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A: Passing params to nested directives with isolated scope

charlietflYou are passing the data properly and it is rendering using the simple output you have. The difference is that link happens late in the directive process. So the scope variable in first directive being created within link to pass to second version for child directive isn't done when you are ch...

I gotta call foul on this one purely for the competitive point perspective of SO because you suggested the use of directive inheritance after I spent a considerable amount of time working on that before hand and had already posted it.
@JuliaAnneJacobs I did not...was working on it at same time...I was showing what was happening...while working on alternative approach. Can see by my edit times that what I added was very close in timing to when you posted and my answer is first explaining the issue seen by OP
Your first post only included the bit above the demo button. Dirty pool.
@JuliaAnneJacobs and what specifically is dirty? There is nothing in SO that says answers must be complete at one session. If you think that my edits 1 minute after your post were copied...I wi=ould only wish I could be that fast! Look at the times
Far from one minute. If your going to list a solution that was already mentioned, it's less "dirty" to mention the user who had posted it beforehand. Although there are no official SO rules, it's good ethics and etiquette.
6:19 PM
@JuliaAnneJacobs I would if that was trully the case , however it most definitely was not
hi...was nothing dirty going on
My point is your misleading by making it look like your solution was presented at the same time the first bit was posted. Whereas the 15min I spent in plunk trying to make my stuff work which I posted before you posted the same thing afterword was a lesser attempt.
That's my beef.
well I was working there too. So ?
To make it worse your saying in your comments you had the solution licked a minute before I did
No... i did not...I said there was a 1 minute differential
if you see nothing wrong with that you're just ruthless and your gazillion rep points are from busting people like me
how is a minute differential different from you liked it a minute before i did?
6:23 PM
well you are entitle to your opinion. Those points come from many many many hours helping people
i mean licked it
not liked it
im sure some of them do
they all do
but SO has a rep for being ruthless because of this sort of thing and you're just perpetuating it.
its not just my opinion
and you are certainly entitled to your opinin...however plagerizing is not what I do
so dismiss it or not, you're part of the game.
6:24 PM
what game... i come here to help...get over it
that i have no proof but misleading you sure do and that I saw with my own eyes
you know it and i do.
go look through any of my prior posts...won't see copying
and there isn't a damn thing i can do about it. enjoy your ill gotten points while the rest of us flounder.
you're not addressing the "i posted and solved the issue a minute after you did" in your comments.
never have...not about to startn now. And if you think i could type all that and modify a demo in 1 minute...sadly mistaken...the timestamps don't lie
no one has access to when you edited your post
i mean they might if they have over 253654363456543K rep points
6:27 PM
of course they do...can see edit times by clciking on edit history...and by hovering the posting time
hey, anything I can do to help #standingby
are you a moderator?
well if that's the case and they bother to go check that out then I will be very happy when I get some sort of credit for working on this issue. however im going to bet that will not happen.
happens all the on something and spend time on it...then othr answers are selected..
I promise you there was exactl a mniute difference...and anyone else with enough rep can validate that
how much is enough rep?
6:31 PM
not really sure to be honest .... I didn't know you wouldn't be able to see edit history
I actually think you can
as far as I know...anyone over about 100 can edit an answer
well apparently having 52.7k rep does not entitle you to know how much rep a person needs to see edit history. and if they cant, well they should probably 'get over it'.
do you not see an edit button on my post
again, welcome to the jungle
not trying to belittle, have not mentioned my rep or made light of yours either
but ..the timestamps are there and I think you can actually see them
look my whole thing is trying to help people on SO which is really the only way anyone can get enough rep points, which is even enough because you still need upvotes, to do anything is like being in the thunderdome.
