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12:42 AM
i'm alive
SELECT COUNT(*) tries, login_email email, login_ip ip, IF(login_success, 'true', 'false') success
FROM login_log
WHERE login_id > (
	SELECT MAX(login_id)
	FROM login_log
	WHERE login_success = 1
	AND login_ip = ip
AND login_success = 0
GROUP BY email, ip, success
ip in my first query is not passing through to the sub-query. How can I overcome that?
hi can anyone help me (my friend) wiith this?
12:59 AM
SELECT COUNT(*) tries, login_email email, @ipa := login_ip AS ip
FROM login_log
WHERE login_id > (
	SELECT MAX(login_id)
	FROM login_log
	WHERE login_success = 1
	AND login_ip = @ipa
AND login_success = 0
GROUP BY email, ip
have i right? Is this page: dap.ntua.gr/el/ssh.php runs correctly only in ie?
Thought I was close here but nope
1:36 AM
hrmm..why does SplFixedArray have count() and getSize()?
1:50 AM
posted on January 05, 2012 by PHP-GTK Community

This script displays a 2D array inside a textview. All elements on the same row and coloumn are underlined and colred blue. <?PHP //Definition of widgets $scrolled_win = new GtkScrolledWindow(); $textview = new GtkTextview(); $buffer = new GtkTextBuffer(); $win = new GtkWindow(); //Modify widgets $scrolled_win->set_policy(1,1); $textview->modify_font(new PangoFontDescription('Courie

2:13 AM
@CharlesSprayberry one returns how many items are currently set, and one returns the max configured size of the array...
From php.net docs:
"This method is functionally equivalent to SplFixedArray::getSize()." http://www.php.net/manual/en/splfixedarray.count.php
@CharlesSprayberry oh. Then I don't know
@ircmaxell If it did this that would make sense...but two methods to do the same thing boggle
Hi all
happy new year
2:17 AM
Happy New Year to you as well
I been banging my head against a question for several days now and keep getting the same dumb answers. It's not strictly php but Im sure someone here has done this and isn't hard of thinking :(
its about secure certificates and how they work
did anyone ever put a secure page on a website?
its doing my nut in.
So my host has installed a secure certificate on our domain.
Now I need to make a specific page https
people keep telling me "yes, now you can make your pages https"
I keep asking them yes but how exactly
and they keep telling me, you can just make them https
as if the server will magically know what pages I want to be https
I've had the same set of answers from 3 different people
I don't see the problem...
how to go to the toilet
step 1 - raise toilet seat
step 2 - unzip pants
step 1 enter toilet
step 2 leave toilet having finished doing what you were doing
that's about as much help as a kick in the goolies.
is installing a cert some kind of occult or masonic thing that nobody is allowed to know about?
sorry for ranting :)
3:11 AM
@EdwardWilliams step three share a link to your question :)
@PeeHaa +1
anyone know if in future versions of php they plan on standardizing the order of array and string functions ie. haystack needle, needle haystack etc...
@stefan I don't see this happening, would wind up breaking far too many apps
@stefan and miss the chance to brainfuck the users? No way! This is PHP we are talking about ;)
3:39 AM
@EdwardWilliams step one is "underpants". Step three is "profit"!
4:16 AM
Hey anyone who can help me with this?
4:31 AM
@stefan I am not sure but in php 6 there is lots of things coming, lots of clean ups, lots of dropping deprecated functions and stuff.
