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12:17 AM
That's terrifying.
I've memorized the entire rock paper scissors lizard Spock chain thingy, and I've even made my own 7-way version, and that's still terrifying
"wolf beats nuke" wut
It's borked, of course.
As with all good things.
1:20 AM
in Tavern on the Meta on Meta Stack Exchange Chat, 3 hours ago, by AstroCB
It's a tad sad that there are a few candidates whom I've never heard of who barely participate in moderation at all yet have rep way higher than me and are going to end up shoving me and other lower-rep-but-more-active-with-moderation candidates out simply because of that.
in Tavern on the Meta on Meta Stack Exchange Chat, 6 mins ago, by animuson
@AstroCB Happens every election. People crawl out of the woodwork for a chance at being mod and then when they don't get elected disappear off the planet again
Nature of the election, I suppose.
Although I do think that the bottlenecking process needs some work; going purely by reputation isn't a good idea.
And that's a Meta post waiting to happen.
Go MSE. Will upvote.
@bjb568 Coming soon to a Meta near you.
Actually I was going to write that but if you're going to I'll leave all the hard work to you :P
@Seth Be my guest if you'd wish; the "coming soon" part is partially due to the fact that I probably won't be able to start it for another hour.
1:32 AM
Me either ;)
@AstroCB SO only problem... and it's not like it really matters anyway.
If you have that low of rep, the odds are against you winning.
@hichris123 Regardless, it's not a good way of doing it.
Should I bother trying to gain rep?
I can whore 215 rep/day probably.
@AstroCB eh. we'll see if anyone even is kicked out of the election.
@hichris123 There's a week of nomination.
1:38 AM
And half the world has yet to fully see it yet.
There are already 21 candidates.
Don't extrapolate -- users are not linear.
@hichris123 It's bound to go over 30.
1 min ago, by bjb568
@hichris123 There's a week of nomination.
Hasn't happened before...
Almost did last year (not quite though)
Okay, only election it happened in was the first election.
(on SO)
1:40 AM
> You burn through the review queue every day and are the #1 active user on Meta with 1234567 helpful flags, but I have 10 more rep than you, so you're kicked out.
That's never happened though.
@Doorknob But the point is that it could.
And it obviously wouldn't be at that magnitude with such a small margin, but the fact is that something like that could easily happen, and reputation is not a good way of determining moderation ability.
It's entirely unrealistic, though. Why would the most active user on meta have only 3k rep on Stack Overflow? Keep in mind that means said user has no access to important mod tools.
(highly rep-based elections are indeed a problem though)
@Doorknob The #1 user on Meta only has 5627 rep.
Highly relevant:
(see messages around that graph for context)
1:58 AM
Are we supposed to be able to vote for comments on nomination posts, this year? The vote buttons don't seem to be appearing for me, yet I see votes.
@JeremyBanks You can manually send the POST request.
@Doorknob Figured. So the answer is "no", we're not supposed to. :P
Q: Can *too* upvote comments under an election nomination

Ilmari KaronenApparently, we're not supposed to be able to upvote comments in moderator elections any more. Only, it turns out that you can, if you just know how: Basically, it's yet another back-end validation issue: while the upvote button is missing from the page HTML, the SE back-end is still happy...

