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12:00 AM
A: Skip x last lines when reading a text file

refpIn this post I'll provide you with two completely different approaches to solving your problem, and depending on your use case one of the solutions will fit better than the other. Alternative #1 This method is memory efficient though quite complex, if you are going to skip a lot of contents thi...

like that post, I spent a long time writing and tweaking the two algorithms (in a language I don't even work in) but it gave me.. nothing
@refp Yes, that's one of the reasons why I don't write long answers very often... Unless I have a very good feeling that it'll go viral or something...
I find I tend to write a longer answer when I have some boring real work to do.
yeah, I agree with that
Out of ~600 answers I've made in 4 months, 6 went viral - one was from a very long answer. Of about 10 or so long answers I've made, one went viral...
highly voted answers have little correlation with quality or difficulty
12:06 AM
1 for 10 isn't bad at all, if I'm "predicting" it to go viral.
it just needs to be not obviously flawed and made on a common topic
@DeadMG Yeah, I'm fully aware of that...
@JohannesSchaublitb Do you play Star-Control-2 Super-Melee?
what does it mean
12:16 AM
ohh i'm teh fanatic
@JohannesSchaublitb It's a fun game for two. It involved shooting each other down in spaceships.
@cpx In super melee? Fancy a game?
Congratulations! You've just joined the rest of us in wasting 100 days of our lives!!! :) jk...
hmm I didn't know i was visiting here everyday :/
@cpx Oh, a "log in to a website every day" fanatic :-) Congratulations?
12:24 AM
ohh thanks
It's awarded only once. :(
I'd have like 5 or 6 by now.
I'm watching Fringe and they have computer stuff episode. It's more like a Cringe right now.
I'm penalized by that godawful integer arithmetic
what kind of incredible bull are they spewing?
The least cringeworthy are IP addresses like 523.234.632.112.
12:31 AM
I lol'd I'm damaged goods =)
I can't even describe this. You'd have to watch it. It's 01x12.
what, do they have something where the guy hacks a machine by walking up to it and entering commands on the system prompt?
That's mild.
true, it's a common infringement
There is a fantastic swedish short series "Generation 5" or along those line from 1986 where the computers take over and the monitors turn towards the morning sun to get energy.
12:34 AM
Stackoverflow should automatically run all C++ code through astyle.
Have an option to disable it in the options, but I swear almost every question has a "fix indentation" edit.
I just ignore those questions.
Would be interesting if it had a Watson style knack for html parsing.
Go to sleep, it's too late to be awake
12:41 AM
It's so nice to just move from maschine to maschine and have everything I need on my external.
@KerrekSB Remix pack? I don't have it installed, but I do have some precursors' tracks saved.
@Pubby OK... with 0.7.0, they're all nicely repackaged. The remix pack adds some very nice music and new sounds.
Cool. I'll probably check it out later
Also the video pack -- intro/ending videos, plus starship description videos!
1:01 AM
Do boost::asio handlers run in the same thread that boost::asio::io_service.run does?
Or do I have to fool around with atomics and mutexes?
Event reactors are usually single-threaded.
> The asio library provides a guarantee that callback handlers will only be called from threads that are currently calling io_service::run().
@CatPlus Yeah, it looks like it is set up so you can choose single or multiple threaded.
Great design.
1:20 AM
hi all
what is false aliasing stall
1:38 AM
Mind helping me transfer this question over to Programmers.SE ?
Wtpf, someone just added a return 0; to my otherwise good answer?
@Pubby Sounds like something multithreaded...
@KerrekSB Not sure. Thought it was related to restrict or something, but google shows nothing.
@Pubby Maybe "false sharing"?
Maybe @Mystical knows
Hmm, it could be false sharing, although the code posted didn't seem to be multithreaded
1:55 AM
@Pubby no clue, it's not really a standard term. But it might refer to something where the compiler has to assume that two variables might alias, even if they never actually do it
@jalf In that case, "false aliasing" sounds like it's always an error...
say, void foo(int* x, int* y). Unless the compiler inlines the function call, it doesn't know whether or not x and y might point to the same variable, and so it has to assume that they might do so
Anyway... enough for today. @Pubby: One final battle before the day's out?
an error? How so?
It's just a lost optimization opportunity
@jalf Hm, maybe. "Falsely assumed aliasing?"
1:56 AM
and yeah, restrict can be used to specify that they won't alias, allowing the compiler to optimize
@KerrekSB Okay, I'm game. Let's swap teams this time
@jalf the code was adding 4 arrays - (a += b; c += d)
@Pubby We can pick entirely new ones... unless you really want me to use those 4 ZFP stingers...
Hehe, wanna just do 200 points?
@Pubby Of anything?
how do you deselect a slot?
@KerrekSB Yeah, just choose <=200 points woth of ships
let's say no thrash or spathi, as they're no fun
1:59 AM
Wait, my keyboard mappings suck. One minute
@Pubby sounds like that's it then. That's usually a case where you can get a significant speedup by telling the compiler that the variables won't alias
@KerrekSB Oh, and lets say only 1 of each ship, unless it's under 10 points
basically, when a is modified, then, unless we know that it never aliases the other arrrays, then both b, c and d might have changed, and will have to be reloaded from memory
@Pubby OK. How do you make a slot empty?
2:01 AM
what are you playing?
@KerrekSB Delete key works
OK. Can you connect? I can't configure anything until you're in
@jalf Ur-Quan Masters
ah cool
well,I'd better get some sleep. Have fun
2:13 AM
So, what exactly is UQM @KerrekSB?
Nice. A clear victory :-S
@Xeo It's easily one of the Best Games Ever
Good game. Those earthlings are troublemakers
It doesn't fall into any fixed genre -- the hallmark of a great game.
@Pubby That one was a pest!!
I got nothing out of the Syreen.
@Xeo It's the open source release of Star Control II.
Yeah, no penetration this match
@Pubby Alas. Just a short burst and it was over
2:18 AM
Okay, that doesn't answer what kind of game it is
I never played Start Control. :s
This one is interesting. Anyone with clang?
@Xeo It's like a massive sandbox rpg story thing.
Q: Inheritance and member-function templates overloading

