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12:02 AM
public static String implode(String separator, Iterator<String> data) {
	    StringBuilder sb = new StringBuilder();
	    return sb.toString();
@Moak if Java 8, String has .join()
Otherwise, use Guava and its Splitter and Joiner
=javadoc Splitter
Which one do you mean? (type the number)
1. biweekly.io.scribe.property.ICalPropertyScribe.Splitter
2. com.google.common.base.Splitter
3. ezvcard.io.scribe.VCardPropertyScribe.Splitter
=javadoc Joiner
@fge com.google.common.base.Joiner: An object which joins pieces of text (specified as an array, Iterable, varargs or even a Map) with a separator. It either appends the results to an Appendable or returns them as a String. Example: (1/7)
=javadoc com.google.common.base.Splitter
12:04 AM
@fge com.google.common.base.Splitter: Extracts non-overlapping substrings from an input string, typically by recognizing appearances of a separator sequence. This separator can be specified as a single character, fixed string, regular expression or CharMatcher instance. Or, instead of using a separator at all, a ...
splitter can extract adjacent substrings of a given fixed length. (1/15)
@fge com.google.common.base.Splitter: Extracts non-overlapping substrings from an input string, typically by recognizing appearances of a separator sequence. This separator can be specified as a single character, fixed string, regular expression or CharMatcher instance. Or, instead of using a separator at all, a ...
splitter can extract adjacent substrings of a given fixed length. (1/15)
Those are ultra fast
is any one of them in android?
Guava is available on Androind so yes
Just add Guava as a dependency; it's a treasure trove anyway, you can't lose
12:49 AM
How can I properly cast a JSONObject key array to ListIterator?
I've tried:
ListIterator <String> keys = (ListIterator <String>)row.keys();

java.util.HashMap$KeyIterator cannot be cast to java.util.ListIterator
1:09 AM
@Moak you can't
The set of keys of a JSON object is a Set, not a List
ok, I've worked around it
@fge thanks
Uh, after test factoring, redesign
1:44 AM
Hey @Bohemian
2:13 AM
I've been heavily chastised on FreeNode, heh
@Gemtastic design of throwing-lambdas -- abuse of default methods
Well, I can't say I disagree
The idea sounded good to begin with but it's fraught with problems as well
Which is why I'm going to redesign :p
Well, I have most of the code already so it's not going to be too hard
2:31 AM
I thought they were being D to you for no reason XD Well, if it's constructive criticism it's all good
Also, I should work more with abstract stuff
Today's laugh:
Q: Bar is not fully shown in Java

AnonymousHello I got a software in Java using swing graphics in netbeans. But the bar is not shown correctly. Any ideas?

A: The costs of streams and closures in Java 8

fgeThe cost you see here is not associated with the "closures" at all but with the cost of Stream initialization. Let's take your three sample codes: for (int i = 0; i < 10_000_000; i++) { Set<String> set = Collections.emptySet(); set.stream().forEach(s -> System.out.println(s)); } This ...

2:54 AM
Soy sayce. Soy sauce everywhere
doesn't want to imagine what @Gemtastic does with his soy sauce
@fge I dropped the maki :(
Eh, I don't even know what a maki is, but I surmise this is some kind of food
3:11 AM
Before I am too immersed to forget --> happy new year
I'll be in the new year way before you ;P
or maybe I won't.. are you from europe?
I am in the same time zone as you, I believe
You're from Sweden, I'm from France
oohhh yeah XD
That explains why we're always on at the same time :P
But Uni will be in the new year wayy ahead of us
4:15 AM
41 files changed, 1091 insertions(+), 4600 deletions(-)
I love this kind of diffstat
4:30 AM
posted on December 31, 2014 by Artist

I've been visiting the family over christmas and it's been fun, but fairly unproductive coding-wise. But I've made 3 drafts for the design of the webshop, so I've got that thing going for me which is nice. I'm also trying to read up on the new design principles. It's going so-so. I'm not quite the fan of the style, but I'd make it work. So I can finally get to the coding of the front end, so