(although doing so severely irks me. Either keep the vote buttons or disable voting completely; the current situation of you-can-vote-if-you're-clever-enough is just a mess)
@Doorknob Aye; I wouldn't do that. I'll wait for SEI to decide how they'd like it, and fix it.
2:11 AM
Oooh, a wild @slugster nominated. This is getting more and more interesting. So many good candidates, so little openings!
@Doorknob Very true.
Seeing as all of the slots are replacements, and the workload is so heavy (at least that's how the moderators make it sound), adding more slots wouldn't exactly be a crazy idea.
@AstroCB On one hand, I like to defer to the judgement of the current moderators regarding whether more are necessary. On the other, existing mods may simply be stockholmed into believing the current balance is optimal. :P
2:32 AM
2:46 AM
And we have our first withdrawal. That was quick.
@Doorknob Who?
Never mind.
Let's just take the top 15 or so. That'd work
@Doorknob Who?
in Tavern on the Meta on Meta Stack Exchange Chat, 3 mins ago, by Jason C
@JeremyBanks Dan withdrew. I've got the punk vote back, for now.
2:58 AM
Withdrawn nominations don't remain visible any more, eh?
I kept looking up and down the page.
3:09 AM
@JeremyBanks only if you withdraw in the primaries.
(that's my thought anyway.)
Was it ever any different?
I'm pretty sure withdrawing during nominations just makes the post disappear.
3:20 AM
@Seth Could be. I have the memory of a 90-year-old.
That I can sympathize with. Sadly I am afraid it is (at least partially) a result of our computerized age :/
holy crap, that's a lot of good candidates running
hiya @Sathya!
Been a bit since I've seen you around :)
And yes, tons of good candidates this time election.
@Seth hey.
not frequent on chat, but still around the sites :)
3:26 AM
@Seth Seriously. It's pleasantly intimidating.
When you have some spare time GFSE could use an update btw.
@JasonC Indeed.
I think I already have my selections made out though.
Me too. I've got one I'm still up in the air on, but pretty sure I know where my votes are going.
@Sathya I've been meaning to find a place to talk to you; thanks for your work on SEET. You fixed some major bug that I can't recall at the moment.
Made it 100x more useful.
3:53 AM
@AstroCB you're welcome :) I should thank you for creating it. Made editing much more easier
@Seth I need to keep checking that more often.. queued the posts!
4:24 AM
@Hardipatel Hello.
I am new to this site and m not getting idea about election can any one explain me ? any suggested link would also be useful
@Hardipatel look on the sidebar of the election page for more details.
@Hardipatel The election page might be useful.
@Hardipatel There's a good summary at stackoverflow.com/election/6.
4:27 AM
Yeah, what everybody else said.
@Hardipatel Don't feel any pressure. If you don't know what's going on, there's no harm in just watching and not voting.
:) from where can i vote any candidate?
voting starts at a later point.
> primary voting begins in 7 days
4:31 AM
@Hardipatel Right now it's just nominations; a chance for candidates to introduce themselves, people to ask questions, and a way to get a good overview of who wants to run.
Right so ew have 7 days to get everyone's profile and understand to vote for right candidate
Is it important to be part of the community for more than 1 year just to be part of this?
4:47 AM
@Tushar helps for people to know you.
(your contributions should be tangible)
@Tushar that would be a good idea
5:03 AM
That's what I was thinking. Thanks :)
@bjb568 you are an old(your profile says you are 95year old ) man can i trust you ? :D
trust no-one
But Nullpointer is from Moon.
good luck to everyone running!
Thanks! I have a feeling that no matter who wins, it will turn out well.
5:31 AM
This is the first time I'm participating in elections. How to vote for candidate?
1 hour ago, by Sathya
> primary voting begins in 7 days
Very much excited !!! :)
@RahulNikate Right now it's just nominations; a chance for candidates to introduce themselves, people to ask questions, and a way to get a good overview of who wants to run. Votes are later.
@JasonC Thanks very much
You're welcome.
5:38 AM
Are we still pretending there's an actual competition for the positions going on here?
Great! Vote for me! :D :D :D
Oh Civic Duty, Strunk & White, Deputy, Convention badges are mandatory for candidate.
6:13 AM
23 candidates so far.
There will definitely be more.
Very much excited :)
An interesting tidbit: all but 8 of the 55 original moderator candidates now have 20k+ rep (and two of those have 19k).
@AstroCB wonder how many have been running since the first
Rep does have a nasty habit of increasing over time.
6:32 AM
@JasonC I peronaly agree
6:44 AM
How can I vote for anyone?
1 hour ago, by Jason C
@RahulNikate Right now it's just nominations; a chance for candidates to introduce themselves, people to ask questions, and a way to get a good overview of who wants to run. Votes are later.
^ Can a room owner pin that?
Q: Can we use something other than reputation as the bottleneck for election primaries?

