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12:55 AM
error: function(XMLHttpRequest, textStatus, errorThrown){
if(textStatus == "timeout"){
alert("%TIMEOUT% - Det tog över 80 sekunder om att utföra denna handling. Vänligen försök igen, eller testa med något mindre..");
$('#buttonUpload').attr('disabled', false);
why wont this work
@Karem Depending on what you mean by 'won't work'
no alert on timeout
try alert(textStatus)- above the if statement then cause a timeout.
i get "error"
in the alert
@Karem Pop open Firebug or any of the browser dev tools, check the net/resource panel to see the error the ajax request is returning with
1:08 AM
@YiJiang the ajax call is still running after the alert
@Karem Did you set the timeout property when calling the $.ajax function?
i set it to 200
to get the timeout error
4 hours later…
5:19 AM
@CodingKitten How's Node 3.4pre?
@IvoWetzel For serious I blame the OP of that I'm writing here in a while. So much time to the full blown for in hasOwnProperty thing
3 hours later…
8:02 AM
Has anybody done face recogniton with java?
1 hour later…
9:23 AM
Hi there.
10:16 AM
hi~ ^^;
it's awesome, the catting~
Anyone have an opinion on what to do with the lack of title attributes showing on disabled inputs in firefox
@CodingKitten Any thoughts on that?
@IvoWetzel I sincerely believe that you can't stand for a image, being displayed in JavaScript?
@CodingKitten Indeed I hate images being displayed in my JS
10:20 AM
@IvoWetzel Hi all you haven't used the universe yet, since you can think of
@CodingKitten Did you use the universe?
@IvoWetzel ongoing rewrite of the names edit them have the stacktrace before searching for good will to down vot it like jquery examples
@IvoWetzel do not delegate qeustions to a bad AI. Either give useful input or write a good AI
@Raynos I'm still waiting for @YIJiang's pull request with a fixed AI :P
@IvoWetzel seriously though. Is FF correct in claiming that title text should not be displayed on disabled inputs and that's "working as intended"
Or do i need to emulate disabled property or the title property
10:24 AM
@Raynos Whether it's correct or not, well guess one would have to read the HTML specs in order to find out
I'd rather emulate the title
jsperf.com becomes more broken every day -.-
@IvoWetzel your code becomes more broken every day
@Raynos My code didn't change :P
And I have unit tests, so I can convert bugs to features instantly
@IvoWetzel What, me?
I don't know enough node.js to seriously make any modification to that
but the calibration takes forever in Chrome, not to speak of Opera, where it never finishes
@YiJiang Well the "AI" stuff is mostly plain JS
@YiJiang node.js is irrelevant to the AI stuff. Your not doing any SS stuff there. its just plain js. bad excuse, find a better one
10:33 AM
The AI is irrelevant to the AI... wait
How do I feature detect for disabled controls in firefox ?
No, I mean you want me to refactor the code into something neater, no?
@IvoWetzel you dont need to use any of the standard libraries in node.js
@YiJiang I think he means make the bot intelligent, AI wise.
I don't really think there's a lot to be done about the dissociated press algo, short of using something a lot more complex
You can tweak the constants around a bit, but I'm not sure if that'll help
@YiJiang Well, I have some of the question... regex... stuff in there, question is, how to give useful feedback for recognized questions
jsperf in Opera is awesome
Running tests.... 0 runs... finished
and of course, not results
10:36 AM
@IvoWetzel use a proper bench marking tool >:(
@Raynos Like what, Firebug's profile button? :P
@Raynos !!!! It has "performance" in its name (well at least perf...) it must be the best one!
@YiJiang Dragonfly!...
@YiJiang A custom server that benchmarks your own code. Write one. In node. It's not hard. Whilst your at it edit V8 so the whole timing thing is more accurate.
hey there i ment
@Raynos Which then... gives me useful results for Opera?
@meo You meant, that you "meant" instead of "ment"?
10:38 AM
@IvoWetzel unless you write it bad
yes sure
@IvoWetzel Not really sure how that's going to work
@Raynos So if I want IE6 results, I run it on a old Z80?
Maybe look like what Ubiquity does with it's natural language parsing
But that would still be ridiculously complex for a chatbot
Let's just write a natural language processing framework in JS...
10:40 AM
but this is not the question. Do you have any regex for email adresses? I need one that performs well--
E-mail validation with regex is hard
with a "small" regex, impossible
why is it hard ?
Q: Regexp recognition of email address hard?