4:42 AM
Wish you all Java geeks a very happy new year :)
You too
I guess we still have time left :P
Well, it's 18h left for us
4:58 AM
Happy New Year too all :)
I'm starting to imagine the sound of the fireworks already XD
5:26 AM
Someone invited me here?
not invited
There's a Java in our chat, and you're invited! :D
Hey i was kidding... We welcome you @Doorknob冰 Have fun here
@Doorknob冰 Owner?
@ItachiUchiha Hehe
5:44 AM
Guess UNI's school has reopened
@ItachiUchiha He said he had some workshop
I don't know if that means school or just extra activity
ohh, I see
and @fge is off for a nap :P
Well. it IS 6 am
And he's been up god knows how long. Probably as long as I, and I got on about 4pm yesterday :P
You haven't slept the whole night or just woke up early?
Feels @fge needs to sleep
I haven't slept the whole night
I woke up and 4pm yesterday :P
It's about bedtime for me too in a while
5:48 AM
@Doorknob冰 Knock
Ahh, I see
You are proving to be a real deal recently :P
Coding whole night
Well, tonight I was slacking a little.
I've mostly just been reading about code tonight
And tried to answer some SO questions, but that doesn't go so well for me >_>
Hit me with he answers, let me check if I can edit a few
No, it's more of a I couldn't even find something I knew how to solve >_>
People ask too complex things...
You will be able to solve most of the problems soon :D
5:53 AM
I saw this and it took me a really long time before I could think anything else but "what am I looking at?"
Then I realized LoginView is something he made up and imported from somewhere, but he didn't wanna show that code so I don't really know how to solve it
@ItachiUchiha Sure hope so ;P
At least you have common sense of commenting before answering, unless other worthless users who just want to answer questions
I think my questions are bad enough in that I don't really understand what he coded. It looks very messy and weird to me, but it could just be that he's using a designpattern or method of coding I'm unfamiliar with
Well, I didn't at first. I'm still kinda baffled that that works
James_D must live in the feed. He answers everything so fast XD
Actually his question was very simple
Well, yeah
But the weird format had me confused.
Because I'm derp
6:05 AM
What hat would that be?
Tam o' Shanter
the one you are wearing
post a chat message on 12/31 that gets starred
Well, I thought you meant I would get a hat when you said
> Star my message for a new Hat :P
Not that it matters really
Nope :P
6:11 AM
Do you have any resolutions?
Not given it a thought
As I wrote in my blog; code more and exercise :P
Two need to have two laptops, keep them at some distance from each other, let them sync and share the same screen. Do a split, make sure that each of the laptop is accessible when you bend and are kept on opp ends.
Now you can Bend -> Code -> Bend the Other side -> Code
6:26 AM
6:39 AM
@Gemtastic I'll try to pass exams for OCA and OCP in 2015
@OlegKuznetsov I wish you luck with that :)
is it possibele to write one text filed where only two digits are allowed after decimal...any regex or any special funvtion? in javascript
@Gemtastic Thanks :)
@ShaU Should be
Alles is Möglish!
can u pls elaborate
6:44 AM
Is Kuksenko german?
No idea
It is the surname of a person
Doesn't sound German, but that doesn't necessarily mean he's not from Germany...
I mean; my surname isn't very swedish as all XD
I see
7:04 AM
@ItachiUchiha More like Russian [or other Eastern Europe countries]
@OlegKuznetsov i see
Maybe, Ukrainian