AstroCBWe recently began the sixth moderator election on Stack Overflow. There is a huge number of highly qualified candidates, and there are 23 overall at the time of this writing. That's great, but there's this to consider: After 7 days, the top 30 nominees, ordered by reputation, advance to the ...

@AstroCB it is on the top of the starred list ;)
That helps.
@AstroCB was flag count/meta participation score removed? I don't see it anywhere this election
7:00 AM
@SamuelLiew The new stat is candidate score, which is based primarily on reputation but also on badges.
7:11 AM
Is that everyone in the community can vote ?
@Siva Yup, everybody can vote.
ok. thanks Jason
@AstroCB I suggest you could update your profile description box to include some useful information, instead of just nothing. Also, don't give up running for future elections if you don't pass the first time. Many don't succeed the first time due to the number of candidates. If you maintain your track record and participation, I will see you as a moderator someday.
Any guidelines on how to weigh in a person to vote ?
@SamuelLiew Thanks; I appreciate it.
7:15 AM
@Duraiamuthan.H You can check the candidate score, also you can check the person's profile and navigate through his questions/answers, comments.. or any other information that you might find related.
All the best nominees
7:29 AM
@Siva There is a minimum reputation requirement; 150 IIRC.
@MartijnPieters I've just noticed that I look like the ninja in your picture.
@MartijnPieters and good luck, very nice to see that you're running..
@MarounMaroun Poor you! Is it hard, moving around like that? :-P
morning chaps
are nominations only self nomination, iow, I can't nominate someone else?
@MartijnPieters I imagine they'd be more of a bouncer than a walker.
@thecoshman You can only nominate yourself.
But you can always try to convince that someone else to nominate themself. :)
7:45 AM
@thecoshman you can recommend, here.. you cannot force someone to be a mod ;)
yeah, but that effort is why I want someone else to be a mod and not me :P
@thecoshman Haha, well, then just watch and wait. If the thought crossed their mind, they'll probably nominate themselves sooner or later. There's a ton of good candidates right now, too.
@JasonC don't recognise them => all terrible :P
morning everyone
@MarcoA. it's not morning everywhere.. :P
7:49 AM
@MarounMaroun I'll tell it to my boss, I feel I belong to another UTC today
@MarounMaroun it's always morning when someone joins a chat room
any way, I know bid you good evening (yes, that is how it works in universal chat time)
8:30 AM
ya @Mortijn i hae 153 reputations
i guess it is enough? isn't it?
@Siva , Yes. Quoting from the sidebar from the election tab,
>Any community member with 150 reputation may vote in the election.
ok. thanks cool guy
but i couldnt find any tab like election right now?
@Siva I don't think you have the required badges.
@MarounMaroun badges aren't required for voting.
8:37 AM
But I think that one member can cast just 3 votes
3 choices, yes
oh great
@Siva There are three tabs (next to the line 25 candidates); the default is nomination; but there are tabs for the primaries and election phases as well.
Each tab then explains how that phase works, in the sidebar.
Nomination is just the candidates introducing themselves; the commenting then gives each nominee feedback, and it's a place for the community to ask questions.
Because we'll have more than 10 candidates we'll have a primaries phase, and you can vote on each and every candidate as if they were answers to a question.
So up or down, and you can see how many votes each candidate has.
@MarounMaroun , Badges are required for nominating oneself as a candidate. Voting for candidates requires 150 rep
The top 10 voted candidates then go to the actual election, at which point each community member gets to pick their top choice, second choice and 3rd choice.
8:43 AM
hmm i will go through that. i dont have much time to come on this, so i didnt have a look on stack for a long gap.