4:42 AM
Hello everyone. Long time no see. @OmeidHerat @ircmaxell @salathe
Hey @TimothyPerez Happy new year !
where have you been ?
Happy new year
Busy keeping the Disney World site running
@OmeidHerat anything new?
hemmm, nothing much. except that RC4 is released.
I got $300 I'm willing to PayPal someone if they can help me get Concrete5 to behave properly on NGINX
I have it working somewhat. It's just goofy
@TimothyPerez What does Concrete5 has related to Apache ?
does it use httacess ?
4:48 AM
It's suppose to run on Apache. I've done some modding and got it working on NGINX
it's just being a little bit of a bitch on a few things
It's about 90% installed, it's the remaining 10% that's not parsing/executing/loading right.
I have it temp hosted on domain-brands.com
user: admin
pass: {you can guess this}
@OmeidHerat NGINX doesn't use httacess, it has a similar re-write engine in the host config files.
@TimothyPerez have you set errors to E_ALL | E_STRICT ?
I can
one sec
That should help.
I usually do
ini_set('display_errors', '1');
@OmeidHerat it's set now
But, no errors
It's working, but there's a JS file that it's dynamically generating its not putting together properly
@TimothyPerez I am having a look.
5:01 AM
Sign in as admin | password
Then go to this page
This page works perfectly
But when you go to the live site, images and js will be broken
It's a path var somewhere not being set right
BTW, don't ever use Amazon Web Services. @EVERYONE
I think I know what happened
I'm going to revert a few files
@TimothyPerez sweet.
5:18 AM
hey, any of you guys have a neat solution to this? - stackoverflow.com/questions/8737755/…
All I can come up with is a loop
OP essentially wants the emails that are not stored in the table from the list he inputs
1 hour later…
6:44 AM
is authentication and session Core part of a FW or they should have they are own packages ?
@OmeidHerat what does FW accronym stand for again
just a generic question, i understand that it will be different based on the FW, but was wondering what would you gain with having a different package or as part of the FW core.
@OmeidHerat Should definitely be it's own package
You want to make every aspect as modular as possible
Especially if that is going to tie in with other pieces
That makes sense.
This means that I have to manage Authentication and session at Controller level instead of FrontController.
Well, you could funnel it from the frontController
6:59 AM
But again, if the application is going to fail without a package what's the gain of making it modular ?
But the entire model should be standalone
There's a huge advantage, trust me
The more modular you make everything, the better.
Easier to modify in the future.
I'll give you an example of a pretty decent MVC model, I'm going to draw this up real quick and upload it here
Almost done
I am off for now.
7:22 AM
I'm done, sorry it took so long
I drew that up just for you
@OmeidHerat This is a very ideal/clean mvc in my opinion.
1 hour later…
8:35 AM
@TimothyPerez You use STDOUT as interface to for view? Looks interesting!
Or probably the secondary controller is just the domain command that's being invoked and I'm reading it wrong.
9:05 AM
@hakre actually I came up with this on the fly out of my head and drew it up in a uml diagram app.
@hakre thank you btw
9:45 AM
posted on January 05, 2012 by PHP Classes

