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2:00 PM
@Unihedro are you trying to show off your knowledge of different languages?
@ADG The algorithm is language-agnostic.
@Unihedro my code shows compile error
@ADG Have you tried running it in an IDE before you submit it online?
yes on eclipse
Let me guess... It worked?
2:03 PM
Maybe the execution time Exceed upto 2 seconds
@ADG What platform is this anyway?
is here anyone, who have worked with WebSockets in java ?
platform=? (java?)
No, the web platform.
@manpreetSingh, If you have a question, please just ask it. Don't look for topic experts. Don't ask to ask. Don't PM! Don't ask if people are awake, or in the mood to help. Just ask the question straight out. To disable this message use ~welcome=false.
2:05 PM
@Unihedro i don't know about such things, care to help know it?
Platform: web (servlets//jsp)
actually the question have been posted
@ADG User parameter does not exist.
Pleas show the the Whole screenshot
2:06 PM
@Unihedro ??what?? sorry i'm not an expert at prog.
@deadlydragon00 how can I add image here ?
there's an upload button
@ADG looks like a problem with your gcj install. (why are you using gcj anyway? it's horribly outdated)
Basically you need to download a program that will screenshot and paste some url or your picture...
@kiheru the online server is using maybe.
2:07 PM
@ADG It's only enabled for users with >100 reputation.
downlaod Jing
@ADG Yes, it may be. That's why I asked.
Just show me what this website is, I'll find out.
I have given the link of my question
@manpreetSingh use Jing
3 questions to go for gold badge..
2:10 PM
@Vogel612 What gold badge?
you want the screenshot of Exception ?
Just go to the last page after sorting by votes, and downvote ALL of them
The end is near!!
no you already posted the stacktrace @manpreetSingh
no everyone of you geniuses will come and submit your entries there
2:11 PM
nevermind.. that
@ADG dafuq...
@ADG Frankly, no one here really bothers about a site that takes user entries which can't even compile it right to begin with.
In fact, now that you've said it, I don't care about it at all. See you later.
2:12 PM
sorry i was joking in a opaque manner
"reconfigured in 2011".... okay...
@Unihedro sorry i was so childish sorry sorry, you don't help if you don't want to but don' t take those words seriously, plz forget them ;( (cry-cry-cry-sob-cry-sob-sob)
Stop acting like a kid
... It doesn't say that it accepts Java code.
> Rules and Details
Some problems will be put up here. Open them, read them, understand them, think about them, solve them, code them, submit them, debug them, submit them, debug them, submit them...
Language Compiler Used Compiler Command Line
C gcc (GCC) 4.6.3 gcc -Wall -lm -O2 <filename>
C++ g++ (GCC) 4.6.3 g++ -Wall -O2 <filename>

There are limits on execution time, memory used, and source code size submitted.
You are not allowed to make any system calls.
Input and output will be to standard input and output (called stdin and stdout in C, also referred to by the cin and cout streams in
see Java?
2:15 PM
In codefight 2ms is the max execution I think it does the same way!
what is that?
A blast to the past :|
??more confused
The GNU Compiler for Java (GCJ) is a free compiler for the Java programming language and a part of the GNU Compiler Collection. GCJ can compile Java source code to Java Virtual Machine bytecode or to machine code for a number of CPU architectures. It can also compile class files and whole JARs that contain bytecode. == History == The GCJ runtime-libraries original source is from GNU Classpath project, but there is a code difference between the libgcj libraries. GCJ 4.3 uses the Eclipse Compiler for Java as a front-end. In 2007, a lot of work was done to implement support for Java's two graphical...
It doesn't like your syntax because it doesn't look like C syntax.
2:17 PM
ok so what can I do?
CNI depends on Java classes appearing as C++ classes. If it doesn't, well, it doesn't compile.
@ADG Well, remove some of the syntactic sugar that Java offers so gcj accepts it.
what is CNI ?
ok what that sweetness is supposed to be?
Compiled Native Interface
like arraylist?