@CoolGuy I thought he wants to nominate himself, my bad.
@MarounMaroun, its my bad
lol :)
@CoolGuy: Doorknob was making a joke, about the 2 positions remaining..
I'm sure they are well aware of the official number of seats available this election. :-)
if Martijn is not elected then there is something wrong with the SEmocracy
@AnttiHaapala keep my words SEmocracy will award most votes to martijn.. there are only two places left now!
9:00 AM
wow room :D
> wink
2 hours later…
10:47 AM
@MartijnPieters Are you up for elections. :)
@RahulNikate I think he's running. :p
@RahulNikate I've already submitted my candidacy, so yes.
@MartijnPieters Don't withdraw now :p
The world is counting on you.
@Unihedro "no pressure". :-P
10:53 AM
@MartijnPieters That's Cool. All the best from me. :)
@MartijnPieters :)
no pain no gain :P
How Could I vote ??
@SamithCValsalan Wait until it starts. in 7 days
Make sure you have enough rep to cast a vote, too.
If you do, you'll get a badge upon visiting. I think it's at 150.
5 hours ago, by Jason C
@RahulNikate Right now it's just nominations; a chance for candidates to introduce themselves, people to ask questions, and a way to get a good overview of who wants to run. Votes are later.
@MartijnPieters You will get it. I saw many of your great contributions. Cheers....!
11:02 AM
I got six questions in the comment section of my nomination post. I feel cared. :p
> I see that you're from "Earth, Alpha Centauri", very interesting location. Good luck :) – Maroun Maroun 4 mins ago
@MarounMaroun lol kudos
11:24 AM
@uni +1 for having Winter Bash Hat :D
I'm wearing the downvoters' crab :)
hi all, would you mind telling me how can I vote?
@jomafer You'll be able to do that in 7 days.
thanks @Maroun
11:30 AM
Haven't used a spreadsheet in half a year...
Sorry for question, I was bit a late for this, But can I know how can we participate in election moderation?
@Kampai Do you mean running for mod or voting for one?
I mean running for mod
@Unihedro - Can you spotlight on that?
The election board describes the criteria for nominating yourself in the nomination phase. You need to have all of the four badges "Civic Duty", "Strunk & White", "Deputy" and "Convention", as well as 3,000 reputation (this barrier lifts as more people nominate themselves.
Scroll down to the bottom of the page for election and there will be a link about nominating yourself.
Ok thanks
11:53 AM
> My main concern is that you may not be participating enough. Here's your Meta activity and, as I'm sure you may have noticed, your candidate score also reflects this (one of the lowest). How would you defend against an argument that you will not be participating enough to handle the responsibilities of that of a Stack Overflow moderator? – Unihedro just now
The lowest candidate score candidate :/
I don't think that meta participation should be an indication on matching moderation rule. Before I vote, I visit each candidate profile, see their comments, answers, questions, votes, reviews, profile information.. any information that I find relevant.
> You really shouldn't judge a moderator nominee by any one arbitrary metric
Um, ok.
@Unihedro at the current rate of gaining nominees, we'll have 291 nominees by the time we move to the primaries. I know, the rate is not likely to be sustained, but at 3.1k reputation, that user will probably be eliminated automatically as only the top 30 candidates by reputation go through.
@MartijnPieters Very true.
In four more candidates, the elimination process of lower reputation candidates will begin.
12:15 PM
Hi all I am new to this how do I nominate some one
@mustang83 All nomination posts must be self-nominated.
Just trying to read through it but not sure where to nominate
You don't meet the requirements in nominating yourself, unfortunately. Otherwise, a link will show up in the bottom of the page.
46 mins ago, by Unihedro