6:35 PM
well if you are doing this for rep , you are doing it for the wrong reasons in the first place
the only reason im doing this for rep is so i can help others get enough rep to help others
you have no idea how many hours of comments trails...where no answer was even created go on also
no rep for those...just helping out
because apparently it's so hard to ask or answer questions because of, well frankly, folks like you, who can't even see why your making it difficult.
if it really realy bothers you...go to meta stack and post that you feel sighted. And ask there for anyone to validate the minute differnce
ok maybe i don't realize how much effort you put into this
6:38 PM
I have no qualms about moderators validating the times I am telling you
but when i see answers I've posted at '0' when answers with clearly far less effort getting many more upvotes
it gets under my skin
I have worked on many an answer for an hour before...only to come back and somone had a far simpler solution...that i hadn't thought of
well if you have thin skin...can't let volunteering get to you
and after i spend a considerable amount of time working on a solution only to see someone post the exact solution after me
becasue at the end of the's not money in the bank
i do plenty of F2F voulenteering
6:40 PM
don't want you to feel you got screwed thoug
only to not even give me a mention but take credit for getting it out there a minute later
wish you would poke around on my answer and see if you can get into edit history
ok i will
and seriously i applaud the time and effort you are spending to help people
or even hover over the time posted 1 hour ago has title of actual timestamp
and in the end its about getting people quality answers
6:42 PM
if i wasn't sincere...would I be here nnow even discussing this?
the reason i get bent out of shape is because i'm trying to get enough rep to help all of the other devs who really can't break into this racket :)
lots and lots of opportunities...I assure you
don't focus on rep
i pulled this into chat in hopes that we could discuss this and i also appreciate you working with me
I do see you know your won't have any problems 24 hours a day finding people to help
some are helpless... but most can be nudged in the right direction
some are hlp vampires that are too lazy to look in manuals
or search the web
i need to know how i can support the people i mentor who feel so slammed by the many gazillion reasons that they get smacked in there face every time they try to contribute as to why they feel like they've done something wrong.
6:45 PM
but most are appreciative
and pardon my horrid speling
mine a 2 finger typist
most that feel they get slammed probably post pathetic questions in the first place.... but I'm sure there is an intimidation factor also
dont get me wrong i respect the need for quality but some folks troll
not necessarily true :(
6:47 PM
anyway...good luck...can tell your heart is in the right place
Thanks. And again I really appreciate your time and the discussion.
1 hour later…
7:49 PM
Hey since you deleted Concerned Father and the dialogue that went with it, for what I'm guessing is it's irrelevance (?), how about deleting all of the comments from the answers and we'll call it even. I have no where near enough rep points to prove anything and you can pretty much do any revisionist anything you want having god status on SO. You win.
8:01 PM
Actually I don't know maybe he deleted his own inflammatory answer because he didn't like my level headed comments . . . . ecch I don't know why I bother with this site sometimes . . .
Looks like we need Anil's help.
Because it's one of the few ways we have to offset the glass paycheck?
Im game for anyones help. I can't get my edit history even though I should have some.
Apparently according to my edit history URL which I gleened from @charlietfl's link that he was able to get I have no edit history.
yeah, well, not like that's not known to be dodgy. funny how these guys are all "the community decides" until the community favors a marginalized person and then it's all "well somebody with higher rep arbitrarily shut you down"
"enjoy that skinnier paycheck, - love, SO"
My one true edit: - That prooves it!
Hey, were you aware SE has a CoC?
8:09 PM
Q: An interesting answer to my question disappeared. Can I read it?

imz -- Ivan ZakharyaschevI received an intersting answer to my question A pipeline of maps/folds where each "tranformation layer" is run in parallel in Haskell? ("Vertical" parallelism as opposed to "horizontal" parMap.), which I wanted to study (despite that it used higher-level libraries as compared to my demand for th...

@satyrwilder whats a CoC?
Code of Conduct
Ah. Is there anyway to tell my edit history was messed with? I can't believe how horrid this is.
"Don't take rep points seriously as I crush you with my rep points so I don't loose any in a way that can't be proven due to my rep points which you can't take seriously." Is that what I'm to understand?
I'm picking thru stuff in the browser I still have open. We need somebody with 10K who will actually entertain the request of us uppity peasants.
