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4:04 AM
@VamsiChalla pls ping me
@ErumHannan good morning
@nawabsaab morning
@user2794306 googmorning to erum and only morning to me :P
anyways VGM
@nawabsaab one Query
can u please help me
can try, ask
http://paste.ofcode.org/MUW5XbeazCVzT8Tun89aS4 this class is of Circular Imageview and i want to call this Bitmap bitmap = BitmapFactory.decodeFile(imagePath);
BitmapDescriptor icon = BitmapDescriptorFactory
.fromBitmap(getCircleBitmap(getResizedBitmap(bitmap, 150, 150))); getCircleBitmap is method
i want to remove getCircleBitmap i want apply that class image
@ErumHannan please check my issue
4:17 AM
your moto is to display circular image?
am able to display Circular image view
Q: How to add a shadow and a border on circular imageView android?

lopez.mikhaelI created a CircularImageView with this question: Create circular image view in android Download project on GitHub 1) This is the CircularImageView class : public class CircularImageView extends ImageView { public CircularImageView(Context context) { super(context); } publ...

then what's the issue
see this i want to set border white border in circualr imageview
take a transparent image with a border and set it as background image
i too did this in my current app
i need method so that i can directly call
http://paste.ofcode.org/Rad7V5LkdBq7nLgrHFfDWx using this code am able to display image in circular BitmapFactory.decodeFile(imagePath);
BitmapDescriptor icon = BitmapDescriptorFactory
.fromBitmap(getCircleBitmap(getResizedBitmap(bitmap, 150, 150)));
now i want set white Border
now tell
4:21 AM
you said you got circularimageview right?
you want to give border to this, right?
am able to dsiplay
i also want to display my image inside this
so i set this transparent image with border as a background image
you take circular border image in place of this
n it gonna work
see this
am able to display imageview Using that i want to set white border
u got @nawabsaab
4:25 AM
i got but you are not getting
do you know how to set image as a background image?
sorry its better to say i don't know
Bitmap bitmap = BitmapFactory.decodeFile(imagePath);
BitmapDescriptor icon = BitmapDescriptorFactory
150, 150)));
Usint this code am displaying iMage oN google map
ask malvin or erum
4:54 AM
Good morning folks!
5:18 AM
Good Morning Guys.. :)
Gm :)
GM Mukesh!
@malviň girls are also here :P
@nawabsaab so what they all are adult :P
5:26 AM
Erum :P
@iAnum Gud morning.. :)
@ErumHannan ??
have u wroked in share qr code ?
sharing in what sense?? you mean to share that bitmap actually??
share qrcode bitmap
5:38 AM
so what's the problem in that??
what is the use of this '%1$032X' on a string format?
may i need to use intent ....i want to do using library code dnt want to use share intent
how can i do ?
@ErumHannan where you want to share??
share using bluetooth , email
gmail , fb
i m also creating qrcode from defined user text also wanna to share that qr code using social media
throws a needle into the eye of @berserk
5:51 AM
so basically it will be an image in the end that you want to share. so i guess you should use share intent and share the uri of the generated QR code @ErumHannan
hey @berserk I finished Code Geass yesterday night
how can i get path of generated image ? @MukeshRana
damn awesome story ending
@DroidDev Sir Morning
@PiyushGupta Morning (Oh! I am no sir ;))
5:54 AM
@malviň LMAO!
@berserk for more info, you can look at this git and this answer :)
@DroidDev that's good :)
@MukeshRana thanks! ^-^
6:12 AM
posted on January 28, 2015