The election board describes the criteria for nominating yourself in the nomination phase. You need to have all of the four badges "Civic Duty", "Strunk & White", "Deputy" and "Convention", as well as 3,000 reputation (this barrier lifts as more people nominate themselves.
I would like to choose some one else I would not be good as a moderator yet.
@mustang83 You can't, you can nominate only yourself.
12:22 PM
5 mins ago, by Unihedro
@mustang83 All nomination posts must be self-nominated.
Ok Thanks all. Very new this part of Stack Overflow. Will read more then may be next time.
A good moderator should be aware of their own strengths and weaknesses and make the decision of entering on their own free will. :)
Good advice thank you.
Meh, trust the people who make things work, not a random pixelated figure chatting in a public room. :P
seems like meta reps matters to be a good moderator.
12:27 PM
@maveň Not if you ask me.. meta reputation shouldn't reflect someone's matching to this rule, specially when he's very active in stackoverflow and knows the rules.
@maveň I am in favor of active meta participation.
> check the owner of this room ^^
@maveň Yeah, the CM
Why can't I vote?
7 hours ago, by Jason C
@RahulNikate Right now it's just nominations; a chance for candidates to introduce themselves, people to ask questions, and a way to get a good overview of who wants to run. Votes are later.
12:30 PM
@Phorce It's the nomination phase.
@ProgramFOX :D hi
@Unihedro I see!! So after the nomination phase, I will be able to vote for whom I think?
@Phorce That is correct, given you have the reputation to. :)
Don't worry, you do.
Take some time visiting the nomination posts and ask your favorite candidates of policies you are concerned of. It helps them build a proper profile in their posts.
@Unihedro Yeah - I'm reading through some now and have noticed your comments/questions - Which are good ones to ask!
12:33 PM
Haha, thanks!
1:14 PM
Hi all
duplicate gif ._.
Hey @Mooseman
is it just my browser that can't load stats.stackexchange.com ?
Works for me.
1:27 PM
@Unihedro Hiya
@Phorce [status-reproduced]
specs plz
@Unihedro Chrome/Windows
The Mathjax cdn is timing out. cdn.mathjax.org/mathjax/latest/…
@Mooseman working fine for me
1:30 PM
The SE cdn is also timing out: cdn.sstatic.net/stackoverflow/img/logo.png?v=c5
working fine for me too
I can't even load the page itself
Seems to be working now. Just a temporary hiccup in the routing I assume.
yeahh seems to be back up now!
thanks @mooseman and everyone else, thought it was me for a second :D
it's down completely now
yeah, now it's down for me too
1:38 PM
Getting 404's network-wide...
Network is down
stackoverflow is down
no stackoverflow is up
Mornin everyone
@Phorce not only Stack Overflow :(
... again?
1:39 PM
Lots of new guys today.
What am I going to do with my life now
@BenjaminGruenbaum Morning
back up
@BenjaminGruenbaum Good morning!
hahah did github not report like a mass DDoS attack?
@BenjaminGruenbaum agree :)
2:00 PM
I wonder who else will run
I can totally think of 3 people who can join now and take the 3 spots, although Martijn's is gonna be a hard grab so maybe just two.
Greeting @JonClements
hi @Andy - thought I'd pop in - see what's going on...
Say I if you nominated yourself.
@Unihedro I might have done? :p
2:11 PM
2:34 PM
@JonClements I think Uni meant Benjamin here. :-)
@Martijn seems plausible... busy barking at a database at the mo' :p
2:53 PM
@JonClements Barking up the wrong B+tree?
Pedro offers you his protection
@MichaelMyers I'm wondering - there are obviously more than 3 people qualified to moderate the site, the bar is super high now and is getting higher. Wouldn't it make sense to tier things further in some way?
@JanDvorak The hat in your profile pic made me wonder if Winter Bash was still on
@SamuelLiew It's always winterbash
@SamuelLiew it's 2013 winterbash
3:07 PM
@BenjaminGruenbaum yes, it looked familiar - I wore the same one too then
apologies in advance for the bit of noise that will follow
... why?
Q: How is candidate score calculated?