mattia.penatiI try to compile the following code with clang (version 3.0), but it gives me this error error: no matching member function for call to 'a' in the call __a.a<0>(). Then I try with g++ (version 4.2.1) and it compiles and works as expected (print out 1 2). #include <iostream> struct A...

@Xeo We've been playing the super melee mode which is just multiplayer space shooting
2:19 AM
@Xeo It's hard to nail down. It's at once action, adventure, space, exploration, resources management, and on top of all of that heaps of fun and a terrific soundtrack
Terrific soundtrack sounds good
I love those
Touhou has a terrific soundtrack too, and heaps of arranges to which I'm listening all day
UQM is easily one of the most lovingly made games. Every aspect of it is sheer fun, but it also has a great story. While it often has a great sense of humour, it isn't silly or slapsticky. Strong atmosphere and immersion.
All the while bright and colourful. Every alien race has its own font -- just imagine that. Where else have you something like that?
@Pubby Now we must #dance#.
happy #campers#
@Xeo Check out the hyperspace theme.
(Hyperspace is red, of course.)
Or the original Melnorme theme. Just makes you want to shop... (though the remix is also excellent).
2:27 AM
@KerrekSB photoshop, that is
@sehe Only to make things purple.
Hey, is there an opposite of std::bind, that instead of binding an extra paramter(and removing something from the signature), adds a dummy to the end of the signature?
@EthanSteinberg: lambdas?