New Cyanide and Happiness Comic

Good Morning Guys
mrng @TheLittleNaruto Baby-kun
How are things going ?
absolutely fine till now but seems it will get worse in coming half an hour :P
i m trying to fetch contacts list in activity and then once i click on any contact i want to come back to my activity and want contact details of selected contact
my app work till contact list when click on any contact app crashed
here is the code
6:27 AM
lol your previous problem is solved or not??
trying to resolve just stuck here
@MukeshRana lol okay
@ErumHannan you are getting IndexOutOfBoundsException , try debugging your onActivityResult() you will find the root cause
@TheLittleNaruto Today I need you the most since today is the day i am going to switch to AS :P
@nawabsaab It would be good if you'll try not to propose your shitty proposal over here in this room. And thanks for removing that message.
@MukeshRana I am all here for you sama
6:34 AM
ummm.. right now i am downloading AS and is about to complete.
Must install it in different drive other than C
hmmm.. i hardly install any software in my C drive
why @TheLittleNaruto
@kaushik Just to be in safe side :P
6:46 AM
Good choice you made though.
@MukeshRana yup ok i resolved
now moving to generate qr code of address
@ErumHannan lol okay :)
7:00 AM
i have bitmap then i want to share using bluetooth now i am converting bitmap into uri may i need to sve this uri on device local storage as well ?
lol this uri should physically exist somewhere only then you'll be able to share
hii :)
@ChintanRathod seen 8s ago, talked 8d ago..wake up :p
7:15 AM
hello >> :)
always wake up.. i m like Broadcast receiver.. if someone calls.. will immediately wake my services.. :P
hii @ChintanRathod
@Barun hi
@ChintanRathod need a little help
yep.. sure
onclick I have to first clear the edittext and then enter value into it
7:26 AM
@ChintanRathod lolzz
when I enter value and get into string it always shows blank


geoName = geophence_name_et.getText().toString();
but whn you are getting your text?? on any event??
Q: How to change style of navigation icon using android toolbar?

NitinI am developing a small application according to Android Material Guideline. I have implemented navigation icon and action bar like . I want to change the navigation icon and action bar style like following image How can I achieve the same. I have tried setting Navigation Icon using mToolba...

Can you answer this question
coz if you wrote above code, you will definitely get text blank.. @Barun
your way is perfect.. but if the sequence is like that.. will return blank string
First get the string then set it blank
geoName = geophence_name_et.getText().toString();
7:32 AM
let me understand the scenario to you.
I have a button which onclick "home" is itself written on edittext. after clicking that icon and again clicking another icon which on click I have to fill text,then first we have to clear the old text.
thats why I am doing this
7:55 AM
anyone used FileTransferManager class ever?
8:06 AM
i have write iimage in DCIM/Camera folder its written successfully but unfortunately its not appearing in gallery
while the complete folder is present but how can i refresh gallery
8:29 AM
@DroidDev berserk catches needle before hit
Nice, u saw both seasons?
yo guys
8:52 AM
@berserk jup, both af dem :D
That was fast.
Now watch Kuroko no basket.
@berserk hmm...? I don't have that :(
But i will recommend watching subbed.
@DroidDev Well, internet have that.
@berserk crying Limited internet connection :'(
Oh :(
Then take from me.
8:54 AM
do you have that?
hmm...where's your company in 29?
U coming now? O.0
no, not right now
This weekend is off.
You can come to my residence.
8:55 AM
oh! where's that?
38 West
West? Never heard of anything direction related in Chd :/
@berserk ya, that was pretty helpful. I'll whatsapp you about it ;)
9:08 AM
1 hour ago, by nawab saab
anyone used FileTransferManager class ever?
have you used @iAnum @berserk @DroidDev
@ChintanRathod then how you did file transfer in chat app?
i didn't perform audio/video transfer..
only texts
9:14 AM
nope.. but did upload
not in chat but upload image in server
@ChintanRathod ok
@nawabsaab nopes sorry
@iAnum ok
anyone have idea how to solve connection refused error which is coming in liveserver in webservice
for android
Q: Connection Refused in Android Device From server url in android?

Maheshi have tried many times but every time it is display connection refused http://****.**off*cese*ver.info check above url 01-28 14:36:01.078: W/System.err(17175): org.apache.http.conn.HttpHostConnectException: Connection to http://****.**off*cese*ver.info refused 01-28 14:36:01.085: W/System....

9:32 AM
Q: How to change style of navigation icon using android toolbar?

NitinI am developing a small application according to Android Material Guideline. I have implemented navigation icon and action bar like . But I want to change the navigation icon and action bar style like following image How can I achieve the same. I have tried setting Navigation Icon using mTo...

