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4:39 AM
Anybody here
5:02 AM
Can someone look at this page and tell me why the track list aren't showing decimals... fameordie.com/50-cent
anyone in here?
I am looking at your page but its opening damn slow
oh ty. it's so weird because both the ol and ol li are set to decimal
really? thats odd
where is the track names?
there is a widget midway on the left titles albums. If you click the "see all tracks" they expand
"see track lists" i mean
5:18 AM
you want disc? or decimal
It shows up in the wordpress editor page which further trips me out.
I got it..
.albums ul li ol li } artist-page.css (line 1)
> list-style-type: decimal;
check this now
wow ok 1 sec Im gonna edit and see if it works
is this you needed??
What did you change to get that?
5:26 AM
I have written this above
artist-page css
line no.1
Hmm my css already had that line
Ohhh you're saying make that line 1?
lol then let me check this again...we missed something i guess
what you have applied in .albums ul li ol li
.albums ul li ol li{list-style-type:decimal}
what browser did you get that to show in?
5:41 AM
topics li, .albums li { same css line no 1

display: block;(remove this)
you there
yeap it worked!!!! what was that doing to cause that?
or you can do this
display : list-item
display:block making this hide...
man that was awesome! thanks a ton...what do you think about the design of the site? It's my first attempt.
@PolluxKhafra Its looking good but there is so much red if you can reduce this it will make a mark..
the background is a lil much I guess. I'm gonna try that. I appreciate your help Jack.
have a good night
5:51 AM
Your welcome good night :)
4 hours later…
9:26 AM
anyone worked on html 5?
1 hour later…
10:45 AM
Absolutely! :0
@Web_Designer what>
Yes I have worked on HTML5.
so your concepts clear on that?
I just started 2 days back and I am confused :(
8 hours later…
6:29 PM
In case anybody else noticed that questions are now highlighted a little differently, I'm actively investigating this; here's the meta thread
Q: What's happening to syntax highlighting for [css] questions?

BoltClock's a UnicornI just noticed that the prettify language hint for questions tagged css has been changed to lang-default; it was lang-css before. What's the reason for this change? (Note, only developers and moderators have the ability to change the prettify language for a given tag.) Also, if I try to change i...

6:41 PM
nice to see this room off the ground
@MattMcDonald I need to be around more.
we just need about 3-4 daily regulars and the room will take off
just like the JS room
it feels so weird needing to use design skills to remodel a website
6:51 PM
haven't done it in ages
7:08 PM
Also I just took a gander at the starred list ->
And I have to agree with @WebDesigner
Jan 8 at 6:12, by Web_Designer
now I realize I'd rather stick with the DESIGN part of webdesign. CSS intrigues me more than PHP i'd say.
used to be my top tag for a few months, then I started getting bored of PHP and answering and questions instead...
Now for some bizarre reason I'm top answerer in although I barely know a thing about transforms, transitions, animations, flexbox, etc...
Perhaps there just aren't a lot of CSS3-tagged questions?
There are > 4k
My tags: CSS > JavaScript > HTML > jQuery > ASP.NET
Huh. That's just odd.
It seems strange to me that there are more CSS3 questions than CSS questions
I gotta get on learning transforms and animations. I know the basics, but have never really done anything with them.
7:13 PM
@RyanKinal Related Tags means there are 2563 questions with both tags. There are over 60k questions tagged CSS
Hah, oops. Totally misread that, lol
@RyanKinal , really ? do you really think it is strange ? .. i thought you were using internet for some time already
@RyanKinal , get your kid brother away from your computer , he is writing in chat again
I have a habit of adding to questions by the way, somehow.
@tereško Ouch ;-)
you expectations for human race are too high
7:15 PM
Q: Fastest CSS selector?

WesleyGiven that I have a popup, with ID "popup" and in it two buttons, one on the left and one on the right side, with class "popupbutton", which of these css rules is most efficient: #popup a.popupbutton #popup .popupbutton a.popupbutton .popupbutton

<--- optimist
you just dont have all the facts
Ooh! Ooh! I know!
@tereško I'll assume that's in response to my optimism. But the fact is that I'm engrossed in several communities where kindness, understanding, and trust are highly valued, and are evident in most, if not all, of the most prevalent people in the community.
sorry .. i am hungry , that makes me nasty
7:20 PM
Understood :-)
As far as the "design" part of web design... well... I tend to separate design from implementation. Writing CSS is not design, in my view.
I tend to bill myself as a "front-end developer", or "client-side developer", because I enjoy the implementation of interface and design.
I'll have to take a gander at
both it and were "fix my website" spam when I last checked
Still are.
Yeah, I quickly got bored of answering the same crap over and over.
"Here is how you achieve equal-height columns"
It's amazing I can still be the top answerer in the past 30 days
7:30 PM
"Here is how you do a drop-down menu"
I'm amazed you guys can find the inspiration to even answer questions
"Here is why your layout is broken"
Yeah, I tend to ignore those questions now, save for retagging and fixing indentation, links, images
@MattMcDonald lol, check my history... I don't so much answer questions any more
@MattMcDonald I'm amazed myself. I thought I'd be sucked in by the moderation queue after being elected.
(100+ flags pending...)
7:31 PM
about the only thing I can be proud of is tagging over a few months
@MattMcDonald , try answering question in #css channel ( freenode )
Every so often, I'll get 10 or 20 rep from existing answers
most of my rep is from one answer

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