The Debate of Making PHP Faster using a JIT Compiler - Lately in PHP podcast episode 19 By Manuel Lemos The official PHP implementation is evolving too slowly, while alternative implementations like Phalanger and Facebook HipHop can run PHP faster thanks to the use of JIT compiler engines. JIT compilation was the main topic of the episode 19 of the Lately in PHP podcast presented by Manue

PHP JIT background article is: phpclasses.org/blog/post/…
@hakre thanks
@hakre By the way, the secondary controller is to handle any last minute callbacks prior to rendering
HTTP Req. -> PHP: Parse -> PHP: Delegate -> PHP: Fetch Data -> PHP: Process Data -> PHP: Decorate Data -> XML -> XSLT -> HTML -> HTTP Resp.
10:01 AM
if that's what makes you randy
/me just used the dictionary for randy. :D
@hakre wow...
it's getting me hot and to sweat.
10:31 AM
<rant>echo $foo = bar($baz); where $baz hasn't been defined is crappy code right?</rant>
11:22 AM
posted on January 05, 2012 by Gaylord Aulke

In January 2011, the second iteration of the Plat_Forms contest had been conducted by FU Berlin Heise and OSBF. 16 Teams with 3 developers each were all given the same task. They had to implement as much as possible of the given requirements in a given time span in a controlled environment. After the event, the resulting code has been evaluated by the team around Prof. Lutz Prechelt and Ul

well that killed the conversation...
Anyone worked with Concrete5 before?
@NikiC hey, wassup?
@TimothyPerez no, but I found this: designvsdevelop.com/concrete5-first-impressions
11:27 AM
This is the simplest CMS I could find for 2 of my clients, that I'm setting up.
11:40 AM
which CMS?
posted on January 05, 2012 by Fabien Potencier