[] (int realparam, int dummy) { return foo(realparam); }
@Pubby About the "false aliasing" thing. Did you read that off of this question?
Q: Why is one loop so much slower than two loops?

user578832Suppose a1,b1,c1,d1 point to heap memory and my numerical code has the following core loop: const int n=100000 for(int j=0;j<n;j++){ a1[j] += b1[j]; c1[j] += d1[j]; } This loop is executed 10.000 times via another outer for loop. To speed it up I changed the code to: for(int j=0;j...

@Mystical Yeah, what does it mean?
didn't read the updated answer though
2:36 AM
It's got nothing to do with threads
it has to do with the way the processor load/store units work
@sehe That works but it is not quite perfect. Especially when you get to lots of parameters.
on most processors today, there's a store buffer. basically all stores to memory are cached in a buffer
before they are flushed to cache
@EthanSteinberg: huh. Perhaps you would want to clarify your specific requirements, then? Post a question maybe? I already have variadic function wrapper visulaized, but I'm not typing it in here
However, due to out-of-order execution, the processor will load and store things out of order
However, this is only valid if the all the loads and stores go to different memory location
@sehe Yeah I am posting a question.
2:38 AM
If anything shares a memory location, then you can't re-order, so it will stall.
That's call an "aliasing stall".
Oh, I see. Would restrict improve that? Or should it just be 2 loops?
this is all in the processor, it has nothing to do with the compiler generated code
Now for whatever reason, the alias-detection may give false positives for aliasing
that's called "false aliasing" and will lead to the same stall as a truely aliasing
hmm, alright. Makes sense
The reason why it could give false positives could be a number of reasons. Say, if the designers wanted to save power, they don't look at the entire address. They only look at the lower N bits of an address to determine if it's an alias
or maybe virtual addressing has an effect...
Wow, that question is #1 on the SE hot list right now...
thanks for the explanation. Going to read that "what every programmer should know about memory" later.
2:43 AM
This topic is waaaay to advanced to be covered in that...
it's purely an architecture thing...
any use (for me) in knowing it?
I guess, if you're wondering why your loop slows down by a factor of 3 because you allocated your arrays separately . :-P
hehe yeah
2:58 AM
@EthanSteinberg That was quick :) Thx
Well there was only two answers, both similar, but good for different reasons.
Just upvoted both and selected the more "general" answer
I just hope, you're not missing out on the really good answer now :)
People tend to pass by if the question has an accepted answer
I remember reading that a function-local static mutex is not safe, but I don't really understand why. Does anyone know? Here's a code sample.
In C++11 you don't need it anymore:
3:10 AM
@sehe I theoretically have one, I'm currently digging through the standard to see if it's really portable. :)
The zero-initialization (8.5) of all block-scope variables with static storage duration (3.7.1) or thread storage
duration (3.7.2) is performed before any other initialization takes place. Constant initialization (3.6.2) of a
block-scope entity with static storage duration, if applicable, is performed before its block is first entered.
An implementation is permitted to perform early initialization of other block-scope variables with static or
88) The transfer from the condition of a switch statement to a case label is considered a jump in this respect.
That was § 6.7 sub 4
@sehe See my answer to that, I may be misinterpreting the standard there, but it seems unlikely. :s
@StackedCrooked GCC makes it safe stackoverflow.com/questions/1270927/…
But other than that it's implementation defined.
@Xeo what answer?...
3:14 AM
Click the link to see what I replied to. :P I mean the using member templates from a base class stuff
Strike: talking about something else entirely/reading it now
@EthanSteinberg Ok, so from the C++ standard point of view it's not thread-safe.
@StackedCrooked C++11 makes it safe.
11 hours ago, by DeadMG
no, it's effectively enforced amongst any compiler that wanted to support parallelism in C++03 too
Apr 1 at 21:45, by GMan
@StackedCrooked Yup.
Seem to contradict each other..?
@EthanSteinberg You can always wrap it in a variadic template function...
3:19 AM
@Xeo See here:
A: Opposite of std::bind, add dummy parameters to function

seheEdit Oh, I mentioned the obvious in chat: @EthanSteinberg: lambdas? [] (int realparam, int dummy) { return foo(realparam); } But it was dismissed, which is why I jump to: I have this quick draft adding an extra parameter at the front of a N-ary void function: Edit Have edited in suppor...