Please have a look at this question if you can answer it
@ChintanRathod hello
@CapDroid hi dear
@ChintanRathod did you worked on in-app ?
@ChintanRathod okey, btw hows you? :P
9:35 AM
absolutely fine dude..
The scenario is : I have a layout which contains edittext ,relative layout, spinner and list view. I want to fire touch event of parent layout whenever i touch on anywhere on the screenexcept the edittext and spinner — SweetWisher ヅ 1 min ago
@ChintanRathod any idea to propogate the touch event to itz parent
you can use interface (listener) to do so
@ChintanRathod great
and if edittext and spinner are children of a layout and you need touch event in layout, just return "false" to by pass touch event to immediate parent
@CapDroid :D
9:41 AM
i want to hanlde their touch toooo
@TheLittleNaruto @berserk there??
I need a healthy discussion between Apache ant,maven and gradle as how these build tools differs from one another
Aaaannd I will not be available for that long :P
9:44 AM
lol @TheLittleNaruto a brief idea is also appreciated :P
@berserk at last AS ;)
Studio install ni hua tera? :P
Oh okay lol
lol downloading updates :(
can i disable imageview click
9:46 AM
that's why i am getting bored and i need to discuss these build tools
@ErumHannan imageView.setEnabled(false);
@berserk i downloaded the latest version and still it's downloading updates.. wtf..!!
i want hint text should appear in center of edittext
make gravity center of your EditText
disable imageview click means
it is in listview
or only image
only image but because of issues of button background i m using it as imagevidew otherwise its basically button
9:58 AM
why you use button instead of imageview any reaspn
any reason ?
@ErumHannan i think you asking for hightlight disable
i use imageview instead of button because sometimes button background images stretch issues
thats why
if you click than which issue coming and why you need to stop onclick ?
10:15 AM
i have taken a liearlayout with height and width match parent
now inside linearlayout i have imageview with height and width 200dp i want this imageview should be incenter of linearlayout
but its taking space from top side and not coming centervertically while it is centerhorizontally
@MukeshRana what can i do ?
set gravity of your linearlayout center
or set layout gravity of your imageview to center but that rarely works
yup imageview gravity not working while linearlayout gravty works great
hmmm i know :P
barcode taking lots of time to capture
you mean to say in scanning
10:22 AM
and even unable to start flash light
I don't think barcode scanning takes time until unless your device camera has some problem
is there any possibility in library to start flash light
some apps are doing and with scanning sounc
don't you think flashlight will disturb scanning?
no it makes easier
when i start flash light in app then it recognize barcode quickly
in daylight i think it will interfere
10:28 AM
yes may be
anyways i don't have any idea you have to go through the library code
10:42 AM
is this filepath /external/images/media/17 not readable?
or can be read?
@TheLittleNaruto busy?
@nawabsaab Yes dude.
i am trying to transfer file and file path i got when user selected that is ***/external/images/media/17*** and its givivng me exception coulnot read file,
so is there any difficulty in reading this file path
Hell @All
11:06 AM
@MukeshRana can u pls check library and tell me one thnin regarding contact encodes
@ErumHannan lol what's the problem you are getting ??
right now i m successfully encoding text and credating its qr code but getting issue to create qrcode of contact number
i already have slected contact number from device which is in URI
but now getting issues i m adding my logcat and code
anyone know how to decode the bytearray which is in .h264 format to display it in the view?
@ErumHannan, Hi.. any luck with your QR?
11:18 AM
I haven't done this before but you are getting ClassCastException and may be the reason is your params are expected to be bundle but you are passing String but remember i am still guessing :P @ErumHannan
i successfully done till text qrcode now getting error in QR of contact
i have found selected uri of contact now want to generate qrcode of contact
this is the error and code
yes u right @MukeshRana
i am doing right with little mistake of bundle can u pls guide me
looking into it
lol @ErumHannan i told you I don't have the idea but you can check where actually the exception is coming out
i m disucssing with @VamsiChalla
okay @ErumHannan
11:25 AM
