinGuan Gotta farm Sportsmanship
@Kyll don't forget to comment that on his answer so you can shove it in his face
@KevinGuan I do unless it's basically the same as mine, but posted later
I've had a couple of times where my answer has been accepted over one from Jon Skeet, makes me smile to myself a little bit :)
@TimCastelijns Well, if I see an answer like it, I'd add a comment that recommend the answer's OP delete his answer.
@Kyll :P
11:19 AM
@KevinGuan I usually don't try to make people delete their posts, but otherwise I approach them the same as you
@TimCastelijns Ah, actually I don't say please delete your answer. I always say something like this:
> Is there any difference between your answer and someone's earlier answer?
@DavidG you've found the purpose of life, and achieved it
I'm currently answering my own question, and it feels quite weird to refer to myself as "you"
Use "one" instead. That way you can sound like the Queen.
@TimCastelijns I'm sure you can rephrase to drop "you": "you can use" -> "use", "why are you doing this???" -> "here's another solution"
11:29 AM
I'm talking to my dumber self from the past. I had made an assumption, and now I get to say "you are wrong!! dumbass"
-> This is wrong :)
Q: Python Web User Interface

Edward HammockHi I am developing a Raspberry pi device to control the temperature of a BBQ Smoker. I have a thermo-couple and PWM Fan to control the temperature which works fine, programmed in python. I would like to use a web page as the main UI (Apache installed). I do not have a huge amount of experience...

But yeah I will rephrase it a bit :P thanks
Is this question too broad?
@Tunaki "this is wrong, dumbass"?
11:30 AM
@KevinGuan I would say so
0 votes remaining <-- I hate this :(
[Click here to buy more votes]
New proposed SO businessmodel
Star this if you want more votes
@Tunaki Stared :P
11:34 AM
You seem to have starred mine instead
so I guess the big question is
I starred or I stared?
@TimCastelijns Now both starred/stared.
@Tunaki Really don't know, is stared incorrect?
stared = to look at
I'm not even sure the verb "to star" exist
11:37 AM
Actually I also really hate it, like a soldier without gun.
@DavidG Ah, learned a new word :)
aah " to feature as a star: " yes I knew that meaning, I remember now
Staring is what 99% of men do when they see a pretty girl
To give you some context
@TimCastelijns Now I know what does stared mean :P
@TimCastelijns unless they happen to answer a SO question
@Tunaki What does !!/report do?
11:42 AM
It tells Smokey to report a spam / offensive answer. That ^ message is posted in this room and the Tavern
it assures quick deletion
but you have to be a privileged user of Smokey to do it
Flagged before downvote :( now I can't downvote it
@SmokeDetector deleted
@Tunaki I've just deleted some text when I see this message.
@Tunaki So how can I be a privileged user? Also need the owners manually add?
@KevinGuan yes
Yeah you can ping Siguza if you want
or ProgramFOX
11:48 AM
@TimCastelijns Okay :)
@Tunaki @Siguza and @ProgramFOX?
They might not be on SO atm
@Tunaki I remember that @Undo is the developer right?
don't know
@Tunaki Automated Teller Machine? # just kidding
Q: Edit PSD files programatically without Photoshop

Soumya ShuklaI have a Photoshop template that contains some images and text. I have a list of multiple images and corresponding texts. I want to edit the template programmatically, replace the image/text in the template with the ones I have in the list, and save all different combinations. I know I can do thi...

What about this question?

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