@sehe I read that. :) But I meant in a more generic way.
Lemme hack something together
Ooo. that's nice. I'm gonna stay awake for just a few more minutes. Like I said I just hope, you're not missing out on the really good answer now :)
Yeah I can always change the accepted answer.
@EthanSteinberg Not after a certain time limit (don't know how long)
@sehe Yeah you are probably right. I will give unaccept and give it a good 12 hours.
3:27 AM
good thinking
3:39 AM
Okay, it's getting more complicated than I initially thought. :s
yeah I had the premonition while thinking it through for the chat answer
however, I just realized my void return was a non-problem. I generalized it right now
being able to do void f(){ return func_returning_void(); } really helps genericity.
yeah, but that wasn't my concern. I thought that I'd have problems deducing the template arguments on construction, but then I realized that I was going to add wrap(...) any way and the compiler can work it out for me
(I had template <typename R, typename R(*F)(A...)> going through my mind, which was just - silly. That's what I get for typing too fast.
So anyways, update it now. Works for an int(int) and std::function<int(int,int)> now, see ideone.com/pPWZk
I'm off to bed.
Cya all
3:50 AM
Hmm, g++ doesn't need return type for main() {}? Is this from documentation?
C allows that, so g++ allows it for compatibility.
Should throw a warning though.
Ah, the warning is enabled with -Wall.
@Ethan, which compiler are you using?
3:55 AM
@EthanSteinberg: just had a brainwave:
clang usually. I have gcc installed too, and cpx was specifically asking about g++.
I asked for your dummy argument question. :)
int foo(int i) { return 2*i; }
// to wrap:
std::bind(foo, (_2,_1)); // hack with sequence point
Try std::bind(foo, _2). :P
Really? Thats all it takes?
3:56 AM
Just to make sure, it's on the 11th edit that forces a post into community wiki right?
@sehe Also, what with overloaded operator, by an argument type? :D
@Mysticial 10th I think.
Or rather, 10th different editor
@EthanSteinberg Which one?
on g++ -Wall no warnings for main() {} :/
I think it's 5 different users, OR either the 10th or 11th total edit.
On that loop question, both me and the OP are running that risk of hitting 10...
@EthanSteinberg I'm compiling a .cpp file, is it allowed in C?
3:58 AM
Oh... ok... I just looked at some of the most edited list in the 10k tools.
@Xeo ideone.com/k9qzy worked.
The 10th edit will force it to CM. Which means the 11th version of the post...
Time to test if the standard library works like that as well.
@EthanSteinberg Hehe
#include <functional>
#include <iostream>

void f(int i){
    std::cout << "f(" << i << ")\n";