shooshI recently read somewhere that writing a regexp to match an email address, taking into account all the variations and possibilities of the standard is extremely hard and is significantly more complicated than what one would initially assume. Can anyone provide some insight as to why that is? ...

see the second answer for a regex...
a-zA-Z numbers and . - _ or not ?
oh it looks more complicated then i was thinking
thank you for the link anyway
@meo you can write a regex that catches 98% of all emails :) It will also work if you only accept specific domains that limit their emails to something sensible
@IvoWetzel ... You basically write jsperf but better.
@IvoWetzel alternatively you do benchmarking on a more local scale.
10:58 AM
Is there any graphic hint to show that a link is a JS bookmarklet ?
11:12 AM
@ClemDesm Not really, although the status bar should show the link starting with javascript:
You can always use a global userstyle that adds a icon or something to all links with href starting with javascript:, although this can be problematic for older websites still using javascript:void
Ah, no, I meant, you know, design stuff to show people this link is a bookmarklet that need to be moved to your shortcut bar or something
@ClemDesm do a google search for linkes with href's starting with "javascript" and find and steal someones design stuff
Can we actually just screen scrape html with an existing search engine?
Hard to design from work with collegues around... here's my bookmarklet link :( nu.x10.bz
I guess the js can be optimised :S
at least, it works.
11:41 AM
thats not very styled :P
Fair enough. Still, I need to work (you know, for money) at the same time and I don't have any design app installed :( May improve it from home later
12:05 PM
@ClemDesm "design app" ? Don't tell me you use something like wordpress.
PHP is great
I have to try this right now, entering 2.2250738585072007e-308 in number field of PHP websites to see whether it hangs the server :D
@IvoWetzel why that one
Doomsday for PHP websites?
Quick! Write a script that pokes websites and submits this in every possible form field...
@Raynos wordpress?How can you think about wordpress when someone says "design app" ?
Was talking about photoshop/gimp/kuler to test some colors etc.
@IvoWetzel Look for field that must be an integer then. Else, PHP will belive it's a string and won't bother.
@ClemDesm I think design app is short for web design app rather then design design app
@IvoWetzel just search for *.php websites for big companies :)
12:20 PM
@CodingKitten Aren't you happy that you're running on JS?
@CodingKitten GIEF ANZWÄRS!
@IvoWetzel Although created that broken implementation of upvotes...
@CodingKitten Yes, at times I really do think that the up vote implementation is broken
@IvoWetzel It was probably from a milk bottle?
Hi All..
@TolgahanAlbayrak you've entered the den. Beware.
12:25 PM
Beware of the forest mushrooms!
@IvoWetzel is english a type 1 or type 0 language?
@Raynos FileNotFound
English doesn't fit into a bool
@IvoWetzel I just create a js framework for html5 named as "Pyramid"
I released the alpha version. I need some people to improve it together.
Where should I start?
@TolgahanAlbayrak does it do anything useful?
@TolgahanAlbayrak I take its open source, on a cvs or git depository, has documentation, and is well commented.
12:29 PM
@Raynos Wait... so frameworks are supposed to do something useful?
alpha reelase with future demo is here: pyramid.secondteam.net
Pyramid's aim to be a game library for all modern browsers include ipad and iphone
@TolgahanAlbayrak The demo isnt as useful as a link to the code base
@TolgahanAlbayrak I'm working on something similar. I'll take a look at it tonight if you have a proper link to the source
GitHub link or it doesn't exist!!!!!