19 mins ago, by ADG
public static void main(String args[]) {
Scanner s = new Scanner(System.in);
int n = s.nextInt();
int f1 = 1;
int f2 = 2;
int f3 = 0;
if (n == 1) {
} else if (n == 2) {
} else {
for (int i = 3; i <= n; ++i) {
f3 = f1 + f2;
f1 = f2;
f2 = f3;
2:18 PM
yes the scanner
if-else comes in both c++ and java
ok then cin<<?
use the args[] i think, instead
Integer.parseInt(String.valueOf(new byte[]{System.in.read()}))
i had submitted some correct intries in the past
one used scanner
2:21 PM
That's a surprise.
Though, it's gcj.
this is one of the accepted one:
public static void main(String args[]) {

Scanner scan = new Scanner(System.in);
int n = Integer.parseInt(scan.nextLine());
ArrayList<String> lines = new ArrayList<String>();
ArrayList<String> words = new ArrayList<String>();
ArrayList<String> words_2 = new ArrayList<String>();
boolean once_entered = true;
for (int i = 0; i < n; i++) {
lines.add(i, scan.nextLine() + " ");
for (int i = 0; i < n; i++) {
String word = "";
for (int j = 0; j < lines.get(i).length(); j++) {
char char_0 = lines.get(i).toLowerCase().charAt(j);
with args
idk but what I mean use args[0] , args[1] etc.. as the testcase input
ok found the problem
@deadlydragon00 Nah, those are program parameters.
package test to be removen
2:23 PM
Like java -jar javabot-0.0.1.jar --debug
but now it shows wrong answer.
Will have -debug somewhere in args
is there any special property of 15746?
because it tells to modulo your answer 15746, so I did f3%15746 but it is a negative number??
@ADG It unlocks the secrets of the universe.
:D lol
ok is x%15746 correct way to do ?
again wrong answer.
2:29 PM
Don't ask me, I'm just a clueless (bad) pun bot.
15746 has a representation as a sum of 2 squares:
15746 = 11^2+125^2
15746 has the representation 15746 = 5 2^6 7^2+66.
ok wolfram alpha addict i know that
you are under arrest for copyright infringement
... You're under arrest for bad jokes.
:D lol
really lol
Isn't that the storyline in The Escapists game anyway.
2:32 PM
l . . l
l l l
l D l
oh no my drawing ruined by chat formatting
leave it
I'm fed up. someone tell me some better online site to practice. -_-
BTW, use "Stack Exchange" as a clan.
Clash of Clans
shut up
@deadlydragon00 Clans of Clans. Clanception!
2:37 PM
another shut up
@ADG No.
You shut up.
anyways you're the guru
I'm no guru.
ok i clicked java and it said to solve a wrong code i corrected that. is this site all about this?
@Unihedro Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious
2:39 PM
@ADG That's captcha.
@Unihedro Vogel is catching up o_o
looks for another kata...
@deadlydragon00 deoxyribonucleic acid.
Thats my previous password
@deadlydragon00 Antidisestablishmentarianism.
2:40 PM
@deadlydragon00 ಠ_ಠ
you better off PMFC
Proprioceptiveneuromuscularfacilitationtechnique (PNMFT)
@Sam Im not familiar with that :D
i'm stuck on second captcha
@deadlydragon00 It's one of the longest (non-scientific) words in the world.
2:42 PM
nice :D
full form of pneumonia 45 lett.
Dictionary is the Longest Word :D
bad one
@Sam and that when I didn't even solve a kata the last 3 days
<td width="8%" align="left" onclick="displaysignPopup()"><img src="photo_sign/IMG_20150407_185507.png" class="imgCursor"
alt="Date Picker" width="90" height="90" border="0"></img></td>
show image correct
2:46 PM
i can't solve the second captcha only :(
switch the variables around in the format statement
the "problem description" is total junk
stupid! this is 0 standard question. what is it trying to check?
ok i got clan and i am typing....
@ADG contextual understanding..
the compiler error in the first captcha can already be fixed by machines...
your head is empty?
are you a human?
wierd site says "Uh oh! Something went wrong! (500)

We have taken note of the situation and will be looking into it. We are still a beta product.

If you would like to supply us with some details as to how this happened please Email Us. This will help us get things fixed faster."