Before we dive into the code refactoring, I first want to step back and take a look at why you would like to use a framework instead of keeping your plain-old PHP applications as is. Why using a framework is actually a good idea, even for the simplest snippet of code and why creating your framework on top of the Symfony2 components is better than creating a framework from scratch. I w

I'm out. @#%&ing Concrete5 and NGINX is a headache!
11:57 AM
hello :)
12:12 PM
@ircmaxell Will hope that your counter article will get more votes then the original one :)
1:09 PM
I just learned that the SQL syntax I've been using for the past 10 or so years is invalid ><
I always put backticks (`) arounc column names. That's not valid Core SQL 2003.
and Oracle doesn't like it
hm, well, I wouldn't call that invalid
It's valid for MySQL
But phpMyAdmin does it.
And if you are using MySQL that's all you should care about imho
1:10 PM
well it's valid MySQL but not valid SQL :)
All databases are very different and have very different interpretations of what SQL is
Well I'm working on a cross-DB app so I need valid SQL :)
Well there is a global SQL norm/syntax
Not sure how cross-DB is supposed to work
No, there is no global SQL syntax (or, yes, there is, but nobody cares about that)
Actually, according to this site there are 3 SQL norms: developer.mimer.com/validator/index.htm
Never really asked myself that question either before today...
E.g. I'm pretty sure that the SQL "norm" will tell you to quote tables and columns using "", but that won't help you at all that the norm tells you that. E.g. it will not work in a default MySQL configuration (i.e. without the ANSI SQL option)
Really I don't think there is a sane way to write cross db code ;) why do you need that?
1:14 PM
I'm porting a MySQL app for a company that uses Oracle DBs
while trying to keep the MySQL compatibility...
that must be a terrible experience
how do you auto fill and submit forms on external sites using ajax?
Ctrl+H backticks = 1072 results... great
(I really hate Oracle for some reason :P)
I've never had the pleasure of working with it, it's always MySQL, SQL Server or SQLite.
1:18 PM
@NikiC , do you hate the corporation or the database system ?
@Willempie , which means that you have been completely ignoring Postgre
@tereško Probably both ;) But especially the corporation, I never used the DB ;)
@tereško * nods *
which is bad , @Willempie
because it one of the best out there
I don't know, whenever I need something simple I tend to go for a quick MySQL solution, when I want it to have some more power I go for SQL Server, I've never really had the need to change from that perspective. ( Although everytime I use MySQL I tend to curse about the inexistence of check constraints )
(MySQL isn't powerful?)
1:21 PM
not , it really isnt
the features are really limited in mysql , if you have ever worked with any other major DBMS
@tereško Yeah, everytime you try something you know works in other (R)DBMSes you already know that MySQL probably doesn't support it but you try anyway :D
@NikiC , it is even "really fast" as promoted , because the "speed" has always come from MyISAM
people tend to use mysql because other people use mysql
@tereško Is there a good GUI around for PostgreSQL, something close to what SQL Server provides? ( Might as well try it out now ).
there are GUI tools , but i have never really used any ( hell .. i dont use GUI tools much with any DBMS )
there is PgAccess and PgAdmin , and then there are few commercial tools
but , if you have learned SQL , then the "GUI tools" are just glorified textbox for writing query
@NikiC Now that I work with it I hate oracle too.
@Willempie phpPgAdmin is completely equivalent to phpMyAdmin for postgre if you're going to use php
Anyways, Oracle DB is extremely evil.
For 10 data tables I have 150+ structural tables/dictionaries
1:54 PM
@tereško huh didn't understand that?
2:39 PM
Good Morning
@NikiC time will tell
morning @ircmaxell
how's it going?
pity that the article is very /r/PHP specific so you probably can't get it on hackernews :(
@NikiC it's not really PHP specific at all...
Holy Cr@p. That's a lot of page views
hm, maybe
how many?
2:42 PM
1364... In 21 hours
get it on hackernews and you'll add a *10 factor to that ;)
at least that was my experience ^^
Nah, I've had stuff on Hackernews and only got a bout 1* or 2* that
Hi all
When I am in a class. how do i find all public functions?
@ircmaxell yes? that's strange. how far was it up on the list?
@NikiC not too far, but enough. I tossed it on hacker news, let's see
2:45 PM
Q: Designing my password class(es). How to split it up?