@IvoWetzel it doesnt exist. I'm still screwing around with tricking users into thinking theres no latency until I give up
it does not exist on github :(
but i will upload today
12:32 PM
@Raynos Never give up! Trust your instincts!
@TolgahanAlbayrak honestly though from my limited experience I think a generic game framework for frontend javascript is hard to do. Generic is just too slow. It needs to be hand optimised for everything
@TolgahanAlbayrak have a look at craftyjs He beat you to it.
@TolgahanAlbayrak Now a small and efficient wrapper around the canvas that supports easy rendering and animating of basic shapes. That would be useful
That's still generic, so, gnah. Doing JS Games is like programming the NES, you need to know every single trick in order get it fast
@IvoWetzel but a triangle function is a triangle function. It's generic but you can't hand optimise it much at all.
@Raynos Function call overhead!!!!!!!!!!11111111111111
@IvoWetzel for the NES you wrote half of it in C and half of it in assembly. were a bit more high level now
@IvoWetzel closure compiler. Tell it to loop unroll and other evil premature optimisations
12:37 PM
@Raynos Well, pretty much all the good/fast games were written purely in ASM
@IvoWetzel yes. But they were written in C compiled to assembly THEN hand optimised.
@IvoWetzel common sense (C)
Haha :P
@TolgahanAlbayrak I recommend you to import underscore.js rather then rewriting the utility belt
12:39 PM
I've read through some dis's like Metroid and SMB1
That doesn't look like compiled stuff they cranked out every byte
especially in later games like SMB3
I also had my hands on a SNES game's code, also pure assembly (and those were the actual source files, no dis)
N64 was C
@TolgahanAlbayrak Although reading the source, I feel theres too much low level hackery. But it doesn't look half bad.
@IvoWetzel whats your opinion about me implementing require and writing assert and copying over other useful modules from nodejs to the client ?
Afternoon homies!
@AndyE no.
@Raynos Well there's commonJS for require, although the implementation details differ vastly
@Raynos But in the end, a Node.js alike port would be nice to have :)
@AndyE So they're returning
Ahhhh quick... post the link to how accepting answers works before that 1rep guy never visits the site again >_>
@IvoWetzel who's "they"?
@Raynos absolutely yes
12:45 PM
@AndyE All the people who vanished over the course of christmas
Was pretty boring around here the last few weeks
@IvoWetzel: X-mas is family time for me :-)
I was going to pop in on one or two occasions but ended up getting distracted
@AndyE Well I don't have much of a family anymore :/ So for me it's just a few more days of the year...
@AndyE Anyways, hope you enjoyed it :)
I also dropped my laptop last Thursday and broke the screen :-\ have it hooked up to my TV's HDMI right now.
@IvoWetzel aw that's a shame. I did enjoy it, but I was also looking forward to getting back to work.
@CodingKitten How are you today?
@YiJiang I sincerely believe that would be shown. Actually, you could then display a user/password box below
12:50 PM
@AndyE Spend quite some time playing video games in the last two weeks, I need to find a new project to work on to get back into coding... now that I've set up VIM...
o = { ... };
var b = o;
delete window.o;
@CodingKitten Then why is there no Kitten Mood indicator on the SO mainpage?
@IvoWetzel only and sane ? ;) the magic of AJAX it pops up with Javascript syntax for basic Math and it's really want to tell him to read up inside the if statement
does the delete command merely remove the pointer to the object stored at o ?
@Raynos b's still there
no, just refcount -1
12:50 PM
@IvoWetzel just double checking the delete command doesnt mess with the data
o = adsdasd # count 1
var b = o; # count 2
delete window.o; # count 1