2:51 PM
@ADG Everyone in this room is just a chat bot with good AI.
Except fge. He's actually a real person.
what is kyu and kata? japanese words? manga?
kyu is a form of a rank
kata is a "training session"
both words are coming from eastern martial arts
stop the troll pls
(me na?)
ok i don't need IDE that's good
ok i have to capitalise the starting letter of every word of a given string
i am thinking of using regex to find whitespace characters
and then toUpperCase the next character.
3:03 PM
Jaden Case Kata....
regex is overkill if you want to make it that way...
@Vogel612 rofl
well it actually is named that way...
ok using a char array
hmm.. that's the low-level solution for it...
then again you could Split it at " ", get the first character into uppercase and join it together with " " again
i don't know about capitalising, sorry :( i can't pass such high level tests.
@Vogel612 you mean String[] substring = string.split(" ");
3:12 PM
so to say....
my solution was something along these lines:
return Arrays.stream(input.split(" ")).map(this::jadenCase).collect(Collectors.joining(" "));
Arrays.stream unknown method, map unknown method, collect unknown method, Collectors unknown class
to me
i've learnt all my java from net only. i'm still to enter college.
3:16 PM
Same. I'm in high school.
ok you're too young too intelligent. i'm not. i do all this just cause of my interest in prog.
@Vogel612 Pattern has .splitAsStream()
school does not teach you everything that you need, its basically based on luck and dedication
@deadlydragon00 "everything" -> anything
3:21 PM
@fge that's one additionall import I have to add.
and another thing I didn't know yet
The Allegory of the Cave (also titled Plato's Cave or Parable of the Cave) is presented by the Greek philosopher Plato in his work The Republic (514a–520a) to compare "...the effect of education (παιδεία) and the lack of it on our nature". It is written as a dialogue between Plato's brother Glaucon and his mentor Socrates, narrated by the latter. The allegory is presented after the Analogy of the Sun (508b–509c) and the Analogy of the Divided Line (509d–513e). All three are characterized in relation to dialectic at the end of Books VII and VIII (531d–534e). Plato has Socrates describe a gathering...
@deadlydragon00 i don't even have any subject related to CS.
Me neither
@ADG I started without.
three years of internet later, I made my first game in Flash.
CS was not part of our Curriculumn, lets say I have a bad country... at least
3:25 PM
My life began when I was 5, of which I have no recollection of my memory beyond that point whatsoever. Past 8, I actively learned to code. School has been a liability up to even now, and likely future if I take university courses.
But if you're waiting for school to teach you anything helpful, prepare to have your life wasted.
@Unihedro that is your opinion
That's not mine
I learned plenty at school
i have made 2 games and 1 live wallpaper only on android.
IMO; YMMV; My opinions are my own and do not represent that of my communities', employers', and that of my family's.
you can check out by searching "Aditya Gupta" on Google Play.
@fge It's also cc-by-sa 3.0.
3:27 PM
I learn to code at 17 - its way old :P
I learned to code at 25
8. That's half of my life. I'm 16 now.
Thanks to math at least I overcome abit
i just started a year ago...and i think most schools suck in india ..i agree that schools dont teach something thats really needed
great!! @deadlydragon00
3:32 PM
done the jaden casing my way.
@Unihedro u rock
@blue ... thanks
Remember to vote for me in the election then.
Oh never mind, you have 20 rep. :p
here's that:
String phrase2 = "";
if (phrase == "") {
return null;
} else {
char[] chars = phrase.toCharArray();
chars[0] = (chars[0] + "").toUpperCase().charAt(0);
for (int i = 0; i < chars.length; i++) {
if (chars[i] == ' ') {
chars[i + 1] = ((chars[i + 1] + "").toUpperCase())
phrase2 += chars[i];
return phrase2;
How I wish to vote I only have 80
@deadlydragon00 Your appreciation is heard :)
3:34 PM
Thats Great ,
election for @Unihedro
ok now next kaat
actually kata
aaj maine ek kheera kata :D:D
hwta stupidity ? radius 0 illegal argument? don't they know about point circles and family of circles?
@Unihedro what is minimum reputation to give vote ?