@ItachiUchiha Russian surnames usually end on "-ov/-ev/-in" (and some other), Ukrainian has many endings, including "-ko", Belorussian also has many endings, including "-ko" [en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ukrainian_surnames ]
Man, you are on fire!
I'm just curious now too :P
1 hour later…
8:40 AM
9:29 AM
blog.gngr.info/v000.html <--- Yet another attempt to write browser on Java
Can Anyone tell me Plz How to increase dpi of image in vlc media player?
dpi of an image can be increased in java using MetaData
9:45 AM
how? let me specify bcoz i am new in java
can u share any example
I have no idea about VLC media player :P
but I can help you with JPG image
@aditi you can go throw the setDPI() in this class
it is at the end
@ItachiUchiha how to set and is there any required parameter let me specify
@AditiGujrati It sounds like your problem has absolutely nothing to do with Java. In your media player, go to the options settings and change the options. As for which, RTFM
10:04 AM
@AniketDeshmukh Thanks, you too!
@Unihedro thanku
u plan any think of today
Happy New Year.. for us it will be 2015 now...
guess what is the year for marss
i don't know but now reach there
10:13 AM
u can take bus near ur house...
i have my bike
bike will not have seatbeslt./... u shld better avoid..ot
ok but i take care of it
10:39 AM
in Lounge<C++>, 2 days ago, by Jefffrey
About Unihedro: I don't know if he really is this dense or he is just displaying an defensive attitude that he would probably call "trolling".
10:54 AM
Wishing all of you "HAPPY NEW YEAR" friends.................
@AnandKumar Thanks, you too!
11:21 AM
how can i use javafx ListView in javafx treeTableView instead of TreeView?
12:17 PM
12:29 PM
@Unihedro i ve seen some of the transscript of that room. its a weird room
@iostream.h <3 :D
Hello @Unihedro
12:45 PM
@Unihedro I have completed test refactoring
Result: 41 files changed, 1091 insertions(+), 4600 deletions(-)
@fge Yay! I'm pulling the code, so I'll see in a second. :P
@fge :O
Right now I'm trying to refactor using thin wrapper classes instead but I just can't do it
I'm missing something utterly obvious and I don't know what :(
thinks it's sleep
Hey, I've slept my content
@Contract("-> !null")
1:18 PM
Grr, why can't I do it :(
@OlegKuznetsov It builds on an older project called Lobo. See gngr.info/doc/credits.html
1:45 PM
<-- irritated
<-- coding
<-- lurking
2:04 PM
Aha! A lurker!
2:30 PM
This just won't work; I can't manage to create wrapping classes
@fge What do you mean?
@Unihedro I wish to replace ThrowingFunctionalInterface with wrapper classes instead, and I can't manage to do it
But... Why?
Because the current design is an outright abuse of interfaces
But it works :P
2:46 PM
I just wish it were cleaner
And I can't find a way to do it
I don't think it's possible because you can't expect a concrete implementation of an abstract method from the abstract type.
So you can't specify the implementation in the abstract types that wraps abstract classes, because there's no concrete implementation.
Aargh, this is so frustrating
@Appu Hello!
3:06 PM
Aaah, I knew there was a problem somewhere
You're welcome
The fact that it works with the interface is because of Path::toRealPath's potential following arguments
Even if there are none, the compiler manages to coerce when affecting to the interface
But it won't work as arguments to methods
f*, f* and f* again
It will turn Path(Path, Object...) into Path(Path) on its own
Why do I feel heavy MethodHandle hacking coming?
uh oh...
3:25 PM
Well, maybe I have another solution
I'll try it some time later
3:43 PM
Ouch, I came up with a solution but...
Q: Cleaner way to handle varags in a @FunctionalInterface?

