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12:19 PM
Try adding those rules in proguard file which is in your module's directory
ok I am going to try these. Thanks
hi guys how r u.
how to purchase googleplay account in pakistan or in UnitedKingdom
@MukeshRana pls come
@iAnum Sure
12:30 PM
Just saw this question on SO .. Curious to know the answer for this
naruto, where will I find these four lines for replacement?
-keep class android.support.v4.** { *; }
-keep interface android.support.v4.** { *; }

-keep class android.support.v7.** { *; }
-keep interface android.support.v7.** { *; }
@CodeGeek any idea about xzing library for barcode
@iAnum You dont need to find it , Just open proguard file and append those rules at the end of the file.
@ErumHannan Take a look at this
Note: Honestly I dint face that issue ever, SO I might be experimenting ;) @iAnum
12:34 PM
Also take a look at this github project
@TheLittleNaruto lol okz. I am experimenting along with u. Don't worry ;)
@CodeGeek have u used ?
i am using and facing some issue
want to discuss my issue
Nope I haven't used that...
Thanks for being my side. lol! Anyway let me know if it works . @iAnum
Yes please tell the issue you are facing I will try to help as much as i can
12:37 PM
okz sure
till yet i m facing issue i have write some code by my self lets say 123666 and have defined its format now how can i search this on web
using xzing
also telephone number encoding
email address encoding
Did you see this link before ?? code.tutsplus.com/tutorials/…
Hope this could help a bit
yup but this is using intent and i m using core.jar
Has any 1 worked with TaskStackBuilder API's ?
@ErumHannan Are you looking to build this in Java ?
good ev @all ...
any one worked on fitbit api ?
12:44 PM
good evening
for android
@TheLittleNaruto ??
@TheLittleNaruto didn't solve :(
hi all
Hi Erum
@Erum, what is the issue that you are getting
12:52 PM
@Jigs I dint work on that API, what is that for ?
@iAnum You might forget to set minifyEnabled "true" in your module's gradle file :)
for coming
right now i want to create QR code for contact numbers
and wanna share that QR Code
for that i m using your code
but its not working
If you want to create a QR for Contact then, the code won't work. It is for either Text or URL..
let me check for contact
12:55 PM
can i save camera images to the folder where android App package gets installed folder in my phone?
@TheLittleNaruto you got lolipop update in your moto g?
@ErumHannan, are you using an implicit intent like this, Intent intent = new Intent(Intent.ACTION_PICK, ContactsContract.Contacts.CONTENT_URI); to get the contacts OR are you using your own view to show the contacts list?
using intents
as the one i quoted above?
12:59 PM
for db may i need to reuse the library database ? i have made my own sqlite database @SeanOwen
@VamsiChalla i need to leave now pls post here i will check at 7pm
On Button Click :
Intent intent = new Intent(Intent.ACTION_PICK,
intent.putExtra(Const.FROM_ACTIVITY, "Contact");
startActivityForResult(intent, PICK_CONTACT);
@RobinHood I am still waiting :(
this will recieve the contact
right ?
1:02 PM
@TheLittleNaruto same here :(
you want to show contacts from the device? right?
showContactAsBarcode is this library method ?
@TheLittleNaruto there??
private void showContactAsBarcode(Uri contactUri) {
Log.i(DEBUG, "Showing contact URI as barcode: " + contactUri);
if (contactUri == null) {
return; // Show error?
ContentResolver resolver = getContentResolver();

Cursor cursor;
try {
// We're seeing about six reports a week of this exception although
// I don't understand why.
cursor = resolver.query(contactUri, null, null, null, null);
} catch (IllegalArgumentException ignored) {
if (cursor == null) {

String id;
String name;
1:04 PM
@TheLittleNaruto I had. Thanks for pointing it out. I have just one doubt left. Am I editing correct proguard file? Is it with the name proguard-rules.pro in app folder?
please put this in pstie else someone else will dlete from here pls post code and give me link
I think the showContactAsBarcode should do your job
i m getting this error when i used yr code for text @VamsiChalla
@RobinHood :(
@berserk yES :D
@iAnum Yes ^^
1:07 PM
then why the hell it is not working. hate u AS :'(
i m getting error
worked with navigation drawer @TheLittleNaruto ??
ok.. let me check
@berserk Yes
this is intent error
1:08 PM
@iAnum Please dont hate it. It's pretty good :)
@TheLittleNaruto : it provides api for track user's daily exercise , im not sure but its for specific hardware like watch
I wont love it until I manage to solve these issues :P
<action android:name="com.xxx.xx.android.ENCODE" />

<category android:name="android.intent.category.DEFAULT" />
add this to the encode activity
okay suppose in my navigation drawer layout, i have a FrameLayout and a ScrollView. Now is that possible to add a full screen ImageView also??
@Jigs I see. That's nice. You should read the documentation :)
@iAnum lol okay
@berserk In your drawer layout ?
1:10 PM
Can you tell more, which is your parent layout FrameLayout or ScrollView?
Or how did you nest it ?
my parent is obviously a drawer , then it contains a FrameLayout which will contain my Fragments and a ScrollView which will be my sliding layout. Now inspite of these two i want to add an ImageView over full screen
I dont understand if you want an ImageView, then what is the point of taking a ScrollView ?
Also keeping any layout in full Screen, you'll have to hard code the width for each screen sizes in case of drawer
lol that imageView is actually my tutorial screen which shows for the first time and after that it works normally
ScrollView only contains my sliding menu options
Screenshot ?
1:18 PM
I can't. Okay first tell me how we use Navigation Drawer??
we have to define two things
first is main content view which is generally a framelayout since we deals with Fragments in Navigation Drawer
and second is the navigation drawer layout i.e sliding menu layout which can be a ScrollView,a ListView or simply a LinearLayout
getting me??
Now i want to add an ImageView also. which is indepedent of both layouts so is that possible??
Use FragmentDialog ?
Hurry up or else i will slay u by my sword.

- by Swordman-sama
And launch it for first time
Isn't it okay ?
1:27 PM
hmmm.. :)
1 hour later…
2:34 PM
@berserk :)
I am saved.
3:25 PM
@VamsiChalla there ?
3 hours later…
6:09 PM
posted on January 27, 2015 by Emily Wood

It’s been nearly five years since we offered to build a fiber-optic network in one U.S. city as an experiment — and were met with overwhelming enthusiasm. Now, Google Fiber is live in Kansas City, Provo and Austin, and we've started to see how gigabit Internet, with speeds up to 100 times faster than today’s basic broadband, can transform cities. It can give them new platforms for economic deve

6:37 PM
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