In that case I can use cheats to write require.js that emulates the node behaviour. Without eval!
Welcome to work at Stack Overflow, @Nick_Craver and @rchern!
In case you haven't heard the news
Now Nick has even more powerz
But that also means that he has like 2000000000000000% less time answering questions
@Raynos thanks for advices.. I created a github project for Pyramid at github.com/tolgahan2010/Pyramid today i will upload the full source.
12:52 PM
@CodingKitten Are you afraid of rchern working at SO?
@IvoWetzel since nick is a full time employee he cant steal my answers?
To celebrate I've named a city in this OpenTTD after both Nick and rchern.
ETIMEDOUT, Connection timed out
Error: ETIMEDOUT, Connection timed out
    at Client._onConnect (net.js:543:18)
@TolgahanAlbayrak find the folder its stored at. then git push it to github. It takes 2 minutes. Alternatively post the full source at any pastebin
12:54 PM
@IvoWetzel dun dun dun!!!
what does RIA stand for?
Rich Interwebz Application
ARIA = Accessible RIA
Yet Another Random Interwebzs Application
@IvoWetzel It should be Intertubez, I think.
@IvoWetzel write a small raytracing library/API thing for canvas please. Consider it a challenge. (full webGL support should come by default). You look like you have nothing to do.
@Raynos Leave me alone with 3D math stuff
@Raynos Well at least not until next monday when that job finding coaching resumes...
12:58 PM
@IvoWetzel but then I have to write it :( Its a right pain in the ass.
Math sucks, logical / data problems are awesome, and don't tell me about those are being just more math!
@CodingKitten What do you think about da mathz?
@IvoWetzel GitHub link or type 0 language?
@CodingKitten Is that a quiz?
@IvoWetzel Now and because of feedback?
I guess so. Theres already a couple of ray tracers out there. Ill steal some of their work
1:13 PM
@NickCraver I remembered quite a while back you said that there's no way to navigate to a URL ending with .user.js in Chrome without installing the script on the page, and that there's no way of reviewing the source without installing the thing. Is this resolved now?
@YiJiang try it.
any link?
still stupid like hell
"Want to install!?!?!"
that link automatically downloads and cant be viewed. try a ftp url
Interesting - on Chrome, clicking on the link from the Github repo page now results in some nifty ajax to load the source instead of giving you the actual page
I'll try this in Firefox
Hmmm... no. Looks like they might be detecting Chrome specifically
-1 Github :(
@Raynos Same for the raw version
@YiJiang Try FX4
1:25 PM
The feature might have been recent - the page still has some bugs - the page number is off
It uses the location hash thingy API
@IvoWetzel Don't have it installed here
Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening all
@IvoWetzel Ah! That's why. Hmmmm... that's a lot more plausible
@ircmaxell Hello
1:27 PM
How's it going...?
@CodingKitten Well, how is it?
@YiJiang in for my answer. theory (and my experience), jQuery makes things work even use grammatics
@ircmaxell Good, I've been completely assimilated into the VIM collective
very nice
adding more and more plugins over the last few days.....
1:29 PM
Why oh why does intel suck. They make my life difficult... If it wasn't for them, I wouldn't need 32-bit versions of operating systems
@ircmaxell Quick VIM question, do you know of any way to change the default filename? So that it doesn't start with "Unnamed" but for example with "Empty.js"
I know I can change the syntax via filetype
but the template plugin is too stupid to detect that...
I dunno...
Hm maybe I should open up a question then, couldn't find anything via Google :/
The bad thing
I can't stand any screencasts of people who are using the mouse in their editors anymore >_>
Q: A parser for regular expressions in PHP?