Well the CoC indicates what went down here is probably not The SE Model but as you and I know it is in fact perfectly consistent with the SE model.
or well, the SE mo.
Do you know anyone with 10K or was your brain wiped by someone with more rep points?
Let me see how many rep points you need for brain wiping privileges . . .
yes but idk, one of those who talks but come game time...
as in admins
lemme check twitter / irc
I mean, Anil could.
Ok cool Glyph can help
8:26 PM
Love Glyph :)
I know right
I'll make the T-Shirts :)
just to be able to see like the timeline of changes to a post, I mean ffs why is this obfuscated
everything is
Hey @Glyph!
and it's not like... strictly obfuscated, just obfuscated to be totally more trouble than it's worth
8:28 PM
hi...guess this issue is still alive?
but you'll only know that if you have enough rep points
hi @charlietfl
welcome back
do you know why my edit history has been reduced to like . . nothing?
i got pinged .. am i still the bad guy?
someone is and you're the one with the most rep points
who is capable of doing bad things
of which we are speaking of
Nobody is the bad guy, just 0 visibility
If you didn't edit it the post would only be the initial timestamp when you uploaded it
8:30 PM
yeah but i did
oh wait, we're doing bad guys today? oh dang my bad
thats the rub
oh lord
I still have the posts up in a browser and Julia's only edit too
oh..there is also a 5 minute grace period on edits before first edition gets sealed
that's 5 min after intiial save
8:31 PM
I think that's to avoide having history of 10 eidts for a bunch of proofreading an d minor changes
see i can't win here
i mean i just cant
win what though?
if it bothers you that bad I'll delete my answer
not out of guilt...or wrong doing
but it's really not that important to me
i mean you complain I'm making irrational unreasonable accusations about you being a bad guy when i bring this up yet you don't know any of this and you have what amounts to god status on this site?
now that we have another "God" involved you "suddenly" join us and seem cooperative?
not really...I am always amazed by other answereers who have much more background than me
some trolling 1 pointer shames me?
8:34 PM
I am 1000% self taught at anything to do with code
Glyph to the rescue.
Hold on, y'all
with no formal training since a fortran class in 1975
/me gathers answers
i have no formal training ether
don't get caught up in rep
8:36 PM
Hi, I'm just trying to catch up on the backlog here
I was not aware my rep gave me any magical powers - apparently edit history is a special thing only special people like myself can see? (what is the point of that)
but Julia...why is rep so important?
this coming from a 52.7k rep guy who has pretty much done everything he can to mess with my rep
you tell me
It's a number... doesn't get you better rates at the bank, or a job, or cash
8:38 PM
I guess you missed the 2015 survey results
ha ha ha ha ha
survey results?
^ um.
Yes, actually, it gets you all of those things.
You're like a skinny person who says weight doesnt matter on the way to the gym. Or a rich person who says money doesn't matter as they go to their Wall Street gig and do their corporate raiding.
8:39 PM
well i work for myself at home... have never had a real job in this businesss
It's actually pretty geometric.
honestly never knew
you can basically crush ppl
8:40 PM
for the lulz
Like this is basically the equivalent of Surrender Dorothy.
well i'm almost youngsters have nothing to worry about
julia: So, for starters, I can confirm that charlieftl's edit timestamp was only 31 seconds after your answer was posted. Doesn't seem definitive either way - 31 seconds is enough time to copy-paste but you'd have to be a heck of a fast clicker.
8:41 PM
I promise you I could not have modified a demo and typed that fast .... even on crack!
The problem is I made multiple edits and for some reason my history s not showing the multiple saves.
charlieftl: seriously though, the way you're reacting to this is embarrassing yourself
(^ agree)
/peanut gallery
and why is that glyph?
Also if @charlietfl's history is showing 31sec difference why would the five minute rule apply to me?
8:42 PM
that 5 minutes is after intial save
I have never in my entire life never edited an answer on SO.
doesn't mean that it was posted 5 minutes previously
I've edited my own answers. I do it all the time. I'm confused and a little concerned why this is a problem...?