int main() {
    using namespace std::placeholders;
    auto b = std::bind(f, _2);
    b(1, 2);
Works for VS atleast
Updated my answer.
4:01 AM
It's because Boost.Bind (and VS's version) are implemented with a heap of operator() overloads with different numbers of arguments
Works perfectly.
Compiles on both clang and gcc
The unused arguments of the function call are just discarded
4:03 AM
If you want to append dummy arguments, you only need to do std::bind(f).
YESSS.... perfect timing... right when I'm "done" editing that loop question, Shana 11 and Fate Zero 12 are out...
And call that with however many arguments you want
all unneeded arguments are discarded
@Xeo taking away the placeholder, http://ideone.com/7fDKV.
This fails on both clang and gcc.
@Mysticial Fuck yeah F/Z 12!
@EthanSteinberg Thought so.
So they do not implement endless operator() that discards unused arguments silently like the boost version
WHy the F does every f***ing message containing "fuck" get starred?
4:06 AM
I'm gonna try my luck today. And see if I can ride another 9 upvotes off that loop question to repcap without answering any questions...
@EthanSteinberg That's what I guessed, because digging through the standard revealed that the return type of bind, and consecutively its function-call-operator are unspecified.
So implementations are free to choose the Boost.Bind way of discarding extra arguments
or choose to be strict.
@IntermediateHacker observe: it doesn't
Strangely enough,you can replace std::placeholder with anything and it still works.
@IntermediateHacker The determining point in my message was "F/Z 12" . Could've been "Hell yes F/Z 12!" aswell
@sehe it was starred a moment ago
4:08 AM
Who took their star away? :(
Anyways, I'll continue hacking on my solution
I dunno. Not seen it in the first place
@Xeo the determining point was "fuck", F/Z 12 is stupid
Oh... now it shows up
@IntermediateHacker lol, believe me, no.
4:09 AM
I guess they use one of them fnacy 'eventually consistent' models
I have a feeling the person who starred that message temporarily took his star back just to prove me wrong. looking at @sehe
Shana 11 came down at 2MB/s... wow But F/Z 12 is going at 500kb/s...
come on..... soooo slow....
@IntermediateHacker duh. Like I would star that meaningless phrase in the first place.
fuck Shana 11
not looking at @sehe then.
I just didn't know what the fuck you were going on about :)
4:11 AM
what my message didn't get starred?
@IntermediateHacker Note that I wrote "Fuck yeah"
Also, you didn't write it with your feelings put into it!
We're all getting bans for Christmas :)
4:12 AM
Seriously off to bed now. Cheers
g'night again
goodnight? It's morning here. :)
8:13 AM
Ok, so this finally makes sense. All you have to do is call boost bind and mirror the parameters.std::bind already has the magic to deal with dummy arguments.
@Mysticial Going at ~200kbps for me :(
500 now
5:14 am, no use going to sleep now for me
10:15 PM here, my day's just gotten started... :)
4:15 AM
yeah, Chicago
Ah. Milwaukee.
@Mysticial 10:15 PM is 10 O' Clock in the night, isn't it?
More specifically, Champaign, but no-one outside Illinois has ever heard of that town... sooo
@IntermediateHacker Yes, it's night here.
4:18 AM
now I REALLY wanna go to Dubai
Dubai is pretty damn amazing. I wanna go there, but I'd prefer to go with a Hong Kong-based tour rather than an American-based tour...
@Intermediate Meanwhile, in the Middle East, regular people are running out of water.
@RichardPennington Yes, I'm at UIUC.
Cool. I'm a big LLVM fan.
4:21 AM
I'm not...
that thing drives me crazy...
My office is 2 doors down from the guy who invented MPI...
It drives me forward. :-)
YESSSS F/Z 12 done downloading...
I like the idea of LLVM.
Ok, I've searched the docs, it seems main() {} is an exception for -Wreturn-type. Maybe it allows main() without return type for C compatibility. hmm
I'm just not a big fan of the way it's implemented...
That inheritance tree is sooooooo ridiculous...
and I took a compiler class with the professor who made LLVM... cool guy...
I've used for a couple of real projects. It really works.
4:26 AM
The C interface needs some work though.
You can get barely any type information out of it.
Patches welcome :-)
I worked mainly on the middle and back-end. I've never looked at the C or C++ front-ends.
@Richard Last I looked they defined the CodeCompletion result structure in a header.
Thus any additional information would break the ABI.
4:30 AM
Thus writing a patch to simply add a new member would be difficult.
What do you use the C interface for?
Code completion plugin for code::blocks.
Interesting. I just started looking at code::blocks. I might try to start weaning myself away from vi/find/grep.
Note that code::blocks is still using their custom C++ parser for code completion.
4:35 AM
I never got my plugin to work quite right.
The code completion in Visual Studio works well on single-module projects. But is broken about 90% of the time on multi-module projects...
make may be much maligned, but it is amazing what you can cajole it to do.
5:12 AM
@Mysticial: Great episode. Gilgamesh is such a bitch though. :)
I'm still watching it... hang on...
It's a bit unfair that I know how the story will progress thanks to the Light Novels. >_>" I already know how bloody insane and mean the story writer can be.
5:37 AM
Yeah... Gilgamesh definitely a bitch... Only more episode and then we gotta wait until April...
Yeah... time for you to read the light novel! :P
ehhhh..... no.... I hate spoilers...
It, like, totally awesome!
But I have to admit the Anime models the LN quite well.
Can't think of anything they left out atm
And damn, I want Fate/Hollow Ataraxia translations to be complete. :(
I just learnt regex :D
5:54 AM
@Kian, please post the xkcd link directly, not just the image link
As you can see, it gets oneboxed aswell and also has the alt-text.
@Xeo Wow it's bigger!
@Xeo Yeah
That's what she said.
6:10 AM
Hm, TL progress for F/HA seems to be barely above 70%
Damn, that'll take some time to finish...
Anyways, I'll go to bed, even though it's 7am
6:37 AM
There, DeadMG should be happy.
All of my image handling is RAII now, with custom destructor shared_ptrs everywhere.
shared_ptr with custom deleter is something that has many uses
Two freaking layers of custom destructors.
One set that actually releases the memory back to the OS, and another set that releases the slot in the pool.
:) lolz...
7:34 AM
hey, what are the perils of answering own question? ;)
Q: Etiquette for answering your own question