Jan FabryI need to parse regular expressions into their components in PHP. I have no problem creating the regular expressions or executing them, but I want to display information about the regular expression (e.g. list the capture groups, attach repetition characters to their targets, ...). The overall pr...

^^ So which will come first, the regex or the regex parser?
1:35 PM
@ircmaxell Parsing the regex parser with regex? Parsing the regex parser parser with regex? Parse the regex parser parser parser with regex?
@YiJiang Well the first version would be written using regex, then the regex parser compiles itself!
@YiJiang not that I'm aware of
@IvoWetzel Then afterwards it becomes sentient!
@NickCraver Thanks. Do you still have a link to that bug you filed?
@YiJiang So SkyNet is regex after all...
nope, would have to find it, I can look in a bit, in the middle of some SO database stuff atm
1:37 PM
@YiJiang: Nah, it'll stack overflow before it reaches the singularity...
@IvoWetzel ...which means it won't be able to handle HTML! Salvation from the technology singularity!
@ircmaxell What kind of black hole will be created by the regex?
not that kind of singularity...
(although it would be an intelectual black-hole. Our knowledge would go in, and we'd never see it again (since we'd be forced into slavery if not killed outright)
@ircmaxell Come on! We already lost all our hopes in CERN, and now you're telling us that not even regex is able to create black holes? :(
Imagines John Connor frantically writing un-regex parsable complex HTML
@IvoWetzel Well, it can create infinite loops, which surely is good enough?
1:40 PM
@YiJiang But we can't be sure that they're really infinite unless we have working unit tests...
<div><![CDATA[ Sucker!</div> ]]></div> <- will break most regex html parsers
@ircmaxell That's near to breaking my brain, too
An infinite loop is impossible...
@IvoWetzel Tosh, it's only XML CDATA
@ircmaxell So you say that the universe will end at some point and everything is gone in the multi-hyper-mega-kitten-verse will be gone?
1:42 PM
@ircmaxell Technically speaking, that's XHTML
Exactly @IvoWetzel...
@YiJiang true... stand by one
:kitten quote
> "A clever person solves a problem. A wise person avoids it." - Albert Einstein
That tells us what? Exactly! He shouldn't write the parse in the first place
:kitten quote
> "I think Microsoft named .Net so it wouldn’t show up in a Unix directory listing." - Oktal
1:44 PM
Hm kitten's quite slow
@YiJiang: It's not XHTML, it's HTML
CDATA is a SGML construct
Can we settle on the fact that's it's awful?
Hmmm... Wikipedia saiz otherwise:
> CDATA sections in XHTML documents are liable to be parsed differently by web browsers if they render the document as HTML, since HTML parsers do not recognise the CDATA start and end markers, nor do they recognise HTML entity references such as &lt; within <script> tags.
<div><![CDATA[ Sucker!<h3> ]]></div><![IGNORE[ This will break!</h3> ]]>
Well, it doesn't matter if the parser recognizes it, it's a valid construct (and hence should validate)...
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Error: ETIMEDOUT, Connection timed out
    at Client._onConnect (net.js:543:18)
    at IOWatcher.onWritable [as callback] (net.js:164:12)
ping timeout 17
ping timeout 17
you killed the kitten!
you've killed the kitten
1:47 PM
@IvoWetzel Very much so
@CodingKitten (!)
@IvoWetzel GASP
Kittens connection is getting slower and slower :(
@IvoWetzel What's getting in its tubez?
@CodingKitten Do you read me?
@IvoWetzel Does LIMIT 0, 5.
1:52 PM
Q: What is your favourite JavaScript reference manual?

daniel.sedlacekHi, I come from strong typed unambiguous OOP background and I struggle to find JavaScript reference manual that would fit my needs. The ideal one should be: compendious and handy, I'm not looking for ECMA standart reference. type specific, even if JS is not strong typed function arguments and...

>_> someone used my URL shortener
@ClemDesm Any casualties yet?
@ClemDesm Sounds like a good time to break the redirection to mess with people
@YiJiang :O never thought of that !
@IvoWetzel Nope, seems to work fine
1:57 PM
Q: hello world to facebook from php

user557292hello world to facebook from php

Can anybody remind me what that site is that allows storage of html, css and javascript snippets that has a nice 4-pane display...
Q: What is your favourite JavaScript reference manual?

daniel.sedlacekHi, I come from strong typed unambiguous OOP background and I struggle to find JavaScript reference manual that would fit my needs. The ideal one should be: compendious and handy, I'm not looking for ECMA standart reference. type specific, even if JS is not strong typed function arguments and...

voted to close and answered :-p
Answered because I wanted to help the guy out, closed because there's no correct answer.
@kzh jsfiddle.net ?
2:00 PM
@AndyE Thrown mine in. If it gets reopened there's also the duplicate option
@AndyE: I would say it should be CW if anything...
@ClemsDesm Thank you! I am bookmarking it now.
@ircmaxell So... let's start edit the hell out of that thing?
It's a shame help.dottoro.com hasn't had much love. It's a fairly decent reference that I've found considerably useful recently - especially because of the browser compatibility summary that's given on each page.
2:03 PM
@AndyE ew. it looks ugly.
document.write ("call TestArguments ('first')");
document.write ("<br />");
TestArguments ('first');