@ErumHannan, I think you have to add the imageUri to a bundle object and send that, like this, for ex., Bundle bundle = new Bundle();
if (name != null && !name.isEmpty()) {
you are sending a Uri instead of bundle
@berserk free??
coming ;_;
lol okay
r u trying to generate QR code for the contact's Image?
no no for contact numbers
11:28 AM
okie.. the code i sent you yesterday has way to get all the details of contact and add to bundle.. please check the code carefully
and after adding all the details of contact to bundle.. send the bundle in place of imageUri
pls give me time i m testing
take your time.. no prob
anyone know how to decode the bytearray which is in .h264 format to display it in the view?
String organization = bundle.getString(ContactsContract.Intents.Insert.COMPANY);
String address = bundle.getString(ContactsContract.Intents.Insert.POSTAL);
@VamsiChalla how can i get these two
@ErumHannan, For Address - You have in the code. Check the lines above the line bundle.getString(ContactsContract.Intents.Insert.POSTAL); I think for COMPANY you have do similar.. Its been a while since i did it. I don't remember it now
@ErumHannan, I think this line will get you address. methodsCursor
11:43 AM
yes let mw check
where is this method ?
its a method to remove spaces and lines..
private static String massageContactData(String data) {
// For now -- make sure we don't put newlines in shared contact data. It
// messes up
// any known encoding of contact data. Replace with space.
if (data.indexOf('\n') >= 0) {
data = data.replace("\n", " ");
if (data.indexOf('\r') >= 0) {
data = data.replace("\r", " ");
return data;
12:06 PM
@VamsiChalla its creating QR Code but sometimes its rturning me null for email id (if email not exist) and sometimes phone no null (if it not exists)
then how its creating QR code i m not getting
means everytime name field is not null so its creating qr code from name
12:25 PM
@ErumHannan, check if email is null and if it is null, dont add to bundle. Even that is handled in the code i sent you.
yes its handle but i m not getting from only one variable name its creating qr code ?
m i right ?
i didn't understand
ok now i get it. If you get even one non-null value, i.e., either name, phone, etc., it will generate the QR Code.
You can change that, by customising it to your requirement
if you want to generate the QR code, only if the Contact has ph. no., make sure the Contact's phone number is not null and only then call the intent to encode
ok fine i got
i have done scanning part its recognizing barcode qrcode but i have given the
how can ienable both in scan mode means QRCODE and barcode
and also the image captured after scan i want to display in next activity its displaying but only displaying qrcode not barcode image
why ?
I am not sure if mode is the reason for not scanning Barcode. I tested it when i did the app and it worked even for barcodes.
no its detecting barcodes
as well
but after
12:39 PM
scanning i m moving to next activity
now ini next activity i want to display the previous screen scanned image in imageview
for that i m usig this code
its not diaplying image for barcode
not for qrcode
bitmap = encodeAsBitmap(barcodeData,BarcodeFormat.CODE_128,500,250);
barcodeData = getIntent().getExtras().getString("barcode");
format = getIntent().getExtras().getString("format");
so you mean to say, you were able to show QR Code in the next activity, but you can't show Barcode? am i getting it right?
no oppsite your sentence
12:41 PM
in next activity i m using this code
barcodeData = getIntent().getExtras().getString("barcode");
format = getIntent().getExtras().getString("format");
bitmap = encodeAsBitmap(barcodeData,BarcodeFormat.CODE_128,500,250);
i think, the line intent.putExtra("com.google.zxing.client.android.SCAN.SCAN_MODE","QR_CODE_MODE")‌​‌​; should be replaced with intent.putExtra("barcode","QR_CODE_MODE")‌​;
oh ok
what is it that you are sending in intent for barcode? i mean, intent.putExtra("barcode","????")‌​;
intent = new Intent(MainActivity.this, ResultActivity.class);
intent.putExtra("barcode", contents);
this is contents
String contents = intent.getStringExtra("SCAN_RESULT");
will see
12:45 PM
may be you can send the bitmap that you have in "bitmap" object through intent. Never tried it before
I guess you can try that part for yourself.. glad you got the scanning part done. I got to go.. Happy Coding
its not the end i have to do more work in it thanks for wishing me and giving me help @VamsiChalla
1:14 PM
@Muk I'll be online tonight in this room, Will discuss then for sure. I hope you're still a Night Boy ;)

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