fgeConsider this interface: @FunctionalInterface public interface ThrowingFunction<T, R> { R tryApply(T, t) throws Throwable; } And this class: public final class Wrapper<T, R> { private final ThrowingFunction<T, R> f; public Wrapper(final ThrowingFunction<T, R> f) { ...

4:08 PM
Good morning, Java!
Sir Its almost Night... So cannot say Morning. unless if your are blind
4:31 PM
Good morning milord
Morning @fge
4:48 PM
Well well well
Looks like I'll postpone the redesign of throwing-lambdas until I can understand more
Shutting down. See you later.
OakBot Online.
5:20 PM
OK, change of focus
Now --> grappa
CommitStrip - Blog relating the daily life of web agencies developers
Happy New Year!
@ShaU "Almost"? It's 1.25 am.
@Unihedro its 17:27 here
@BrianJ Not here.
@Unihedro I've just sat down to start a college project in Android, "A Dynamic Android Decision Support System"
5:31 PM
grappa 1.0.0 at last
It sounds interesting. Work on it now, don't waste your time chatting in chat rooms!!
@fge \o/
@Gemtastic it's 6:30pm where you are and this is morning for you?
@Unihedro I have found a potential way to deal with the problem I had earlier; but I drop the package for a moment
I'll come back with a fresher head
5:33 PM
For children of the night like myself, this is morning because I just woke up XD
Well, if you want to hack...
Good idea
@Unihedro valid point, I'm actually stuck on a problem involving exif data, so taking a break to clear my head..
@Unihedro next plan for throwing-lambdas is to use thin wrapper classes instead of THrowingFunctionalInterface
5:37 PM
@fge OK!
It'll be cleaner
I'll help if I'm still awake when you lay out the plans
And I've found a way around the varargs, sort of
Well, the plan now is to get started on grappa 1.1.x
And I'll do, at last, that vcard grammar for @Michael
lol :D
Star this for my HAT?
lmao I just read the right screen OOPs
5:39 PM
^ hat hunter
go to the sandbox for stars!
@Blundell @Unihedro is Java chatroom's mad hatter
Now, nobody knows who Alice is yet
26 hats :p
can you ever find out why you where given secret hats?
Supposedly so
I have one and don't even know why
always just says "this is a secret hat" cool but so disappoiting
5:41 PM
anyone interested in helping me with a question on writing exif data?
I want a server farm for christmas!! :(
@BrianJ that has to do with image metadata, correct?
@BrianJ is that the one I commented on
wow I really failed with autocpmplete there
@Blundell yes it is actually, small world :P
@fge yes, I want to write a string to an image using the exif interface in Android
Ah, Android
Then not me in any event :p
5:44 PM
@fge I'm asking my myself the same question..
@BrianJ you create the Exif data pointing to a folder, not to the file you have just created. Rather create the file first, then use that as the reference to create the Exif object
@Blundell I read your comment which clarified things a bit, but I'm still not sure how to link the exif and file? I was thinking of appending the exif object where I'm returning the new file, but this would just append the string to the file's name?
@Blundell okay so I'm doing it in the reverse order, I'll change it around and see what happens :)
@Blundell I rearranged the exif code but now its become unreachable as its after the a return statement.. this is the hastebin link to the method hastebin.com/muquwifuki.coffee Am I on the right track here or still not getting it?
Cleanup time! Yay!
6:05 PM
Isn't @Uni in the new year already?
in Tavern on the Meta on Meta Stack Exchange Chat, 1 hour ago, by Unihedro
I'm so hungry, I haven't ate anything this year.
@Unihedro eaten
@fge best way to start off a year is to use incorrect grammar.
That is some skewed reasoning you have here
I love cleanups
@Unihedro could you assist in a question about exif data in Android?
6:18 PM
@BrianJ I don't do Android.
Which is unfortunate.
@Unihedro Hehe
looks up exif on wikipedia
@Unihedro Okay this is the haste bin link if anyone can point me in the right direction? hastebin.com/muquwifuki.coffee
Exchangeable image file format (officially Exif, according to JEIDA/JEITA/CIPA specifications) is a standard that specifies the formats for images, sound, and ancillary tags used by digital cameras (including smartphones), scanners and other systems handling image and sound files recorded by digital cameras. The specification uses the following existing file formats with the addition of specific metadata tags: JPEG discrete cosine transform (DCT) for compressed image files, TIFF Rev. 6.0 (RGB or YCbCr) for uncompressed image files, and RIFF WAV for audio files (Linear PCM or ITU-T G.711 μ-Law PCM...
6:42 PM
Ooh, I need soo much insight on grappa
6:55 PM
> Thank you for reviewing 40 close votes today; come back in 5 hours to continue reviewing. get your Mistletoe hat.

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