document.write ("<br /><br />");

document.write ("call TestArguments ('first', 'second')");
document.write ("<br />");
TestArguments ('first', 'second');
yes! great reference
@AndyE the content looks reasonably solid
@Raynos yeah, the whole interface is a bit too involved, I guess.
Array.prototype.AddCherry = function () {
    return this.push ("cherry");    // call Array.push method

var arr = [10, -2, 20];
for (var i in arr) {
    document.write (i + ": " + arr[i] + "<br />");
2:05 PM
@AndyE layout, colour scheme, and obnoxious adverts.
Should I laugh, or cry?
@IvoWetzel I hadnt seen those, lol
but check out some of the HTML 5 docs
that's sooo fail
and the text range stuff
does document.write have any good uses?
2:06 PM
the cross browser summary it gives and examples as well as working implementations
hm, yes, but the rest... kinda... meh
@Raynos: Sure, teaching people how not to write code...
@ircmaxell Sounds like it, yup
We need a concise, small, maintained core reference
Which shows all the common pitfalls and how to avoid them
Ad codes also use it, but that's only when you're working with copy-and-pasters
2:08 PM
@IvoWetzel Just do it
@IvoWetzel: I'm only going on the pages I've landed on and the methods I've looked up in the past couple of months - I don't need to learn DOM/JS so I haven't really seen the rest :-p
Why concise? Why not all encompassing (as long as it's organized and navigatable)
@IvoWetzel The JavaScript language is anything but concise...
@ircmaxell I meant concise on the smaller things, so you don't have 2000 lines of code examples on each page, just the important stuff that really matters so newbies don't get distracted etc.
I mean, you can write short and concise migration guide assuming the reader understands C syntax for stuff like loops and arithmetics, but things like events will still need some explaining
2:10 PM
@IvoWetzel write it. Might aswell write the old javascript to javascript compiler that removes annoying pitfalls and language quirks
Something like php.net's docs
@Raynos Why not, need a good format for it... github MD git based wiki?
@ircmaxell Those aren't too bad, but it's the comments that's really useful
Or just generate it
Random useful comments like those really help people
2:12 PM
Yeah, so build the format into the docs
@YiJiang I think we need both : good and useful comment and official doc (which can be withdrawn when noobs ask why this function doesn't work because they use a deprecated version, or for JS, one particular browser)
Well, it doesn't need to be official, it just needs to be consistent and thorough...
I think MDC is still the gold standard for JavaScript at least
yeah, that's why it's in italic.
A: MySQL Integer vs DateTime index

CesarTIMESTAMP columns are identical to DATETIME columns with one important exception — they can be set to take the current time value when a row is created or updated. http://www.kbedell.com/2009/03/07/how-to-create-a-timestampdatetime-column-in-mysql-to-automatically-be-set-with-the-current-time/

2:33 PM
Disabled input controls in firefox do not display title attributes. How do I feature detect for this? (Example jsfiddle.net/Raynos/xQyBR)
2:45 PM
Q: feature detection firefox quirk with title attributes not showing on disabled elements

RaynosHow would I go about using feature detection to find out whether I need to emulate the title attribute on disabled input elements. I'm aware that firefox claims & interprets the specification so that it is working as intended but I would none the less like tooltips to display. The only thi...

Add bind to call & apply
That's, I want to focus on current stuff at first
What is undefined? I hate JS because of undefined. undefined is null, and null is undefined. But not to JS...
lol true.
2:55 PM
undefined is a value and a name (that might end up with a different value...)
@Raynos I don't really see how feature detection could be applied there
@IvoWetzel : I'm impatient to read it :)
@AndyE I dont either hence the question
The DOM has no "knowledge" of the tooltips, regardless of the state of the button. As far as the relationship goes, a title can be set via DOM, everything else is out of its hands. I think browser detection is your only choice.
Still, there's not much you can do even when you have that information. You couldn't display your own tooltip on hover, for instance, because mouse events aren't fired for disabled elements.
@IvoWetzel: Semantically, what does undefined mean?
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