Levi MorrisonI've inherited a custom made authentication system that needs some refactoring. I'm not quite sure what the best way to split it up the password section and could use some help. The password class(es) need the following functionality: Check to see if a password conforms to restrictions. It n...

Good afternoon
@ircmaxell great +1 Let's see whether it makes it to the top :)
@LeviMorrison depends on what's going on with it. Would a strategy pattern work for you?
@Neal what do you mean?
@LeviMorrison Damn, I didn't recongize you because of the avatar change
@ircmaxell and it already got 3 votes so it's on the frontpage now :)
2:49 PM
@ircmaxell Right now i am doing: $this->_allowed_pages = get_class_methods($this); but that gets all functions
I just want the public ones
@ircmaxell I haven't read it yet but I already gave you an upvote for the effort ;)
@NikiC Already seeing a spike in traffic. 115 page views in the past 10 minutes...
@NikiC lol i +1d it
@BenjaminBrizzi :-D Thanks!
2:49 PM
@ircmaxell didn't i tell ya ^^
@NikiC My wife wanted a kitten. So I have a kitten now.
so that's your kitten?
@ircmaxell I just browesd through the original blog post so far. Seems pretty stupid. You just have to use the right tool for the job. If you're working on a huge business web suite, you use a big framework. If you're programming a small blog, you use a small framework or no framework at all...
@BenjaminBrizzi I think he made his point well, and I understand what he's trying to say even if I don't agree with him...
2:54 PM
@ircmaxell Heh, hadn't seen you have a paragraph entitled "the right tool for the job" :)
@NikiC 100 more views, and it'll be #5 all time post...
@LeviMorrison so that's your kitten?
@ircmaxell make sense?
@ircmaxell how much did the #1 post get?
@Neal Oh... You'd need to use ReflectionObject for that
2:58 PM
@NikiC No, it is from placekitten.com I am allergic to most animals, so we can't have one of our own.
@NikiC 5k...
@ircmaxell wazzat?
@ircmaxell hehe :P
$r = new ReflectionObject($this);
$methods = $r->getMethods(ReflectionMethod::IS_PUBLIC);
@NikiC yeah, it's not a really high traffic site, but enough to keep me doing it
It's #5, and 100 more to #4 (then a bit of a ways to go to #3)
3:01 PM
@ircmaxell cool thanks
@ircmaxell Well, it might work for me.
My #1 is at 22k, #2 at 20k and #3 far more down at 3.5k ^^
#1 5016
#2 3967
#3 2881
#4 1781
#5 1741
@ircmaxell You'll see, your current post will get 20k. It's on HN now, so it will ;)
3:05 PM
@NikiC Well, perhaps. We'll see
@ircmaxell You aren't optimistic enough :P
hm, i think i should try putting the STUPID post on HN too so that it matches up with the other numbers
@NikiC I prefer to be realistic and slightly pessimistic. Then be pleasantly surprised...
@ircmaxell :D
It's #4 and rising fast
holy cr@p... 700 page views in the past 30 minutes
Can't repeat it often enough: Didn't I tell you? :P
3:09 PM
I bet NikiC just made a pageview bot just to be able to say 'I told you so'?
Submitted the STUPID post: news.ycombinator.com/item?id=3428918 :)
@NikiC +1'd :-)
@NikiC Btw, the comments on STUPID are ridiculous. No wonder code is so poor around the globe. Everyone things they are doing it correctly.
Everyone always does
3:17 PM
hey all quick question, just because I add additional proxy modules as so: ./configure --enable-mods-shared="proxy proxy_http proxy_connect" doesnt mean I have to use them correct?
@ircmaxell oooo ur #5
#4 for me :-D
@ircmaxell hah u went up ^_^
hehe uve got comments
The comments on http://nikic.github.com/2011/12/27/Dont-be-STUPID-GRASP-SOLID.html prove that I have to hold my Singleton talk more often.
@Gordon yes, yes you do
3:23 PM
will submit to DPC
@Gordon that dutch thing?
@NikiC yep
actually, i am tempted to suggest "Dont be STUPID. GRASP SOLID" as a full day workshop but I dont wanna do it alone
@Gordon what would happen?
@Gordon why?
@ircmaxell i just like working in teams :)
3:28 PM
@Gordon No, meaning what would the workshop be? helping people with their code?
@ircmaxell i guess I'd explain STUPID, SOLID and GRASP in details.
with code examples and stuff. easy to blow that to hours of material
Easy to, but is it worth it to? I guess I just feel it could get old very quickly...
GRASP is nine patterns, SOLID is five. you can easily talk about each for 30 minutes without boring people I guess. thats seven hours :)
Fair enough
of course, if you already know them its likely boring
but then again, nikic wouldnt have written the blog post if so many people would know GRASP and SOLID :)
3:32 PM
Well, if you want to do a join session workshop, I'd be game
@ircmaxell i wouldnt mind doing it with you
do they take vids at that conf?
i'd really like to see you two doing that together :D
@NikiC they didnt last year
@ircmaxell :)
3:35 PM
@Gordon What about you, me and @edorian did it together?
sort-of like a panel...
@ircmaxell cool with me
@@edorian superping!
Has anyone here ever had to extend a Factory class for any reason besides testing?
@ircmaxell he's on the autobahn. i can ask him tonight though.
Let's say I have a Factory. Some of the things it makes require a database connection, while others do not. The factory itself does not use the database connection. Can it be 'safely' coupled to the database class? Or would you suggest passing in an instance of a database connection?
I do not actually have such a factory. I can conceive of it existing.
3:51 PM
@Gordon ah very nice
I think I'm going to write a blog post on interviewing developers...
4:08 PM
@ircmaxell Sounds interesting. What exactly about interviewing them?
meeting now, be back later
@CharlesSprayberry basically what I look for in a candidate and how I go about figuring out if they should be hired
Hey all
see the answer here:
@ircmaxell I can't speak for anybody else but I'm pretty sure I'd love an article about this. ;)
A: Small PHP Viewer/Controller template