Nick FortescueOften you have a question, you can't find the answer on stack overflow so you google (or think a bit more). Having found the answer you'd like to keep a record so you can find it again later. Before Stack Overflow I would write a blog post so I could google for it later. Jeff and Joel I think sp...

Q: Should I not answer my own questions?

flamingLogosI asked a question recently, looking for examples of an online tool. Per the FAQ, I answered my own question with a few examples that I had already found. I did this so that these examples would be included in the answers, along with the rest. The question has received only down votes and insult...

@cpx in my case, i got 5 answers, they were close but not exact solution, msdn gave me solution
the second qoute is what even i faced
got a downvote for no reason
Q: Posting and answering questions you have already found the answer to

Bogdan_ChSometimes you spend a day or more to solve a technical problem and when you finally solve it, you may want to post it on your blog (if you have one) to share with the community. However, most developers doesn't have a lot of time to update their blogs, and that is why personal blogs are not rank...

@cpx : ah stop quoting just say your opinion
although now i am thinking against it
Why wouldn't you post an answer to your own question? Anyone who interests himself in opposing that needs a better hobby.
7:50 AM
i think its better people live in dark than i get flamed
oops i stretched it too much :D
however the answer with 3 upvotes lead me to more errors than solution
can anybody post answer on my behalf and i'll happily accept it?
answer your own question
wait till you get some upvotes on it
then it'll be a lot easier to accept it without getting flamed
ah... negative
Or just don't accept any answer. Nobody is gonna complain about your accept rate as it is right now
8:12 AM
This movie is so good.
Why do Java programmers wear glasses? They don't C#
@sbi Oh boy..
@StackedCrooked Well, yeah, that was quite a simplistic joke. I agree.
Um, lemme dig...
Before any impulse purchase, I like to do a Windows update. By the time it's done, I've usually changed my mind.
I favor simplistic jokes.
8:17 AM
I like jokes such as: "Dogs are always in the push-up position!"
I'm a simple minded person.
@StackedCrooked I don't get that. :(
You never done any push-ups in your life?
Oh well. I think I'd rather make breakfast for this herd of ravenous kids. They definitely demand it.
@StackedCrooked I have, but that's loooong ago.
I haven't in years..
1 hour later…
9:48 AM
[–]englabenny 2 points 1 month ago

how funny that herb sutter has a borat favicon.


[–][deleted] 2 points 1 month ago

That's not Borat. That's just the way he looks.

@AlfPSteinbach Lol!

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