3:37 PM
@Ghanshyam ... more than 22
@Unihedro Good Luck
thanks :p
ohh more than 22 is it work equal 22
always welcome :)))
Pretty sure it's 150 rep to vote in primaries. Secondaries might be higher.
3:39 PM
ok how to format in codewars the code?
@ADG Read their manual.
hmm i have only 22 i can't able to give vote
2 mins ago, by Unihedro
@Ghanshyam ... more than 22
I told you. :P
hi, whats this about voting?
5 mins ago, by Unihedro
@Ghanshyam http://stackoverflow.com/election/6#post-29478866
3:40 PM
yeah i understand @Unihedro
Just... read all of the transcript if you're interested, don't ask unnecessarily.
what is VIM and EMACS?
@ADG If you don't know what vi{m} and emacs are, you're not a real user.
i'm not. OK.
3:45 PM
@Unihedro meh...
@ADG use google....
okay cool best of luck @Unihedro
3:59 PM
As much as I think uni would make a good moderator
I have trouble voting for anyone who never had delete privileges
@SecondRikudo I highly doubt I'll win, but I'm trying my best anyway. I'll be in way better shape next year.
chcolate one is bad.
it says it won't give negative values but gives.
@SecondRikudo But, you know, mods aren't supposed to delete anything that aren't unsalvageable anyway.
So experience in deleting is moot.
Maybe, but a moderator should be aware of, and know how to use, all of the privileges normal users have
At least I use SEDE. :P
4:03 PM
Goodnight Everyone!
If you really want, you should put the effort, and get at least 10k
@deadlydragon00 Night!
But that's my opinion anyway, we might have a surprise :-)
@SecondRikudo My 6k rep came within 4 months, I just haven't focused on posting since. :p
It probably isn't too much work to 20k if I tried.
4:06 PM
@Unihedro wow... I am flabberghasted...
Famous last words
My measly 2k came in 2 years.
Get to it then :)
@Vogel612 Well, you know regex is a great power.
ya... you got double my answer count, too
meh. then again I have (almost) 10k on CR
4:07 PM
Your goal is to get to 40/40 moderator score
@SecondRikudo My two missing badges are Yearling and Constituent, and after this month they're mine.
in Stack Overflow 2015 Moderator Election Chat, 8 hours ago, by Unihedro
On the other hand, if I get to 20k rep by next election and the score system doesn't change by then, I will have a 40/40 score :D
And the rep :-P
I also need to participate on Meta more to build up my goodwill.
Swimming while it rains.
But first, coding.
ya, good plan
4:12 PM
#dubstep #progressive #house Vexare - A Moment Without Thorns
Ugh, but if I run again next year I'll get "What have you changed since last year running" questions, which are hard to answer.
well you might have some good answers like: "I got much time with higher moderation privileges"
> The information transmitted is intended only for the addressee(s) and may contain confidential and/or privileged materials. If you are not the intended recipient, you should not read, use or disseminate or otherwise divulge such information. If you have received this in error, please immediately notify the sender and delete this email from your system.
You know, PUT THAT ON TOP so I read the disclaimer BEFORe the thing?
Stupid business mail orientation.
Now I've read what I'm not supposed to read and feel bad even though the entire thing is totally irrelevant to me anyway. You've ruined my day, business X.
CommitStrip - Blog relating the daily life of web agencies developers
Coder leaves nothing to chance
4:19 PM
LOL, I like that. Reminds me of how I got my MIDI cable
I haven't seen @Michael in a while. Wonder what is keeping him busy.
4:42 PM
Hi can I ask, I am just curious about the 8 ball game pool,is that pure java language or it uses some other programming language.?
@jemz .......
@Unihedro, yes ?
5:23 PM
@jemz If you're talking about the one on miniclip, it's Flash. If you're talking about real life, it uses cues, and balls ~2.25" in diameter in the 5-6 oz. weight range, generally on a felt table.
@JasonC , It uses flash ?..but how does flash works when the player move the stick and shoot the ball and calculate the speed of the rolling ball ?..I never tried flash programming.