Yannis RizosI've spent about 20 minutes reading your code and I've identified several issues. Relative paths private function load_template($controllerName, $jQuery = null){ $page_title = $controllerName->get('title') ? $controllerName->get('title') : App::get('DEFAULT_TITLE'); //display out...

@ircmaxell +1
4:10 PM
The part about Relative Paths How do I resolve it in my current code?
posted on January 05, 2012 by PHP-GTK Community

<?PHP //Definition of widgets $scrolled_win = new GtkScrolledWindow(); $textview = new GtkTextview(); $buffer = new GtkTextBuffer(); $win = new GtkWindow(); //Modify widgets $scrolled_win->set_policy(1,1); $textview->modify_font(new PangoFontDescription('Courier New 14')); $win->maximize(); $win->connect_simple('destroy', array('Gtk', 'main_quit')); //Pack widgets $scrolled_win-

@Neal In the answer you linked it is suggested you put the path into a parameter of the function. Makes sense to me.
@Neal What I meant here is, get the base directory /../view/ as a parameter to the function, and concatenate the parameter instead of the hardcoded directory. OR you could make it a parameter that you feed in your base controller class, and you could default it to /../view/
@Neal OR (less preferable) you could make it a static parameter or a const. Even if you go for the const, changing the directory would be as simple as changing the value of the const in your class, and the change will propagate everywhere.
what you are currently doing is hard coding, avoid that if possible...
Hard coding (also, hard-coding or hardcoding) refers to the software development practice of embedding what may, perhaps only in retrospect, be regarded as input or configuration data directly into the source code of a program or other executable object, or fixed formatting of the data, instead of obtaining that data from external sources or generating data or formatting in the program itself with the given input. Overview Considered an anti-pattern, hard coding requires the program's source code to be changed any time the input data or desired format changes, when it might be more conv...
the view directory falls under the configuration data category...
@YannisRizos where in my code would I do it?
4:23 PM
so another solution would be to move it into some sort of configuration file...
would I ask the users of the library to state where the files are located?
I already do that
I see, you could simply define the VIEWROOT as well. But you can leave it as is, if you feel it will never change. But if at some point you expand your framework to, let's say adopt an HMVC approach, where views can be in more than one place (although still structured), then you'll need to revisit
@YannisRizos so does this make sense? :
    private function loadView(){

        //Bring the variables to the global scope
        extract($this->getAll()); //load all variables into local scope

        $cwd = DOCROOT;
            $template_file = $cwd . 'view/' . Config::get('view') . '/' . Config::get('method') . '.stp';
                include $template_file;
            else {
                include $cwd . 'view/missingview.stp'; //no such view error
it all comes down to how flexible you want your framework to be. It makes a little bit more sense to me, but don't just take my word, you can make an excellent code review question out of it, or even a Programmers SE question and let others weight in
It makes a little bit more sense to me -> the code above that is
@YannisRizos Well if you at history of this chat over the past few days. I have been adding a Model elements to mylibrary
@YannisRizos ok cool. Also I forgot that I had used set_include_path(DOCROOT) so now I could just do:
    private function loadView(){

        //Bring the variables to the global scope
        extract($this->getAll()); //load all variables into local scope

            $template_file = 'view/' . Config::get('view') . '/' . Config::get('method') . '.stp';
                include $template_file;
            else {
                include 'view/missingview.stp'; //no such view error
        else {
@YannisRizos thanks ^_^ new code review question coming coon :-D
4:31 PM
It looks cool to me :) definately not a dupe of your old question, so post it at will. I'm pretty sure there's something I'm missing
@YannisRizos we shall see. I just have to commit my Model part at some point then post up the new Q
@YannisRizos do you like my new file structure?
I'm currently battling with codeigniter, yours is better than CI's, so yeap I definately like it!
but it's not a very important aspect of a framework...
@YannisRizos ^_^
@YannisRizos lol that is true. ask anyone here @ircmaxell :-P
btw I've done another extensive php code review, here although I don't think your code has the same problems, give it a read
@YannisRizos hehe I saw ^_^.
4:37 PM
@YannisRizos Do you see much PHP code still using mysql_*?
the part on avoiding global is on the same principles as on avoiding global configuration data. Singletons and static state are extremely practical, but should be avoided... And, weirdly enough, the only people I see still using mysql_* are on Code Review
Hello world!
Anyone who can help me with this: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/8744995/sam-broadcaster-streaming-encoding-error
@user726730 are you @ChrisP?
It's my friend account who can't post in the chat rooms
@user726730 sure..
4:50 PM
@Neal i can't understand u
@user726730 and you have been ignored ^_^ yay!
so what? ^_^ you catched me :( :P
dupicate account
that's not the problem
the problem is in charset encoding
Why did you create second account if i may ask?
because i can't post new questions
i see this: Sorry, we are no longer accepting questions from this account. See goo.gl/C1Kwu to learn more.
i tryed to answer some questions from this account, but it doesn't help
I'm pretty sure that circumventing account restrictions is something SO doesn't want.
4:57 PM
@Robik Flag the Q for merge.
@user726730 make some good answers or post on meta to compain or something, but do NOT make dupe accounts.
@Robik I flagged stackoverflow.com/questions/8744995/… with this: This user is the same as: stackoverflow.com/users/726730/user726730 See here: chat.stackoverflow.com/transcript/message/2288401#2288401 claims it is a `friend account` (whatever that means). Can they be merged?
sum reputation of merged account if possible
@user726730 no

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