My formatting didn't take five minutes. I mean this smells.
@JuliaAnneJacobs On that one I have no clue, sorry.
8:43 PM
and glyph.... I know what I did, when I posted and have no feelings of embarrasment whatsoever... did nothing wrong
Julia, your mods were just tidying up your answer, right?
and you can go back through any of my past ansers and see no pattern of the same
this is whole lot of to do about coincidental timing
So, considering your mods didn't change the content of your answer, etc...
8:45 PM
And where is that convenient troll "Concerned Dad"?
Who disappeared and for some reason I can't find anywhere on SO, nor can I find my comments to his answer in my activity?
@JuliaAnneJacobs: his "answer" was deleted by a moderator
account created purely for this one comment.
yeah, what the hell is that about? O.o
Ah ok. Well In a way I'm glad but in another way it irks me because it is clear proof of the bullshit that occurs on SO that is constantly denied.
@charlietfl: The point is that there's a situation here where you appear to be scamming rep from someone with much less than you. It's hard to prove you aren't. The fact that you're doubling down and not trying to be understanding about that difference in status is where it starts to seem like maybe you are trying to scam reputation from someone.
I mean both Charlietfi and Julia's answers are fundamentally the same, Julia's initial post hit the finish line first by a whopping 31 seconds, nobody copied anything, haha this is so silly, Charlietfi can't Julia have the answer please? It would make a lot more difference to her
8:48 PM
So I can't save it as proof when another jerk gives me the same spiel.
@charlietfl: in this situation I'd probably just delete my answer and say "sorry that looked bad"
@JuliaAnneJacobs: you want me to save you a screenshot or something?
and we'll all have a laugh about race conditions and everybody's happy
That would be totally awesome.
I will ... if it is that troubling.
Thank you for not using your rep points for evil @Glyph
"if it is that troubling"
8:50 PM
certinly not an admission of any wrong doing...31 seconds is not enough time obviously to do what was expected to replicate the demo I sterted earlier
why would you care? its just rep points? ;P
is deleted... but I hope you do respect julia that 31 seonds is barelly enough time to read another answer
"if it's that troubling" that seemed kind of unnecessary... :/ I mean seriously dude? Is it that big of a deal to you? ... But why? :(
I hope you respect that its not 31 sec but I dont have anyway to prove it.
thanks glyph
8:52 PM
Woah dang... I see what you mean now, Julia (never actually saw the comment til now)
I would almost be happier if you found out for real yourself by posting all this on meta stck
I sure will!
@charlietfl: thanks for doing that.
screenshot posted
they won't like your post on meta... but somone with moderator spermissions will likely support my claims
8:54 PM
Ill put everything together in a nice neat package and post in the appropriate area
. . .
@charlietfl: I know it feels pretty bad to be accused of doing something if you feel you were just trying to help out.
@charlietfl: But there's a lot of context and history here with the way that people who present as female are treated online, especially in the tech industry.
@charlietfl: The crappy, patronizing comments from "concerned father" are proof that this attitude is totally pervasive. More broadly speaking our industry has a real hero-worship problem and high-status people rarely know how to behave themselves, so the whole SO-rep-score thing adds insult to injury.
i am a widower and resent any implication of sexism
and that card is irrelevant to me
@charlietfl: Even assuming for the moment that you are not sexist at all (which psychological research shows is almost certainly false unless you are some kind of crazy outlier)…
@charlietfl: the point is that you have to take into consideration the fact that you are not the only person in the tech industry, or on SO, and there is an existing tone you are contributing to
Glyph ... lose your wife , best friend, mother of your children...then analyze me
8:58 PM
and as far as rep points go, it's one of those things that you probably dont care about until you find yourself in situations like i am finding myself in now
have you ever felt someone messed with your edit history, deleted a proven troll and got frustrated you couldn't prove it because of your low status?
@charlietfl: the "wives and mothers" card has absolutely nothing to do with it. as @JuliaAnneJacobs points out the issue has much more to do with status differential than hatred of women.