I thought there is java behind it
@jemz Check out en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Adobe_Flash for some more info on Flash's capabilities. The vast majority of all those games are Flash.
You'll rarely find Java applets around these days. You do see more and more HTML5 and JavaScript web applications, though.
does HTML5 and Js web apps, can also do the 8 ball game ?
@jemz absolutely! at least these days, they can, without much trouble.
The math isn't particularly complicated, and if you're ok with simple graphics, almost any language (even a shell) can handle it.
@ssube, Thank you for the reply..ah i see
5:35 PM
shell might be a little stretch....
@ssube, can I ask in the pool game what mathematics is applied ?
@jemz you can get by with some simple 2d physics, or just estimate inertia and throw in some trig
@ssube, I see is this complicated for the beginners ?
@jemz the graphics will be, probably.
@ssube, ok thank you
5:47 PM
Ahh... we have one more person in the chat room, who is running for moderator elections. Welcome aboard @JasonC
Any survivers?
Hey, thanks. I have no excuse for not hanging out in here more often. I just get sucked into the blueness over on MSE chat.
Trust me, your better off! Especially if @ItachiUchiha is here! [Unless you want FAST, good answers, then turn to him]
@JasonC Most of your answers have on them. This is PARADISE for ya ;)
@Joe'sMorgue lolz
BTW: I'm back...
5:54 PM
@Joe'sMorgue all.. no corpses to examine
[at least for this hour]
also: wb
Thank you
wb :)
Did you miss me?
5:54 PM
Hope you enjoyed your holidays ;)
I heard people were asking about me...
Dead chat already...glad to see I didn't lose my touch
yeah people are just curious
@SotiriosDelimanolis Welcome aboard :)
@ItachiUchiha How have you been?
Good to hear...
Anything new? Exciting? Interesting? Noteworthy?
6:04 PM
Meh, Brian Goetz is speaking in Paris tomorrow, and I won't be there
I'm back on my good computer....Working on setting up a second one right next to it because for some reason, 8 cores it not enough...
Hey @fge
I cannot get the VM I want to run the way I want it in VirtualBox, so I need a second machine...
@fge Why not? Did he forget to invite you?
> Arrays 2.0 in Java
@Joe'sMorgue why would he have? No, it's simply that my gf is going (she just told me) and now I'm jealous
@fge ... Worried?
No, why would I be?
6:39 PM
Eeek, I have to write slides
I have to burp
I have to learn android
@Gemtastic no you don't trust me
I don't trust anyone, not even myself
then distrust yourself on that judgement call ;)
Instead you could write the music-recommendation bot extension uni and I were talking about
> You've earned the "Electorate" badge (Voted on 600 questions and 25% or more of total votes are on questions).
yaaaaay my second gold badge on SO!!!
6:51 PM
Hey guys, quick question. Is it possible to "@Override" a method in a subclass in which the superclass is in a .jar library?
@Carpetfizz yes
@Carpetfizz why shouldn't it be??
Hm I'm trying it and the annotation keeps saying, "Method does not override method from its superclass"
then you did a mistake in your method signature
be aware you cannot modify any of the parameters or the return type (and obviously not the name)
New to Java, what's a method signature? Is that the combination of access modifiers, etc?
6:55 PM
Anybody know if it costs more to send something postage due?
@Carpetfizz the combination of access-mod, name, and parameter "signature" -> order and type of parameters
Hey @kiheru
Hello @Joe'sMorgue
@Vogel612 thanks!
additionally you have to actually extend (or implement) the supertype
also that thing with the access modifiers was a simplification ;)
6:57 PM
Yeah, I'm pretty sure I'm doing everything right... pastebin.com/BRc2mbQi Super confused as to why it doesn't work
that is, it's possible to relax method access levels, but not tighten in subclasses
@Carpetfizz check the import statement generated by your IDE...
does Entity actually reference Entity from your Jar or something different?
@Carpetfizz and the compiler version. Make sure it is >1.5 :P
It does reference Entity from my Jar, the import statement is "import com.ajayramesh.TrapEngine.Entity"
@ItachiUchiha yeah it's new :)
on a completely unrelated note... I just found a 6 rep user with a gold badge...........

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