jakekimdsI know there is probably a duplicate floating around the web somewhere, but all my searches couldn't turn up how exactly candidate score is calculated. Is it based on badges? Reputation? Both?

Q: Reputation value under Meta Participation is misleading

Roombatron5000Reputation shouldn't appear under "Meta Participation" since the reputation value it shows was earned on Stack Overflow not Meta. I understand that a user's Meta reputation is just the same as the main site's reputation. But why even include a Reputation stat under Meta Participation? I could ...

Q: Why is the reputation requirement 3000 in the moderator election nomination phase?

ketanWhy is 3000 reputation the requirement in the moderator election nomination phase, even though 20000 is the threshold for trusted user? I checked this on the 2015 Moderator Election page, the right sidebar has: In the nomination phase, any community member in good standing with more than 3,0...

Q: Stack Exchange Moderator Candidate Statistics not loading at all

Rahul NikateI'm trying to open below link but it's not loading at all. http://elections.stackexchange.com/#stackoverflow I've been waited quite long time but no response at all.

Q: Why can't I flag comments on election nominations?

Karl RichterI just checked out http://stackoverflow.com/election/6 and saw a lot of nonsense comments ("ah! Thanks for pointing out the typo.", "Best Luck buddy!", etc.). Why can't I flag them - being as unconstructive as any other unconstructive comment on other sites (I haven't found another where I can't ...

3:10 PM
@Shog9 no worries, that is actually a nifty feature
now back to your regularly scheduled programming
Is there feeds for the election page itself?
or atom?
I don't believe so
@Unihedro oooh, feeds for the comments would be interesting.
Ummm it's manual labour time, someone watch the comments and link them if they show up.
3:12 PM
Down for everyone or just me? elections.stackexchange.com/#stackoverflow
@MartijnPieters that might get a bit noisy :)
@bluefeet ticker feeds instead of chat boxes then :p
@Shog9 It won't load
3:13 PM
@Unihedro wrong thing in my clipboard. twice.
Q: Stack Exchange Moderator Candidate Statistics not loading at all

Rahul NikateI'm trying to open below link but it's not loading at all. http://elections.stackexchange.com/#stackoverflow I've been waited quite long time but no response at all.

Is there software for multi-clipboard-ing?
yes, but I don't trust it
Good thinking.
On Windows at least, the system clipboard is incredibly flexible - you can put just about anything you want in there. Every multi-clipboard app I've ever tried pretends this isn't a thing and starts to fall apart when it can't convert the current contents into text or a reasonably-sized image.
The worst ones obsessively render everything, meaning even very large texts can cause problems (normally these wouldn't be rendered until they were pasted, which could be significantly optimized if you're pasting into the same app) but enough about my problems with stupid WinAPI devs.
@bluefeet not in here, in my own RSS reader..
@Shog9 I use the multi-clipboard plugin that comes with Quicksilver (Mac app), that I find invaluable.
3:18 PM
@MartijnPieters oh I see, a fancy ninja ;)
@MartijnPieters Which reader do you use? I'm curious :p
@Unihedro Inoreader.com
@meagar It is up for me now.
@MartijnPieters Yup, back up for me too
A: Stack Exchange Moderator Candidate Statistics not loading at all

Tim StoneUsually I'd have some sort of synopsis of what the issue was but to be honest…I just turned it off and back on again. status-completed, for now. I'll see if I can figure out what the cause was. There's an additional issue where the large number of candidates in this election can cause an API th...

3:58 PM
I like my box.
4:23 PM
o> // confused and scratching heads about all the weird actions going on
<o // doing the same, but bumping elbows with uni
It's so heartwarming to see trains in other chat rooms.
4:33 PM
There must be some innate internet rule that requires them to happen: chat.stackoverflow.com/rooms/6/conversation/cbg
(yes, I have four arms)
4:48 PM
@JanDvorak well... I have 3 legs!
not great for a puppy admittedly, but ummm
it's an amusing walk
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