I have often observed weirdness in my history I have no visibility into and no explanation for...
Wow what woah holy hey
@charlietfl: sexism is one axis of status differential, and SO reputation is a blatant numerical asymmetry here which actually prevents @JuliaAnneJacobs from even validating your claims
@charlietfl: for all I know, you might have a terrible life, but the point is that in this situation you are the high status individual and should behave accordingly
9:01 PM
Glyph...time for you to get off the soap box
It' simple....put in the hours...rep will come
if that's waht matters to you
for me... i do it because I enjoy it....period!
what matters to me is making sure SO is a level playing field
so more people can help other people
including you
and me
and BTW... i have a wonderful life
put in the hours...that's all I can tell you if it is that important to you
Dude, for real?
SO is not a level playing field. Rep points give the power to screw people. Unless I was able to literally make it my full time job to fight trolls and get admins to take screenshots there is no way I could put the hours in.
for real what?
9:05 PM
I don't want to engage this. But Julia's got a decade of hours in already, when does it start to count
Julia..there is nothing I can do to tamper with anything you do
that's the truth
@charlietfl: the point that I was trying to make was that this isn't necessarily your fault directly, and that I understand it is unpleasant to be blamed for systemic things that are outside of your control
So, other than actually putting in the time to offer quality help, I should quit my job, abandon my family and be a fulltime SO equality advocate to convenience people like yourselves there is a problem? Do you think thats realistic?
@charlietfl: but maybe the real point is that you have done all you can do at this point and you should probably just leave this chat now, nothing you are saying is useful.
@JuliaAnneJacobs: is there anything further I can do? probably trying to explain systemic oppression in an SO chat was a bad call, so … :)
Glyph what's the deal.... you out to save the damsel in distress?
9:08 PM
/me checks off "accusations of white-knighting" on his sexism bingo card
@Glyph you're right. Welcome to the role of the "ally".
can check off pompous ^%$*# as well?
Here you go @charlietfl thats what @Glyph is referring to.
what men go through when they stick up for women.
@JuliaAnneJacobs: hahahaha oh my goodness it wasn't even that one
@JuliaAnneJacobs: it's so common that there have been multiple re-inventions of this same card
oh yeah that one just has the ally on it
9:11 PM
my wife ventured into a completely male dominated working environment , with her own company. be strong, be good at what you do and don't cave to those stereotypes...will do well juilia
let it get to you and it can become a self fullfilling prophecy
@charlietfl I wish it were that simple. But I see your point. Anger is a fatal disease and accusations can cause problems.
Right... how much energy have you expended on this issue for example?
went from simple timing conicidence to a whole SO conspiracy theory
meanhwile could have answered 15 questions
Well in this case I feel my energy was well spent as I have gathered information I can use to show problems with SO. This will benefit the many female development friends of my of all skill levels and ages who are not able to participate due to the issues I have run into today.
just wanted to link that to the relevent message, sorry
Who are afraid to participate you mean.
looks at the peanut gallery
9:18 PM
And I can educate folks like yourself that feel it's not happening. Hopefully there will be more allies like Glyph who can help.
Yes you're right @satyrwilder.
But yeah I have to sign off and do some food shopping.
maybe I'm too old but not following the context starwider
I think you'll drive yourself crazy juila... foregt about the conspiracies...just do the work
Charlietfi, this is Sysiphean for us. Julia cannot choose to not engage this.
can get too caught up in it though.... has several hours in here made a difference... if rep is what is wanted?
which is what my point is... work hard...good things happen
Charlietfi, I stopped answering questions on stack overflow entirely when linking my gravatar resulted in spates of downvotes and a dead halt in answers being accepted.
I mean, getting rep was kind of fun.
Until I wasn't getting it any more.
So I quit answering questions because what's in it for me.
It's like playing a game except there's no end and no prizes.
And as for putting in the hours, I mean I guess this answer broke me… . The hour investment isn't the problem. It's something else.

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